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2. Rii MX6 Backlit Fly Mouse Controller, Mini Wireless Microphone Keyboard and IR Remote Controller Combo for Windows Mac OS Linux Android TV Box Mini PC XBox

  • 1.All-in-one Air Mouse Remote: Save space and devices with this air mouse keyboard control with IR function. Solve your problem at once. No more amounts of keyboards, mouses, IR controllers! Save space and save money!please note that this remote do not support the fire tv.
  • 2.High Configuration: Long transmission distance for air mouse, up to 10m; Compatible with: USB2.0 or above; Elegant design, High quality material, all provide you High-grade craft; Beautiful package make it very well for a Christmas gift.
  • 3.Widely Used and Easy to Learn: Air mouse for android tv box,HID compatible device Terminal with USB port Window 2000 Window XP,Windows Vista, Windows CE, Windows 7, Window 8,Linux(Debian-3.1,Redhat-9.0,Ubuntu-8.10,Fedora-7.0 tested),Android OS (With standard USB interface) XBox,not include Fire TV;
  • 4.Friendly REMINDER: 1. NOT compatible with all smart tv but you could test it with an wired keyboard first; 2.It can work on Amazon Fire TV with an App-app2 fire on android. You can install any App on fire TV. Note that it only works on smart loaded applications.Like Google chrome, Firefox, show box. KODI is a native app on fire; 3.NOT rechargeable battery. Using 2* AAA but not included in package considering about transportation safety. 2. No backlit function 3. No voice function
  • 5.Shop with 100% Confidence: 30 days money-back guarantee for ANY REASON, 12 month WARRANTY for quality issues, professional customer service team, all these promise you a happy purchase. We will be appreciated for contacting us seller first when you meet any question
Rii MX6 Backlit Fly Mouse Controller, Mini Wireless Microphone Keyboard and IR Remote Controller Combo for Windows Mac OS Linux Android TV Box Mini PC XBox
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13. ViewHD UHD 18G HDMI Audio Extractor/Splitter Support HDMI v2.0 | HDCP v2.2 | 4K@60Hz | HDR | ARC | 3.5MM Analog Audio Output | Toslink Optical Audio Output | HDMI Audio Output | Model: VHD-UHAE2

  • Buy this item (for HDMI v1.3, v1.4 and v2.0 receiver) or the VHD-U4X1AS model to enjoy the latest HDMI 2.0 video without the needs to upgrade to HDMI v2.0 receivers, because it has a dedicated HDMI output to support HDMI receivers!
  • With latest (March 2021) firmware update, no more known issues. This model can accommodate all HDMI audio receivers for user to enjoy the latest 4K HDR Dolby Vision video. HDMI 2.0b (18Gbps) HDCP 2.2, with custom audio EDID management.
  • Best Compatibility: Support Roku Ultra, Chromecast Ultra, Blu-ray Players, Nvidia Shield / PRO and Plex / KODI, FireTV 4K, Cable and Satellite Boxes.
  • Use "Out2" EDID setting for dedicated HDMI out2 audio to HDMI receiver, support all advanced HDMI audio formats your HDMI receiver can handled. This out2 HDMI audio port is to be connected to the regular HDMI input of the audio receiver, not the ARC port; it does NOT support ARC protocol, not compatible with Sonos HDMI ARC input port.
  • Use "5.1CH" setting for Dolby Digital / DTS 5.1CH audio from the Optical Audio Output. Use "7.1CH / DD+" setting for Dolby Digital Plus audio extraction, DD+ audio signal is available from the HDMI Out2. HDMI out1 port has the same video and audio signal identical to the HDMI input.
  • Video resolutions up to 4K2K@50/60Hz (YUV444), Support ARC and CEC (HDMI out1 port only), HDMI out2 port does not support CEC. Please use certified 18Gbps HDMI cables under 15ft for guaranteed performance. ARC audio is available from the Toslink and HDMI out2 ports at the same time.
  • Both Toslink and HDMI out2 port supports ARC audio, usually ARC audio format is Dolby Digital 5.1, ARC audio does not support DD+. ARC audio is NOT available from the 3.5mm headphone output. Use "2CH" setting for headphone application.
  • Does not support VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM(Auto Low Latency Mode), which are parts of HDMI 2.1. This model is HDMI 2.0b. 10bits HDR (High Dynamic Range) pass-through, support Dolby Vision, HDCP pass-through If you are interested in this model please also check the VHD-U4X1AS model, it adds a 4x1 switch on the front for improved flexibility
  • Free lifetime technical support from U9LTD. One year replacement warranty.
ViewHD UHD 18G HDMI Audio Extractor/Splitter Support HDMI v2.0 | HDCP v2.2 | 4K@60Hz | HDR | ARC | 3.5MM Analog Audio Output | Toslink Optical Audio Output | HDMI Audio Output | Model: VHD-UHAE2
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u/IXI_Fans · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

I have the Harmony Hub/Smart Home. It is the boring looking remote, but don't let it's loks fool you, it is one of the most powerful. You can also use your smart-phone too, which is nice if the remote is JUUUUUUSSST out of reach. :)

Check out this one if you have smart lights/plugs.

