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3. Pioneer SP-PK52FS Andrew Jones 5.0 Home Theater Speaker Package

  • Contains SP-BS22 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair), SP-FS52 Floor-standing Speakers (Pair), & SP-C22 Center-Channel Speaker (single) - subwoofer not included
  • SP-FS52 Floor-standing Speakers (Pair): Features three 5.25" structured surface woofers, 1" high efficiency soft dome tweeter, & 8-component high-quality crossovers
  • SP-FS52 Floor-standing Speakers (Pair): Full-size tower speakers, measuring 35.2 inches tall; the woofer's bass output is augmented with two ports on the back of the speaker cabinet
  • SP-BS22 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair): Features 4" structured surface woofer, 1" high efficiency soft dome tweeter, 1 rear port, & 6-element complex crossover; Handles 90 watts and delivers wide frequency response and sophisticated sound quality regardless of the source
  • SP-C22 Center-Channel Speaker (Each): Features two 4" structured surface woofers, 1" high efficiency soft dome tweeter, 2 rear ports, & 6-element complex crossover
  • SP-C22 Center-Channel Speaker (Each): The top and bottom panels are curved front-to-back, and it comes with two small "cradles" to provide a stable base for shelf mounting over or under your TV; Can be set up to fire straight ahead, or angled up or down to a small degree so you can "aim" the speaker's sound toward the main listening position
  • Floor-standing speakers (FS52), bookshelf speakers (BS22), & center-channel speaker (C22) have RF-Molded curved cabinet & gold 5-way binding posts
  • All speakers feature all-metal connectors, which provide a more secure grip on the wires than plastic spring-clip connectors; Connectors accept banana plugs, bare wire ends, spades, or wires terminated with pin connectors
Pioneer SP-PK52FS Andrew Jones 5.0 Home Theater Speaker Package
Release dateMarch 2014
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4. Pioneer SP-PK52FS Andrew Jones 5.1 Home Theater Speaker Package

  • SP-FS52 Floor-standing Speakers (Pair): Features three 5.25" structured surface woofers, 1" high efficiency soft dome tweeter, & 8-component high-quality crossovers
  • SP-FS52 Floor-standing Speakers (Pair): Full-size tower speakers, measuring 35.2 inches tall; the woofer's bass output is augmented with two ports on the back of the speaker cabinet
  • SP-BS22 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair): Features 4" structured surface woofer, 1" high efficiency soft dome tweeter, 1 rear port, & 6-element complex crossover; Handles 90 watts and delivers wide frequency response and sophisticated sound quality regardless of the source
  • SP-C22 Center-Channel Speaker (Each): Features two 4" structured surface woofers, 1" high efficiency soft dome tweeter, 2 rear ports, & 6-element complex crossover
  • SP-C22 Center-Channel Speaker (Each): The top and bottom panels are curved front-to-back, and it comes with two small "cradles" to provide a stable base for shelf mounting over or under your TV; Can be set up to fire straight ahead, or angled up or down to a small degree so you can "aim" the speaker's sound toward the main listening position
  • SW-8MK2 Powered Subwoofer (Each): Features an 8-inch long-throw down-firing woofer powered by a 100-watt amplifier; Vented enclosure allows for extended, well-rounded bass; Supports frequency range of 38 Hz-150 Hz
  • SW-8MK2 Powered Subwoofer (Each): Flat-sided box with a port on its front panel; 0/180-degree phase switch on the rear panel can be used to improve the bass blend between the sub and speakers; Connectivity options include stereo line-level RCA and spring-clip speaker-level inputs
  • Floor-standing speakers (FS52), bookshelf speakers (BS22), & center-channel speaker (C22) have RF-Molded curved cabinet & gold 5-way binding posts
  • All speakers feature all-metal connectors, which provide a more secure grip on the wires than plastic spring-clip connectors; Connectors accept banana plugs, bare wire ends, spades, or wires terminated with pin connectors
Pioneer SP-PK52FS Andrew Jones 5.1 Home Theater Speaker Package
Release dateFebruary 2014
Weight67 Pounds
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15. Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 Channel 1000W Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Dual 10" Subwoofers (Wireless) & 4 Rear Surround Effects Speakers. Enjoy Plug and Play Explosive Bass & High End Cinema Surround

