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u/vtgorilla · 2 pointsr/Anxiety

I have similar problems. Anxiety often pulls my production at work down to zero. It's a real struggle...sometimes I'll go weeks without accomplishing anything substantial.

> but I feel like my managers on the cusp of realizing how much I'm behind on

That is an anxiety-driven sentence...just want you to be aware of that. In reality, you don't have any idea whether your manager is aware of your situation. And even if things are backed up for you at the moment and your manager notices, it's likely they'll just come and talk to you about it...not fire you immediately.

Since you just got a promotion, I'm assuming you have a pretty good relationship with your manager. If so, I'd just have a conversation with them as soon as possible and explain your anxiety (as a temporary problem). Even if they don't grasp anxiety, they surely will understand that you're having a rough time at the moment and do what they can to help you.

The alternative is to struggle silently until someone does notice. In my experience (twice in the last 2 years), this is a far worse outcome. Because when someone notices, its because something important was late/wasn't done/etc. Communicating now allows the manager to see the issue and redirect some responsibilities or reprioritize temporarily while you recover - they should be glad you shared because you're looking out for their best interests as well.

As far as productivity goes, I don't have a lot of advice. I've tried a lot of things, but my anxiety seems to work at its own pace. Counseling has helped me in the past, though not with this particular issue. I've found that taking 10 minute breaks during the day can really help me focus on starting a particular task when I get back to my desk.

A strategy I'm attempting this week is to start each day by writing a list of the 3 simplest things I can do (send an email, check the status of something, etc) to make progress. A longer list might intimidate me, but three quick and easy tasks hopefully aren't anxiety bearing. Then I just white knuckle my way through the list, encouraging myself and praising how good of a job I'm doing (which sounds really dumb, I know).

Then try to use your productivity on the 3 items as a springboard to something else that's easy to do. This part can be super tricky, so explicitly tell yourself how great of a job you're doing when making progress on your list. A positive mindset can ward off the negative thinking/anxiety spiral if you can keep your mind focused on doing, rather than thinking.

Then lastly, I know you said "other than medication" and I usually feel the same way. I took various prescription drugs when I was in college and hated all of them. They would solve one problem by ruining the rest of my life.

Last week, I was reading through "The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook" given to me by a psychologist friend, and it had a section on supplements...which I'm not normally into, but I thought 'why not, if one of them can let me actually accomplish things without knocking me for a loop, then it's probably worth a shot.' So I ordered some Kava pills (I ordered these ) and took one yesterday as a first test.

Anecdotal, I know, but one pill did wonders for me. My mind was super clear and I was able to just see something that needed to be done and do it without analyzing the ever loving crap out of it. I watered my plants for the first time in months and cleaned out my microwave for the first time since I moved here (gross, I know). Anyway, if you'd like, I'll report back after a few more days of taking them and see if the change is maintained or not.

I'm not saying run out and buy the same thing, just that you should research some things and see if they might be helpful. The supplements aren't nearly as harsh as prescription meds, but also don't have the same strength of results. The book recommended Kava or Valerian for anxiety (they're both mild sedatives) and St. John's Wart for depression/anxiety.

Happy to discuss more if you have questions or just want to discuss some strategies. Feel free to PM me if you need to go into specifics. I hope things get better for you. Keep working at it!

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/vegan

the only nutrient that is harder to get on vegan diet is b12 as far as I know. everything else will just require you to learn and change your habits a little bit.

  • B12: I take this brand, which is a little pricey, but is very high quality. Contains both methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, and does not contain any additives. If you set a price alert on you can also get it for pretty cheap (I got a years supply for about $24 dollars a bottle). One bottle should last you a month or possibly more.

    as for other nutrients that are important to make sure you're getting, vegan or not:

  • Zinc: this is a good brand if you want to supplement with it. pumpkin seeds are a good whole food source.

  • Iodine: Spirulina is a good source, a daily serving will get you about 30% of the RDA, and spirulina is kinda like a whole food multivitamin. High in protein too. Sea vegetables like dulse (would recommend getting atlantic only) are great sources of iodine. I put a tablespoon or two in a smoothie that I have regularly.

  • Omega 3 (EPA/DHA): Pure encapsulations is generally a good brand, though this particular formulation seems to melt/stick together. They'll probably fix that. You can also get them from flax seeds (either ground, or blend them), hemp seeds, stuff like that. Make sure you're getting a good balance of EPA and DHA-- some things just contain a lot of DHA.

    I handle most of those just by taking b12 supplement in the morning, and sticking some flax, hemp, and pumpkin seeds as well as dulse flakes in my smoothie. Once it's a habit, you don't need to think about it anymore.

    As far as any other concerns, it's just about making sure you're eating enough, as vegan foods are less calorie dense and so if you eat the amount you're used to eating, you won't be eating enough; and eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables somewhat consistently. Adding a bunch of things like raspberries, frozen wild blueberries, spinach, kale, cilantro, etc to a smoothie in the morning also makes this easy.

    Making fruit a big part of your life also makes things easy. Apples, bananas, avocados, dates, mangoes etc are great, easy snacks.

    Make steamed potatoes or other veggies-- it is so damn easy! You just wash the potatoes, put some water in the bottom of the pot, steam for 15-30 mins (until a fork can go all the way through), and then toss with some herbs, olive or coconut oil, and sea salt, and you have a delicious filling dinner.
u/scotty-fitzgerald · 2 pointsr/HaircareScience

Hi, I commented in the general thread about what worked for me. I had a huge hair loss problem and it brought me a lot of anxiety and stress because as a 23-24 year old female who used to have really thick, healthy hair it was disheartening. My hair is thankfully back to normal but it took a while to get it back to peak health. I actually got a haircut this weekend and the hairstylist commented on how healthy and full my hair is. When I told her that I worried about my hair thinning out and hair loss she said that what the last thing I should worry about. But little did she know what had been happening the last two years (I had never gone to that salon before).

I see that you are taking a lot of vitamins, I also take vitamins and have read quite a bit about it.

You are taking vitamin B & D which is really good, but you said you are also taking a multivitamin, and hair/skin/nails vitamin and also want to take Biotin. Just so you know, biotin is a form of vitamin B. You also already take vitamin B and I don’t know if you multivitamin has vitamin B. I am also pretty sure your hair/skin/nails vitamin has biotin or some form of vitamin B. Vitamin B is great for hair, but your body can only absorb/process so much of it.

I would recommend asking your doctor if you should really be taking all of those. I personally would say drop the vitamin B (unless you are taking it because you are vegan, know you are deficient due to a blood test, or it’s a specific kind that your doctor told you you needed). Also, a lot of the times those hair/skin/nails have “filler” ingredients so I would make sure you are getting a reputable kind or skip it all together and just take plain Biotin. You can get it at Whole Foods or amazon for pretty cheap.

In the AM I take: Biotin, vitamin C, vitamin D, ashwagandha, and two of these . In the PM I take: ashwagandha, a probiotic, and magnesium.

I need to check my pill cases but I’m pretty sure that’s it. Also, I learned from a nutritionist that sometimes some vitamins “interact” and if you take them at the same they might prevent one another from being absorbed. I can’t explain it well because I’m not a professional but if you are taking a lot of vitamins that’s something to look into.

Hope this helps!

u/-kodoku- · 1 pointr/ibs

I'm sorry you're going through this, OP. I have terrible constipation as well and the bloating is one of the worst symptoms for me. It's such an uncomfortable feeling. I'm by no means cured, but I've tried several things that have really helped. Especially with my bloating. I recommend looking into these.


NOW Probiotic: This is one of the best probiotics in my opinion and is a must if you have IBS. I take one capsule 30 minutes before eating and it helps reduce my stomach pan and improves my digestion. This is one of the things that has made the most difference.


Chamomile: I take this after I finish eating. It settles down my stomach and reduces the likelihood of me experiencing stomach pain after eating. I take it not just after eating, but also whenever my stomach acts up. It almost always relieves any sort of stomach discomfort I'm experiencing. Chamomile is particularly good for improving digestion, reducing gas and bloating, and promoting smoother and more frequent bowel movements. If you experience any anxiety, which is pretty common among people with IBS, chamomile can really help with that as well. It's a mild sedative and is very calming. It's useful for lowering anxiety as well as improving sleep issues like insomnia.


High Absorption Magnesium: Most people have some level of magnesium deficinecy. People often don't eat foods that are high in magnesium and to make matters worse, things like sugar, caffeine, and certain medications, can lower your magnesium levels. Magnesium is a very important mineral and getting enough magnesium can help you feel less constipated and help you have smoother bowel movements. It's also good for lowering anxiety as well.


NOW Candida Support: It's believed that some some people with IBS may have candida overgrowth. CO can contribute to IBS symptoms. This supplement does a good job of managing this. I take 2 capsules with a meal.


Senna: Senna is a mild, but effective herbal laxative. I take one capsule 2 to 3 times a day and I've been having bowel movements a lot more often and I'm not as constipated. My doctor had me on Miralax previously, but I switched to senna because Miralax was too strong and harsh. It would help me poop, but I would poop too much. So much that it was even painful. Senna is far less harsh.


Triphala: I take triphala right before bed and I'm usually able to have a bowel movement once I wake up the next morning. It helps the liver and kidneys do a better job of detoxifying the body. It may help kill certain bacteria that could be contributing to your IBS. It seems to work because I noticed that all my acne cleared up and my skin looked so much smoother when I started taking triphala.


Besides these supplements, a diet change can lower the chance of your IBS symptoms triggering. I personally like a gluten-free diet because it's not as strict and difficult to follow as some other IBS diets. Gluten is one of my biggest bloating triggers and avoiding it when I can really helps.

u/nothing_clever · 4 pointsr/mead

I understand that you lack a lot of space, so I'm just going to throw this out once. I make 5 gallon batches because it's the same amount of work as a 1 gallon batch, but you end up with a lot more mead. I can't imagine putting in all of the effort to make a batch and only getting one quart. That said....

Final sweetness and ABV are determined by both how much honey you add and what kind of yeast you use. Since the yeast is turning sugar from the honey into alcohol, if you only add enough honey to reach 5% ABV, it won't be possible to go over 5% since there isn't honey to ferment. Also each strain of yeast has a different alcohol tolerance, so if you add enough honey to reach 15% but use a yeast that has a tolerance of 10%, it will probably stop at 10% instead of reaching 15%. Since the yeast is consuming sugar, if you had two identical batches with enough sugar to reach 15%, and in one batch you used a yeast that could only reach 10% and in the other used a yeast that could reach 18%, the 10% yeast would be lower ABV and very sweet, the 18% yeast would be higher alcohol but much drier. So you need to both pick the correct yeast and have the correct amount of honey.