And this one if you want the same one with no home control buttons.

Once you get it set up (it could take an hour+ if you arent familiar with the software) it is amazing!

u/pm_me_ur_wrasse · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Luckily the support for other remotes is great. I use this bluetooth dealy and it works perfectly, even will wake it up from sleep:

u/Jasong222 · 0 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

I'm a big fan of the inteset -Inteset

Comes preprogrammed for shield and can handle 3 other devices as well (many preprogrammed). Nice, solid, remote feel to it. Pre-programs, learning, macros, universal buttons, it's awesome. (No microphone, no sound jack. Ir, not Bluetooth or rf)

edit: downvote me all you want. I've had one for about 4 years and love the heck out of it.

u/TRUMP2016BUILDWALL · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Not a fix but I've started using this remote and it's been good. Use multilanguagekeymapper apk from 2014 to map special buttons to extra funcitons. Like the button next to mic on to trigger assistant

Sometimes when I plug a usb drive in I get some interference. Usb compatibility mode might help I haven't tried

u/itstaylorx · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

The latest android tv remote with volume is the best remote i've used so far. Other than voice it works perfectly. I highly recommend it. I got a pricematch on prime day for a $14.99 firetv on primeday (i don't have prime plus the remote alone wasn't on sale). Well it comes with a remote so great deal I put the firetv in the closet and just use the remote with my shield tv. It's snappy and rarely doesn't become unresponsive.



or take one out of a firetv when you find them on sale like i did

u/Rapmullet · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

I bought this on a whim and got to say it's been great on my 2015 shield 16g. Easy to set up and super responsive. Only limitation I've noticed is using kodi sometimes but it's been great so far.®/dp/B00M4JYTWA

u/jonosharky · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV
  • "Purchase" the free app via Amazon Appstore (works via PC/desktop not on mobile) (apk not required - "purchase" to validate that you owned the app) you are using the apk downloaded from here instead
  • You will need to sideload Amazon Appstore available via into your Android TV device
  • Login to your Amazon account
  • ‎login to app with valid login. Enjoy!
u/gk2121 · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Sorry, yall are talking way over my head at this point haha. See my response below about trying new cables. FYI, these are the new HDMI's I got:

So I did end up getting some new HDMI cables to make sure that wasn't the issue. Just as before, it started out fine. About 30min into a movie the cut outs began. They then started to occur more often until it was basically every minute or two. Sometimes when it was about to go out the screen kinda went pink, then black. But, what is also weird is I played Halo for a couple hours last night using the same HDMI cable through the soundbar and it did fine. No cutouts at all. Could it be an issue of Shield and soundbar not working together?

I just tried bypassing the soundbar and going straight from TV to Shield. It's been running perfectly for a half hour now. Sooooo looks like its the soundbar that is the culprit. Which I guess isn't a huge surprise with this particular bar. Although I haven't seen my issue mentioned in its problems here on reddit.

I guess I should move this to the Vizio subreddit but I don't know how to do that lol. But if someone here has a possible solution, I'm all ears!

u/nirmalspeed · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Bought this last week and couldn't be happier:

USB remote, not Bluetooth. But it has a working mic button and an air mouse feature which is really really nice for when I'm using Firefox to watch some sports streams or if I'm sharing my desktop using gamestream. The airmouse is gesture based so you can wave the remote around. Takes a few minutes to get used to but works really well.

Since it's not Bluetooth, there's zero delay when you press a button and the dedicated power button is really nice.

u/kaizendojo · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

Yeah, that would be awesome. I have a Seagate Expansion ( connected to mine but I'd want the USB hub compartment too - I would definitely buy the hub for that.

I really like this - such a great idea.

u/Rorschach1960 · 0 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

This is the best I've found although, it is not working correctly with the new Hulu app. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.

Voice Remote Control,Smart TV Remote 2.4G Remote Control for Smart TV/Android TV Box/Projector/PC/HTPC/IPTV and Media Player

P.S. How is Roku a closed system? Any provider can create a channel for Roku.

u/allanfarrell · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Yep it works great

There is another version i have which i actually prefer (k700), it has a 4 way controller (up, down left right) as well as more media buttons.

This keyboard was bundled originally with the first ever Google TV, the Logitech revue, but still works great with android tv

u/The_Harbaugh_Face · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

The Harmony Companion has been a life changer. It's reliably responsive and is remarkably comfortable to hold. It's a significant price jump from the remotes in the review, but I wholeheartedly recommend it if you have other boxes and smart lights.

u/tb21666 · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

I use a 3rd party remote that runs on 2 AAA's & replace them maybe twice a year on my main box that gets heavy use daily.

