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9. Bafx Products - Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 / OBDII Diagnostic Car Scanner & Reader Tool for Android Devices - Read/Clear Your Check Engine Light & Much More

  • [Compatible] Our automotive OBDII diagnostic engine reader works with all consumer automotive vehicles, cars & trucks in the USA that are model year 1996 or newer! Compatibility varies depending on vehicle country of location. See product description to check your vehicles computer compatibility based on your country of location. (NOT IPHONE / iOS COMPATIBLE)
  • [Simple To Use] Plug our OBD2 diagnostic scanner into your vehicles automotive OBD2 port; Pair diagnostic scan tool with your Android phone via Bluetooth; Download an app to use it with; Then connect & start scanning for live sensor data like a professional direct from your vehicles on board computer! (NOT IPHONE / iOS COMPATIBLE)
  • [Fix & Service Your Car For Less] Using our diagnostic code reader you can read, reset & clear your check engine error light fault codes with your Android phone (does not read ABS or SRS). Check and fix your emissions system readiness, know if you will pass emissions & smog test before you go with our diagnostic tool! (NOT IPHONE / iOS COMPATIBLE)
  • [Live Data] Monitor live real time live gauge data direct from your autos computer systen with our diagnostic trouble code reader such as O2 sensors, fuel pressure, Engine load & more; Freeze fram data; Map based sensor tracking plus so much more! Making it extremely easy to check up on the health of your vehicle just like the pros! Our automotive health tool will help you keep your gas or diesel vehicles running many miles longer!
  • [Guaranteed] Unlike other OBD2 car diagnostic scanners we guarantee ours will work on ALL OBDII protocols including J1850 which many have problems with! Works on both gas & diesel vehicles. Reads at faster speeds than most other OBDII wireless Bluetooth OBD 11 readers.
  • Our car trouble scanner works with all consumer cars, light trucks & other autos purchased in the USA model year 1996 & newer (gas OR diesel) including but not limited to Audi, Ford, GM, Chevy, Chrysler; Dodge, Jeep, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Lincoln, Mercury, Mercedes, Nissan, BMW, VW, Porsche & More!
  • [Elm327 Compliant] If the app you wish to use states you will need an ELM327 compatible tool, our OBDII diagnostic programmer / reader tool will work with it! Our OBDII engine scan tool is fully compliant with the ELM327 programmer command set giving you access to numerous professional level programs to choose from!
  • [3rd Party App Required] A paid or free app is required to use our OBDII engine scan tool, we do not develop or sell these apps but have many to recommend such as: Piston, Torque Pro, OBD Fusion, DashCommd, OBD Auto Doctor plus so many more! compatibility in other countries, please see product description.
  • [2 Year Warranty] We proudly back our OBDII trouble code reader with a professional 2 year warranty against all manufacturing defects! Our friendly, USA based, professional support team provide top notch service and will help you make the most of your new OBD 2 scan tool!
Bafx Products - Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 / OBDII Diagnostic Car Scanner & Reader Tool for Android Devices - Read/Clear Your Check Engine Light & Much More
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u/_amethyst · 2 pointsr/Android

I have a Nextbit Robin. It might be what you're looking for.

First of all, the price: you can grab one on Amazon for $150 right now, and I can't find a single phone that has nearly as much power for such a great price. It's probably the best $150 phone you'll ever touch. Significantly better price than the Oneplus 3T, or anything else in this threat. An 808, 3GB of ram, 150 grams, very fast charging, and it has USB-C, which sure is nice.

Stock: It's pretty close to stock Android. Nextbit has their own (not very good) launcher, but you can just use the Google Now Launcher or the Pixel Launcher if you prefer. They're also pretty good at updates; currently on Nougat. The only major differences are the icons on the navigation bar (they're a bit rounder and childish-looking) and the color of the notifications shade (it's much brighter and whiteish).

Appearance: Okay, I know people sometimes trash-talk it, but I can't get through a full day without people asking me about this phone. It's so hecking pretty. I got the mint one and oooooh I feel so sad putting this thing in a case because it's so pretty! It looks totally different from any phone you've ever seen.

ROMs: This is Nextbit's best feature. Fuck around with ROMs as much as you want on this thing, and they'll honor the warranty no matter what's installed on it. I'm running Lineage OS (the successor to Cyanogenmod), which is really really close to stock Android. Lineage is smooth as hell on this thing. And because of Nextbit's warranty rules, the ROM community for this device is pretty big, and it'll be supported for a while.

Assorted good things:

  • screen is pretty good. 424ppi, nice resolution, great brightness. Not the best display in a phone ever, but probably the best display you'll find in a $150 phone.
  • the speakers are incredible. Normally I wouldn't even mention this but these are seriously the loudest and most powerful speakers I've ever heard. Front-facing and super-loud. They aren't the best audio quality, but when I'm hanging out with friends and someone wants to show us all a funny YouTube video, they always want to use my phone to show it, because everyone will be able to hear it.
  • feels good in hand; squarish sides and soft plastic make it hard to drop.
  • there's a fingerprint sensor in the home button, which is super cool. Press the home button and it's immediately unlocked. I know that's in a lot of phones now, but it's not in a lot of $150 phones.

    It's a nice phone, but I've still got a lot to criticize about it. Here's the bad:

  • No USB-OTG (if you don't know what that is, don't worry about it, but I really miss it from previous phones),
  • no microSD card slot,
  • the cameras are... well, they're good considering the price, but they're not great.
  • the charging cable that came with mine was complete shit and takes nearly nine hours to charge it up. You'll need to get your own USB-C cable to use fast charging. A $10 USB-C cable on Amazon charges it all the way up in about two hours.
  • some people like the appearance, but some folks think it's horrible,
  • it's a little over a year old now.
  • the gaming company Razer bought Nextbit a little while ago. They've said they'll keep honoring warranties and their rules, but this might mean that they won't be updating it anymore. I dunno. I'm not sure I would've bought one after hearing about the Razer acquisition.
  • not available on Verizon, or any CDMA network.
  • didn't come with a wall plug. Everybody owns a wall outlet USB plug, but it would've been nice to get one with it.
  • the battery is... good? That's about it. Not great, but it can get me through a light day of work without a problem. A bigger battery would've been nice. A removable battery would've been amazing.

