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u/LaurEv · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

I try to keep my bag as streamlined as possible but I like to be prepared.

Here are the things I always bring:

-cheap plastic poncho everyday / higher quality rain jacket when rain is expected

-refillable plastic water bottle (I carry a 12 oz nalgene) with bottle of mio flavoring

-small bottle of advil and another with dramamine ( I get motion sick easily)

- Locking pin backs for keeping trading pins secure.

-battery pack and phone charging cable

-snacks (I like to bring a bagel for a filling mid morning snack)

-small pack of baby wipes/hand wipes because I always end up eating something sticky.

** inflatable lightweight seat cushion for waiting on parades, fireworks, etc. (game changer!**)


**If you get just one thing for the trip, I HIGHLY recommend the inflatable seat cushion if you intend to wait around for parades, fireworks, see any shows, etc. You'd be surprised after walking around for hours how much of a difference having a comfortable surface to sit on makes. It's by far my favorite park item.


Have a great trip!

u/Kuriye · 2 pointsr/Austin

I would like to know as well! They combine my love for sitting on a picnic blanket with my desire for back support over a longer period of time! And they look super comfy and portable.

I found this on Amazon after a very brief search.

u/AbsolutelyPink · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

I am telling you that after trying multiple solutions, the best I have found are these Not that particular brand, but style. They are obtainable at Costco for $20ish, Scheels and other sporting goods stores or online. They're heavy, Scheels versions have arm supports they sell separately.

I'm telling you. I have a kid in sports and other kids in the family I go watch. I've spent a lot of time on bleachers A LOT! I've gotten memory foam, foam cushions, pillows, pads, folded blankets and nothing compares or provides comfort like the stadium seats like I linked. Even those that sit lower and hook on the underside of the bleacher like this or don't compare.

They're even sold in an XL version for those with, umm, wider posteriors.

u/Tylerlovesyou · 2 pointsr/kayakfishing

So this is the chair I’ve been using the whole time, works great and fits perfectly in it. What I did is I used the chair that came with the kayak, and put it that ontop of the stadium chair. Then I used the straps from from the original chair and ran it through the stadium chair so that it’s strapped to the kayak. That way, you get extra padding from the original chair and it secures the other one to the yak Incase you flip.

u/wildcard235 · 3 pointsr/liveaboard

Foam cushions are either open-celled or closed-celled. Open-celled absorbs water, like a sponge, but closed-cell foam does not.

Closed-cell foam rings or seats are used for U.S. Coast Guard approved throw-able life preservers, so this is normally better on a boat or in any humid environment.

Closed-cell foam is made in different densities and stiffness, so you need to find some that suits your tastes as to how cushiony it is. You might combine two or more different densities in layers of different thicknesses in order to get the kind of cushioning you want.

Then there is the issue of the cushion cover... which generally ranges from stiff-but-durable to soft-but-short-lived.

Here is one of many examples of closed-cell foam (without a cover) :

u/7SEALS · 1 pointr/NASCAR

Like I said, just bring a stadium chair. This is the one I have and it is the most comfortable chair you can get

I have people ask me at all the races where I got my chair from because it is so nice.

u/rozzingit · 2 pointsr/Twitch

Maybe something like this: ONIVA - a Picnic Time Brand Ventura Reclining Stadium Seat, Black

Search for "stadium chair" for more options in that vein. The sorts of things designed to offer some back support for bleachers and bench seating.

u/NovaThePug · 2 pointsr/simracing

Buy seat cushions for the chair, it goes a long way. I'd buy a good one to sit on and an ok one for my back to lean on.
butt cushion
[back cushion] (

u/garage_cleaner · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

I posted below of a Japanese site that had the high-back version of your chair. Just look up floor chair or legless chair.

This is pretty close to what you had.

u/ruger9shooter · 1 pointr/kayakfishing

This Cascade Stadium seat is the one you are looking for. I believe they are around $30 at Costco. I use the wire ties like these to keep it attached to my kayak. They can also be found for less at Walmart or Home Depot.

u/lw2134 · 1 pointr/flying

For a while when our seat adjuster was broken, I just used a cheap stadium / bleacher cushion like this:

It worked fine and was cheap. You can get them in various thicknesses too.

u/scarletice · 21 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

You gotta get one of these. Hangs from your belt. :P

u/Sleptik7 · 1 pointr/kayakfishing

Cascade Mountain Tech Portable Folding Steel Stadium Seats for Bleachers