You can use bakers yeast (as in: it will convert sugar to alcohol) but in general this is a bad idea if you have access to brewers yeast. It's incredibly inconsistent. You might be able to reach 10% on one batch and 5% on the next. You could easily split a packet of champagne yeast across 20 quart sized mason jars. After all: a 5 gram packet is good enough for 5 gallons which is 20 times as much as a quart. Packets of yeast cost about a dollar, so you'd be compromising one of the most critical ingredients in mead to prevent spending $0.05 per batch. You can even re-use yeast if you are careful about it.

For the airlock, I know you said you are cheap but here are a few options of things to buy. You can throw something like this on top of a mason jar and it will work like an airlock. $10 for 6 isn't bad. Another option would be to drill holes in the tops of the lids, insert something like this and add a real airlock. Another option is to pick a vessel with a smaller neck and use a balloon with a hole poked in it. A final, much cheaper option, would be to punch a hole in the top and tape a piece of rubber over the hole tightly in a way that lets air out, but seals afterwards. I don't know how much I would trust that, though...

Without tools to measure alcohol content, at this scale, it is virtually impossible to figure out the alcohol content. You can make a rough guess, but that's all it will be. There's no way around this without buying a hydrometer, refractometer, or similar.

For the amount of honey to add, it very highly depends on what you want and what yeast you are using. Let's pretend you go with a champagne yeast. By volume,

  • 1 part honey to 4 parts water will give you about 12% ABV and dry (so, 0.8 cups honey with 3.2 cups water)

  • 1 part honey to 3 parts water will give you about 15% ABV and dry (so, 1 cup honey to 3 cups water)

  • 1 part honey to 2 parts water should get you around 18% ABV and sweet (so, 1 and 1/3 cup honey to 2 and 2/3 cup water)

    The catch is, for reliable, repeatable results you absolutely should get some kind of yeast nutrient. Buy something like this and it will basically last you forever on a 1 quart scale. It's an essential ingredient for making good mead reliably. If you can't get your hands on that a substitute would be boiled bread yeast.
u/jbrs_ · 1 pointr/vegan

skinny white privileged vegan kid here (don't think I'm low on empathy or have a closed mind though):

wouldn't judge you for doing what you need to do, but a vegan diet is less expensive for a given quality (i.e. an organic, local omnivore diet is more expensive than an organic, local vegan diet; and a conventional omni diet is more expensive than a conventional vegan diet). There's a reason that the staple foods in third world countries (rice and beans, lentils for example) are vegan.


I'd aim for a high carb low fat vegan diet consisting mainly of whole foods, i.e. non processed foods. Per calorie these are also usually less expensive because you do the preparation. This will mean a lot of cooking on your own, and if you don't have time to do this and need to rely on processed foods, that's okay too, do what you need to do. I'd make meals out of bulk staples like rice, beans, and lentils; and then add whatever fresh veggies and fruits your budget allows on top of that. It will definitely be important for your nutrition to have a variety of fruits and vegetables, so the more the better, but these are typically more expensive than staple grains and legumes, so do whatever is possible. If you can't get fresh fruit, try Wyman's frozen wild blueberries.


You'll also need a b12 supplement and probably iodine as well, as going without them will lead to severe cognitive problems. Most people get b12 from meat because animals are injected with synthetic b12. This is a good b12 supplement because it has no additives and contains both methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, but despite the fact that it'll last you a month, it's expensive (about $1 per day-- the price fluctuates though, and I've gotten it for $25 a bottle) so get whatever you can afford.


Dulse flakes are a good source of iodine and you can use these like you would salt, as is spirulina which is kinda like a whole food multivitamin (has some b12 too) which is probably your best bet to make sure you're covering all your bases, but again, whatever you can afford. I believe most salt is iodized so if you use an iodized salt that is probably good enough, though my personal belief is that the naturally occurring version is a better bet.


Good luck.

u/Mygaffer · 2 pointsr/suboxone

All the basics that help people stay regular. Eat a salad for lunch, the insoluble fiber will help with your constipation and as a benefit will keep your blood sugar stable and reduce your cravings for snacks in the afternoon.

You can try taking a probiotic, this is the one I'm using.

But you know what has seemed to really help eliminate my constipation problem, I mean totally eliminate it? Magnesium.

Not only are my poops no longer hard but they are many times actually soft. I recently decided I didn't like the direction my health was headed, got my blood work done and found I was pre-diabetic and had slight anemia. So I started hitting the gym nearly every day, eating way better, and supplementing. I did some research for supplements backed by science. The list I came up with was this:

Creatine Monohydrate

Magnesium (L-Threonate is supposedly better able to cross the blood-brain barrier)

Vitamin D3


Fish Oil

I've been taking all of this stuff for about two months now and between that, the better diet, and working out my energy levels are much higher, my strength is already improving a lot, and my poops are not hard anymore.

Right now I'm on a low dose of Suboxone, 2mg/day, so I'm sure that helps. After being on this drug for 11 years I'm a big believer in being on the lowest dose you can be comfortable on.

I don't want to get too off topic but this channel has been so helpful to me for to start improving my health that I'm going to link to the supplements video in case anyone else here finds it useful:

Good luck with your poop!

u/four-fourty-four · 1 pointr/kratom

That's for sure, this is definitely a friendlier place to ask, and there are people like me who are at least somewhat knowledgable about the kava root :)

If you do get some root instead of concentrated liquid or micronized, and you enjoy it but dont wanna take all that time, you can get a blender super cheap like 20 bucks i think, probably less if you hit up a goodwill or salvation army lmao.

There's also the Aluball which is supposedly easy to use, and you dont have to filter your kava through a bag for 10 minutes. Plus I've heard that the company that makes the Aluball has good kava too.

But from what i've read, root is better than micronized and liquid and it's as if they are missing something, but I only have tried root and yogi tea bags lol so I don't have anything to compare to. Could very easily be easily be kava snobbishness, like how people in this sub look down on people who get their kratom at a headshop or gas station or not from one of r/kratom's approved vendors.

u/ShaolinShade · 1 pointr/hookah

>a low dose of Xanax, without the sleepiness or the mind fog

This sounds great. I take Etizolam (an RC benzo / xanax-type-equivalent) and I've found that it's best in low doses for reducing anxiety and relaxing, but it also has a tendency to put me to sleep if I try to pursue any more of a high (drinking, taking more of it etc.) and can give a mind fog / memory gaps that I don't really like. I'd love to get those effects without the sleepiness and mind fog.

>Best bet is just to get some ground kava root, put it in a cheesecloth (I use a paint strainer[1] ) fill a bowl with room temperature water, drop the bag of ground root in the water, let it soak for 5-10 minutes then knead it for 10 minutes. Then just scoop the "tea" into a small cup and slam it back.

How much kava / water do you use for this? I'm guessing this might vary depending on how strong the strain of kava is?

>Kava is unique because it has reverse tolerance. Most drugs (for lack of a better term) require you to use more and more each time to feel the effects. With kava it takes less over time to feel it. It has to be a daily thing, after about 5-7 days, you'll be able to feel it quicker with less tea.

If you build up the reverse tolerance but then stop taking it, how long have you found that it usually takes for you to lose it and return to the point where you have to build it back up again?

>Bula Kava House has a good selection. I like the waka kava and the koniac the best. It's easy just to snag up their starter pack which has 4 or 5 good sized bags of their most popular strains. I've not had their instant kava yet, but I hear good things about it.

I found waka kava on amazon for a considerably cheaper price than Bula Kava House's waka kava. Any idea if that's likely to be a good bang for your buck, or is Bula Kava's stuff stronger?

u/---james · 0 pointsr/vegan

IMO: don't announce to your parents. Make it a transition, phasing animal products out as you learn how to follow a vegan diet. That way you'll probably avoid fears about your health and other related things, and it'll be easier for you (and more likely that you stick with it).

You could say something like you're working to reduce your consumption if you're asked. The word vegan can be scary to some people.

Make fruit a staple would be my advice for diet. Super easy + healthy + tasty. Steamed potatoes (with other stuff if you like, but I like them on their own with a bit of salt and cayenne) are a super easy satisfying meal, which you will crave as you make the switch. Also be sure you're getting critical nutrients (not that a vegan diet makes you any more likely to be deficient than the standard american diet)-- b12, iodine, and omegas are the big ones I think (the linked brands are the best ones I've found). Those supplements are expensive, but it helps that you don't need a lot. A bottle of the b12 could last you two months, and iodine could last you a year.

Spirulina is also like a vegan whole food multivitamin/mineral and good source of easily assimilable protein.

u/biernas · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

To add to what Mike said for sure check out /r/mead! There's a ton of good information in the side bar to get your started. The biggest thing besides good sanitation & quality honey/yeast is temperature control. Don't let it ferment in a hot garage or you'll end up with something akin to rocket fuel. To keep things simple at first you can just put it in a cool, dark closet and that will help your mead taste EXPONENTIALLY better if kept relatively cool (60-70 degrees)

Also another simple, yet effective thing is using nutrients. People get crazy nutrient addition schedules but just tossing the recommended amounts in at the start will make for a cleaner fermentation and a better tasting mead. Here's a link to some good stuff I like to use. Energizer And Nutrient

If you have a local homebrew shop they should have everything you need to get started.

Just my 2 cents! PM me if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help! :)

u/cryospam · 2 pointsr/mead

Mead is VERY forgiving, far more so than beer or wine. As has been suggested, JAOM is a great "toss it in and walk away" recipe, but almost any recipe will work for a beginner, even if it's done a bit off.

Things to remember:

Don't use bleach to sanitize, it's fucking hard to get completely out, and can render a batch unusable. I prefer IO Star to Star San as it doesn't foam up when you scrub the shit out of stuff with it, and it's easier to completely rinse.

Mead needs separate nutrient, it is quite cheap on Amazon you should also add Energizer perodically (once every other day for the first week and once a week for the next month) to prevent things from getting stuck along the way. A good guide on how/when to add fruit and how to perform step feeding, which produces the tastiest results, can be found HERE.

Wine Tannin can help to make your flavors "pop" and come out more brightly, add around 3 grams to a 5 gallon batch in primary.

