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5. Great Lakes Gelatin, Collagen Hydrolysate, Unflavored Beef Protein, Kosher, 16 Oz Can

  • COLLAGEN FOR SKIN, HAIR & NAILS: Daily use of collagen peptides may smooth wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and hide cellulite & stretch marks. The unique combination of amino acids in concentrated levels can be vital for promote healing and conditioning.
  • SKIN AND HAIR – As we age collagen production declines and you may notice it with looser skin, more wrinkles, and less elasticity. When you increase collagen levels you notice the skin looking firmer, increased smoothness, and keeping skin cells renewing and repairing normally.
  • EASY TO TAKE: Extremely soluble in both hot or cold liquids without any smell or taste. It can be taken in the morning, afternoon or in the evening. Can be digested and absorbed by the body quickly for maximum benefits. 12g Collagen Powder per Serving: We provide a scoop to measure it. The container isn’t full as it has to leave room for the scoop. Our product quantity is based on the weight, not the canister size.
  • DIETARY CHOICES: Excellent collagen supplement for most dietary choices. PALEO & KETO Friendly. No added sugars or sweeteners. Gluten / cholesterol / mercury / dairy free. Flavorless & odorless.
  • JOINTS – When we lose collagen, the tendons and ligaments start moving with less ease, leading to stiffness, and swollen joints. When you increase collagen, it is like greasing your joints to help you move around easily, reduce joint pain, and reduce the risk of joint deterioration.
Great Lakes Gelatin, Collagen Hydrolysate, Unflavored Beef Protein, Kosher, 16 Oz Can
Height3.149606296 Inches
Length2.1259842498 Inches
Number of items1
Release dateSeptember 2015
Size1 Pound (Pack of 1)
Weight1 Pounds
Width9.3700787306 Inches
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7. NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk Caps 500 mg, Non-GMO Project Verified, Natural Soluble Fiber, Intestinal Health*, 500 Veg Capsules

  • INTESTINAL HEALTH/HELPS MAINTAIN REGULARITY: Psyllium has the ability to swell up to 50 times its initial volume when added to liquid. This bulking action can play an important role in maintaining regularity and gastrointestinal health.
  • NATURAL SOLUBLE FIBER: Surveys have shown that the fiber content of the American diet is typically about half of government recommended levels. Now Psyllium Husk capsules can be a convenient way to increase the intake of dietary fiber.
  • CERTIFICATIONS/CLASSIFICATIONS: Non-GMO project verified, kosher, vegan/vegetarian, soy free, made without gluten, corn free, keto friendly
  • GMP Quality Assured: Now closely adheres to both mandatory U.S. FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) regulations and voluntary Natural Products Association (NPA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations. Good manufacturing practices ensure compliance with sanitation, processing, documentation, and testing requirements that are designed to promote consistent, highly reproducible product quality and safety.
  • Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968
  • During the summer months products may arrive warm, but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations, when provided.
NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk Caps 500 mg, Non-GMO Project Verified, Natural Soluble Fiber, Intestinal Health*, 500 Veg Capsules
Height4 Inches
Length6 Inches
Number of items1
Release dateFebruary 2008
Size500 Count (Pack of 1)
Weight0.21 Pounds
Width5 Inches
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9. LyteShow Sugar-Free Electrolyte Supplement for Hydration and Immune Support - 40 Servings - Keto Friendly - Zinc and Magnesium for Rapid Rehydration, Workout, Muscle Recovery and Energy - Vegan

  • RAPID REHYDRATION - Add LYTEshow ionic liquid concentrate to 32 oz. of water to create an isotonic beverage that rapidly replaces a full balance of electrolytes and fluids.
  • COMPLETE ELECTROLYTE FORMULA – Includes ionic magnesium, an essential electrolyte known to be critical for energy conversion, muscle function and nerve conduction. Plus sodium, chloride, potassium electrolytes, trace minerals and zinc.
  • DON’T GET RUN DOWN - Formulated with zinc, known to provide immune support while electrolytes help with muscle recovery and energy, fluid balance regulation within the cells, and proper brain function for energy conversion and metabolism.
  • JUST THE STUFF YOU NEED - You won't find calories, sugars, sweeteners, carbohydrates, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives here! Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto Friendly & Whole30 Approved. 3rd Party Tested and Made in the USA.
  • FLAVOR: Slightly tart and salty. Can be added to either cold or hot water as well as to smoothies, tea, and even carbonated beverages. If you're sensitive to the mineral flavor, we recommend adding less or mix with a squeeze of lemon or splash of juice!
LyteShow Sugar-Free Electrolyte Supplement for Hydration and Immune Support - 40 Servings - Keto Friendly - Zinc and Magnesium for Rapid Rehydration, Workout, Muscle Recovery and Energy - Vegan
Height2 Inches
Length6 Inches
Number of items1
Release dateOctober 2017
Size2 Piece Assortment
Weight6.8 ounces
Width5 Inches
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11. Natural Vitality Calm #1 Selling Magnesium Citrate Supplement, Anti-Stress Magnesium Supplement Drink Mix Powder - Original Flavor, Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-GMO (Package May Vary), 16oz 113 Servings

  • CALM MAGNESIUM POWDER: Healthy dietary supplement in an unflavored powder form that helps support healthy magnesium levels and supports a calming and uniquely relaxing experience
  • STRESS RELIEF: Nature’s Our Natural Vitality Calm gives your body the fundamental nutrients your body may be lacking to help with stress so you can maintain optimal health
  • ANTI-STRESS DRINK: A vegan and gluten free anti-stress drink mix that is formulated with magnesium sourced from the Pacific Ocean to promote a healthy calm
  • EASY TO PREPARE: Start with half teaspoon (1g) daily and gradually increase to two teaspoons (4g) per day as needed. Place the magnesium powder supplement in a glass or mug, add water, let it fizz, then stir until dissolved and you’re one cup away from a calm experience. Can be taken with or without food
  • MULTI-AWARD: 2018 Better Nutrition Best of Supplements Award, 2017 VR Vity Award, 2016 Clean Eating Clean Choice Award, 2015 DL Supplement Award, 2015 TFL Essentials Award to name a few
  • Note: Product is Magnesium Carbonate in the bottle. Once mixed with water, it turns to Magnesium Citrate.
Natural Vitality Calm #1 Selling Magnesium Citrate Supplement, Anti-Stress Magnesium Supplement Drink Mix Powder - Original Flavor, Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-GMO (Package May Vary), 16oz 113 Servings
Height7.51 Inches
Length2.75 Inches
Number of items1
Release dateJuly 2015
Size16 Ounce (Pack of 1)
Weight0.661386786 Pounds
Width2.75 Inches
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u/mackenhard · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

Etsy has really pretty jewelry! A few of my favorites I've seen lately (or ones I've purchased as gifts for friends/family) fave 1, fave 2, fave 3

You said she has a ton of scarves, does she have something more like a cowl? They seem to be super popular lately, and sometimes scarves just don't give you the warmth you want like a cowl does. Here's a cool lookin' one.

Does she have cuddl duds? I have like three pairs and they are the most amazing thing ever. I live in the midwest and pretty sure these are the reason I still have all my limbs after 30+ mins of waiting at bus stops. My favorite is this kind, the 'flexfit' cuz it has a v-neck and has that loop for your thumbs - this would something she'd probably like to wear for running too maybe? They have matching legging/pants version as well.

Some other generic go-to's would be a perfume set from Sephora. The kind that comes with like 10 mini vials and then a voucher for a free full size of whichever you want from the set. Pretty sweet since you don't have to wonder what scent she'd like and even if she already has a fave perfume this gives her a chance to maybe find a new favorite.

This is kind of random, but have you heard of those fruit tablet things that change your taste buds? They sell them here and they're only like $14, I'm giving some as gifts in a gift basket with lemons/limes/grapefruit which from the reviews say they're the most fun to try.

Does she have any TOMS? That's always a great gift. Even in the winter they have different kinds that are more durable rather than the typical slip on TOMS.

A nicer necklace would be great too. My bf got me one from Swarovski for our one year and it was like...the best gift I've ever received. Some of their stuff is kitschy (hello kitty necklaces) but they really have some amazing pendants like this, this, and this.

Does she like reading? A nook could be cool! Or kindle fire, whatever they have out now.

These would be awesome! I've been wanting something like this forever. They were also featured on Shark Tank so that's kind of cool.

How uh...weird is she? This mug looks hilarious. But a more normal & cool looking one would be this!

Looking for mittens and she likes cats? Here ya go!

Wellllp that's all I can come up with right now, hopefully something helped!! :)

u/ViviElnora · 2 pointsr/childfree

I don't have an eating disorder and I am not a doctor, so I don't know if this is the right way to handle things, so you should check with your doctor or psychiatrist before doing most of this. I have, among other things, an anxiety disorder, and Bipolar NOS, so I am basing my advice on what I have learned about self care from those, and on recommendations that my grandfather was given to help with his heartburn. Also, if this is sound advice for ED, I'm sure you know all this, but often when I'm going through a rough patch, I need someone to tell me to do my self care stuff.

If you haven't already, go through your kitchen and get rid of or lock up most of your high calorie/low nutrition food and everything that is really acidic. Go shopping for foods that are nutrient rich and lower acid. Also, get something like Ensure or Boost, it will help both with nutrition and lowering the acidity in your stomach. Eat mostly fruits and vegetables (you don't have to be vegan, you can still have meat, just eat it in moderation), and make sure you are eating enough insoluble fiber (whole grains, carrots, apples with the peels, leafy green vegetables, etc.). Stay hydrated and chew thoroughly. Eating like this will help get your food through your stomach faster. Taking a walk after eating helps too. ^1

If you haven't already, talk to your psychiatrist about taking vitamins (including a D3 supplement, the farther from the equator you are, the less you get naturally), calcium, and a probiotic. My psychiatrist recommend I take prenatal vitamins (I'm sorry, I know this could be hard for you right now). She told me they really should be the standard woman's vitamins, because most women need the extra folic acid, regardless of their plans for children. As for what kind of multivitamin to take, I recommend the Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins. They don't have iron, so they are easier on your stomach and don't interfere with the absorption of calcium. I also like Vitafusion's Calcium. I have found that taking a calcium supplement helps with my heartburn. A probiotic (I don't know why but every time I try to type probiotic, it changes to phobic) should help the rest of your digestive tract cope better. I like gummy supplements because they are their own reward for taking them (I think they taste like regular gummies), and because they are chewed up, they should be absorbed faster.

Add something fun to your morning routine, something you will look forward to doing. I love to read, so I make sure to have time to read while I'm eating my breakfast (but I have to be sure to set a timer or get to work early enough to eat there, otherwise I get too distracted and end up running late which makes me stressed for the whole day).

Make yourself do something to treat yourself everyday. Get your nails done, get a massage, buy a new book or shoes or a movie, take a bath, go for a walk, something that normally makes you feel good or you have been wanting to try for awhile. Just doing something you normally find pleasurable, even if you don't really feel like doing it right now, can help you feel better.

And remember, even though we don't know you in the real world, we care about you. ❤ You are one of us, someone who understands how hard it is to live in a parent centric society, and we want you to be happy.

^1 Unless you have a medical condition that affects your diet, you should be fine making these changes without talking to your doctor first.

u/olafurherbal · 1 pointr/ibs

Hi Julie,

It took me over a year to alleviate most of my constipation but all the above definitely helped.

-Slippery Elm - 1 Capsule 2x a day - taken between meals. Good for calming inflammation in stomach and helps repair and coat the stomach lining. Also helps with constipation and diarrhea. Makes a big difference on settling down stomach and soothing stomach pains. It can lower blood pressure.

-Psyllium Husk - 1 Capsule 2x a day (for moderate to severe constipation) - taken between meals. A gentle insoluble fiber and really does a good job of moving things along.

-Marshmallow Root - 1 capsule 2x a day - taken between meals. Similar to Slippery Elm benefits. Very good for stomach lining. It can lower blood pressure.

-Magnesium Oil Spray - Good for calming the body and for aiding digestion. I do 6-8 sprays on my stomach and chest before bed. Helps constipation and aid digestion.

-Triphala - Generally good for digestion. Helps fight H Pylori and helps with Detoxification. I take 1/8 to 1/4th tsp every night. Mixes in water.

-Tulsi (Holy Basil) - Good for all around health and promote energy and sleep. I take 1/8 tsp every night. Mixes in water.



They've been pivotal in restoring more balance to my stomach, digestion, and overall health.

I've resolved on taking three different probiotic products because variety can help crowd out H Pylori and heal your stomach overall.

-Custom Probiotics - 11 Strain Probiotic Powder - 100 Gram
It seems expensive but it's super cost efficient and lasted me about year which is amazing.
For dosage, I only use the small plastic spoon that it comes with because the standard dosage of "260 billion" per day seems a little too intense to me.
I started with taking 25 billion (one small plastic spoonful) per day mixed in water. Stomach upset and gas is normal at the beginning stages so starting small helps your stomach get acclimated to the new strains.
I'm up to 100 billion per day (4 small plastic spoonful) now, 30 minutes to 1 hour before a meal.

-Renew Life Extra Care Probiotic - Ultimate Flora - 150 billion - 30 Capsules
This probiotic is amazing for adding tremendous amount of variety to the strains in your stomach. It also contains "L Reuteri" which is effective in reducing and suppressing H Pylori.
Whenever I start a new bottle, I start with approximately 1/4 capsule (I open up the capsule and pour some it's contents in water) for the first week and move up to 1/2 capsule till the end of the bottle. Makes it last longer and because I'm already supplementing with another probiotic.

-Bronson Saccharomyces Boulardii - 20 Billion - 180 capsules
Good for restoring balance to gut biome. I start out with half a capsule (approx 5 billion) in water at mealtime, once per day.


Timing of Probiotics


This was a super tricky thing to figure out. A lot of conflicting reports on what time you should take it, with food, without food, at bedtime, or first thing in the morning.

Here's the best two times that have worked for me. I go back and forth to accommodate schedule changes if need be:

  1. 30 Minutes Before Breakfast - Custom Probiotics and Renew Life mixed in water.
    Take S Boulardii with other food enzymes. Make sure to take herbal antibiotics at another meal time.

  2. 30 Minutes Before Dinner - Custom Probiotics and Renew Life mixed in water.
    S Boulardii with other food enzymes. Make sure to take herbal antibiotics at another meal time.
u/GregCanFast · 1 pointr/decaf

I'll give a bit of contrary advice/experience. I (37 yo male) had many of the same symptoms (and to a lesser extent still do, which I'll explain). Anyway, I "quit" coffee twice (cold turkey, month of Dec 2017 and Dec 2018) hoping it would be the fix for these, but honestly besides the first week of headaches didn't notice much difference. It was not the "miracle cure" I was hoping it would be. And I still wanted to have a 'hot drink' at hand all the time so re-filled mug with hot-water from the office coffee pot constantly each AM so it was just as compulsive.

You should probably still try and it may be great!! ...but for OPs list of symptoms you almost certainly need to do other things too. Especially increase water, regularly moderate exercise/fresh air, etc. So what did "help" for me?:

  • Intermittent fasting (16:8, where you do 16 hrs fasting or 8pm-noon no food and 8-hr eating (noon-8 pm), with 24-hr on some may know about this but this FAQ is v helpful, it is simple Helped digestion too.
  • Vitamin D (as in here with omega 3 fish doctor said in our modern life everyone should take vitamin D) or
  • For a while I did magnesium for sleeping (for me it has been early awakening (3-4am) not falling to sleep or "golden milk"/turmeric but exercise (though not late evening) seems to be best sleep aid
  • Liver pills (can't decide if those helped or just piggybacked on the other stuff, but they are basically good dose of Vitamin B which is often recommended, sometimes called a B-complex)
  • regular exercise - I joined a $35 free-weight only gym, and do stronglifts 5x5 It is also very simple, and I can tell a difference the months I make it ~9-12 times and the months I make it 0-3 times Outdoors, whether or not you are "forest bathing" :) is also obviously great. If anything else if you can get yourself up and out for a 20 min phone free walk before you get ready for day - after a big glass of water - 5 days in a in a row you may be surprised. Could do this before you ty quitting coffee or before you make your coffee if you still debating quitting. Huge help with energy throughout day and "resilience" vs giving up/defeatist by default, also some improvement with posture, tension in back
  • seeing a therapist re: "cognitive behavioral therapy & general (latch onto work projects or home tasks or anything) anxiety" - what flaws in thinking ("cognitive distortions" like catastrophizing (worst case), "thought projections" (my boss is probably thinking I am screwing this up right now...No! he's busy and not thinking of you at all!), ruminating, etc.
    • Much of it similar to the Stoic philosophy stuff ("Man is troubled not by events, but by the meaning he gives them. - Epictetus", know what is in your control and what you need to accept, etc), there is no shortage of this stuff online, like dailystoic, subreddits, etc),
    • personally doing this as a Christian with Catholic-intellectual-tendencies with a Catholic therapist has been helpful (e.g. your mind and body are both good, you aren't a mind trapped in a body etc, but need to undertand interaction and limits, also God's 'Providence (not trouble avoidance) in big picture, while reflecting on parable of the talents for small picture along with the Fr Roncalli/Pope John XXIII "just for today" list which is seriously great:
  • Hope some of this may help.It's been discouraging feeling like Ive wasted some good months of life and so I empathize. Good luck!!! I'll prob try quitting coffee again soon too to see if that can push over the top, but for me needed "attack from all angles" and have been focusing on the "other sides" for last 1.5 yr.
u/borahorzagobuchol · 6 pointsr/vegan

I had some time, I hope this helps, sorry that it made me pretty mad the farther in I got =)

>A vegan diet never sustained any traditional culture

This is an extremely selective take on the source material. Weston Price reported that several healthy groups of people who were lacto-vegetarian or pisco-vegan. At most this would be an argument for vegetarianism, not the omnivore diet that the author is now advocating. More importantly, the logic is terrible, even setting aside whether or not we should be taking Weston Price and his legacy foundation seriously.

There is no necessary connection between the supposed fact that no ancestral diets were vegan and the idea that a vegan diet is unhealthy. Just as there is no necessary connection between the fact that no traditional culture had a lifespan over 60 years and the fact none of them listened to the radio. Without a solid argument of why a vegan diet is unhealthy this claim only lends the appearance of providing evidence when, in fact, it relies on subsequent claims that should be accepted or dismissed on their own merit. So this ought to be dismissed entirely until the claims are established independently and then only accepted as a tenuously possible interesting explanation of other known facts.

> Vegan diets do not provide fat-soluble vitamins A and D

So she readily admits that you can get enough vitamin A by eating vegan foods, but tries to dismiss this as difficult and undone by various disorders. Well, vegan sources worked for impoverished children in Mozambique well enough. Vitamin A can also be supplemented easy enough, like for these children in Venezuela. As for the disorders, sure, lots of disorders can interfere with proper nutrition. That is why we should all go to the doctor regularly for checkups and tests, regardless of our diet. Personally, I've never even heard of a vegan being deficient in vitamin A, but anything can happen.

As for vitamin D, this is actually more important. Yes, it should concern vegans. However, it should in fact concern most everyone because tons of people in northern climates or who work indoors are deficient. It is extremely easy to supplement with vegan sources and can be readily obtained just by spending enough time in the sun. The "useable" vitamin D bit is a canard. Yes D3 has been shown by some studies to be better absorbed than vegan D2, but D2 is definitely absorbed and the solution when necessary is simply to supplement at a slightly higher level for vegans who are deficient. As above, I recommend visiting a doctor for this, they can test your blood for D levels and give a recommendation based on their findings.

>Vegan diets often rely heavily on soy

Sure, so if you have any problem with it don't eat it. There are a ton of complete sources of protein out there. I'm actually surprised that she mentioned soy protein powder and bars, because other than a couple athletes, none of the vegans I know rely on these to get enough protein.

On the other hand, if you have no problems with soy whatsoever, (and most people do not) then this is another non-issue. The last person I talked to who was having problems with soy was drinking ~2 gallons of soymilk a day. That is probably way to much, don't consume that much.

>Vegan diets do not provide vitamin K2

As someone else pointed out in this thread, the Japanese traditional food natto does provide K2 derived from its creation process. Still, having lived in Japan I wouldn't personally want to eat natto on a regular basis, or ever again. However, from what I've read this also isn't a problem for most vegans, human gut bacteria produces K2 on its own. As the blog linked to above notes, if this were a problem for vegans it would show up in the studies comparing clotting rates, but it doesn't.

> Ethical omnivorism supports a healthy planet

I can't even begin to get into how inane this argument is, which seems focused on this weak claim, "vegan diets ten[d] to demand a higher quantity of cereal grains and soy."

Once we get to the point where 70% of US grain is not going to feed livestock and all the major fisheries are not in the process of being entirely wiped out, then we can talk about the fantasy world in which bison roam freely through the towns of Kansas and all the meat we eat comes from free-range goats locally sourced in New Zealand.

I can't even tell you the number of times I hear this argument from people who I later find eating a hamburger at a local restaurant without a second thought as to where it came from, or putting a picture of sizzling bacon they got from the grocery store on their blog. The simple fact is that eliminating meat from human diet would be such a titanic reduction in environmental carrying cost to the planet that whatever fractional gain might theoretically be had from occasionally supplementing with seasonal and local free range meat to avoid complete reliance on plant matter is quite insignificant in comparison.

> Real Food > Fake Food

This isn't even an argument. It is just superstition and cultural bias wrapped up in the shell of an argument. Who cares what humans have been doing for thousands of years? Are we to bring back slavery cause it was functional much longer than the industrial wage system? For that matter, what the heck makes imprisoning cows, artificially inseminating them, machine milking them, homogenizing the milk, then churning the product until it hardens into a semi-solid state more "natural" than combining a bunch of plant based material to produce something that looks and tastes similar? If she is so worried about this "natural vs artificial" false dichotomy, she can go eat an apple (genetically modified by humans for millenia) and avoid both forms of processed food altogether.

> Vegan isn’t the answer to autoimmune disease

Right... if I only had a nickel for every time someone told me a story of two separate phenomena which they have linked as essentially causal in their mind, but which we don't even have the data yet to establish so much as a correlative link, then I wouldn't have much money cause nickels aren't worthy much. Still, this is seriously going off the deep end. She actually links to a book that claims you can treat Autism and Dyslexia by managing the gut bacteria. I don't even know for a fact that these claims are false, only that no scientist on the planet yet knows that they are true.

> You must take life to have life

Wow. Yes, field mice are killed in harvesting grain. If she is so concerned about this, why doesn't she advocate for methods of driving field mice out of their burrows before harvesting, rather than simply accepting their death? Or no longer ever feeding a single grain to cattle whose conversation to the protein that winds up for dinner is so inefficient that it requires the death of an order of magnitude more mice?

The fact is that veganism isn't about no living thing dying. My skin cells and the bacteria in my stomach are dying as we speak. Who cares? I don't believe in magical plant and amoeba souls that are somehow more important than or equivalent to the thinking, feeling, caring, sentient creatures that meat eaters kill, maim and imprison for luxury food.

Also, just to be clear, plant communication has nothing whatsoever to do with intelligence. They don't have nervous systems, they don't have brains, they don't have anything with which to cognate. The "communication" being referred to by the sourced she cites is an intentional misreading of a scientific term meant to indicate transmission of chemicals. Then again, maybe they think the Earth is intelligent because there is communication between the mantle and the core.

> Vegan diets are deficient in vitamin B12 and iron

Getting bored with her at this point. Yes, these are two vitamins of which vegans should be aware. Both can be tested, both can be supplemented if found short. You almost get the impression from this article that most meat eaters are not deficient in various nutrients. Heck, since less than 1% of people in the US are vegan and B12 is a problem specific to vegans, why are 20% of people over 50 borderline deficient in B12?

> Animal fats offer unique nutrients

Omega 3, yet another nutrient that is low for almost everybody. This is the same argument over again. Everyone in my family takes an Ovega-3 to avoid this EPA and DHA issue altogether. I'm not remotely convinced that it is necessary, the studies certainly are not conclusive. Most likely, bodily conversion of flax seed will do you fine as well as chia seeds, beans, cabbage, mangoes, wild rice, etc.

The whole "saturated fat is great" bit is still a fad not established by science. Yes, there have been a couple exploratory studies suggesting the possibility, but credible institutions like Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical and the American Heart Association still advise against it. And the bit about cholesterol is purposefully obtuse, the human body manufactures more than enough cholesterol on its own. The idea that dietary cholesterol is a "key part of wellness" is based on nothing but hot air.

u/dinkboi · 2 pointsr/PEDsR

Do you believe that the anabolic androgenic ratio rating (done in mice I know) could be a surrogate for non-AR mediated anabolism to AR mediated anabolism? You say that Test has equal effects through both mechanisms, which would be supported by this idea because it is 100:100.

Regarding androgen affinity of masteron you can see this full paper here.

