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Reddit mentions of Sabrent Aluminum USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. Plug and Play No Drivers Needed. [Silver] (AU-EMAC)

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We found 38 Reddit mentions of Sabrent Aluminum USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. Plug and Play No Drivers Needed. [Silver] (AU-EMAC). Here are the top ones.

Sabrent Aluminum USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. Plug and Play No Drivers Needed. [Silver] (AU-EMAC)
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  • Premium Aluminum Ruggedized Housing matches the Macbook/Ultrabook
  • High Quality Audio (In/Out) at 48KHz/44.1KHz sampling rate with 16-Bit Resolution
  • Plug and Play Functionality, Including 2foot Extension USB cable
  • 3D stereo USB audio adapter.
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed specification. Backward compatible with USB 1.1
Height1.1 Inches
Length1.7 Inches
Number of items1
Release dateNovember 2019
Weight0.0625 Pounds
Width0.4 Inches

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Found 38 comments on Sabrent Aluminum USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. Plug and Play No Drivers Needed. [Silver] (AU-EMAC):

u/OhHeyDont · 24 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Is some ways they can be yes. The Asus xonar cards all have a design flaw that any kind of internal interference or single going on inside your case is picked up on the mic input. USB sounds cards don't have that issue but cheap one can sometimes pickup interference from other sources, however it's usually far less then right next to your graphics card and CPU.

Sometime like this, https://smile.amazon.com/Sabrent-Aluminum-External-Adapter-AU-EMAC/dp/B00OJ5AV8I/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1486575400&sr=1-4&keywords=usb+sound+card or this, https://smile.amazon.com/Channel-External-Sound-Adapter-Laptop/dp/B01LQENV8G/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1486575400&sr=1-5&keywords=usb+sound+card will have a much less noisy input then your current card, but the headphone out might not be as strong or sound as good as the asus card.

u/trustinbacon · 8 pointsr/Overwatch

No1 selling adapter on Amazon. #2 is the metal cased version for a little more.

u/WatermelonMannequin · 4 pointsr/synthesizers

Keep in mind that a lot of what you're reading is just random people's opinions. It sounds like you know you want a 303 clone, so watch some demo videos on YouTube and get one that appeals to you. Buy it used, so if you decide you don't like it you can sell it for the same price. No financial risk!

As for audio interfaces, I use a sound card like this and it's worked great so far.

u/liquorsnoot · 2 pointsr/pcgamingtechsupport

I had noise leaking from my modem into my on-board sound one time, and no matter how much I tried to insulate it, some noise got through. My solution was to buy a USB sound adapter and disable the on-board completely.

u/aquintessential · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I have an Antlion Modmic and I had the same hissing issue, but to solve it I just bought a $5 usb-to-3.5mm adapter from amazon and plugged the mic jack into there. Mic sounds great now, and my headphones are still through my DAC.

Here's the exact adapter I got if you're curious, no issues on Win10.

u/-UserRemoved- · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Hmm... I'm assuming by directional sound you mean the ability to tell which direction sounds are coming from? This is more software based and not hardware. Sound cards are pointless, amps are nice but really used more for high end monitoring headphones. The way your brain works (since you only have 2 ears), you judge direction by time delay, wavelength, and tone. For gaming, the in game sounds will simulate this effect, so special headphones are not necessary.

> My motherboard is MSI Z170-A PRO I read a little about this and allot of people said your motherboard can affect this.

It's not ideal or audiophiles, and can also cause static due to electric interference. If you're just gaming, something like this is a cheap and effective solution.

u/blazkow · 2 pointsr/aww

That sounds more like a driver or hardware issue IMO. If you're still having the issue, I'd recommend consulting this thread, and if that doesn't work buying one of these. Pretty cheap and pretty useful, was a big help when my soundcard starting shitting itself.

u/Vortax_Wyvern · 2 pointsr/headphones

I'm using an iMac. Both with on board sound card and with Chinese crap usb mini soundcard it works ok.

u/Cool-Beaner · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

Setting up a windows share on your Windows 7 system where your music is located. First three steps of this link:
How to set up Volumio:
In Volumio, click on the gear icon in the upper right, and go to My Music. And set up the Network Drives section so that it points to your Windows 7 system share.

