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Reddit mentions of Emergen-C ElectroMIX Electrolyte Replacement Powder (30 Count, Natural Lemon Lime Flavor, 1 Month Supply), With Calcium, Potassium And Magnesium Drink Mix

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We found 83 Reddit mentions of Emergen-C ElectroMIX Electrolyte Replacement Powder (30 Count, Natural Lemon Lime Flavor, 1 Month Supply), With Calcium, Potassium And Magnesium Drink Mix. Here are the top ones.

Emergen-C ElectroMIX Electrolyte Replacement Powder (30 Count, Natural Lemon Lime Flavor, 1 Month Supply), With Calcium, Potassium And  Magnesium Drink Mix
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Includes 30 single-serving packets (0.14 oz. each) of Emergen-C ElectroMIX in Lemon-Lime flavorElectrolyte replacement beverage helps restore key nutrients including potassium, magnesium and calciumElectrolyte drink mix helps replace fluids lost during physical activityAdd a packet of Emergen-C ElectroMIX to 1 liter of water for a restoring, thirst-quenching sports drinkMade with natural fruit flavors and free of sugar, sodium and glutenElectrolyte Replacement Drink Mix is sodium-free, sugar-free and gluten-free

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Found 83 comments on Emergen-C ElectroMIX Electrolyte Replacement Powder (30 Count, Natural Lemon Lime Flavor, 1 Month Supply), With Calcium, Potassium And Magnesium Drink Mix:

u/Cassial · 17 pointsr/keto

1 - realize that this diet means serious business when we say drop the fucking carbs. Make it a rule to stay under 20 a day, and then you can gradually work your way up after being in ketosis for awhile. This is where ketostix do come in handy, if say you cheat one day and have 30g of carbs, but aren't sure if it knocked you out or not (otherwise you don't "need" them - if you're eliminating carbs you're in ketosis)

2 - eat fats to satiety, no magic number

3 - proteins are the next "goldilocks" number - too much and it'll turn into carbs, too little and you won't maintain muscle (if you're trying to tone up at all). The keto calculators should definitively answer the specifics here for your body weight.

4 - I highly recommend some form of electrolyte/vitamin supplementation. This should be a mandatory sticky - if you are avoiding most of the bad fruits (because they're bags of sugar and carbs for the most part) and eating real/good/clean food, you'll be getting way less salt than the average processed food consuming American. I recommend these - http://www.amazon.com/Emergen-C-Electro-Mix-Lemon-Lime-30-count/dp/B002HWRY5S this is way more economical as opposed to Powerade Zero. If you feel like crap and are getting cramps, you need to replenish them electrolytes (especially if exercising). Another good way to up the salt intake I've read a lot of folks here do is simply to drink a few tablespoons of beef broth a day (plus other good minerals in there).

5 - my personal rule I'll share to help, as it helped me the most - No cheat meals by myself, period. Resist the temptation to pull over and get fast food now because you're "soooo hungry". This frees me up to have the occasional dinner out / dinner date and not be guilty about it. Life happens, you will want to enjoy yourself, and you should, if you've been strict and honest with yourself about no cheat meals on your own.

6 - I hope you like avocado, bacon, and spinach. Those are my 3 staples I eat pretty much every day, despite them getting very boring, I really love eating them all together still. Avocado is very important because of the fat content + fiber, and so is spinach/broccoli. Keto is cutting out bread entirely, so you have to get your fiber from healthy vegetables, or you'll notice you'll be in constipationland, population you, very quick.

Keep calm and keto on.

u/bouncehaus · 15 pointsr/keto

Not exactly related, but some tips I've found helpful:

Feeling Dehydrated? These do the trick! I drink at least one packet a day and it works wonders.

Constipated? Spoonfuls of flaxseed or chia seeds help (they're low calorie and have only fiber & good fats). Psyllium Husk Powder is also pretty effective. Having trouble washing it down? I mix 2tbsp of powder with 3-4tbsps of heavy cream, dash of cinnamon, maybe some splenda and its like eating oatmeal.

Don't notice any progress? Keep calm and keto on. Have faith, log your food in MFP, and take progress pics. You look at yourself in the mirror everyday. Sometimes, its hard to see the progress. Sometimes, it doesn't show on the scale. But, damnit, this diet works. Stay under 20g of carbs and run a daily calorie deficit and youre bound to lose some weight.