  • With 70+ years of audio excellence, experience the absolute best audio no other soundbar can replicate. Feel the roomshaking bass with industry’s only Dual Wireless Subwoofers & 360° 9.2 channel audio from every direction with our soundbar + four modular surround effects speakers. This plug and play solution’s designed to bring the acoustics of a high performance cinema into your living room in approx 30 minutes. Winner of the best Dolby Atmos soundbar battle (hosted by Brian Tong, Ex-Cnet host)
  • Our DUAL 10" WIRELESS SUBWOOFERS (industry's 1st!), the new soundbar reference standard for bass, produce ground-shaking rumbles that turn your living room into an epicenter of adrenaline-pumping action. They merge to distribute bass evenly throughout the room with zero localization. The sound bar, surrounds and subwoofers replicate the perfect theater experience, reaching cinema-level volumes with no distortion. Agreed among experts, TWO subwoofers are a must for ultimate home theaters.
  • FOUR 2-WAY SURROUND SPEAKERS (industry's 1st!). Each of them (connected to sub via RCA wires) is constructed with a tweeter that reproduces high frequencies with captivating clarity, and a full-range driver that delivers surround effects with power and precision. MODULAR in form, they are designed to work perfectly for any room size or shape. Attach them as dipoles to disperse expanded surround effects or detach as 4 individual speakers (signature setup) to deliver our 360° surround sound
  • Redefine soundbar expectations and surround performance with our exclusive SSE Technology. Featuring 3 advanced audio processing engines working in harmony to enhance directionality, enlarge spaciousness and unlock extra details of any audio soundtrack. Envelop your home theater with up to 9.2.4 channels of Dolby Atmos or DTS:X object based multi-dimensional audio that flows around, above and through you. Unleash the full dynamics of your audio experience with 110dB of room-filling sound
  • All units sold since Aug '19 can receive Dolby Atmos surround via TV’s eARC when streaming with TV’s smart apps like Netflix (Note: not all TVs can output Atmos. Refer to your TV brand’s audio output specs). Enjoy advanced connectivity with Dolby Vision, 4K UHD pass-thru and High Dynamic Range (HDR). Connect up to 6 devices via 1 HDMI ARC, 3 HDMI, 1 Optical and 1 Coaxial inputs. The 52-key backlit remote allows seamless control of sources, DSP modes, individual channel and room size optimization
Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 Channel 1000W Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Dual 10" Subwoofers (Wireless) & 4 Rear Surround Effects Speakers. Enjoy Plug and Play Explosive Bass & High End Cinema Surround
Height3.49999999643 Inches
Length2.99999999694 Inches
Number of items1
Weight79 Pounds
Width45.49999995359 Inches
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17. Denon AVR-S540BT-R Receiver, 5.2 Channel, 4K Ultra HD Audio and Video, Home Theater System, Built-in Bluetooth and USB Port (Renewed)

  • Compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant voice control
  • MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR NEW 4K ULTRA HD TV; This stereo receiver delivers exceptional brightness, contrast and color leveraging industry leading HLG (hybrid Log Gamma), HDR (High Dynamic Range), BT.2020, Wide Color Gamut and 4:4:4 Pure Color sub sampling to impress even the most discerning viewers; Experience 5 AMPLIEFIERS (140W per channel) driving amazing power, realistic display and immersive sound across any room
  • YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC AT YOUR FINGERTIPS With a built in Bluetooth, amp up your music from 8 different devices, be it a computer or any other smart device and transmit it to a wide range of speaker systems; CREATE AN INTEGRATED AUDIO SYSTEM in conjunction with DENON HEOS LINK for a thrilling multi room experience, which also allows you to play back music from almost every digital streaming service like Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora and many more
  • OUR EASY ON SCREEN SETUP ASSISTANT walks you through clear simple instructions to connect your TV, specific EQ settings and helps you optimize your surround sound
  • FOUR QUICK SELECT BUTTONS ON THE FRONT PANEL help you store your preferred audio settings for television, Blu Ray, and more, and allows you to switch between them quickly
  • With its 100 year legacy and Japanese precision technology, Denon AV Receiver S540BT DELIVERS MULTI DIMENSIONAL SURROUND SOUND with 5.2 channel compatibility and SUPPORTS 4K ULTRA HD PICTURE QUALITY, perfect for your home theater and entertainment system
  • You can also connect the Denon AVR with your Smart TV remote and ACCESS ALL YOUR SPEAKER SOURCES AND SURROUND MODE SELECTIONS USING JUST 1 REMOTE; Or simply USE YOUR SMARTPHONE AS A REMOTE; Download the Denon 500 Series Remote app for iOS and Android and get control the receiver through your phone; Convenient, isn't it?
Denon AVR-S540BT-R Receiver, 5.2 Channel, 4K Ultra HD Audio and Video, Home Theater System, Built-in Bluetooth and USB Port (Renewed)
Height5.94 Inches
Length12.55 Inches
Number of items10
Release dateJuly 2018
SizeDenon AVR-S540BT-R
Weight16.54 Pounds
Width17.09 Inches
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20. Teac LS-H265 2-Way Speaker System (Black)