    Sorry for kinda rambling! Hopefully this might help a few people make a decision about it!

    tl;dr: Nextbit Robin is a solid and very stock phone that can be easily ROMd into even stockier appearance. Great price, and the flaws are surprisingly minimal for a $150 phone.
u/breastblessed · 8 pointsr/Android

I just use my retired Galaxy Note 2 with a lightweight lollipop ROM (liquid smooth) and this

~ mount Only $10 and free one day shipping if you are a prime member. It won’t open any wider than a note 2 but it holds securely to both the phone and the dashboard even in this 0 degree weather outside right now. Wish I could leave my phone out in the cold too. I hate North Idaho.

~ Dashcam - I use Dailyroads Voyager It uses cyclic recording so it can keep overwriting and not using up too much space. It can run in the background while I use waze, music, OK Google, etc. You can also set it to save the video when it senses x amount of G forces. Or you can tap the screen at any time to save the video… It has tons of features and the shocking part is it’s free! Since work provides me with unlimited data tethering on my phone I also utilize it’s cloud backup feature.

~ OBD II - For car diagnostics reading I use BAFX OBD2 I was literally shocked at how easy this was to plug in and pair to my phone! For close to $25 I had tons of information about how my car is “feeling” right in front of me. I’ve only tested a few but I stuck with Dash Some of the things it tells me are engine temperature, engine load, speed, MPG, coolant temperature, RPM, air/fuel ratio… anyway, my favorite part of the app is how it keeps track of my trips.. locations, statistics, where I last parked. Love it.

Things I’m still working on are getting an inverter in my trunk to power a small/cheap router and raspberry pi plus small ssd so that in the case of theft my dashcam app could save to the ssd in my trunk to catch the filthy thief. Looks like there is enough room behind the plastic cover where they keep the tire changing tools to keep this equipment hidden from sight. If anyone has better ideas please let me know. Maybe someday I will impress a nice guy ………

u/larsgj · 2 pointsr/Android

I haven't got the GSIII, but I guess that what works for my Gnex must be the same :)

I use a "Logitech tablet keyboard for Android" and a Logitech v470 laser travel mouse.

Both work flawlessly and has good battery life. The keys on the keyboard are really great - like a good notebook.

u/Neralo · 10 pointsr/Android

So I actually do use a tablet for school that I take notes on and actually have written a few of my reports on as well. Honestly, any tablet would be fine (I'm using a Sony Tablet S. not the Xperia Tablet S, just the Tablet S). What matters is the apps and accessories you use with it.


I study business, so I don't really need to do a lot of writing. Instead, i type most of my notes out on Evernote. When I do need to write stuff, then I'll use Lecture Notes, though there is a free alternative, but I can't remember its name right now.


Unless you choose a tablet that comes with a keyboard (Like some of Asus's offerings, you'll want a portable keyboard. There are some case/keyboard hybrids for certain devices like the one for the Nexus 7 I linked. If not, I highly recommend (and use myself) the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android. As for stylus, I use the Adonit Jot Pro cos it helps me write in my cursive scrawl better than most other stylii. Of course if the tablet comes with a stylus, use that.

You mentioned getting a Note 8. I personally feel that might be a little small, and I prefer a larger tablet, maybe 9.5" to 10", just cause its closer to paper size, so it'll be easier to write on. So i'd suggest a Nexus 10, or possibly a Sony Xperia Z, and also the Galaxy Note 10.1.

u/xlaxplaya · 1 pointr/Android

I just bought some Anker Soundbuds Slims.

They're fantastic, I'm VERY impressed with both the sound quality and connection strength (other Bluetooth headphones I've had are unreliable as hell).

As for removing/replacing apps, I think Moto does a good job of not putting bloatware on their phones. So most of the included apps are stock Android apps, which are pretty smooth and reliable. But to be fair, it's been a few years since I've owned a Moto (and they're owned by Lenovo now).

u/gcalpo · 1 pointr/Android

Yes. I especially enjoy listening over the car speakers via the bluetooth link. It's easy to set up if you have the right hardware.

  • Flexsmart X2 for Bluetooth-to-FM in our older car.

  • FIPO iPod to Bluetooth adapter Not really $95 as indicated in the link. More like $10-20. Great for hooking up to a car that supports the iPod Dock Connector.

    I also use the Tasker App to auto-launch Google Music as soon as it detects the bluetooth link-up.
u/dextersgenius · 4 pointsr/Android

At the moment it's $159 on Amazon, but they have regular deals too, it was $145 just before Christmas.

> Would you recommend anything else with a better battery than the Robin?

If battery life is more important then the Moto G4 is a better choice, but if you're after performance and developer-friendlyness then the Robin is better.

u/WuddaWaste · 2 pointsr/Android

I had an external Bluetooth adapter that I REALLY liked. It worked better than either of the BT car stereos I have (Pioneer and Clarion) and cost a fraction of what they did. It plugs into the aux port and to USB for power. I had it two years ago and really loved it. It has buttons just like the cord you showed. There might be something better on the market these days, but I can certainly vouch for the clarity and ease of use of this little bugger. In fact, writing this makes me miss it right now.

u/thevdude · 1 pointr/Android

I use a logitech K400 available here

It's got a cute little USB dongle, but it's amazing. Should work OOB with anything that supports USB keyboards, and has a touchpad RIGHT THERE. There is a left click button on the top left corner which I originally thought would get no use. It's pretty much how I use it now.

u/Vettro88 · 2 pointsr/Android

Doesn't solve the recharging problem but these are pretty darn cheap -

Anker Soundbuds Slim

and if you want full wireless these are less than $30 -

SoundPeats - they have a couple options.

I have both and have been pretty happy

Edit: link formatting

u/cdegallo · 51 pointsr/Android

Anyone looking to follow this, choose your Bluetooth adaptor carefully. I've gone through about 4 before I found one that actually had good audio quality. This is the one I settled on and it's been great, supports aptx and sound quality is great:

u/frankle · 2 pointsr/Android

I have one coming on Tuesday, and in anticipation, I ordered these:

u/etari · 1 pointr/Android

Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm) - Supports AptX

Mine doesn't so i got one of these and I use it every day. I love it. It auto connects as soon as I turn my car on, if I have Bluetooth enabled on my phone (which i usually do.) Many cars build before cars came with bluetooth have audio input jacks to go into the stereo and you can put it on AUX mode to use it. I used to use a 3.5 mm male to male cable to plug my phone in, but this is way easier, it never goes dead because it plugs into the cars power adapter (cig-lighter). Basically it works the same as having Bluetooth built in when you have an older car with out Bluetooth built in. :)

u/npjohnson1 · 2 pointsr/Android

Stealing from another post of mine:

EDIT: Here is a history of all my devices

My Daily Driver list:

