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u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

They can't take my yarn from me!

Firstly, this shirt. There are so many good Firefly shirts out there, but that one takes the cake as far as I'm concerned. It's a hilariously iconic quote, but not so overdone as to be groan-worthy, and the shirt's design is awesome. Heck, while you're add it, put this shirt in there as well. Winter's about here, and you can never have too much clothing, right? You also ought to have Mal's dog tags just in case, you know? If you've got a "Pie in the Sky" list like I do, put this on it!

This contest made me squeal and flail most embarrassingly. Thank you, and thanks to /u/englishmusic as well for both your generosity!

u/Lebrewski · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

yeah sharpie on the cap for sure, next best would be to write it on a string tag and loop it around the neck of the bottle. I use these for my homemade wine bottles and they work pretty well.

u/Sand__Panda · 4 pointsr/Amiibomb

I'll try and answer all your questions, via this entire thread, in this one post. And maybe give some extra info? I don't, this might turn into a wall of text. I'll do my best to not do that.

I own pretty much every possible way to make spoofed amiibos. From cards, to coins, to the PowerSaves (find it at GameStops), and also the N2 Elite.

Cheaper Alternatives?

  • The cheapest way to make amiibos is, and will probably always "stickers". It is a round sticker, you zap it with an Android device, stick it on something (like a piece of paper), label it. Bam done. **You can buy and do more that increase the price here, but even still it is the cheapest path.

  • The next on the list from cheapest to cost the most is NFC tags. With both tags and stickers, make sure they are the right type. Zappy the card like the sticker, label, done. **Like the sticker, you can go on to make custom cards.

  • PowerSaves . This is something you can find from Datel. You want whatever package comes with the USB portal. This is how you load the puk via PC. need a PC. The puk can only "be" one amiibo at a time. Via the program that you install, you can change it as you need...again with PC. The PowerSaves should not cost more then $30. The downside is the puk will burn out. How soon? No idea. You might get over 100 uses, or you might get 10. GameStop seems to know about this, and from what I've heard, will replace if you return. You can also buy extra puks, I've seen them on eBay. They range from cheap to cheap.

  • That brings us to the N2. If you really want to go this way, there are 2 options: Just the N2 puk, or the N2 puk and the USB portal device that connects to a PC. You technically can use an android phone to load the puk, I just found it to be too slow for my liking. So I bought the portal. The package deal on this is around 80$. The pro: You can have a lot of amiibos on this (like 200). The con: You need to print of a list of the amiibos. You have to cycle through them each time you want to go from a certain one to the next. You do not have to have the puk full. So if you only have say 5 on there, it only cycles them 5.

    The PC program vs phone for the n2 is just... I can load the n2 much faster with the PC. I can make a list, and it is loaded in just seconds. With my phone, I have to add one at a time, navigating to the bins each time. Takes to long. I only use my phone to add 1, when checking bins.

    You asked if there was a battery in the n2. There is not from what I can remember when mine fell apart. Just like there is no battery in amiibos. How does it know what one to be on? Don't know, that is the magic of the N2.

    Buy it off Wish? That is a big dice roll. If you do, let us know how it works out. I'd not take the chance. There isn't much inside the puk, so you saving a ton of money might just end with you getting an empty puk :3

    What should you really do? If you are asking us...well... do you have an android phone that can write NFC? If so, I'd go with making NFC stickers. Get as many stickers as you will need (I have bought these exact ones, from this seller, many times now) and get this coin saver and case . I have an entire set where I zapped the sticker, stuck in inside the coin, and just wrote what it was on the blank side. The added case keeps them in check.

    I use my N2 now just to check bins (as I said), if it works right, I make a coin.

    Back when I played Zelda, I used the N2 a lot more, because you can also create copies of amiibos, that the game would read each use. So ... I did at one time have 200 "different" Guardian amiibos to gain a toooooooon of arrows :P

    If you have more questions, asks. I'll do my best.
u/atomicdragon136 · 3 pointsr/shortcuts

I bought these

They are very cheap, you can look for them on Amazon, eBay, Wish, etc.

I am unsure what chip types works, but it seems like NTAG 215 is the most popular

u/woolinsilver · 1 pointr/ukcigars

I recently looked myself, but couldn't find a UK source.

I got these as a stopgap. They're better than nothing, but I'm still hoping to find a source of actual bands.

u/LilyBGoode · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Summertime and the livin' is easy!