Also, don't let things ferment in too warm a space, the place I ferment in is a steady 69 degrees, if you let it go too warm, you might end up with weird alcohols getting created, and your brew providing a headache along with a buzz.

Lastly, if you've decide you're going to get into brewing, don't go the carboy/bucket route. For a little bit more money (like $40 more than everything else combined), you can get a MUCH better/easier and compact solution. A conical eliminates the need to rack from one container into another (has a bottom drain to suck out yeast cake) it has a side drain to bottle from (I plug this into my filter pump and bottle right from there) is MUCH more compact then separate bucket/carboy & racking canes, and is a lot easier to clean because the hole in the top is like 6 inches across, plenty big enough for a hand and a scrubby sponge as opposed to the tiny 2" opening in a carboy (which are a bitch to clean).

Also, the supplier in this link ( doesn't charge for shipping for these conicals, it seems like everyone else who sells them does even though they're all drop shipped from the factory regardless from whom you get it.

u/zenaijo · 1 pointr/microdosing

I went to the video and found the brand on amazon

Host Defense - Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules, Natural Support for Mental Clarity, Focus, Memory, Cerebral and Nervous System Health, Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, 60 Count

but there is another brand named genius that has triple the amount of positive reviews and looks like it has two extra ingredients.

Genius Mushroom - Lions Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi - Immune System Booster & Nootropic Brain Supplement - Wellness Formula for Natural Energy, Stress Relief, Memory & Liver Support, 90 Veggie Pills

Do I stick with host defense in the vid or try this other more popular one?

u/missprecocious · 9 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

They are super fantastic. I read up on different nutrients, so I could tailor them to my needs. I hate vegetables unless they are slathered in butter and garlic, so to get the leafy green nutrition I have to have, I prefer raw wheatgrass powder and raw spirulina. I prefer raw because the nutrients have not been cooked off, like if you steam veggies. More potent, like juicing, but retains more fiber, unlike juicing.

I combine all my powders into a big mason jar about once a month or so, and each morning I put a heaping spoonful in a glass of cherry juice (cherry juice aids in meletonin production: I have trouble sleeping sometimes due to work stress). It's very cost-effective to do it myself, rather than buying something off the shelf that may not address all my health concerns.

Here are some links for my personal cocktail:

Raw Wheatgrass Powder - High in Vitamin K (eyesight aid), a laundry list of nutrients... & get yo'self REGULAR!

Raw Spirulina - Protein-rich (great for vegetarians and vegans!), Lowers blood pressure & evens cholesterol levels

Raw Maca Root Powder - High in vitamins, great for sexual health & women's hormonal support. It has helped with my depression symptoms (as does super concentrated doses of Niacin, vitamin B-3).

Raw Camu Camu Powder - A great source of vitamin C.

Raw Chaste Berry Powder - Amazing for ladies' health support. I started mixing this in and my period cramps have vanished, and my period lasts three days at most. Also evened my cycle out.

u/icandothisforsure · 3 pointsr/kratom

Get an Aluball! Great little invention for whipping up a batch of kava.

Another thing about's an acquired taste. I don't mind it so much any more but at first I found it repulsive. You can hold your breath though and bypass the taste altogether and do a chocolate milk chaser or something like that.

It's a very nice night time relaxer and also helps to get amazing sleep. I really love kava now.

u/sketchius · 1 pointr/kratom

Sorry I'm late, but I've had some luck with some herbal supplements. I had good results from a combination of Muira Puama, Horny Goat Weed w/ Maca, Korean Red Gensing, Catuaba Bark, and Suma Root. I got fed up with libido loss and basically took a shotgun approach--I bought everything I could find on amazon that supposedly increased libido, which cost about $40.

It worked rather well (sometimes too well, even). I'm in the process of testing each one individually, but so far I've only tested the Muira Puama, which has given me a slow but noticeable increase with 2 doses per day (~2 ml per dose).

Good luck!

u/bloonan · 2 pointsr/Coachella

There are definitely some questionable (and contradictory) recommendations on here.

  1. EmergenC doesn't do anything once you are already feeling symptoms of a cold/flu. Vitamin C isn't going to hurt you, but it's not going 'cure' or eradicate whatever you've got.

  2. A lot of people are recommending sleep and lots of fluids (water). This is HUGE. I also recommend exercising. I always feel better after breaking a good sweat. Do what's right for you.

  3. (ZINC) I was getting sick before a big test I had spent months studying for last fall. My mom brought me these wellness supplements from Whole Foods. They are a little expensive (I think ~$30/bottle), but man did they work. Check the dosage recommendations on the back, but I think I maxed out at taking 12 of these a day. My roommate, in pharmacy school, tells me one of the main ingredients is zinc that starts to get rid of some of your symptoms. Increasing my zinc intake did make me nauseous in the morning, but it kept me alive during a crucial week of my life. Give it a try if you're desperate.

    Good luck!
u/Kizmau · 2 pointsr/Buddhism

I was diagnosed with Aspergers (for whatever that's worth) and have immense problems with anxiety, but I've been taking one teaspoon of Kava Kava stirred in some juice every night before bed and I could feel the difference literally the next morning. Even just after the first time taking it. Apparently, the results are not the same for everyone but I'm thinking it has something to do with me needing something to calm my nerves down. So it might help you as well. Doing a little research, its a ceremonial drink common in Hawaii that many use as an alternative to alcohol to obtain a "drunk" feeling. I have never tried more than a teaspoon at a time so I don't know much about that aspect. All I can say is that Kava is the best thing I have found to cure my anxiety ever. Far surpasses any doctors prescribed medication I have ever taken. Its all natural and it has a reverse tolerance, meaning you won't have to keep adding more to your dosage at night to keep the same feeling. Just one teaspoon mixed in a small glass of juice (can be any type of juice) each night before bed and that's it. If you miss a dose, it's not going to give you harsh side effects either.

I usually get it from Mountain Rose Herbs. They have excellent quality and prices. BUT, they are sold out right now.

You can find it on Amazon though as well but I can't attest to those brands.

u/adaire · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Late to this post, but I was like you and I was desperate to find an answer. Each time I'd go to the gynecologist, she'd say I had a yeast infection (although I never had itching or excessive discharge, but just painful sex and random burning). They'd give me diflucan, which would help for about 3 weeks, and then my symptoms would be back. After reading a post on some forum, last year, I started taking 3 acidopholus pearls a day, 1 garlic capsule, 1 cranberry extract pill and 2 pills of Candida Clear.

Things seemed to get better. Ultimately, I started to wean off of all of those and as I did, I figured out that what seemed to help me the best was the [Candida Clear] (

I haven taken two of those capsules a day for a year and my symptoms are sooo much better. I was even prescribed Cipro as an antibiotic for a UTI (I get those all of the time, too, yay...) and the yeast did not come back. My gyno was surprised.

u/drewtangclan · 6 pointsr/askgaybros

this is a copy & paste from a comment I left a few weeks ago in this sub.
Everyone saying that daily fiber supplements will help you is correct, but some methods/types are much more effective than others. Capsules and powders (i.e. Metamucil) will help, but they do NOT work nearly as well as just taking a tablespoon of plain whole-husk psyllium fiber once or twice a day. I recommend this brand

I find that actual whole-husk psyllium fiber is not really of a consistency to be able to effectively "mix" it in with water/juice etc., so I usually like to mix mine in with yogurt or oatmeal. Coconut yogurt is my favorite to use, because the texture of the fiber makes it seem like shredded coconut flakes.

u/dstepper33 · 3 pointsr/Nootropics

Expensive, but the most potent, convenient form is in these caps:

Kava feels great but don't do it too often or you'll get lethargic and have joint pains. I was warned of this firsthand in Fiji by natives and have felt it first hand. Great for the occasional chill out though.

BTW, the best dose is around 10 caps, after 30 mins or so have a salty, oily snack (tip from the natives). You should get a warm rush of "feel good" in the body that last for an hour or so.

u/MrktngDsgnr · 1 pointr/nutrition

When I was trying to sustain weight while working out everyday I had a good daily 3 meals that I was satisfied with and kept me energized, healthy, and and focused throughout my day:

Breakfast: Protein smoothie: whey, cow milk, hemp seeds, blueberries, banana, cherries, and shroom supplement. I work early mornings so if I'm not fasting I like to drink this throughout the morning hours as it keeps me full with the carbs, fats, and protein and focused with well sourced shroom supplement. This is the most efficient one I found and I do notice a change in focus as well as endurance if I workout in the morning (after consistent use of course)

Lunch: Yogurt, Flax seeds, Fruit. Sometimes I'll just grab a clif bar.

Dinner: Protein and veggies. Usually a fatty steak and sauteed veggies like asparagus, brussel sprouts, cauliflower. If not a fatty meat then chicken with fingerling potatoes.

u/crystalcastles72 · 2 pointsr/Kava

Interesting Ive always thought of getting the tinctures but never have tell me if you like it. Keep in mind kava has a reverse tolerance so you may not feel it the first few days you try it. This is my go to kava tastes good and is pretty strong.

u/Durbekk · 2 pointsr/HPPD

Yeah I didn't do the full cleanse I just take this superfood powder from amazon

As far as supplements and interactions I generally didn't notice any increases except for when I first started Lion's mane I found I felt kinda weird. Also when I started taking the greens powder juice at first I felt like my symptoms would increase when I took it for maybe an hour or so idk why.

For noporn/nofap I'm seeing a girl currently so I do notice some increased effects shortly after sex but all the positive hormones from being with someone else seem to make me feel better overall/less relaxed or focusing on symptoms. It feels different after having a wank especially to porn I usually instantly feel post nut depression/anxiety + increased visuals. We all have needs though so you really gotta find a balance/what works for you.

u/lordkiwi · 1 pointr/askscience

I am quite positive that some nutrients are more biologically available due to the action of intestinal bacteria however I cant remember which ones. I think you should first define the weight your talking about. I think it this case you could have weight gain from fluid retention from swelling and inflammation, weight loss from fluid loss from diarrhea. you can have both going on at once. Weight loss as in the release or storage of lipids by fat cells can also be influenced by gut bacteria. Bacteria can interfere with the response to leptin causing weight gain. Now your question about disrupting. There are big issues with that. There are hundreds of different bacteria and yeast in your system some are beneficial some are pathogenic some others are beneficial until there are to many then they become pathogenic. Not to mention disrupting the bacteria with anti-biotics can lead to a Yeast imbalance as like candida are not bacteria but fungus. Yeast imbalances are also not simple to treat because yeast are more like animals then they are like bacteria anti-fungal agents are as toxic to people as they are to yeast. If you want to effect your gut balance with out doing something radical I suggest you try a month or two of something like Candida support. Its more of a yeast suppresent then having anything strong enough in it to kill them outright. Take Probiotics to increase the quantity of supportive strains and prebiotic fiber to feed the probiotics

u/phunkyvida · 1 pointr/jackrussellterrier

/u/eodgooch Thanks for your response. Annie is a rescue too, we got her when she was 8 weeks according to the Humane Society. (I had my doubts as she had no teeth yet and could fit in my one hand- and I've got tiny lady hands!)

