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u/lokhor · 2 pointsr/golf

The answer to your question is out there. Only, we cannot answer since we don't know your flaws. The best thing to do is get a single lesson from a pro, ask him to give you some drill and even ask him what training aids would be beneficial for you. He even might use some training aid during the lesson.



Putting tutor to make sure your putts are starting on line


Alignment sticks can be used for an enormous amount of drills



I used this aid to help my elongated back swing. Took me a while but now I have much better tempo and actually get more speed.



This is the best putting aid you will ever use CHALK LINE!!!



This is a good tool to use on your swinging to make sure your upper body is working in unison.



Check out some of these tools and look up some drills. I am sure you can find a few that would help your game. Good luck!

u/nirajguy · 3 pointsr/golf

What are your misses like? You do a lot of great things in your swing...the potential is there. I think a few tweaks will go a long ways! It is a little hard to tell from the video but the only thing I would change about your grip is the gap between your thumb and pointer finger on your right hand. When you have a gap there you lose a lot of control over the club face.

  • Bad grip - http://imgur.com/EB2YEZJ1.
  • Good grip - http://imgur.com/bw53rDr

    An old coach of mine would put two sharpie dots on my hand kinda like the 2nd pic and then make me connect the dots.

    Next up would be your lateral movement away from the ball. I think some of your overswinging is because you have so much lateral movement. You want to be able to shift your weight onto your right side without having your head and upper body move so much off the ball.

    Check out Rory's face on.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0ABM0B9RsA

    Compared to yours... http://imgur.com/MPmkl6m

    You want to feel as if you're rotating inside of a big barrel on your backswing. You should load to the left...but your head and upper body should stay more centered over the ball instead of moving away from it. Hope that makes sense!

    My last advice, like some of the user comments would be to try and get you're club face more square throughout the swing. That will probably be the hardest change to make. Have you ever heard of a swinggyde training aid? http://www.amazon.com/Swingyde-Golf-Swing-Training-Aid/dp/B000OZI256

    It's cheap...really easy to use and provides really good feedback for someone wanting to work on their takeaway and proper forearm rotation to get the clubface square. Hope this helps! LMK if you have any questions.
u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/golf

I have one of these (short weighted iron) in my office. It's small enough for a full swing. I also used it to strengthen my left hand grip. I would hold it over my head with the last three fingers of the left hand only -- you can really start to feel the burn since those finger muscles are pretty weak. I also use it to "hold" the key positions (set up, parallel back, top of back swing, transition, impact, level through, and finish) for 10 seconds at a time -- like a really slow swing, which has helped improve the finer muscle strength as well as flexibility.

u/bllgrn · 2 pointsr/golf

A friend of mine got one of these this winter, I played it once and it was a blast. I can not speak to its accuracy as I only played one round on it but I'm pretty sure it does give you some helpful information that could improve your game. As I recall it gives you stats like swing speed, tells you if you hit it of a toe or heel, if your swing is outside in or inside out.

I look forward to playing it some more this winter and If I had the room I would probably buy one for myself.

The only thing I would suggest is getting a mat to go with it, something like this:

Granted I would shop around for price and find one cheaper but its a little tough to get used to hitting of the thing considering its an 1.5-2" off the ground, more so for me because i have a bad habit of hitting fat more often then I should.

u/jimmyayo · 1 pointr/golf

Firstly, lemme just say you have a pretty nice swing. But there's a pretty obvious reason you're going outside-in on your downswing: You're going SUPER shallow on the takeaway, which promotes the opposite action after the transition. Eric Cogorno does an okay job explaining this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IigyNraZ7Vo


I've also had insane tempo issues. The $41 - SKLZ Gold Flex has removed tempo issues for me in a few days. It's the only warmup I do before a round. While waiting to hit tee shots through the round, I'll pull it out and make a few more swings.