  • Firefly glowPhone - Blue
  • Fate: Unknown - Probably Lost/Thrown Away
  • Virgin Mobile Samsung Mantra
  • Fate: Unknown - Probably Lost/Thrown Away
  • Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Slider (gelato)
  • 2 GB eMMC
  • 4 GB Class 10 Micro SD Card
  • Fate: Traded in to T-Mobile towards the Nexus 6 in a promotion
  • Verizon Galaxy S4 (SCH-i545/jfltevzw)
  • Mist Black
  • 16 GB eMMC
  • 32 GB Class 10 Micro SD Card
  • Bootloader Locked, but LOKI'd to allow custom ROMs/Kernels
  • Lineage OS 14.1
  • Fate: Development Phone
  • Google Nexus 6 (shamu)
  • Midnight Blue
  • 32 GB eMMC
  • Bootloader Unlocked
  • Lineage OS 16.0
  • Fate: Development Phone
  • Google Nexus 6P (angler)
  • Graphite
  • 32 GB eMMC
  • Bootloader Unlocked/Critical Unlocked
  • Pure Nexus 7.1.2
  • MultiROM v33
  • Fate: Google gave me a Pixel XL in an RMA for mushy hard-to-press buttons
  • Google Pixel XL (marlin)
  • Quite Black
  • 32 GB UFS
  • Bootloader Locked/Critical Locked
  • A revision of Stock 8.0
  • Fate: Traded in to Google towards the Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel 2 XL (taimen)
  • Just Black
  • 64 GB UFS
  • Bootloader Locked
  • Latest Stock
  • Fate: Still in use


    My Development phones (current):

  • Prototype HTC One M8 (m8)
  • 32 GB Class 10 Micro SD Card
  • Lunchbox Prototype
  • Rubberized Black
  • 16 GB eMMC - Bootloader Unlocked/S-OFF
  • Lineage OS 16.0
  • Fate: Development Phone
  • T-Mobile Moto Z2 Force (nash)
  • Super Black
  • 64 GB UFS
  • 128 GB Class 10 Micro SD Card
  • Bootloader Unlocked/Critical Unlocked
  • Lineage OS 16.0
  • Projector/JBL Sound Boost 2/Flip Cover/Turbo Power/Gamepad Mod
  • Fate: Development Phone
  • Honor View 10 (berkeley)
  • Black
  • 128 GB UFS
  • 128 GB Class 10 Micro SD Card
  • Bootloader Unlocked
  • Lineage OS 16.0
  • Fate: Development Phone
  • Prototype Google Nexus 6 (shamu)
  • Midnight Blue
  • 32 GB eMMC
  • Bootloader Unlocked/Engineering
  • Dirty Unicorns v13.0
  • Fate: Development Phone
  • Nextbit Robin (ether)
  • Blue/White
  • 32 GB eMMC
  • Bootloader Unlocked
  • Lineage OS 15.1
  • Fate: Development Phone
  • OnePlus One (bacon)
  • Sandstone Black
  • 16 GB eMMC
  • Bootloader Unlocked/SBL1 byte-patched to turn QCOM Secure Boot off entirely (nice job not fusing keys into a production device, OnePlus)
  • Fate: Development Phone

  • iPhone 5s (Global/A1533)
  • White
  • 32 GB eMMC
  • iOS 11.3.1 (Blobs for iOS 9.0-12.0)
  • Jailbroken (Semi-Untethered) via Electra 1131 based home-brewed ssh bootstrap
  • Fate: Development Phone
  • iPhone 5s (Global/A1533)
  • Black
  • 32 GB eMMC
  • iOS 8.1.1 (Blobs for iOS 8.1.1 & 10.3.3 & 11.0-12.0)
  • Jailbroken (Untethered) via TaiG
  • Fate: Development Phone
u/DARIF · 14 pointsr/Android

Ok, but you should know that a third party has listed the Robin on Amazon UK for £639. You probably can't do anything about it but an official listing might be best.

u/ihaveagalaxyproblem · 1 pointr/Android

I got this one off Amazon. Obviously I havn't had a chance to put the Nexus in it, but it looks like a solid case. Youtube has a lot of good Galaxy Nexus case reviews too.

Edit: Found a YouTube review on it. There's also a clear version.

u/SickZX6R · -3 pointsr/Android

Totally agreed, and I'm not arguing with you, but one thing that significantly eased my gripe about removing the headphone jack was a small device that converts any wired headphones to Bluetooth. There are a couple options but the one I chose (and now have two of) is the EarStudio ES100. I post about this little device a lot and I probably sound like a failed attempt at grassroots marketing, but the truth is I fuckin love this little thing and take it with me wherever I go (along with my detachable cord modded Beyerdynamic DT770 PROs).

u/EvilMonkeySlayer · 2 pointsr/Android

I've been mulling bluetooth headsets that you can plug any headphones into. The advantage is that they have all the fancy features play, pause, volume and mic etc. With the bonus of course that you can then plug your preferred headphones in.

The ones i've been mulling are:

Samsung HS3000
Sony MW600
Sony MW1

The Sony ones have a little led display that can do stuff like show you the current song, text messages, email etc. Pretty cool stuff.

The downside of course is you also need to keep that charged in addition to your phone.

u/Varian · 1 pointr/Android

Interesting -- just curious if you've seen/heard of this beautiful device?

You basically buy it, hook it up to your LAN, configure it to use GV, and voila -- free VOIP without an asterisk/pbx box.

u/bicyclemom · 3 pointsr/Android
  • I like the Moto Power Pack Micro. Handy to have a keychain battery pack, which can also act as a phone finder and trusted device.

  • Also have to give props to the Hula case that my phone came with. Makes it nice and grippy.

  • The Kinivo BTC 450 car bluetooth adapter is great if you have an old car that lacks built-in bluetooth.
u/camwow13 · 2 pointsr/Android

I specifically bought these but it looks like a newer one is out already. They sound decent but I'm no audiofile. No worse than any other ~30 headset. I love how light and portable they are and the magnets they keep them together when not in use. I can throw on a podcast while gardening or taking a walk and not worry about snagging a cord. The ear wings keep them in my ears when I move around and aren't too uncomfortable though after a few hours I have to take a break. I have very sensitive ears though.

I'd also recommend checking out what Anker has to offer. They have similar products, maybe even from the same Chinese OEM, but their service is top notch if something goes wrong. Tautronics hasn't given me any reason to dislike them, the buds are working great so far. I keep them in my bag or pocket whenever I head out nowadays.