I bottle raised her for the first 3 weeks until her teeth came in. Lucky for me I was in between jobs and had those first three weeks off, because I was feeding her puppy formula every hour-hour and a half. After that puppers went to work with Da everyday (because he has a dog friendly office).

Considering the miserable start she's had, I am always a bit worried for her. I feed her Fromm the grain-free kibbles which she seems to love.

I do add Psyllium Husk, which is a gluten free fibre product, to her breakfast (so we don't have to milk her arse glands; makes her produce a nice ahem-loaf.) and on occasion I add a little yoghourt or boiled carrots/beans/broccoli to her dinner.

u/nice_t_shirt · 2 pointsr/vegan

From their website, I would assume so. You can also ask on /r/supplements. For what it's worth, Nutrex Hawaii is supposed to be a good brand. I eat it pretty often and it's great.

> im trying the 7 day vegan challenge

Nice! Be sure to ask questions if you have them and know you don't have to stop at 7 days ;)

u/ender4171 · 19 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

No link on these since I came up with them myself. I can probably make an album this weekend though if there is interest. I'll link the products I use below. As far as how I make them, I just use a blender. I put the liquids (milk and oil) in first, then the frozen berries followed by all the powders, and finally the spinach. I blend it until everything is homogeneous then I add in the oats and pulse a few times just to combine them without pulverizing them. This is not a smooth shake like you might get from a smoothy place. There are bits of of spinach (although quite tiny) and the seeds from the berries. The oats are mostly whole still. I prefer it like that and feel that it helps prevent any possible stomach issues since there is some whole food for your stomach to work on instead of pure liquid. You could always blend it longer to get a smoother texture, but it will start to warm up since there is no ice.

  • Protien Powder (I get the vanilla)

  • Spinach

  • Frozen Berries

  • Flax Seed Oil

  • Super Greens phyto nutrient blend

  • Oats

  • 2% Milk

    I also add the following for my exercise supplements

  • Creatine

  • BCAA blend

  • Arginine

    I will also sometimes put in a scoop of fiber if I think about it (I LOVE MYOFiber, but any fiber is good). You can also sub out peanut butter for the flax oil. It's still healthy fats, but you miss out on a lot of the benefits of high lignan flax, particularly the Omegas. You can also tailor it a bit to your needs. If you want a carb heavy version, swap the milk for OJ. Want less calories? Swap the milk for water and cut the oil in half. Prefer chocolate? Change the whey flavor and use a banana instead of the berries. etc. etc.
u/grapetomatoes · 2 pointsr/massage

Wellness Formula is amazing, I highly recommend it. It’s got all the vitamins and minerals that you and others have mentioned, plus more. You can take it as a daily dose which honestly sounds like would be good for you at least during the winter, and then the back of the bottle recommends, I believe, tripling it if you start feeling another virus coming on. Maybe even amp up the dose if you are around a coworker or client you suspect to be sick, too.

I had this issue back when I used to teach in preschool so I totally know where you’re coming from, and hope this helps!!

u/Badd99 · 1 pointr/ankylosingspondylitis

Give this a shot. Works pretty well. I'm also a resident and there is a good amount of scientific validity to this product. Take it twice a day with food for better absorption. It should really help.

Life Extension Super Bio-Curcumin Turmeric Extract 400mg, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

u/Lightning14 · 2 pointsr/Supplements

Complete protein veggie supplements tend to be pricier than whey and soy protein powders. I use this. It's the best bang for your buck that I have found. Just look at the list of ingredients (including amino-acid profile), but beware that it has xylitol and stevia in it, so it is very sweet tasting. To balance that, I find it goes well in a smoothie with kale and spirulina (I also add creatine, flax, unsweetened almond milk, half a banana, and lots of water/ice for a great breakfast smoothie). The other option, as you said, is to just supplement with amino acids.

u/kratering · 1 pointr/kratom

I'm in the nutraceutical biz and what I've found is most effective is to look up on Amazon or Vitacost the drug that I'm taking, than I check the ingredients and from this you'll find the safe dosages. Branded retailers are pretty good about putting correct qty in capsules.

Go to Amazon and just type in "Enhanced Turmeric" a number of products show up. or click this link

this product says 10mg per 1500mg dose

This product is 10mg per 1300mg dose\

This product 10mg per 1500mg dose

So the suggested dose of retailers is 10mg per 1500mg that is the safe level. These companies have researchers who investigate the products before formulating. Let them do there work and just follow there findings and you'll be fine. We are in a litigous society so if they are wrong than they can be sued. They usually aren't.

u/rmerry123 · 4 pointsr/herbalism

I've taken each one of these supplements at different times and had success with each one. If I had endless amounts of money I would take all of them every day.

Life Seasons - Anxie-T - Anti Anxiety Support Supplements That Combat Stress - Calm and Stress Supplement - Feel More Relaxed - Contains Kava Kava, GABA, L-Theanine - Regular Size (60 Capsules)

Gaia Herbs, Mushrooms + Herbs Cordyceps Plus, Energy Support, Organic Ashwagandha, Ginger Root, Cordyceps, Vegan Powder Capsules, 60 Count

Gaia Herbs Kava Kava Root, Vegan Liquid Capsules, 60 Count - Supports Emotional Balance, Calm & Relaxation, Guaranteed Potency 75mg Active Kavalactones

u/kirkkommander · 1 pointr/quittingkratom

I've found ashwaghanda to make me very sleepy, but it is good to take in the evening.

I agree that Kava can help immensely, if only to take a dose of something for mental purposes. I did not know they sold it at Walgreens though.

I purchased this from amazon and it was very good stuff. I also have a local place selling 2 pounds for like $40 but got a DUI a few weeks ago and can't drive over there :(

u/bpl09 · 2 pointsr/Candida

I was in a similar place. Take processed sugar out of your diet for good. Try to limit high sugar fruits and vegetables too. Try exercising to get rid of the negative thoughts, it really helps but you have to start and do it pretty regularly. And if you think for sure it's candida then try this "Dr Tobias Candida Support" . Its working wonders for me and I'm shocked it actually works. Read the reviews as well that's what gave me some hope.

u/gideon825 · 2 pointsr/xxketo

Not sure what you have tried thus far or how much psyllium. But I used to have more bloating and GI issues then anyone pre-keto/pre supplements. One of the great effects of not having a gall bladder. I highly recommend the following to everyone, i rarely has gas of any kind. Used to be a burp and fart machine. With a balloon under my shirt.

Specific to digestion:
Find a very good organic Probiotic. Brand Garden of Life is what I use. 👌
Enzymedica Digest Gold digestive enzymes +ATP - take with every meal or snack! 👊
And of course psyllium husk. No pills or any of that stuff. You want organic whole husk psyllium from India.
Organic India Whole Husk Psyllium, 12-Ounce
Take 5-7 grams, put into a water bottle that's like 2/3 full around 10-12oz of water. Shake well. Chug. Do this either at night or in morning figure out which works best for you.

Other things I take daily which have a small effect:
Pure Hawaiian spirulina
Vitamin d
Multivitamin - Garden of life brand as well
Fish oil
Krill oil
Potassium/magnesium supplement.

This might seem excessive but ever since I started this regimen I am not bloated sick nor have unpleasant BMs

u/HiyaGeorgie · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

For what it's worth, life changes even small ones can cause enough stress to get you "out of the zone". You said you moved to a new place? that's about as stressful as it gets (especially a new country!) even if you don't feel stressed you could be anxious about the new changes. I know I would be.

Piracetam has caused me to be horny before, but that eventually went away, but I don't see why it couldn't do the opposite since both are somewhat of a placebo or in your case nocebo affect.

You should start taking ZMA. Or at least zinc. Zinc is amazing for making one horny and hungry.

Also this is a great version of horny goat weed that has other ingredients as well including maca which supposedly helps with hormonal balance:

You're still young, but you're also not a teenager any more.


I just remembered, STOP looking at porn! It's amazing what stopping looking at porn does for your sex drive/excitement. My workaround is to have one or two porn stars I watch so I don't get desensitized to seeing hundreds of different women a week :)

Lots of studies on this, but here is the first one on google:

u/KreoDemir · 1 pointr/JoeRogan

I have taken thrive for almost 2 months now. Lots of different mushrooms including all the ones stamets talks about and yes, I feel much more cognitive clarity. College just seems easier now and I’m taking my hardest classes so far this term.

Going to try some different companies over this year and find which one I like best.

u/TheTaintLock · 1 pointr/kratom

I take it about the same time I take agmatine 30-45 minutes before. Not convinced it does anything, but curcumin is good for the joints anyways.

5mg piperine is good enough if taken around the same time, otherwise you need the piperine with the curcumin.

Here is an example of a good curcumin product:

Here is an example of a bad one:

You can see in the second one, it only has 150mg of curcumin, while the vast majority is just turmeric. A lot of products will also put tuermeric in with curcumin in a proprietary blend. To be safe, you should make sure the only things labeled in the product are piperine and 95% curcmin extract from turmeric.

u/Real_Dr_Eder · 1 pointr/Kava

Kalm With Kava is a popular high-end brand.


They do make medium grind powder, which you would need to strain. Squeezed or strained medium grind is what most people would refer to as traditional kava. In my experience, this is the more affordable way to go, and I end up feeling a cleaner and "fuller" experience. That being said, traditional prep requires a bunch of squeezing and kneading, and 5-15 minutes of your time.


However, the Kalm With Kava product that you screenshotted is micronized kava.


Micronized kava is generally more potent, it is an incredibly fine powder, and all you have to do is mix one or two tablespoons into whichever drink you prefer. I like preparing traditional kava with whole milk and I have done it with chocolate milk too, so it should definitely work fine with micronized.


