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u/cia1120 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

For some reason, Im drawn to these black trees for some sort of decoration, depending on how tall they are, they could be centerpieces maybe?

I like this wristband bracelet for bridesmaids to wear, if you have some, or even yourself, depending on your dress color.

I like the idea of black candelabras everywhere, I feel like they are very romantic/dark, if done right. Something like this minus the fake spiders, and these Bleeding candle sticks are very cool.

If you're serving punch, an intricate black punch bowl would look great. Maybe a bowl on every other table, since they're little?

Satin flower girl basket, but I think there is a whole set for this, with a guest book and ring pillow. The gems are white, but it looks like you could easily pop them out, and place them with purple.

Instead of having guests sign a guest book, you could frame this Map of Europe and take the glass out and have people sign it. It would look amazing with all the well wishes on it, but still have a neat background to it.

A set of these Apothocary jars, filled with candy or matches, placed at the bar, or around the cake table, just as little accents. And you could wrap them with a band of purple ribbon to help tie your colors together.

And lastly, I always love candles at a wedding I feel like they are the symbol of romance. Lots of candles, everywhere. They give off just the right amount of light.

Good luck, hope Ive helped just a little. <3

Thanks for the contest! I hope to see pics of how the wedding decorations look!!!

u/DG86 · 2 pointsr/DnD

Some thoughts from running decades of special Halloween sessions, and also decades of running Ravenloft:

The most horrific sessions are one-shots. Players realize they can die, and that you will be pulling no punches. I usually don't use D&D for these types of games. I've had a lot of success using Dread, for example.

Mood music is super effective. Play it at a volume level that fades into the background (you want it to be present, but you don't want it to bother anyone.) Make sure you pick music that has no vocals, because words are distracting. Also, make sure you have plenty of music--looping 4 or 5 tracks over and over through a session just gets repetitive and annoying. I have a few Spotify playlists specifically for Ravenloft and horror-type games. (If you use Spotify, make sure to pay for premium! Nothing kills the mood like having a commercial interrupt your spooky music!) This is my Ravenloft soundtrack. Here is some gothic orchestral music. Here is some ambient/drone horror music (better for a more modern, cinematic game.) Here is a playlist I like to call vampire waltz.

Buy yourself some 6 mil black plastic sheeting. Sometimes called "painter's plastic." You can get it at any hardware store. The black 6 mil is thin enough to cut with scissors, but thick enough to block out all sunlight. You can use tacks or tape to cover your windows, and make a room pitch-black. Hang two overlapping strips of it in a doorway or hall to make a light barrier. One safety warning: this stuff is flammable, so don't put candles anywhere near it.

Taper candles made out of bee wax burn brighter and longer than your standard candle. No matter what kind of taper candle you use, make sure you have holders that catch the drippings. A couple reasonably priced candelabras can go a long way at preventing messes, and also look appropriately gothic. Two of those candelabras are enough to light a small table in a pitch-black room for somewhere between 4 and 8 hours (depending on the quality of the candle.)

If you use a DM screen or other player barrier, be sure to get a third light source and position it somewhere off to your side. (If you put it behind, you will be fighting your shadow.) Also make sure it is out of arm's reach. That way you can safely shuffle notes and books around your space without fear of knocking it over.

I use a computer monitor to display images to my players. Before the game, I will queue up a movie that fits the theme of the game. Something like the 1931 Dracula, Frankenstein, or any Hammer Horror film. This mostly serves as background noise as the players filter in and get ready for the game.

To make a Halloween game feel special, serve themed food. Even a couple drops of red food coloring in a 2-Liter of Sprite can go a long way. Having high-quality, trick-or-treat worthy candy around is a must!

u/tr1ppn · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I swear to puppies I'm going to throw a psychotic fit.

It's amazing, what stress can do to a person. One minute you're at work, and everything is fine, the next, you're going crazy and hitting things with a big squeaky hammer. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to moderate the stress in you life so that you don't have to resort to the squeaky hammer? Well, now there is! What better than having a Zen Garden right in your office! You can rake the sand, organize the rocks, and relax in the beauty that is a Zen Garden. How perfect! No more squeaky hammer related tragedies in your office! It even has prime shipping - so you can get relaxed within 2 days!

u/huskergirl-86 · 36 pointsr/weddingplanning

Will you have to use the champagne colored embroidered chair covers? I think white vs. champagne & embroidered will make the first big difference, because it will "bright up" the space. Same goes for the table cloths: I'd suggest different ones (lime / spring green? teal?) to give the room a complete different look. Depending on your taste, golden glitter on the tables might work, too.

Wherever possible, I would use baby breath, greenery and colorful flowers. It will remove the "rustic" feeling of the carriage house, IMO.

How weatherproof do your signs need to be? Are they going to be inside or outside? If inside, you could just use black cardboard and a golden pen. Or print things in black & gold like this. (I remember seeing a fairly similar template on for free!)

Depending on your budget and what you envision (and what is allowed), you could consider candelabras, e.g. for centerpieces. Amazon has some for ~$25. Dollar Tree has tea light candle holders with metal and in glass.
For a more upscale look, I would also consider putting up light strips around the crossbeams or having holiday lights hang down from the crossbeams.

u/-filly- · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

fear cuts deeper than words

Edit #1 - Replaced #1 #2, #9, #13, #15, edited some text, added bonuses

Okay, so a lot of my items are similar, or are kind of "flexing" the rules, but I will leave official rulings up to you. Here goes!

