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u/digitizerstylus · 2 pointsr/stylus

Reading would definitely benefit from the largest possible display and the highest possible resolution. At under $1000 you might be able to get a Yoga 720 15" with a 4K display, which is perfect for viewing PDFs in portrait mode. You will have to place it on an easel (like this one which requires some wood-sanding and brass-grinding to keep the device flat against the easel). I use it and it's great for reading and annotation, but it is NOT a note-taking device since it is heavy and uncomfortable to hold in one hand. Do not get the FHD model, text will be blocky.

Going smaller to portable note-taking devices, anything with QHD resolution or higher is great, so all the 12"-13.5" Wacom EMR Chromebooks are great, particularly the Samsung Galaxy NotePro and the Google Pixel Slate which are under 1.6lbs/1kg. Wacom EMR is battery-free so it's best from a usability standpoint. At 12.2" you're pushing the size limit for great note-taking, but it's still spacious enough.

The Core m devices (and Core i-Y) offer you a full Windows operating system which would make them a decent, if underpowered, desktop replacement. A refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is probably the very cheapest 12"+ digital pen device you can find. The (old) Microsoft pen is perfectly fine for note-taking but the wobble on slow diagonal lines make it inadequate for art.

u/ichmoimeyo · 1 pointr/stylus

I bought EZ Quilting Template Plastic 12x18 (Thin) from my local Ben Franklin Crafts Store for about $3-4. I bought it mainly to cut out glare and haven't used it much for writing but it does seem to add some friction. You would need to cut it to size & find a way to attach if needed.

Search 073077700517 will hopefully find a suitable local vendor for you.


AMAZON x1 $1.49+$7 shipping : Wrights 670051 Plastic Quilt Template


AMAZON x6 $14.99 Free Shipping Bundle of EZ International Quilting by Wrights Blank Plastic Template Sheets, 12in x 18in (6 Sheets)


video demonstrating its use - I just wish he'd used a darker background to highlight the anti-glare reduction better.

u/try_love_ · 1 pointr/stylus

User manual (physical or on manufacturer's website) for your model may have cleaning instructions. My tablet recommends a non-alcohol based cleaning solution and microfiber cloth, so I spray a little glass cleaner (like Windex) on the cloth then dry with another cloth. Only use microfiber as the larger fibers on paper/regular towels can scratch the surface.

If you want to reduce sweat and oils from getting on the tablet, might try a drawing glove like this. I use this one and my hand never leave any residue on the tablet, plus slides on the surface nicely.

u/poetryrocksalot · 2 pointsr/stylus

Oh man oh man oh man oh man, a magnetic stylus that works on the Lenovo X1 which I have right now. I guess I don't need to obsess everyday for the Lenovo Active Pen 2 to release.

Do you know if the driver will work and allow my to fine tune the stylus on a Lenovo?

For context, I currently use this magnetic apple pencil sleeve on my Lenovo Active Pen 1, but the sleeve is a tight fit and require lube to slide it on.

u/canurelaxwow · 1 pointr/stylus

I ordered this one off amazon which is a refurb but it looks and feels like a new laptop. The 4003dx is a 2015 model. I think I saw that they fixed the 2016 issues with active styli but if you want to order a new one you should contact HP and verify.

u/whizbangpow · 1 pointr/stylus

I recently misplaced my CTL-480 pen and was wondering the same thing. I do most of my drawing on an iPad but kept the small Bamboo for the odd bit of retouching. I'll either give Astropad a shot or for the same-ish price grab an XP tablet.

Edit: going by @digitizerstylus link, this this would work, but at $65 for a refurb, you're better off just getting a new Intuos Small.

u/connory57 · 2 pointsr/stylus

Microsoft pen protocol is a functionality of active pen, any pen which has MPP should work. For specifics, I got Dell Premium Active Pen and I believe this works as well Microsoft Surface Pen

u/GTKratosman · 1 pointr/stylus

Have you tried the original acer stylus ?

Have you watched this video ?

Contrary to what the video says, in Amazon in the section “Customers who bought this item also bought” for the official acer stylus.
The Wacom stylus is listed

Did you find a solution ?

u/abvac73189 · 1 pointr/stylus

I have looked at that tablet before and it has been a consideration. My only thing is that I don't feel like having another separate system, I already have a desktop and laptop (first world problems I know), which is why I was leaning towards the "cintiq" solution. I had been strongly considering the Xp-pen Artist10 or even getting a second hand 12WX off ebay as I could plug it into either system to use it. Anything bigger I feel would be overkill for me plus I don't have the space. Thank you for the advice, I just don't think how portable the tablet is will be as much of a factor to me.

u/Adraviss · 1 pointr/stylus

This is a wacom EMR pen that I use that should work with things that use S pens. I use it on my Cube i7 (basically a Cube Mix Plus or a Surface Pro 2) its great, its fat like a cintiq pen.

Edit: although I took a look at the sale page and its not available here atm, but thought its still worth mentioning because some people are not aware of this pen existing.

u/artistebot · 1 pointr/stylus

Wacom EMR technology has changed over time. Newer pens won't work with much older tablets, and vice versa.

The Cube i7 uses the same wacom tech as the Surface Pro 2, the best pen the works is the Wacom Grip Pen UP-911E-02DD

u/nongaussian · 1 pointr/stylus

Something like this could also be an option if you prefer a non-detachable model. Personally, I prefer small pure tablets for note-taking (iPad 2018 in my case) and a laptop as a pure laptop. I have a Thinkpad Yoga X1 and it is little too hefty to use for notetaking or drawing.