  • Bass-reflex Type 2-way bookshelf speaker system
  • Glossy Black finish
  • Binding post speaker terminals
Teac LS-H265 2-Way Speaker System (Black)
Height11.5 Inches
Length10.125 Inches
Number of items2
Weight9.7 Pounds
Width15 Inches
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Top Reddit comments about Surround Sound Systems:

u/Mephiska · 4 pointsr/hometheater

If you just want a basic amp (which is all you really need for a pair of $30 Dayton bookshelfs) then consider this Lepai TA2020 for $25.

Honestly you'd be just as happy with this as you would that $220 stereo only Emotiva amp. Sure the Emotiva is a great amp for what it does, but if you just want something to power your speakers, just match starting speakers with a starter amp. As long as your TV has a variable stereo output then you'll still be able to control the volume with your remote. If you read the reviews a LOT of buyers of the Lepai amp get it specifically for use with those B652's and it's more than capable of driving them.

If you want something more complex and plan on potentially running surround sound, then look into a Budget Home Theater receiver. Your use of the word "current" when describing your living situation implies that it may at some point change, which means your needs may likely change. So if you want at least a little bit of future proofing then a HT Receiver is a good way to go if you're willing to spend $200.

The advantage of the HT Receiver approach is you can expand it later by getting two larger front speakers, a center channel speaker and a subwoofer and use the B652's as your surround speakers. Nothing goes to waste.

Now unfortunately if you plan on using the 3D features of that TV and want to run your sources through the receiver then you'll need a 3d capable receiver. I mean you could run all your sources through the TV and then run S/PDIF from the TV to the receiver, but that's somewhat pointless, you might as well stick with a stereo amp.

That said here's a couple 3D receivers to consider:

  • Pioneer VSX-921K 7.1 3D receiver - I have the 1121k model and love mine. This one is two steps down and is last year's model (but strangely equivalent to the current 1122k) so it doesn't have airplay and is slightly lower wattage (110W), but that's fine. It's a good value right now. Comes with a iPhone/iPod dock cable connection and has a few other really nice features. This gets you a lot of bang for your buck because you're getting last year's receiver (and the new ones are barely an upgrade). You should be able to find it for around $200-220 shipped.

  • Denon 1513 - this is the new model year Denon, their entry level 3D ready 5.1 receiver. There's a lot of Denon fans, they make some good receivers and their sound is supposedly nearly as good as Harman Kardon. It's MSRP is $250 but if you keep your eye out you can probably pick it up for less on a sale. Full discrete 110W power output. There is also this Denon 1312 for $188 (with $30 shipping though), but it's 3d capable, though it's last year's product line. I imagine this is essentially last year's 1513.

  • Onkyo TX-SR313 - Entry level 5.1 3D ready receiver. This is the current product line, a good basic 65W receiver. Lowest price of the three, as you can see you can get it for under $200 now. Should be a fine receiver that you'll use for a good long while.

    As I've found, each receiver brand has their fans. Denon, Pioneer, Harman Kardon, Marantz, Onkyo. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages and cater to different market segments. The only one I'd say there is universally little love for is Sony, at least there's not many rabid Sony fans anymore. It's not that their products are truly awful, it's just they are not exceptional. My first receiver was a Sony DG720. It was cheap ($250 back in 2008) and worked fine, but that's it, it was just fine. My Pioneer is clearly better once properly setup, but the Sony was okay for its time and use.

u/not1frak · 2 pointsr/simracing

I can't speak about the quality of the Z-906 as I have never heard them directly. Also, for $400, I don't think it is a complete terrible deal. They will do the job I described, even including accepting Dolby Digital live via digital coaxial/optical signal.

