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u/neutron_stars · 4 pointsr/weddingplanning

I looked for a couple different variations of "red gown tiered horsehair skirt" (horsehair is the stiff band at the bottom) and these are the best things I've found. I have no idea how reliable any of these websites are, but hopefully it at least gives you a place to start. Here's what I found, from best to worst, in my opinion:

  • Tulle skirt from amazon - there's multiple shades of red available, so you'd probably want to get swatches, but since it seems like each skirt is custom made, you could add more layers if you want more oomph or anything. Then you'd just need a red corset or other top, maybe like this one from etsy.

  • Prom dress from JJ's House - Also a made to order skirt.

  • Customizable dress - I have never heard of this website, but if they're not sketchy, this might be your best bet. It looks like you can customize the neckline and color, so then you wouldn't have to find a top.

  • Another prom dress - not quite the same color and the top is different and who knows if this is available at any store near you, but it's an option.

    I hope that helped!
u/Mzlovely · 2 pointsr/findfashion

Look for sheer pants/ festival pants. This store seems to have quite a few options like this.

u/veronicaxrowena · 23 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I just got married at the courthouse on Monday! I wore this bridal kaftan with a white slip underneath.

Congrats on getting hitched!

u/smbsphb · 1 pointr/findfashion

Here are similar sets from Amazon: here and here

And here is another similar set from H&M