Lastly, enjoy the improved energy and focus after your body adapts. It' wonderful and probably my favorite part of keto. If you feel off, you're probably just dehydrated.

Best of luck!

u/now_I_feelafel · 12 pointsr/ems

I'm like you- always hypotensive, former college athlete, low resting HR- and I'll go horizontal every so often in freak circumstances like you did. Got the workup, all they found was a 1st degree AV block that probably was not the culprit. But! While the cardiologist said she couldn't point the finger at anything specific, she suggested that I may have a propensity towards low electrolyte levels and should try to avoid drinking pure water when I feel wonky and shoot for Gatorade or something similar instead. Now I put half a packet of this lovely shit in my water bottle before my shift and it works like a charm. Even cuts back on motion sickness in the rig. Give it a shot, I heartily recommend it.

u/ladyrockets · 10 pointsr/keto

Links to the products in the pictures:

Better Than Bouillon
The chicken flavor (2g carb/serving & sodium 29% DV) is my favorite, but they have other flavors too (the vegetable base only has 1g carb/serving).
Sometimes I add Sriracha (1g carb/tsp), garlic powder (2g carb/tsp) or a tablespoon of tomato paste (2g net carbs/Tbsp).

(potassium 15% DV/serving) I can usually find it at the grocery store for less than $3, and there's about 90 servings per can. I've tried some of the other potassium based salt substitutes and this one tastes the least like chemicals (it still doesn't taste good, but the benefits outweigh the flavor).

Magnesium Carbonate
(1/4 tsp = magnesium 84% DV) There are a few different forms of edible magnesium salt. This type is hard to find in it's food-grade form, but it has the least offensive flavor IMO. Bonus; this form of magnesium is also used as gym chalk, so you can use any extra to dust your hands if you take up climbing ;)

Emergen-C Electro Mix
This is one of the few electrolyte mixes that doesn't have carbs, but does have a decent amount of potassium (most have potassium <3% DV, this one has potassium 12% DV). Bonus; it also contains calcium, manganese and chromium.

I found that I needed to make a bowl of salty broth about once or twice a day when I was starting out with the keto diet (to help with digestion, occasional muscle cramping, slight nausea, the habit of eating larger volumes of food, etc.). A few months into it I had throttled down my salt supplementation to about a two times a week. Of course, everyone's body and experience is different, so you should do what feels right for you.

u/goldiemypal · 6 pointsr/ketogains

For me, i drink 1 packet of electro mix with some mio in the morning (mixed with 1L of water) and then i make another one right before my workout and drink that during and after my workout in the evening(after work). I believe working out drains electrolytes even faster on an active lifestyle, so i guess a steady state of electrolyte intake throughout the day does the trick. I haven't gotten any electrolyte deficiency symptoms( at least so far), but I know I'm not getting enough sodium in my diet(5k mg is a monster amount imo)

I've done keto and working out before AND totally ignored electrolytes so I know the bane of that deficiency, which I wish upon nobody.

u/blitzzo · 6 pointsr/keto

get this : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002HWRY5S

The first time I tried keto I couldn't stick with it due to the constant muscle cramps but with just 1/2 a packet of day of this stuff I have yet to have a single one. For $6 you can't go wrong.

u/iggnogg · 5 pointsr/keto

I'm not sure about bouillon, but I do like Emergen-C Electro Mix. Flavors not bad. Also has no carbs. Mixes really quick if your in a hurry.

u/banng · 5 pointsr/xxketo

I use these to get electrolytes - they make me feel a lot better on days when I'm just terribly thirsty and can't seem to drink enough water. No carbs or calories!

u/at_work919 · 5 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

This is it, in a nutshell.

I've also learned a few other tricks over the years to help avoid hangovers. Most of them are contained in this excellent page: How to Prevent a Hangover.

I mix up a cup of Emergen-C vitamin C drink with B vitamins and such, along with a milk thistle and NAC (glutathione precursor) supplement such as this one. This preps the liver for the beating you're about to lay on it. There is also some evidence that saturated fat prior to drinking can also have a protective effect.

Next, stay away from the sugary drinks and you want a clear liquor mixed with some sort of carbonation (this increases absorption). Vodka/club soda/twist of lemon or lime is about as perfect as it gets.

Also, you can switch to just club soda and twist of lime after you've hit your buzz, & still look like you're drinking the same thing.

Then before you go to bed, drink a large 22-32 oz cup of electrolyte water, my favorite is Electro Mix (no sugar), and also prep another one for when you wake up to urinate.