If convenience is a priority for you, then I would give what you posted a shot.


If you want to try traditional filtered kava instead, there are quite a few good choices on Amazon, and a muslin strainer bag can be bought from there too.

​ - strainer


\^ affordable medium grinds


\^ medium grind Kalm With Kava

u/MetricT · 8 pointsr/nashville

Sorry to hear that. I have a good friend with serious depression, so I know how hard that can be. I *don't* have serious depression, but every once in a while I do get "down". The thing that helps me the most is lion's mane mushroom extract. Not a cure-all, but takes the edge off and makes things that would normally bother you, not bother you. Legal and reasonably cheap ($30) [on Amazon](

The other thing that helps me is running. When The Vandy Nurse broke up with me, I started running 10 miles a day a couple days a week. It's impossible to be depressed when you're exhausted and can't move without something hurting. My body was pumping out endorphins by the gallon, and it felt rather euphoric. Do some exercise, and I don't mean "take a hike", but something that's at the physical limit of what you can do. Run 10 miles, or try a few hours of P90X or Insanity. You'll feel a ton better.

The bleeding edge of depression research is ketamine, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and psilocybin (magic mushrooms). All three seem to have efficacy against treatment-resistant depression. Ironically, the easiest to acquire and possibly the most productive is also the most illegal. If you spend a few minutes searching on "shrooms", you'll figure out how to acquire all the things you need legally. I have zero experience taking psilocybin or any other tryptamine analogues, but I helped aforementioned friend grow some to treat their depression. When they work, they *work*. Like a total mental reset button.

As Tennessee can't even let dying cancer patients use weed to treat their pain because "Jeebus", legal psilocybin is probably 20 years out. I've never heard of police raiding a house for growing personal-use amounts of shrooms, but you are taking some risk by doing so.

Ketamine works for some, not others. For some people it's absolutely magic. For my friend, it worked a week at a time, which was better than nothing. It can have serious side-effects with long-term use, including bladder toxicity, but if it works, it may be worth it. Scientists have already determine that it isn't ketamine itself which does it, but one of its metabolites (2R,6R)-HNK (hydroxynorketamine) which does it. The metabolite may be safer than ketamine itself, and once scientists understand its method of action, they can likely design a drug with the same effect but much safer.

TMS does work, but from what I've read takes multiple sessions, isn't cheap, and is only available at a small number of centers around the country. Vanderbilt apparently has one, which is good, but you'll likely need insurance to cover it.

Hope it helps. What you're going through sucks donkey balls, but it isn't your fault. Don't blame yourself. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. That mantra has helped me get through the past few months. Don't think, just do.

u/keatingfabian · 1 pointr/videos

Looking for Horny Goat Weed Reviews?
You are about to discover the top rated and top selling Horny Goat Weed Available.
When you click the link below you will be taken directly to verified user reviews for Horny Goat Weed by Advanta Supplements – the best selling Horny Goat Weed on Amazon Horny Goat Weed by Advanta Supplements is backed by a 60 Day 100% Performance Guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason – you can return for a full refund including shipping. Just click the link below to see why everyone is raving about Horny Goat Weed by Advanta Supplements. You can also use the discount code of GOAT1234 to save 10% on your first order.

u/el_prezidente · 1 pointr/CBD

Hey there! I've actually been using this turmeric supplement, but I've been taking the minimum dose. I'm going to up it to the max dose (3 tablets daily), and combine it with a CBD product... sounds like a good idea.


u/brainjacked · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

A regiment of apple cider vinegar twice a day, Pro15 probiotic and CandidaFX helped me with Candida.

As for your stack, optimal cognitive function is complex and depends on the right balance of various neurotransmitters. Increasing activity in 1 system (e.g. dopaminergic) allows you to influence the balance towards that system and any benefits that might have e.g...

  • Increasing cholinergic activity, in my experience, improves deep thought, decision making and patience but hinders my ability to focus and immediate motivation.
  • Increasing dopaminergic activity improves energy, motivation and focus but decisions are made faster (less thought out), I lose time over-focusing on unimportant things and it makes me very impatient and irritable.

    In your stack you are increasing activity in all the brain's major systems, which in my experience results in monkey mind/scatterbrain, not superbrain. Everybody's brain chemistry is different. To start, perhaps you should try focusing on each system, 1 by 1, to get to know YOUR brain and how you respond, what supplements/dosages are most effective, etc instead of trying to guess based on what you read on here from quackdocs like me.
u/kill_dano · 2 pointsr/fasting

I based my electrolyte soup on the Snake Juice guy's recepie as posted on the front page of his website. Changed it to suit me better. the sodium coems from Chicken boullion

Added curry powder for taste

I also add some nutritional yeast, for no real reason other than giving me some low low calorie nutrition and a tiny amount of protein. Plus it's what that world record fasting guy was taking for a year of fasting.

Then also like to add cayan peper or hot sause. Then I add all the stuff in the reciepie like Lemon, lime juice, baking soda, apple cider vinager, potasium (no salt)

It ends up tasting like spicey soup. I heat it to 140 degrees in a water kettle before drinking.

Fuck it, here's my detailed instructions:

Start with 3qt of water

Add all this:

2 or 3 tbs Chicken/Tomato Boullion (start w 2 and add more if you want or don't get the shits, also consider the amount of water or diet drinks that you drink and make you piss out your salts)

1 tbs Baking soda

1 tbs No salt/Potasium

2 TBSP Nutritional Yeast

4 TBSP Lime Juice

4 TBSP Lemon Juice

6 TBSP Apple cider vinager

1 TBSP Curry powder

Spicy shit to taste.

heat it to 140 degrees. Drink slowly and as much as you feel like. I end up drinking all of it like every 2 days and a half. It does seem to cause me to retain water weight, but who cares. Remeber if the scale stops moving it's probably water and it will catch up, just go by how your body feels and how your clothes fit. The scale is not a good short term measure of success.

u/djwonderful · 5 pointsr/MushroomGrowers

First, the bags.

I'm currently getting mine from

  1. Type 14A

    Lions mane LOVES wood. Wood is a must for lions mane. I use hardwood fuel pellets and sawdust from the a local mill. I supplement with 20% wheat bran (only bran I can get from local tractor supply). And gypsum of course.

    You must sterilize the bags, this is were a BIG pressure cooker comes in handy.

    Lions mane wants to fruit before it fully colonizes, so be sure to use a lot of spawn to the bags and shake it up.

    Oh, you are going to need a fruiting chamber if you don't have one already.

    PM me your address and I will send a few over to you.

    For Gourmet, everything is kept on cultures. If you are going to get into this to constantly grow, certainly need a pressure cooker and use the cup of agar tek, or peti dishes with agar.

    ~$25 for a 5 pound bag of spawn is not unreasonable though.

    The culture we have is not very "seafood" I have had them in the past when it tastes much more like crab or lobster. I find it to have a subtle taste. Goes great when you make it into something. I can't imagine just eating it like an apple.

    Finally, maybe you want to try it out before you go whole hog with your new hobby:
u/dreiter · 1 pointr/soylent

Looks like it's mostly unimpressive due to the grain fillers. I don't give a crap about the buzzwords; the ingredients themselves are all great for you. Powdered greens are a convenient way to add some nutrients into an otherwise incomplete diet. If you are on the go, on a liquid diet, or don't have access to fresh veggies, they do fine in a pinch. I personally prefer Amazing Grass or the store-brand equivalent. The taste is pretty intense though.

u/Atown90 · 1 pointr/ankylosingspondylitis

Turmeric curcumin has been my best friend I take 2-3 of these in the morning and night before I go to bed. Drink at least a half gallon of water per day.

Turmeric Curcumin - 2250mg/d - 180 Veggie Caps - 95% Curcuminoids with Black Pepper Extract (Piperine) - 750mg capsules - Most powerful Turmeric Supplement - by Doctor Recommended

u/dave9600 · 3 pointsr/rva

There's a bunch of decent places online. Bula Kava House. Gourmet Hawaiian Kava. Kalm With Kava. Those are higher end and quite pricey. There's a kava on Amazon called Wakacon which is relatively inexpensive and pretty good.

A lot of people use flavored almond milk to help mask the taste. The fats in the milk are also supposed to help extract kavalactones. I've gotten used to the taste myself. Just drink it all at once and chase with cold water.

u/GreenerCar · 1 pointr/productivity

I never heard nootropics before you mentioned, per your suggestion I googled it - Found this on amazon and delivered today.. Genius Mushroom – Lions Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi – Immune System Booster & Nootropic Brain Supplement – Wellness Formula for Natural Energy, Stress Relief, Memory & Liver Support, 90 Veggie Pills

What do you have ?

u/cheezeebred · 1 pointr/Nootropics

Well the problem is I literally cant afford to just up the dosage, as it is already expensive for me. I take 2 a day, which makes it only last 25 days. This other curcumin seems more cost effective. I already bought it so why not try it and see if it's a decent replacement for the longvida? This new curcumin is the highest rated on amazon with over 9000 reviews, all raving about its effectiveness with bodily pain, I didn't see many people talk about curcubrain helping with their body inflammation, just the mental benefits.
edit: also if you know of any well reviewed high dosage curcumin products, i'd love to check them out. This is the one I just got:

u/port_plz · 3 pointsr/mead

Not sure if these links will work for you but these are what I use

Yeast Nutrient:

Yeast Energizer:

They work great for me, and my mead always ferments dry in less than a week by staggering. In fact I just hit a new record on my current 5 gallon batch SG 1.100 to 1.000 in 4 days.

u/SailorVulcan · 1 pointr/Smoothies

I love spirulina. I bought a jar of powdered spirulina and add 1/8 - 1/4 of a tsp to my smoothies. It makes you feel amazing.

I like this brand. I bought it at Whole Foods.

u/Stormodin · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Source Naturals Wellness Formula Bio-Aligned Vitamin Herbal Defense Complex Immune System Support & Immunity Booster

I've been taking these for a few years and i swear by them. Highly rated on Amazon.

u/Morty-Fried · 2 pointsr/MushroomSupplements

I found these guys: Real Mushrooms.. Been using their Lions Mane for like a month and I feel more of an improvement than some other brands I've tried (Stamets brand and another). Seems like I can think more objectively and I'm more articulate when speaking (always been a challenge for me)..