You are correct that masteron has affinity for the androgen receptor, but interestingly it's androgenic rating is only 25-40, less than half that of testosterone. This could be suggestive that the majority of the effects are non-AR dependent. The hormone was originally intended for breast cancer patients, and I believe that it may mediate anabolic activity by acting as an antagonist at the estrogen receptor. By blocking receptor binding of estrogen, it may allow you to reap some of the anabolic effects (increased IGF-1, sodium retention) of estrogen without experiencing the femininization (sp?) properties.

Let me try to summarize the thoughts going around here, and see if I can suggest an option to address this.

  1. High SHBG may be good for uncoupling anabolic effects from androgenic ones in AAS
  2. AAS generally lower SHBG but have an overall anabolic effect
  3. Estrogen production/aromatase activity results in SHBG production^1
  4. Having androgen dominance in some tissues is good (tits, dick, brain [to a degree]) and bad in others (primarily hair).
  5. Estrogenic dominance may be good for anabolism (probably good for mitigating hairloss) and one way may be through elevated SHBG
  6. Estrogen mediated anabolism is likely most effective in insulin sensitive (low bodyfat) individuals
  7. Insulin, GH, IGF-1, androgens, and prolactin negatively regulate SHBG production
  8. So we see that the favorable anabolic products of estrogen reduce SHBG production. How then do we keep SHBG up, insulin sensitivity up, and favorable androgenic dominance in tissues where it matters.

    I am not sure I have the perfect answer, but here is how I plan to do it in my next cycle:

  9. Keep DHT levels slightly above normal levels systemically via Testosterone E (600mg/wk) + finastride (1mg inhibits 64% of DHT at scalp) I expect this to give me about as much DHT as my cruise dose (Yes I know its high) of 210mg/wk at which I don't notice any major hairloss on. The reason I plan to use a high dose of testosterone is because I believe that in combination with finastride it uncouples the androgenic (DHT) from it's anabolic effects to a degree. Maybe if the mouse studies were done on mice receiving AI + Finastride + Testosterone the anabolic:androgenic ratio might be more like 100:35, giving it a relatively more favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio than boldenone. Also if you look at the binding profile of testosterone from the paper I linked, I believe that it may have antagonistic effects at the progestagenic receptor, and I believe I am sensitive to progestrone activity.
  10. Keep Estrogen slightly elevated by using aromasin at sufficient doses to keep me slightly above range
  11. Use an anti-androgen at the scalp (RU58841)
  12. Use topical DHT cream at the nipple
  13. Include masteron E (300mg/wk) for extra nipple protection
  14. Include Bold Cyp (700mg/wk) because of it's relatively uncoupled anabolic to androgenic properties/ratio. Thought about using DHB instead, but in terms of it's grams/$ relative to bold cyp I am not sure the benefits of no 5-ar or aromatase activity would be worth it since boldenone already has very weak activity with aromatase and 5-ar. Additionally DHB and bold cyp share the same ratio, and despite bold cyp's reduced potency compared to DHB I could brew it at twice the concentration, so in the end I am pushing the same amount of oil.
  15. Include metformin to attempt to maintain insulin sensitivity on a modest caloric surplus
  16. Stick to /u/bznnnj 's recommended diet of 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio, high fiber, low fat (10-20%), appropriate protein (shooting for 1g/lb despite the common knowledge that only .85 is needed as I believe that improved nutrient partitioning and protein synthesis in enhanced users may necessitate increased protein, and even if that isn't the case the thermal effect of protein may improve my metabolism to keep the gains even leaner). This should hopefully keep that liver full and pumping insulin. Fat sources will be mainly animal derived (beef and eggs) with some almonds thrown in, veggies will be spinach and brocccoli (uncooked to maximize sulrophane content), fruits will be kiwis and oranges, carbs will be sweet potato (and basmati rice if this ends up being too much fiber [I currently tolerate around 50gs]). Thoughts behind this being that we want stable insulin and glucose and as such should stick to carb sources with low glycemic index/load and /u/bznnnj has already discussed the advantages of increased fructose. Animal fats are selected for fat soluble vitamins. Veggies, Fruits, and Starches are selected for good micronutrient ratios (high potassium low sodium) getting enough calcium iron and unsaturated fats etc.
  17. I am staying away from anything that has affinity for the progesterone receptor as I am not sure how it plays into all the previously mentioned mechanisms, and I have had poor reactions to them in the past.

    I thought I would include supplement choices since I am writing a book here anyways:

  18. nightime - melatonin , magnesium glycinate (2x docotors best), P5P (I have the MTHFR mutation so I take mainly active forms of B vitamins and usually above the RDA), Zinc, CoQ10, Garlic
  19. Morning - 10K IU Vit D (I have a vitamin D receptor mutation so I again go above the RDA), Vit K, B-complex, 2 xFish Oil, uridine
  20. In order to stabilize dopamine, because I believe I am susceptible to post-cycle depression due to increased dopamine sensitivity on cycle I: Don't partake in psychoactive substances on cycle (including coffee), and utilize the Mr. Happy Stack (crossovers from /r/nootropics will know this is Uridine + Fish oil + and Choline (get choline from my eggs)) and off cycle I use a mixture of microdosed and periodic full doses of LSD to improve my dopamine sensitivity (and to deepen spiritual connection), modafinil, and caffeine and L-theanine to help me with the androgenic comedown.

    I am on the fence about including HCG, because I was running it on a cruise for a while, but it was aggravating my pubertal gyno and when I went to get my bloodwork I found that I had above range prolactin and in range estrogen and test. I was only on AI + Test + 500IU HCG/wk administered E3D. I may include it just to improve lipid metabolism, and increase estrogenic tone, because boldenone seems to act similarly to masteron insofar as it has not well understood anti-androgen effects.

    Sorry for the manifesto.
u/basil_is_cool · 1 pointr/loseit

Glad I can help! Feel free to PM me for rants, encouragement, or general stuff too (:

People will laugh or think you're crazy, but you can turn around and say, "Yeah but do you know how much a proper serving of rice is?" Most don't. It's crazy when you really measure. This is a decent starting point, and go with sedentary as your activity level then add back your workout calories instead. The macros it provides are pretty good (:

Chicken is one of my favorites as it super easy to prep. Turkey is more for lunch meat type of stuff which I like to snack on sometimes (:

With fish, I'm a huge fan of white fish so cod is one I like a lot. I used to eat a lot more salmon, but it's harder to find well sourced salmon where I'm at, so I stick to cod if I want it or crave it, but otherwise I'm eating mainly chicken, top sirloin (choice grade, it's leaner, but I try to get grass-fed, this is beef, btw), or sometimes pork chops too.

As for protein shakes, I do drink one (Gold Standard Whey,, it is AMAZING and tastes like hot chocolate. Plus it's one of the highest rated out there). I drink it after my workouts normally. If I eat enough protein during the day, I'll cut it down to a half serving instead (:

Also on the topic of measuring food, I usually will weigh my meat before I cook it, but I sometimes forget to, and I'll just weigh it cooked. On MyFitnessPal, there are choices for uncooked vs cooked, so keep an eye out for things like that.

Little steps are going to take you super far (: I'm right there with ya!

u/feathereddinos · 6 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

You're so welcome!

Hmm, I see. That is strange. I'm not an expert, but,,,

Perhaps it would be that:

- You are sensitive to some or combo of ingredients common in watery layers. Some things that irritate your skin can make it feel dry and tight as well, instead of rashes or acne-like stuff. Like if you were sensitive to butylene glycol (very commonly used in watery things), or plant extracts or essential oils/fragrance that is making your skin react. I have heard some people are sensitive to certain pH adjusters/preservatives as well. It's all very individual.

- Some skin need some amount of exfoliation before watery layers and other stuff to penetrate. If your skin woes aren't caused by getting dehydrated via overexfoliation, I would maybe try a AHA to gently take away some of the top layers to let the other stuff penetrate. AHA can be hydrating as well, while BHA can be drying (but anti-inflammatory). The gentlest options are PHA (polyhydroxy acid) like lactobionic acid, and AHAs like mandelic acid, and lactic acid. Glycolic may be too harsh. PHA and mandelic are the gentlest options, as far as I know.

- There isn't enough water before/inbetween steps. I would probably use a hydrating mist right after washing and in-between layering stuff. The humectants work by absorbing water around them, so it is helpful to have as much water before the occlusives as possible.

- There are ingredients that tend to be drying in your watery layers, like alcohol. Or they're just not optimal formulations. Even some stuff with alcohol can be quite moisturizing, if they're formulated right.

- Your humectants and occlusives just aren't cutting it. Personally, just using cerave cream or vaseline or aquaphor didn't help me when my skin was at the deepest dank dehydrated place, lol. I had to use ASSLOADS of really effective humectants and occlusives as much as possible. That meant incorporating urea and lanolin, panthenol, allantoin, etc. on top of everything else like ceramides. This is just a personal hypothesis, but I think what my skin needed was healing, not just moisturizing. I was CHRONICALLY stressed, which lowered my immune system, and prevented my skin from healing as readily. I needed stuff that would really HEAL instead of just provide moisture. What I also needed most was to get enough sleep at the right time, and do exercise or meditation or whatever else to keep my stress levels lower. Your skin can't heal no matter how much stuff you throw at it if you aren't letting your body rest and stop being so inflamed, y'know? And that starts internally.

Getting optimal nutrition I think helped me a lot as well. I wasn't getting enough sunlight and nutrition in my diet, too. I take vitamin d supplements (5,000 IU daily, in the morning) because getting it through that is better than damaging your skin outside baking under sunlight, which has DNA-destroying effects. And take vitamin k2 MK-4 & MK-7 because it's important to take it with vitamin d, to properly direct calcium into the right places (so you don't get calcium deposits aka stones and shit). Vitamin K is quite rare in food, but they're important in dental and bone health. You can get K2 MK-4 in egg yolk, but it goes in and out of your system very quickly, like within a few hours. K2 MK-7 can be found in food like natto, but I'm not Japanese and don't eat natto, so I get it in supplement form. It's VERY rarely found in food, and it actually stays in your system unlike MK-4.

Having balanced omega fats in your diet is important as well. We need something like 1:1-1:4 Omega 3 to Omega 6 to keep inflammation down and be in optimal health. Americans are at something crazy like 1:16 to 1:24 or something like that. Because we eat so much bread and other types of meat and stuff like that, and not enough seafood. Humans have evolved eating lots of seafood, so that is what we should be eating to be in optimal health (optimal, not just alive, lol). I don't eat a ton of seafood, altho I'm Asian, but I do have different types of fish and seaweed in occasion.

Instead, I take fish oil pills. You can't just take any fish oil pills as many have shown to be rancid, or have high levels of mercury and other toxic heavy metals. And you're better off not taking in any oxidized oils than not taking anything at all. The one I have found that has the best EPA/DHA levels and best bang for buck is NOW Foods Ultra Omega-3 (they have another fish oil, but this is different). You can check out this site for highly ranked supplements here:

But you don't need to take all these supplements and stuff if you have a good diet. I just take those three (vitamin d, vitamin k, and fish oil) because I'm lacking them in my diet. It's something that many Americans lack in their diet as well (I'm not sure what nationality you are). And you don't want to just nilly willy take vitamins and shit without researching them first, especially fat-soluble ones, as they build up inside you instead of getting flushed out if you have too much, like water-soluble ones.

On top of that, I would also just keep myself hydrated as well. Not that drinking water is directly correlated to skin hydration, but it's just good to keep hydrated. It's not enough to just drink a ton of water, keeping the electrolytes balanced plays an important part, too. You can't be "hydrated" if your electrolytes are totally out of whack. Which is also why you can't just give a dehydrated person who's been out stuck somewhere before being found just straight up water and kill them lol. (But really, don't worry about that electrolyte stuff, unless you're an athlete or something. Just drink a ton of water.)

To calculate the amount of water you should try to be drinking everyday is your weight in lbs * 0.66 (or .67 doesn't matter). For example, I weigh 143 lbs, so 143 * 0.66 = about 94 fl ounces of water a day. Feeling thirsty means you have already become dehydrated long before that.


u/vectorlit · 5 pointsr/vegan

Regarding your question about helping the environment: <-- Go here and put in "1 year" into the calculator. Just one year, you're saving almost half a million gallons of fresh water, 15 THOUSAND pounds of grain, 11 THOUSAND square feet of forest and 7 THOUSAND pounds of carbon dioxide (compared to a typical animal-including diet). The calculator is supported by sources. Just by changing a few minor things about your lifestyle, you can have an incredibly drastic impact on the world.


TL;DR regarding expense and difficulty - if you live in a very rural area in the USA, it can take some difficulty to find a good source of cheap bulk beans / lentils / vegetables / bulk (by weight) dried veggies. But they're sooooooo cheap; normally you can eat for $1-2 a day, plus B12 vitamin expenses ($5 a month).


Longer explanation regarding expensive/difficult: Expense is very low; I pay much less now for food than before going vegan. Difficulty may vary depending on where you live. I happen to live in Denver, and it's very easy for me to find pretty much any substitute/vegetable I want. If you cook your own meals, there's really nothing different about cooking vegan - just use vegetable oil/avocado oil instead of butter, and buy veggies instead of meat. That's about it. Just make sure you eat a lot of beans or lentils or tofu.


When I first became vegan, I was hit with the reality of vitamin/protein differences - I needed to purchase some vitamin supplements. Here's the list I have:

  • Vitamin B12 (vegan source) - $5 a month -
  • Protein Powder - $22 a month -


    These two made a big difference in my life. About 3 months after going vegan I started having some troubles related to protein (I work out a lot and my body wasn't used to the lower intake). I try to hit about 90g of protein a day (I am a reasonably athletic 6' male). I think a lot of vegans downplay the issues involved with protein - it's the source of a TON of jokes in the vegan community - but the truth is a lot of vegans simply don't get enough protein. And then they fall back into eating meat because they didn't know better. Which is really pretty silly because it's incredibly easy to supplement if you can't get it in your diet.


    Other than what I've mentioned above, here's some things to consider (this list is HEAVILY biased towards a lazy, no-cook approach. If you have any cooking skill, just cook your own veggie meals, they're awesome, cheaper and fresher than anything listed below, but this is for the lazy days):

  • If you like cheese, vegan cheese substitutes cost about the same as dairy cheese
  • If you like milk, vegan milk (ANY type) is typically cheaper, better for you, and better for the environment than dairy milk
  • Most oils, spices, salts, flavorings - are already vegan. There's no real change needed here. Butter costs more than vegetable oil anyway.
  • Most BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce, spicy sauce, etc - all vegan generally.
  • Most chips and junk food is already vegan. Except for the "flavored" sour cream/cheese type chips.
  • If you like easy food/frozen food, Target sells a whole boatload of vegan microwave stuff (Gardein and others). "Chicken" nuggets, Fried "fish" sticks, "Chicken" wings, etc. Even Ben & Jerry's has a bunch of dairy-free vegan ice cream.
  • Speaking of dessert, vegan desserts are cheaper and easier to make (and safer!! you can lick the spoon - no eggs!). And they taste way better.
  • If you like burgers/hot dogs, check out Beyond the Meat. It's now cheaper than beef and is freaking amazing. They even sell it at Target now.
  • Most bread is already vegan (just check the label). Vegan bread is generally cheaper than non-vegan.
  • Most cereal is already vegan (just check the label).
  • Most restaurants in the US charge less for veggie-based items. Although it is VERY true that you'll have a much more restricted menu choice.
  • Fries are generally vegan, except for a few places (McDonalds, Buffalo Wild Wings, Smash Burger are the only ones around here that don't have vegan fries)


    Finally, there are a few things I'd like to point out in MY PERSONAL OPINION that might turn you "off" of vegan foods if you try them off the bat (a lot of people buy terrible choices and then say "vegan alternatives are bad". No, they are just poor choices lol)

  • Avoid buying Daiya products if you want a realistic cheese/dairy alternative. They are the lowest common denominator. They are readily available everywhere for cheap, but they don't taste very good. Try to find Miyoko's or Follow Your Heart instead.
  • Some substitute items are coconut based, or cashew based, or oat based, or whatever-based. There is a reason that 50 alternatives exist. Some people like some, some people like others. You know how you go to the store, and there are 50 different BBQ sauces, and the ONE you like is sold out, and you're super bummed? Yeah, same thing for vegan items - brand differences, tastes, and preferences exist - just because it's vegan doesn't mean it's any different than other products. Too many people say "vegan food" when really that lump-category doesn't exist.


    The best advice I can give is to JUST TRY IT. Just go a few days making vegan food. You don't need to say "I'M GOING VEGAN", you don't need to have some public moment - you can just privately try it out. It's pretty fun!
u/heymikeyp · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

You need to get about 200mg twice (400mg total) if you actually want to have an effect for avoiding jaw clenching(this includes glycinate). I've done extensive research on this subject, and while these are good ingredients, the amounts are just not enough. Another thing is it's not so much about the ingredients, but the timing. So chewing 4+ pieces randomly during the night wouldn't have the same effect as say taking 200mg of Glycinate 2-6 hours before, and 2-6 hours after.

I like the product and what it includes. But like most rave products, it simply doesn't have enough. I can imagine that's hard to do with gum, although it's a neat idea. For those that want convenience they can get this and some extra Glycinate caps for good measure.

If I'm actually wanting to take pre/post roll supplements, I want the studied effective doses. The gum form in this product would create more placebo. But this is in terms of jaw clenching which the product is marketing "eliminates jaw clenching". For antioxidant benefits I think it's fine, although the addition of ALA would have been best.

Personally I'd rather get some mint gum, and bring in a couple magnesium glycinate,grapeseed,VitC caps to take pre/during/post. More expensive, but will last much much longer, and I'd get effective doses. I would assume it's also easier to sneak in. Not trying to knock the product as I think it includes some good stuff. But as a cost effective strategy I don't think so.

ALA, Glycinate, Vit C and/or Grapeseed is enough for a roll. ALA being most important. I'd suggest people just buy this, and get vit c/grapeseed extract to have before sleep. Whatever you have left over can be used for sleep (magnesium before bed improves sleep), or just antioxidant health anyway.

I'd say the 200mg in 4 pieces for grapefruit is perfectly fine, but not the 120mg of Magnesium, it's just simply not enough. ALA would make the biggest difference if one were to roll in terms of protection from neurotoxicity. is a good resource to learn everything you can.

u/yanrianr · 3 pointsr/bigboobproblems

You're welcome, and I'm glad I could help! :)

I think that's really awesome. I mean, truthfully I don't know how it would affect you (some women say their breasts actually appear larger, some go down in size, some don't really change that much, and yeah just different for each woman), but I definitely don't think it would hurt and hey there's always the added benefit of the rest of your body becoming fit.

And yeah, the gelatin thing is actually crazy cool. Basically gelatin stimulates your body to produce more collagen, which improves the elasticity and helps with sagging skin, stretch marks, and wrinkles (so not only will it help with firming up your breasts but also it can fade stretchmarks-unfortunately some might be permanent and help prevent wrinkles). So yeah definitely really awesome.

So basically what I do is mix 2 tablespoons of Collagen Hydrolysate in chicken broth twice a day. And also I get 2 boxes of the jello mix (the flavor doesn't matter, but it definitely is better to get the sugar free kind) and only use the boiling water to mix it (so only use half the water that it says) and eat it as snack.

But again this is just what has helped me, so I don't know if any of this would actually help or not, but I hope it will be able to. :)

u/thehorrorofnonbeing · 5 pointsr/vegan

I worry about what it is going to be like being pregnant and vegan all the time, since I figure it's going to happen sooner than I think! So, I tend to remember some of the resources that I come across.

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, doctor, or medical professional, so these are suggestions for further resources, not scholarly advice.

When you say your diet is "pretty simple," does that mean simple as in a lot of "whole" foods where most of the preparation is done at home? If this is the case, eating a varied, calorically-sufficient diet will do a lot of good--that "well-planned" diet thing. Of course, processed isn't necessarily a bad thing--remember that basics like fortified nondairy milk, tofu, and even seitan are "processed." However, each of these can still be healthy (especially because baked tofu, rice, and veggies is easy and healthy for those nights you/your wife won't want to cook).

As far as supplements, B12 is of course the big one. For a complete look at general vegan nutrition, and some discussion both of vegan pregnancy/raising vegan kids, take a look at Vegan for Life, which is an accessible but science-based look at how to manage macro and micronutrient consumption while being vegan (including a look at supplements.)

You may want to take omega-3, but consult your doctor; I think research is pretty clear these days that they're good for you, but YMMV, especially during pregnancy. Ovega-3 has both DHA and EPA from algae sources; the conversion rate of ALA omega-3s, found in plants, is pretty low and not well understood, so flaxseed oil (while great) is probably not going to suffice.

Colleen Patrick Goudreau discusses supplementation and makes some suggestions for resources.

Pocket reference! The Vegan Guide to Pregnancy is pretty well-reviewed, from what I know, and I hear it recommended. Also, poking around Amazon from there will help you find some additional references. Probably worth it to have a few books on hand, as well as the internet.

Other thoughts:

  • Find a supportive doctor! (This you'll probably have to Google.) While I/Reddit/the rest of the internet may kind of know what's going on, a doctor who knows you and your wife and isn't sneering at your diet will be invaluable. Veganism has become (somewhat more) mainstream lately, so you may be able to find resources for that.

  • The people telling you/your wife that the baby needs eggs, milk and dairy probably (at least sort of) mean well, and everybody has a way they did it when they were pregnant, and just look at their little angel--it must be the best way! But most of them probably just don't know any better. So try not to get too upset with them (though if they carry on in such a way for the duration of the pregnancy, no one would blame you.) You can tell them that your doctor disagrees, your wife is in good health, the baby is fine, or something along these lines, and if they continue to harangue you, end the conversation. Arguing about it probably won't end well.

  • Final note: The American Dietetic Association (now the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics), which is a large network of qualified medical professionals, publicly takes the position that a well-planned vegan or vegetarian diet is appropriate for all people in all stages of life, including pregnancy and infancy. The full statement is here. Long story short? The science/research is on your side here. Do your due diligence and get good prenatal care, and you, your wife, and baby will be fine.

    Good luck, and congratulations!
u/stellamarisetal · 3 pointsr/disability

This overlaps with a previous comment a bit, and may be way too detailed, but just in case...

When I had this same issue for a long time after a surgery I tried a bunch of things that didn't work, so I decided to focus on getting more out of the liquids I was able to drink. I had good results from products designed for rehydration after sports, illness, or hangovers. But only the healthy ones with no sugar or artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners. Things like Gatorade make it worse with all their sugar (which the body must use more fluid to process fully) and artificial ingredients. Tried Pedialyte too, but same sugar issues, tastes icky, and is too pricey.

The very best were Nuun tablets, which you drop into water. They have lots of different flavors, and have a hint of effervescence at first, so without trying I found I easily drank more overall. Some of the flavors, like grape, fruit punch, or watermelon, I adore because they remind me of yummy childhood drinks that were terribly unhealthy. But the Nuun tablets have natural fruit flavors, and are sweetened with monk fruit, so just healthy stuff. They have lots of electrolytes, and some vitamins/minerals that help your body retain more fluid. I buy them by the box on Amazon, and they have sampler boxes that let you try several flavors first. Many healthier markets carry them too, at a higher cost, so you can try them first Wish they were cheaper in general, but nope. :-(

This is the nuun site for more info: And here is an example of a combo pack on Amazon (but if you search for Nuun, you will see all sorts of packs and prices): Just avoid the nuun tablets with black packaging, as they have caffeine in them.

If you go on Amazon and search for "hydration," the first batch of things that comes up will give you some really good options.

I also tried this concentrated rapid rehydrating liquid called LyteShow Electrolyte Concentrate that you can add to cold drinks, which worked well, but the Nuun tablets were much more practical (lightweight instead of heavy bottles of liquid, and more tasty, and cheaper).

I also switched to pink salt then, as it has tons of trace minerals (needed by the body to fully utilize your fluids), and that helped, surprisingly. Also just tastes much better! On bad days where I was almost fainting, I would take a mouthful of water and toss back a big pinch of that salt. It reduced the dizziness. But after that I began using the nuun tablets, which helped all around.

I ate as many juicy foods as I could then, like citrus, cucumbers, melon, lettuce, apples and pears. But I could barely eat at the time, so it wasn't enough by itself.

Switch to a really high quality multivitamin too, especially if your hair is falling out (mine did too). Avoid gummy vitamins, cheap stuff from the drug store, and brands known to source unregulated ingredients from China (like the NOW brand).

I hated the smell of my tap water which didn't help with drinking (and my city had good water), so I learned to fill a couple pitchers and leave them sitting out, uncovered, for 24 hours, which allowed all of the chlorine to evaporate.uch better then.

Oh, kind of random, but I also started keeping the mini cans of V8 tomato juice on hand (regular kind, not the low sodium). Normally I don't like it much. But when I was so dehydrated, it tasted sooooo good for some reason. Probably I just needed the salt to help me better retain fluids, but the extra dose of veggies probably helped too.

