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u/Gereshes · 3 pointsr/EDC

Starting from the upper right hand corner and working my way around in clockwise direction.

Pens – 3 Disposable Bic pens – When it comes to pens I leave them everywhere. I leave them in class, the lab, the machine shop, etc. Because of this I buy them in bulk and then just carry a bunch of disposable pens with me. They are cheap so if I lose one or someone asks to borrow one I don’t worry about getting them back. I like these pens because I find they are comfortable to write with, wont break from me carrying them around or treating them like shit, and have a pen cap to prevent them from making a mess in my pocket. Why no pencils?  I haven’t found a mechanical pencil that is both cheap and will survive in my pocket. If you know of one that fits those two requirements let me know in the comments!

Highlighter – Used for marking up academic papers I am reading. I’ll usually carry one or two with me but I keep several different colors at home for heavy markup. The colors I like carrying on me are odd colors, not yellow, like green and pink because they let my markups stand out from other peoples markups.

Sharpie – Used for marking up things that pens and highlighters can’t like metal, ceramics, and sleeping lab mates.

USB Drive – I don’t use it all that often thanks to free services like Google Drive and Dropbox but  everyone in a while when you don’t have access to other options these can really save you. For example like when you need to print out a final report that’s due in 15 minutes and the internet is down. (That example definitely hasn’t happened to me)

Letherman Skeletool – The Skeletool is a good all around multi-tool. It has a knife, pliers, wire cutters,/strippers, screwdriver (both flat an Philips), and a bottle opener.  It’s slim so its easy to carry without giving up a lot of functionality.

Timex Weekender Chrono – Useful for telling time if durring both meetings and tests when you cant check your phone. Taking a peek at your watch durring a meeting is unnoticeable unlike when you check your phone which can be considered rude.

TI-84 – The second most useful tool in my entire engineering education after a pen. I’ll often use the calculator instead of Matlab or Wolfram Alpha for doing homework that require simple computations just because I’m so familiar with it that I can operate it extremely quickly just from muscle memory.

Planner –  It’s useful for writing down assignment due dates and meetings. Everyone has a different way of organizing events/work an I find havving a written copy helps me visualize where everything is.

Muji Recycle Paper Bind Notebook – Useful for taking notes in meetings and they can fit in my back pocket

Allett Slim Bifold Wallet – It’s an ultra thin bifold wallet that I love. It’s so thin I never even notice it in my pocket. I can sit on it all day without being uncomfortable. My last one became worn out after two years and I bought another one immediately. I highly recommend them!

Keys –  For opening doors/stuff. Note: I just grabbed some unused keys for this pic and put them on a carabiner.

Google  Pixel – It’s taking the photo. Lately its mostly been used for snap chat

u/bg1256 · 3 pointsr/wallets

I have an Allet Sport wallet with a tan leather on the exterior. I picked it up on eBay. The leather is a little lighter in color than than what they sell on their website now. I don't use it 100% of the time, but it's my go-to wallet when I carry cash. I just ordered a red one for my partner yesterday, actually.

You might want to check out their new venture, Mule Carry (they have a link on their website). I actually talked to them about it. They're using veg tanned leather and a new nylon interior that's just better looking overall. Slightly more expensive, but much cheaper than Belroy :)

I've never owned a Belroy, just a little too pricey for me. However, I did check out a brand called Ikepod, which I got on Amazon. They are basically Belroy clones, so if that bothers you, you'll want to pass :) I ended up returning the wallets I ordered from them, but only because I was going for the thinnest wallet I could possibly fine (And AllEtt is just thinner). But, the quality seems really nice, and they get really good reviews. One of their models is a lot like the low down. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Leather-Wallet-Ikepod-Blocking-Pocket/dp/B01ETJ5NTA/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1505852971&sr=8-6&keywords=ikepod&th=1

I don't know if you're up for looking on Etsy, but there are some really great leather craftsmen and women on Etsy. I'm eyeing a couple different slim kangaroo leather wallets, actually, given how slim and durable Kangaroo leather is supposed to be.

These are the two I have my eye on:



One other wallet I really like is by Vaultskin. In the USA, the Manhattan is the model, but there's international, too. I actually own this one too (lol, I like wallets). I haven't used it a ton, but it's wearing very well, and the reviews are excellent. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Vaultskin-MANHATTAN-Bifold-Wallet-Protection/dp/B01MA1FO2E/ref=sr_1_1?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1505853030&sr=1-1&nodeID=7141123011&psd=1&keywords=vaultskin%2Bmanhattan&th=1

Let me know wht you go with!

u/livelifedownhill · 3 pointsr/EDC

I was on your same hunt recently, and decided on the Dopp Regatta 88. Its a fantastic front pocket wallet thats holding up amazingly, and the folding cash in half with the partially closed middle pocket works great. I really would definitely recommend it. Holds plenty, very thin, and expands to your needs. I can post some pics of it full, etc. if youd like.

I also like the Navali Card Case, they have recently stepped up their quality and now their card case rocks and would work great as a front pocket wallet, here is a comparison i did of the card case. Its also on sale right now.

If you have a bit higher budget, the Bellroy Slim Sleeve is a great option that is recommended often. Along with some of Bellroys other slim wallets.

u/zchlan · 9 pointsr/EDC

Here's a list of my usual EDC:

u/-Perimeter · 1 pointr/EDC

AlpineSwiss Leather Card Case Wallet Slim Super Thin 5 Card Slots Front Pocket,One Size,Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AB0AX4C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_UTGeAbA1926J4

This is the one I have and I have had it for years. It’s starting to stretch a little bit but still holds everything good and it barely shows any wear. It was cheap and well worth the money spent. I have been looking for a new wallet though. I’ve seen some pictures of metal ones that may be nice. I saw MGW (famous for car shifters) made a new metal wallet called the Scudo which looks nice but it may be too thick for my liking. They are really good looking though.


u/invdevm · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Since you want to spend $50, why not gift someone a very good book which one can cherish and value for a long time.

Amazon recently opened its stores (online) in India. You can check my wishlist as my flair on this subreddit. (Prices on Indian site are cheaper in case of books).

