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8. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wood Earbuds Wired, In Ear Headphones with Microphone for Computer & Laptop, Ear Phones for Android with Stereo Sound (Red & Gray)

  • HANDCRAFTED FROM ALL-NATURAL GENUINE WOOD: Our earphones produce crisp, powerful acoustics and deep bass, tapping into the natural acoustical qualities found in wood. Receive studio tuned, premium sound with crystal clear clarity- an experience exclusively delivered by Symphonized
  • UNIQUE COMFORT FIT IN EAR DESIGN: Custom silicone ear tips available in three sizes (S/M/L) create noise isolation to reduce ambient noise for an incomparable audio experience; ensure the perfect fit for maximum noise isolation and comfort during long term wear
  • USER-FRIENDLY! EASY TO USE: Deluxe features including volume control, pause/play capabilities, answer/end call function, Voice Control, and a smart inline microphone give you complete control over your listening experience, all while ensuring you never have to fumble around for your device.
  • STYLE FOR EVERYONE: These ear buds offer something for everyone, available in 6 different color options with a sleek, fashionable dual toned tangle-free TPE cable; The NRG 3.0 is where durability, practicality, necessity, convenience and style meet
  • COMPATABILITY: With luxury design and top notch sound quality, Symphonized earbuds are compatible with the latest generations of your favorite devices: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets, mp3 players and others with a standard 3.5mm audio jack
Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wood Earbuds Wired, In Ear Headphones with Microphone for Computer & Laptop, Ear Phones for Android with Stereo Sound (Red & Gray)
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16. Certified Cable Matters 20 Gbps Thunderbolt 3 Cable (USB C Thunderbolt Cable) in Black 6.6 Feet Supporting 100W Charging

  • Data & 4K video & power over this high performance USB-IF certified USB C Thunderbolt 3 cable that supports a 20 Gbps bi-directional data transfer rate when connecting Thunderbolt 3 devices Up to 100W of power to a charge a laptop or deliver 15W to bus-powered devices
  • 2x USB 3.1 Gen 2 performance with the same reversible connector as a USB-C; Thunderbolt 3 USB C cable can deliver double the bandwidth of a USB Type-C cable and include power delivery, full 4K @ 60Hz Video resolution support, and Gigabit Ethernet networking
  • Dell companion Thunderbolt USB C cable for Dell XPS 12 9250, 13 9350 / 9360 / 9365, 15 9550 / 9560, Latitude 5480 / 5580 / 7275 / 7280 / 7370 / 7480 / 7520 / 7720 / E5570, Precision (certain configurations) 3520 / 15 3510 / 5510 / M7510, 17 M7710, Alienware 13 / 15 / 17
  • USB-C & Thunderbolt 3 port compatible with the 2016/2017 MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Aspire Switch 12 S/R13, V15/V17 Nitro, TravelMate P648, Predator 15/17/17X, ROG GL/G5/G7/GX/Strix, ZenBook Pro UX501VW, ZenBook 3 Deluxe/Pro, Transformer 3 Pro, Schenker XMG, Q524UQ 2-in-1 15.6, Gigabyte Aorus X5 15, X7 DT 17, BRIX/BRIX S, Razer Blade/Stealth/Pro, Samsung NP900X5N, Notebook Odyssey, Notebook 9 15 Inch, FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS H760
  • HP Elite X2 1012 G1/G2, Z1 Workstation G3, Spectre 13.3/x360, EliteBook X360 G2/X 360 1030 G2/Folio G1, ZBook 17 /15 /Studio, Legion Y720, IdeaPad Y900, Miix 720, Thinkpad P 50/70, T 470/470S/570, X1 Carbon, X1 Yoga, Yoga 370/720/920, MSI Phantom Pro, Ghost Pro, Stealth Pro, Titan Pro, Dominator Pro, Vortex G65, LG Gram 15Z970, Intel NUC6i7KYK/NUC7i5BNH/NUC7i5BNK, Toshiba Portege X20W, Sony VAIO S11, Clevo P 750DM/770DM/870DM
Certified Cable Matters 20 Gbps Thunderbolt 3 Cable (USB C Thunderbolt Cable) in Black 6.6 Feet Supporting 100W Charging
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u/Tyr808 · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

USB is hard to say. It entirely depends on how your device works with OTG and driver support. Using an OTG cable my old nexus 5 worked fine with an xbox 360 controller, but it didn't work on my girlfriends old phone whereas my bluetooth controller worked fine on either phone.

Also depends on your budget. I haven't tried it, but the official xiaomi blutooth controller looks like it's probably pretty good and likely better than other things in the price range. I'd avoid going really cheap, I have a ~$15 USD bt controller that is just awful, bad analog stick, bad dpad, face-buttons all feel squishy and unresponsive. The newer xbox one controllers that support bluetooth work well on android and are a very nice controller if you're looking for something more modern.

Lastly, since you say you're specifically looking for SNES and PS1 emulation, you might like this:

I'm personally waiting for this controller to be released too. It's bluetooth and USB C (no idea if that usb will work properly on your phone but bluetooth definitely will), it has a built in rechargeable battery, it also has a gyro for motion controls, and the company is selling a clip for it as well that lets the controller hold the phone for proper portable play. I personally love this because it's basically a dual shock meets snes controller. Interestingly enough they're also nintendo switch compatible as well, which is an added bonus for me because I'm sure i'll eventually pick one up.

u/alose · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

How much do you want to spend?