I think that's all my hard-won hydration tactics, but it all worked. Hopefully something in there helps you, so you can start feeling better. If I think of anything else, I will wander back. Good luck, my dehydrated friend. 🙂

(Am on my phone, so please excuse bad typing.)

u/Cellophane_Girl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I take it over the counter. Mine was 7 when my doctor checked it. I started taking 2,000 IU's everyday. Then when I got it rechecked 3 months later is was still really low, 27. My doctor said it should be AT LEAST 50. So I got the 5,000 IU pills that I found on amazon ( I take one everyday, except Wednesday I take 2) and after a couple weeks at that dose I felt soooo much better. I haven't gotten it rechecked yet (will get it checked in July when I go to the doctor again,) but I'm pretty confident it's in range now. I'd say go for the 5,000 IU pills once a day. These are the one's I use 240 days worth of pills for $12. And they work really well. Can't beat the price.

My mom has a prescription for hers. It was like 50,000 IU's once a week, but they were like $20 a pill. So she started taking the 5,000 IU ones everyday and said she felt a lot better that way, because getting it in everyday didn't give her mood swings like the once a week pill did.

Good luck getting your levels up. It can take a while but once you get them up, as long as you keep taking the pills everyday it will stay up and you will feel sooo much better. It's really amazing what a difference it makes.

I also take 1,000 mg of magnesium everyday because it helps with the vitamin D absorption (from what I've read) and I realized that when I started taking it the random muscle spasms that I had for YEARS all over my body stopped almost right away. My doctors never mentioned that it might be a magnesium deficiency they just gave me a muscle relaxer to take at night so the twitching wouldn't keep me awake, but even with that I still got twitches all over. A lot of people who are deficient in Vitamin D are also deficient in Magnesium, so you might want to get that checked as well. :)

u/I_AM_TUMBLR_AMA · 2 pointsr/AskMen

Hey bro sorry for the long wait on the reply.

Here's the short and sweet on supplements:

Whey: Whey Protein is a type of protein extracted from milk. There's whey, whey isolate and hydrolized whey. It literally does not make a fuck which one you get. Drink whey shakes to hit your protein macros (100+g a day according to IIFYM which I told you about. This is what I use. It's really popular. You don't have to buy a jug this big if you don't want.

Fish Oil: This is an Omega-3 Fatty Acid. Older people take it because it promoted heart health. Lifters take it for the same reason but it also helps promote lean mass gain. You can get this from your regular diet but you probably won't unless you eat a fuckton of Fish. You can find bottles of it in the Vitamin section of any store.

Multivitamin: This is all the shit you don't pay attention to on nutrition labels. Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, B C D E K, Zinc etc. You can get all the vitamins from your diet if your diet is super super clean but I most people don't eat perfectly. Hell, I eat out with coworkers sometimes. Also find this in the vitamin section of your grocery store. 120 tablets of Centrum multivitamin for men is like 10 bucks.

Zinc: Zinc raises testosterone. Period. If you have low sex drive or any reason to think your T is low, buy extra Zinc and take it with your multivitamin.

Creatine: Your muscles have three energy sources: Carbs, Glycogen, Fat. Lifting burns through Carbs and Glycogen really fast and using Fat as an energy source to lift is really inefficient. However Creatine also gets stored in your muscles and can be used as another energy source, increasing your lifts. If you start taking creatine you will have noticeable strength gains within 10 days.

Gear: Don't take gear. Unless you're willing to sacrifice your health to get huge fast.

Source: I was a 5'11 210lb chubster. I cut down to ~160 then bulked alllll the way back to ~182 where I am now. It's a long, long process but you will get there and it is so, so worth it.

u/-kodoku- · 1 pointr/ibs

I'm sorry you're going through this, OP. I have terrible constipation as well and the bloating is one of the worst symptoms for me. It's such an uncomfortable feeling. I'm by no means cured, but I've tried several things that have really helped. Especially with my bloating. I recommend looking into these.


NOW Probiotic: This is one of the best probiotics in my opinion and is a must if you have IBS. I take one capsule 30 minutes before eating and it helps reduce my stomach pan and improves my digestion. This is one of the things that has made the most difference.


Chamomile: I take this after I finish eating. It settles down my stomach and reduces the likelihood of me experiencing stomach pain after eating. I take it not just after eating, but also whenever my stomach acts up. It almost always relieves any sort of stomach discomfort I'm experiencing. Chamomile is particularly good for improving digestion, reducing gas and bloating, and promoting smoother and more frequent bowel movements. If you experience any anxiety, which is pretty common among people with IBS, chamomile can really help with that as well. It's a mild sedative and is very calming. It's useful for lowering anxiety as well as improving sleep issues like insomnia.


High Absorption Magnesium: Most people have some level of magnesium deficinecy. People often don't eat foods that are high in magnesium and to make matters worse, things like sugar, caffeine, and certain medications, can lower your magnesium levels. Magnesium is a very important mineral and getting enough magnesium can help you feel less constipated and help you have smoother bowel movements. It's also good for lowering anxiety as well.


NOW Candida Support: It's believed that some some people with IBS may have candida overgrowth. CO can contribute to IBS symptoms. This supplement does a good job of managing this. I take 2 capsules with a meal.


Senna: Senna is a mild, but effective herbal laxative. I take one capsule 2 to 3 times a day and I've been having bowel movements a lot more often and I'm not as constipated. My doctor had me on Miralax previously, but I switched to senna because Miralax was too strong and harsh. It would help me poop, but I would poop too much. So much that it was even painful. Senna is far less harsh.


Triphala: I take triphala right before bed and I'm usually able to have a bowel movement once I wake up the next morning. It helps the liver and kidneys do a better job of detoxifying the body. It may help kill certain bacteria that could be contributing to your IBS. It seems to work because I noticed that all my acne cleared up and my skin looked so much smoother when I started taking triphala.


Besides these supplements, a diet change can lower the chance of your IBS symptoms triggering. I personally like a gluten-free diet because it's not as strict and difficult to follow as some other IBS diets. Gluten is one of my biggest bloating triggers and avoiding it when I can really helps.

u/MovementTom · 5 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

Ultimately intelligent training and proper recovery and mobility work will give probably the biggest benefit to your joints. However when bodyweight training or simply aiming to be healthier it is important to have low levels of inflammation. Glucosamine can help but a solid omega 3 supplement would be similar. I'd personally recommend the following as a joint stack.

Collagen - Can by in a collagen hydrolysate form which is powdered (here) or simply drink a good bone/chicken broth daily. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and the one found in your joints. among other places. I'd recommend 10g a day, you can add to shakes or even cups of tea or coffee as it is heat stable. Alternatively drink 1-2 cups of bone broth a day. I personally have the bone broth daily and collagen every now and again.

Omega 3/Cod Liver Oil - To generally lower inflammation. I prefer a good cod liver oil, like this as it comes with those good omega 3's and a load of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K2 etc. I take 1 tsp daily. Consuming oily fish daily can give the same effect.

Curcumin Phytosome - Curcumin is a turmeric extract that is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, I personally take this daily and feel huge help with inflammation compared to when I don't. 500mg of a good extract daily. Consuming just turmeric isn't as good as you'd have to take like 20g of it, it's also not particularly well absorbed.

Vitamin C - This helps your body synthesize it's own collagen. Buy it in a crystal form of L-Ascorbic acid. Would recommend 1-3g daily taken throughout the day.

Generally have a good diet that is low in inflammatory foods, like grains (wheat, oats, barley), pasteurized dairy, seed oils (rapeseed/canola, sunflower), processed foods and sugar, but high in oily fish, good quality meat, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit and raw dairy :)

u/Kerzy11 · 2 pointsr/StackAdvice

Sounds like you have a pretty classic case of ADHD... Which, as you said, there is no quick fix.

  • Typical ADHD suggestions are make a routine/schedule and follow it, every single day. As soon as you don't, you tend to fall a few massive steps backward.

  • Meditation is huge for those with ADHD, it helps with focus and the anxiety.

  • Also reward systems... Constantly remind yourself to focus, and when you do, give yourself some form of personal reward.

  • SLEEP, fix your sleep patterns. Following the schedule you made will greatly help with this. A lot of ADHD individuals have the problem of both falling and staying asleep. Which means you get very little REM sleep, which shits on your memory, and takes a huge toll on your focus/alertness.

    As far as mitigating the changes your amph made to your body:

  • I would suggest supplementing Tyrosine to replace the dopamine stores that were under constant stress while taking your meds. It's rate limited, so it doesn't really matter how much you take, it will only make what you need. So if your body is still behind in DA production, you will notice a definite change. Otherwise, you won't notice anything, and that means you probably don't need to supplement it.

  • A magnesium supplement, as you said, is amazing for the TMJ you experience during and after amph. But it also helps with sleep and overall tissue Mg+ stores. This is important as amph uses up your Mg+ stores like crazy. It also has a large calming effect that will help your anxiety. However, don't use citrate, it's primarily a laxative... While citrate will raise your blood Mg+ levels, a giant portion of it will be shat out. I would suggest glycinate, personally. You also have to be aware of the brand you're using. Some brands only MIX elemental Mg+ with some form of protein, which basically means that in the bottle, it's "magnesium citrate/glycinate/etc", but they're not bound together. This reduces the bioavailability to be complete shite. This one is excellent:

  • I would also suggest N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), it will help with obsessive/ritualistic behaviors, which will also help with anxiety etc. It is also a strong antioxidant and helps the liver... Amazing to take before drinking. Some people are making a big fuss right now about the pulmonary effects of it, but I've been using it for quite a while with no issues.

  • I also take a choline supplement before bed (Alpha-GPC), it has GREATLY helped with reaching REM sleep, and also the staying asleep factor.

  • Melatonin is another antioxidant and helps with sleep a lot.

  • Fish oil, 600mg+ PER capsule minimum, with a higher content of EPA to DHA (I shoot for a 2:1 ratio). It helps with the stress your heart was under, great for overall health, and helps with focus issues.

  • Theanine, especially if you're a coffee drinker (which most people with ADHD are). Helps with stress, overall calms you down. It's also amazingly synergistic with caffeine.

    Hope this helps.
u/[deleted] · 26 pointsr/vegan
  • B12: cannot stress that enough, don't believe sources telling you that you can get this vitamin from unwashed vegetables, tempeh, seaweed, etc. B12 is created by bacteria which lives in dirty enviroment and isn't associated with animal products either (you can get it from animals, but the bacteria living in their guts still do all the work). I recommend taking these Deva vitmains. It's highly recommended to take any B12 oral supplementation with food, because it bounds to certain proteins, allowing better digestion.

  • D: depends on where you live and what your skin complextion is; vitamin D2 (the non-animal version) is created when your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light (e.g. the sun). 20 minutes of daily exposure is enough for pale people (I think paleness reported in some vegans might actually be an adaptation technique), but if you're black and live in England, I would recommend an hour or so. This vitamin is needed for proper calcium digestion.

  • Iron: iron is not usually problem in males, women can have problem because of their period. There's a really easy trick to sky-rocket your iron intake - eat vitamin C with iron-rich food and avoid tea and cofee.

  • Calcium: dark green vegetables and soy products are rich on calcium. I drink fortified soy milk. Sneaky edit: spinach is actually not a great source of iron and calcium due to high oxalate content, as opposed to popular claims. Broccoli on the other hand... learn to love it!

  • Protein: that's a really easy one - lentils. Eat quinoa (tastes like rice, but has twice the nutrients), beans and peas. Wheat pasta is an empty food, try not to overuse it. Lysine is the limiting amino acid in vegan diets, but lentils have plenty of it (that's why you should eat them). Your daily protein intake can be calculated by this equation: your_weight_in_kg [number from 1 to 1.3 depending on your physicial activity, higher number means higher activity] = grams_of_protein_you_should_eat. For example: 80kg 1.2 (high activity) = 96g of protein.

  • omega-3: you should stabilize ratio of your omega-6:omega-3 intake to 4:1 (the best scenario would be 1:1, but that's very hard). Try to avoid sunflower oil and use olive or canola one, eat walnuts and flax seeds. But not flax seed oil, it tastes like a poison from armpit!


  • Food preparation: I highly recommend steam cooking, the taste is amazing and vitamins/minerals don't dissolve in water.

  • Society: Just don't give a damn about others too much, you are doing the right thing and don't have to apologize for anything. People don't like confrontation and depending on your personality, you might be tempted to talk about your veganism a lot at first. Try to hold it back for few months to sober up a little :)

    Have I congratulated you? No? Here you go: congratulations! :)
u/actaccordingly · 2 pointsr/veganparenting

Your body needs nutrients, not “meat” or “dairy”! That’s very bizarre and very behind the times on those nutritionists, how annoying.

I’m vegan at 4 months, no problems whatsoever so far. My midwife basically asked me right off the bat at 8 weeks how much calcium and protein I’m getting and then said “you’re obviously doing great and have a very good handle on everything, there’s nothing to worry about here.”

My first recommendation is to try plugging what you eat into Cronometer to see how you’re already doing. Just do a typical day, or better yet log for a week to see how you do on average over several days. This was how I knew what to tell my midwife and how I know what gaps to watch for (eg, I don’t always get a ton of potassium, which is common for Americans but like who even knows that?).

If you google “vegan pregnancy” a few books come up, available on amazon - I haven’t checked any out myself because I’ve heard they’re mostly pretty introductory, but I’m sure they can help with some of the initial planning and everything. I’ve heard good things specifically about The Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide. I know I’ve seen some blog recommendations around too, hopefully someone else has some good ones to add but I’ll hunt around bc I really should have checked them out by now myself too!

For supplements just like as a general idea, I personally take Ritual prenatals (that’s my referral code FYI for a discount just in case but can totally just take off the share part too) with a vegan vitamin C gummy (to aid iron absorption) and vegan probiotics in the morning. At night I take choline and vegan DHA/EPA, and a TUMS for calcium if I didn’t have enough broccoli and spinach during the day (the Ritual prenatal doesn’t have calcium because it interferes with iron absorption, and it doesn’t really have enough choline or EPA). That’s like very specific to me wanting to micromanage what I take because full multivitamins make me super nauseous, there are plenty of vegan full spectrum prenatals that would be way cheaper and easier 🤣

u/cran_duran · 2 pointsr/needadvice

It's not really that meaningful, but something fun + cheap...

They are available on Thinkgeek as well. I did this one year, you address the packet of tablets to "everyone", and then wrap a lemon and/or lime for each person. The tablets, when dissolved on your tongue, make sour things taste sweet, so you can have a mini taste party. It's pretty cool and yummy, it makes a fresh lemon taste like sweet lemonade. Again, not very meaningful, and people will go "huh?" when they open the lemon, but once they try it it can be fun and something cool to experience. Supposedly the tablets are also pretty good for anyone that might need to keep away from sugar, because they can make things taste sweet without adding any sweetener.

u/starstough · 2 pointsr/Hypothyroidism

Do you mean your TSH was 80.56? Or T4 was 80.56?

TSH is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. It is released by the pituitary gland to tell the thyroid to release more thyroid hormones. If TSH is high, that is like your pituitary glad screaming at your unresponsive thyroid, so no surprise that your thyroid hormone levels were also low. That usually indicates that you need to increase your dose.

I have Hashi's and I take 146 ish mg of NatureThroid along with Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Advanced probiotics, B-complex with coenzymes, Iron, Magnesium, Omega 3-6-9, Selenium and D3-5000IU. I have tried to reduce the number of supplements I take but they all help. I sometimes take Zinc as well. I quit coffee and take caffeine pills instead and I am (not super strictly, but working on it) gluten and soy free.

The first time I took Nature Throid after switching from generic levothyroxine all of my symptoms were about 80% GONE. We increased my dose from 1/4 grain to the current 2+1/4 grain over the course of maybe 6 months.

What really fixed things for me was going gluten and soy free and adding magnesium and selenium. The selenium reduced my antibodies from nearly 500 to 100 in six months. That alone made a huge difference. And going gluten/soy free allowed me to lose 20 lbs in a month and then maintain it pretty easily just logging my calories.

Occasionally, due to poor planning, I eat regular bread or some pizza and I am sapped of energy and achy for a week afterwards. I'm working on getting into the habit of always having gluten free options on hand. But generally speaking, I feel better than I've felt my entire life.

I've never heard of having an immune response to desiccated thyroid. I've done very well on Nature Throid. You may want to get labs done every 6 weeks to check your levels and adjust your dose as needed.

u/SirynCodex · 3 pointsr/fasting

To share my personal experience, I recently completed a 10 day fast; the early days were the easiest for me, and then my energy started to decline significantly on the 5th. Days 6 - 10 were a downward trend of lethargy, weakness, lighthead/dizziness, and constant nausea. I was disappointed that I couldn't stick it out for the full 21 days that I had intended, but going through that experience and feeling like it wasn't going to turn around was enough to tell me that it was time to stop. What helped was knowing that it wasn't derailed by the desire to eat, and it wasn't psychological (like a lack of willpower). It just happened that my body wasn't coping well and I didn't feel that it was in my best interest to endure for much longer. So for me, that was the best indicator of knowing when it's time to stop - and to that end, I recommend that people start off by doing shorter fasts first to see how their body adapts, particularly because the benefits of fasting tend to peak around the 72 hour mark.

To try to mitigate any potential issues or side effects from the fast, try supplementing electrolytes - particularly sodium. What works best for me is to either dissolve Celtic Sea Salt on my tongue, or take small sips of Pickle Juice. For potassium, NoSalt has a good amount per serving and can be mixed with water and taken as a shot. For magnesium, you can take it in pill form, a lotion/spray, or by soaking your feet in Epsom Salt. The latter two will be most beneficial on longer fasts. But supplementing sodium starting on the 2nd day of my own fasts has made me feel better (less brain fog, improved mood). The most beneficial amount, based on a recommendation provided on the Fasting Talk podcast, was discussed here.


u/hoosierplew · 4 pointsr/keto

I'm not saying you're going to have the same results, but here's my story.

I recently saw my nutritionist after 61 days of keto. I brought my bloodwork which had been taken the day before. Everything except my LDL cholesterol was fantastic. I mean perfect. Great kidney function, great liver function. Really good HDL. My LDL was 163, but I've always had elevated cholesterol (even when I was a vegetarian).

Now - I work out 45 - 60 mins a day, 4 days a week so part of this might be from just plain good livin', but I've lost a solid ten pounds during my time with keto. I had stalled out (I've lost about 60 lbs in the past 2 years), and keto was the ticket to get things going again. I'm getting close to my goal weight, so 10 lbs of weight loss in 2 months is a really big deal for me.

I've had exactly one day where I ate more than about 50 grams of carbs. Every other day of the past 60-ish has been pure keto. I have not suffered from the dreaded hangover. Some pointers:

  • ElectroMix is your best friend. Drink that with 25 oz of water when you get up in the morning, every single morning.

  • Shoot for 125 oz of water per day. Minimum. MIN. I. MUM.

  • Take a b-complex vitamin and a few potassium pills in addition to the ElectroMix in the morning.

  • At night, right before bed, take a calcium/magnesium pill. Don't take the magnesium in the morning or with food or it'll clean you out. This is the dreaded "keto fart effect".

  • An avocado a day keeps the cravings away. Eat one after lunch / before dinner. Perfect snack. A lil' salt and pepper and you're good to go.

  • Add cheese to everything. Making eggs? Add cheese. HEY - tuna salad? Throw some cheese on that bitch. Eating your avocado? Add that cheese, son! Cheese is your god now.

  • If you're in the good ole U-S-of-A, remember that you're usually looking at total carb counts on labels, not net carbs. Keto is concerned with net carbs.

  • Need a boost? Try Spark Energy from Advocare. It has some carbs, but not the sugar and other stuff that's really bad for you. I cut a few carbs from my day to make room for this when I have a really hard workout. Yes it's a bit pricey.

  • Miss your macros for a day? Don't sweat it. Try and stay close, but don't freak out if you're missing your macro by a gram or ten.

  • A month or two of keto won't kill you no matter what your nutritionist/mother/priest/parole officer might tell you. Just get started and you'll see the difference pretty quickly.

    Anyway - just my story. YMMV.

    Good luck!
u/bouncehaus · 15 pointsr/keto

Not exactly related, but some tips I've found helpful:

Feeling Dehydrated? These do the trick! I drink at least one packet a day and it works wonders.

Constipated? Spoonfuls of flaxseed or chia seeds help (they're low calorie and have only fiber & good fats). Psyllium Husk Powder is also pretty effective. Having trouble washing it down? I mix 2tbsp of powder with 3-4tbsps of heavy cream, dash of cinnamon, maybe some splenda and its like eating oatmeal.

Don't notice any progress? Keep calm and keto on. Have faith, log your food in MFP, and take progress pics. You look at yourself in the mirror everyday. Sometimes, its hard to see the progress. Sometimes, it doesn't show on the scale. But, damnit, this diet works. Stay under 20g of carbs and run a daily calorie deficit and youre bound to lose some weight.

Lastly, enjoy the improved energy and focus after your body adapts. It' wonderful and probably my favorite part of keto. If you feel off, you're probably just dehydrated.

Best of luck!

u/hintonmj · 1 pointr/nutrition

I've been a regular drinker for years (~4 standard drinks per night). It's obviously not the healthiest choice, but I take a number of supplements to (hopefully) mitigate the effects.

You've discovered what is probably the number one health detriment of drinking, sleep disruption. Lack of good sleep is going to destroy your health way faster than the direct physical effects of ingesting alcohol.

I struggled with bad sleep for a number of years. I believe in was a combination of more heavy drinking in the past and the stresses of graduate school.

Here's my recommendations for greatly improving sleep. Starting with the most helpful.

Glycine (3 grams before bed) - I found this recomendation on exactly for the problem of waking at night and this had probably the most obvious benifitial effect of any suppliment I've ever taken. It's an amino acid that I buy in bulk and mix in water with True Lemon to make a tasty drink before bed, but you could even eat it straight. Amino Acids tend to taste like sugar so you can save a lot of money by avoiding capsules.

L-Theanine (somewhere around 100 - 300 mg before bed sublingually and dose again if I wake up in the middle of the night) - I also buy this amino acid in bulk and keep an extra dose next to me throughout the night in case I do wake up too much. It helps you relax, lots of people like it. It's also good with caffeine during the day to improve focus and reduce jitters. The taste is a little acquired, but it's not too bad/strong. I kind of enjoy it.

Magnesium (citrate/glycinate oral or topical lotion) - This also helps with relaxation and is better with helping you fall asleep in the first place. I apply lotion because my digestive system does not handle oral well. Start small with oral and build up until you have loose stools then back off or go slower. I find that I sleep way more efficiently (as measured by FitBit) when I take the time to apply the lotion generously to my arms and legs before bed.

Slow release melatonin (5mg) - People have widely varying opinions about melatonin. I'm less sure how much it helps me, but I do take it and don't have any deleterious effects.

Let me know if you have any questions. I would order the glycine today. That stuff is amazing!

u/pumpkinpatch63 · 0 pointsr/nutrition

Questionable health use for healthy humans (notice I say healthy): L-carnitine, CoQ10, and Inositol (Inositol is found in highest amounts in fruits, beans, grains, and nuts, and much smaller levels in meat). Some of those compounds, such as Carnosine, Taurine, and Creatine, can be beneficial, but not at the levels typically found in meat. The science shows that to get benefit, you have to supplement whether you eat meat of not. The levels in meat are not high enough for meat-eaters to derive benefit from them. Two of these compounds, choline and L-carnitine, have recently been shown to be related to atherosclerosis through the metabolization of gut bacteria into TMAO. Vitamin K1 (readily available in plants) is considered superior to K2 in humans and is sometimes converted into vitamin K2 in the human body. Protein is not a big issue as long as 3-4 servings of high lysine foods are consumed, such as beans, lentils, legumes, some nuts, soy, and seitan. Even with meat, bodybuilders supplement with protein powder. There are actually vegan bodybuilders and vegan protein powders.
The highest concentration of selenium is in brazilnuts (I eat one a day). Again, B12 is super easy to supplement with one 2500 microgram pill a week, as well as with fortified foods. I've not heard much about Phosphatidylserine, but it seems to only benefit older individuals with declining brain functions, and not the general population. Even then, those supplements are now made from soy (originally made from cow brain). Krill oil is just a source of DHA/EPA, and that DHA/EPA are originally made by the algae that krill eat. I take a DHA/EPA pill directly from the algae source, so that I avoid any possible heavy metal toxicity.