Anyway, here are some of my suggestions (you can also gift used products available on Amazon to save some money):

Invisible Ink Marking Pen & LED UV Light, Sharpie Type Marker and Flashlight (http://www.amazon.com/Invisible-Ink-Marking-Sharpie-Flashlight/dp/B0001UQ8V4/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1374494106&sr=1-1&keywords=UV+pen)

Alpine Swiss Men's Leather Wallet - Euro Traveler style with Center Flip ID Window - Black Comes in a Gift Bag (http://www.amazon.com/Alpine-Swiss-Mens-Leather-Wallet/dp/B004M6UD46/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=3NYITGN2VAD9F&coliid=I20X8VSZ91MU94)

Samsung HM1100 Bluetooth Wireless Headset (http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-HM1100-Bluetooth-Wireless-Headset/dp/B004M180HS/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=3NYITGN2VAD9F&coliid=I3CFG8VSQO43IG)

Universal PC/Stereo Gaming Headset - Yapster TM-YB100A – Black (http://www.amazon.com/Universal-Stereo-Gaming-Headset-TM-YB100A/dp/B001FY7LBQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1374497019&sr=8-1&keywords=headphone+with+microphone)

Business Card Holder (Leather) (http://www.amazon.com/Leather-Business-Holder-Expandable-Wallet/dp/B000UZ9YQG/ref=sr_1_5?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1374498622&sr=1-5&keywords=credit+card+case)

Bicycle 1800 Vintage Series Playing Cards by Ellusionist.com (BLUE) (http://www.amazon.com/Bicycle-Vintage-Series-Playing-Ellusionist-com/dp/B001OVN8OY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1374497394&sr=8-2&keywords=vintage+cards)

Reddit Alien Car Window Vinyl Decal Sticker 4" Tall (Color: White) (http://www.amazon.com/Reddit-Alien-Window-Vinyl-Sticker/dp/B00B1UI4MY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1374496931&sr=8-1&keywords=reddit)

Belkin USB 2.0 4-Port Ultra-Mini Hub (http://www.amazon.com/Belkin-USB-2-0-4-Port-Ultra-Mini/dp/B000Q8UAWY/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=3NYITGN2VAD9F&coliid=I2Z6AZXMALJOY2)

Ewatchfactory Men's 56109 Disney "Vintage" Mickey Mouse Watch (http://www.amazon.com/Ewatchfactory-56109-Disney-Vintage-Mickey/dp/B004TOXP3W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1374497721&sr=8-1&keywords=micky+mouse+watch)

Alpine Swiss Leather Card Case Wallet Slim Super Thin 5 Card Slots - Thinnest Front Pocket Wallet in the Market (http://www.amazon.com/Alpine-Swiss-Leather-Wallet-Super/dp/B00AB0AX4C/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1374498539&sr=8-13&keywords=credit+card+case)

Here's my complete wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/3NYITGN2VAD9F

u/fog_2 · 1 pointr/EDC

I carried this for a long time and it was great (although I'm pretty sure it was not actually RFID blocking if you're wanting that. My work badge scanned everytime through it): https://www.amazon.ca/Hammer-Anvil-Blocking-Minimalist-Genuine/dp/B00N9OPMMU/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1541655297&sr=8-2&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=Anvil+wallet&dpPl=1&dpID=51b-kLcU2XL&ref=plSrch

Recently upgraded to a Trayvax Ascent and absolutely love it. It's slightly thicker than the one I linked above but it's also more narrow. The metal on it makes it feel incredibly sturdy and I love the weight to it. Not suitable if you use cash often.

Good luck with your search!

u/dbmeed · 2 pointsr/EDC

Some popular options around here:

  • Magpul Daka $15 - A nice, inexpensive option for a very slim wallet.

  • Herschel Charlie $20 - A very slim wallet, mostly for cards, but can hold cash as well. RFID blocking. Comes in a multitude of patterns.

  • Recycled Firefighter $30 - Very popular slim wallet. Made of recycled fire hoses, very tough-should last a lifetime. Holds 4-8 cards and cash.

  • Big Skinny Slimline $25 - Just your average, classic Bi-fold wallet. Slimmer than most other options in this style.

  • Vaultskin Chelsea $25 - A nice, slim, leather wallet. RFID Blocking is always nice these days. And if the Chelsea is not quite your style, then Vaultskin also has a bunch of other styles in quality materials that may be to your liking. The Manhatten is another popular one.

  • Ridge Wallet $65+ - A bit more pricy option, but very popular. Made with premium materials, and has a classy design. very sleek, and it'll work with cash or cards. You can also find some knockoffs on amazon that will do the same thing at a much lower price point.

u/chrisbenson · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

That's a good looking wallet. Thanks for sharing.

I love my Radix One. It's so minimal, I barely even notice it in my front pocket, and I can quickdraw cards out of it which is pretty awesome.


u/nakedracinginsect · 4 pointsr/EDC

In the first picture I forgot my Eleaf iCare and then in the second picture I forgot my Nixon The Chronicle.

Everything on here was purchased on Amazon except for the iCare and my actual iPhone SE... and my truck. The light and pen were just added to my loadout thanks to /r/EDC!

Phone Case: Ringke SLIM

Light: Streamlight Microstream C4

Knife: Spyderco Byrd Meadowlark2

Pen: Fisher X-Mark Space Pen

Wallet: Radix One Slim

I like neat and clean. Also, thanks to /r/minimalism I tend to be very critical of my belongings in both my pocket and my life. When I deem there is nothing left to take away it causes a nice calming effect.

u/awesomejustin · 3 pointsr/vegan

Allett SoftTech Nylon Original Wallet Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GRDC4Y4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_sdw9wb2WMJ6VV

My favorite wallet that I'm pretty sure is vegan friendly. Made of recycled plastic bottles. Super thin too.

u/LippencottElvis · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I carry the very similar Dopp Regatta 88, and I'm on my 2nd one in ~10 years or more. The only reason I had to replace it was that the clear plastic over the license had started cracking.