This octopus luggage tag for my trip overseas this summer! OR this handy Pack This! Notepad would also be helpful for my absentminded self.

Thanks for the contest!

u/leopoldfitz · 1 pointr/weddingplanning

love this idea- maybe add something like these tags on them?

u/NealNotNeil · 1 pointr/shortcuts

I got these and they also don’t reliably trigger. Super slow to detect. Hoping it’s just the tags and not the phone be omg so slow.

u/FireTamer98 · 1 pointr/Amiibomb
  1. I order mine on Amazon, using this link here
  2. For prints, I use Staples and OfficeMax
  3. If you have Super Mario Maker for Wii U, if you scan it in, it will look different when used, and unless you use it on Super Mario Maker, I don't think there's a way to tell, I might be wrong though
u/jphoenix · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Boobies Boooooooobies

Harry Potter gift tags. Thanks for the contest!

u/firworks · 3 pointsr/HomestarRunner

Just add on a "Gouge-it-yourself" kit like this:

Write H*R on the tag with a sharpie, burn a few dollar bills and you're good to go!

u/onelovebraj · 2 pointsr/teslamotors

I bought these, and yes they have a sticky side:

BEFORE YOU BUY THESE: I just found out these don’t scan properly when attached to a metal surface. NFC sticker to open Frunk is not working. I’ll need to buy stickers that work better on metal. These work great for everything else I’ve tried except Frunk.

u/blackashi · 2 pointsr/shortcuts

If you prefer black, just got this and it's been working quite well.

Either way, search for "NTAG215" and you're good to go

u/wildcatz311 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Because Owl's are freakin adorable..... name tags of the owlish variety ;)

USA <3 I swear someday I'm gonna have the money to fly to some of these fun meet ups

u/t0mmyr · 4 pointsr/teslamotors

I’m guessing these will work for black cars? looks like they’re 5mm smaller, does size matter? What sort of range can we expect? I imagine less than 6” or?

u/Thenosyt · 109 pointsr/teslamotors

UPDATE: It works when adhering it to the back of the circular cover. Now it’s out of sight.
Thanks to user djgeorgevas!

Nice when you’re walking up to your car already have your phone out and need to get into the frunk :)

NFC Tags...

Remote For Tesla(formally, Remote S) app...

How to set up automations...

u/RearEchelon · 3 pointsr/specializedtools

It seems like you could get one of the angled ones into position and then press on the plastic to hold it there while you fiddled with the other one. The indicators with the tiny blue beads in oil are better because there's no way you're getting them back into place.

u/Caitlinface · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh my gooooooodddddnnneesssss I LOVE macarons! My favorite are from Laduree. I've never been to the one in France, but the one in Manhattan is adorable and amazing. I stop in whenever I'm in town and shamelessly eat about 10 as soon as I'm out the door.

Some of my favorite fillings include cream cheese frosting, when the macarons are red velvet-flavored, salted caramel (obviously). I once had some mango macarons with coconut-lime filling that were to die for. For real. I died. These also look incredible.

These things are under $8: Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3,

u/ReliableSource · 3 pointsr/iphone

Yeah, I got these and they work fine

u/buckrussell · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I just bought these. Elastic makes for easy on/off and you can write on them or put stickers on them.

u/bgue48 · 27 pointsr/shortcuts

Could always just get lil stickers instead, I got a pack of 25 here and highly recommend to anyone looking

u/bathtub_toast · 1 pointr/Damnthatsinteresting

I like these, they are sticky on the inside to hold the sand.

I received one once that went around the corner so you could tell every tip angle possible, but I have never found them for sale.

u/ArtisanCornDog · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I bought a big box of tags from Amazon:

I slip a rubber band in the eyelet and hang them around the bottle neck. This way you don't have to peel the old labels off again when you reuse the bottle.

u/tovarishch13 · 1 pointr/AnimalCrossing

would these work? i would only need 12 tbh.

u/rabbitwonker · 3 pointsr/teslamotors

Maybe because they’re 44 cents apiece

u/scar7480x · 10 pointsr/HomeKit

Writing tags works on iPhone X

Using these tags for now:

u/Oscaruzzo · 1 pointr/Cooking

I have sections by type: "seeds and grains", "leaves" and "powders". Sections are alphabetically ordered. I built a small shelf and I use IKEA jars with small cardboard tags