Instead of using Windows Shares, you can use Your Windows box as a DLNA Server:
Receiving DLNA on Volumio:

Other Pi music distributions:

Cheap USB sound card:
Better USB sound card:
Cheap DAC HAT that wil work on a Pi 1B+:
Other Pi DAC HATS. Need to make sure that they work on a Pi 1B:

u/Tacanacy · 2 pointsr/PS4

Connect the headset to either of these sound cards: Antlion, Creative Sound BlasterX G1, Sabrent or Ugreen. Depending on how many plugs the headset has and which sound card you get, you might need a male-to-two-female TRRS Y-splitter or a female-to-two-male TRRS Y-splitter.

u/Assyneck · 2 pointsr/Headsets

Well damn. Sorry you have to deal with that stuff! That is really frustrating!

My last suggestion, if you are willing, is to get a cheap USB Sound Card and completely bypass your internal jack. As that could be the issue as well.

It is a really cheap test and it would let you know if it is the headset or the jack or the adapter.

Something like this:

Or this:

Anyway, good luck on solving that issue man. And if they USB Sound Card works you could try some different headsets/headphones. Just remember that those USB Sound Cards are very basic and offer little to no amping. So you wont be getting the best sound quality. But it would definitely be equivalent to the onboard sound of laptops. And let you test your situation.

If you want to do a serious upgrade in sound quality, get the Sound Blaster Omni 5.1.

I have it and it amps all my headphones perfectly and has so many features and options and is rock solid. It does have an integrated mic into the unit and does noise cancel quite well but I wouldn't recommend it if you can use one on a headset as that would probably be clearer.


Just letting you know of the options, and sorry about all the info.

The reason I thought it could be the adapter or port is because I have the Game One and the SHP 9500's which are VERY open and leak sound substantially and I never get the mic picking up the audio from the headphones when using voice activated on PC or even on PS4 which is only voice activated.

Also, I just noticed something from your wording and just want to clarify something.

You are saying that when you are on a voice chat program with someone, they hear coming through your mic what is playing on your headphones right? It's not that you are hearing your mic in your headphones right? Just being sure. Because if you hear your mic in your headphones that is a completely different issue and can be disabled by going into your speaker settings and muting the mic playback which plays back to your headphones for closed headphones so you can hear yourself without having to yell it's called sidetone. Anyway, this is probably definitely not the issue but I just want to clarify so we can rule out everything else.

u/themilkmonster · 2 pointsr/applehelp

Thanks for this! I ended up ordering one that matches the macbook. It's times like these that I'm extra thankful for dongles.

u/deymler · 1 pointr/headphones

I personally use this.

u/munnerz · 1 pointr/hackintosh

I've caved and bought this USB sound card..! Maybe one day I shall revisit the internal audio issue, but for now £7.99 is a lot cheaper than the amount of time I have (& will) spend on this!

u/ActivePudding · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Funnily enough, I had that same setup. Yes, you will need a splitter, however, the Boompro comes with a splitter IIRC so you should be fine in that department. All you have to do is plug the headphone jack into the DAC and the mic jack into your onboard sound.

HOWEVER. You might get a faint hissing/interference in your headphones if you do this, It happened to me, and I'm pretty sure it'll happen to anyone who uses the mic on their onboard sound. Apparently, the way to solve this is to get a USB to 3.5mm converter, and plug the mic into there. Here's the guy that suggested it further down this thread.

And here's the adapter he linked that fixed his problem

I have yet to try it out though. I just bought another mic and stopped using the Boompro.

u/Crocodileslogic · 1 pointr/Blackops4

It should be super loud with a dac? I was going to get one but I eventually caved and purchased a mix amp.