Other than that, I'll probably buy a 3rd and a 4th because I absolutely love 3 things about it:

  • quick access to cash, much like a clip. Nothing to undo, just slip bills in folded.

  • storage for cards and other miscellaneous paper. I have upwards of 6-8 cards in mine (2-3 in each slot)

  • the clear license area with the access hole makes it easy to flash the license, as well as remove and re-insert quickly.
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/PKA

They have the Radix One wallet found here.

I personally didn't hear it mentioned on the show, I think I may have missed it, but after seeing it on the sub I believed it and bought one and it's fucking great.

It's like 1/4th the size of my wallet & it's smaller than you'd think. Only issue I guess could be that if you don't have enough cash there is a chance it can slip out, I had 2 5's slip out in my pocket somehow. So I put a couple extra 1's in there to make it harder to slip out. OR you can put cash in with the cards, I'll probably do that next time as it looks cleaner too.

edit: Also I might try one of these soon.

u/iwantauniqueusername · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Amazon has much better pictures than the Saddleback website. I bought the chestnut brown color. It is a little more reddish than the color on amazon indicates but I still really like it.

Everything I have read about the company has been great. There were a few negative reviews on amazon where Saddleback contacted the reviewer and sent them a replacement because it seemed like something was wrong. I have not had any issues with mine through and absolutely love it.

u/KidneyLand · 1 pointr/EDC

I've been using this for 2-3 years. Got it for around ~12-13, which I believe to be a fantastic deal for minimal low-profile wallet that I usually leave in my front pocket. I rarely notice it because of how thin it is. I use it to hold two credit cards, my ID, HSA card, and $20 (emergency money). What is nice is there is a pouch area in the middle which you can slip a few bills in.

In my opinion I still believe this is the BEST minimal wallet for someone who doesn't use cash very often.

u/steveXray · 2 pointsr/EDC

Items listed below with links in case anybody is interested:

Persol Sunglasses https://amzn.to/2H6piK2

Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Dotted Journal https://amzn.to/2EAFcL8 (I try to journal daily)

Distilunion Card Minimalist Card Wallet https://amzn.to/2XqUc5z (This is probably the best slim card wallet i've every had. Hard to beat)

Seiko SKX013 https://amzn.to/2Ube5vt

Parker Ink Pen https://amzn.to/2ECKvK6

Leather Journal Cover https://amzn.to/2Xrsg1w (I love the smell of this thing! ha)

Explore Notebook https://amzn.to/2EBETje (This notebook is more of a to-do list v my daily journal. Helps me stay organized)

Leatherman Squirt https://amzn.to/2H708eu (This thing always comes in handy)

Mophie Powerstation https://amzn.to/2T8dqP7

Kershaw Clash https://amzn.to/2SvSbkV

iPad Air 2 https://amzn.to/2UbA99j

iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case https://amzn.to/2H3fn80

Speck iPhone 7Plus Case https://amzn.to/2H7YEAj

iPhone 7Plus (Not Pictured) https://amzn.to/2SvrvAD

u/wesleyeff · 1 pointr/AppleCard

I’ve been using this wallet for a few years and I love it. Easily fits 8-10 cards. Some folded cash. I keep my house key in it. And it’s the size of a credit card and fits great in my front pocket.

u/tminus54321 · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife


Bought this wallet/credit card holder maybe 8 years ago, still in amazing condition. Minimalistic approach. Forces you to throw away the shit you don't really need.


u/Craig · 1 pointr/EDC

My wife got me one of these Rogue Wallets a couple of years ago - I really like it. The ballistic nylon (feels almost like kevlar, just smoother) is a nice change up from leather, it is designed to be carried in the front pocket (I'm never going back to back pocket carry) and it is very slim (you will decide what you need and you will not put anything else in there). It is also RFID protected. Still looks and feels pretty much exactly how it did when I unwrapped it.

u/booboorocks998 · 1 pointr/wallets

I got this wallet recently and I love it so far. It's very slim and I have 7 cards in it plus cash comfortably. It can fit probably 2 more cards easily. You can get a huge rebate if you buy it on their website and post pictures of it on social media. Kind of scummy, but hey a deal is a deal. Also they have other slim wallets that I like on their website.

The wallet I got.

Their website

u/westin_majors · 1 pointr/minimalism

I absolutely love my Radix One Slim Wallet. I never use it to carry cash but it holds all my cards really well and I keep the two I use most on both ends and it's super quick to get at them

u/Newbosterone · 6 pointsr/EDC

Allett Wallet

Left Handed Kiridashi

Iphone 7 in Alphonse Mucha 'Luna' Case

Lumintop Pico with paracord fob

Ti Key Hanger with library card, free Frosties, House key, car key.

Edit: Bandana - McDonald's giveaway at a charity event I went to.

I wanted to experiment. I was curious to see what the least knife that met most of my needs could be. Found this kiridashi for $7; it's even left-handed. Kiridashi are like a craft knife - used for marking, detail work, and simple cutting. They are usually ground single bevel.

I combined it with the least flashlight that met enough of my needs. 90% of the use is cleaning up after the dog on midnight walks, looking under furniture, in cabinets, etc.

It will be interesting to see how the next few days go.

u/Soapy9 · 1 pointr/onebag

I only carry 4 cards and a few notes, so this wallet works amazingly well for me. It's pretty tiny and really easy to use - you just pull the little tab out and the top 2 cards slid out giving immediate access to everything.

u/MyUsernameIsJudge · 2 pointsr/EDC

That's pretty to-the-point. The only thing I could think of would be nicer earbuds with a case or something to wrap them around. Or a slimmer wallet/cardcase. This one is very popular and looks to fit your style: http://www.amazon.com/Radix-One-Slim-Wallet-Black/dp/B00WXPCWY2/ref=sr_1_1?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1449387248&sr=1-1&nodeID=7141123011&keywords=slim+wallet

u/ItsJP · 2 pointsr/ReviewThis

Yes, I myself got this one, perfect for me because of its size. You can fit like 6-9 cards into it + drivers license and a slot for money.

u/cuteman · 0 pointsr/BuyItForLife

>I have 2 credit cards and 2 debit cards, some cash (usually), 1 old card for picking door locks, few gift cards, library card, 2 insurance cards, and ID. Money clip is not enough...