I actually know the area where they are made too. Roberts Creek in British Columbia.. Full of super hippies. If anyone is going to produce a quality product with mushrooms, it would be there. Roberts Creek also is where Holy Crap Cereal comes from :D


u/joao24 · 1 pointr/kratom

Not sure if you already ordered, but for future reference, I've taken this brand on Amazon for a few years now. It's cheaper at $22 for 180 capsules and has great reviews as well, and it has always worked for me.

u/samlastname · 1 pointr/shrooms

yeah they're legal in the US, amazing but very subtle and they work best after a few weeks, you take two every day.

You probably heard about them when Paul Stamets was on the show. I buy his stuff, but I get them on amazon cause they're cheaper there than on his website.

u/ajstarks87 · 3 pointsr/MultipleSclerosis

I use it! I can speak to what is has really done, but my brother who also has MS takes the same sups and cooks with the actual mushrooms and says his flares are less frequent recently, so who knows. This is the one we both take:

Host Defense - Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules, Natural Support for Mental Clarity, Focus, Memory, Cerebral and Nervous System Health, Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, 60 Count

u/TheSlothRider · 5 pointsr/kratom

Piperine, found in simple black pepper, increases absorbion of curcumin by 2000%

I like it, its good for inflammation and hsd other long term promising health benefits.

I take it every day. Here's the one I get: Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine 1500mg

u/CuriousCatharsis · 3 pointsr/Candida

I don’t know how to diagnose - I can only see the obvious in that luckily 2/3 are in range and one is slightly high. I’m not sure how sensitive that 0.2 over can be.
I’ve read amazing things about Dr. Tobias CandidaFX - I’ve been using his Pre-Biotic and it’s great. I haven’t used the CandidaFX due to being on another treatment plan already, but I would if I could. Try checking it out if you’re interested, and/or see if you can find someone who specializes in Candida in your area (I’m seeing both a GI and acupuncturist).

u/RebuildMode- · 1 pointr/tea

If you haven't checked it out already, r/kava is a pretty good sub for recommendations. All the kavas I've tried have tasted pretty similar (ie, peppery dirt) and have had similar effects, so when I was drinking it I used to get this stuff. It has its fans (and detractors), it does what kava should, and you can get one-day Prime shipping.

u/redmanjog · 1 pointr/Candida

Me too, ive tried many things..i have serious skin sensitivity, i had a bad reactions on some creams i was prescribed by doctors.

Two questions

  • Did you have antifungal supplements regime, for a period of time ?
  • Did you get a rebound candida after your the course of Diflucan, Lamisil, Ibuprofen, Apolactoferrin ?

    Id like to try 2 x pills per day of 'now' candida support it, contains Pau D'Arco, Oregano Oil, Black Walnut & Caprylic Acid. Then 1 x 20CFU probiotic pill per day at night.

    Whilst being on a healthy strict diet

    Here you can read some reviews for the candida support supplements. I recommend reading the review of user 'Guter' she managed to get rid of chronic candida with a specific regime.
u/paracog · 3 pointsr/keto

I use Amazing Grass Green Superfood, which is a mix of greens and other micro-nutrients, just toss it in with a smoothie and I'm set for a couple servings of veggies. Good for covering that base easily.

u/redgrrrl · 1 pointr/lupus

Awwww, you're so sweet! I hope you feel better soon.
Another thing that helps with the blood clots are turmeric pills, which can be ordered here:

(but word of warning- DO NOT take if you are already on blood thinners, like Warfarin or Coumadin)- it will thin your blood excessively.

Get better soon! <3

u/ruzanjimtol · 1 pointr/videos - Looking for Horny Goat Weed Reviews? You are about to discover the top rated and top selling Horny Goat Weed Available.

When you click the link below you will be taken directly to verified user reviews for Horny Goat Weed by Advanta Supplements – the best selling Horny Goat Weed on Amazon

Horny Goat Weed by Advanta Supplements is backed by a 60 Day 100% Performance Guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason – you can return for a full refund including shipping.

u/poisonousautumn · 4 pointsr/kratom

Another safe option here. Also, the stuff is pretty good for you too I mix it with my kratom shakes.

u/lowberry · 1 pointr/kratom

So is cory to increase BA mostly or for its effects of its own? And I heard people use black pepper to increase BA is this similar to using cory for BA%? And how does this product look:
It has black pepper/bioperine in it. And do they make one that contains cory? Thanks!

u/TempAccount8891 · 2 pointsr/vegetarian

I buy nutritional yeast on amazon for just over $8 for 10oz and have been told you can get an even better deal on VitaCost. I price compared mine to my local grocery chain HEB and it was a great deal. It only ships as an add-on item, so I buy it with a 6.1 lb $8.02 jackfruit can that is another add-on item, when I need them and am shopping for other items.

u/BernArch · 1 pointr/nutrition

I (41M) know that green drinks / superfoods are the big fad right now but I am the furthest person from jumping on fads, especially as they relate to diets. I was recommend one by Nested Naturals called Supper Greens. I took it for a while but stopped because I was running around for work and just stopped. I'm starting to get things back in order and thought about taking this again but wanted to get opinions. I currently am only taking a multi-vitamin and vitamins for dry eyes. I'm trying to eat better and am getting back into exercising but wanted to supplement these changes with something like the drink below. The thing that got really nervous was an article about impurities in these powders. I was trying to read this article but you had to pay $30, not happening. Anyway, just trying to get first person opinions, thanks.

u/ZestyPrognost · 3 pointsr/ketogains

I've been using this one on subscribe and save which makes it $0.50 for a daily serving. Although I did find this one which seems higher quality, albeit more expensive. If anyone can recommend a better green powder that's not too expensive, I'd be willing to try it.

u/terciopelo · 3 pointsr/Wishlist

Flakes are my favorite - Braggs or Now are both great.

u/TryinToBeHappy · 1 pointr/depressionregimens

I’ve read that antibiotics are not good for fungal infections. I found an antifungal treatment on Amazon...wondering if it’s any good.

Dr Tobias Candida Support - Extra Strength Candida Cleanse - with Herbs & Enzymes

u/Scoregasm · 1 pointr/leangains

I drank Four Sigmatic coffee for awhile and like it as a quick morning brew when I didn't feel like brewing with my Chemex. The coffee is zero calories if you'd like to try that.

You can always take your mushrooms in other, more calorie free forms. I've been looking to try these capsules since I could take these and still have my coffee-snob coffee.

u/jcohle · 1 pointr/Kava

Amazon also sells Kava Waka. You get twice the amount for half the price, and the quality isn't too bad. It's not as good as Kalm, but it's worth it to save a few bucks.

u/Jpar37 · 3 pointsr/Kava

Yeah, I just got a pound from amazon a couple weeks ago. It's great stuff. Potent, too.

Link to Kava Waka on Amazon

u/rathskellar · 2 pointsr/Soulnexus

Cool, thanks. I take Rhodiola, Ashwaghanda, Bacopa, Ginseng, and I take a blend of 6 different mushrooms. 2 of which are listed in that page you linked. I have Velvet Beans (mucuna puriens) but haven't tried those yet.

Here's the blend of mushrooms I have. I actually haven't started eating this one yet because I'm still [on my older] ( batch. This one was the first one I tried, by the way. They're all good.

u/SlowExplosions · 5 pointsr/Nootropics

Lion's mane mushroom extract works well for focus, anxiety, mood. It keeps you calm and lasts all day long too. Just make sure you buy from a seller that utilizes the fruiting body rather than just the mycelium.

Edit: This is a good one.

u/mikeferg007 · 7 pointsr/fitmeals

This is the stuff I buy. I have tried 4 or so different varieties and I like it the best. Nutritional info available on page.

u/Saorigameover · 2 pointsr/Paleo

I haven't tried that one exactly. But, I was doing this trial for a product called FujiKale. I honestly didn't notice any difference in my well-being. But, I was drinking this for a while and liked it a lot! I would either throw a scoop in my smoothies or just drink it with water.

u/creationrebel718 · 3 pointsr/bjj

I freaked out when I read it. had a good friend pass a stone and it did not sound pleasant at all. I am not sure how much is too much. I throw 3-4 whole leaves of kale every day raw. This along with Manitoba Hemp protien. I also began using Amazing green grass powder. Which is packed with green veggies.

u/fassaction · 1 pointr/Supplements

I have MS and I take medicinal mushrooms everyday. It’s definitely helped, and has kept me free from the shitty medicine doctors want MS patients to take.

Are you taking these individually, or in a premixed powder? I currently take a scoop of the Thrive 6 powder and two capsules of lions mane.

THRIVE 6 Powerful Mushroom...

Organic Lions Mane Mushroom...

u/CheerBeer123 · 1 pointr/thalassophobia

This is interesting, to say the least. It oddly sounds satisfying. Oh and try Kava Kava root for insomnia.

This stuff knocks me out every time. GET THIS!!!

u/kerplunk10 · 1 pointr/crossfit

I used to make golden milk which requires buying raw spice powder but I now just take a supplement ( I determine how much I take just based off the daily serving on the bottle. I would suggest starting off using golden milk as I think it works better. It is cheaper as well.

u/doin_big_things · 2 pointsr/Supplements

Life Extension brand Curcumin for sure. Been using it for a while, uses a certain type of curcumin preparation called BCM-95 which is proven to be absorbed better.

u/SacredGeometry25 · 1 pointr/DarkNetMarkets

Oh wow I can't believe I even read that wrong your wording is perfect! My bad! But if I remember correctly Walgreens does have kava, although not the one you want. I have tried every single kava item from Whole Foods(I know its not Walgreens) and the only one that works is this The reason I believe that these work is because each capsule contains 225 mg of kavalactones and thats what I believe provides the effects. All the other capsules and tinctures have a fraction of that amount per dose. But the ones in Whole Foods cost $30 so you save a good amount of money if you order it!

u/delph · 1 pointr/Fitness

I can't say anything bad about acai, but, while we're on the topic and advice-giving, perhaps you want to look into spirulina. I've had it here and there and, after reading a bunch recently, decided to purchase this one. It arrives in a day or three, so I can't say much about it, but I did enough research to feel reasonably comfortable with it.

u/Nick22samm · 1 pointr/Drugs

interesting. Didn't know they worked together. Thanks!

(also, I think my turmeric is some form of extract. Would this dose still be applicable? Link below to exact product I have: )

u/CafeRoaster · 1 pointr/MultipleSclerosis

Interesting. Do you have some reading materials for this?

edit: I assume something like this is what you'd consider to be better?

u/threei · 1 pointr/loseit

I don't really eat enough vegetables, the amazing grass helps out and you don't taste it at all in a shake.