Anyways, there are millions of healthy vegans in the world. And, again, the ADA has released it's statement that a vegan diet is healthy. Besides the essential nutrients you listed (B12 and selenium, and in small amounts choline), the supplements are taken by non-vegans as well. Again, if you think they are beneficial, I'm not sure why you would only take them if you wanted to eat a vegan diet. Because non-vegans are deficient in many of these, as levels in meat are low compared to the levels needed to derive benefit.

u/TheRealMattyPanda · 2 pointsr/loseit

There's people that say having a good amount of protein within 30 minutes of a workout helps with recovery, since right after a workout, apparently your body absorbs protein better. Protein powder is just a quick and easy way of getting this. There's also some people who say this isn't necessarily true, and overall protein intake matters more.

As far as types of protein, whey isolate is the most popular since it's the most efficient. By efficient, I mean that it's pretty much all protein, about 90%, and apparently is absorbed quickly. There's also whey concentrate, which is cheaper than whey isolate, but can have less protein and more carbs (from more lactose) per scoop.

The plant based proteins I'm not very familiar with, but through a quick search on Amazon, it looks like soy protein will have higher carbs than whey, and hemp has lower protein, but a good bit a fiber and healthy fats. If you're looking to just get protein, stick with whey unless you're vegan.

All in all, if you're getting the protein you need already, I wouldn't worry too much about a shake. But if you want to boost your protein, a post-workout shake won't hurt, and possibly might benefit you.

If you decide to use protein powders, this is the one I use. It's reviewed very well, has a good amount of protein (1 scoop is 120 cal, 3g carbs, 1g fat, 24g protein), and I think tastes pretty good. It comes out to about 78 cents per serving, so in my opinion, it's really not that expensive.

u/Time_Bank · 2 pointsr/loseit

I use this calculator from the Mayo Clinic. According to that, if you are completely inactive 1600 calories a day will maintain your current weight. So if you consume, 1100 calories a day you will lose one pound per week (3500 calories per pound). You can eat a bit more and you'll simply lose weight at a slightly slower rate. Just never go above 1600 calories in a day.

Finding foods that taste good is key to success. I make a shake with the extreme milk chocolate flavor of this protein powder and soy milk. It is delicious. It literally tastes like a chocolate milkshake (as the Amazon reviews confirm), but is really good for you. Low calorie and high in protein. Another dish I make are these beans with garlic powder and other spices. Sometimes I add rice, but not too much (because rice are pure carbs). These beans are high in fiber and protein, so they are perfect. And the spices make the whole thing taste really good. The full receipe is here. The whole dish only costs $1.30 a meal and you can literally have all the ingredients shipped to your door from Amazon. Another tip is that if you drink, you can use the website Get Drunk Not Fat to make efficient choices about what you drink. :) Finally, be sure to take a multivitamin to make sure you get all the nutrients you need even though you have a calorie deficit.

Eat smart and the pounds will fly off in no time. I find the Hall of Fame to be really awesome motivation. With each pound you lose it will become easier to stay away from the bad stuff. Then once you are at your goal weight, you can start to eat more calories because then you just need to maintain. You don't have to be perfect, you just need to make smart choices overall. You can do it, I promise. :)

u/feralfred · 2 pointsr/1200isplentyketo

This is the collagen I add to my coffee. It dissolves completely, so it is completely invisible in drinks - the only effect is that one tablespoon will add 20 cals, but it's well worth it! Here's a quick write up I found about it, too - I think this stuff is amazing! I've been using it daily for around five months, and the benefits have been phenomenal! My skin/hair/nails are sooo strong - I've had so many comments, even Mr Unobservant whom I live with has noticed and started using it too! There's been other benefits too - the dodgy digestion is getting stronger, and my soon-to-be middle aged joints feel much less creaky. All in all, total awesomeness!

Also, we recently had a talk with MIL regarding her obsessive purchasing of foods for us - and this week she rather proudly presented us with a massive bulk bags of nuts, mixed seeds, and cranberries, instead of the usual chocolates, sweets and frozen processed foods she likes to get us. She's a lovely woman - and my partner is going to be eating a whole load of home-made energy bars in the next few weeks :)

u/Statici · 1 pointr/Epilepsy

I take 150mg in the morning and 50mg at night along with 100mg of Zonisamide; I was originally on only 300mg of Z, but after a year of bad side effects with that I decided to give Lamictal a try.

I started off at 25mg in the morning, then 25mg morning and evening, then 50 morning/25 evening and so on until I was at 100/100. I realized (through some helpful comments here!) that the nighttime doses were probably the source of my tiredness; I asked my neuro if it'd be okay to move to 150mg morning/50mg night, and he said okay. (This was on top of 300mg Z; I titrated that down afterwards).

The side effects I noticed (in order) were:

  • Increased logical skills (Z kinda dumbed me down; L would actually help me out some) Immediately

  • Dry eyes, skin, general dehydration After reaching 100mg

  • Difficulty sleeping (happens when you take an upper before bed) After reaching ~150mg daily

  • Some minor side-vision hallucinations - just stuff like thinking you saw something in the corner of your eye, then turning and realizing it was just a figment. Honestly, I still have this sometimes, but it's easy to deal with (imo). ~2 weeks after reaching 200mg daily

    I've been on 200mg Lamictal since about mid-July. The sleep issues are getting better, the dry skin is still sort-of an issue, but I get this stuff on a subscription, 3 every 2 months, which is basically like drinking gatorade every day but much cheaper.

    I know the part about hallucinations sounds a little crazy, but not everyone gets them and when they do occur, they're extremely minor and I hear they do go away after a few months. Mine have seemed to be fading.

    Overall though, I'm under great control, and very happy - compared to other meds' side effects, lamictal is great.
u/buzwork · 3 pointsr/ketochow
  1. I use the following, in order of preference: butter (4tbsp), heavy whipping cream (1/3 cup), avocado oil (1/4 cup). All are great but butter is aweome.
  2. If you order the weekly special (10% off) and grab 4 bags (5% off) you'll get both discounts. There are coupons out there occasionally as well. Without coupons it works out to 84 servings at $2.69 cents before your fat/oil source. If you go with Baja Precious avocado oil from Amazon, with subscribe and save it works out to $0.55 per serving. That's $9.70/day if you do 3 shakes. Now Ultra Omega 3 works out to $0.23 per day bring you to $9.93 per day.
  3. Immersion blender is the way to go. I spent the first month using shaker/blender bottles. It's slow and doesn't always fully mix. Immersion blenders are super easy to clean and it takes me about 3 minutes (or less) to fully clean with hot water and dish soap.

    I use a gallon pitcher, add (1.5 cups avocado oil or 2 cups of Darigold heavy whipping cream or 24 tablespoons of melted Kerrygold Irish Grass Fed salted butter), 6 scoops of ketochow, fill it 3/4 of the way full with water, give it 60 seconds with the immersion blender, let it sit for 2 minutes, and do another 60 seconds with the immersion blender. Then it goes into 6 bottles which is good for 2 days worth. I usually do 3 pitchers for 18 total servings, or 6 days.

    I normally don't need anything else to get me through the day, but I keep extra stuff in the refrigerator if do need a snack, or I'll replace one of my Ketochow servings with a combo of bacon, eggs, cheese, and veggies.

    I am lazy AF so I also regularly visit Costco and buy bags of Babybel cheese minis (regular, white cheddar, and light), packages of Kirkland precooked bacon, and boxes of Kirkland peeled hard boiled eggs. I also buy cauliflower, broccoli, and avocados for snacks. I'll occasionally grab a few rotisserie chickens, cut them in half while they're still warm, and refrigerate them, and have half as a meal when I'm craving something more substantial than Ketochow. 350f for 30 minutes heats them up perfectly.

    I recommend to figure out your macros and deficits and to track your dailies.

    I've lost 31 pounds in just under 3 months eating mostly just 3 ketochow servings a day with a few supplements (omega 3, magnesium, fiber capsules). Started at 210 and I'm now 179 (46m, 5'10", goal weight 170, possibly 160).

    The only downside I've encountered is having to buy a bunch of sealed bottles (and having to wash them).
u/theyareAs · 2 pointsr/NoFap

Hey man, I myself am struggling pretty hard with PMO as well so I can't really help ya with that.

But, I have figured out most other things in my life and here are some really clear, really concise points:

  • Start working out. Here is a great intro program, ICF 5x5. Follow it exactly and take it slow, also invest in some protein.

  • Eat healthy. Essentially cut out soda and anything with sugar as the main ingredient should be a good start. Beyond that make sure you eat your macros (fat/proteins/carbs) and lots of em; if you're working out the more the merrier.

  • Try meditating, I've only done it for a couple weeks but already I've noticed huge mental gains. Key with this is consistency, just like working out and diet keep doing day after day.

    All in all man you're young, amazingly young. It's your greatest strength. Nows the time to mold yourself into the person you want to be. Using the internet you can draft off of the experiences of so many others; always be curious, always takes chances, and above all else never be afraid to walkaway.

    Best of luck!
u/MushyDevil · 2 pointsr/Opalescent

> Pegging

i've seen [this harness](
) up close during a fetish party and i was amazed how steady the dildo was! Like it was attached to Her body!

> r/nsfwasmr

In my opinion... most people who create nsfw videos are focusing too much on the sexual aspect, and they're losing the essence... which is to provide a relaxing/euphoric feeling at the same time. i would encourage You to check Youtube for regular ASMR.

> If you believe in the product, it sells itself.

Your nailtapping audio is the most perfect example! You took a simple idea, and You made it so sexy. Your 'cheating' audio was also incredible! i've mentioned it before... i discovered GWA through ASMR. Pretty much every trigger was making me feel both relaxed and aroused (nails, mouth sounds, kisses, whispering, licking etc). From there, i skipped the nsfwasmr videos... and i found GWA where i got amazed by people's creativity, even without proper equipment.

> It does.

In the Day7 link i gave above, it's funny how i talk about my "gasms"... and now they've been taken away! 😊


PS: You should do AMA's more often! i had so much fun getting to know You better!

u/Glix_1H · 2 pointsr/keto

In general, supplements are an expensive band-aid, and not a real long term solution.

The only things I supplement are:
Magnesium. Mag citrate works, but chelated magnesium is best since it doesn’t act as a laxative. Take 800mg a day until your anxiety goes away, then you can just use 200-400mg:

Otherwise I just save bones, make bone broth, always have the skin on chicken and slow cook organ meats like beef heart and chicken heart and giblets a longs with some carrots, celery and lots of spices. I use seasoned salt and lite-salt on baked meats for my sodium and potassium. As long as salt tastes good, you can continue having it. As long as it’s not hidden by sugar you’ll know when you’ve had enough. Sodium and magnesium are very safe, though potassium is the one you don’t want to overdo. “The salt fix” is an excellent book on how necessary it is to health and how it doesn’t cause cardiovascular disease. For slow cooking, it’s best to add salt “to taste” at the end or when served to prevent accidentally adding a awful tasting amount.

I started keto because of depression and anxiety, and successfully resolved both those issues (as well as other things like putting my blood pressure from “almost to high” to “normal”). Magnesium should dampen the anxiety within a day or three.

u/whatsinsideit · 3 pointsr/benzodiazepines

yeah being so young doesnt help. benzos are sort of seen as a last resort. they dont just throw them around, well good doctors dont at least.

when you say different pdoc everytime, are you going to the same building/network, or are you actually switching to an entire new office every time? the latter is called drug seeking. even the way you talk to your doctor may come across as drug seeking. you have to realize how many people they deal with everyday that are trying to finesse them for benzos. especially your age

ssris are not just "antidepressants" they are also used for anxiety, as are other classes of meds. there are several classes used for anxiety (like ssris), as well as other classes of meds used "off label" for anxiety. things like trazodone, vistiril, gabapentin, these are commonly used "off-label" for anxiety and sleep.

so what meds have you been prescribed so far? and how long have you been seeing your pdoc for this actual anxiety problem? it sounds like youre seeing both your primary care doctor as well as a pdoc for this. do they communicate to each other? you should be seeing a specialist (pdoc) not primary care

edit - i see on your thread on /r/drugs that youre on probation. what are you on probation for? do your doctors know youre on probation? im not trying to jump to conclusions here but just reading your posts, and how you talk about being jealous of your friends who got benzos thrown at them, it sounds like you just want benzos and nothing else. youre already convinced that "antidepressants" or anything else wont help you and your mind is made up.

the other guy recommending magnesium is actually a decent idea as well. i take 200-300mg of magnesium glycinate every night (and 100mg in the morning). it actually helps a lot to relax and fall asleep. without a doubt the best/most noticeable supplement ive ever taken, honestly. its certainly not a cure all, but it definitely helps. im in my early 30s and have tried almost everything.

i suggest you get some either way:

a bonus is that magnesium helps with constipation BIG TIME. i have several digestive "diseases" and constipation is one of the biggest side effects. magnesium fixes that. just dont take too much or you get diarrhea, takes a little trial and error to find the right dose.

u/Upvote_Shenanigans · 2 pointsr/progresspics

Sure! I posted a reply about my diet up a little bit, so I'll just copy paste it. I honestly don't count calories at this point. When I was trying to shed the weight I watched what I ate pretty closely, around 2500 calories a day. I get around 3500 or so a day now, and that is with me staying lean. Usually that would be a bulking amount of calories, but as much as I work outside, workout and run. I need all the calories I can get to even maintain.

DISCLAMER: Fat Burning Products like Oxyelite, Fireball, Cellucor Super HD, Shred Matrix and Hydroxycut, DO NO WORK. I wanted to do everything i could when i first started, and wasted money on a product or 2 like those above. Good Ol' Exercise and good eating is all you need!

As far as supplements go I'm taking the following. These are all my favorites after taking dozens of things. I'm not too sure on the creatine though, it's my favorite brand and such, but honestly I personally couldnt tell much of a difference, i've since cycled off of it and am just taking protein and a PWO. But i'm going to give it another shot in a week or so. A PWO in my eyes is essential. And White flood is my favorite after trying about 10 different PWO's. I've also tried things like fish oil, multivitamins, BCAA's Omega 3-6-9, and amino's. And frankly not gotten a thing off of it. You might like a multi or fish oil, as that would be my second recommendation after this list. Because i've heard alot of people praise them. But my body resists alot of things, like pain medication , anti biotics and other things i found out the hard way.

ON Whey Protein

White Flood PWO

Green MAGnitude Creatine

7am - Protein shake

9:45am - Natural peanut butter wrap, almonds

12:00am - Chicken breast, brown rice, greek yogurt

3pm protein bar, almonds , peanut butter

5pm nada, cant eat pre workout

7pm more chicken breast and more brown rice with a protein shake and
greek yogurt

9pm cottage cheese / more greek yogurt.

u/EnigmaBlanket · 2 pointsr/orangetheory

Have you tried magnesium? There are a few different form but it May be worth investigating. Many of us are deficient so it can be a good item to throw into the mix plus it helps relax you and your muscles.

Some of my athlete friends swear by stuff called “natural calm” which is a magnesium mix. Found on amazon here It didn’t work great for me but multiple friends love it.

I like Doc Parsley’s sleep remedy which also uses magnesium as an ingredient (among others). You can check it out here

u/pollydowner · 1 pointr/actuallesbians

I love the Share, which is a strapless double dildo. It's the easiest of it's kind to keep in, feels the best(IMO), and provides for maximum skin on skin contact, which is amazing.

As for harnesses, the Spareparts Joque is the best I've come across. It's super adjustable and comfortable. The ring is stretchy so that you can use all different sized dildos. It also works beautifully with the Share. The ring is lower than usual, providing for maximum clitoral stimulation.

Regardless of how ugly it is, the Eroscillator is my favorite vibrator. It's virtually silent, and super powerful. The Hitachi Magic Wand is a close second.

I also LOVE glass g-spot dildos.

u/BostonTentacleParty · 3 pointsr/actuallesbians

I haven't worn either, but I've seen a lot of both. And been on the receiving end of a share many times (it's what my partners use).

The share is heavy, and just bigger all around than the (standard) feeldoe. I've seen someone walk around for hours at a sex party wearing a feeldoe. I've never known anyone who could do that with a share. And fucking with an unsupported share is way awkward. But the share is really solid, and with a good harness (I recommend the Joque by SpareParts) you can wear it quite comfortably. I know two women who can come while using that specific combination to fuck folks. But I know more who can't, so YMMV. Regardless of coming, share and spareparts seems to be a favored combination for ladies I know who are fairly to extremely strap-on experienced. But it's a higher price point than the feeldoe alone.

The feeldoe has a space for a bullet vibe, but as I understand it the vibe is better for the receiver than the penetrator. Still, definitely another point in favor of the feeldoe.

I have a date soon with the feeldoe lady I mentioned earlier, so hopefully I can report on that soon. :)

u/Fancy_New_Whatever · 1 pointr/fasting

Edit: Deleted original comment and resubmitted this one with a better link.

Honestly, I swear by Lyte Show. It's a clear, tasteless liquid I add to every other bottle of water I drink during the day. It's literally just sodium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and a few other minerals. No added dyes, flavors, etc.

I haven't really heard many people talking about it here, but I am happy to spread the word because it's been such a huge help to me.

I used to get those deep, burning stomach cramps and terrible headaches when I first started IF. At that point, I had no concept of how much electrolytes affect your body's ability to function normally. Drinking more water just made my already depleted system worse. Then forcing down a salt water mix felt like torture.

Lyte Show saved the day for me because it was so easy to integrate into my daily routine, and it covers all of your basic electrolyte/mineral needs so you're not stuck choking down a handful of supplements trying to make yourself feel better. This gets in your system quickly and you're in control of how much you use. Some people can go for weeks without needing any extra supplements, some people need a little more than average. Whatevs - it's up to you!

Also, an added benefit is that it is basically a hangover cure as well. A 1 liter bottle of water with a cap full of Lyte Show usually knocks it down to a manageable level and has been a lifesaver on more than one Sunday morning :)

Totally not a shill - I just really love this particular product

u/alwayspickingupcrap · 1 pointr/bipolar2

There is a huge misperception about melatonin. 1mg or less is all anyone needs. Too much and it can have the opposite effect. (I can try to pull the article, but trust me.) When I took 1mg then 2mg then 3mg all that happened was I’d conk out and then be awake 2 hours later, unable to sleep. When I switched to 1/2 mg (there is even a 333mcg tablet) I slept through the night.

[Basically you make your own melatonin, just not enough to make you sleep. So a little bump from a pill helps boost your drive to sleep. BUT, if you take a large dose of melatonin, your natural production of melatonin shuts down. Your brain says, ‘there’s plenty of melatonin out here, let’s turn off the melatonin factory!’ So a few hours in your body isn’t making any, the pill runs out and you wake up.]

Magnesium is a muscle relaxant. When I went into premature labor, they had me on IV magnesium to stop the muscular contractions in my uterus. It also made me feel like a wet noodle and I slept all day. Epsom salt is a magnesium salt and is readily absorbed into the body. It works better for me than oral magnesium. But try Natural Calm (a powder you mix with water) or a magnesium pill.

There are lots of different forms of magnesium with various but similar benefits. I take this one which is a blend of a few different types. It keeps me calm.

Also consider reducing all your lights in The house at sunset to signal your brain to wind down. And make sure your computer and phone have f. Lux or similar to adjust out blue light at night which can cause insomnia.

u/doobai · 2 pointsr/leangains

Stupid reddit formatting... it messed up the numbering, so I used letters instead.

I'll get right to it. I'll write out the stuff in bullet points for convenience.

I highly suggest you spend at least 3 weeks just following a regular 1-2-3-whatever meals everyday eating whatever you like. Just avoid IF for now. Do the following instead:

a) Get your Vitamin D levels checked. Go to a good doctor and have the 25-hydroxy Vitamin D test done. Get a high dosage prescribed in consultation with your doctor while discussing test results. One of the benefits of adequate Vit D levels in the body is better function of your gut + intestines.

b) Buy 'apple cider vinegar with mother' from your local store. It's basically unpasteurized organic ACV that looks cloudy. Take two tablespoons of this after all your meals. It will help break down your food faster, provides digestive enzymes and reduces the acidity in your stomach. Remember to drink lots of water.

c) Buy the following herbs and spices in bottle form (easier to open, use and store away):

Coriander seeds
Fenugreek seeds (or leaves)
Cumin seeds (or ground cumin)

I've had success of varying degrees trying the above 4 individually at different times, especially coriander seeds. Either take it after your meal, or an empty stomach. Shove a small palmful of it in your mouth, chew well, swallow, and drink plenty of water.

Thyme has some cooling effects in your gut + intestines.

Fenugreek helps with colic, energy and a notable increase in testosterone. I'm still experimenting with this.

Cumin, when ingested, is transported directly to your liver. So just either chew the seeds or mix the ground cumin in water and drink. Wait for a while and see how your gut + intestines react.

You can also try ground ginger or ginger root.

d) Substitute cow's milk with either goat, sheep, camel or almond milk. I personally suggest camel's milk as it is the thinnest of all milks and is way more beneficial and tolerable.

e) Introduce a natural fermented drink in your system for a good source of probiotics. I recommend you search for 'milk kefir grains', buy some and start cultivating it in your favorite milk. Google on kefir how to guides etc. It's very easy, I strain mine every other days in a plastic colander in 10 secs and I get kefir-milk.

f) When eating, chew the hell out of your food, make sure it turns into mush in your mouth before you swallow. This will ease the strain on your stomach. The extra 2-5 minutes you take chewing your food well will translate to x hours saved not spending time in the bathroom.

g) Gelatin. One of the major benefits is healing leaky gut. Other benefits include healing cartilage, joints, skin, hair, nails etc.

Buy this one, it's beef collagen:

You can also find marine collagen here:

Additionally, buy gummy bears or fruit loops or whatever that are manufactured with beef gelatin and fish gelatin. They're cheap. I personally buy Haribo Gold gummy bears (made with halal beef gelatine) and some random American-made marshmallows (made with fish gelatine). I alternate between a few pieces of gummy bears one day, and a few pieces of marshmallows another day etc.

h) Last and one of the more important points in this post, bone broth. Either buy good bone broth with nice filmy collagen from a nice restaurant everyday, or make your own. I recommend making your own will produce more collagen/mineral content. Use a pressure cooker to make some and it will only take 1.5 hours:

OP, I feel your pain about GI intolerance and using IF as a workaround. I do the same thing in some of my rest days, except I do a 'full' fast which is, no eating or drinking from dusk till dawn. It does work really well as I do not get the frequent annoying GI issues/painful constipation/frequent flatulence etc, but it's STILL a band-aid solution to the problem. So I turned my attention to conventional remedies written in all the points listed above and I've had good improvements. I hope you'll benefit from it too.

u/YahwehTheDevil · 11 pointsr/DebateAVegan

>it's like people are playing some kind of game, and they just want you to join their side

I completely understand this, and it makes it difficult to figure out what's true. I do think that vegans sometimes stretch the truth in order to try to win converts, but I look at that as a misguided act of compassion, because the new vegans are going to learn eventually and then they may very well give up.

Personally, I believe that we can absolutely be healthy on a plant-based diet as long as we supplement B12, D3, and omega-3 fatty acids.The first two are incredibly cheap: This supplement costs $20 for a three-month supply of B12, on top of giving a host of other useful nutrients in case you're missing anything, and for $12 you can buy eight months' worth of D3.

As for omega-3 fatty acids, they are unfortunately on the more expensive side. A lot of vegans say that we can get sufficient EPA and DHA by eating ALA, such as from flaxseed and chia, and converting it ourselves. While there was a promising study saying that vegans convert ALA to EPA and DHA more efficiently that omnis, flax and chia on their own are probably not sufficient.

At the recommended dosages, supplementing omega-3 FAs will cost you about $15 a month. I usually buy Ovega-3, although I recently tried Tesla and liked it as well. We probably need more than 500g a day, since we're meant to consume a somewhat even ratio of omega-3 and omega-6, which would push the cost up to $30 a month or higher. I take three grams a day for mental health, although I doubt that most people would need that much.

As far as needing eggs and dairy to be healthy, I suspect that that's the work of animal industries spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Dairies have taken a huge hit lately as people switch to plant-based milk (now with 100% less pus!), and I think they'd gladly lie to the public in order to tourniquet their losses. For instance, we were all told that we need milk in order to have strong bones, right? But that's absolutely not true. First-world countries have higher rates of osteoporosis. And while I'm not sure how credible this is, the great Yourofsky believed that it was because animal protein is acidic, and to counteract that acidity our bodies draw calcium from our bones.

I'm going to wrap this up before I ramble any more, but in short, take B12 D12 and omega-3s and you will be all set!

*While it wasn't dairy, /r/vegan recently had a laughably transparent article about someone who was arguing not only that it was okay to wear fur, but that it was actually a
moral imperative* to do so. It was such a moving piece that I immediately drove to a mink farm and snapped those little fuckers' necks myself, because god damn it, I'm a patriot

u/JesseBrown447 · 1 pointr/adderall

Depending on gender, there are multivitamins that are better suited than others, but generally you want a once daily multivitamin.

I personally take a generic rite aid once daily multivitamin, 1000mg of calcium, and 200 mg of Magnesium.