That said, they are the successors to the Z-5500 system that I have yeeears of experience with, and I don't think they've really significantly improved things over the Z-5500; from my perspective, they look almost identical with regard to speaker drivers and enclosures. They've just given it a face lift.

For reference, I have taken apart my Z-5500 satellites after I finished using them just to have a look inside and I found the exact speakers they used for that model, and it appears as well as the Z-906. I give you the Tang Band W3-593SF 3" full-range driver -- Logitech really broke the bank on some quality drivers, eh? This particular speaker has NO business attempting to reproduce any sound below 150hz (in real world conditions) and really nothing above 6-7kHz... which is fine as a dedicated mid-range, but not a full-range as Logitech have employed it. The speaker will do 80hz (faintly) and above 6-7k (muddily), but it was never crisp and loud and immersive like I thought it could be. This was partially the amp and processor's fault, but there is a very good reason speakers come in 2 and 3 and even 4-way driver designs. All of my speakers are now 2-way, and the difference is night and day. Tweeters exist for a very good reason, and if you want sub 125-150hz bass reproduction, use at LEAST a 4-6.5" midbass driver. But then they wouldn't have tiny aesthetically pleasing satellite speakers. It's always a compromise in the world of audio, and there is no replacement for displacement.

Believe it or not, the satellites weren't my biggest gripe-- no... my biggest gripe by far is the subwoofer, the processor (brain box), and the amplifier.

The subwoofer would get loud in certain situations, but it never sounded good. It is not articulate. It cannot do quiet bass/low volume levels well. It does not do high bass for shit at all. The system as a whole only sounded "good" and "even," when listening at moderate-to-loud volumes. At low volumes, the sub was too loud and boomy and apart from the equivalent of a "bass (volume) knob" on the stock radio of a 1994 Ford Taurus (shit), you could not fine tune the subwoofer at all. This may be a fault of a crappy sub driver/enclosure design, and/or very easily a crappy amplifier design, and/or just lack of processing power to customize things, or probably all of the above...

The best I ever heard the Z-5500 was when I had it set up as a surround sound in my bedroom hooked up to a TV (no computer) with the subwoofer in a closet. Being that I wasn't so close to it, I normally had the volume up a fair bit, putting the speaker setup in it's "sweet spot" for the most part. Worked OK there, but after I moved, I am just using the TV speaker and not missing the Z-5500 at all.

You get the sound signature Logitech wanted you to have and very little customization ability. That's fine for some people. I bet there's lots of people out there with a Z-906 that just don't know any better, or care... But I know that $$ you'd spend on a Z-906 can get you MUCH better gear.

So to answer your question, yes, compared to MOST HTIBs with a proper AV-R, the Z-906 is garbage. That said, there are LOTS of garbage HTIBs out there, but at least you will have a proper AV-R that can either manually or automatically (with microphone) tune the system and you'll have dramatically better results.

Now as for the JBL speaker set you referred to, I do think that JBL is a good brand, but this particular unit is probably near the bottom-end of their lineup. It will almost certainly sound better than the Z-906 (because being coupled with a proper AV-R), but if you look at this YT Video review of them, at 2m8s, you'll see that these satellites are a single driver speaker design as well. It will share some of the same inherent shortcomings as the Z-906 satellites.

The Boston Acoustics XS 5.1 I have the same criticisms about, EXCEPT their satellites are at least 2-way coaxial design. They're almost certainly better because of this alone, but the wonky shape of the satellite speakers make me think it would be a PITA to mount and or look right on the R3v.

The Mission M3 I know very little about, but I've heard some good buzz about the brand. I would again say no to these because of the satellites. Single, flat-pistoned driver they're attempting to use as a full-range. No bueno. This review from "What Hi-Fi" supports my opinion in the form of their headlining item in the "against" column.

With regard to the front LR + Center, you don't have to be too terribly concerned for ultra tiny size. As you can see from my setup, I have comfortably and securely affixed moderately sized bookshelf speakers and it looks good. The rears are really the only one where you need to be concerned with small size. And for those you don't really need a 2-way speaker design; that's just optimal.