You can use any protein powder you want. Pbfit is powdered peanut butter. Regular peanut butter is 190 cal for 2 tbs pbfit is only 55.

u/faraz3050 · 2 pointsr/tressless

I have done research on this and would offer a couple of suggestions to try out:

  1. Your blood test will likely measure CRP (I hope it did). CRP is a non-specific test for inflammation so it will average out all the areas and wont tell you a lot.
  2. Try using tea tree oil (10%) + coconut oil (90%) mixture on the head. This has really good antifungal and antiseptic properties. You might also get a shampoo with tea tree oil.
  3. Start eating a pill of bio available curcumin supplement. It kills inflammation like a badass. You can get any of those with BCM 95. I take this in case you want a recommendation.

  4. If these fail, go see a Trichologist. Sorry to say this, but hair derms dont look with a microscope at your scalp, and a trichologist is usually way more equipped to help you.
u/hannahmoro · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Some brands of arnica gels are homeopathic -- read the labels carefully. You can also get prescription anti-inflammatory gels like voltaren. I have arthritis in my knee from a bike accident, and it works really well for me. I've also found these supplements to be excellent (after a lot of trial and error): tumeric; joint supplement.

u/Tityfan808 · 2 pointsr/ChronicPain

I'll look into that. Thanks

And I use this

Perhaps someone might be aware of a better product?

u/PronetoPronate · 1 pointr/kratom

These are the capsules: Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine 1500mg. Highest Potency Available. Premium Pain Relief & Joint Support with 95% Standardized Curcuminoids. Non-GMO, Gluten Free Turmeric Capsules with Black Pepper

Decent price.

u/lod254 · 1 pointr/thedivision

My year off was all the OT, but no where near as much as you because they have to pay me 1.5x and I'm an engineer, so that hurts them.

I maintain my diet Pepsi addiction on the diet. I should kick it.

How tall are you? I'm 5'8 and sitting at roughly 202. I've got decent muscle on me though because I used to workout regularly. I was pretty trim at 175 so my old man goal at 30 now is 180's.

If you're looking for an extra boost or caffeine alternative, try this stuff. I like the lemon-lime caffeine stuff just mixed with water. It tastes like weak ice tea to me. The original (no caffeine) tastes nasty unless you mix it with something. It might work in tea. I use Diet V8 and it tastes good.

u/clearheadeddd · 3 pointsr/Soulnexus

This is what I'm using. Has 6 species of mushrooms including Reishi. Only about a week in so far but I do feel more relaxed I guess.

u/CalmNature · 3 pointsr/Kava

I use this system at home. Just fill the ball, shake a minute or so, pour. Works for me! Easy cleanup, travel friendly.

u/LEGITIMATE_SOURCE · 1 pointr/CrohnsDisease

I probably wouldn't worry too much about gluten then. I highly recommend supplementing with this and a green tea supplement as well.

u/beyond_delights · 6 pointsr/SexToys

Psyllium Husk would definitely help with some of the mess. I recommend getting this taking a table spoon every night and day with 8 ounces of cold water or juice. It'll start working in a day or two. The fibers push out a lot of stuff left behind. You don't have to do it every day either, maybe a week or a few days leading up to anal sex. It also comes in capsule form.

u/bst82551 · 2 pointsr/ketogains

I tried their perform powder. It tastes awful, but it gave me a tiny bit more energy. I don't know about the other products, but perform wasn't worth it for me.

Concerning greens powder, I drink this one. It has 2 net carbs instead of 1, but it also has a lot more in it like probiotics and it's only half the price.

u/magneticbetty · 2 pointsr/AskTrollX

Yeah! I buy this kind and it says to take one tablespoon per day, so that's what I did. Just mixed it into a cup of juice and drank it down. I think Metamucil is basically the same thing, but I like doing the psyllium by itself without any flavor. It basically just adds a bit of texture to whatever I'm drinking.

u/mckazi · 2 pointsr/Supplements

Thanks. I'll take your recommendation on the caffeine. Regarding the curcumin, the serving size is 3 pills, I am already taking less. This is the one I am using It's for aiding in recovery, although I wouldn't be able to tell how much is helping.


The ashwagandha I use is this



u/mr_bacon_pants · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Fucking lowlives. Sorry your mom got scammed. These are just general supplements that won't really do anything compared to a healthy diet. I wouldn't recommend buying them all. Maybe a multivitamin and fish oil, or a b-vitamin if she doesn't eat meat. Otherwise, they're likely a waste of money.

Here are some supplements I've taken that look like basically the same thing, though I don't see Amway's nutritional facts (with the list of ingredients) so I just have to go by the marketing nonsense on their site to guess at what all is in each.

Also, /r/supplements is great for questions like this.

  1. just looks like a multivitamin
  2. a superfood powder
  3. cal-mag + d
  4. fish oil
  5. digestive enzyme
  6. b vitamins
  7. vitamin c complex
  8. green tea
  9. green tea with coenzyme q10. not sure about a supplement for that
  10. probiotics
  11. chondroitin, glucosamine, boswellia, and hyaluronic acid complex. you can find supplements and creams with these ingredients.
u/MiniatureFoxes · 1 pointr/fasting

I've found some at Whole foods (365) brand, and I think Publix (I live in Florida), it's usually by the First aid, asprin, exlax section. Metamucil has other stuff in it besides the husks, I haven't tried it. There may be a store brand version of Psyllium husk at your store though too.

I have also bought this brand off of Amazon. Both it and 365 were good!

u/Neoncoral · 4 pointsr/xxfitness

I add Amazing Grass to all of my protein shakes (this is my preferred vegan protein) for a "nutrient boost". It's pretty economical, too!

u/workaccount1983 · 1 pointr/loseit

I agree with supplementing with psyllium husks.

I use a really old Ayurvedic tonic to flush my system completely about once a month or so. Mix 2 teaspoons with 1 liter of water and drink it after it has fully dissolved / mixed. Basically this ratio of salt and water matches our bodies' innate salinity and thus none of the water is absorbed. The result is that it just flushes right through your system a carries a lot of waste out as well. You're definitely going to want to be near a toilet for a few hours because it works very quickly.

u/Quandalina · 2 pointsr/keto

I got mine on Amazon :)

Organic India Whole Husk Psyllium, 12-Ounce

u/HashSlingenSlasher · 2 pointsr/ChronicPain

This is exactly what I take. Hopefully this doesn't get flagged as spam or anything, swear to god I'm not profiting off this in anyway, just want to help folks out.

u/TheLucidLion · 1 pointr/Supplements

Curcumin extract is the active ingredient in turmeric - or at least the main driver of the benefits. I have seen some positive anti inflammatory effects myself, less joint pain after working out, reduced allergies, etc.

It is not very bioavailable in the body, so make sure you go with a brand that is high quality and uses bioperine - which enhances bioavailablity.

Curcumin Extract Supplement

u/ClimateMaster · 2 pointsr/conspiracy

Here is the one I have been using. Its cheap and I can afford it, LOL

u/ducked · 1 pointr/cfs

Yes this is my primary symptom. Also I used to get severe burning along with the pressure in my head, but the burning seems better lately. However, I take super bio curcumin and it does literally nothing for me.

u/2DogDay · 2 pointsr/Kava

There's a shaker like a protein shaker on Amazon that works with Kava.
Something to consider. I haven't tried it yet though:

u/temp8588 · 1 pointr/MultipleSclerosis

From what I can tell they are 1g.

This is the one I’m taking. Ive tried all sorts of things for brain fog and fatigue and even my family says they notice me having more energy. Not sure if it’s placebo lol but even if it is, I’m okay with the results.

u/starfishmaybe · 1 pointr/Kava

This stuff is good! Wakacon

u/pha3dra · 4 pointsr/portugal

Compra vegetais em pó e utiliza, por exemplo, como caldo para o arroz. O importante dos vegetais são micronutrientes que não se obtém na carne. Fica um arroz vitaminado e saboroso sem qualquer indício de vegetais :)

u/incredibly_ordinary · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

Hey that looks good and cheap. This is the one I was talking about

Check out those ingredients. Packed, but expensive. Also I could find it on the UK Amazon so I don't know.

u/Waitwhatismybodydoin · 1 pointr/kratom

Could you get something like this to store it in? Assumming your gp's wouldn't get into it?

u/FatBodegaCat · 1 pointr/Supplements

about a week or so. I just started using the ash.

This is the lion's mane product. It is actually a combination of mushrooms

I like the cordyceps because I used to use it on its own in powder form as a pre workout for training(judo)

u/ErrorAcquired · 1 pointr/Candida

I would love to help if any way possible. Sounds like you have the food intake down pat. I did read your entire story. The teen medication started the trend of bad bacterial over good, or the good being killed by antibiotic allowing the bad to overflow. and then other antibacterials hurt your gut bacterial even more later on.

Ill share my story, from 20-30 I drank alchol every night, probably like 10 shots. I also didnt eat well, a lot of processed and fast foods. I drank a lot of energy drinks and downed bags of candy at night. Entire bags of sour patch kids (while going through a oxy opiate controlled habit) this lead to the build up of pain in my stomach and restricted morning pee'ing, and the typical loss of energy... eventually leading me here to learn about Candida (never knew about it) Pain developed around my belly button area, above i

Im going to list my top products that I purchased and have been using within the last 3 weeks that have made me feel better each day forward since taking them (not sure if only one is working better than the rest or all them working together). I moderate the dosing since all at once, so I make sure not to go overboard with all these together. After the first 2 days I experienced die off in the form of stomach rumbling and discomfort and a day of lack of energy. Luckily for me this lasted only about 2 - 4 days.

These products use Herbs and all natural food ingredients (this is very important) no chemicals. I think what you need is a little extra push from these herbs rather than just relying on your body to take care of the candida (which I commend your diet effort!)

  1. Oil of Oregano -

  2. CandidaFX

  3. Aloe Force -

  4. Rainbow light Candida -

u/Throway12453125 · 1 pointr/Nootropics

>Also make sure their isn't anything that blocks AcH-e in your food or supps

Do you happen to know if any of these might be causing some bad interaction?

I've been taking Rhodiola, Panax Ginseng + Ginkgo, Reishi+Cordyceps+Lion's Mane, and a multivitamin.

I also take Magnesium Citrate and Fish Oil at night before bed.