This is the Magnesium I recommend due to its high efficiency. Magnesium is going to be what is going to combat the tolerance issue. The vitamin C is what will eliminate the Amphetamines, and the calcium is going to make sure you are absorbing the vitamins as best as you can.

If you want to do this 100% correctly, you would also add a protein drink alongside dinner, 35g of protein is what I use. What is important is that this protein drink includes L-Tyrosine, which is the precursor protein in the formation of Dopamine. Dopamine is the Neurotransmitter that Amphetamines predominantly exhaust.


  • Take Magnesium for Tolerance
  • Take A multivitamin with at least 100% Vitamin C
  • 1000 mg of Calcium to improve absorption
  • At least 1 protein shake that includes BCAA's like L-tyrosine to replenish lost dopamine.
  • At least 3 balanced meals a day
  • At least 8 oz of water with each meal.

    If you can follow this daily routine the health risk of amphetamines can be reduced. I take it daily, and I have never had an issue with comedowns, fatigue, or any real tolerance issues.

    I take 10mg Adderall XR in the am, and 5 mg IR Adderall in PM.

    Cheers, and hope you feel better.

u/Carmack · 12 pointsr/nutrition

You could always get these fatty acids from algae.

Here's where I get mine (I get my ALA from flaxseeds and my Omega 6s from walnuts but my DHA and EPA come from these vegcaps):

Potent Vegan Omega 3 Supplement w/ Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, DHA & EPA - Vegetarian Algae based & Non GMO Time-Release Capsules - Improve Eye, Heart, & Brain Health - Better than Fish Oil - by Amala Vegan

And here are some Amazon links to competing products so you know I'm an animal-friend and not a shill for Amala:

Ovega-3 Vegetarian Softgels, 500 mg, 60 Count

Deva Nutrition Vegan DHA-EPA Nutritional Supplement Softgel, 300 mg, 90 Count

Source Naturals Vegan Omega-3s EPA-DHA, Omega-3s for Heart and Brain Health Fish Oil Alternative

Happy supplementing. :)

u/TwilitWave · 3 pointsr/vegan

Congrats on the incoming munchkin!

Now, I don't have any first hand experience myself, but I've researched this issue for family members before.

The prenatal vitamin you'll probably want is this:

It's food-based so it should sit well with your tummy, and it's totally vegan. Best to take it during meals. Personally I'd recommend splitting each tablet in half, take one of the halves(The larger one if you cut unevenly) at breakfast, and the other half at dinnertime. Otherwise probably just in the morning.

You definitely want to avoid Fish Oil, the mercury content does more damage than the Omega 3's can do good. I recommend this instead:

Direct source of DHA sourced from golden algae(Which is where a lot of fish get it from in the first place!), grown in algae factories so there should be no fear of mercury contamination. Since you're pregnant I'd probably say take one at breakfast time, and another at dinner time, as their content isn't quite as high as Fish Oil pills.

Finally, definitely want to make sure you're getting enough B12, so I wouldn't rely on the multivitamin for that. I'd say get this:

Take a spray once per day in the morning with breakfast(You can even spray it into your drink/food). Little bit overkill, but with B12 that's not a problem, and since you're nomming for two, it can only help!

Good luck parenting! :D

u/WildFreeOrganic · 1 pointr/Supplements

It sounds like you need more than just Vitamin D.

Without much context, you also sound anemic.

A full blood panel would be recommended. In the meantime I would take the following:

Take every morning/early afternoon (with a meal):

  • 5000 - 10000 IU Vitamin D3
  • 15:1 mg Zinc:Copper
  • 500 - 1000 mg EPA + DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids (fish oil or algae oil)

    Take every evening (with a meal):

  • 200 - 400 mg Magnesium Glycinate
  • 3 -10 mg Boron
  • 1000 - 2000 mg EPA + DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    Learn more about why those supplements will likely improve your health.

    Increase your calories and eat some meat, if you aren't already. Grass fed beef and organ meats are best in your case.

    If your parents don't want to buy these supplements for you, head down to a CVS and buy them yourself. Ultimately your health is your responsibility, not the responsibility of your parents or your doctor. You made a great first step by reaching out on Reddit. Build on that momentum :)

    If you'd like to talk about it more feel free to PM me. I hope you get better OP!
u/micha111 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Are you ready for my dream/comfort meal? If not, stop reading, once you start I'm not sure you can unsee the tastiness.

Appetizer: cold beer. Meal: Rice, beans, steak, collared greens and other green veggies, fresh salad, some crispy toppings like cucumbers/onions/tomatoes. Mango/fruit mousse for dessert (surprisingly easy to make a cheat version by doing equal parts prepared jello liquid and ice cream and freezing it into a yummy mousse). And a super strong espresso or more beer for after dinner..

Welcome to South America! :)

Edit these! Speaking of food, Miracle Berries are supposed to be hilariously amazing. Eating a lemon and having it taste like lemonade? Yes please.

u/gbig2 · 5 pointsr/Vegetarianism

No reason, no benefit to adding fish back into your diet. If you buy into the Omega 3 thing, get it from a pure source with no PCBs and mercury:

Here's a link to a study you might find interesting:

Fish Does Not Protect the Heart, Researchers Say

New Study in American Journal of Cardiology Challenges Belief that Fish Consumption Reduces Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

WASHINGTON—Consumers who think eating fish does their body good may want to think again. A new study in the May issue of the American Journal of Cardiology suggests that fish consumption does not improve heart health or prevent coronary heart disease. The supposed heart benefits associated with a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids from fish likely result from the convergence of higher fish intakes with overall healthier dietary patterns, rather than any specific benefit of omega-3 fatty acids from fish, according to the study, whose authors include health experts with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

The study is based on analysis of the Diabetic Control and Complications Trial database, which tracked nutritional data for 1,441 Americans over nine years. Researchers found that participants consuming the most omega-3 fatty acids from fish generally consume less saturated fat and more dietary fiber. Meanwhile, participants eating less fish but greater quantities of other meats consume more overall saturated fat and less fiber. This finding suggests that improved heart health, often attributed to fish consumption, actually results from a generally healthier dietary pattern, including higher intakes of fiber and lower intakes of saturated fat, rather than the fish itself. David Cundiff, M.D., Amy Lanou, Ph.D., and Claudio Nigg, Ph.D. analyzed the dataset and authored the American Journal of Cardiology study.

“Fish is not a boon for good health as consumers are often led to believe,” says study coauthor Amy Joy Lanou, Ph.D., a senior nutrition scientist with PCRM and assistant professor of health and wellness at the University of North Carolina-Asheville. “Fish has a questionable role in heart-disease prevention and contains surprisingly high levels of mercury and other toxins, as well as fat and cholesterol, making it a poor dietary choice. Consumers have good reason to steer clear of fish.”

u/HopeinaBottle · 1 pointr/xxketo

About 24 oz of water with 1/2 tsp of NoSalt + mix-in. I started off with the Aldi's Fit & Active lemonade mix, but didn't realize for a while that there is maltodextrin and aspartame in there. Personally, I wanted to move away from those ingredients. Switched to True Lemon and didn't realize for a while that there are 3g carb per packet. Granted, I was using about 1/2-3/4 a packet a day, but I wanted to cut down on unnecessary carbs where I could. Currently, I use Kool-Aid packets (about 1/8-1/6 of one per 24 oz). My favorite flavors so far have been the lemon lime and tropical punch, but I still have a lot more to try! I did not like the lemonade personally. I usually have 3-5 water bottles a day, which I know it's waaay more potassium than recommended in the /r/keto FAQ, but it works for me. When I first started to drink potassium water, I only used 1/4 tsp and couldn't drink too fast or else I'd feel tingly. Now, 1/2 tsp several times a day is completely fine for me. I just pee with more frequency and volume than pre-keto.

Whenever I try to add table salt to the water mix, the flavor is too weird to me. It's...too sweet almost, but not sweet. I'm not sure what to call the flavor. Instead, I just try my best to add salt to my foods. I try to hit /at least/ 2500 mg a day (tracking via MyFitnessPal). I'll end the day with some dill pickles if need be. I don't feel guilty about those at all and find them quite crunchy and delicious. I used to be quite opposed to salty tastes pre-keto, but I'm growing more and more to like it. I prefer the taste of the pink himalayan salt to regular table salt.

Magnesium, 3 pills a day before bed. I think these combined with having a cup of chamomile tea and switching to reading instead of TV before bed have /really/ helped make my sleep schedule more regular.

u/what_34 · 1 pointr/Mommit

I personally have done "lazy keto" so I have to research a few things to answer you and my computer is locking up right now, trying. I will just answer off the top of my head for now, but if you have more questions, please ask and I'll answer you from other comp.

Specific Sugar Question?: Google: "Keto Friendly Sweeteners"

Fruit: There is a list of OK keto fruits. "Keto Friendly Fruits" I know Berries are okay... Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, rhubarb.

Dairy: Is okay if there is no sugar in it! Keto is almost based on cheese, it feels like, sometimes. However, read the label on your milk. Notice how many grams of sugar is in it. I never realized, myself, it's nuts! I eat all dairy, but switched to Vanilla, Unsweetened Almond milk.

Carbs: It is most common for people to limit their carbs to under 20g/day. So, you can have some. To get more technical, you only need to watch your "net carbs'=g of carbs - g of fiber.

What can we eat?: Everything as long as it does not have sugar, and stay under 20g carbs. Fat is encouraged! Salt is encouraged! Protein is helpful. Up your potassium & magnesium rich foods: spinach! and take your electrolyte drink.

Visit r/keto and/or r/KetoBabies and or r/ketorecipes for more info!

r/keto FAQ

u/odette_decrecy · 9 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas

I'm glad you've spoken with your doctor about it. I found this article, but it seems to suggest all the stuff you've tried. I'm glad you've found that eating more meat helps.

You might try supplementing your diet with gelatin AND collagen may help (use both together). I like to add both powders to a daily smoothie with breakfast. That might allow you to eat some meat, while not feeling overwhelmed.

Also: does anyone else in your family have this? Apparently it can be a genetic condition.

For me (I have nails that split, but I don't have the issue of the free edge growing downward), using Nailtiques Formula 2 only on my nails (no color polish) for at least 6 weeks, and using their nail polish remover. After removing the nail protein, I wash my hands and make sure the nails get some water, then let them dry before filing and putting on fresh nail protein. Some people say letting nails get water, then using a nail protein, and using cuticle oil as a treatment regimen helps nails.

u/sinchronissity · 2 pointsr/sex

A harness and smaller dildo would be best for starting out. I highly recommend Outlaw Leather- they make high-quality products that fit an assortment of toys and they fit wonderfully.

The Joque Spare Parts harness is also extremely comfortable and versatile.

The Tantus Acute is a good beginner for pegging. It can be easily reverse in the harness for different positions for pegging and isn't too big.

Start out with a smaller dildo and harness and if both of you like it, look into doubles. The FunFactory Share is also something similar to the Feeldoe and is very pleasurable for both parties.

u/creekcanary · 8 pointsr/stopdrinking

Couple tips if you're having insomnia. Listen up cuz this is the real deal, this WILL help get you through these first few days (take it from someone who just got through it and is feeling great now).

  1. Start taking magnesium. Like, as soon as humanly possible. Get this brand here, there are a million types of magnesium, and the most common ones won't do jack for you. I've done tons of brand research and this is the good stuff.

    Take two pills as soon as you wake up, and more importantly, take two 30-60 minutes before bed. When you take it at night it will make you sleepy. You can take it on an empty stomach, it's super easy on the stomach.

    Magnesium is the 2nd most common deficiency in the developed world, AND alcohol flushes magnesium out of your body. So chances are that your body is WAY low on it, and that will mess up your sleep AND it will make you depressed. Getting your magnesium levels back up is proven to lower symptoms of depression and improve your mood, something I've experienced first hand, so it should make your moods a little sunnier.

  2. If the above doesn't work for getting you to sleep, and you want to bring in the big guns, take some melatonin at night about 30 minutes before you want to go to bed. I like this brand but there are lots online to choose from.

    BIG POINT FOR MELATONIN: Most melatonin pills are 5mg. I don't know why this is, because that's actually a massive dose. Break off about a quarter of a pill and that should be a good dose (.75-1.5mg). Also, if you go the melatonin route, try to limit your usage to 1-2 weeks of daily usage. If you take it too often, then when you stop you might have trouble getting to sleep again, cuz your body got used to it. So just take it for a 5-14 days while your body heals itself and naturally learns how to fall asleep without alcohol.

    In general, you may have to take it on faith that it gets better for now while you're hurting, but it's the OVERWHELMING experience of everyone that it does get better. Nobody, ever, in the history of the world, was having a shitty life, and then they started drinking more, and then things got better.

    But if you go to an AA meeting (which I highly recommend doing), you will meet people with 1, 5, 10, 20 years of sobriety, and every single one will tell you that their lives got insanely better when they stopped drinking. You'll hear a lot of people saying stuff like "back when I was drinking, I couldn't possibly imagine my life being as good as it is today". And I've had people close to me quit, and I've seen them go through a similar situation.

    Hang in there friend. What you're doing right now is worth every bit of effort.
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Hi, I had my gallbladder removed earlier this year.

First, try eating a good quality yogurt that has probiotics. (I eat a chobani every day.) Sometimes the antibiotics they put you on at the hospital can kill all the good bacteria in the digestive tract and yogurt with probiotics can help restore that. You would be amazed how that can solve digestive issues. If that doesn't help, I have some digestive enzymes I take with particularly fatty meals to help process the fats. I like the NOW Super Enzymes. They have definitely helped out.

But try the easy, cheap, healthy way first and start eating yogurt for a couple of weeks and see if that helps out.

I have never heard of weight gain being a side effect of gallbladder removal. If it hasn't happened in the two years since your surgery, then I wouldn't worry about it. I've lost weight and it's only been 5 months since my gallbladder removal.

Not knowing what you're eating, I don't know what to tell you other than be honest about the quality of foods you're eating. Try not to eat over-processed foods, eat fresh produce and fresh meats.

u/skynsea · 8 pointsr/vegan

Welcome! The peace of mind and heart that goes along with it is a wonderful feeling. Let us know if we can help you in any way!

Our favorites from TJs:

Nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds (I buy all 3 - raw, roasted and unsalted, roasted and salted), marinated vegetables, grilled artichokes in oil, hearts of palm, firm tofu (we buy 8 at a time!), sourdough bread, pumpernickel bread, peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower oil, arugula (if whole foods doesn't have it, I get most of my produce from aldi and whole foods), cashew yogurt, animal crackers, fried rice, japanese fried rice, black bean & corn enchiladas, multigrain crackers, rice crackers (I try to stay away from buying too many junky carbs but sometimes the kids come with lol and sometimes we'll get the soy ice cream), popcorn kernels, umami mushroom seasoning...there are quite a few other vegan things.

My friend loves the soy creamer (I just use unsweetened almond milk in my coffee).

Consider taking a b12 Methylcobalamin sublingual. You don't need a huge amount a day unless you're very low.

If you haven't watched any Earthling Ed, he is our favorite right now to watch. Also Humane Hancock

Feel free to message me anytime :D

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I like magnesium citrate specifically for anxiety and sleep. I actually take this brand for insomnia: it doesn't make me sleepy necessarily but I get racing anxiety thoughts and I find that it helps me calm those down, and that in turn makes it easier to fall asleep. More like it quiets my brain so I can try to sleep, instead of straight knocking me way I can describe it is like the feeling you get when coffee finally wears off. Except even if I didn't drink any coffee lol. There are cheaper versions of it too as well as flavored if that interests you!

I have read that gylcinate is easier on the stomach but I never had problems with citrate so can't personally comment on it.

u/andrew_kirfman · 2 pointsr/Supplements

This is the one that I'm taking right now:

It's expensive, but it's extremely high quality. Be warned though, the pills are only 100 mg each which means that you'll need 4 of them a day. At least it's nice for splitting up doses.

The one I used to take is this one:

Much easier to get down, and much cheaper. I don't know too much about the purity, but I trust the Viva Labs brand enough.

As far as vitamin D goes, garden of life makes some of the best supplements out there. They use plant based sources for everything, so it's all incredibly absorbable (i.e. all of the natural enzymes that your body could use to process the vitamin are included in the pill). They're more expensive, but like the metagenics ones, incredibly high quality.

If money is a concern, however, either now foods or viva labs make a much cheaper D3 that should work fine.

u/Cassial · 17 pointsr/keto

1 - realize that this diet means serious business when we say drop the fucking carbs. Make it a rule to stay under 20 a day, and then you can gradually work your way up after being in ketosis for awhile. This is where ketostix do come in handy, if say you cheat one day and have 30g of carbs, but aren't sure if it knocked you out or not (otherwise you don't "need" them - if you're eliminating carbs you're in ketosis)

2 - eat fats to satiety, no magic number

3 - proteins are the next "goldilocks" number - too much and it'll turn into carbs, too little and you won't maintain muscle (if you're trying to tone up at all). The keto calculators should definitively answer the specifics here for your body weight.

4 - I highly recommend some form of electrolyte/vitamin supplementation. This should be a mandatory sticky - if you are avoiding most of the bad fruits (because they're bags of sugar and carbs for the most part) and eating real/good/clean food, you'll be getting way less salt than the average processed food consuming American. I recommend these - this is way more economical as opposed to Powerade Zero. If you feel like crap and are getting cramps, you need to replenish them electrolytes (especially if exercising). Another good way to up the salt intake I've read a lot of folks here do is simply to drink a few tablespoons of beef broth a day (plus other good minerals in there).

5 - my personal rule I'll share to help, as it helped me the most - No cheat meals by myself, period. Resist the temptation to pull over and get fast food now because you're "soooo hungry". This frees me up to have the occasional dinner out / dinner date and not be guilty about it. Life happens, you will want to enjoy yourself, and you should, if you've been strict and honest with yourself about no cheat meals on your own.

6 - I hope you like avocado, bacon, and spinach. Those are my 3 staples I eat pretty much every day, despite them getting very boring, I really love eating them all together still. Avocado is very important because of the fat content + fiber, and so is spinach/broccoli. Keto is cutting out bread entirely, so you have to get your fiber from healthy vegetables, or you'll notice you'll be in constipationland, population you, very quick.

Keep calm and keto on.

u/StrategyPattern · 9 pointsr/Nootropics

For your specific situation, 500mcg of melatonin and 400mg of magnesium glycinate should fix you right up. Melatonin is extremely safe and nontoxic. Same with magnesium (to a far lesser extant than melatonin, though).

A note on melatonin dosages: Less is more. It is frequently sold in 5-20mg pills. This is way way way too much for most people^[1].

As far as taking other things like St. John's Wort, kava, etc: Do not start out with these. You are a young person. There are many other things to try before these things. If the magnesium and melatonin don't work for you, feel free to PM me, and I'll do my best to give advice however I can.

Here are some links to brands of melatonin and magnesium that I would recommend:

Pure Encapsulations - Melatonin 0.5mg - 60 capsules for $9.30: this is the one I would most recommend in terms of quality, and the price happens to be pretty reasonable. If it's too much, let me know.

Pure Encapsulations - Magnesium (Glycinate) - 90 capsules (120mg each) for $19.50: Once again, this is ideal but if it's too much let me know. Here is a cheaper option that will work.

Best of luck to you my friend. I have had sleep problems before, and I know all too well that they will fuck your life up. This is an important issue to me, so I'm quite serious about offering my help. Feel free to PM me. Hope this helps.

u/__WanderLust_ · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

This is the stuff I take, if you were wanting to know. It's not hard to find locally either. Whole foods, fresh thyme and even Sam's club has it.

Hope it helps, good luck mama!💖💖💖

u/tazend314 · 1 pointr/POTS

Lyte Show is a life saver

ultima electrolyte drink mix

The ultima has no added fake sugar, or brominated veg oil or any of that crap and has a lot more minerals than Gatorade/Powerade. I love the raspberry but there's tons of flavors and they also come in individual packets but I prefer the scoop to make pitchers of it.

The lyte show is great to keep in your bag for when you really need help. It's also great for athletes and binge drinkers because of how quickly it replenishes. It does taste like salt water but not as bad as you would
Think. The other option will
Taste better and be easier for you to drink but this is for when you need it quickly...and it really doesn't taste that bad

I swear by both of these.

u/Talltimore · 1 pointr/baltimore

Hey, you may already know this, and if so, sorry, but maybe it'll help someone else.

Vitamin D is super important to preventing and minimizing SAD, and it takes your body a really long time to build and use up VitD, so start getting as much in you now as you can. Lots of time in the sun for all the sunny days we have remaining is the best way to do this. Depending on how your body processes VitD, that might be able to get you to early November, maybe even late November.

After that VitD supplements are the way to go. You should start those around Daylight Savings Time. They can be gotten pretty cheap, and if you're only taking them leading up to and during the SAD season, you run less of a risk of VitD toxicity. (Consult your doctor, obviously, before taking any supplement, much less more than the recommended daily allowance.)

All that said, it's a great idea to have a therapist on hand as well. Best of luck in locating one. I wish I had more info for you there.

Source: My wife has SAD, her VitD levels are around 10 nanograms per mililiter in summer months without taking supplements (normal people have 20 nanograms per mililiter or higher), so she takes about 10,000 IUs a day during SAD months (normal people maybe take 600 IU a day).

EDIT: Just thought of They might be worth a call.

EDIT EDIT: You also might be able to access free/cheap counseling services if you're in college.

u/blahable · 3 pointsr/keto
  1. About .4 to .9g of protein per pound of lean body mass per day (Lean body mass = total body weight minus fat weight + (fat weight x .25)). So if you were 250lbs with 35% body fat, that would be 87 pounds of fat, so lean body mass would be 250 - 87 + (87x.25) or 184 pounds. So your protein intake would be between 74g (absolute minimum per day) and 165g, higher protein requirements are needed the more active you are especially if you do high-intensity or weight training exercise. If you need help figuring this out, then reply back with your height, weight, and BMI if you know it and i'll do it for you.

    As for carbs you should be aiming for 20-30g of netcarbs per day (a netcarb = Total carbs minus fiber carbs). So if you were eating 15g of fiber per day, your total carb intake would be 35 to 45g.

    The rest of your calories should come from fat. So if you were eating 1600 calories per day, 100g of protein, and 20g of carbs, that would leave 1120 calories for fat, or 124g of fat. To calculate this yourself: fat in grames = (total calories - (protein in grams + carbs in grams)x4) / 9. Using the above example numbers that would look like: (1600 - (100+20)x4)/9 --> (1600 - 480)/9 --> 124g of fat.

    If you need help figuring out how many calories you should be eating, provide the numbers requested above for calculating total protein intake and i'll help you figure that out as well.

  2. It really doesn't mater when you eat your carbs. Spread out throughout the day is probably ideal, but it's really not important. Eat when you're hungry and have time.

  3. It really depends on the type of exercise. If you're just doing low-intensity cardio (such as walking or biking or any other form of exercise under 60% of heart-rate max) then a post workout really isn't necessary.

  4. I'm not sure what the question is here honestly.

  5. As many or as few as you want. You shouldn't purposely eat multiple small meals. Eat when you're hungry and when you have time. Some people only eat one large meal per day (usually as their post-workout), others eat only two (usually skipping breakfast and/or only have fat-calories for breakfast such as MCT oil). Most people would probably be best starting off with three meals per day as they're used to and then transition to fewer (or more) meals depending on hunger levels throughout the day.

  6. You should be getting about 3-4 grams of total salt per day. This usually means either drinking salted water (1/2 teaspoon of salt twice a day) or a salty consume or bouillon broth (be sure these are MSG-free) or even a home-made bone broth with additional salt.

    I would also recommend a magnesium supplement, somewhere between 300-400mg per day. If you get diarrhea, then you should probably take two smaller doses of ~150mg twice daily (use a pill splitter) or switch to a slow-release version. If you still have issues even with two smaller doses, then reduce the dosage until you no longer do (usually after the first month of magnesium supplementation you'll probably need to reduce the amount to 200-300mg per day depending on how much you're getting from food). Also be sure to get a chelated form of magnesium (magnesium aspartate, magnesium citrate or magnesium citrimate). And when determining how much magnesium is actually in each dose, you will need to calculate it based on the RDI (the RDI is 400mg per day). So if the dose is 50% of the RDI then you would know that it's only 200mg per dose.

    If you decide to take a potassium supplement, make sure you aren't on any other medication that might interact negatively (such as blood pressure medicines). If you plan your low-carb diet well you can get enough potassium from food. If you do decide to use a supplement or a potassium-salt, be sure to stay below ~500mg per day and preferably spread throughout the day. Excess potassium, especially from quickly absorbed supplements, can cause serious health problems.