A benadryl will help you sleep through the night, otherwise you might wake up after 4 hours or so.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you can get a nice buzz on and have a good chance of feeling just fine the next day. Also, you get what you pay for with vodka. Look for something distilled 5 times and made from pure unicorn tears or something.

u/Otto-Didact · 4 pointsr/Supplements

Morton's Lite Salt is straight-up the cheapest, though least tasty way to get both sodium AND potassium, and you probably need both. For palatability you can add Mio or Stur or a similar flavor enhancer.

Electro-Mix is an excellent option if you need potassium in particular. It's reasonably tasty for a no-sugar option. (I strongly recommend staying away from sugary things like gatorade and powerade, as advised by Chase.)

Another option is LyteShow, though it is a much pricier option than the other two. Na/K balance is pretty good though, and it is a good option if you just want to be able to add "x drops to x amount of water" without too much thinking.

I would look into a magnesium supplement as well--malate, taurate, citrate.

u/daemonfly · 4 pointsr/keto

Saw this linked here the other day.


u/redditrandomness · 4 pointsr/keto

I order my groceries through FreshDirect so technically I get 90% of my stuff online :).

That being said...the stuff I get outside of that site are:

  1. Japanese Mayo to make the spicy mayo that you get at sushi restaurants (just mix in Siracha).

  2. Emergen-C Electro Mix for my electrolytes kick.

  3. Erythritol cause....sugar.

  4. Stevia for a different sweetener used in mostly drinks/liquids where it's more difficult to dissolve the Erythritol.

  5. [Liquid Smoke] (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0005Z8NCM/ref=oh_details_o08_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)


  7. Maple flavor

  8. Awesome awesome peanut butter

  9. Kerrygold unsalted butter. My grocery store doesn't carry it :(

  10. Vitamins from various places...Vitamin D-3, Magnesium, Daily Multi-vitamin, Cod Fish Oil, etc.

    EDIT: Formatting.
u/hoosierplew · 4 pointsr/keto

I'm not saying you're going to have the same results, but here's my story.

I recently saw my nutritionist after 61 days of keto. I brought my bloodwork which had been taken the day before. Everything except my LDL cholesterol was fantastic. I mean perfect. Great kidney function, great liver function. Really good HDL. My LDL was 163, but I've always had elevated cholesterol (even when I was a vegetarian).

Now - I work out 45 - 60 mins a day, 4 days a week so part of this might be from just plain good livin', but I've lost a solid ten pounds during my time with keto. I had stalled out (I've lost about 60 lbs in the past 2 years), and keto was the ticket to get things going again. I'm getting close to my goal weight, so 10 lbs of weight loss in 2 months is a really big deal for me.

I've had exactly one day where I ate more than about 50 grams of carbs. Every other day of the past 60-ish has been pure keto. I have not suffered from the dreaded hangover. Some pointers:

  • ElectroMix is your best friend. Drink that with 25 oz of water when you get up in the morning, every single morning.

  • Shoot for 125 oz of water per day. Minimum. MIN. I. MUM.

  • Take a b-complex vitamin and a few potassium pills in addition to the ElectroMix in the morning.

  • At night, right before bed, take a calcium/magnesium pill. Don't take the magnesium in the morning or with food or it'll clean you out. This is the dreaded "keto fart effect".

  • An avocado a day keeps the cravings away. Eat one after lunch / before dinner. Perfect snack. A lil' salt and pepper and you're good to go.

  • Add cheese to everything. Making eggs? Add cheese. HEY - tuna salad? Throw some cheese on that bitch. Eating your avocado? Add that cheese, son! Cheese is your god now.

  • If you're in the good ole U-S-of-A, remember that you're usually looking at total carb counts on labels, not net carbs. Keto is concerned with net carbs.

  • Need a boost? Try Spark Energy from Advocare. It has some carbs, but not the sugar and other stuff that's really bad for you. I cut a few carbs from my day to make room for this when I have a really hard workout. Yes it's a bit pricey.

  • Miss your macros for a day? Don't sweat it. Try and stay close, but don't freak out if you're missing your macro by a gram or ten.

  • A month or two of keto won't kill you no matter what your nutritionist/mother/priest/parole officer might tell you. Just get started and you'll see the difference pretty quickly.

    Anyway - just my story. YMMV.