I've currently got 13 various ID cards, credit cards, rewards cards, etc. and about 15 dollar bills of various denominations.

I use this one, it is not fancy at all. You can put cards on both sides.


u/Twilsonx · 2 pointsr/pics

Buy Rick Steve's Europe Through The Back Door to get a general feel for what to expect while traveling through Europe.

Also buy an up to date guidebook for each country you'll be visiting. It was unbelievably handy know what time everything opened, what prices to expect, and such literally everywhere I went.

Hostels you can book in advance on Hostelbookers.com or hostelworld.com.

Having lots of experience with MTA and CTA gave me a bit of an advantage when catching trains and busses.

If you're a man, get a no-fold front pocket wallet. I have used it nonstop since getting back stateside. It is awesome.

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head. Have fun on your trip. My trip was a graduation trip also.

u/moshimo28 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Just picked up the Vaultskin Chelsea wallet last month and I've been loving it. Leather feels nice and premium. It's a minimal wallet (I only carry 5 cards + ID and $20-40) but I love the "pull tab" feature that lets you access your cards quickly.

u/brienc23 · 2 pointsr/Wetshaving

I don’t know if you are a front pocket type, but I have really enjoyed mine with this form factor. The one I have had Kevlar sides but I can’t find one like that on Amazon today.

Edit, fixing the link

u/flanl · 2 pointsr/EDC

Dopp Regatta 88 cost me $18, and it's awesome. It's my first front-pocket wallet, and I love it. It also ships via Amazon Prime.

u/Sandradayoconnor · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

I love my Hammer Anvil card case. It's slim, minimalist, cool, and still holds everything you need. May not be as high class as the one you're looking at, but it works great and I got it for about $11. http://www.amazon.com/Hammer-Anvil-Blocking-Genuine-Leather/dp/B00N9OPMMU/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1452610642&sr=8-18-spons&keywords=hammer+and+anvil+card+case&psc=1

u/tuskentower · 2 pointsr/CreditCards

I’ve been using a front pocket wallet for years (three over a decade). I can draw my license or first two credit cards without taking my wallet out of my pocket. I used to find that very useful before Apple Pay.

It holds my cash, 4-6 credit/debit cards and few other extra items that fit in there.

Thanks to everyone who posted links. I’m going to be drooling over what wallet to get next.

Dopp front pocket wallet

u/stockemboppers · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I have a Sherman brands wallet that I really like. I've only had it for a few months but it definitely uses real leather and any light scratches buff out nicely. See if it meets your needs!

u/dlo137 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Dopp Regatta 88 in Black found it from /r/EDC. Pretty happy with it so far considering how much thicker my old wallet was. Def helps when you're wearing skinny jeans

u/j000p · 6 pointsr/EDC

Phone: iPhone 5c + cheap Spigen case

Watch: Seiko SKX007 + Super Oyster II Bracelet

Wallet: Radix One

Keychain: Remove Before Flight tag, Sandisk Ultra Fit, Dollar Store Carabiner

Keychain Multitool: Victorinox Classic OR Leatherman Micra

Multitool: Leatherman Skeletool

Flashlight: Streamlight Microstream

Pen: Fisher Space Pen OR Modded Zebra 701

Yoyo: The Sage (for now)

First post, any questions or suggestions please feel free. Thanks guys!

u/dubai69 · 6 pointsr/dubai

Bro I just bought myself a minimalist wallet from amazon after thorough research and have found what is perfect for UAE dirham notes plus 5 cards .

This is the one I bought . Been loving it's slimness


u/Psykerr · 1 pointr/Sciatica


Pick up one of those when you can. It's contoured for front-pocket use, shielded to protect any RFID tags from skimming, is super sturdy, and is pretty minimalist. Not only does it work for front-pocket, but it encourages you not to bring your whole house with you.

u/moose09876 · 1 pointr/EDC

I'm currently a big fan of the Distl Union Wally, I just wish the leather was a bit higher quality. Been carrying it for about a year now and it's already showing lots of fade where the corners of the card rub. Haven't found one I like better. Definitely not a BIFL candidate.


u/PackingLite · 4 pointsr/onebag

I did a video on a bi-fold which is pretty light and slim. The other two wallets visible at the beginning of the video are the Saddleback front pocket wallet and the slimmy front pocket wallet. I use the Slimmy most often, its a great thin wallet.

u/Rubixx_Cubed · 1 pointr/churning

Not op but I use this one I got from amazon 6 months back. Has held up really well so far and the leather stretches nicely after an initial break in period.

Holds about 6-8 cards max. I have my license, ins, and a single bill of cash in the middle pocket. Can be used as a front or back pocket wallet.


u/ThrowawaySergei · 1 pointr/EDC

I'm using one of these right now and I really like it. It's very slim though. If I carried anything more in my wallet, it may not be able to carry it. As is, I'm really quite impressed with it.

Before that, I was using a Radix One which was pretty slick and pretty cheap, but could be hard to get cash in and out of.

Not sure if either one of those will really be what you're looking for, but I've liked them.

u/ISKZ · 3 pointsr/EDC

Been juggling around items trying to figure out what's best for at home / out in public and I'm finally happy with the following combo:

u/Stonerman33 · 1 pointr/EDC

I'll piggyback here as well and say if you're ok with leather, to check out the Saddleback Front Pocket Wallet

I have one in brown and it's holding up great. 100 year warranty I think. I have found them on Amazon as well and sometimes they are cheaper at one place over the other.

u/jsamhead · 1 pointr/EDC

I suggest something from the Wally Line from Distil Union (or something similar).

The Wally Micro would probably be your best bet due to it's extremely small size. You can fit plenty of cards and it takes up VERY little space because all the cards are stacked together, unlike a traditional wallet where each card gets its own pocket. They're still very easy to access though since you can fan them out easilly once you've pulled the tab.