Under $20 - Easy KZ ZST/KZ ZST/KZ ATE or Symphonized If you regularly check Amazon, you can find the Symphonized on discount for about $15.

~$60 (at least that is what I paid) TFZ Exclusive 5 and Nuforce X Massdrop EDC

Symphonized are warm. KZ are a decent cheap IEM with a replaceable cable. TFZ Exclusive 5 has good bass and a bit bright. You really notice the subtle notes. Nuforce EDC have really good Bass, though the highs are not as pronounced as TFZ. The Nuforce greatest strength is that it is the most comfortable in-ear headphones I have ever worn. So comfortable, that I forget I have them on.

u/reekthegoat · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

Its a bit on the pricey side but this is the case I got. It feels sturdy and adds only a little bit of bulk to the phone. It has flaps for the headphone jack and the charging port to protect it from dust also.

Overall I like the case because it feels like it's strong enough to withstand some heavy blows but it doesn't take away the beauty of the phone

u/johndisko · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

Honestly it's a great phone, and unless you play super heavy games all the time, Quick Charge 3.0 takes care of your battery anxiety.

I prefer a fast charging battery than a bigger, slower one.
And the processor speed will affect everything all the time.

Multitasking is very smooth in the Mi A2 with 4GB.

People think the Poco F1 is a bargain, but the Mi A2 is the real deal, and is a much more balanced package.

If you still need a headphone jack and a larger battery the A2 Lite is there but you lose speed, camera quality and quick charge, and in my mind these are more important for a phone to keep for the next two or three years.

Just get one of these to take care of your headphone needs and marvel at the wireless glory without spending a fortune.

Hope this helps!

u/Semos94 · 2 pointsr/Xiaomi

I had a glass one, fingerprint did work but it was notable struggling. Also arround the edges of the screen it didn't attached proparly... also it scratched easily.

I use this one now and i like it A LOT more. It's easy to put on the screen, the air bubbles under the cover disappear in a few hours. The "feel" is like glass, and so far no scratched yet. Also a lot cheaper than the glass ones. So not a big problem to replace once in a while. Currently not available, but I ordered it a week ago so I guess they will restock... Otherwise maybe look for something similar.
Amy questions, feel free to ask.

u/covor · 2 pointsr/Xiaomi

It's this one:, although I think they are all the same.

This particular lens has 2 lenses, if you use both they give you a 24x magnification, but the image is not that great and the depth of field is too small to be useful. Also keep in mind that the center is pretty nice and free of chromatic aberrations, but the side is not that great.

u/consentio · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

Sorry for the late response, are you able to take a picture?

Also, if you really managed to worn it out, you have one or two options.

There are on Amazon Xiaomi cables (deep flash cables with locked BootLoader)

Don't buy from my links, always choose the cheapest option for you available!

Second options is, well obvious if you have the BL unlocked (which I doubt)

Via fastboot just install the recovery TWRP and see if you can back it up and flash the .zip from Xiaomi.

I hope I could help you :)

u/iszoloscope · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

Okay thanks for the replies guys! :)

I also bought these chargers on amazon (the German one):

Because I'm sure you guys in America also got a Chinese charger with your phone. Or do you use the same power outlet (or whatever you call that) as China? Does look like it now I see the pictures on

u/RehabMan · 2 pointsr/Xiaomi

Both Mac's and Lenovo's require a minimum of 45W to charge via USB, ideally 65W (watts) and that's only possible with USB-C to USB-C using a 45W+ capable cable (very rare, very expensive, and max 1 meter length), here is an example on Amazon:

That said your "Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pro" has a max output on it's best port, the USB-C port, of 45 Watts (15V x 3A = 45W), so it's not enough to charge a real laptop, only Fast / Quick charge mobile phones and perhaps some lower powered Chromebooks.


Basically get a power bank that can output up to 65W or even 100W easily on the USB-C port, and a cable that can handle that current too.

u/CourseHeroRyan · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

A little of both were uncomfortable. More importantly thoigh, if it isn't snug in ear, the audio doesn't sound as good. I ended up getting these on sale for $12, they fit in the ear very nice but I gave them to my roommate as a gift, so I can't tell you if you'll have any breaking up issues. The quality does feel cheap. I was surprised at their comfort though.

Wireless Headphones, TOTU Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds Sweatproof Running Headset In-Ear Sports Headphones with Microphone - Blue

u/barro32 · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

These are the best thing I've bought since my Mi Max 1. (Headphone jack broke)
I've bought 5 pairs of them now, 2 for myself (backup for when the battery dies) and 3 for friends and family. Before you write off a phone for not having a headphone jack give these a try.

u/PM-ME-YOUR-VBUCKS · 1 pointr/Xiaomi


I've found a few but it just leaves the question open which seller is good

edit: those are the two i've found so far 1 2 (i just noticed both are practically the same but with different sellers)

u/lemigod · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

i bought this one from amazon uk, i'm hoping it's a UK version it'll be arriving soon

u/CableCreation · 2 pointsr/Xiaomi

Actually , when i connect USB audio adapter, it works right way for me.
Make sure you are using an OTG cable, in my case, I have a tiny OTG cable, Micro USB to female USB A (like one in the link below) and then had the sound adapter connected.

Micro USB to USB A female :-

u/rafareino · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

I think the difference is the color option, refer to this amazon page, where there are three available colors white, rose and black. But Xiaomi isn´t clear about that.

u/caribba · 2 pointsr/Xiaomi

Actually Amazon Italy sells the Redmi Note 5 directly (but it's currently on pre-order)