    Good luck!
u/entitydc · 3 pointsr/diabetes

Be careful if you're getting sick, and as others have said, make sure you always have insulin on board. The risk is increased because you're consistently producing ketones and imbalances in BS+ketones will lead to DKA. So you have to be even more vigilant about BS & insulin levels, but that turns out to be a lot easier when you're not eating carbs. :)

I've been doing keto pretty frequently for several months now, only taking a few days off over the course of it, and I feel amazing. I probably average 40-60 carbs a day and don't seem to exit keto at those levels.

/r/keto is a good resource as well. I've found that magnesium/potassium/sodium levels are really important for me, so I drink sugar-free Emergenc Electrolyte Mix frequently (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002HWRY5S/).

u/runhomequick · 3 pointsr/keto

Here is your solution.


However, it doesn't contain sodium, so I throw in a few fast food salt packets.

u/A_Hendo · 3 pointsr/Supplements

I take extra electrolytes with on a ketogenic diet, I use Emergen-C or however it’s spelt. Little green packets, don’t taste great but always felt they worked well. Ordered them from amazon.

Edit: Linky link

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/keto

I'm a big fan of ElectroMix. I have one packet a day.

u/SugaFairy · 3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

I’m the same way. You might be low on electrolytes. A nutritionist once told me that electrolytes help your body absorb the water. There’s a product called, “Electromix” that works really well. One box will last you months. Sugar free. You can get it on amazon:


u/approachablejalapeno · 3 pointsr/Swimming

I use this: Emergen-C ElectroMix Electrolyte Replacement (Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, 30-Count 0.14 oz. Packets) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002HWRY5S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_kxRzCbE8DS711

u/Statici · 3 pointsr/Epilepsy

Well, the main side effects I have experienced are:

  • Minor auditory and visual hallucinations when weaning up (but they go away after a few weeks and aren't hard to deal with)

  • Dehydration: Get some gatorade mix. I use electro-mix drinking two-3 nalgenes with a packet or two in each one; if I don't, my lips get super parched, and my eczema breaks out by my elbows.

  • Frustration: Not anger. Initially (when weaning up) when I can't do something, it pulls on me in a weird way that's hard to explain. Kinda motivates me to do more though, which is actually nice.

    Those are the main three, I have some older posts and journals written about this, but if nothing else, the side effects disappear over time (minus the dehydration part, that is still with me two years in). It takes a long time for that (many months if not a year or two) but as of right now, I don't even really think about "being sober" anymore - this is my new sober. It will cause a little bit of a shift in personality, and my friends/family have commented on that before, but...such is life. We change as people over time anyways; this is just a thing to accept.

    Good luck! Hopefully it controls your seizures!
u/hitogokoro · 3 pointsr/keto

Why is no one telling him about his electrolytes?

When I started to follow protocols from /r/ketogains and /r/bodyweightfitness and /r/c25k and such, Keto did not pose an issue in terms of strength or energy; the problem was my electrolytes!

If you exercise very hard, you may experience what I did: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyponatremia

Basically, it feels like you are going to die. You throw up over and over and cannot stop, and it just feels like death is upon you lol. I drank more water thinking it was dehydration, but this actually exacerbated the effect by washing out even more electrolytes from my system.

If you are using Magnesium Citrate, NoSalt, and Chicken Broth to supplement your Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium already (to prevent keto flu, for instance) then you are already good to go. If not, you will need something like this: Emergen-C Electro Mix ( http://www.amazon.com/Emergen-C-Electro-Mix-Lemon-Lime-30-count/dp/B002HWRY5S ) or just Powerade Zero (no sugar drinks of course!)

Do not underestimate the nightmare hat is hyponatremia when it comes to a fully Ketogenic diet (which is often slightly deficient in Sodium, Potassium, and/or Magnesium)!!!

Edit: other accounts http://www.reddit.com/r/keto/comments/1tbml4/dont_be_like_me_get_your_electrolytes/

u/ki1iara · 3 pointsr/keto

The FAQ here has guidelines of:

  • 5000 mg of sodium chloride
  • 1000 mg of potassium, in the form of potassium chloride or potassium sulfate
  • 300 mg of magnesium

    Personally I get a quick sodium fix every day by having a lunch at work that is just a cup of broth made with 2 bouillon cubes (almost 2g sodium right there) and topped off with heavy cream.