Went to go read about the new ones. They have symmetrical pods on each side now which is good. Mine tend to slowly sag to the volume and charge control box side over time. A counterweight would solve that. They also last about an hour longer and can connect to multiple devices simulatenously, something my 10x more expensive Sony WH-1000MX2's can't.

u/Irisair · 1 pointr/Android

>Same here. It's good to see Sony catch up to to the competition in the camera department with there XZ2P, so hopefully their next compact flagship is even moreso improved. Holding out for the XZ4C.
>Edit: I'm actually still sort of pissed about Sony removing the headphone jack despite using wireless buds for the gym. So if the s10 is nice and still has the jack, I may go for that when it goes on sale.

If you phone is Sony XZ2. I suggest you buy this headphone adapter

I have been found and bought the pixel 2 headphone adapter. Which has Hi-rec DAC dongle chip and PD fast charging chip. It can let me enjoy music and charging at the same time. And the sound quality is very good. Friends who need can also try it.

u/char0n · 1 pointr/Android

Just as an alternative product in the same vein I can recommend this: . I too had problems with FM transmitters in the past not being powerful enough and getting stepped on (I live between Baltimore-WashDC area and frequently drive through both) but have never had even the slightest problem with static or step-over with this one. It's also an easier price pill to swallow. The only problem I've ever had with it is the manual tuner dial can be a little flaky (doesn't register 1 out of every 5 notch-turns on average) but it's otherwise very solidly built with clear and powerful transmission, and has been a godsend in my older car that was built in that period before aux ports were standard but well after tape-decks.

u/brmo · 7 pointsr/Android

I am doing the same thing in my 2010 Ford Escape. I ordered a double din dash kit off amazon, made the hole a tad bit bigger and i already fiberglassed the tray that i will use to slide it in and out of.

My plan is just like yours, torque, nav, music, etc. I already have a Turtle Beach USB Audio sound card, for usb OTG, where a powered USB hub will be used for the sound card and the 64gb usb stick. (Works great btw.).

The only issue I have right now is power, while its not important, especially when using a powered USB hub, I still feel comfortable with it charging while its in my car. So the project is on standby until the pogo pinout gets figured out (should know as soon as the official dock launches), and then go from there.

So far here is my parts list:


USB Audio:

Bluetooth OBD2:

u/RedditBlueit · 2 pointsr/Android

I bought the HP touchpad keyboard a few months after HP discontinued the line. If you can find them, they run $29.99 - $49.99, are a good size, and have a nice feel. I found mine in the clearance section of Office Depot for $30. Works great with my iPad as well.

u/Jaytho · 8 pointsr/Android

Also, it's pretty cheap at the moment. (US link) The mint colour really isn't for me, and I'm happy with my own phone, but for us EU folk, here it is again. (.de Link) Pretty cheap as well!

u/obscure_detour · 2 pointsr/Android

I use my ThinkPad Tablet to take notes in class all the time. Not heavy or cumbersome at all. I also have a Nexus One with 2.3.7 on it. I use my phone for lite browsing and tethering. The ThinkPad Tablet can be used for hand-written notes and typed notes as well. It is best to use as an PDF e-reader as I have a Gen3 Kindle (WiFi) that I read non-PDF ebooks on (I have 3 textbooks on it and it works great). Annotation of PDFs is also wonderful! I do not see why it wouldn't work great as an e-reader in general.

My setup if wanting/needing a keyboard.

u/thn929 · 1 pointr/Android

This thread praises the Exomount, although I don't believe it has the magnets that trigger the cardock state. With the way this dock holds the phone, it looks like the camera will be unobstructed, which is perfect for a dash cam setup.

If not the Exomount, I might go with the pricier ProClip USA for the custom fitting (mounted directly on top of a vent, to alleviate overheating problems).

u/Baconrules21 · 2 pointsr/Android

That's what I have and it's very very good. I really like it. I bought the same case for my S3 as well just because the color is so nice from the same company and so did my uncle.

It's a nice case.

u/Pyrallis · 1 pointr/Android

I have two Arkon universal car mounts. They've served me well, and I specifically got them because they did not obstruct the camera. I use my smartphone as a dash cam, so that was important to me. YMMV, of course, since every device is different, but since it's a universal mount, you can easily adjust it to provide a clear view for the camera.

It holds tight--I've tested it by mounting my Nexus One in it, holding it upside down (over a pillow), and shaking. The N1 stayed firmly gripped.

I have two, because one is mounted to a smooth, suction-cup plate on my car's dash board, and the other one is mounted to a weighted friction base, which I use as a desktop phone stand. Pic 1, and Pic 2.

u/Perry7609 · 1 pointr/Android

I use this in my Kia at the moment. Works great! Wish it has a forward/rewind part at times, but it plays pretty well otherwise.

Also get a noise isolator in case you want to charge things at the same time.

u/Nixflyn · 2 pointsr/Android

We're pretty close to AptX HD car adapters being a reality, so I'd say wait a bit. If you must have one now, there are quite a few regular AptX ones on the market. Just look for one that has a USB type A plug rather than a built in car charger plug. Much better to use your own charger in the car to get fast charge, more than 1 slot, etc.

Something like this. This specific ones comes with a 3 slot charger, which I guess is cool if you don't care about fast charging. My car has 2 power plugs so it'd be great for me and leave room to hook up a dashcam using one of the other slots on the charger, and use my other plug for my phone fast charger.

But still, always get a ground loop isolator. They're usually under $10 and completely eliminate electronic whine. Like this.

u/silentpl · 2 pointsr/Android

IMO are pretty good. Have been a happy owner for 4 months now. 3 day battery life (3h commute per day + 1h at lunch = circa 12h battery life)

u/G8351427 · 3 pointsr/Android

Do this, I did and it was a good idea.

Port your number to GV or get a new one.

Buy this: Obihai OBi100

And set it up to use your GVoice account. You can continue to use your phones as you are accustomed to, and GVoice will serve as your Voicemail/Answering machine. You can get the messages on your smartphone, Gvoice website, or call for them from the phone.

The Obihai is supposed to have a really high REN rating (5) so you could conceivably hook it directly to your house wiring and run all your phones with it.

I bought one of these a few months ago and then dug up my old cordless phone and now it's like I am living in the 90s again. Awesome.

u/jawz101 · 1 pointr/Android

Ditto. I go through ear buds so quickly because they get caught on things.

I was reluctant but then decided to try a few cheap ones from Amazon


TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones, Sweatproof Wireless In Ear Earbuds, Sports Magnetic Earphones with Built in Mic (IPX5 Splash Proof Rating, aptX Stereo, Up to 7 Hours of Talk Time, Ceramic Antenna)

They've been the best I've owned. I previously settled on Yurbuds because they stuck in the ear and were loud and I'd say these are just as good except wireless.

u/dethwysh · 10 pointsr/Android

Visitor from /r/headphones here.

