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u/verbosegf · 5 pointsr/breakingmom

I love stuff like this! I'm not an expert, but these are my ideas:

Pic 1 - Well it looks like there are a lot of books on the floor, and some space on the shelf. Throw away or donate the books/other stuff that you don't think you or the kid will ever read/use (or books/stuff that you haven't read/used in a long ass time that don't really mean anything to you anymore). Get a tiny safe for important papers, and get a manila or twin pocket folder for other papers. Put the folders on top of the safe. Put toys in the kid's room. Throw away those bags. If you have a hallway closet or a garage or something, put all the other stuff (coil springs box, guitar case, etc) in there. If not, just place it against the wall in as nice and neat a way as possible.

Pic 2 - Get a little net [like this] ( for the stuffed animals and maybe something like this for the other toys.

Pic 3 - You could get a tiny little laundry or knick knack basket for the dog's toys when you're not using them. As for the tv and (PC?) Organize the cords and zip tie them. Get those Command hooks or something like this to hang up coats/jackets/bags by the front/back door. You can get a little round basket for chapstick/hand sanitizer/lighters. The keys might look nice one of these hooks or you can put it with the lighters, etc.

Pic 4 - Not really a big deal. You seem to be fine right there.

Pic 5 - Find something like this for all the stuff sitting on the island thing. Put it against the wall in the place that looks best. You can get something like this for the apples and other fruits/vegetables that you don't want to put in the fridge.

Pic 6 - Do you not have a closet? If so, put the laundry basket at the bottom of your closet if you don't want it sitting out. If not, you can get something like this.

If money is an issue, just try to do as much as you can and then deal with the rest by stacking nice and neatly.

u/Timathius · 6 pointsr/XWingTMG

Hey everyone. I figured I would share my new Mat Storage and Display thing.


So as many of you probably can attest, there are a lot of mats out there and storing them becomes an issue. I also wanted to show them off at the same time because... they look awesome.


So I came up with this solution


First, i highly recommend these mat tubes from Blick Art Supplies. They are cheap, fit a mat perfectly, have a shoulder strap. and are see through.


I then ordered two of these Coat Hangers from Amazon for $10 each. They fit the tube perfectly between the rungs and are slightly rounded so that the tube stays put. drilled these into the studs so that they were secure and BOOM. All in this cost me $85 including the mat tubes.

u/fuji91 · 15 pointsr/BabyBumps

My top 5:

This 84 buck rug off amazon. It comes in grey too!

These wall mounted coat hooks at a reasonable price to hold diaper bags, toys, blankets/whatever you don’t feel like putting away out of laziness.

My pottery barn nursery swivel glider I got for free off the marketplace, saving us 1200 or so dollars to buy it new. I love the classic design that goes with everything. It’s deep enough to be comfortable but not too deep to get yourself out of.

The stuffed animal heads found on clearance in homegoods are adorable and add some whimsy to the room. Target has their own collection of them too.

And my target utility cart is perfect for organizing diapers and wipes that won’t quite fit on the dresser insert.

I bought some white ruffle curtains from Target pillowfort, and we’re waiting on the rod to be delivered.

We’ve decided against a traditional nursery bedding set. I find most of them a bit garish, so we’re going with a plain linen crib skirt and simple sheets. Still trying to decide on a mobile.

u/savjay · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I hope I'm doing this right...

1 = This shelter will protect me from naughty UV rays and subsequent burns while I'm studying transfiguration on the beach.

2 = This figurine. I need it with me at school so I can remember where I came from and who I'm becoming a totally awesome witch for. :)

3 = My babes will appreciate these blocks to keep them occupied building their own Toyland while I'm at class.

4 = I need to hurry up and read this before I hear spoilers, otherwise I may be forced to curse the spoiler-giver with boils. Whiiiich sounds like a good way to get expelled.

5 = I would love [this phone protector](
) so I don't end up like my brother-in-law, who once forgot that his phone was in the pocket of his swimming trunks until he was in mid-air above the pool, about to cannonball. Who knows that kind of unexpected things could happen at school, what with nervous wand-wielders and magical creatures running about? I'd better protect my electronics from harm. Assuming, of course, that RAoAS3M is not like Hogwarts and that electricity will work?

Bonus = Here are some hooks I need for my dormitory at school. Gotta keep things tidy!

Thanks for the fun activity! Mischief Managed.

u/batpig1990 · 13 pointsr/BabyBumps

More pictures:

Our first son’s room is a mountain/forest theme, so we decided to continue the landscape theme with a desert theme for our second son’s nursery. The desert mural was painted by me using cacti stencils (link below). I also hand-painted the 4 animal art pieces. I did a mural, and painted art for my first son’s room, and really wanted to do it for our second as well. I’ve used these opportunities to flex my creative muscles, which I enjoy, but don’t normally make time for. I’m really happy with how it turned out! All the furniture pieces besides the bookshelf are Ikea.