I have used the larger Wally Bifold for the past year and it's been a delight. It may be a good option to hold all of your cards in the same wallet. I'm actually thinking about switching to the Wally Micro now since I've cut my card carrying down to just my Driver's License and Debit Card on a daily basis.

I realize both suggestions are leather and that's not preferred, but I hope this helps you narrow your search!

u/your_message_here · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I have a similar style from Alpine Swiss from Amazon. Good for 6-8 cards and cash. Leather looks great with 2 months wear

u/mamontague · 6 pointsr/EDC

Very good quality stuff, I have this one in tobacco brown and I love it!

u/pmmeyourmickeyears · 1 pointr/Disneyland

This is my wallet. It fits right into a front pocket without being bulky, keeps fast pass or park tickets straight and dry, and is great for carrying around a small amount of cash, ID, AP, and a credit card or two.

u/HckrSvn · 1 pointr/EDC

I use this Alpine Swiss wallet, and it sounds like it meets your criteria. It's also pretty affordable too, which is nice. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EOYKEEA

u/Nathan51503 · 1 pointr/EDC

Peeking through my amazon purchase history. I bought this is feb of 2017

After carrying it since then I feel like it’s a good compromise between a traditional big wallet and a minimalist. Very happy with this one. It’s been durable and convenient

Travel Wallet RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets for Men with Money Clip - Made From Full Grain Leather (Texas Brown 1.0) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FUYP6YA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_B31GDbJQQ53G1

u/ninjasurfer99 · 2 pointsr/churning

Great question! I've tried a bunch, but by far this is my favorite!

Super slim and with a simple pull on the tab, it allows you quick access to four different cards. It will hold up to 15 cards, no problem!

u/DogOnABike · 1 pointr/AskMen

I carried a pretty nice leather tri-fold wallet until I realized that I never used 90% of the crap that was in it. I replaced it with this cheap thing with just my driver's license, work ID, and a credit card. It's still holding up well after five years.

u/Lost_My_Dolphin · 1 pointr/churning

I use the Basics Slim Wallet and love it. I keep 15-16 cards in it easy.

u/spscrappers · 1 pointr/churning

I was just in your shoes as my former wallet was falling apart. After a decent amount of research I settled on the Distil Union Wally ([link](Distil Union Wally Bifold Slim Leather Wallets for Men - Money Clip, Credit Card Holder, Billfold (Ink with Flexlock) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M8MFWXS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_RcmsybCVVJ324). I've only had it for about two weeks but it's been great thus far. It's a bit on the minimal side, but I had gotten really tired of sitting on a big wad of cards, cash, and receipts all day, so it's been nice to go the other direction.

Did you have a particular style you were looking for?

u/mightbenow · 10 pointsr/EDC
  1. Dopp Men's Regatta Front Pocket Wallet - Bought in 2007.
  2. HTC EVO 4G LTE w/ some junk earbuds - I plan on getting a Moto G5 Play when this finally dies.
  3. Keys with Lumintop Tool AAA flashlight - Super cheap and amazingly durable light.
  4. Hamilton Khaki King Automatic Watch - Daily watch for over 10 years.
  5. Hematite bracelet - Picked up while backpacking in S.Korea back in 2012.
  6. IMCO Triplex Lighter - Had for almost 2 decades.
  7. Rohto Ice - Eye drops.
  8. Victorinox SwissTool Spirit X Multitool - Pocket carried daily for as long as I can remember.
  9. One Hundred Years of Solitude - A book.
u/hyporheic · 1 pointr/minimalism

Lots of good ideas here. I've had this for a year and it's worked great.

Ultra Slim ID Wallet - Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LBP20BE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_6ZxIyb481SVPQ

u/ithrow6s · 4 pointsr/bulletjournal

I use a Lihit Lab pouch.

There are loops in back to attach it to your belt, and some rings on the side so you can use a sling with it instead. (Sling not included.) There is enough space in the central pouch to fit my approx 3/4" thick A6 fauxdori, a flat smartphone, my slim wallet and keys. It does have a pen holder, and you can comfortably fit two pens in there if they don't have large diameters. For example, I can't fit anything else bit a bic in there if I also put in a Lamy Safari.

It does get bulky if you put items that aren't flat in there.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Lihit-Carrying-Pouch-Inches-A7574-22/dp/B00B7WWDZA/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1467233652&sr=1-5&keywords=lihit+lab+7.1

u/vullnet123 · 2 pointsr/AskMen

I have [this](Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet - Best Selling 100% Full Grain Small Leather Wallet with 100 Year Warranty https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0024YVG5S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_-bOUAb9JD7V46) card holder. Would recommend.

Only issue is now that I have a gf and eat out more I need cash for tips, so I can't be card only 🙃

u/chrisxclash · 3 pointsr/churning

I actually really like this solution, haha. I'm using this one from Amazon and it's essentially just an elastic band but I can separate license/insurance cards from my CCs and it's held up surprisingly well for $12.

u/big_carp · 1 pointr/InternetIsBeautiful

This was actually really useful. I have been looking for a new, slim wallet for a little while now and I found this using that site.


u/_CorkTree_ · 1 pointr/EDC

What all are you carrying in your wallet? For just cards and cash, I use the Radix One. I was skeptical at first, but I love mine

u/MJT7665 · 0 pointsr/churning

I have this one. The pull tab is great as I can easily access my MSR cards

u/dolver · 1 pointr/minimalism

I JUST ordered a solution yesterday because my binder clip was really screwing up my cards (rust, etc).

I searched through the minimalism subreddit, but didn't find anything for me. So I ended up finding this one, which is a little over $5 and I am hoping it will work well and not cost way more than a minimal piece of metal/leather/whatever should.

u/wickedsteve · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I like my slim clip. You can't more minimalist than that. Just as good as a wallet, it holds all the cards I need on one side and cash on the other. It is cheap, lasts forever and I find it far more secure or cautious in a front pocket than a wallet in a back pocket. It also keeps me from becoming a hoarder since there is not a lot of room for cards I don't really need.


u/M1keHonch0 · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I hate sitting on my wallet. To me it doesn't make sense. So I carry mine in the front pocket. This one is designed for the front pocket. I absolutely love it. Had it almost 4 years now, it's still like new. Would buy it again (if I have to) and I buy them for friends all the time.

u/doggexbay · 1 pointr/productivity

When I've gone wallet-free I've used the fat rubber bands that are usually sold with produce like broccoli & asparagus. My spare credit cards still live in one of these in the sock drawer.

