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u/MyMorningSun · 1 pointr/xxfitness

For runners on a budget...

I've had the best luck with looser fitting and longer shorts- nothing fancy either, just stuff I've gotten from Walmart. I bought a couple sizes up so that they sit lower on my waist (and more loosely there, too) and just adjusted them with the drawstrings. I've got like 5 pairs that look just like this, but a few inches longer. And again, sized up. THe looseness I think keeps them from really feeling like they're even there so it's very airy.

I also wear basketball shorts a lot. You know the kind- like this. Doesn't matter if it's men's or women's. Never had an issue with them riding up, regardless of length. Do they look as cute? Maybe not. Do they fit their purpose? Certainly.

u/clusterphuk · 2 pointsr/comics

For men. I love these ones so much I bought 3 pairs. They use locking zippers, you flip the zipper tab down and they won't budge.

For women. These seem to only have one zippered pocket on the back but they advertise it as being large enough for things like keys, credit card and phone. I can only assume they use the same locking zippers.

u/PM_ME_YOUR_SNAPPERS · 4 pointsr/hockeyrefs

My hips and butt already look oddly larger than my upper body so I wouldn't ever want to add bulk in that area, but a pair of padded shorts (sorta like this) might not be a bad idea to fill in the areas the pants don't pad

What I currently wear working high level junior;
Player shin pads, frlan padded pants (pocket logo removed), a cup, volleyball kneepads as elbow pads(might change this up soon), a padded shirt when I lines.

Knee sleeves if not needed due to a prior injury to me seem like they will just cause muscle imbalances and a dependency on them, lace bite pads are an only when needed thing. I wouldn't try and add to much gear on because you don't want to feel to bulky and slow yourself down

Also as the hockey gets better, not only do the players shots get harder, but they get smarter too, and you get more mobile and agile. It becomes more rare to take a shot because players know to look for you. You'll still take the odd one when it's deflected at you and such but there more rare. If you watch an NHL game the officials don't often get in the way, and if they do it's the puck stuck in their feet along the wall with 6 guys holding it there. You're not going to get hit in much other than the skates and shin pads on those plays

u/QuickWittedSlowpoke · 1 pointr/Wishlist

My favourite colour is glitter! (Yes, its a colour!) Maybe I should've signed up for the colours exchange....

I'd suggest literally getting him The Color Purple as a joke gift portion, and then maybe some fun purple socks. Or a cute plushie!

u/vorin · 3 pointsr/bicycling

He had better have these socks that I wear.

u/CodeRead · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These are colorful and reminiscent of something a lot of people like: Your new socks!

u/jbs13572 · 1 pointr/bodybuilding

They are just tube socks I got off amazon to give off a class bb look. I think these are the ones I got

u/gummywormguts · 3 pointsr/ihavesex

TCK Retro 3 Stripe Tube Socks, Royal/Red, Large

u/Nakotadinzeo · 3 pointsr/nekojishigame

Let's play "Steal their style!"

Eyeshadow: Smokey eyes shimmer green eyeshadow - $1

Eyes: Freshlook Colorblends Gemstone Green - $186.17

Hoodie: Closest match I could find is the Big Rabbit red sleeveless hoodie - $20

Shorts: Better Wear - $16

Shu-chi = $223.17

u/fandingo · 7 pointsr/funny

> ... Except fashion is forced on women in every aspect of our lives.

I hate to sound insensitive because I really do understand the ridiculous pressures put on women all the time, but come on. How can the word "fashion" even appear in your thought process of gym apparel? I don't know what your gym habits are, but when I'm there, I have my headphones in and a nod is the most I interact with other people. The pressure of social norms should be absolutely zero at the gym, unless you're trying to score a date. Why would you care if even one person at the gym thinks you look homely? You're there to sweat, not walk the runway.

On a more constructive note, if you're looking for more modest shorts or pants, check out basketball apparel. The shorts aren't tight, and at least for women's clothing, decently long. The pants are loose because they're designed to be worn over shorts. Are these not perfect pants or shorts?