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u/spook777 · 3 pointsr/Glocks

Are you going to put an RMR or Holosun on it? If yes then you need suppressor sights. If you plan to only do red dot then blacked out sights would be the most budget route. Ameriglo blacked out suppressor sights

I picked up some of these Ameriglo suppressor sights with Orange front dot but realized even tho I like the orange front sight I’m not a fan of the blackout rear sights. So next time around will go for these Ameriglo 3 dot suppressor sights

If you aren’t going red dot and are just happy to have that option, I recently bought these Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights for my Glock 19 and they’re only $47 on Amazon. I also picked up these TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Sights but I’m not really a fan of Fiber optics and I gave them to my friend for his Polymer80 build.

Not sure about comps. I can’t have them in CA, but I’ve bookmarked a few for when I move out of state. Legion Precision, Killer Innovations, Archon Manufacturing, Tyrant Designs T-Comp, Agency Arms (Brownells 11% coupon code “HAA”), or Arc Division Arc Sparc.

If you want to do without the threaded barrel, Dark Hour Defense makes a rail mounted comp.

u/bn25168 · 1 pointr/Archery

I'm shooting a Diamond Infinite Edge Pro as well. I. Just bought the below sight as a minor upgrade. Was cheap and the pins are way brighter like, plus the tick marks for height and left/right are very useful compared to the nothing on the DIEP's default sight.

Trophy Ridge 3-Pin .019 Mist Sight (Left/Right), Black

May I ask, what is the advantage of the sight you linked? (micro adjustable?) and what weight are they shooting on the Diamond?

u/amateurhour · 2 pointsr/Archery

No worries man, again sorry if I came off like an ass.

I'm looking at this sight

It seems to be pretty nice and it's a 3 pin.

There's a 5 pin with a light that's the same price and I've seen others use it on a martin recurve but that seems like a LOT of tech to deal with and tune

As for the rest, I've got a center cut riser so I think this would work

But I see what you're saying about the stick on rest with a button or something maybe.

I didn't even know about the clicker, so that will definitely help with keeping a routine draw. Thanks for that.

u/cashcow1 · 1 pointr/ar15

AR15s can definitely shoot at 400 yards with a good optic. It's at the edge of where you would need to start using match-grade ammo to squeeze out a little more accuracy and ballistic efficiency from the bullet.

Honestly, you can reach about 2-300 yards with some very inexpensive optics. You could slap a 3-9x hunting scope on there and go out a few hundred, or use a basic AR-15 specific scope for under $200. I have a $75 AIM scope that is entirely capable at 200 yards. It wouldn't be my first choice to carry into battle, but it's also a tiny fraction of the cost.

When you're going to 400-600, you need to look at bullet drop, and wind can start to become an issue, so you really need a tactical scope with accurate turret adjustments. This is where you start to need the higher quality optics. But I still think there are some options from $2-400 that will do the job at this range IF you have the skill to use them.

This is the $75, entirely usable scope that I can hit 200 yard shots with:

This $150 scope would be fine for a few hundred yards, and could reach out to 4-600 if you have the skill to use it:

Here is another $150 scope that would probably be enough to do what you want:

I don't have any $1000 scopes on my AR15s, and I have little experience with them (although I know more about scopes for long-range precision rifles). So I won't comment any more than to say that I know Trijicon and other ACOG scopes are good choices in this price range, and will have more capability than the sub-$200 scopes I'm recommending.

(note: If you would never put an inexpensive scope on your rifle, that's cool. I'd prefer to avoid the "all cheap scopes suck!" argument.)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Naruto

If you want bright paint (and this may sound crazy) try sight paint i use it on my firearms, its very bright paint, a little pricey though

u/Msmith68w · 1 pointr/Archery

I was looking at one of those. This one to exact:

To me, because the whole housing moves, I was curious if you could set it up so your 20pin could cover like 15-25 yards and your 30 pin could cover like 25-35, etc.

u/darkness_myoldfriend · 1 pointr/bowhunting

That silence ilator pad is so cheap. Thank you. I'm thinking this rest below. As for the strings I might replace them regardless. I wish I could buy a 4 pin Schaeffer opposition sight but should probably get something $100-$150 cheaper. Looking for similar alternatives if you have a recommendation. Bottom two links are sights that seem decent.