    The last two supplements i would recommend would be 1g-1.5g of Omega-3 fish oil capsules (or liquid) and ~2-5000 IU of vitamin D3 per day. There might be cheaper/better brands of these two supplements out there, but the two i linked are what i personally use.
u/skwacky · 2 pointsr/dankmemes

I drink a ton of water and still feel constantly dehydrated, so I looked into this. turns out your body needs help retaining the water, and some people's are better at it than others.

electrolytes help with this. some people recommend Gatorade or Pedialyte (Pedialyte is great but expensive). I went with a concentrated electrolyte solution. is the one I got if you're interested, but I'm sure there are more. I find it definitely helps me maintain hydration, not to mention it's awesome for preempting hangovers.

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  • We started with the Bend over Beginner Kit then moved on to a corset style harness and toy that fit what I wanted size wise.
    Only problem with the corset was that the straps were sometimes getting in the way. Could have probably done a better job trimming the straps. Anyway, right now we're using this. It's got the right mix of velcro and straps to be solid yet easy to use. I've thought about the Rodeoh, but had the same concern you mentioned. Don't think there is enough structure there to hold things snug.

  • Silicone all the way...Is slick, not expensive like glass, and won't leave behind any unpleasant chemicals like PVC.

  • Nice, but if you're planning agressive pounding it'll never work without a harness. Bought one but ended up throwing it away after finding a other toys I liked better.

  • Speaking for my SO, she rarely gets off (it does happen) while going at me. Most harnesses with have a pocket for a vibe right up front that can help but more often than not it just gets in the way due to the pelvic bone issue you mentioned. Once we stopped worrying about coordinating our orgasms and just made sure she was taken care of several times before starting with me things became much more enjoyable and relaxed.
u/kurihara · 21 pointsr/todayilearned

Here's the kind that I bought, there's a lot of brands but this one seemed to have the best reviews. Not too pricey, and it was a fun experience, I'd recommend it at least once. Just get a potluck going with a group of friends!

Edit: Make sure to try wasabi. It tastes like ice cream, it was my favorite of all the things I tried.

u/Gh1221 · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

YES so many good tips for digestion!

the probiotic that i take and love is garden of life women's raw probiotic ( and although it can taste funny, i think it's a great probiotic and it also makes me drink more water!

lots of fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles (bubbies is a fermented brand, make sure you check ingredients and make sure they're redriferated or else the live cultures are killed during pasteurization), gut shots (, kefir (forager project makes a cashew milk based one), and yogurt (if you don't do dairy i like sodelicious plain coconut milk yogurt or kite hill plain unsweetened almond milk)

almost every night i take natural calm magnesium ( the taste can be a bit off putting so i just add 1-2 tsp of it to some organic cinnamon apple tea and it really helps with my digestion and puts me to bed! also it's good to supplement magnesium bc most americans are deficient in it! esp women, it's super important to get even more magnesium during your period too

somethings to help your gut as well could be collagen, gelatin, and bone broth. they're kind of expensive but totally worth it!! and epic foods makes a really good bone broth! hope this helps

u/JustarianCeasar · 3 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Simple and easy way to get more protein into your diet. When looking at the nutrition label, if it says "Nutrition facts" the contents have been verified by a relatively strict process. if it says "Supplement facts" the actual content is allowed to vary a lot from what's listed on the label.

If you're looking for a meal replacement, I've found that Muscle Milk brand powder works well. If you're just wanting a protein supplement, I really like the flavours of Optimum Nutrition and they're relatively low carb. If you're trying to lean more towards the vegetarian side of things, Garden of Life is an excellent option as well. Although I personally think the texture is pretty "gritty" the flavours aren't bad.

Regardless of what you choose, if you do some price comparison among top brands, you'll find it to be a fairly good deal in price/calorie compared to pre-packaged foods. Almost all of the powders are going to be a healthy option for adding to your diet. For myself, I've found protein shakes to be the best small meal replacement for when I'm trying to cut weight, and a great source for extra calories to add between each meal if I'm trying to bulk up.

u/mou5 · 6 pointsr/Fitness

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein seems to dissolve very easily for me. I've never used a blender, and don't own a shaker bottle - just use a spoon. They label it as "instantized."

  • in water: dissolves completely in ~10 seconds (seems to be no clumps)
  • in 2% milk: dissolves about 95% in ~20 seconds (a few tiny clumps float back to the top, but definitely no "cement mixer" - swirling a bit makes it easy to drink)

    As a side note, it's the first and only protein powder I've ever used, and I think it tastes pretty good. I've heard several people recommend it as one of the best tasting. I assume their other products, such as the casein protein, are good too.

u/SgtMustang · 17 pointsr/Supplements

Sorry to bring bad news, but, assuming you got the same one that Amazon calls "Nature Made High Potency", it only contains Magnesium Oxide.

Magnesium Oxide has extremely low bioavailability, and has some other issues as well. It's rust, in essence. So unfortunately you'll really not get any benefit whatsoever by taking those. Your body will only absorb about 5% or less of each softgel, meaning each is really only going to give you 10-20 mg.

Really the one you want is Magnesium Glycinate. I take the Doctor's Best brand which is unbuffered, meaning the pill contains 100% Mg Glycinate with no other lesser forms included. Glycinate is the most bioavailable form of Magnesium and is the best for supplementation. This sort of logic rings true with a lot of other supplements. Many brands will happily sell you minerals with poor bioavailability (multivitamins have this flaw especially), so it's wise to do this check for all supplements you buy.

To answer your question though, no, 400mg isn't too much. Really you can take as much as you want and your body should just not absorb what it doesn't need. 400mg is a solid daily dose though. Take it before bed, as there is a small amount of evidence to suggest it can be a sedative and help sleep.

Don't take it at the same time you intake Calcium, as Calcium does inhibit absorption of Magnesium to some extent. Taking Vitamin D/K and Magnesium in addition to a diet with lots of Calcium is a pretty strong combo, as D/K/ Magnesium all have important roles in Calcium absorption and its integration in bones. Take the D/K/ and your Calcium food in one sitting, and the Magnesium later once the Calcium has already been digested.

For a good overview of Magnesium and its effects, check

u/Yofi · 2 pointsr/vegan

The way we make change with veganism is by taking our money away from people who exploit animals and by raising awareness, so if I have an accident, and if fixing it wouldn't take back the money or improve people's regard for veganism, I just forgive myself and let it go. If I dispose of the non-vegan thing instead of consuming it, it's mostly just because I feel icky about it.

I recently went vegan after being vegetarian for a few years. It was hard at first to think of what to eat, but the breakthrough that made me feel better about it was reminding myself that I can still eat whatever I'm craving in some form or another. I try to imagine exactly what I would want for dinner if I weren't even vegetarian/vegan and then I google "easy vegan ___." This has led to some great things like vegan eggs benedict (yum). You're working to help animals, so you've got to make it fun and treat yourself.

I also take a vegan multivitamin and B12 supplement so that I can eat whatever I feel like without worrying so much about whether I'm killing myself.

u/GigiTheGoof · -7 pointsr/Psoriasis

Possible Cure

[Edit: I’m not selling anything and I am only saying it’s a POSSIBLE cure. I thought that this sub was a place where we all try to help each other out. I am not trying to offend anyone. I’m honestly trying to help. If you don’t want to give it a shot, fine. Just don’t attack me for trying to help.]

I have a friend who’s had an ugly patch of psoriasis on his arm for years. I just saw him over the holiday and noticed how great his skin looked. He said he read this article ( and tried what was recommended. His skin cleared up completely in less than three weeks, plus his hair looks great!

In sum: Buy plain, hydrolyzed gelatin, like this: Mix 1/4 ounce into any type of hot or cold liquid or smoothie (my friend just puts it in plain water), and drink it once per day. If you buy the product linked above, for example, you get 64 servings at $25, which comes out to 39 cents per serving. Within three weeks, your skin should be cleared up and even your hair will be healthier.

I’m going to order some this coming week. 😃

u/colloidaloatmeal · 1 pointr/keto

Yeah, those Powerade Zeroes are definitely not going to give you enough of what you need. Ditch them ASAP. I struggled a lot with low electrolytes my first few weeks because I did NOT supplement appropriately. The good news is you can start feeling better in a few days if you do it properly.

For my "ketorade," I mix 1/2 tsp of Lite Salt and 1/2 tsp of regular salt with one of these. It's got 3g of sugar, but for me that's good enough. I needed something that doesn't taste totally disgusting. It's still salty, way saltier than a Powerade Zero, but you just have to deal with it. I drink this every morning on my bike ride to work. If it's really hot out I might make a second bottle.

Additionally, I salt the crap out of my food with both regular salt and the lite salt. I drink broth. It's not the tastiest thing in the world, but it helps.

At night, you need two of these bad boys. I'm guessing the magnesium you picked up is the oxide form, which isn't bioavailable enough to make much of a difference. Citrate is better, but the glycinate has been tremendously helpful.

After you've done all of that for a week or two, see how you feel. If it's still not making a difference, time to see your doctor. I'll be the first to say that keto is NOT for everyone. I strongly believe that no singular diet is perfect for everyone. If you continue feeling like garbage, it might be worth considering trying something more like Paleo...keeping most of your staples the same, but adding in something like a potato every night with dinner. But don't give up hope just yet! You haven't been supplementing correctly and I know what a difference that makes.

u/AlfamaN10 · 5 pointsr/Supplements

I recommend taking a soluble fiber, such as Psyllium Husk or Acaica Senegal!

They expand to ~10x their dry-volume in water (e.g. - in your stomach) & they slow digestion.

Effect: More full + full longer (win + win)

Dosage: I take ~5-10g/Fiber with a meal (this depends on the size of the meal and how much water I'm drinking - bigger meal = more fiber), usually 2x daily. Works great for me and my wife.

Tips: Drink extra water when you take soluble fibers; they absorb a lot of water. I'd recommend ~2oz water/1g of fiber.


Psyllium Husk: NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk Powder, 24-Ounce

Acacia Senegal: Anthony's Organic Acacia Senegal Powder, 1lb, Batch Tested Gluten Free, Non GMO, Soluble Fiber, Prebiotic

Psyllium Husk: NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk 500 mg, 500 Capsules

Acacia Senegal: IBS Friendly, Organic Acacia Senegal Fiber Capsules 600 Pack. Natural Soluble Fiber Supplement Pill Promotes Gut Health. Vegan Prebiotic Ideal for Sensitive Stomachs. Stop Diarrhea and Constipation

EDIT: Just to be clear - I do NOT work for any of the above companies nor do I sell their products, so I am NOT trying to endorse any specific products. Just trying to be helpful by adding some links for your reference/to aid your own research.

u/neuenono · 3 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

This is something /u/Altyrmadiken sort of hinted at, and I'll bring it to the forefront: it's about the balance of insoluble and soluble fiber. Not too many foods have soluble fiber, and you probably aren't eating enough of 'em. A couple foods result in good BMs: apples & oatmeal - both have a good amount of soluble fiber, but they come with a ton of carbs, which you may want to avoid. With that in mind, the ultimate is psyllium husk. It's awesome since it is a near-zero-calorie source of fiber that's properly balanced to make your stool a great consistency.

More detail: ever since I needed to cure some weird IBS issues, I have taken psyllium husk daily and most BMs are followed by one clean wipe. Aim for at least 5 g of husk fiber per day, ramp up to 10 g if you like. Stay hydrated since it tends to soak up water. The easiest fix is to take capsules, though you'll need to take at least a half dozen of them. You can also blend the actual husks into a smoothie as an ingredient. Psyllium husk is also the active ingredient in Metamucil, which is expensive and has a bunch of sugar or sweetener in it. I've never used that product, but I imagine it's convenient.

u/UnlikeSpace3858 · 1 pointr/keto

There is certainly a transition period from glucose to ketone energy. Your body needs to adapt to using ketones and fatty acids efficiently, and it can take months to reach fat adaption, but once you do it is a steady source of energy and endurance is great. But for now you're definitely pushing it. Keto is also diuretic, you lose minerals and that will drain energy fast. Unless you replenish them daily, your kidneys start recycling your water to hang onto salts, which can stall loss from dehydration. Easiest way to ensure you get some more electrolytes is drinking a ketoade daily. You can search out recipes and tweak a concoction of your own.

My ketoade is 1/4tsp salt for sodium; 1/2tsp lite salt for sodium/potassium. You could also use 1/4tsp Nu/No Salt instead, or buy a potassium citrate powder; 1tsp magnesium citrate powder. I use a nice water bottle that unscrews so I can dump in the mixture and add water; 1Tbsp lemon juice; and sweetener. Tastes like a mild lemonade. You could also flavor with Mio or powdered drink packet or other water enhancers, instead. Refrigerate and grab in the morning to drink throughout the day along with plain water, might want a couple bottles each day. It leaves room to get electrolytes in food, but ensures you get enough to not feel horrible if you can't get enough from meals.

u/jakk86 · 1 pointr/keto

I dont know about leaky gut, but I have more energy and feel better doing keto (9 months in). I will say that I started doing supplements as well that have made some differences. I take a daily multi, potassium, and magnesium.

I do sleep a bit better since keto but what has made a HUGE difference is tart cherry extract. I got it to reduce muscle soreness and downtime between workouts (major difference) but apparently it also improves sleep. Massively for me. 45 minutes to an hour after taking it I get fairly tired and I no longer wake up 3-4 times a night. I sleep 6-8 hours straight without interruption and it's incredible.

This is the brand I swear by: Tart Cherry Concentrate - Made...

Also started taking electrolytes as well. Started spending 10 hours or so a week at the gym (2 hours 5 days) and just felt super lethargic after workouts and even on days off. I put one cap full in my water and take it to the gym with me and it has made an immense difference. I get in more intense cardio and I dont feel tired after working out either.

This is what I use: LyteShow - Electrolyte Concentrate for Rapid Rehydration - NO Sugars, NO Additives - 40 Servings (With Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc)

Hope this helps. Good luck!

u/dontforgetpants · 7 pointsr/xxfitness

First, know that it will get better with time! Over 2-3 more weeks, your body will become accustomed to lifting heavy weights, and instead of having crazy DOMS after every workout, you'll transition to a very low-intensity, comfortable soreness that sort of never goes away. It won't even feel like you're sore, but you'll know you worked out. The kind of barely-sore that makes you go, "ooh yeah, that feels good!" when you stretch.

If you need a week to recover this time, that's fine. Don't wait until you're 100% recovered though, just at least until you can sit on the potty without cringing. After your next workout, maybe it'll only take your 4-5 days to recover to a comfortable level of soreness. Then the next time, 3 days, and so on.

To help recover faster - I find that doing a light/slow jog (maybe 15-20 minutes) followed by a long stretch session (30 minutes) helps the most. Stretch lightly a couple minutes before bed and right when you wake up. Get lots of protein to rebuild the muscle.

Regarding being too poor to bulk: FALSE. I'm on a grad-student budget, and I go to the big-box grocery store and buy a bag of like 30 frozen chicken breasts for $10. Yeah, it's not the organic, fresh stuff I usually get, but it's still protein, and it tastes fine. You can get them at Kroger, Meijer, Ralphs, Randalls, or wherever depending on where you are. Don't have enough money? Cut other stuff out of your food budget to replace with protein. Processed food is expensive. Fresh produce is less so. Don't buy juice, buy milk instead, and only drink milk and water. Instead of buying $2 protein bars, buy protein powder - big capital cost, but better for individual servings. A big tub will last a while, and it tastes decent. Other cheap food with lots of protein: BEANS. Eat them beans! Beans with vegetables mixed in. On a tortilla. Go to the "world food aisle" (or tortilleria if you're in the Southwest) and buy the cheapest corn tortillas you can find. Cheaper than bread, less carbs, and more "slices" per "loaf." Pile beans and chicken on there, with veggies. Cheapest meal there is.

u/Yumkarepie · 1 pointr/ADHD

I'd avoid sleeping pills unless it's a last resort. What helps me is:

Exercise (I hate it, but it does help me fall asleep)

Magnesium supplement, specifically this:
(Sorry on phone, don't know how to embed a link). This stuff tastes like a tart lemonade and it's like magic. I sleep through the night.

Melatonin supplement

Staying away from caffeine after 2pm (I'm really sensitive to it)

Also, I don't have too much experience with meditation, but I think that would help a lot to calm your mind.

Finally, my therapist suggested the following exercise- while you're in bed, think about 3 things you see, feel, and hear. Then think about 2 things you see, feel, and hear. Then 1 thing you see, feel, and hear. Keep cycling this until you drift off.

Worth a shot! Good luck!

u/erusko · 10 pointsr/vegetarianketo

lots of good info in that for those who say veggie keto isn't possible!

one thing i should mention though is that it looks like you don't use a food diary and this is something i recommend everybody to use for at least the first 2 weeks to get the hang of what to eat and how much of certain foods/macronutrients you can eat.

for example, it seems based on the example of your breakfast/lunch/dinner, you aren't getting enough protein and your fats may range on the high side. you can totally still lose weight like this, but you may be unknowingly sacrificing a lot of muscle along the way. i know the maxim of r/keto is high fats, moderate protein, low carb but the truth of the matter is the more fats you take in, the higher your calorie intake is and thus, slower weight loss. the best way too look at keto for me is to aim for 20 carbs or less, get your minimum protein amount to avoid muscle loss to (LBM in kg*1.5) which in my case is 120g protein and as low as fats as you can manage. for me, that would be 71g fat if i want 1200 calories a day. if i'm being particularly weak-willed that day, i'll up the fats to 104g fat and that's my absolute max because then i'll hit 1500 calories.

now you might look at this and say, wait a sec, don't you have high protein, moderate fat and low carb? that was my first thought when i was figuring out my diet but then i read a little closer and realized you need to base your diet on energy (read: calories) from these macronutrients. for example, each gram of fat is 9 calories. each gram of protein is 4 calories. using the above info, 120g protein is 480 calories and 71g fat is 639 calories (or 104g fat is 936 calories). based on calories, your fat content is much higher than your protein.

also, remember that r/keto can get away with constantly suggesting to raise the amount of fat in your diet because their main sources of protein are meats that are much lower in fats than your vegetarian counterparts. we don't have the luxury. the more protein we consume, we inadvertantly consume more fats. we vegetarians can't do this and need to watch our intake of avocados, sour cream, butter, etc...

sorry op, i got a little side-tracked in the middle of this comment and felt that the vegketo community might need some more clarification on certain things so i kept on writing. anyway, a lot of info in your guide is still pretty good! here's one more suggestion for people who don't know much about vitamins. even if you're not on keto, you should be taking a good multi (unless your diet is very balanced, and even then, i'd be skeptical!) these are by far the best ones i've ever had, and i've taken dozens of different brands. i've done some extreme manual labor in my day too and i definitely noticed the difference if i had one of these or not. regular multivitamins for meat eaters don't compare to this one for vegos.

u/notpandora · 2 pointsr/loseit

Easiest question first: Yes it's just for added protein. Everyone's got different macronutrition goals, mine includes A LOT of protein for muscle gainz. This may or may not apply to everyone. I use protein powder in a number of ways, the main ones being 1. Protein shakes when I don't feel like eating food but need to 2. Adding to baked goods and stuff like pancakes so I don't feel guilty about eating pancakes. 3. Adding to Greek yogurt so I don't have to drink a protein shake.

My recipe for shakes is typically:

2 scoops of powder
8oz flavored soy or almond milk (chocolate or vanilla)
8oz of unsweetened soy or almond milk (vanilla)

I do the half and half because I found that if I try to do 16oz of the regular sweetened kind, it's like drinking pudding mix. Gag. You could also do water instead of the unsweetened to make it thinner. I don't do all water though because that's just as bad as the pudding blend.

Harder questions: It tastes like whatever they want it to taste like. I used to get the kind you can find at the grocery store or on Amazon, mainly Myoplex or Optimum Nutrition. ON is generally considered a good buy, Myoplex is kind of meh, I just got it in bulk once because I could. They come in different flavors based on the brand, ON has lots of flavor choices. The problem with these is that they pretty much universally contain artificial sweeteners which everyone has different opinions on.

Personally, I don't care for them, I'd rather add sweetness via whatever I'm adding the protein to. I found which allows you to create custom protein blends, including the options for different or no sweeteners, and different or no flavors. I got the unsweetened unflavored Team Skip blend from the Formulas/Protein Formulas tab. Just because I'm not smart enough to make my own blend. It does add a little texture to the yogurt but I like it, adding the agave smooths it back out too.

Since this is /r/loseit, it depends on the individual's needs as to whether this is something worth adding to the diet - the extra protein can add satiety and help curb hunger/cravings as well. I don't really have that problem since I usually struggle to eat everything I'm supposed to eat (like, a crapton of eggs and plain chicken and broccoli.)

Oh snap i just had a really good idea, tomorrow i'm going to try to add protein to my breakfast oatmeal. Thanks for sparking that one! I usually make my oatmeal with almond milk as well, this will make it even better and I can use up my old Myoplex crap.

u/loganlulz · 2 pointsr/StackAdvice

Ginkgo Biloba.

Curcumin with a source of Piperine like ground pepper for absorption.

DHA found in Fish oils. The higher the better.

Magnesium. I recommend this brand.

My experience with lions mane was fairly positive. I heard mixing it with some sort of fat like coconut oil you can increase it's absorption. I always made an MCT like hot tea with it and it worked wonders for energy, replaced my coffee for a while.

Hope your friend gets better!

u/MealPrepEnt · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Hey again,

I'd like to expand on his advice since I was the one who helped calculate your macros to begin with :)

  • Whether you decide to count calories or macros the same concept applies. Calories in vs Calories out. If you consume less calories than your body needs you will lose weight. Macros are made up of calories (1g of protein/carbs = 4 calories & 1g of fat = 9 calories), so if you're counting your macros you're technically counting your calories as well.
  • The only downside I see to counting calories is if the ratios are extremely off. For example, all calories solely coming from carbs and not enough protein is consumed. However, I'd like to point out that the breakdown I gave you (40/40/20) is simply a guide. If you are slightly off, or have pizza once a week, you'll be fine! The goal should be to hit your macros 80% of the time (I shoot for M-F at a minimum).
  • As far as protein powder goes, you can't go wrong with this. This is a great value protein and you can choose to either drink it straight up, make a smoothie/shake, or eat it! (I prefer to eat it).
  • One of favorite things for breakfast is a simple 3 ingredient protein oatmeal. I put a 1/2 cup of quick oats in the microwave with 1 cup water. Cook 1 1/2 minutes, once it's done I mix in 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder. The secret to making it taste good? Walden's Farm Zero Calorie Pancake Syrup.

    Hope this helps.
u/DIMETHYLTRYPT · 3 pointsr/adderall

Magnesium Threonate theoretically crosses the blood-brain barrier easier. I personally find it to be less sedating or calming than the Magnesium Citrate I take at night. It is pricier, but the research so far shows promising results. Also, my doc recommended it!

According to this study from the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease: "In an intact rodent, treatment with conventional magnesium salts is ineffective at elevating brain magnesium and improving memory function. This is because active transport systems tightly control the amount of magnesium that crosses first from digestive tract into blood, and then from blood to cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). In human, increasing blood magnesium by up to 300% only changes CSF magnesium by less than 19%. To overcome this problem, we developed L-Threonic acid Magnesium salt (L-TAMS, formerly MgT), a compound that can effectively enhance CSF magnesium concentration via oral intake."

Also from the same study: "Supplementation with magnesium threonate may improve cognitive function in older individuals with memory and concentration issues, say results of a randomized, controlled, double-blind study."

u/cinderflight · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh dear, I don't have the best jokes but I am going to try....

Q: How do cells in the body talk to each other?

A: With a cell phone

Ok, that was bad anyway onto the item that will make me happiest. Technically, it's a tie but I will list them both since one is more pricey than the other:

  1. Miracleberry Fruit Tablets - cheaper item, I have seen tons of videos of people reacting to eating acidic foods after taking a tablet and I really want to experience that myself

  2. Faber-Castel Watercolor Pencils - slightly more pricey, I love using watercolors and have always wanted to try using these pencils because of how beautiful they look when used for illustrations

    Hope this isn't against the rules!
u/PennySun29 · -1 pointsr/LifeProTips

So eating Paleo (read Grain Brain) is a diet all about reducing inflammation in the body. It also gives a list of supplements that are recommend by the neurologist that wrote the book. A lot of people with Autoimmune, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes, Gluten Intolerance and other allergies have had amazing results on this diet. All of which are linked by inflammation. This changed my life (Gluten & other allergies) and my Dad's (Parkinson and arthritis) life. Grain Brain

Two additional things that will help.

1 order gluten free gelatin from Amazon and make home made jello. This will help your joints like a miracle.

Gelatin Supplement

2 Take a melatonin supplement. It's what your body makes to help you sleep but sometimes when are bodies are sick and exhausted it doesn't produce enough. It will force you to get deeper REM and wake up more rested. Start with 5mg and tweak it to your needs. I have been taking it for about 10 years and I now take 20mg. I am 30, 5'7" & weigh 155.

