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Reddit mentions of Broan RVK1A Roof Vent Kit

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Broan RVK1A Roof Vent Kit
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Includes 8 feet of 4", flexible, 2-ply metallic laminateducting, 4" diameter metal duct connector, 2 ductclamps, 4" to 3" reducer and Model 636 Roof CapDuct conforms to UL181 Class 1 air connector requirements

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u/Jessie_James ยท 2 pointsr/homeowners

I had the same issue a few years ago. The proper, up-to-code way to do this is to go up through the roof. If possible, just go straight up with flex duct. No elbows if possible.

I did the gable vent and had problems with moisture buildup in the ducts so I had to re-do it. Sigh.

I followed this video and it worked out fine:


You won't have any issues with moisture coming in, or the snow blocking the airflow.

I few tips I learned:

  • The roof cap has only two holes. Use them, but not more (i.e., 4 nails) as this is by design.

  • I used a hole saw to cut through the shingles. It destroyed my saw. Use a jigsaw instead.

  • Cheap fans like Broan are both noisy and don't work well. Get the Panasonic ones. They are great.

    I bought two of these install kits and they have been just fine.