    Electro Mix is a great and cheap way to get electrolytes.

u/Eric578 · 2 pointsr/keto

bleh, get a good electrolyte water like this one: http://amzn.com/B002HWRY5S

Get off the artificial sweeteners, you'll feel better and after a long enough break when you taste them again they'll be pretty disgusting :)

My goto drink at a restaurant is unsweetened iced tea now, with a squeeze of lemon.

u/mizzlet · 2 pointsr/boston

I think pedialyte is a great fix but I found these BADASS Emergen-c electrolyte packets that have no sugar like the regular packs and almost double the potassium.


u/hannoush · 2 pointsr/migraine

Somebody here suggested this sugarless electro mix. I love it. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B002HWRY5S

u/tanktank1 · 2 pointsr/xxketo

Hey! So those are actually not the right ones- those are vit c and pretty high in carbs- here are the ones I meanelectro

u/coloradoKeto · 2 pointsr/keto

Cheers to this. I do a packet of the Emergen-c electrolytes (link) add a little no-salt and also a little salt. It gives me the feeling I get when drinking a gatorade without the pound of sugar.

u/colloidaloatmeal · 2 pointsr/cycling

Well this thread is a shitshow, but my long ride snacks usually consist of: cheese. All the cheese. Cheese crisps. Nuts, nuts, and more nuts. Nut butter packets. Jerky/sausage/cured meats. Sometimes low-carb protein bars. Seed crackers (Trader Joe's). If it's cold enough outside for me to transport it without it getting spoiled, I love putting Kerrygold butter on just about anything I'm eating.

If I feel low on electrolytes I like this stuff, and sometimes I'll mix in some Lite Salt as well. I take magnesium glycinate at night and I salt the crap out of my food so I don't find that I typically need to consume a ton of extra electrolytes on long rides.

I haven't tried MCT oil powder mixed into water yet, but supposedly it's awesome for fueling endurance rides.

u/fanaticus · 2 pointsr/keto

Here you go!

It's not the best taste in the world, but definitely passable. I try and drink one every other day.

u/sheliftsketo · 2 pointsr/keto

I lift heavy and usually follow with about 30 minutes worth of tabata-style cardio and treadmill and on my first round of keto, I felt HORRIBLE when I finished for the first week. This time around, I know better.

I do a Powerade Zero and [dump one of these in it] (http://www.amazon.com/EMERGEN-C-ELECTRO-MIX-Lemon-Lime-4-2/dp/B002HWRY5S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421278358&sr=8-1&keywords=electrolyte+mix). If I'm feeling iffy about my sodium intake, I'll sprinkle some light salt in the drink as well.

u/RGandhi3k · 2 pointsr/keto

Good for you! Though, if that's tastes a dreadful as it sounds, try this : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002HWRY5S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_4P3-yb6FMSCK4

u/BlackWinging · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

There are a few cheap electrolyte mix options out there that you could look into, I've tried this one and liked it, tasted pleasant. It doesn't have any sodium so you may want to grab some sodium bicarbonate to throw in.

Nuun isn't terrible either, lesser amounts of everything but has some sodium, couple of the flavors are pretty good.

As mentioned taurine helps, it's also dirt cheap at bulk powder sites.

Lastly, watch how much you take at once and the speed with which you drink it. Keep the doses sane and you'll be fine.

u/wrtChase · 2 pointsr/keto

If you don't mind buying, 1 of these makes 1L and they taste great:

u/mechanicalmayhem · 2 pointsr/keto

I just recently started using this on recommendation from another thread...and it works wonders for me with getting the potassium/magnesium/electrolytes. For someone who runs/bikes 6 out of 7 days this stuff is almost mandatory while doing keto.


u/xicana63 · 2 pointsr/xxketo

This bad boy! So the red/orange container is gelatin you can make into jello and the green one is gelatin that won't gel and you can put into your coffee. But what really helps me is using the red/orange container gelatin to make jello with Powerade Zero or I'll use water that's been mixed with Emergen-C Electro Mix and sugar-free syrup for flavor.

From my research stay away from Knox gelatin (yucky taste) and Sugarfree Jello (only has a minute quantity of actual gelatin).

When making jello with this gelatin use these instructions (taken from the first review in Amazon for this gelatin, but I modified it a little to make it keto-friendly):

"i start off by mixing 1 cup of COLD liquid with the 2 tablespoons of gelatin in the measuring cup.
keep mixing till all the gelatin has been mixed with the liquid, don't leave any chunks.
then let sit for 5 mins. This will bloom the gelatin.