Here are a few I would recommend (though I don't have first hand experience with them): (decent brand, small size, good price) (well rated, small size, excellent price) (better than the other Yamaha, good price) (better than any of the previous suggestions)

I'm personally partial to Pioneer, Denon and Onkyo AV-Rs. Plenty of other ones out there will fit the bill, but I've personally used all of these brand AV-Rs and have consistently been happy with them.

Mind that if it don't work out for your R3v, you can re-purpose it as a nice home theater somewhere else, or sell it. Being that it is far more versatile than the Z-906, it would be easier to sell too.

u/mikeTRON250LM · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Let me give a bit of background. I had a 5.0 (plus another sub) from Pioneer (Andrew Jones) that I liked for about 2yrs. It was good but I struggled to hear dialogue (which is a common issue with the center speaker). Luckily/unluckily my kid knocked over a tower and damaged a tweeter so I upgraded to speakers that retail for substantially more (I bought them used with warranty if that matters). I can hear details that simply didnt exist with the old speakers. Again I didnt dislike the older speakers but if I compared them side by side there is no way I would ever want the old ones back. Sometimes me and my family or friends will literally just sit in my room listening to music until 2am on a weeknight just because it's fun to re-experience the music.

Your test may be flawed as you might be playing lower quality content. Some of it may just be your lack of time with both speakers. I would think a week with one pair then a week with the other pair will help you hear the differences. This does NOT mean you will like the more expensive ones more, or even if you do they are worth the price increase to YOU. With that being said we use my home audio setup for 6+ hours a day, and even my wife can tell a difference with my upgrades (especially the subs lol).

After re-reading your comment YouTube audio is not very good. If you want something free you can use a blueray you already have, or get a free account to spotify (which is not as good as the premium $10/month account). Pick a song and play it on youtube, then immediately play the song on spotify. I did this recently when I told my buddy I try to avoid audio on YouTube now. He liked the song on Youtube, saying it sounded good. Then when I put spotify on he was able to immediately hear the difference. This is not an audiophile or someone with a home theater even, and he could tell the difference and said it was drastic (and this was with the free account).

The best thing for you to do is go listen to a few different types of speakers. Klipsh, Definitive Technology, B&W and Martin Logans are all at Best Buys with the Magnolia room, and all have different sound signatures. If you are interested you can check AVSForum for people near you that are willing to let you hear their setup. I did that with quiet a few people before I decided on my speakers. Ultimately what I decided was for Home Theater you want a good center channel and a great subwoofer. I heard Atmos and it was neat, but for ME I would rather have speakers that do better with music and not have the Atmos.

This isnt much different than picking a car. Not all cars are bad, even cheap ones, but they all serve different purposes. Defining your purpose goes a LONG way to figuring out which one(s) would work for you.

Also with all of that being said, I would likely DIY my next 5.1 if I was doing it all over again. LoL

I use my home audio/theater a LOT, so the marginal increase in cost was more justified for me, as I have since added dual 18" subwoofers and the more expensive LCR. I will be replacing the surrounds soon, but they really dont add much to the whole experience as long as they arent distorting.

u/Armsc · 1 pointr/hometheater

Please don't do a Bose system unless you just absolutely love it. I don't find their sound quality/performance to match their price.

In the above reply you mentioned a 5.1 or 7.1 setup. Unless you have the proper room to setup a 7.1 you're better off going with a 5.1 for both easy of setup and cost effectiveness.

Here are some options I would consider.

AVR - (pick one) The heart of the system. I'm going Yamaha because they are very easy to setup and have a really good app to control them.

  • Yamaha RX-V581 $500 or Refurb $350 Great 7.2 AVR with a lot of features. Gives you the option for a zone 2, 7.1 or atmos speakers.

  • Yamaha RX-V481$400 5.1 AVR that includes networking features. Less channels but also less price. If you feel like you won't be expanding in the near future this could be a winner.

    Speakers - (Pick one) These are some packages I would look at. I went with packages to make it easier but honestly there are so many combinations we could sit here all day.

  • KEF - E305 $600 on sale This is a great 5.1 speaker package to get you started. Amazing sound and a very small footprint.

  • DefTech - ProCinema 800 $900 another 5.1 speaker package that has small satellite speakers that are very easy to place around the room.

  • Boston Acoustics - CS2300 5.0 set $200 + SVS PB1000 $500 Another good option for smaller speakers and you're getting a very capable subwoofer too boot. Be careful of sub placement as these speakers cross higher than most.