I think you'll find that if you address your tempo issue, it'll really help with shallowing your club during the transition. You'll be in awesome shape in no time.

u/seaburden · 2 pointsr/golf

I had an enormous issue with going past parallel due to flipping my wrists the same way as you.
You're already tackling the issue with a pro but I'll share what worked for me. I tried out the Swingyde (link at the bottom) and it has made an astonishing improvement in my ball striking. Doing about 20 swings a night with this swing has really helped me make my swing much more compact and kept me from manipulating my hands and wrists at the top of my backswing.
Mark Crossfield and Dan Whittaker have both done positive reviews for this training aid that you can check out on youtube.

u/psycos · 1 pointr/golf

Yes! I use this thing called "Blast Golf Replay" that eliminates the need for the remote shutter. Plus it measures swing speed and tempo, among other things. Very very cool, and with newer smart phones and 240 FPS recording, it's GREAT for seeing swing faults.

u/ashdrewness · 5 pointsr/golf

Right on. Casting is a super common cause of club head speed loss. Here's a slow-mo vid of my swing from a couple years back and you can clearly see me doing it. I started taking vids of my swing and I also bought a radar so I could make minor adjustments and see if they made a change. I don't have an after vid from this angle but after getting rid of the casting I gained about 5mph on my clubhead speed.

Edit: /u/amessofamind For a good example of not casting, this is a good vid of Phil. Check out the angle of the wrists and the shaft on the downswing and how late the shaft comes down.


u/rvncto · 1 pointr/PSVR

this guy is being oddly stubborn. Let me tell you as someone who actually has played a golf game with a move controller. IT IS THE BEST! i played tiger woods on the ps3 using a move and the eye toy and the Best accesory ever. The move sat at the bottom of the simstik , the weight was perfect, you could really do a proper swing. I could slice and draw at will. I still have that simstik, and im just itching for a chance to use it on a VR golf game.

i thought surely there would be at least a flat ps4 golf game using the move, but a las not.

u/shopopotamus · 2 pointsr/Gifts

Not knowing your budget, here are a few golf related gifts. Personalized golf balls, good ones (http://www.titleist.com/my-pro-v1) $60ish.
Golf Range Finder (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0727RHQRQ/ref=s9_acsd_top_hd_bw_bEJNv_c_x_1_w?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-3&pf_rd_r=7CG8PDWDF4JN3G0HCMWJ&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=95f99bef-7cb1-5168-82d0-9bc4e864f7bf&pf_rd_i=3411111) $260.
Or OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator (https://www.amazon.com/OptiShot-Golf-2014-0037-Simulator/dp/B00RCTYJZY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1510772467&sr=8-3&keywords=golf+simulator) $300.
I have earlier versions of both the range finder and golf simulator and love them. Then again, I live in New England so snow keeps us off the course for a few months each year.

u/fairwaysoftware · 3 pointsr/golf

Like this one? Balight Golf Swing Trainer Aid and Correction for Strength Grip Tempo & Flexibility Training Suit for Indoor Practice Chipping Hitting Golf Accessories https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077PN2W4G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_zp7MBb9ZWD8FB

Or will this one work for 10 bucks less?
SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0019GKDTM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Jq7MBbDEEHY07

u/Miggaletoe · 2 pointsr/golf

The restricting hip turn thing is a fundamentally good idea but its not implemented correctly. Making a deeper hip turn is best for 99% of people.


u/Outkikked · 1 pointr/golf

Mine is very simple. A weighted ring that slips over the butt of the shaft and slides down to the head end, resting on the hosel. While taking warm up swings before hitting balls, I focus on feeling where that weight is in relation to my hands. With such a dramatic weight difference I'm able to tell if my hands are out of place, essentially forcing me into the right positions. It's so heavy, I can't whip it too quick to the inside, or force it outside of the line (a la Ryan Moore). It makes for a great brief golf muscle workout before actually trying to find the center of the club face.


u/biggumby · 3 pointsr/golf

Daily Deals

u/Rob_035 · 2 pointsr/golf

I know I did before I knew better. I bought these popular SKLZ Sticks on amazon in 2016, they're listed for $19.99

u/vanfanel1car · 9 pointsr/oculus

Have you tried using those golf swing trainers? Perhaps that can be used with putters to play a full hole indoors :)

u/DronePirate · 1 pointr/golf

That's cool. Do you mean some medicated stuff for athletes foot or any type of foot spray like this stuff.

I've bought these stickers, and they do not leave any residue. I do peel them off right after I'm done with them though.

u/Sundevil50 · 2 pointsr/golf

When you're at the range, hit balls with your club a couple inches behind the ball at address. This will promote that you have a forward shaft lean at impact.