Otherwise the Dopp Regatta is the most practical minimal wallet I've found - inconspicuous, soft material, separated card slots (5), ID window and a bi-fold center that expands a little to accommodate, well, whatever you happen to pick up during the day. Cheap, too.

u/smellsofelderberry · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Yep that's the one.


I also gave these a try for the RFID shielding and really happy with it, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FUYP6YA/. If slim and simple are really what you're going for then the Duluth is the one.

u/pierceham · 3 pointsr/EDC

In the box:

u/funzel · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I actually just switched to their leather hybrid wallet, from this Dopp super slim that I had been using for 2½ years, because I legitimately needed to hold more cards (I still have and love the Dopp). What is crazy, is that if you have more than a few cards, the Big Skinny is actually significantly lower profile. Not only is it thinner, but it doesn't print in my back pocket like the other one did.

u/random19 · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice


I have one of these inc hestnut and I love it.

Some might say it isn't the best leather, but its a good wallet for the price I think

u/airlaflair · 1 pointr/churning

Ive had it for a year now, this thig is wonderful. I recommend it!
EDIT: I was wrong, I have this one. Same brand and i like the clip

u/RideandRoll · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am a high school biology teacher (here is some proof and proof) as well as a college student. I would love any of the items on my teaching or books list but what I want most on my list right now is a new wallet because I had to throw out my old wallet when I spilled a few unfriendly chemicals on it. Fortunately the contents were fine but the wallet itself is unusable. I am a teacher and I thank you for this wonderful contest.

u/Sahara_Devil · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

So, I had this decision to make a little while back and I pulled the trigger and went with A Saddleback ID wallet. For several reasons.

1: The Saddleback is so. much. cheaper. -depending on Tanner Goods choice

2: The quality is still good for the Saddleback (full grain leather and vegetable dyes), and isn't as flashy as Tanner Goods.

3: The small profile of the ID wallet has allowed me to prevent bulky wallets from showing in my shorts and jeans. I found the slightly more space for storage than say the Tanner Goods journeyman to be worth it, the journeyman is too small for day use in my opinion.

4: I have back pain, and the smaller profile ID wallet allows me to keep it in front pockets without being obtrusive.

5: I've gotten plenty of compliments with the Saddleback, specifically I got the Tobacco colored one, I find it goes very well with almost anything.

6: The smaller ID wallet lets you keep just what you need, some cash a few cards, and an ID so you don't clutter your wallet up.

u/quizbuk · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

As an American I rarely carry cash and coins are pretty much obsolete in out debit/credit culture.

I bought this on a whim from an office supply store and I won't carry anything else.

If I run out of space I prioritize or digitize like the article said. It also works well, albeit temporarily, for business cards.


u/ILoveYouSoVeryMuch · 1 pointr/EDC

I don't have any pen or stylus recommendations, and my flashlight was discontinued in '09, but I can reccommend the Alpine Swiss wallet. I carry 3 IDs, 3 debit cards, and 1 credit card. With those 7 cards, it's probably about the width of a regular empty wallet. They make even slimmer wallets, but I don't know how many cards they fit.

u/sg77 · 2 pointsr/churning

I like the Allett Slim wallet since it's very thin (due to the different layout of cards, and the material). Though, that's more for a daily driver to put in my pocket. For keeping cards at home I got a business card case, something like this.

u/7U5K3N · 1 pointr/AskMen

I used to have a Dopp wallet. Which is an amazing wallet, that does not have a money clip. Because well fuck money clips.

I now have a flipside wallet. I suggest the new 3x. It is slightly longer and thinner. Also the button has been redesigned from the 2x to hold the wallet closed better. I carry my 2x everyday. 85% of the people think that its a cellphone / iphone-wallet.

Obviously Im a front pocket kinda guy.

u/Braden1972 · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Slim Clip $7


Had mine for about 8 years and it handles everything you need. Cash and about 8 credit/ID cards. Only thing it doesn’t hold is business cards but I don’t hand any out.

Don’t be a Costanza.

u/uvumtoof · 1 pointr/EDC

Different design, but still a pretty slim card holder. I've used one for awhile. ($15, i thought it was $10 - but they have another model that's $12 that holds cards horizontally)


u/terabitman · 1 pointr/CGPGrey

I have the same pocket fullness issues. This wallet will comfortably fit in the back pocket. Just try it: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GRDC4Y4

u/jim51riffe · 1 pointr/EDC

I have both of these and like them both really well


u/Connguy · 0 pointsr/everymanshouldhave

NOTE: this link does not work properly on mobile, instead it redirects to the mobile Amazon page, then searches "wallet". Here are a few of the top links from the page, to help mobile users out:

Tommy Hilfiger Trifold - $20-25

Saddleback ID wallet - $35

Calvin Klein trifold - $35

Kenneth Cole passcase - $20

u/pizzazza · 3 pointsr/minimalism

Love my Saddleback Leather wallet. I have the tobacco one and it ages so nicely.

u/turntheworm · 1 pointr/EDC

Basics wallet. I love this thing....