Changing table with metal bins from Target:

Bookshelf: RiverRidge Wall Shelf with Hooks for Kids, White

Cactus Stencil Multipack M/L/XL:

Rainbow tapestry:

Rug: ACTCUT Super Soft Modern Shag Area Silky Smooth Rugs Living Room Carpet Bedroom Rug for Children Play Solid Home Decorator Floor Rug and Carpets 4- Feet by 5- Feet (White)

Animal Painting: Hand-painted by me, supplies from Michaels. Frames from Ikea:

u/souliisoul · 9 pointsr/declutter

Another option is a wall-mounted expandable accordion coat rack.

I don't have this exact one, but I BELIEVE it can be hung with thumbtacks. I hang up 3 pair of pants, 2 dress shirts, a sun hat, my keys and some other items.

I'm careful not to pull hard on the rack as that may loosen the thumbtacks.. Super easy to install and disassemble, just need like 4 thumtacks (+4 more if you wanna beef up support).

I like this one because the individual pegs are threaded and thus unlikely to loosen with time

u/RubySapphireGarnet · 1 pointr/January2018Bumpers

I love the song too! I hadn't thought of using it, that's a good idea. I found the leaf thing today actually and added it, great idea though!! Amazon has cute Wall hangers too that I found

u/midnighteskye · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Purple lights

I love hourglasses so I have a smaller pink one in my room, it's a cool accent thing.

This is cool for hanging stuff, I have it on my for necklaces.

I love frames like this one!

u/Aerrowae · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Your nautical themed bathroom sounds amazing! I'm making my entire house a nautical theme! (Aside from Pink Flamingos.) lol

But, these are some things you might like to add!

Mermaid hooks

Wall decor

Nautical Wheel hook!

Cheer up buttercup!! <3 <3

u/atlantisgate · 2 pointsr/dogs

I have one of those cubby/cube organizers for his supplies. I keep treats and unopened toys in one cube, and supplies like brushes/heartworm meds/shampoo in a couple others. I keep decor on the other shelves so it doesn't look like just I only have shelves for dog supplies... but I only have those shelves for dog supplies.

For his toys, he has a toybox made for children that is actually adorable and lets him pull toys out when he wants. We haven't mastered putting them back yet.

Also, I have these adorable hooks for leash/collar/harness/keys that makes me smile everytime

u/steveyoo97 · 1 pointr/triathlon

I got it on amazon though I don’t see the blue option like mine:

Oh cool they have a Street Fighter one too!

u/mjhc · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I want an early present!

I'm moving to a new apartment and these would be great!

u/the_fluffer · 1 pointr/Vive

I use a coat hook that hangs over a door like this -

If I feel like cleaning up some I coil the cord and hang it there too. I think it did cause the original strap to stretch out some, but with the deluxe audio strap it seems alright.

u/somewhatstaid · 3 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Get one of those over-the-door things with lots of hooks. I hang it on the outside of my closet door so that I check it before I go for clean clothes. Also good for the inside of the bedroom door.

u/Bread_n_brie · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I got mine from Amazon. :) Star hooks

u/celloman7 · 1 pointr/EDC

JustNile Antique Durable Metal Coat Rack Shelf, Coat Rack Wall-Mounted Hook Rack with 5 Hooks and Removable Wooden Shelf for Storage, Ideal for Kitchen, Bar, Living Room, Hallway, Patio and Bathroom

u/Blackeyes24 · 3 pointsr/AirBnB

I bought these for each side of the bed and my guests love them.

Also if it's a shared bathroom, hooks on the back of the bedroom door so they can keep their towels in their room but hang them up to dry.

u/jamesvreeland · 3 pointsr/spartanrace

Are you looking to showcase just medals, or a mix of bibs/medals/patches?

For just medals, I've seen a bunch of people using coat hooks. Since I have a mix of awards, I went with a felt wrapped piece of corkboard inside a picture frame - that lets me pin/stick/hang all sorts of keepsakes.

u/tstorm004 · 1 pointr/minimalism

I keep a set of hooks on the inside of my closet door just for this!

Edit: Just to clarify - something like this:

u/dick_tracy1 · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

You might be interested in an over the door coat rack with multiple hooks. I do the same thing with hanging sweatshirts and jackets on the back of my door.

u/ScotyDoesKnow · 2 pointsr/interestingasfuck

Not on the same scale, but I have one of these and it works well. It's plastic though.

u/suckinonmytitties · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

over the door shower hook thingies for the new apartment

Right now I am riding on a train and I think the man next to me is wearing a racist hat so I am trying very hard to not look affiliated with him.