Also, use one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Swingyde-Golf-Swing-Training-Aid/dp/B000OZI256

The Swingyde should ensure that you're hinging your wrists properly and then maintaining that hinge throughout the swing.

u/EthanDuce · 1 pointr/golf

I have found the Matzie Assist swing trainer to be very helpful. My main problem is releasing in a timely fashion, and the weight of this club forces me to release on time. When I go to the range I warm up with this and once I start pushing it to the right again, I swing the assist again. Normally after that I hit the ball well again. Link: Matzie Assist

u/joe100su · 15 pointsr/golf

I have one, it's just a weighted timing and plane tool, but Vijay gets creative with shit.

Tutuba Golf Swing Trainer Indoor Practice Power Strength Tempo Training(ship from USA) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WGR92SN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_JTKYAbBWWYER0

u/jeanquant · 2 pointsr/golf

THIS. When I put it on and start swinging with it my swing is much more compact and my ball striking improves drastically.

u/originul · 1 pointr/golf

I found this to be a worthy investment.

But, nothing will help you more than a few lessons.

u/h0r0b0d · 1 pointr/golf

I busted out Wii sports and tried golf because I had forgotten about the game - never again.

Kinect golf is fun when using the SKLZ Tempo & Golf Grip Trainer (https://www.amazon.com/SKLZ-Tempo-Grip-Golf-Trainer/dp/B0019GKDTM)

u/terrencegf · 2 pointsr/PSVR

That's just one of the various PS3 Move Golf attachments. There's also the SKLZ Golf Simstix (which was posted by another user).

u/SpartyArmst · 1 pointr/golf

For those of us who are in the colder states (or countries), Amazon has OptiShot 2 on Lightning Deals for $239.99.

u/meh_mediocre · 1 pointr/golf

Hmm... Just tried the link and it went to the product page. Here is the Amazon product page.

u/yoyoyocoolcatbromate · 1 pointr/golf

So this all prompted when my brother bought me this:


It does not work for me at all because i do not rotate my wrist during my swing.

u/skagns · 1 pointr/golf

Swing Speed Radar

I recently bought this and it's very accurate. If you do decide to get it, just put it at a 45 degree in front of you 6-10 inches away from the club. If you swing without a wiffle ball or an actual ball the speed will come up 5-10% slower than actual.

u/HardDriveGuy · 2 pointsr/golf

Inconsistent can mean long, short, right, left or not have the ability to hit the center of the face, and even with this information, it would be tough to say what you would need. It would also be nice to know if you are struggling on the practice range and/or on the course when you are with your buddies

With that being said, I might suggest getting Tom Wishon's "Search For A Perfect Driver" and perhaps a Swing Radar and impact labels to find out your real speed and impact on club face when you are not in front of other people. Tom is the industry's myth buster, and he points out that "stiff" shaft is often wildly different from company to company. He points out that most people are hitting clubs longer than the pro's use, with swing speeds much, much slower. Generally, he suggests short drivers, higher lofts (11-13 for most men), and true bend analysis of shaft (which only a handful of people do).

Once you have this gear, you can do some nice analysis outside of a golf shop, which is very artificial. Real world data should be more helpful. Let me explain how I use this data.

I often pack my Swing Radar down to the range, and I have impact labels for myself and my son (although my son is consuming most of the labels). As much as it bugs me, I normally swing 85 on the range when I'm working through a bunch of balls, and I'm guessing around 90 on the course (because of the distance). If I really crank the juice, I get into the high 90s or low 100s.

My problem is that I'm very accurate with my 80MPH swing, but I can't help but want to show off on the course with my 100MPH swing. The problem is that the 100MPH swing is wildly inconsistent. My sons inconsistency is based around the fact that he tends to miss the center of the driver. Thus he is using impact mark labels to fix this fault.

After reading Tom's book, I am convinced that I should be playing with a driver no longer than 44 inches (I'm around 6' 2"), and he points out that Tiger was using a 44.5 inch driver. When he tests people, almost all of them hit longer with a shorter driver. However, I notice that I tend to hook when I choke up, and I'm trying to work on my 3 iron right now, so length will need to wait.

Finally, I have spent a ton of time hitting with a Whippy Driver. This is driver with a shaft that like a wet noodle and almost hits you when you are at the top. I used to play rounds with the driver, but my friends complained that it was simply freaking them out that any driver would bend so much. (And eventually the shaft broke from number of impacts.) However, this driver forces a very smooth style. If you are really committed to fixing stuff, try hitting this exclusively for a few months.