TRUGLO Carbon XS Lightweight Carbon-Composite Bow Sight, Black

Trophy Ridge React H4 Pin - Right Hand - 019 Black, One Size

u/tacostacostacos666 · 2 pointsr/CAguns

I went with a Suarez Intl slide for my 19, RMR and ameriglo black rear suppressor height sights.

Wasn't cheap, but I'm happy with it. My OEM glock slide will end up on a P80 build with a price point aftermarket barrel.

AmeriGlo Sight, fits All Glocks Except 42/43, Green Tritium Orange Outline Front Black Rear, Tall Suppressor Set

u/vast1983 · 4 pointsr/polymer80

For my rig with the holosun 507c, I chose these:

AmeriGlo Sight, fits All Glocks Except 42/43, Green Tritium Orange Outline Front Black Rear, Tall Suppressor Set

I actually like no dots on the rear sights in this case the front is co-witnessed so it's not distracting.

If you buy from Amazon, be sure to use and choose the 2nd amendment foundation as your eligible charity.

u/justamiddleagedguy · 2 pointsr/Glocks

AmeriGlo Sight, fits All Glocks Except 42/43, Green Tritium Orange Outline Front Black Rear, Tall Suppressor Set

My G19 wears these perfectly cowitnessed with an RMR06 type 2. I’ve got several thousand rounds through it set up this way. No issues

u/zeusakatkm · 2 pointsr/ar15

I haven't actually used it yet, but it seems very nice.

This is exactly what I ordered.

u/S_A_Meers · 1 pointr/bowhunting

This is what I have. I like it. not sure how it stacks up price or functionality against others, but I like it

u/zerinity · 2 pointsr/Archery

This is something a bit different, but you can buy tactical rail for bows like this one:

I don't know if there is an adapter for putting a Go Pro on a rail though.

EDIT: Silly me. The Go Pro mount is in the frequently bought together suggestion.

u/TheOGEyeIrritant · 1 pointr/Archery

Don’t laugh, but this one has been a fantastic hunting sight for me. It’s inexpensive and built like a freaking tank. I don’t think you’ll be able to find another sight at the price that has micro click adjustment.

Edit: I’m a moron. Forgot to add the link.

u/Cascadianarchist2 · 1 pointr/ar15

Troy makes some good alluminum sights, not sure if this would be the price point you're looking for though:

You can go way cheaper but I have no experience with those and am not sure if you'd like them.

u/AllergicOrchid4 · 2 pointsr/airsoftmarket

Just letting you know, that scope goes for $66 shipped new on Amazon

u/nathanrjones · 3 pointsr/bowhunting

What's the main difference between this an Truglo's aluminum picatinny rail?

u/captaincupcake234 · 1 pointr/airsoft

I just bought this scope

Then added a Star Red Dot scope on the side rail of the above scope. This one:

u/iceph03nix · 2 pointsr/Archery

Usually a Pin Sight.

There will be a 'peep hole' in the draw string, and you line that up with the site in front, then put the appropriate pin on the aimpoint. The Pins will be set for predetermined distances, so on mine it's 10/20/40. For intermediate distances, you adjust between the pins.

u/Trollsniper · 3 pointsr/Archery

Should be able to get a basic HHA Optimizer around that price.
Failing that, Trophy Ridge has a few inexpensive sliders.

u/JerichoKilo · 1 pointr/bowhunting

I've used a single pin for nearly a decade now.
I use Impact Archery's Cosmic apeture

I put this on a Savage Quick click Ranger sliding system, which are really hard to find anymore if you can find one at all.

I use the savage for 2 major reasons.

  1. It's all metal. I'm hard on my gear and don't want a failure.

  2. I'm lazy. It has a speed setting. I chronograph my speed, sight in at 20 yards and after I adjust the speed setting the sight aligns itself so the markings are dead on from 10-70 yards.

    Single pin has pros and cons.

    Pros are simplicity, no confusion, clear sight window and durability.

    Cons... it requires movement to adjust and you have to remember to adjust it...which some find difficult with buck fever.

    I combat both by leaving it set at 20 yards. I can shoot point blank to about 28 yards like this. Anything farther I either wait till they get closer or they're far enough away I have time to adjust and they're far enough away the slight movement doesn't spook them.

    That said, I hunt in Michigan and where it's usually really thick cover. Over 100 deer taken and only one shot over 30 yards and 95% from a tree stand.

    If you hunt out west or on open Plains 40 is the low end and 60-80 is common...a single pin may not be the best option for that.