You better believe I still use mine. Even if Dongles and external solutions are better than most integrated solutions, LG's Quad DAC designs are still decent, and some of the best integrated solutions available.

That being said, when I bring out more demanding headphones, or more sensitive in ears, I'll generally hook them to a portable dac/amp or a very low output impedance Dongle (for the IEMs).

That being said, I still use my headphone jack when I get into most cars, as there's the simplicity of one wire and you're good to go. Sure, it's not wireless, but there's never any drop outs, or weird latency, and/or compatibility issues. Arguably those issues depend on implementation, but still. Less moving parts so to speak.

Also, it's good to have for times when you want to plug into a friend's speaker or system and not blow out their BT settings.

Edit: added links.

u/H2iK · 3 pointsr/Android

I use this one with my Nexus One and it fits my needs just fine.
A few things about it though:
The bass leaves much to be desired (I assume this is universal with FM transmitters).
Very nice and easy bluetooth pairing.
After pairing I just turn on my car and it automatically connects.
It has a usb port that can be used for charging a phone (I haven't had the need to try it yet).

I would go with number two if it's anything like mine.
I kinda regret not seeing it when I was in the market for one.
I would probably have bought it.

u/ladfrombrad · 1 pointr/Android

Funnily enough I do that right now since my phone doesn't have an FM radio, and have done since Android was even a thing with devices lacking a 3.5mm jack back then.

Just wish the buggar had a SD card slot, as that would make it perfect for me. Each to their own I suppose.

u/ivtecdoyou · 12 pointsr/Android

I bought a bluetooth adapter that plugs into my car's aux port, and it works excellently. It has a next and previous song button and play/pause button so that I never have to pull my phone up to change anything. I love it and don't see myself ever going back to using an aux cable, Can Be Found Here

u/swizzcheez · 1 pointr/Android

I use this:

It works fine but can't charge my Droid X. It would charge older, lower-power, Android/iPhone devices fine I'm sure. However, the nice part is that it still can take a cassette adapter and is handy not to need to plug the phone into anything for short trips. For long trips, I plug into a different charger (I have a power splitter).

u/idevxy · 3 pointsr/Android

I have a Bluetooth audio receiver that plugs into the AUX jack. It works really well. Link:

Bonus: hands free calling.

u/ArkAngel06 · 1 pointr/Android

I recommend one of these. They work great and let you control the music tracks, podcasts, audiobooks from the controller.

And you might need of these if you get a little bit of feedback like me.

u/Penguin_gamer · 1 pointr/Android

I bought this item off of amazon a while ago, and I am very happy with it:
The quality is extremely nice, and it works through bluetooth, so you don't need wires (there is an audio in if you want to attach any other device too). Also, it has a open usb port and cables to plug in your phone, ipod, etc. In addition, it has hands free calling (I don't bother with it, but it works). It is also the clearest fm transmitter I have ever used. Surprising, because I have never heard of the maker before

u/yousefk · 1 pointr/Android

Nice to see that you're reviewing adapters, but you don't really need to. I just bought 4 of these after having already bought and received 2. They're really cheap (68 cents free shipping) and they work just as well as any other adapter.

u/pablo_the_bear · 1 pointr/Android

This doesn't exactly answer your question, but I plan on getting this as soon as I upgrade to ICS on my Galaxy Note.

I won't be using it for taking notes, rather I will use it for typing graduate school assignments while on the bus/subway/train here in Korea. Yes, I think it is slightly ridiculous, but compared to a) writing things out on paper and typing them out later or b) trying to type something more than two sentences long on a touchscreen I think it is the smartest way to go.

u/ggKevin · 7 pointsr/Android


$36.97 I own these, and they are pretty great.



It really isn't that expensive unless you only look at Sennheiser, AirPods, and Beats.

u/VQopponaut35 · 1 pointr/Android

Before you give up, I’d try these. They’re sweat resistant, have a great mechanism for staying in your ears (that doesn’t interfere with a helmet) and have a 7 hour battery. I bought pairs for my fiancé and mother after my success with an even cheaper pair (these are currently listed at $20 in the US).

u/SkepticalMartian · 6 pointsr/Android

Set up a low cost PC (you don't need very much power to play video) with HDMI out and a wireless keyboard (the logitech k400r is fantastic, the batteries literally last for a year). The Plex Home Theater client blows everything else out of the water if it's TV in your living room that you're after. It's way better than a console.

Also worth noting - you can use the plex client on your phone/tablet to select a video to start playback on the PHT client connected to your TV, or any other plex client attached to that server.

u/amoore2600 · 1 pointr/Android

Google voice +Gtalk + Obi100 = free land line

I have it and it works great!

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Android

I have had this ( for the past 3 smartphones I have used, GS1, GS2, and Galaxy Nexus.

Worked perfectly for all of them, and a myriad of other random friends smartphones. Cheap, reliable, and does not come off unless I want it to.

u/primo_pastafarian · 1 pointr/Android

Get this.

You can run the wires behind the dashboard to keep the cables out of the way. Personally, I put a car power adapter back up there too. The only thing that is visible is the control interface.

This shit's amazing. Added benefit, you won't get charging frequencies / noise / static feedback playing back on audio while you're charging.

u/PM_ME_CAT_FACTS · 12 pointsr/Android

Pioneer Bluetooth media receiver Play music, make hands free calls, Pandora

Bluetooth OBD clear codes, vehicle diagnostics, avg speed, fuel economy

u/chris062689 · 1 pointr/Android

Have you tried a service like this? I use it as a backup landline and it works great!

OBi100 VoIP Telephone Adapter and Voice Service Bridge

u/TheRealFender · 5 pointsr/Android

I have this Arkon from Amazon and it works pretty well for my EVO. It should work for larger phones as well. The mechanism is starting to wear out after a year and a half or so. I think I got it for $14, so I wouldn't mind paying that again if/when it wears out.

u/Alimoose · 7 pointsr/Android

Highly recommend this bluetooth car kit by Kinivo. It plugs into your AUX jack and gives your car bluetooth capabilities. Bought it for one of my cars and it works great.

u/trueblu · 1 pointr/Android

I use this FM transmitter. I know its a bit steep but I've gone through several FM transmitters and this is the best I've used to date.

u/wrayworks · 1 pointr/Android

I'm using this one from Amazon with nice results. I only have the free "Torque Lite" but I am very impressed with it.