I'm thinking of adding some curcumin too to help with inflammation.

u/Nae_Rolls · 1 pointr/Testosterone

I'm not entirely sure at the moment. Right now I am doing the following:

  • 4 vitamin D drops/day [8,000iu]
  • 3 turmeric capsules
  • 1 fish oil pill
  • No starch in diet along with lowish carbs. Lots of salad with some fruit. Lean meats
  • Low-impact cardio every evening [longboarding]
  • 8 hours sleep/night

    Prices of those supplements may be less elsewhere...

    For the past few years I have taken Humira as needed when the AS really flares up. But I haven't had a shot for months, and this is probably the best I have felt since I was diagnosed. I can't believe how well the above protocol is working. Hopefully it lasts: AS is a horrible disease!

    I'm actually off Testosterone shots right now, and my natural production is slowly creeping upwards. My AS might have actually gotten worse on T shots. Impossible to say for sure, though.
u/pooper-dooper · 2 pointsr/fasting

I say go for it. I recently bought some Solgar's Brewers Yeast under the same logic, but now realize I goofed. It's much more sugary than these nutritional yeasts. Personally I'd probably go with Now (most affordable) or Bob's Red Mill. They are both cheaper on Amazon than the one you linked, although Red Star is a well-known brand to home bakers.

Holy B vitamins, batman!

I'll eat this when I'm refeeding on the weekends, and maybe Wed/Thurs of my fast. (I fast Mon-Fri.)

u/samus-aran · 3 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I second the use of Candida Support it is not strong enough to kill yeart but it weakens it so your body can control it. You should also use consentrated probiotic pills Probiotis each pill has 10 different bacteria from 3 different family's of bacteria. Acidophilus alone wont cut it. Finally Stop eating Kefir and Kombucha, at least for the time being. Both are SCOBY's , Symbiotic cultures of Bacteria and Yeast. Your pumping you system with more yeast. Finaly help your system expel the weakend yeast enzymes yeast make sticky biofilms to protect the colonies. These Enzymes will help break them down so the candida support and probiotics can do there jobs.

u/whyyougottabesomean · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

This is what I use. You can take it as a powder or in a capsule. I did the powder. If you do end up trying it let me know how it works for you please! Also, read the reviews. So many people found it to work for them for a lot of different reasons.

u/marc1411 · 1 pointr/Supplements

sure thing:

i take them for joint stiffness, and any additional mental health benefits. i'm 54, have tried taking one for a while, but it wasn't enough.

u/Block944 · 1 pointr/pics

GUYS GIVE YOUR DOG A LITTLE CURCUMIN IN THEIR FOOD DAILY!! My YORKIE had a skin growth that disappeared after 1 month of curcumin use. I use

u/theskepticalidealist · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

I use the Life Extension brand. One a day, is it worth taking more?

u/Zephandrypus · 1 pointr/Nootropics

Mervia is expensive. What's the difference between it and this? Or is Mervia cheaper on sites other than Amazon? There's also Longvida.

u/HumanitiesJoke2 · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

$25CAD ($20US) for 2 months worth? I think the bag lasts me closer to 3 months as I dont ALWAYS add it...

I might go with this one for $40 next time

u/stucco · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Wellness Formula - Take according to directions as soon as you start to feel a cold coming on. I usually skip 3 of 4 colds completely, and the ones I don't I get minimal symptoms. It can be complimented with Echinacea & Goldenseal, Colloidal Silver, and Oregano Oil for colds that just won't go away.

Why is this stuff so great? Medications treat the symptoms only. Wellness gives your immune system what it needs to work (what you should be getting from your diet, but most Americans aren't). Your immune system ends up defeating the cold almost immediately.

u/childfree_IPA · 3 pointsr/sex

This is the kind I use.

I forgot it when I went on a 4-day trip recently & there was a noticable difference in how ready/clean I felt. I'm never gonna forget it again!!

u/Sav_Parker · 1 pointr/Nootropics

1,500 mg per day. You will see results in 3-4 weeks. You don't have to take it forever, just until symptoms are cleared.

u/LillyMerr · 3 pointsr/TryingForABaby

It's horny goat weed. It's some sort of weed that a farmer discovered was making the goats in his field really horny. So they made it into capsule form. This is the one that we bought from Amazon.

u/Great_Chairman_Mao · 2 pointsr/Kava

Wrap it in cheese cloth and knead it in water for 5-10 minutes. Drink the water.

Less effort way, but frowned upon in some circles: stick it in a blender and blend for 3-5 minutes. Strain, drink.

New fangled way. Get one of these guys. Put kava in ball, ball in cup, shake for a minute or two, drink.

Also be aware there's a reverse tolerance, so the first few times you probably won't feel anything.

u/CharlyS24825 · 1 pointr/CrohnsDisease

Curcumin. My daughter's GI suggested it for it's benefits in the inflammation of the Intestines, but we find it brings her joint pain from a 6/7 to a 0/1. She even recently has started working out again. She takes two of these a day, which is the amount that the tests the NIH show to be beneficial.

u/trivialretort · 1 pointr/recipes

Throw some Nutritional Yeast on there for some added flavor.

u/46ntu · 2 pointsr/ibs

ORGANIC INDIA Whole Husk Psyllium, 12-Ounce this is what I use. As I said, it really works when it comes to bulking the stool up, so stay hydrated!

u/jckiker · 0 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

To achieve this every time, I take psyllium husk a couple times/week.

u/kalimot · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Psyllium husk changed my life!

u/kleancut · 1 pointr/simpleliving

you would literally get more! Its PACKED with nutrients.

u/JamesKerti · 1 pointr/keto

Try this green drink.

I use it sometimes when my lifestyle is erratic and I can't get the kind of vegetables I need.

All you need is a glass or cup and something to stir with. It takes two minutes.

u/TheOpiumWars · 1 pointr/kratom

Here is the stuff I'm talking about you can see a photo of the powder too.

u/Decorsair · 2 pointsr/Kava

..Ask the bar?

And get an aluball if you find traditional prep is too time consuming.

u/jasonleemassey · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

This is a the highest rated witch reviews on candida and sebderm. Works well.

You need this in addition to the anitfungals in combination because fungi are complex and can work against just one standalone form of treatment.

u/toramimi · 3 pointsr/PlantBasedDiet

I buy most everything that's not fresh produce on Amazon. This is what I get and I absolutely love it! NOW is generally my go-to brand for a lot of stuff, supplements and melatonin and valerian root and all sorts of witchy vegan stuff.

I've tried the nooch from Frontier Co-Op that /u/Nalaku linked, in fact it's what I used when I first discovered nooch - went through two 1lb. bags over the course of a month before switching to NOW. Something to bear in mind is that Frontier's nooch is non-fortified, meaning there's no B12 added, so you'll have to get your daily/weekly B12 fix somewhere else. Nothing against Frontier Co-Op, I absolutely love their bulk herbs and teas! If you're already taking a B12 supplement separately you should have no problems.

u/Chaos_Cornucopia · 1 pointr/JoeRogan

Wrong. Read the second image. Just have to know the right brands.

u/ThePsylosopher · 2 pointsr/fasting

Especially if you're going to be taking fiber during your fast, I highly recommend switching to a fiber supplement without so many additives. Not sure how your body handles it, but for me all those additives during a fast would be a recipe for some nasty headaches. Look for something that is just fiber without additives. I buy this stuff.

u/SargeStadanko · 3 pointsr/kratom

PO boxes can be spendy and some places might not send kratom to PO boxes (only seen this once really). Check out the non-usps options too, like Mailbox ETC or other shipping stores in your town. The one in mine provides a real street address and not a PO box # at half the price as what the USPS charges.

If you decide to just try shipping to home, order from one of the places that sends in discreet packaging or has "herbal" in the name. I use HerbResearch and Herbal Salvation often and packaging isn't revealing.

Also, I drink kratom right out of my shaker cup mixed with either water, tea, or SunnyD at my work and when people ask, I tell them it's some "Super Greens Health Shit" and it really does look like it: check it out . You could do the same, just get the kratom, dump it all into some vitamin/healthy mix container like the one I linked so you sister never knows.

u/assholesuckonit · 2 pointsr/gout

When it gets bad, I take 2 tart cherry extract caps and 1 turmeric cap all at once and I feel it fades away for awhile. It only works for 4 hours. I've been taking these pills for 10, 15 years no problem.

u/couldntthinkofanyth · 2 pointsr/askgaybros

I had a similar problem for years and haven't had a bad hemorrhoid in about 2 years. Even when it does happen (rarely and I bottom like 5x a week for hours at a time. life is good.) following this advice they go away much quicker than the month+ it used to take and with minimal discomfort.

-First buy one of these this one linked will last indefinitely as opposed to some other brands. This will allow you to sit without aggravating it. You should also avoid sitting for a half hour after eating meals. Laying down flat on your back or walking around is the best position to be in to heal a hemorrhoid once its already there, but if you must sit (driving, reddit, etc.) do it on an inflatable donut.

-This is the big one: no creams or medications do anything to help, dont even try, they will probably just make it worse and at best be very uncomfortable. What helps then? submerge your lower half in water tub/pool/hottub/lake doesnt matter but this was my panacea in hemorrhoid treatment and it works wonders. Most doctors wont tell you about it because they like money and giving expensive painful surgeries and having you come in for regular visits (i.e $$$$). Save your time, ass, and money and get in a tub. This also works as a preventative measure, get in a tub or pool right after sex (and a quick rinse at least) for 10min or so and no more hemorrhoids.

Besides that, avoid straining on the toilet or sitting for too long, no texting while pooping. Do not wipe too much or too hard, once is enough and then go take a shower and rinse (A dip in the tub helps here too if you have the time). If your problem stems from difficult times pooping, Psyllium. A big spoonful before breakfast and dinner works wonders.

Your post struck a chord with me as I had a very hard time with this and spent too much time with an out-of-order ass and a sad boyfriend. The submerging in water came from internet research and I did not expect it to work (figured that if it were that easy why wouldnt a doctor have told me by then?) but it was the turn around for me as I had already been doing all the other stuff for months at that point. Doctors just want you to keep coming back so they can collect from the insurance companies (what happened to helping people IDK) and may even perform a procedure which you do not want trust me.

tl;dr- op, seriously just read it. submerge in water, dont wipe too much, dont sit too much

edit: Also I use an enema like 99% of the time before sex out of necessity and still do not get hemorrhoids following this advice.