This is the usb sound card I have.


u/l3lades · 1 pointr/microphones

Yes you need to get a sound adapter, luckily they're pretty cheap and this is the one I got since it was highly recommended. It fixed my static problem and the sound is crisp! I also own a Mod Mic V4 myself so I have experience with this problem. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OJ5AV8I/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

u/TurtlePilot · 1 pointr/audiophile

Im looking for just a USB audio card since my headphone jack is busted on my laptop. Will this do the job? and none of these audio cards mention specs, should I be worried about loss of sound quality?

edit - good stuff, thanks for the reply! maybe this is why people still post suggestion threads :)

u/onemanshownetwork · 1 pointr/podcasting

USB gets you around the microphone input. A good starter mixer is the Behringer Q802 USB. If eventually you need to get sound back in to the computer, you can get an adapter like this one: Sabrent Aluminum USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac.


Full disclosure these are affiliate links.

u/SKYKING-SKYKING · 1 pointr/hackintosh

I did the same thing yesterday. Ordered one of the TonyMacx86 recommended ones for like $8 from Amazon.


u/fozon · 1 pointr/HeadphoneAdvice

For your mic you don't necessarily need a jack port. If your laptop has a free USB port available you could get this cheap little thing and you'll get a clean sound out of it.

As for an amp, for a laptop i would personally go with something compact like the new fiiO K3.

u/Crimson_Legion · 1 pointr/laptops

>external sound adapter



Cheap and cheerful, I cant personally review it as I the one I own is fairly more expensive, but it seems to have very good score 4.5/5 and should solve your issue.

u/DyceFreak · 1 pointr/applehelp

no it doesn't, BUT or this for the USB C macbooks.

u/sk9592 · 1 pointr/buildapc

In theory, yes, that is how it should work.

Be careful then shopping for "thunderbolt 3 docks" however. Most of what you see on the market are actually just USB 3.1 type C docks. Those are cheaper and might actually be just fine for you, just be aware of the difference.

USB 3.1 type C can doe everything you mentioned, but is limited to 5 or 10 Gbps.

Thunderbolt 3 is the same physical connector, but is capable of up to 40Gbps and can connect to external GPUs. USB 3.1 cannot do this. Real thunderbolt 3 accessories also tend to be more expensive.

Every thunderbolt 3 port can act as USB 3.1. The opposite is not true.

This is an example of a USB Type C dock:


It will charge your laptop, give you audio and video outputs, and a few USB ports.

There are also cheaper options like this:


It is missing the audio output and you will need to use your power charger for passthrough charging. However, you can plug a USB audio adaptor to one of its USB ports:


u/Zeonhart · 1 pointr/techsupport

If all else fails, try buying one of these adapters for your headset, I had the same issue and tried everything but a friend suggested I get one of these adapters and it worked.

u/fraseyboo · 1 pointr/AndroidTV

Most modern TV's have a picture off option in their settings (possibly in their quick menu too), you could try using a black screensaver and put the shield to sleep (although I'm not sure how music playing is affected). Another option would be to get a USB to phono adapter like this and then output the sound through some external speakers.

u/phantom-101 · 1 pointr/hackintosh

> his was also years ago when the community was much smaller.
> As for actual model, I don't have it in front of me and I can't find it online. I bought it years ago and it probably has been discontinued. It look

What do you think about this? :)

u/misterowen · 1 pointr/headphones

Thanks for the advice. Currently using AD-900X's from Audio Technica.

I have an adapter cheaply purchased from Amazon that does USB2.0 > 3.55mm headphone and microphone. (https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-Aluminum-External-Adapter-AU-EMAC/dp/B00OJ5AV8I/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1510950437&sr=1-1&keywords=Sabrent+Aluminum+USB+External+Stereo+Sound+Adapter+for+Windows+and+Mac)

So sound goes from computer to monitor and out through the USB hub built into monitor to the adapter then I have a 3.5mm to RCA Stereo cord going to my Receiver. The DAC/amp looks like it could do what I need it to however I do not want both playing at once if I am trying to play music loudly through the speakers and do not want to blow my headphones. Maybe I will just mod my Audio Technicas to give them a removable headphone cord, get the DAC/AMP you mentioned and run a headphone extension cord (male side into the amp/female side to a fixed position near my chair) so when I want to go headphone mode I can flip the input on the receiver to an alternative input and plug in my headphones to the female slot nearby.

Does that make sense or am I rambling?

u/Chuxmix · 1 pointr/PS4

I don't know, maybe this?