Links for the lazy:

Torque Lite - Free

Torque Pro - Paid

u/mmoser · 1 pointr/Android

I bought this for mine.

Works great and is easy to toss in my bag when I head to class. Only complaint is that it has a few WebOS-specific buttons that don't do shit on Android. Some work as expected though ... for example, the search and volume control buttons.

u/shoeman22 · 1 pointr/Android

Have you considered porting your number to Google Voice and then just forwarding to whatever random number you get from T-mobile?

That's what I did (left Sprint for T-mobile on straight talk). I like it because it means YOU always have control of your number and you're not at the mercy of the cell provider.

And of course you get to use Google Voice which is awesome. Text from your desktop, read / listen to your messages, block spam calls / texts, and my new favorite feature I just found: present a "this number is no longer in service" message to folks you don't want to hear from again!

Plus, if you pick up an obi100 and have an old cordless phone lying around, you get a free home phone w/ unlimited minutes (through 2012 at least) and it uses your same google voice number so you can pick up calls on either your cell or your home phone.

Seriously awesome stuff! And on the cancellation, it "just worked" for Sprint (account showed no service right after port completed which took about a day). You WILL get charged an ETF if you are in contract though, so be aware of that.

u/eXDee · 1 pointr/Android

The Wirecutter has a good round up of bluetooth car kits. Saves heaps of research.

My criteria:

  • Uses USB for power, not a cigarette lighter hard wired (allows for dual/tri usb chargers)
  • Supports APT-X and AAC if possible
  • Play/Pause and Skip
  • Can trigger Google Now
  • Clear audio for handsfree phone calls
  • Practical/well designed/not too large.

    I got the Himbox HB-01, while it doesn't support APT-X the new one does, and the stock stereo is probably the limiting factor in sound quality. To get google now working, i installed an app "BT Gnow". The New HB-01+ i believe would resolve both apt-x and google now out of the box.

    Note when you have a device such a phone or bluetooth car kit connected to both aux and usb, you may get noise in some vehicles. It varies by device and by vehicle. While in my car the noise is minimal, I still use a ground loop isolator to eliminate it entirely. You'll notice that the wirecutter mentions the newer HB-01+ has a whine, i'd wager that this may be eliminated with a ground loop isolator.
u/Gunski · 1 pointr/Android

I've had two of these and I also recommend it. Don't put it on your window and then roll it down because that will strip the suction cup. Otherwise, it's amazing.

Amazon Link

u/_lettuceplay · 1 pointr/Android

You should get something like this. Uses your car's AUX to provide Bluetooth connection. I was a bit skeptical but the quality is fantastic.

u/bigfkncee · 1 pointr/Android

I had a similar problem, my car stereo has no Bluetooth,tape deck or AUX input. I ended up getting this fm transmitter from Amazon. It uses bluetoooth to connect to the phone and the fm transmitter to broadcast to the radio. I know its more than you are looking for but it has definitely worked out good for me.

u/marceriksen · 0 pointsr/Android

Depends on your microSD card reading speed. You'll want to look at the high-range ones to read large 1080p / 3D movies. Here's an example of a class 10 straight from Amazon for reference. Otherwise some of the lower end microSD cards, while they can hold a lot, are not going to read a 1080p file fast enough to make it run clearly or well. Here's an example of a class 4 which will not run those files well.

u/Staedin · 2 pointsr/Android

I got an Arkon SM410 for my Galaxy S3. Its been great. Gives you 3 different ways to attach the dock to your car. On amazon right now for ~$15 before shipping

u/kinda_fellin · 1 pointr/Android

I do the same thing. Torque is awesome!

edit: I use a less expensive adapter without any issues.

u/lowlymarine · 22 pointsr/Android

It's hard for anything in this price range to compete with the Nextbit Robin, IMO. For $150, it has a fingerprint reader, NFC, headphone jack (lol), 1080p IPS display, dual speakers, comparable or better internals than other phones in the price range, and a near-stock UI with an official update to Nougat available. Sure, Razer is only honoring the warranty for six months but Le Eco is also pulling out of the US so who knows how long that warranty will be good for, either.

u/Kerafyrm · 1 pointr/Android

The HTC Evo 4G LTE is a great phone with the best display right now (same as the HTC One X). I'd recommend getting a 32 GB or 64 GB to throw in there on top of the 16 GB you already have:

32 GB microSD, Class 10 - $26.49

64 GB microSD, Class 10 - $54.51

The only drawback to the HTC Evo 4G LTE (other than being a Sprint exclusive) is the lack of a replaceable or extended battery. If you are a very heavy user, a PowerSkin case would add about 1500 mAh of battery life, but extended battery cases are NOT known for their reliability.

u/laharah · 1 pointr/Android

yeah, I've been thinking about doing a workaround with the GOgroove wireless fm transmitter. I can use the bluetooth+fm transmitter for audio, an I think it has a USB port on the side I can use to connect a power cable. I just wish there was a clean "all in one" micro usb solution.

Oh well, at least I can use tasker to automate it. that or the NFC stickers I'm getting :D

u/gbux · -14 pointsr/Android

i know on this sub im gonna get downvoted down to hades for saying this, but why is everyone so bent outta shape about the headphone jack? if they remove it to add something meaningful to the phone is it really that bad? If it's just for aesthetics Im right there with you, but if there is a legit reason for it, why the hate? Besides if it comes with bluetooth 5.0 its gonna be great

Another point too is bluetooth 4.1 headphones arent terrible, and for me the slight decrease in sound quality and having to plug one more device in is more than made up for the fact that my phone isnt constantly tugging my ear buds out of my ears, or the fact that i gotta buy new earbuds every season because they stop working in one or both ears.

On top of that bluetooth headphones have come down in price and have gone up in quality. I bought these a while ago for the same price i was going to buy wired headphones for and theyre fantastic.

edit: a word

u/webheaded · 2 pointsr/Android

You can get a bluetooth adapter for your car that uses the lighter plugin and the 3.5mm input from your car to accept bluetooth from your phone. The one I got even does AptX. It's good enough that I don't feel like I HAVE to plug in when I'm in the car (though I could since I have a Pixel 1 and don't have to put up with that bullshit).

u/dhawal · 2 pointsr/Android

Take a look at the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+. I just got it for my Xoom(ICS) and it works pretty well.

u/hendusoone · 2 pointsr/Android

Android is capable of much higher than class 6 speeds. Android itself can read and write as fast as the hardware will allow (that is, the SD card itself AND the phone's SD slot). So, it depends on which SD card technology is in your phone.