BASICS Men's Slim Wallet Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TVBOL6S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_AvOhybAK3MFMH

u/mark_man · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

I was looking for a new slim wallet and ended up buying this one. It's worked well for me so far, I was looking for some very slim and this fit the bill. It's very thin and real leather. It has 4 card slots and 1 large center pocket you could put some folded up cash or another card into. At $10 it's a good deal.

u/strangepath17 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

This is the wallet I use. Very happy with it. Maybe cheaper than what you are looking for. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FUYP6YA/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_XlsiDb6FDF572

u/Malthaeus · 22 pointsr/BuyItForLife

SlimClip. Not sure you'd call it stylish, but it's definitely slim and sturdy. I've been carrying this thing for 10 years now, and it's great. No regrets retiring fat, lumpy wallet for this puppy.


u/idi0tb0x · 1 pointr/churning

thanks! gonna give the nylon id a try. bought it at amazon though. price almost identical with prime shipping.

u/Hot_moco · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Had this for a few years and am very surprised with how well it has held up! And its cheap, check it out infinity wallet!

u/dudical_dude · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

I had this wallet for about a year and really didn't care for it at all. I then found this wallet on Amazon and I absolutely love it. It keeps a thin profile and is reasonably priced imo.

u/nonsensepoem · 1 pointr/AskMen

Saddleback front pocket wallet.

I've had it for two years so far and even after overstuffing it a few times it's still perfect.

u/DarkGamer · 0 pointsr/BuyItForLife

After wearing out too many leather wallets I got a cheapie and I've been really enjoying it so far. Had it about a year.

u/Overdrive_Ostrich · 1 pointr/churning

My wife and I did 6 months in South America followed by 6 months in SE Asia with only a 46L Osprey Porter pack each. Someone once asked how we packed, given that went everywhere from the peaks of Patagonia to the beaches of Bali. I told them "we packed like we were spending a week in San Francisco."


As for wallet, I got this front-pocket wallet that worked well. All I needed was ID, CSR, Schwab checking card for ATM withdrawals, and some cash spread throughout various pockets.

u/redditwrongright · 1 pointr/EDC

I have this one, I like it and it works well.

u/ARightProperLad · 1 pointr/AskMen

This RFID Blocking Bifold Leather Wallet from Amazon is my favorite wallet I’ve ever had.

The easy access slot for your main credit card is very convenient, it’s nice looking, and very slim which forced me to take out all the useless junk I used to have in my wallets before.

u/hartk1213 · 4 pointsr/EDC

i have 10 in it right now but as soon as i get home im going to clean them out probably have 6-7 at any given time
Here is the link to the Radix One

u/Everline · 3 pointsr/minimalism

This winter, I've dropped the purse and am only using my winter coat pockets. I carry:

  • tiny slim wallet for a few cards http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N9OPMMU/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (ID, CC, office card, insurance cards, transport card etc)

  • loose change if I have some

  • phone

  • in ear headphones

  • a pen

  • keys

  • too many receipts (temporary)

  • occasionally my kindle

  • chapstick

    When better days finally come back and that I won't have pocket space anymore, I'll reverse back using my previous tiny cross body purse. I love it, it's small, pushes you to only take the minimum, it doesn't hurt my shoulder, and it doesn't hang out my arm uncomfortably when I have to pay or look for something inside (i.e. keeps both my arms free).
u/neooso · 1 pointr/churning

Distil Union Wally Bifold Slim Leather Wallet. Can hold a couple to many cards - my favorite wallet ever! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M8MFWXS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_xwYAybXE10VSK

u/slyevilhomer · 2 pointsr/EDC

Radix One Black Steel - RFID Blocking Minimalist Front Pocket Ultra Thin Strong Wallet Money Clip


Its partially RFID but you keep what you need on the outside you should be ok.

u/lurkjiggler · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

This has lasted 6 years so far...with no sign of ever breaking. The metal has not stressed either, holds everything just as securely as the first day.


u/donmcde · 2 pointsr/personalfinance

lol I don't actually carry all of them around with me. I tend to carry 3-6 depending on what I'm doing and if I'm meeting spend on new ones.

Edit: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TVBOL6S/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

u/evilcold · 2 pointsr/EDC

Might be a good idea to look into something like the Radix Steel. It is an RFID blocking wallet and very slim. Noticed that your card has a chip.


u/backstab · 1 pointr/minimalism

I've been using the Saddleback ID Wallet for like 2 years now, never turning back!

u/cdelorim · 1 pointr/churning

Ive used a Slim Clip for almost 9 years now. Holds 5-6 credit cards plus my driver's license and insurance card. Second clip on the back holds cash. https://www.amazon.com/Slim-Clip-SCCH-MC12-Double-Sided-Money/dp/B00123VTAY

u/mackstann · 2 pointsr/minimalism

I've had this for a few years and like it.

u/unverifieduser · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have used Slim Clip for about 6 years, holds 6 cards and 30 bills. It doesn´t look like I will have to buy other wallet ever.

u/jeosan · 2 pointsr/EDC

I've used like this for years.

u/gnutz87 · 8 pointsr/minimalism

I’ve seen this recommended a few places. Seems like it might hit everything you’re looking for?

Infinity Wallet

u/DMRG7326 · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

One change I've made is replacing my wallet with a Radix One which I can fit in a front pocket along with my keys. This obviously isn't an option if you carry a lot of cash or many cards.

u/slid3r · 6 pointsr/CCW

In this image:

Hand Guns:

  • Smith and Wesson 1911 TA E-Series
  • Springfield XDm 4.5"
  • Sig P226 Legion
  • Sig P239
  • Glock 19 Gen 4
  • Sig P938


  • Desantis Nemesis
  • Stealthgear Onyx
  • Stealthgear Ventcore Mini
  • Bianchi 100 X2
  • Gray Sun Tactical Minimalist IWB X2
  • Gray Sun Tactical Minimalist OWB
  • Gray Sun Tactical Custom Carbon Fiber OWB


  • Kershaw Ken Onion Leek
  • Benchmade Barrage


  • Fisher 400 Space Pen - (meh)
  • Waterman Expert Ballpoint - (also meh)

    Not pictured:

  • Cross Contour Ballpoint - Missing in action - (amazing pen)


  • ThorFire TG06 LED
  • J5 Tactical V1-PRO


  • Citizen Perpetual Chrono AT

    The Rest:

  • Panama Jack polarized sunglasses - (Walgreens)
  • Sabre Red Pepper Spray
  • Slim Clip Double Sided Moneyclip - Fantastic. Had it for almost 10 years. The card is sticking out on purpose to show what a baller I am, it does not normally stick out at all.

u/user745977732 · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I bought a Dopp Regatta 88 Series Front Getaway Pocket 5 years ago and never looked back. $18 well spent.

u/tee2green · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I've had it for a month now. I'm pretty happy with it. I got the black/gray one, and it's showing a little bit of wear and discoloration, especially on the edges. But I never expected this wallet to look good, so it doesn't bother me.