  • Pioneer - SP-PK52FS $480 + BIC F12 Sub $220 This set gets you towers speakers for the front so you don't have to worry about stands for them. You could get the bookshelf set but I would still upgrade to the F12 as the Pioneer sub is probably too small for your room.

  • Q Acoustics - 3000 Series 5.1 $800 Kind of new to the US but they get great reviews from the UK. Different looking speakers.

    Keep in mind that you'll probably need speaker wire, HDMI cables, and possibly an optical cable depending on your sources.
u/polypeptide147 · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

One pair of these for the front.

One pair of these for the back.

One of these for the middle.

One of these to power it all.


Since you're on a budget, I think that would work great for now. You can save up and get a sub. The Dayton SUB1000 will do you well for this setup. Also, if you want, you can get the 'Air' version of all of those speakers instead of the regular ones. You'll spend just a bit more, but you'll get a bit more performance. Also, I think you'll be fine without a sub for now since those front speakers have pretty big woofers. They won't shake the room or anything, but they do have some bass.

Also, those all come with speaker wires.

However, if you really want to buy a kit, this one here or this other one here will work great.


Sorry that these are a bit more than what you said you wanted to spend. If you must get a 5.1 system, I think these are a great starting point. I've got those monoprice ones, and they honestly aren't that good. I've got an Onkyo 7.1 and it is okay, but not great. I think that you would be much happier if you got something a bit better. You'll save money in the long run, since you will be able to wait longer until you need to upgrade. And, in the meantime, you'll be much happier.

Let me know if you have any questions!

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/xboxone

I just got these speakers and this receiver. I knew absolutely nothing going into this but somehow managed to set everything up. If you have any amount of tech savvyness at all, you can figure it out. They are a great price and I've loved them so far! I played a few games of Halo with them turned up pretty high and it was the coolest thing ever! I would recommend these as they are a great entry level system and very affordable (compared to the others!).

I didn't know what I was doing at first and ended up getting the speakers and receiver at different times and places. This looks like a combo of my speakers and receiver, but it'll save you a hundred dollars or so. I would not go with a soundbar if I were you. Just go ahead and get a full system.

Edit: Also, with this particular receiver you get a microphone that automatically calibrates all the speakers based on their position once you get it all plugged in. As I knew nothing about this kind of stuff, it made everything real nice and easy.

u/Agentbolt · 1 pointr/hometheater

The Polks mentioned earlier are nice, after researching quite a bit I found a lot of people also recommend the Andrew Jones set, which is what I ended up getting (I grabbed a Bic F12 subwoofer instead of the matching Pioneer one, however)

I have NOT seen such kind reviews to the Andrew Jones setup around this subreddit, but most people here seem to be playing in a different league than we are, in terms of budget.

Also, if you're looking to go a bit cheaper with the receiver, this is the one I ended up getting -

It's a refurb, yeah, but it's refurbed by Denon themselves, mine arrived looking indistinguishable from a brand-new one and it works great. It also supports Atmos and DTS-X, all of the HDMI ports are 2.0 full bandwidth, etc...

$375 + $220 = $595, which leaves plenty left over for a good entry-level subwoofer and maybe even some upward-firing Atmos speakers if he really wants to get into it. I have the Atmos add-on speakers that are matched to my floorstanding ones, and I'm pretty happy with them. Again, this subreddit hates upward-firing ones, but I really enjoy the fuller sound, and they cost $100 for the pair.

u/Maestrosc · 1 pointr/hometheater

Got the 8350, and if your room is light controlled/prepared correctly... you will be absolutely blown away by it.

I am a huge graphics nerd... my PC always has the latest and greatest card. All of the TV's i buy are LEDs. (Because especially after owning a projector...if the room is light controlled enough for a plasma to look getting a projector for a screen 2-3x as big).

The epson 8350, in a light controlled room, will not disappoint you.

I have mine throwing on an elite screen 100"... and every single person I have brought over to see a just absolutely blown away by the quality of the picture. It honestly is not distinguishable from a LED picture..unless you are sitting with your face against the screen.

With that said...if your room isnt 100% light controlled...your image will get be affected by a bit. I dont think I would ever put a projector in my living room, at least not as a main screen, because even a small amount of ambient light will affect the picture quality...however i would do it as a night-time movie screen or something, and have it roll down over a TV for select usage.