For exmaple: I've got a 64GB Sandisk UHS-1 microSD in my T-Mobile G2. The phone itself only claims to support SDHC, but this is clearly a SDXC card. Works flawlessly - I can use all of the space, and I get a read* speed of 10+MB/s and a write speed of 30+MB/s according to benchmarks.

So, when buying a SD card for your phone, do a bit of research to see what other people with your same phone are able to run. The published specs aren't always completely accurate.

u/wiiv · 2 pointsr/Android

I have a Gogroove Flexsmart x2 and it's great, been using it daily for a couple years. Has a FM modulator in case you don't have an aux in, has a USB charging port for your phone (since it plugs into the 12v jack), and independent volume/play/pause/track fwd/track back. I don't have to pull my phone out of my pocket at all.

u/Jonec429 · 3 pointsr/Android

They have Bluetooth adapters for cars. I use one and honestly it works well.

This isn't the one I use a it same concept.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit, Bluetooth Receiver, Bluetooth 4.2 Hands-Free Audio Adapter (Built-in Microphone, CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation, 3M Magnetic Base, Air Vent Clip, Dual 2.1A USB Car Charger)

u/optik678 · 1 pointr/Android

I got this one. Comes with a screen protector, too. It looks like just like one of the Seido ones.

u/judge__mental · -2 pointsr/Android

Or just buy Class 10 128GB microsd card ? Sure, it isn't as fast but who is going to notice? 130 dolla. Love you long time.

Edit: Sorry, I fucked up.

Still the 64gb class 10 cards are very cheap. As 'notmynothername' pointed out:

That is definitely microSDXC.

u/techniq · 1 pointr/Android

I bought one of these over a year ago and have been very happy with it.

u/YupYesYeah · 5 pointsr/Android

I've been really happy with my Exomount.

u/ManicResin · 2 pointsr/Android

I'm currently using this case, its one they sell at vzw. I like it because it wont slip on surfaces but isn't hard to get in and out of my pocket.

I also tried this case with is nice but the volume button can get accidentally press to easily. Ended up cutting out a hole for the volume buttons.

u/j13u11fr09 · 2 pointsr/Android

I have one of those and it's great. The two side arms that hold the phone in are high enough that I can plug the charger into the phone with no problem. This is with my phone's case on. It grips the phone tight enough that I have no worries that it will fall out...

EDIT: I have a DX as well...

EDIT2: just cause I'm afraid I might get you to buy something that doesn't work ;)

This is the one I bought:
It's actually model number SM410. As I said above, I feel it's a great mount for my Droid X. Holds it great and has room for the charger.

tl;dr Great mount, highly suggested.

u/mdezzi · 2 pointsr/Android

Bluetooth? Yes.

I have the Logitech Tablet Keyboard and the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse.

I use them both while my Galaxy Tab 10.1 is docked, as well as when I use my HDMI adapter.

u/MajorNoodles · 2 pointsr/Android

I picked up an Exomount Universal Mount a few days ago and so far, I'm very happy with it. Holds my SGSII right below the volume and power buttons, plus, it'll stick to most hard, flat surfaces - it stuck securely to both my car dashboard and the wall in my apartment. You just have to tighten the ball socket joint tightly to minimize wobble while driving.

u/fandagan · 2 pointsr/Android

Can vouch for Taotronics; specifically this model. SQ is honestly as good as it gets for bluetooth. No reason to spend more than $35 for wireless earbuds.

u/GarethGC · 19 pointsr/Android $0.83 + free shipping $13.99 + $12.71 shipping

How does this happen?

u/ThePaintedTaint · 2 pointsr/Android

Mhl adapters allow you to convert the micro usb port to hdmi and watch videos / play games on a television or monitor. An otg cable allows you convert the micro usb to regular usb to use items such as a usb mouse or game pad.

mhl adapter

otg cable

u/lochstock · 1 pointr/Android

One advantage with this Bluetooth adapter you've got a big central button to pause/play music answer/end calls. Two rocker buttons on the top to skip forward/backward. So along with the advantage of not needing to plug my phone in each time and having it auto connect I can control my phone without unlocking. Yes you have to plug the adapter into a power source (with a USB pass through if you want to charge your phone) and connect it to the auxiliary in your stereo. Once it's setup though you're done.

u/CA719 · 1 pointr/Android

Bought this one. 65 cents plus free shipping!

Bought 2 of them

u/lawranc · 76 pointsr/Android

The Nextbit Robin for either 150$ on eBay if that deal is still going or 170$ on Amazon.

Snapdragon 808, fingerprint reader, usb-c, soon to be updated to Nougat, almost bonestock Android build with Nextbit additions, 32GB, NFC, 3GB RAM and 5.2" 1080p display. Imagine the iPhone 5c. You'll either love or hate the design. It feels like holding a Hershey's chocolate bar. I love mine.

Edit: plus it has quick charging and is unlocked

u/lakeplacidd · 24 pointsr/Android

There are already apps available that link via Bluetooth to a ODB2 sensor that will diagnose your vehicles. The sensors are really cheap and can be found on sites like amazon:

u/JFreaks25 · 2 pointsr/Android

I had the same problem, somebody recommended this and its awesome

u/Pizza2kbitchslut · 1 pointr/Android

Maybe you could get an updated Bluetooth dongle thing for the cars aux? Like this one?

u/montypytho17 · 1 pointr/Android

Yep, this is what I got, works fine for me.

u/xhighalert · 1 pointr/Android

Sure can.

Edit The lack of built-in USB recharables might turn you off... But the battery life on this thing REALLY surprised me. Haven't replaced the batteries in it since bought it back in what, March?

u/vahidy · 1 pointr/Android

On my SGS3 I use NFC Unlock which is an XPosed Framework module to unlock my phone and run Car Ultra whenever I mount it to my car dock.

I also got a Kinivo BT car kit which connects to my phone automatically when it's in range. Bluetooth connect and play starts the music whenever the car BT is connected.

I can pause, next and prev tracks using the BT kit buttons which is cool but when I want to play a different album it's not nearly as easy as you would do using the car stereo. Car Home Ultra lets you add music playlist shortcuts but they need few interactions with the phone which I don't like.

u/BHSPitMonkey · 1 pointr/Android

Do yourself and your Ouya a favor and pick up one of these.

u/ragflan · 8 pointsr/Android

I'm surprised the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for Android was not mentioned. I got this for $55 dollars in Australia for the Galaxy Tab 7.7 but it works with any tablet that has bluetooth so it should work with N7 no problems. Plus, the keyboard comes with a case which doubles as a dock for tablets. This keyboard also has Android-specific function keys. In my personal experience (note: my experience), Logitech keyboards feel better to type on but, in saying that, I have not used the 3 keyboards mentioned in this article.