My previous wallet was this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AB0AX4C/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I liked it for about a year, but it got wet one day and started to finally fall apart. And it was a pain in the butt to pull cash out.

So now I use the slim wallet 95% of the time. I have a plain leather wallet that I keep for formal events.

u/Oosmus · 1 pointr/EDC

Chelsea by Vaultskin! Here's the link on Amazon, I used to use mighty wallets before this one. I like this better simply cause I can keep it in my front pocket. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AYH43B0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_gr8nDbEYKF3WZ

u/iynque · 3 pointsr/EDC

$13 Radix One. Slim, looks good, and low cost.

u/lonchu · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I bought mine here: http://www.amazon.com/Saddleback-Leather-Wallet-Coffee-Brown/dp/B0024YXG10/

Amazon might still have colors that are not aviable on Saddlebacks official site.

u/jun_julyaugust · 2 pointsr/churning

Serman Brands RFID blocker plus money clip bifold. Got rid of my Constanza wallet and started using this and I'll never go back. Looks sleek, no pocket bulge, and good quality. Including ID, I carry 8 cards.


u/TheHandsOfFate · 1 pointr/minimalism

Might not be quite minimalist for some but I think it strikes a good balance - the Dopp Regatta 88.

u/earthrace57 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I'd look into getting one of the slim wallets like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00AB0AX4C/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1500928518&sr=8-6&pi=AC_UL420_SR280,420_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=alpine+swiss+wallet

All the functionality and tinyness of a money clip, without the semi pretentious connotation (or slightly childish connotation of a velcro equivalent).

u/JackTR314 · 6 pointsr/LifeProTips

I bought this wallet a while ago, and downsized what I keep with me. It fits in my front pocket along with my keys perfectly. If I'm wearing tighter pants, it goes in my back pocket, but its so thin that the effect OP is talking about is minimized. I also realized I didn't use about 75% of what was in my old wallet at all, let alone on a daily basis.

u/PM_ME_BASS · 1 pointr/CreditCards

NOMATIC Slim Basics

I usually carry the equivalent of 6-9 cards including ID/health insurance/debit card. I have a 2nd wallet for travel purposes, as I don't need to carry around priority pass or cancelled cards to try and get free bags every day.

I carry around 4 main cards: Debit, CSR, CFU, and what minimum spend card I'm working on. I can probably drop the CFU and the debit, but you never know when you need/want cash.

u/ZerglingHeadphones · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice


u/vnips · 2 pointsr/EDC

CZ 75 Compact



Nexus 5

Streamlight Flashlight


Spyderco Dragonfly2

RayBan RB 4075 Sunglasses


u/jiznon · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Would you go for a money clip? Purchased it for $5 and have had it for about three years.


Only flaw would be slight wear on the pants pocket:


u/naosvela · 1 pointr/EDC

Example 1

Example 2

Not the exact one, but similar types.

u/SarcasmIsKey · 3 pointsr/EDC

Left to right

Muji Eraser

[Sigg 0.6L water bottle] (http://siggnorthamerica.com/shop/classic-traveller/0-6l-classic-traveller/)

[Muji Gel Pen] (https://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?Sec=13&Sub=52)

[Alvin DRAFT-TEC RETRAC 0.3mm] (https://www.amazon.com/Alvin-DR07-Draf-Tec-Retrac-Mechanical/dp/B001DKJ55C)

[Leatherman Style PS] (https://www.amazon.com/Leatherman-Style-PS-Multi-Tool-Black/dp/B0058RX9NU)


Anker SoundBuds Sport IE 20

[Fisher Space Pen] (https://www.amazon.com/Fisher-400B-Space-Bullet-Pen/dp/B000WGD13U)

[Leatherman Wave Black] (https://www.amazon.com/Leatherman-Multi-Tool-Black-Molle-Sheath/dp/B0009JS2ZW)

[Mee Audio M6 Pro] (https://www.amazon.com/MEE-audio-Universal-Fit-Noise-Isolating-Detachable/dp/B015S2I6A0)

[Random Knife] (http://www.smorgasburg.com/)

[Corsair Voyager Go 32GB] (https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Voyager-USB3-0-Android-devices/dp/B00HVT27CW)

[Kershaw Cryo 1555Ti] (https://www.amazon.com/Kershaw-1555TI-SpeedSafe-Folding-Knife/dp/B0074FI28Q)

[Alpine Swiss Slim Wallet] (https://www.amazon.com/Alpine-Swiss-Genuine-Leather-Pocket/dp/B00EOYKEEA)

[Anker PowerCore 10000 with Quick Charge 3.0] (https://www.anker.com/products/A1264011)

[Seiko SNDC31] (https://www.amazon.com/Seiko-SNDC31-Classic-Stainless-Chronograph/dp/B004JY0KP8)

[Lenovo T440s (256GB Samsung 840 EVO, 12GB ram, 1080p touchscreen, i5 4300)]

[Motorola Doid Turbo Ballistic Nylon 32GB] (https://www.verizonwireless.com/smartphones/droid-turbo/)

u/hoorayitsjeremy · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Very thin and inexpensive lambskin wallet. I've had one for a few months and it still looks brand new.

u/Crzdmniac · 2 pointsr/churning

I've got one of the BASICS wallets coming. It's very minimal, and built mostly from elastic.

BASICS Men's Slim Wallet Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TVBOL6S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_g4VAybNC81S9N

u/13_bit · 3 pointsr/EDC

I use this one. It’s slim, but can still hold quite a few cards without becoming too bulky. Only costs $20, besides.

u/Likwidkat · 3 pointsr/PKA

Try this next time: []()

Put the text in the brackets[] and link in the parenthesis (). You get this.