I just completed a home theater, using the Epson 8350, for around 2500 (including a 5.1 speaker system, the materials to paint the room etc) and absolutely LOVE it. And have yet to have a guest not be completely amazed by it.

Every single person who has seen the quality of the picture is blown away, and has commented on how great it looks.

I know there are sellers who will sell you the stuff to make your own screen.. and you can get slightly higher quality for slightly cheaper if youre willing to build your own frame.

I went with the 100" electric pull down from Elite screens, and i love it. If I was going to build a 10,000+ home theater, then I would upgrade to a Black Diamond screen and a $2500+ projector... but for 2000 budget I feel like the epson 8350 cant be beat.

For speakers I went with and I absolutely love it. The speakers are HUGE..which is their only drawback. But I would rather sacrifice having a larger size for better sound than vice versa.

I LOVE the speaker system atm..but tbh im not much of an audiofile who could distinguish a $500 system from a $1000 system sound-wise.

u/blackjakals · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

Thanks for the info.


There are a few decent active speakers in your price range, but not many with an optical input. So far for $200 and under I have only found the Edifier R1850DB. This is a great starting set of speakers. You can find them here:


Most active speakers in this price range will have RCA inputs instead and a lot of TV's will have RCA outputs to connect to them. If you have the option of connecting through RCA, other great options include the Edifier R1700BT and the Fluance Ai40. If you can spend over $200, some other good options would be the Edifier R2000DB for $250, the Audioengine A2+ for $250, the Kanto YU4 for $330, the Vanatoo Transparent Zero for $360(best on this list, IMO), the Kanto YU6 for $400, or the Audioengine A5+ for 400.


If you want to get a record player down the road, it is important to know whether or not you will want a turntable that has a phono preamp built in(this will limit your selection greatly) or if you want a turntable that requires and external phono preamp(this is most turntables and you will need an amp or receiver that has a phono preamp included). The reason I say this is because the Kanto YU4 and YU6 listed above already has a phono preamp built in, so that's one less thing you need to get down the road. The other speakers do not have this.


The Vanatoo's are probably the best sounding in the list above and have the most inputs if needed.



u/homeboi808 · 2 pointsr/hometheater
  1. If using your current receiver, yes.

  2. Yes, a large improvement, especially in dialogues clarity and bass.

  3. That's fine, that just limits you to Dolby Digital 5.1/DTS 5.1 (no DD Plus or lossless audio like TrueHD/MasterAudio, but you likely won't be able to hear the difference). Since you have a game console, that's probably the best route if you care about Game Mode (HDMI 5 for game mode, HDMI 1 for HDR). However, HDR/Game mode should be the only picture differences.

    However, being in Canada does have some heavty restraints. What I would do is buy Fluance speakers (a Canadian company). Three options they have are:

u/Nixxuz · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

I always push for seperates, as you can expand and repurpose old gear as you swap things out. With that in mind, my suggestions for your setup would be either;

A. An integrated system. Edifier R1850DB. These are decent in their own right, but also have a sub out. Front ported so you can run them right up against the wall.

A Dayton Sub-1200. I honestly don't much care for the Dayton line of subs, but if this is for a PC setup it should do the job you want it to without breaking the bank. I strongly recommend going a little over the top of your budget and getting a BIC F12 for $212 from amazon. It's just a MUCH better sub overall.

B. A seperates system, which I would favor more. A pair of Fluance Signature bookshelves. You can actually get a set of the walnut finish for $170 with tax, used, from Amazon Warehouse.

Add a Nobsound BT Mini amp for $30. These are tiny amps that would honestly make you question if they are junk. They are not junk. They are comparable to the same SMSL SA-50 that is widely recommended on this sub, except for being smaller, having an internal DAC, having Bluetooth, and being half the price.