EDIT: For those interested, it's $49 on Amazon and you can check the reviews.

u/moldymoosegoose · 1 pointr/Android

Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm) - Supports AptX

Get this, never bother plugging anything again.

u/flat4gt30 · 3 pointsr/Android

Ill just leave this here for people who want to go with this idea. I ordered 2 just to have a spare. Not bad for 65 cents and free shipping.

u/TXKSSnapper · 1 pointr/Android

I use this. Has both FM Transmitter or Line Out, and accepts Line In or Bluetooth. If you use the bluetooth function, it also has the headset profile, so it can work as a handsfree speaker phone.

u/Druid_Fluid · 1 pointr/Android

No one is talking about the nextbit robin with an 808 fingerprint scanner, 32GB storage, free clound storage, 3GB ram, unlocked bootlader, dual front facing speakers, usb type c for only $230

u/linuxwes · 18 pointsr/Android

GV has been my only number (other than my cell number, but nobody uses that one) for a year now. No regrets, it works great. Get an Obi-100 and you'll basically have a home phone too.

u/ccai · 2 pointsr/Android

> which this is, fitting so many hours of battery life, getting reliable bluetooth signals with only Millimeters of space inside your ears is fucking futuristic

Seriously? The buds themselves have subpar battery life compared to even the Chinese sets for its size. They have about 4-5 hours of battery life, which the smaller Jaybird X2 and X3's have managed to surpass with ~8 hour battery lives since they were released over 2 years ago and do not require a case or the Anker ones that are 1/6th the price with 7 hour battery life. The only reason they have "24 hour battery life" is due to the case with a secondary battery you you need to top them off. At that price you can get a secondary mini battery bank and get "OVER A WEEK OF CHARGE".

The only advantage these have is the quicker to connect tech they placed in, a capacitive surface to tap instead of buttons and live translation which is just a software barrier Google setup, not some proprietary hardware restriction. They are lack luster for their price, they don't excel in any category, not battery even with the extra capacity from the case (as you are required to use both ears at once instead being able to use just a single ear a la AirPods), not size again due to the case and debatable awkward design, not sound quality as it's at best on par with other buds in it's pricing category and not when it comes to syncing as it can only be connected to one device exclusively. If you choose to use it between multiple devices, you must sync it with the headphones in case and then complete a new process each time, it won't remember former devices you use it with despite this being a common feature among headsets a fraction of it's price. There's nothing innovative or great about this product, you can get far better ones for a fraction of the price.

u/nicksvr4 · 2 pointsr/Android

This is the one that was recommended to me. The previous BT and USB ones wouldn't even connect to my Honda Pilot, but this one did without a hitch at all. And those other ones would work sometimes with other cars (Eclipse, Civic, etc)

u/Tyjames48 · 16 pointsr/Android

This may do a little more than what you want but it has great reviews. You can choose Bluetooth or aux and still be able to charge the phone.

u/MaIakai · 1 pointr/Android

Recently bought a Kinivo bluetooth adapater for my car

Big freaking difference.
Bluetooth streaming, good call quality/microphone, buttons for pause/next track?

The device plugs into the aux port and can be mounted/hidden.

u/Townsley · 2 pointsr/Android

Here are examples of wireless remotes that will work with it (via dongle).

Hausbell for 15.99

Logitech K400 for 24.99

u/Dadasas · 1 pointr/Android

Anyone know if this adapter would work with the N7? Someone in the reviews said it would, but I figured I'd double check.

u/cr5315 · 1 pointr/Android

I have cases for my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, but I only put them in the cases when I'm away from home. I have The Snugg case for my Nexus 7 and the Diztronic TPU case for my Galaxy Nexus.

u/ChefBoyAreWeFucked · 2 pointsr/Android

It's the Mint one though.

Ninjedit: Actually, Navy Blue is the one that's $165.

u/fluffyclouds_dev · 2 pointsr/Android

Nextbit Robin for $160 USD

Has 3 GB of RAM, SD808, 32GB of ROM, 100GB of cloud storage (even backs up apps), fingerprint scanner, and has a unique look.

u/EffinYes · 1 pointr/Android

Search Amazon, newegg, or google for the GoGroove (x2 I think) its around 50 and does what you want, I'm going to pick one up soon myself, there are a lot of positive reviews out there for it as well.


There's a direct link...newegg had it on sale for 39.99 but it has been as low as 29.99 so im just waiting for a drop in price again...

u/irongamer · 1 pointr/Android

Re-seller on AT&T Network.

If you use your phone at home a bunch and have fast internet mix this cell provider with an Obi and Google Voice to lower usage at home.

u/iHateMyUserName2 · 0 pointsr/Android

To be completely honest with you I really think you have a unique issue. I have Kinivo bluetooth adapter and a few other bluetooth headphones that I've taken dozens of calls on and never noticed any audio delay. I'm not saying there isn't any because there physically has to be some but it's nowhere near even a 0.5 second lag.

u/_TheDrizzle · 1 pointr/Android

My Lancer has bluetooth, but only for phone calls. Its a pain not being able to stream music. I bought the Flexsmart X2 for solve this problem. My phone can still make calls through the car and also stream music to car both via seperate bluetooth connections. The Flexsmart is so cash.

Edit for link: Amazon Link

u/chloroform_vacation · 1 pointr/Android

Oh ok... I found this but I'm not able to purchase it from Europe, sadly. The only other "reputable" option is this, but the LX is $50. You think it's worth it?

All other bluetooth knockoffs have a problem of not even connecting, so I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble.

Thanks for the advice!

u/chrisms150 · 2 pointsr/Android

Ah, no, I wasn't going for an FM transmitter (I had one of those years ago - they suck terribly in my car, too much interference) - but a bluetooth dongle that plugs into the aux cord like this one:

But yes, if one of those had a USB port for charging the phone it would work - however, again, it's stupid that phones lose functionality.

u/aitaix · -1 pointsr/Android

Probably going to get down voted, and told I'm a fucking idiot bla bla bla audiophiles gonna react because their $500 headphones and what not are supreme. But....

I buy cheap [Anker (brand) Bluetooth Ear buds] ( off Amazon because, if I lose them or someone steals them, then oh darn. I only use them at the gym or when I'm hung over and need to fetch my car. Soooo Sound quality isn't a real big deal for me.