Works great on both the Shield Pro & Mi Box without issue & the air mouse functionality is beyond useful!

u/jakegh · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

I use a harmony hub and smart control, which has been on sale as cheaply as $58. It controls the ShieldTV over bluetooth for zero lag. The hub itself has extremely powerful IR blasters to handle devices that can't be controlled over IP or bluetooth.

The remote is RF, so you don't have to worry about pointing it at the TV. It's all buttons, no screen, which I strongly prefer, and lasts well over a year on a single coin battery.

It does not support voice control (but the ShieldTV gamepad will do that, if you have one) or air mouse. You can use the Harmony app on android/iOS or the AndroidTV app for that matter to do that stuff. The apps work as a keyboard too.

u/xythian · 5 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

I'm just using the basic Logitech Harmony Smart Control.

Works like a charm and controls my TV, AVR, and Shield.

u/OakFern · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

If you can hold out for a while, you should be able to pick it up for around $100CAD. A little steep still, but better than $180. I got mine for $99.99 CAD at BestBuy during their Boxing Week sale at the end of last year.


It's been down under $100 CAD on Amazon too, although it looks like $130 CAD is the more typical sale price:

u/RiftPoint · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

I ended up getting Fosmon Portable Lightweight Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Controller, QWERTY keypad with Built-In Touchpad (Black and Orange) and it's working great! Anyone know how to tweak the mouse sensitivity? Otherwise I've solved my problem, thanks for the suggestions!

u/jam2xavier · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Better yet, search for G20 remote. I love mine.
Voice Remote Control,Smart TV Remote 2.4G Remote Control Replacement with IR Learning for Android TV Box PC HTPC IPTV and Media Player

u/mhunterchump · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

I use this one. It's cheap, backlit, and it works with my Shield TV, Cable Box, and my TV. It's not bluetooth but it controls everything on my Shield TV perfectly:

u/moch1 · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

Yep! By far the best upgrade I've made to the shield experience. Link for the curious/lazy:

WeChip G20 Remote Control 2.4G Wireless Voice Control Sensing Air Remote Mouse for Nvidia Shield Remote Replacement PC Android TV Box

u/m20thesailorman · 4 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

WeChip G20 Remote Control 2.4G Wireless Voice Control Sensing Air Remote Mouse for Nvidia Shield Remote Replacement PC Android TV Box

It feels cheap and makes a high pitch noise up close, but it works great. Just got 2 new ones last month

u/omartian · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV


Just bought this and works like a charm. By splitting the signal, i now have 4k @ 60hz on TV and get lossless audio on receiver. Now I can hold off on a receiver.

u/thatsmyb1kepunk · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Not sure if you solved this yet, but if you go buy a hdmi splitter that supports atmos from Amazon like this it'll work with no problems. I know it's stupid, but I have the sb46514 and without the splitter, I had maybe a 3/10 success rate. After I added the splitter it works perfectly with 0 problems.

u/HawthorneBlue · 3 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

Why stop at 64Gb?! I have this one and it works great. Not UK SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (SDCZ43-128G-GAM46) [Newest Version]

u/CuvisTheConqueror · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

Here is the receiver you will need to use:

Be careful when buying, because there are a lot of counterfeit receivers floating around, and while these will work fine on Windows if you force the driver install, they will not work at all on Android. If it says Microsoft on it, it's the genuine article; counterfeits will say Xbox 360 or have nothing at all written on them.

One receiver supports up to 4 controllers. When I tested the receiver on my Shield, everything on the controllers worked fine except the player indicator, which just kept flashing as if it was still trying to connect to the console. That was under Nougat, and I don't know if that's been patched with the Oreo upgrade. Either way, though, it's only cosmetic and won't impede play in any way.

u/apocalypso036 · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

You could consider getting an air mouse. I use the Rii MX6 Wireless Airmouse with my Shield TV. It works great in navigating Chrome on the Shield.

u/lightinthedark · 4 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

I got a 120gb Kingston for $28 Canadian back in February on Amazon. You'll probably have to wait for sales, but it shouldn't be too hard. Especially with black friday/cyber Monday coming up. I've seen the same drive I got for $19.99 CAD a couple times since, too.

Keep an eye on /r/buildapcsales

This is the one I got. The regular price is now $30 CAD:

This is the enclosure if interested:

u/mdholgate · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Just bought 2 of these:

I have the 2017 version of the Shield and all the buttons work including the voice on this remote! My wife approves this remote!!

u/gen10 · -4 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

Wireless works as well! Same with bluetooth remotes on video game controllers. You should also be able to use the android tv remote app on your phone once your connected to the internet.