Melatonin Supplement

Remember just like meds you may have to tweak brands and dosages in order to find the most effective results. But you should get relief within about a week of doing at least these two things.
A combination of all of this though took me from incapable of functioning and working a job to almost completely normal and now very successful at work and still improving.

u/scienara · 9 pointsr/BabyBumps

Try magnesium! Colace didn't do a thing for me, but I started taking a magnesium supplement before bed every night, and I am now the most regular and easy pooping girl you'd ever know. This is the stuff I got ( -- but I found it locally in the health section at my normal supermarket for like $15, I didn't pay $25!!
You stir it in water & drink it, it tastes like overly sweet lemonade, and works like a charm for me!

u/veganatheist · 2 pointsr/IAmA

As another raw foodist, let me give you guys another take on this. On a typical day, I'll start will a huge-ass smoothie (Kale, bananas, OJ, blueberries, wheat germ, water, filling a full 64oz Vitamix pitcher) that I will split up between breakfast and lunch. If I'm extra hungry, I'll eat some fruit here and there as well.

By dinner time, I'll be wanting a big salad (Big = 1 lb kale + 1 lb spinach + a large tomato + 1/2 avocado + a dressing made from tahini, garlic and lemon).

This may not seem like much, but have a look at the nutritional breakdown on Wolfram Alpha.

In the example above, I am getting 84 grams of protein, with good coverage in all the essential amino acids, sufficient Omega-3 and Omega-6 (in favorable proportions), huge amounts of most of my vitamins and minerals. My shortcomings here are vitamins D and B-12. I take a daily vegan multivitamin, a vegan D3 supplement and a B-12 supplement, just to make sure I'm not missing out on anything.

For exercise, I ride my bike an hour each way to work and back M-F. Between the food and the cycling, I stay in pretty good shape.

u/lswiz · 2 pointsr/ketorecipes

I like great lakes collagen or the bullet proof is also good. They are kind of expensive, but they basically have replaced protein powder for me. If you want to be able to throw it into smoothies I recommend the great lakes, because it mixes better in cold drinks. Bullet proof gets chunky in smoothies, but has a wider range of amino acids.



u/Guyler-R · 11 pointsr/amazonreviews

I did! Their response wasANT very helpful:

"We can see that you’re having an issue with one of our products and would love to help find a solution! Please feel free to contact us directly and one of our NOW Customer Service Representatives ( will happily help out."

u/phuzzyelojique · 1 pointr/Fitness

Overpricing is an understatement.

ON Whey on Amazon as low as $38.24 with subscribe and save (cancel subscription after ordering) and with Amazon Prime you get free shipping: ON Whey

ON Whey on GNC, ON SALE for $56.99, regularly $72.99 no free shipping: ON Whey

tl;dr After shipping, GNC is pretty much twice the cost as you can get ON elsewhere.

Note: Amazon Prime is easy to get for free for several months, it's peppered all over reddit.

EDIT: Looks like it is possible to get free shipping from GNC with signing up for their membership program. Not sure why you'd want a membership with those prices though.

u/greysplash · 14 pointsr/videos

As others have posted, tablet forms of these are available on Amazon

I've actually thrown "Miracle Berry" parties several times and it's a lot of fun! Just walk around a grocery store and try to think of everything that tastes sour and buy it! Some tips from my experiences... Each tablet will last you about 15-60 minutes (generally about 30 before effects diminish), not ALL the sourness goes away (lemons do not taste like pure sugar), thoroughly dissolve the tablet in your mouth (3-5 minutes) and then wait a couple more for the full effect, and lastly, bitterness is NOT the same as sourness. Eating the lemon peel will still be incredibly bitter.

Lemons/limes: Taste like the best lemonade/limeade ever

Pineapple: Incredibly delicious, but almost TOO sweet for some people

Oranges/orange juice: Really depends on the kind, but can substantially change the flavor

Hot Sauce: Vinegar almost tastes sugary, so it is both sweet and spicy

Pickled items: Again, vinegar becomes rather sweet

Cheese: Some cheeses taste like "dessert" cheese, especially sharp cheeses, cream cheese, cottage cheese, and goat cheese. Some people don't seem to be as effected by the cheeses as other though.

Beer/Wine: Not as profound as citrus, but definitely changes the flavor profile

Random note of caution: You'll end up wanting to eat a TON of citrus foods. This will give you an upset stomach if you don't moderate.

u/Woknblues · 2 pointsr/keto

Ok. I thought so. Low moisture mozzarella is pretty handy and affordable, has >1g per serving.

Past that I use Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound, 80 Ounce

And for snacks or a mini meal, I go to,-2-pack,-2-count.product.100296106.html

I'd happily trade my eggs and chicken for your moose and salmon! Best luck friend!

u/astrophela · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I don't think anyone's mentioned electrolytes yet. I encountered the same experience (tho your case might still be different of course) and the second I started drinking electrolytes in my water I was back to feeling like superwoman after workouts. If you eat "healthy" it's really easy to not get enough salt. And your body doesn't just want Sodium, there are other good salts for you. Like ones with Magnesium and Potassium. People with high blood pressure and who have been told by doctors to cut back on salt would probably not need electrolytes in addition to their regular diet.

If you do decide to give electrolytes a try, I recommend Lyteshow which can be found on Amazon It lasts a long time since it's so concentrated, and it comes with a little to-go bottle with measuring cap so you can give yourself a reasonable dose in your workout water bottle. Since it's already in a liquid solution, it mixes in easily with water, no real effort to shake/dissolve necessary.

Good luck getting your energy back, friend!

u/Super_Frez · 2 pointsr/nutrition

From the reading and research I've done, getting grass-fed protein is a waste of money.

If you want to stay whey, Optinum Nutrition is going to give you the best bang for your. They are consistently voted the best protein by I enjoy the Double Chocolate, but I hear good things about Vanilla.

I've been using MuscleMed Carnivor the past 6 months, its a beef protein isolate and I really like it. The chocolate has a great flavor and I drink it with just water.

what are you using the protein for? Meal replacement or as a post-workout supplement? If you're trying to get more protein in your diet, your much better off trying to get through whole unprocessed foods.

u/barcantholdmyusernam · 2 pointsr/treedibles

I just make capsules. They are super discreet, super low waste of materials, and easy to regulate your dosage. Plus, I just can't smoke/vape without throwing up instantly.

  1. Buy a pack of mints. Consume said mints. Keep the container.

  2. Make your oil, but SAVE YOUR DECARBED BUD.

  3. Buy empty gelatin capsules. I've tried a few different ones, and as long as they're of decent quality (i.e. seal properly, don't have any holes, etc), they all work just fine. Here's what I bought a couple months ago, and will be set for a looooong time.

  4. Buy a couple syringes (without needles). I prefer ones that use an o-ring around the plunger to make a seal, as they don't get stuck as easily, but these will work just fine if you don't have anything.

    Optional 5) Add a couple drops of peppermint essential oils to the mixture (I'll take the shit storm for mentioning those, but it really will cut down on the smell and taste a LOT.)

  5. Heat up your oil

  6. Fill your capsules. Put on a show, movie, or music in the background because this can take a little while. I can knock out 50 or so in 15-20 minutes, and that's not moving very fast, so you'll get it down. Protip: if you can, wash out the syringe(s) after filling. The minimal leftover coconut oil will harden up, and fuck up the syringe plunger. If you can't, store the syringe pieces pulled apart so they don't get stuck together.

  • 7a)Here's where you can use that decarbed bud. Get a teeny tiny spoon (or use the handle of one of those syringes), and pack that shit into those empty pills. They should be a different strength than your oil, so make sure to test a couple first, and probably keep them separate. But decarbed bud does still have your thc/cbd in it to get you high. I promise.

  1. Store your medicine pills in that mint container.

  2. Dose as needed

    [10] fin.

    Edit: spelling. Hope you find what you need!
u/aaf3 · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I can't comment on n-acetyl cysteine, but whenever I don't take magnesium supplements with amphetamines I chew the shit out of my gums and cuticles. I still occasionally do it after taking magnesium, but the urge is mostly gone.

If you decide to try out magnesium, make sure you don't get magnesium oxide. It's not absorbed well and is pretty much useless. Magnesium glycinate, lysinate, and citrate are some of the best forms. This stuff is the best I've found, a 240ct bottle will last for ages.

u/bgd221 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Go with Optimum's Whey Power on Amazon @

It's really high-quality with the full spectrum of amino acids, quick absorbing/digesting for optimal post-workout nutrition, tastes really good, easily mixable, and it's really affordable. I've used it for 4+ years, best protein powder I've used by far. I also like the fact that it has minimal artificial ingredients (if you care about that sort of stuff).

I personally love chocolate mint. It should be a staple in every supplement routine.

u/adrun · 4 pointsr/xxfitness

The science of the optimum metabolic window (which prompts the recommendation to eat w/in 30-45 minutes of working out) is pretty shaky. It may or may not be necessary to consume some protein and carbs to fuel optimum muscle repair during that time, but it certainly won't hurt! For me, eating right after a workout helps stave off the "oh my goodness I'm so hungry I could eat eight hippos" impulse and headaches, too.

I also think of a post-workout protein shake or protein bar as my source of extra workout-day calories, so I don't have to mess with my meal planning for the rest of the day. I like Optimum Nutrition's whey protein to mix with milk or coffee and the Think Thin protein bars. (Hate the branding, love the macros.)

u/BrutalHonestyBuffalo · 3 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

I have tried Vit C, I can't say it had much of an effect on me.
I can't say it didn't either - but nothing I could specifically pinpoint one way or the other.

The only supplement I had any success with was Magnesium (specifically this kind - which is elemental as opposed to Magnesium Oxide most commonly found). My doctor has me on 4 tablets a day (800mg).

It has helped with muscle spasms and pooping. :)

I also took some Vit D for awhile (as my bloodwork showed I was deficient) - I got it back up to proper levels with supplements and have been doing better mentally and physically since. Though I have had a lot of transitions in my life since that point - so while I am certain it had a positive impact for me, ymmv.

u/diversification · 2 pointsr/Fitness


I want to start taking magnesium, primarily for the sleep quality improving benefits. I've read that I should also supplement D3, K2, and maybe one or two other things. I'm almost certain my diet does not provide significant amounts of any of these 3 (and the list probably goes on.)

I did A LOT of research on Magnesium ended up quitting multiple times and just not getting anything. I'm hoping to avoid that and finally pull the trigger on some supplements.

For magnesium, I've decided to target the glycintate form; it seems that the [arguably more efficient] dermal applications are very difficult to dose properly. Glycinate has high bio-availability/absorption (compared to other oral applications,) low/no laxative effects, and is reasonably priced.


  1. What's the cheapest way to acquire magnesium glycinate without having to worry about buffering (ie. part of the dosage being oxide or some other form) or other negative additives (possible toxins and so on)? There's a reviewer on Amazon who appears to have done some serious research on magnesium supplements, and writes a very compelling review of Doctor's Best.. I've been recommended a powder before as well, which seems much cheaper, but I'm not sure about purity, dosage, how to consume, etc because there are no detailed reviews or anything... Recommendations?

  2. What other supplements besides D3 and K2 should I be taking?

  3. What form of each should I target (I spent A LOT of time researching magnesium, and if I try to do that again, I'm going to burn out and just not get anything...)

  4. Specific product recommendations (preferably with a bit of information/explanation?) As with the magnesium, money is an object, so I'm trying to strike a good balance between price and quality (example: for whey protein, I've bought MyProtein unflavored and Vitamin Shoppe Bodytech, which by all accounts is repackaged Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard. Both are much cheaper than Optimum, and I wait to catch them on big sales -- thanks slickdeals. So essentially I'm targeting good stuff, but not going for top shelf.)

    Other non-so-necessary, but possibly relevant info:

    I just started going to the gym after a fairly substantial hiatus. Additionally, I'm tracking macros, and I've acquired decent quality weigh protein to assist me in meeting my daily protein goals.

    I've noticed that my sleep is kinda crappy, and I am suspicious that part of the issue is certain deficiencies, like magnesium and vitamin D (I've eliminated blue light before bed, try not to eat for a few hours before sleeping, and all the other recommended remedies, and I have reason to believe it's not sleep apnea or anything of the sort.)

u/robt_sf · 2 pointsr/fasting

I have tried a variety of drink mixes that supposedly are Keto friendly electrolytes and they all are flavored and sweet. I think that they affect insulin and almost immediately cause intense cravings (at least in me). I found




It tastes like sea water because it is. It has helped me the last 2 fasts and I feel so much better. I naturally drink a lot of water anyway and the amount seems to double or more when I'm fasting. This leads to me being dehydrated and it shows on my EKG as a heart irregularity. My wife is a Nurse Practitioner so at least I have a very interested party keeping a keen eye on my well being.

u/Bizlemon · 3 pointsr/glutenfree

I promise it will get better! Eliminating your allergens will make you feel so good, and you'll realize that it's worth it. I also feel like it's worth noting that naturopaths do not do the testing themselves. Bloodwork gets sent out to labs.

Regarding intestinal repair, I highly recommend hydrolyzed gelatin, and probiotics! The gelatin really helps heal the lining of the intestines, and the probiotics helps replenish the good bacteria that is lacking, which is creating the excessive allergy producing environment. Have you read up on leaky gut/intestinal permeability?

u/entitydc · 3 pointsr/diabetes

Be careful if you're getting sick, and as others have said, make sure you always have insulin on board. The risk is increased because you're consistently producing ketones and imbalances in BS+ketones will lead to DKA. So you have to be even more vigilant about BS & insulin levels, but that turns out to be a lot easier when you're not eating carbs. :)

I've been doing keto pretty frequently for several months now, only taking a few days off over the course of it, and I feel amazing. I probably average 40-60 carbs a day and don't seem to exit keto at those levels.

/r/keto is a good resource as well. I've found that magnesium/potassium/sodium levels are really important for me, so I drink sugar-free Emergenc Electrolyte Mix frequently (

u/forkingresponsibly · 5 pointsr/vegan

For B12, I pop one of these every few days. I've never heard of it being affected by alcohol/marijuana use. It might also do you some good to also take a vegan vitamin D supplement, since most people are deficient anyways.

The nausea is not likely to be related to any specific nutrient deficiencies (a B12 deficiency usually takes years to manifest in any noticeable symptoms), but it is very possible that since you're probably eating different foods now than you did as an omni your stomach hasn't quite adjusted yet.

I'd highly recommend this book as a guide for healthy long term vegan nutrition. It's full of reliable science and teaches you how to be healthy as a vegan as opposed to some resources that try to convince people that a vegan diet is a silver bullet for anything and everything.

At this point, your blood results will be more likely to reflect your previous diet than they are your new vegan diet, so anything you see next Tuesday don't go 'OMG veganism is making me anemic/deficient/etc' based on those results. Also if you do have any deficiencies there are vegan solutions for all of them, so feel free to come on back and ask for more advice :]

u/ssswerve · 10 pointsr/ElectricForest

For campsite music I can't recommend this thing enough. The most powerful portable speaker I could find and runs on 8-D batteries. Was $350 last year, down to $230 now:

Coleman EZ-UP, I realize this one's is on the more expensive side but in my experience Coleman products are really great at being truly waterproof, no need for extra tarps and this one has LED lighting built in so no need for lanterns, etc:

Sanuk shoes with yoga mat lining. Especially crucial on days 3 and 4:

Portable Battery for cell phone charging with tons of juice for several phone fill ups:

Hangover assist/vitamins/electrolytes/hydration:

That's all I can think of for now, it really is great being fully prepared for this event :)

u/minerva_qw · 3 pointsr/vegan

Sounds like you need some more meals in your repetoire. What did you eat before?

While I'm waiting for your response, here are some of my favorite easy dishes. Some of them lend themselves to cooking in bulk. I find it very convenient to make large batches and then freeze leftovers in individual portions so I can just grab and reheat them.

  • Oatmeal: Follow the directions on the package, flavor with jam, cinnamon and sugar, maple syrup, frozen fruit, peanut butter, or whatever else you like.

  • Tofu scramble: tofu crumbled up around in a pan with onions, garlic, and the veggies of your choice.

  • Microwaved potato or sweet potato: wash, poke holes in it with a fork, microwave on high for 5 minutes and then turn over and repeat until soft

  • Pasta salad: Cooked pasta with tomato, onion and cucumber, salt, pepper and a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice.

  • One pot lentil dish: Sautee onions and garlic in a pot (add other veggies too if you like). stir in one cup lentils and one cup rice, add 4 cups liquid (vegetable stock or water) bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, taste and season as needed.

  • Black bean tacos: Sautee onions and garlic in a pot until tender. Add canned black beans with liquid. Simmer until creamy, flavor with salt, pepper, and lime juice to taste. Serve on tortillas with toppings of your choice (I like sauteed squash, spinach and hot sauce).

  • Peanut noodles: Cook some rice noodles. Make a peanut sauce with peanut butter, sesame oil, salt, and lime juice. Throw in some tofu and green onions if you like, serve with sriracha.

  • Pizza: Order pizza without cheese. Add avocado and hot sauce. Or hummus. Yum!

  • Roasted eggplant sandwiches: Preheat oven to 400 F. Wash an eggplant, brush with olive oil, and wrap in foil. Bake the eggplant until the center collapses. Scoop out the insides (carefully, it's hot), season with salt and pepper, and serve on a nice bread with some greens.

  • Creamy soups: I do this with all kinds of veggies, but the basic template is to sautee onions, garlic and my veggie of choice (I've used celery, mushrooms, leeks, broccoli, kale). Once they're tender, add clean quartered potatoes, cover with liquid (vegetable broth or water with bouillon cubes), bring to a boil, then simmer 20 minutes or so. Blend with an immersion blender or food processor, season to taste.

    The recipes above are very brief overviews, I can go into more detail on any of them if you're interested. And if you'll mention what your previous favorite meals are, maybe we can suggest similar recipes. If eating out is a problem, I can make some suggestions there too.

    If you don't have one already, get a vegan B12 supplement. It's essential. This is my favorite brand.
u/hal4019 · 2 pointsr/keto

You didn't link anything I think?

Magnesium is easily supplemented in pill form on keto. It's hard on keto to get much magnesium. This is what I use. Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Dietary Supplement, 200 mg per 2 tablets, 240 Tablets

I know you said no pills, but I think that's your best bet for magnesium.

As for potassium, go grab nu-salt. It's full of potassium. I use sodium free salt so it has like 700mg of potassium in a 1/4 tsp.

Hope this helps.

u/Back-in-the-Saddle · 1 pointr/Fitness

Hi, I'm late to the party on this thread so I hope someone gets a chance to read this. Cravings have always been a big problem for me so I do a lot of things. In general I try eat a near ketosis diet (/r/keto for more info) staying away from fast absorbing carbs in general keeps my appetite down. Next biggest thing I do is I buy bulk Psyllium fiber and gluccomannan and put them in a nice easy open container and spoon out a teaspoon with meals and a tablespoon with very low fiber meals (it's mixed in water and then you have to drink it really fast). This helps me from over eating. I also do lots of things like drink water when I'm hungry and leave raw whole walnuts and almonds in jars on my counter so I'm tempted to eat a few throughout the day. Another thing that helps with the cravings is baby carrots a little more expensive by I don't have to get a knife and cut carrots up which makes me eat more. I also throw a few carrots on the side of my plate with every meal. In general as well I try to eat tons of healthy fats through out the day. I like avocado, tuna, I'll have some coconut oil in my protein shakes as well. I've found if I skip meals I then over eat on the next meal which causes insulin spikes which set me up for a three day roller coaster of overeating so I don't skip meals! Hope this helps!

Edit: I also supplement with cod liver oil which I think seems to help!

u/SupaFly-TNT · 2 pointsr/nutrition

Really doesn't matter much really; a lot of people (me included) like Optimum Nutrition brand; their Gold line is fairly reasonable and tastes good. ON Gold Whey

You can get caught up in the minutia with this stuff, but it's really just to supplement the rest of your diet. I usually have 1 protein shake a day and try to get the rest from my foods; if I am short I will have another protein shake at night.

I am not a heavy lifter; I usually stick to around 200 pounds for 4 sets as my normal weight to maintain. Legs are about 220 or 30 for the same amount of sets.

If your coming from an injury make sure you have that entire muscle group well rehabed. My wife had the same surgery as you a while back and had to take it pretty slow before she actually was able to do weights on it.

Some other healthy snacks that I like;

Pretzels and yogurt, plain tuna with celery, protein type cereal like special k protein, 12 Grain bread with peanut butter (careful as these are dense calories), Salsa with some wheat pita chips; theres endless choices just a matter of if you like them :)

u/BirthdayShop · 2 pointsr/keto

Its pretty common to not get enough magnesium in the typical american diet anyway, so when you are going on a diet that is known for having limited access to dietary magnesium (like keto) its probably wise to take a supplement.

Keep in mind that not all magnesium is created equal. Magnesium Oxide is the cheapest form used in supplements, but it isn't absorbed very well. I took a supplement that used primarily Magnesium Oxide for awhile and it gave me digestive issues. I switched to chelated magnesium and things have been much better. I use Doctor's Best Chelated Magnesium, but I'm sure there are other good brands. Look for "high absorbency" magnesium or check labels and avoid Magnesium Oxide.

I wouldn't worry about monitoring magnesium intake too closely. The National Institutes of Health says you can safely supplement up to 350mg per day (that's in addition to magnesium from food), and that too much magnesium in the diet doesn't pose a health risk since the excess is excreted via urine. Magnesium toxicity can have more serious effects, but you need to consume upwards of 5,000 mg/day to get to that point. That is extremely hard to do.

u/difluoroethane · 2 pointsr/aspergers
To add on to what danceswithronin said, I would be very surprised if you get enough magnesium in your diet. Taking a magnesium supplement would assist very well in the ease of going #2. Get some Vitamin K2 to go with the magnesium, if you want to try it, as it will help with absorption. You need to build up to the recommended amount as whatever magnesium you fail to absorb is a laxative.

Both Vitamin K2 and magnesium are very cheap for a big bottle of each. When I get home I'l edit my post to show what type of magnesium to get since there are a few different types and you want a specific one to take.


Here are links to the magnesium and vitamin K2 I buy. You don't need to get the same brand, but you do want to get Chelated magnesium similar to what is in the stuff I buy as it is easier to absorb and won't cause the laxative effect as badly. Coupled with the vitamin K2 it will not only help you feel better, but also keep things running smoothly down there. I have found that I am very regular and it is super easy to go #2 since I started taking those 2 supplements.
u/KnottyMasokiss · 9 pointsr/BDSMcommunity

All good, helpful advice. I'm going the easy route and going to suggest Miracle Fruit tablets.

They change how things taste to your taste buds temporarily! I've had multiple friends try them and say they're definitely worth the few bucks for them. They're on my list as well, mwahaha.

u/ignitusmaximus · 3 pointsr/Fitness

I recommend Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Isolate, its definitely good for the price. On Amazon a 5lb tub is around 55 dollars. Extreme Milk Chocolate is by far the best flavor. You can usually never go wrong with chocolate flavors. Isolate is the way to go, its usually plentiful in protein, while being low on carbs. You'll want to get your carbs from a whole source.

Meal replacements need your macros: Protein, Carbs and Fats. So, some Whey, Oats, and Whole milk, blend. Done. If your calorie conscious, Whey, half oats (or skip the oats for low-carb), fat free milk (or half whole milk, half water), done.

Casual meal replacement use one scoop whey. Post workout, use two scoops. Be prepared though, Whey Protein can add up over time and get pretty expensive. You may go through the whole 5lb tub in a month.

u/I_Fuck_Whales · 2 pointsr/keto

Sodium: Salt all of the food that you eat!!! That will be the easiest way. I also will occasionally mix 1/2tsp - 1tsp lite salt with a Powerade Zero, split it in half and mix it the remainder with water. Gives me two drinks for the day. I will also drink broth, usually at night before bed just because it tastes good!

Potassium: Lite Salt will also help big time with this. Another good way is to eat leafy greens (mainly spinach for me), avocados, fish, mushrooms, etc. (Just google: "foods high in potassium", for an extensive list).

Magnesium: Again, leafy greens, fish, nuts, avocados, etc. I also supplement magnesium by taking one of these every night before bed: HERE! It really helped stop waking up in the middle of the night with ungodly painful leg cramps.

That's how I keep my electrolytes in check. If I ever feel tired or lightheaded, I'll just drink a cup of broth, but I rarely have to do that.

Hope I was of some help to you. Good luck! :)

u/VeganMinecraft · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congratulations!!!! :)

I think you'd like these Miracle Berries! Perfect for taste tripping parties (get a party together with your new co workers!), these berries turn sour foods to sweet, and sweet foods become even sweeter. I can't wait to try them myself while sampling different foods!

u/climbersofcatan · 3 pointsr/climbergirls

I do a protein shake after climbing (I use this one) mixed with almond milk and occasionally have another one with lunch as well.