After the 5 mins, dump the cup of liquid/gelatin into a dish, and then clean your measuring cup, then pour
another cup of liquid into your measuring cup. I then microwave this cup for 2 minutes (maybe another minute after i test it)
then take it out to measure the temperature. you want to try to get the liquid around 160F degrees. (should be pretty hot to the touch)

then i mix in the sweetner [I don't add any] to taste, then add the hot liquid to the cold, and mix it.
it should all be clear after you mix them together, and then i leave it sit on the counter for a few minutes,
then put it in the fridge. It takes a few hours to harden."

I eat it all, I try to make 2 tablespoons of gelatin by daily dose so I use half the liquid mentioned above so there is less jello to eat because even then there is still a lot of jello to eat!

Let me know if I'm not clear! I can type slower than I think!

u/MacPho13 · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

You may need more electrolytes. You're probably sweating a lot and plain water sometimes needs a boost!

Pick up some electrolyte packets. I like ElectoMix by EmergenC. I keep a couple in my purse and my yoga bag. All you need is a cup or bottle of water to mix the powder in and you're ready to go!

Nuun makes electrolyte tablets. They reforms latex their product a year or two ago and it tastes pretty good. Same with the ElectoMix, just mix it with water and you're set.





u/LavernicaDeLuca · 2 pointsr/keto

Even with broth and Powerade Zero, you may not be getting enough potassium and magnesium. Powerade Zero has piddly amounts of potassium (1% per serving) and I'm not even seeing magnesium on the nutrition label.

Get some lite salt (or half salt) and use it liberally. This will increase how much sodium and potassium you're getting. And try Electro Mix for more potassium and 30% of your daily magnesium. You can also eat nuts and/or take a supplement.

I went through this phase as well and what helped me was to eat COLD fats. Eat a salad slathered in fatty dressing, tuna salad smothered in mayo, shredded chicken dipped in ranch dressing, etc. It helped me a LOT, as did upping my magnesium and potassium.

And don't force fat down your throat. If all you can handle is lean meat, eat that. If you hit your protein goal and eat under your carb limit, you're good to go.

u/Coookiepuss · 2 pointsr/xxketo

I bought this stuff

I usually mix it with water flavoring stuff since the lemon-lime flavor isn't very strong. I dig it!

u/ghosttype · 1 pointr/keto

I meant the protein powder as strawberry. I had some of the Phase8 by Muscletech for that (which honestly isn't all that great...) but the flavor was there (http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/muscletech/phase8.html). Electromix is actually pretty decent through (http://amzn.com/B002HWRY5S)

u/Caldude · 1 pointr/keto

Would something like this in addition to eating leafy greens and such be something good?

u/fromdario · 1 pointr/leangains

Appreciate the detailed response. I also noticed cutting was easier during lower protein (I wonder how much of that was muscle mass?).

Based on your comments about micronutrients...

I drink a lot of water and live in a warm climate. A doc friend told me to supplement electrolytes esp during workout days. I noticed big difference in how I felt/tiredness when I started taking these electrolytes before workouts.

I think it's easy to ignore the micronutrients especially when you are more concentrated on macros/cals. I also take this, which seems to cover most micronutrients, in case I miss those in food/supplements.

u/itsbecomingathing · 1 pointr/keto

I discovered Emergen-C Electrolytes through this sub. Now my husband makes a glassful too instead of relying on gatorade after his basketball games.

I also use magnesium oil on my legs to help with leg cramps. Whenever I drink alcohol (wine typically) my legs will cramp at night. Water and magnesium helps with that.

u/JXRDVN · 1 pointr/keto

but who was FAQ?

If you read the FAQ (almost) everyone loses weight in the beginning, has a stall for around a month or at least a few weeks, then weight loss picked up.

2 weeks isn't that long of a time for a stall, just keep eating as you should and don't weigh yourself as often.

Get some electrolytes for the exhaustion, here are two good choices on amazon: Celtic Sea Salt Electrolyte Powder and Emergen-C Electro Mix

u/wuweime · 1 pointr/keto

I'd consider either carrying a bunch of these:


Or making my own ketoade concentrate and putting it in a clean water bottle (emptying out a Dasani bottle). Or both!