Also here is some great remote options.

Alot of people also like the firestick remote.

u/Kasegauner · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Think about an alternative remote too. I've had the Shield for over two years and just got a Rii MX6 remote. For me it's the perfect Shield remote.

u/ShortFuse · 10 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

I just got a G20 remote after being done AliTV based remotes. The AliTV ones have poor range and even being 10ft away, wouldn't register button presses. Also the voice search was weird, since the mic button wouldn't trigger the voice input pop-up.

The G20 remote works with voice input with Google Assistant as you'd expect, has volume control, and a sleep function. It also has media track controls. All of it works on my Shield TV. I don't know about battery life, but it takes regular AAA batteries. It's USB Wireless, not Bluetooth which may or may mean better battery life.

It's $16 on Amazon:

Edit: There's apparently a G20S remote now for cheaper that has IR learning, but I linked to the one I got.

u/AmadeusZull · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

A little off topic, I've been a ShieldTV owner for the past 3 weeks and I must say you should buy this remote:

The ShieldTV is so much better with this remote. With the same remote you can lock volume control to what ever device you use for audio (reciever, soundbar, tv, etc..)

Also I find the response time on switching with IR to be alot better than worrying about charging your controller. (Also my daughter and wife find it much easier to use.)

u/Seanmrowe · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Thanks for the reply! I may very well go with that one, but I found one other while searching.

How can I tell if a remote connect through wifi direct or bluetooth?

u/Bradleyw801 · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Can you get your controllers to work natively on Android? For example, you should download badlands and see if it will recognize all 4. If you can solve your problem still in the Android OS, then I think it will solve itself while using gamestream.

Last I heard the PS4 controller needs root to work natively and the Xbox controller may need a dongle like this one

Another option could be to connect the controllers to the PC (not the nvidia at all) and launch gamestream with the one nvidia controller. I know that I can use other peripherals that way. For example, if I launch gamestream from the nvidia and I am in steam big picture mode, if I move the mouse, it recognizes it. It might be the same for connected Xbox controllers.

u/dreamabyss · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Not everyone wants to spend $100 on a remote when a $13 one will work to do practically the same thing.

Voice Remote Control,Smart TV Remote 2.4G Remote Control for Smart TV/Android TV B...

u/mjrengaw · 3 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

I have 2 Shields and on both I use Kingston 120gb SSD's in Sabrent USB 3.0 ultra slim aluminum enclosures. $30 total on Amazon and they come with everything you need including a short USB cable. Note that once you install the SSD in the enclosure you will need to connect it to a PC and format it prior to connecting to the Shield. They are very small.


Enclosure -

u/GreenRocketman · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

If you've got a model with the IR sensor, I recommend the Inteset universal remote.

Inteset 4-in-1, INT422 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote for use with Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku, Media Center/Kodi, Nvidia Shield and Many Other A/V Devices

u/atomxv · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

what you need is an HDMI audio extractor. I have this one and it works fine:

HDMI out from the shield to the ViewHD box, from there HDMI out to my TV for 4K/HDR video and HDMI out to my H/K AVR for audio (DTS/DTS HD-MA/DD/DD+/TrueHD, whatever your AVR supports).

My only issue is that once a week or so, I have to unplug the ViewHD and plug it back in for my TV to recognize it.

u/wtf-m8 · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Though any drive would work, Nvidia recommends this drive. At $28, it's also cheaper than the one you linked.

u/sherl0k · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

the 360 controllers don't use bluetooth, they use some other form of IR. The 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows you can plug in via USB and pair all your controllers with that.

this is what you need:

u/Blackcheese27 · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

This is what I got

Edit: since I assume you're going to ask based on the reviews, I've not had any heat issues even while gaming with it

u/JamminJerome · 3 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

$15.99 plus 5% off.

WeChip G20 Remote Control 2.4G Wireless Voice Control Sensing Air Remote Mouse for Nvidia Shield Remote Replacement PC Android TV Box

u/jeromymanuel · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

This article talks about the delay you're mentioning and suggests the G20 on Amazon.

Normally $20.99, but on sale now for $15.99 (24% off) plus there's another 10% off just for clicking a box on the listing.

u/ECrispy · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

It doesnt go to sleep unlike the Nvidia remote, has dedicated play/pause/volume, even the voice search works.

There are many similar ones on Amazon, some are BT, some have a keyboard on the back, I don't think you can go wrong. Anything is better than the crappy default remote!

u/hgpot · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

I just use a regular universal IR remote. The Shield just has IR built in, no need for buggy Bluetooth or anything that could "disconnect". And it controls my TV and PS3 (for DVD/BluRay - had to buy a USB IR receiver for that) all in one remote.