I just started taking Creatine HCL yesterday after researching a lot about it. I mix it with BCAA's since HCL form is very sour, but the popular mono- creatine I've heard a lot of people mix with a protein shake after working out. No calories between the two - I use Scivation Xtend Pink Lemonade for the BCAA and Beyond Raw for the creatine.

I am trying out a caffienated BCAA from Gnarly Nutrition for my pre-workout drink. I've used other true preworkouts, and I hate the jitters and sweat that comes with it. I've always taken BCAA's before and do notice less muscle soreness and better recovery, so my hope is the caffeine combined with it will give me the little boost I need.

Black coffee is another good preworkout with no calories to give the energy boost you might be looking for, but if you're not very sensitive to caffeine one of the others that has other stimulants might be a better fit I suppose.

u/creatures · 9 pointsr/loseit

> I don't know where to start! What do I eat? How do I exercise?? What is a normal routine like? What do you guys do?

What? I do what's in the FAQ. You should too.

> I am very good at following instructions. I just need some damn instructions! Please and thank you.

Okay. Follow my instructions:

  1. Read this section on diet from the r/Fitness FAQ.
    • You weigh 164 pounds, so aim for 164g of protein daily. You might want to buy a thing of this if you're having trouble getting all your protein from meat.
    • Your BMR is 1780 (I'm disregarding your activity rate). Start with that for one week. Week two and onwards, eat 1500 calories.
  2. Find a low carb diet.
    • Keto is really easy to follow, the #1 rule is don't eat any carbs. It's not a magical weight loss solution, it just takes a lot of thinking out of weight loss.
  3. Read the section on exercise and the section on weight loss.
  4. You're going to be doing Starting Strength. Buy the book (hold out on your next video game purchase) and a gym membership (a legit gym, not planet fitness).
    • You follow the plan exactly as it is laid out. You do not modify the plan.
    • You workout three times a week -- Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
    • Check out the Starting Strength wiki.
    • If you have to start with the bar, you start with the bar.
    • Do not use a smith machine past the first week. You do squats in the squat rack. You bench like this.
    • Form is important.
    • Form is important.
  5. Have a scoop of whey mixed in one glass of milk 0-30 minutes before you work out.
  6. Keep track of calories. Find something to do it for you, like MyFitnessPal or DailyPlate. If something isn't on there, either you enter it or you find the closest match.
  7. Read the FAQ (all of it) every weekend.
  8. Come back in a month or two and ask if you're doing it right.
u/pured · 2 pointsr/dogs

I have a cat that needs medication twice a day and after a while has managed to figure out the fact that i put pills into his food and there was only one thing that has worked for me and made pilling him an extremely quick and easy process.

I talked to my vet about problems with the cat not taking pills and what they suggested was to buy empty gelatin capsules and fill them with pills and make them take the pills that way. I ended up buying these on Amazon:

I'm guessing since you have a Dachshund it might be a little larger than a cat, so you may have to buy a different size pill I think I ended up buying size 4 or 3 and it worked great for me and the cat.
You can probably put pill in his food, but I've found pill gun to be the best thing to deliver the capsule. My cat even runs to me now because I give him treats after pilling, so it works great and he doesn't seem to mind it much. You can buy the pilling gun at a pet store or on Amazon:

Good luck!

u/earth_echo · 3 pointsr/fasting

I make my own magnesium lotion from magnesium chloride flakes, but previous to this I bought Life Flo Magnesium lotion:


For oral magnesium I take Dr.'s Best Magnesium (magnesium glycinate) :


I take 600 mg of the oral mag per day and put the lotion on all over my body each night. I do this whether I'm fasting or not. I take boron, taurine and selenium to boost absorption of the mag. So far, it's working WONDERFULLY! Boron, btw, really helps w/vitamin D absorption too, which everyone these days seem to be low on.

u/AndroidGingerbread · 1 pointr/xxketo

My daily electrolyte supplements usually look like this:

  • 1 packet of ElectroMix mixed with a teaspoon or 2 of Natural Calm in a glass of water.
  • 1 chicken bullion cube mixed in a tall mug of hot water. (Sometimes I do this twice a day, depending on how I feel.)

    The rest of my electrolytes come from food. If I still feel unwell after the above, I may drink another ElectroMix. This seems to be working well for managing my induction.

    Remember: Spinach is a good source of potassium and other healthy nutrients. It never hurts to mix it into whatever you're making or have a side salad with some olive oil.

    Best of luck to you and KCKO! :)
u/Physical_Moron · 5 pointsr/keto

So, there's always some sort of natural carbs in veggies. I eat only cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower. I'll eat a few pieces of carrots, and celery, onions, and bell peppers, but avoid corn, for instance.

I eat no refined sugar, no carbs (flour, potatoes, corn starch, or sugar derivatives like malodextrine, dextrose etc.), and no starchy legumes, or veggies.

I cook with healthy fats, like coconut oil, and butter. I eat lots of protein, and healthy fats, with green veggies.

I bought (for the first time in my life, electrolytes. I bought liquid drops, from Amazon, called Lyteshow because I was getting cramps, and won't eat bananas anymore. I also bought MCT Oil, because I think that medium chain triglycerides are important.

Other than that, I just try to eat as clean as possible, and have fun making keto recipes. I also bought one of those fancy Multi-pot electric pressure cookers, because I'm eating a lot more real meats, and it requires very little prep, and I don't think about food all day. I only eat one meal a day, and try my best not to load up on fat. I've got plenty of fat on my body.

u/voiceofnight · 5 pointsr/Fitness

I'm particularly fond of Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey in Double Rich Chocolate flavor. I've tried a few others, but this is the best tasting (mix with milk, not water ick) and the easiest to stick with using. You can get it from Amazon with free Prime shipping here

u/Kingbdude · 1 pointr/adderall

L-Tyrosine should be pretty universal among brands. Ive been using this one from Amazon with good success. I would recommend one 500mg capsule before bedtime. That should help you reset your dopamine for the next day. Start this out just every other night though, as I’ve noticed it still works well into the next day.

As far as magnesium goes, you’ll want to avoid the commonly available versions magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate due to poor absorption into your system. Magnesium aspartate and citrate are good options here, with Chelated magnesium being the best. RDA is 400mg/day. Take 200mg twice daily with food if you can, or all at once if you have a hard time remembering. If you haven’t taken a mag supplement before, expect a temporary laxative effect from it for a week or two until your body gets used to it. If it’s giving you trouble, Imodium (or the Loperamide HCl generic) works well to slow bowel movement and counteract this.

u/FirstZeroCarber · 3 pointsr/zerocarb

I did actually, still feeling like death but pushing through. I’ve been using those ketone pee strips and it finally showed between low and moderate amount of ketones so that’s good i think!

Also picked up this stuff called “Lyteshow” so going to be drinking water with some of that in it today to see if it helps. Here is the link, hopefully it’s zerocarb approved.

Also I seem to have no appetite, I love steak and smoked a nice thick ribeye on the traeger this morning for breakfast and could barely eat half of it. Hopefully I get my appetite back soon

u/AgentArcher · 1 pointr/AskReddit

they work I used this product though. I had to use two to really get the effect. Basically you let it dissolve on your tongue. I moved it with finger to didn't spots to get better coverage. Sweet doesn't change much, sour and bitter take super sweet.

  • TLDR: Yes, work. Guinness is best choc milkshake, Orange Great, Apple nothing, Strawberry no change, Lime and Lemons confuses the mind.
u/smithmcmagnum · 10 pointsr/JoeRogan

I do notice a difference with Alpha Brain, but it's too expensive. I've used several kinds of "brain pills" and nootropics and individual brain supplements but honestly I've only noticed a difference with Alpha Brain.

Also, New Mood and ShroomTech Sport seem to work. However, for New Mood replacement, just get any calming or "mood support" blend with theanine and 5-htp.

For ShroomTech sport, I've found a bottle of Now Foods cordyceps is much cheaper and works better.

DigesTech can be replaced with Now Foods digestive enzymes for much cheaper, as well.

A lot of the stuff on Onnit works, but nothing is a magic cure for anything. The most any of these will do is give you a slight edge in each area. But, I think that slight edge is worth it. However, on Onnit, it's just 3x as expensive as it needs to be. Do a bit of research and you can find a lot of the same stuff for cheaper.

u/irisuniverse · 3 pointsr/vegan

try to get some really good fats. make sure you're eating healthy saturated fats like cold pressed coconut oil and then also cold pressed hemp oil (and hemp seeds) and olive oil.

It's easy to miss getting good fats if you're just cooking with a refined oil or light vegetable oil. Fat is one thing that depletes a lot after switching to not eating animal sources, but the health and tissue of your brain rely heavily on good fat consumption through your diet.

Also check your magnesium intake. I'll always recommend hemp seeds because they have a lot of magnesium. But supplements work well too. I like this

u/ladyrockets · 10 pointsr/keto

Links to the products in the pictures:

Better Than Bouillon
The chicken flavor (2g carb/serving & sodium 29% DV) is my favorite, but they have other flavors too (the vegetable base only has 1g carb/serving).
Sometimes I add Sriracha (1g carb/tsp), garlic powder (2g carb/tsp) or a tablespoon of tomato paste (2g net carbs/Tbsp).

(potassium 15% DV/serving) I can usually find it at the grocery store for less than $3, and there's about 90 servings per can. I've tried some of the other potassium based salt substitutes and this one tastes the least like chemicals (it still doesn't taste good, but the benefits outweigh the flavor).

Magnesium Carbonate
(1/4 tsp = magnesium 84% DV) There are a few different forms of edible magnesium salt. This type is hard to find in it's food-grade form, but it has the least offensive flavor IMO. Bonus; this form of magnesium is also used as gym chalk, so you can use any extra to dust your hands if you take up climbing ;)

Emergen-C Electro Mix
This is one of the few electrolyte mixes that doesn't have carbs, but does have a decent amount of potassium (most have potassium <3% DV, this one has potassium 12% DV). Bonus; it also contains calcium, manganese and chromium.

I found that I needed to make a bowl of salty broth about once or twice a day when I was starting out with the keto diet (to help with digestion, occasional muscle cramping, slight nausea, the habit of eating larger volumes of food, etc.). A few months into it I had throttled down my salt supplementation to about a two times a week. Of course, everyone's body and experience is different, so you should do what feels right for you.

u/__Vic__ · 3 pointsr/keto

Just a heads up that tested that and it came up high in some heavy metals, so I stopped using it. Over at r/nootropics, we love Doctor's Best Mag Glycinate as the best for relaxation and sleep. Any glycinate form really, though I know the citrate and malate are good, too.

u/at_work919 · 5 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

This is it, in a nutshell.

I've also learned a few other tricks over the years to help avoid hangovers. Most of them are contained in this excellent page: How to Prevent a Hangover.

I mix up a cup of Emergen-C vitamin C drink with B vitamins and such, along with a milk thistle and NAC (glutathione precursor) supplement such as this one. This preps the liver for the beating you're about to lay on it. There is also some evidence that saturated fat prior to drinking can also have a protective effect.

Next, stay away from the sugary drinks and you want a clear liquor mixed with some sort of carbonation (this increases absorption). Vodka/club soda/twist of lemon or lime is about as perfect as it gets.

Also, you can switch to just club soda and twist of lime after you've hit your buzz, & still look like you're drinking the same thing.

Then before you go to bed, drink a large 22-32 oz cup of electrolyte water, my favorite is Electro Mix (no sugar), and also prep another one for when you wake up to urinate.

A benadryl will help you sleep through the night, otherwise you might wake up after 4 hours or so.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you can get a nice buzz on and have a good chance of feeling just fine the next day. Also, you get what you pay for with vodka. Look for something distilled 5 times and made from pure unicorn tears or something.

u/relevantme · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

I've heard good things about Jarrow, but I've never tried any of their products.


Fish Oil:

Vitamin D:

You'll see in the examine article for Magnesium that I linked why I suggest it and Vit D; people are a lot of times deficient in one, or both. Fish Oil is just generally also seen as a good thing to supplement, and it also helps the Vit D be absorbed.

These things, in my experience, give you a much better baseline. Unless you have a really solid/varied diet/lots of sun exposure, these can really help.

u/formerteenager · 1 pointr/gainit

Sounds to me like you're having some mild symptoms and blowing it out of proportion in your head. The mind can screw with you in weird ways. I think you should get some digestive enzymes and try taking one before every meal, it really helps break down the food and help your body process it better. I get these because I've always had issues eating large meals as well. It may be that you have some mild food allergies, but that can't stop you from eating, your body needs those nutrients! Maybe you could also try cutting out certain things to see if it helps, wheat, sugar, etc. Good luck!

u/b-nasty55 · 4 pointsr/keto

Most of the protein powders have very little carbs. They generally use artificial sweetners for taste. This ( is one of the best, and decently cheap if you can't find any local brands. Walmart/Sam's have a few varieties that are cheaper, but usually don't taste quite as good.

As for bars...Quest Bars are pretty decent. They're all natural proteins and fats (no sugar alcohols or other crap) and stevia (I think). Again, pricy, but not out of line. I avoid bars like the plague because I find them kinda gross, but they are nice in a pinch. The brownie one is good (free samples

u/princesspoohs · 3 pointsr/BeautyGuruChatter

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium Anti Stress, Original, 16 oz

Seriously, it is an absolute lifesaver for constipation, and works as a gentle muscle relaxant and sleep aid as well. It’s amazing. I got it because it was recommended to me for pain from TMJ disorder, but I use it more frequently for constipation than anything else! I take medication that causes chronic constipation, so this is a lifesaver. Mix two teaspoons in a bit of warm water, then add as much cold water or other drink as you want (it has just a mild acidic effervescent taste, kinda like club soda but much more mild- you can also get flavored versions but I prefer unflavored). Do this before bed and you should wake up ready to go!

(Rarely it will take two doses to get things moving, if things are really backed up- sometimes I’ll double the dose at once if I know it’s kinda severe but if it’s your first time just start with two teaspoons and see how you feel. If it’s been more than 8-10 hours you may want to take another dose, either right then or that next evening).

You can also find it at GNC and some drug stores, but I’ve found it cheapest at Wegmans. It’s in their vitamin section.

u/L4syth · 2 pointsr/jpouch

My first year, I was up 2-3 times a night, and when I mentioned this to my surgeon at the time of my annual check up, he said “take an Imodium before bed.” So I started doing that and got it down to once a night. I’m still up and going once a night, but it’s needing to pee that wakes me up...and it’s just easier to go ahead and evacuate while I’m at it 😉

As for your second question, I soiled myself in the middle of the night 2-3 times in the past 2 1/2 years, but not full on shit myself. When it happened, it was typically the result of being extra reckless with eating/drinking whatever I want, subsequently having a lot of gas churning around while I’m asleep, and my body letting it pass...with me discovering in the morning it wasn’t all gas LOL

Are you taking any fiber supplements like Metamucil? My surgeon recommended I take it with every meal because it slows down the digestive tract, and it really does work. I hate the powder and take the capsules, and because I’m cheap I get a generic from amazon: My surgeon wants me to take it 3x a day (once before every meal) but I’m lazy and typically only do it when eating some I know will mess me up, like salad! It does a good job of firming things up from watery diarrhea to an oatmeal consistency, which means less trips to the bathrooms do leas chance of any gas being accompanied by leakage. Hope that helps!

u/rao-blackwell-ized · 2 pointsr/Supplements

Sounds like a good plan. I'd consider possibly adding a probiotic and Rhodiola for some more energy. An omega 3 supplement should definitely help with energy and brain fog. I use this one. When are you taking the zinc and magnesium? Magnesium is a relaxant and for some people even acts as a mild sedative in helping put you to sleep, so it's best taken at night before bed. From your last part about B vitamins, it sounds like you're basically already taking a B complex. Also, the multi you get may contain all the B vitamins you need.

u/ThrowinStacks · 1 pointr/Supplements

Creatine timing doesn't matter once your muscles are saturated with creatine.

Your fish oil seems very low in epa/dha. My current fish oil contains 750mg combined epa/dha. So I only take 2-3 a day. I don't think there is any benefit to take more than 1-2 grams per day. That amount is perfectly safe.

I would recommend Rhodiola from my personal experience. That's another I buy from NOW.

L-Carnitine in the form of ALCAR affects the brain and the body. In LCLT form it only affects the body. You might get extra stimulatory effects from ALCAR, but you may not get the same testosterone uptake response you get from LCLT.

It's your personal preference if you'd rather juice a beet root before each workout, or take a scoop of powder. The difference is probably insignificant.

Rhodiola will help immensely with stress. That's it's main purpose. There shouldn't be any negative drug interactions. ALCAR has also been shown to have antidepressant effects.

The only thing else I would recommend is a multivitamin. I suggest Rainbow Light for Men because of it's high potency and bio-availability. A good multivitamin should improve your energy and mood.

u/fehrsway · 2 pointsr/ketogains

I saw a recipe that uses pork rinds as a “batter”, I’ve never tried it but it’s a neat idea for keto fried chicken. Outside of that, it’s the only real use of pork rinds on keto in my opinion... it’s not exactly a solid source of nutrition and even the packaging says not a significant source of protein (at the last bag I had said it in the nutrition facts).

I get downvoted every time I say it, but while saturated fats have always been blown way out of proportion, in my opinion it still may not be wise for you to get say 90% of your calorie intake from saturated fats, especially if you are of a certain genetic variation (I’ll have to look into exactly what that is), and I’m not entirely informed on the longevity affects of a high saturated fat diet, even in the context of a very low carb diet. Avocados, natural peanut butter from the machine at Kroger, macadamia nuts, EV olive oil - MUFAs are my primary fat source with around 35 grams (+/- 10 grams) coming from saturated fats. Olive oil in everything. I’ll make tuna with boiled eggs, mayo, mustard, a tbsp of EVOO and pink salt/pepper/paprika, pretty much daily lunch. Sometimes it’s chicken instead of tuna. I don’t shy away from beef at all, but I still limit it to 2-3 times a week, because I’m also eating salmon 2-3 times a week.

I also regularly make a smoothie that is for sure not that keto because of the higher carb content, but on days I have it - it’s the only carbohydrates I have... kale, spinach, avocado, Garden of Life Raw Meal (the vanilla chai or chocolate flavor), hydrolyzed collagen, that fresh Kroger peanut butter, a half cup or so blueberries, about 2 cups water or almond milk if that’s your thing, ice, blend that baby up. You get use to the texture.

These are just things I do, but there are multiple ways to skin this keto cat. For the record, I’m a male, 28yo I stand between 5’10 - 5’11 and started at 240 and weighed in this morning at 174, last did my tape measurements and my body fat was at 27%... still on the path

Good luck to you!

u/freshmutz · 1 pointr/Constipation

I’m not a doctor so I don’t want to comment from a medical perspective.

But I can tell you that it’s entirely common for some people to take daily mag supplements long term. There are other benefits unrelated to constipation such as cardiovascular, relaxation, and sleep.

The article I linked mentions that Mag 07 is a large magnesium molecule that does not dissolve into your bloodstream nor adds to the body’s need for magnesium. So I don’t think you’ll want to compare it to typical mag supplements or factor in absorption.

As far as a regular mag supplement, there are several different types. I tried a few and ended on this one:

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate, 100% Chelated, TRACCS, Not Buffered, Headaches, Sleep, Energy, Leg Cramps, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 100 mg, 240 Tablets

u/nazarandpetros · 1 pointr/clusterheads

Yeah... I remember getting a prescription for triptans and it helped but it felt like it just masked the pain and didn't actually get rid of it.

I forgot exactly where i did the research, but this is what i take [almost] every day:

GNC Mega Men multivitamins (2)

500mg of Magnesium (1)

1200mg Fish Oil (1)

Super K complex (1)

Vitamin D (20k IU for the first week, then 10k every day after)

Sorry for the long reply, hopefully this helps. I feel like an old man taking pills every day, but it's better than having these headaches :D

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Morton's Lite Salt is straight-up the cheapest, though least tasty way to get both sodium AND potassium, and you probably need both. For palatability you can add Mio or Stur or a similar flavor enhancer.

Electro-Mix is an excellent option if you need potassium in particular. It's reasonably tasty for a no-sugar option. (I strongly recommend staying away from sugary things like gatorade and powerade, as advised by Chase.)

Another option is LyteShow, though it is a much pricier option than the other two. Na/K balance is pretty good though, and it is a good option if you just want to be able to add "x drops to x amount of water" without too much thinking.

I would look into a magnesium supplement as well--malate, taurate, citrate.

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So if you're trying to add mass/strength, your biggest concern with going vegetarian is probably going to be getting enough protein. I try to take in like ~200g/day. You can calculate what you need here.

I personally get most of my protein from protein shakes. I use pea protein exclusively, this brand. Unfortunately, it comes from China but I can't pass on the price point. I also add peanut flour, cocoa powder, bananas, flax seed meal (good source of omega-3's), psyllium husk fiber (helps to slow down digestion of protein), BCAA's, creatine, and beta-alanine all in almond milk. The reason for some of those supplements can be found here.

Thanks to the fiber and the flax seed, it gets super thick almost like pudding if you let it sit. Usually, I'll mix in cold brewed coffee to get the consistency I want. It's really good. I drink like ~48 ounces a day, every day. Still have yet to get tired of it.

As far as recipes go, I try to eat high protein meals usually with beans/legumes and quinoa. I use tofu or tempeh as meat substitutes quite a bit too. I eat a lot of chili and curries. My instant pot (pressure cooker) is always getting used.

I also supplement with this multivitamin.

In response to the anti-protein focus comment, I guess I would say that I eat at a calorie deficit so it's hard to hit my protein targets unless I supplement. However, you should still count your macros at least at first to make sure you're getting in the range of where you should be.

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Goddamn those are some amazing hips
/typical redditor

You don't look "underweight" but you could use some muscle mass. You probably need to do a "recomp" where you stay about the same weight but transition to a lower bodyfat %, this is done by eating maintenence calories while lifting heavy. That said, you might even gain a bit of weight when you put on the right amount of muscle, so don't be afraid of that. This is my go to example of why you shouldn't be worried about putting on muscle.

As for "Because I believe I eat a lot", you probably don't. Track your calories and compare it to what others have said here, I don't know about a BMRx1.8 I usually use 1.4, but you'll find what works best for you as you are tracking.

Just make sure you are getting plenty of protein in your diet. I think the recommended amount for active females is something between .6 and .8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight so that puts you at 70-90 grams of protein/day and that can be tough for people that aren't used to eating that amount of meat, if you need to throw in some Optimum Nutrition 100% whey to get you there while you are transitioning to eating more lean meats, in reality a 5lb tub will last you for months, you might want to get one of the 2lb ones to start out with.

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This magnesium an hour before bed works great in combination with melatonin. For nights when I’m extra anxious, I also add in a cup of chamomile tea.

Magnesium: (2 tablets 1 Hour before wanting to be asleep)

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate, 100% Chelated, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 100 mg, 240 Tablets (packaging may vary)

Melatonin I use: (I put around 10 drops under my tongue about 15min before I wanna be asleep)

Life Extension Fast-Acting Liquid Melatonin Citrus-Vanilla Flavor, 2 Fl. Ounce

Chamomile I use: (1 bag 1 hour before wanting to be asleep. Two bags if you’re super anxious)

Traditional Medicinals - Organic Chamomile, 16 Bag (2 Pack)

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My girl and I own both the Fun Factory Share and the Tantus Feeldoe. The share is better, because of the size of the vaginal insert: it's a good deal bigger than the Feeldoe's, and it's got a better shape.

Either one can be prone to falling out, though. They do work with harnesses, however. We bought the SpareParts Joque harness. It's a little pricey, but it's stable, comfortable for her, and you can toss it in the wash. It works with both dildos. Highly recommend it.

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So for vitamins and supplements.

And then for eggs and brands it's pretty easy and skim through. Many brands say "contains eggs and milk" So, you can skim through and read what each has.

Some people take a shot of b12 but, many foods such as cereal and non dairy milks are fortified too!

You can easily find vegan cookies such as Oreos and others. It really depends on where you are located as well.

I would drink daily soy milk to keep up calcium but, you can eat greens which contain iron and calcium. Actually most multi Vitamins that are vegan contain iron. So, you won't need really a separate iron supplement.

Anything else just ask me! 😊

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Try taking Psyllium Husk before you go to bed. I use 3 tablespoons mixed with orange juice (recently switched to lemon juice and water to cut down on the sugar.) I used to have perpetual mud-shit as well, despite my substantial fiber intake. Now my shits have satisfying bulk and there's very little wiping involved. The mud-shit is encased in the mucilage formed by the Psyllium Husk; the Husk is not digested and has a purely mechanical action in the body. It is perfectly safe and can also help reduce cholesterol levels.

Such. Satisfying. Shits.

edit: Use plenty of water/juice when mixing the husk. Mix with a little liquid initially to form a sludge at the bottom of your glass, then mix with the rest of the liquid. This prevents caking/dust. Good technique with hot chocolate as well. Staying well hydrated throughout the day helps immensely.