My ten-serving ketoade concentrate recipe:

  1. One 10oz bottle of magnesium citrate.
  2. Ten tablespoons of lemon juice from concentrate
  3. 50 grams of Morton's Lite Salt
  4. 10 good squirts of MiO lemonade flavor
  5. A little warm water to help the "salt" go into solution

    The above assumes that I'm getting some more salts from other sources. I also add in a multivitamin that includes some potassium and magnesium. Otherwise, what other folks here are saying - at the high end of what's needed for protein. Enough fat for satiety.

    If you don't mind toting it, a head of cabbage stays good for a long time out of the fridge and the leaves make good carriers for tuna (I'm thinking packets of tuna in oil + packets of mayonnaise + seasoning of your choice).
u/NotATARDIS · 1 pointr/keto

I use Electro Mix, from the makers of emergen- c http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002HWRY5S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

The taste is okay and I drink it daily.

u/ketoll · 1 pointr/keto

I just drink one these electro mixes mixed into my water each day. It makes it really easy and convenient. I leave a box at home and one at work.

If I get a really bad headache, I pop one of these Potassium supplements and it goes away in about 10 minutes.

u/zeeks91 · 1 pointr/fasting

Good points.

In the OP I mentioned I'm also taking Electro Mix which does contain other electrolytes. Here's a link to the product if you're interested in checking it out: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002HWRY5S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I've supplemented with Magnesium / Potassium in the past but have found that Electro Mix + salt water works for me. I also have electrolyte capsules that I carry with me but have rarely had to use them.

I know that Vitamin D is fat-soluble, but haven't really dug into researching whether or not it's completely useless to take while fasting. If it has even a fraction of the benefit it normally has I'd consider it worth it and if not, oh well I wasted a few bucks. I'll take it just in case though.

u/Amesicle · 1 pointr/xxketo

You can find Natural Calm on Amazon, for sure. It's a powder.

ElectroMix should be near Emergen-C stuff. But you can probably order it from Amazon, too, that might be the easiest way:


Some people were mentioning that electromix had been re-formulated and now has sugar, so make sure to double-check the label before buying or taking!

u/brewyet · 1 pointr/keto

Someone recommend this one: http://www.amazon.com/Emergen-C-Electro-Mix-30-count/dp/B002HWRY5S/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1335381599&sr=1-1-catcorr

Its got zero carb, mine is in the mail right so I'm looking forward to test it. I think Hammer makes a low carb electrolyte blend too,

u/psywiped · 1 pointr/keto

if your sweating at work you should add something like Alacer Electro Mix to at least 2 bottles a night.

u/elai · 1 pointr/BurningMan

What kind of powder can we buy that has the proper electrolyte balance, and isn't loaded with sugar. I like electro-mix when I work out, but I'm wondering if there is anything better.

u/cardioismytherapy · 1 pointr/keto

This is my same routine and I felt like I was having the same issue, especially while working out. My legs felt so fatigued and heavy. I started drinking a glass of Electro Mix before working out and it has helped a lot. It's only 10 calories per packet so it should not kick you out of your fast. Even if supplements aren't for you, make sure your electrolytes are in check.

u/QNIA42Gf7zUwLD6yEaVd · 1 pointr/videos

Electro Mix and salt in his food should take care of this.

u/alexrose · 1 pointr/TrollXChromosomes

That what it seems like to us. I'm not a doctor (or a dietician, or have any training in this shit) of course, but there are some other anecdotal things that have fallen into place once I realized that I felt bad because I needed some damn minerals and salts.

We buy the mixture at Amazon

That particular one is an add-on item, but there are some that are prime eligible. We get like four boxes sent once a month, and we drink them even when we're not on keto.

u/ebilwabbit · 1 pointr/keto

Also, muscle flutters/twitches, aching hands/feet and later on heart flutters and arrhythmia.

Headaches that don't go away with tylenol/ibuprofen or migraine meds are more common than actual migraines, but are also one of the first signs of sodium deficiency.

I like these packets: They're cheapest if you buy the 5-box quantity, but even $0.20 a packet isn't too terrible since it tastes nice and has zero carbs. http://www.amazon.com/EMERGEN-C-ELECTRO-MIX-Lemon-Lime-4-2/dp/B002HWRY5S/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1421521222&sr=8-2&keywords=electro+mix

u/Cosmic_Chimp · 1 pointr/steroids

Emergen-C makes a mix.

u/what_34 · 1 pointr/carnivore

okay. Are you getting your potassium? That's the one I'm wondering about.