  1. Something Grey - Strip of magnesium - This actually just got gifted to me. This coal trash can is silver, which is basically grey :D

    2)Something reminiscent of rain - Zen Garden - Flexing the rules. It's only related because it's a garden. An umbrella!! I don't have one of these, and I have no idea why.

  2. Food related - Pineapple corer/slicer

  3. On wishlist not for me (this is for my fiancee) - Apple Cider k-cups

  4. A book you should read - Everyone should have the Joy of Cooking

    6)Item less than a dollar - MP3

  5. Something related to cats - This is related because of that scene in "Christmas Vacation" where the cat gets electrocuted

  6. [Beautiful but not useful - Lego adoption of Brandenburg Gate](

  7. Movie everyone should see once - Not on wishlist - Harlan County, USA. This documentary is nearly perfect in every sense of the word. This movie is so powerful, and so real, it's just unbelievable. One of my favorites. I always suggest it when someone asks "what documentary should I see?"

  8. Something useful when Zombies attack - Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved - You need to be able to Outwit, Outrun, and Outlast.

  9. Profound impact on life - Guitar. I really want to learn how to play, and my dad was going to teach me, but he passed before he was able to. It would mean a lot to share that passion with him even though he's already moved on

  10. Add-On Item - Cat6 cable!!!

  11. Most expensive item -It's actually the guitar, so I went with the 2nd most expensive which is a Logitech G19 keyboard Nope. It's actually this amp.

  12. Bigger than a bread box - Mizuno backpack

  13. Smaller than a golf ball - Not sure if a k-cup would count, but I threw it in there. If it doesn't count, I will find something else It doesn't. Here's some ship and anchor cufflinks I really want for my wedding :)

  14. Something that smells wonderful - Kind of cheating, but a different k-cup. Donut shop coffee is the BEST. Changed to a different beverage. I have a horrible addiction to this stuff, and it smells wonderful (to me)

  15. SFW Toy - Legos are a toy!! :D

  16. Helpful going back to school - I listed the Zen Garden again because it's helpful to have something peaceful when going back to school

  17. Something related to your current obsession - I am OBSESSED with Lorde. I have stated this many times over the last week.


    BONUS #1 - I looked through your reddit history (not very hard, but I did look), and came up empty, so I'll just post something later that might fit.

    BONUS #2 - These blankets are made in Oregon, and look SUPER cool. Not on my WL (I have more than enough blankets), but I really like them.

    I may attempt the bonuses tomorrow, we will see. This is definitely a placeholder until rulings on some items are made. Fix'd :D
u/Luckystar812 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/poweredbyanxiety · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thank you so much for the contest!!! I LOVE Halloween!
I've always wanted one of these

u/RoastedCarrot · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

Thanks! The plates are SKURAR candle dish from Ikea. I bought some 4" and 6" candle stick holders from Amazon and painted them white. I superglued the two together to make the cake stands. The candle dishes are available in 15" diameter and 4" diameter, so I made one cake stand with large plate on the bottom and small plate on top - we have a 4" giant cupcake for cutting.

u/AllanfromWales1 · 1 pointr/Wicca

Sorry, must be hard for you. To answer your original question, though, the nightmares seem more likely to relate to the situation you find yourself in than to her putting out the candles per se.

To follow upon what someone else said,something like this?

u/Icanopen · 2 pointsr/Aquariums

#1 Why are you using an Air pump except for aesthetics and is it really worth it to see bubbles.

Neither of my tanks have air pumps 5gal or the 60gal. 5 gal is a built in hang over and 60 is a Canister that I just put Spray bar on but had no issues with the stock water diffuser. Thanks Joey.

I used theses to attach it to the back wall.

u/eskay8 · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

Oh hey I also found this one. My search term was "pedestal lantern", if that helps.

u/redd1tr1dingh00d · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

Distorted candlestick

If you get one, I'll get the other. They're like something from Wonderland or a surrealist painting.

u/alternateme · 1 pointr/funny

These glued to these. This actually works well.

u/votrepetite · 3 pointsr/HomeDecorating

I would do a modern candelabra or taper candle holder that mimics the black lines of all the frames. Use white candles.

Something like these, this , or this

Just make sure to get the proportions right—you don’t want it to be too high but you do want it on the longer side.

Edit: maybe see if you can find something for lower candles even — tea lights or votive. Still, as another commenter mentioned, you want it to sprawl, not be a single votive.

u/clmaz · 5 pointsr/3Dprinting

You forgot the part where you google it after and find it for less than the plastic thread you used.

u/westsamuel · 0 pointsr/woodworking

I made an earlier set and expected the recipient to put little candle holders in them first, but he put candles in them directly and they very much erupted in flame. They had been dry for a few months at that point. The guy at ACE also thought it wouldn't be a big deal after drying.

u/Mizrathe · 1 pointr/DnD

No. I don't, as Etsy is specifically handmade items. But there are quite a few sellers on Etsy that do, or you can get them from Amazon. This is similar to what I have:

u/levislegend · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is probably the craziest but unfortunately not under 25 bucks. I guess if i'm going under 25 bucks it would be this or this