I drink this to get added potassium (electrolytes)

u/assclone · 1 pointr/SeattleWA

My go to are the Emergen-C electrolyte packets, they're relatively inexpensive and while they may not taste amazing a packet will make a liter and they don't have all the sugar that gatorade has.

Edit: Or if I'm planning ahead I'll grab a coconut water or two.

u/Mischieftess · 1 pointr/keto

Congrats! Try these for the ion deficiency problem (stevia, no carbs): EMERGEN-C ELECTRO MIX Lemon-Lime, 30 ct, 4.2 oz https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002HWRY5S/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_H5U3wbHKM9PRV

u/ghostforest · 1 pointr/xxketo

Here's a link to Amazon: Electromix

u/v0idl0gic · 1 pointr/keto

I mix two of these: http://www.amazon.com/EMERGEN-C-ELECTRO-MIX-Lemon-Lime-4-2/dp/B002HWRY5S/ref=pd_bia_nav_t_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0ZWS3PPVR78PPCF95RAT, with a kool-aid package, 2 spoons of stevia (which is made to measure like sugar) and 2 liters of water. Its a easy way to get on the right track. You can also try mixing some NoSalt with your food.

u/persp73 · 1 pointr/carnivore

Hydralyte does have sugar, just less than Gatorade.

As I understand it, Vitamin C and glucose use the same receptor on the cell so they will compete, and so in a high-glucose environment you may need to consume more Vitamin C. I guess it depends on how much of this stuff you're drinking.

You might look for a better electrolyte source. I use this stuff. (Note: it's not the tastiest thing in the world.)

u/TheEliteDragon · 1 pointr/ketogains

I use these mainly on days that I work out for the electrolyte replenishment but they could probably work on a regular basis, too, to help with potassium. It's not a HUGE amount of potassium but it's another way to get it besides a salt substitute.


u/Perseverant · 1 pointr/keto

LyteShow seems to be a little expensive (I looked on amazon). I think my favorite electrolyte go-to would be this: http://www.amazon.com/EMERGEN-C-ELECTRO-MIX-Lemon-Lime-4-2/dp/B002HWRY5S/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1415343741&sr=1-1&keywords=electro+c

It's way cheaper, and it's one packet per LITER of water, plus for each packet you get more electrolytes than each serving from the LyteShow which is also 3 times more expensive per electro c box. The Electro mix also is sweetened with Stevia, has no carbs, and tastes wonderful. I'm a stickler for quality, and I am surprised how wonderful it really is. I have it on auto pay on amazon for 2 boxes per month.

u/rekstout · 1 pointr/keto

Try electro mix supplements - over 400mg per packet and no carbs


u/ByeByeFattie · 1 pointr/keto

I just followed the suggestions in the FAQ, so I went out and bought the highest does of Magnesium supplements I could find. The FAQ suggests Potassium Sulfate or Potassium Chloride, but I unfortunately could only find Potassium Gluconate, which is what I use. But if you can find what they list in the FAQ, i'd go with that. Something about the suffix "gluco-" doesn't seem keto-friendly to me. I also bought Benefiber to keep myself regular, and I use salt liberally. And I take a multi-vitamin. A cup of chicken broth was all I needed for the one headache I got in my first 2 weeks.

Emergen-C makes a supplement powder called Electro-Mix that makes a lemon-lime, sports drink type thing with electrolytes. Full disclosure, though: it tastes kind of yucky, IMO. It doesn't have enough flavor to really stand on its own, so it just tastes like you're drinking water that is "off." I'm thinking of adding lime juice, or maybe putting it in seltzer water to see if it tastes better.

This is what worked for me! Obviously every body is different, but I think it's a good place to start! Good luck!

u/fickfrosch71 · 1 pointr/keto

Emergen-C Electro Mix Lemon is one of the best things out there.

u/JunkFood32 · 1 pointr/fasting

I've used these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002HWRY5S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_CmXuDbBTBJ40E
while on keto before. It's 10 calories, but that shouldn't end your fast by any means. It also doesn't have sodium, so you'd need to add some salt. I wouldn't pay more than $15 for any electrolyte mix.

u/sndrsfan · -1 pointsr/keto

Don't despair. Btw not promoting amazon since I don't get referrals or anything. But to let you know there IS an alternative. 3 carbs but hey more manageable and when I'm refereeing it's better than anything I've found. Darned if I know where the carbs are