Add one of the aforementioned subwoofer using the high pass input/outputs, and you have a VERY capable little system for right around $400 or less.

u/Funkbass · 2 pointsr/Zeos

Hey Zeos! Not sure if this is quite the right thread for this, but thanks to you for the past several months I have been the proud owner of a Fluance SX-6 and Dayton SUB-1200 home entertainment audio system. I think it sounds great, and the SUB-1200 appears to be on a huge sale right now, so I was looking to get the same setup for my vinyl collection upstairs. As I was looking on amazon to find the sx-6, I came across this set of speakers which includes a center channel for not much more money whatsoever. Do you have any experience with that set? I certainly have the room in this vinyl collection room for a center channel, but I don't want to sacrifice the great quality of the SX-6s for a little more value.

u/shadyinternets · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

do you like how klipsch horn tweeters sound? i personally cant stand them, as in at any sort of decent volume they hurt my ears. they are just so piercing to me. cant do it.

i would recommend these for a budget system, they are just great all around speakers for the price. i have these and have given them as gifts, and always happy with them.

the amp part of that klipsch deal does look pretty interesting though. and apparently its $500 on its own, making that $379 deal seem all the sweeter. if it had a dac i liked better (ess sabre too piercing for me, like horn tweeters, apparently my ears hate higher frequencies?) id prob buy that package just for the amp as it has some nice features.

if youre familiar with klipsch horn tweeters and like them id say that looks like a pretty good deal. the amp part alone is prob worth that $500 really.

u/cinepro · 0 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I highly recommend a receiver with Audyssey processing. And unless you need 4k/3D/Atmos processing, you can usually find great deals on a top-of-the-line receiver that's a few years old. Onkyo and Denon also sell factory refurbished receivers that can be good deals, like this one:

For speakers, the Pioneer "Andrew Jones" speakers are hard to beat at that price point. You can get the five main speakers for less than $500!

If you have a small room (<1500 cuft?) the Pioneer sub should be great. If you have a larger room, it might be worth shopping around for something a little more substantial. I recently picked up a great 12" Klipsch sub at Fry's during one of their crazy sales for $180. I'm using it in a smaller second room, and it is very nice. So if you keep your eyes peeled, you might find a great deal. Or you can invest in an SVS, Hsu or other rock solid, bulletproof sub.

Did you want tower speakers or bookshelf speakers for the fronts?

Any Blu-ray player will do. Get one that has the features you want (Netflix etc.)

Cables from monoprice.

u/iHaoo · -1 pointsr/audiophile

I'm looking for speakers for my new Sony 65" X950G TV in a 12' x 19' living room. My budget is $300 and am debating between these three options as these are the ones that I've found that would work for me:

Yamaha YAS-207 - $230

Klipsch RSB-11 - $300

Edifier S350DB - $300

I'm not much of an audiophile but I just want something that'll sound good for my TV when watching movies, TV shows, and playing games.

My main priority was looking for something that is within my budget, convenient, has a remote, and no amplifiers/receivers because I don't want to deal with too many cables besides the power cables.

I know sound bars are generally frowned upon but I like the plug & play aspect as well as ease of use, but I saw really great things about the Edifier S350DB in terms of sound quality. The only thing that the S350DB would differ is the lack of HDMI ARC since I would be connecting this to a tv, so is that going to be a big deal?

I'm open to other recommendations as well, but if any of these three stand out, please help me pick which to go for!

u/Biggrich76 · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Agree with areodeck, start with a good 5.1 system. If you decide you want 7.1, you can always add speakers later.

I have the GT1080, you're going to love it.

As for audio, $500 might be pushing it for separates. You're on the right track though, either of those receivers will be good it's just going to depend on if you want to expand to 7.x later on.

These Fluance bipole surrounds are a good value and highly recommended-

You can also check out the guides at for more recommendations.

Good luck!

u/popsicle_of_meat · 2 pointsr/hometheater

> not very interested in super quality sound
> i do want really clear dialogue
> casual movie fan who wants clear dialogue
> I'd be willing to buy speakers

It's not so much about being 'enough'. Dialog is probably the most important aspect of sound. Our ears are tuned to human speech more than any other sound, and therefore our ears can detect distortion and poor sound the easiest. If you want good dialog, get good speakers. Typical soundbars are usually not good speakers. They're made to be small, simple, 'cute', and make the manufacturers lots of money (cheap to build and stamp out, easy to sell for much more than they're worth). They only need to be a step up from crappy tv speakers to be noticed, which is easy.

What does your tv use for audio output? A set of powered bookshelves is really easy to set up with only one more wire to connect compared to a soundbar.

Something like these Klipsch or these Edifier are a good ideas. There are many more options, so don't get hung up on those two.


u/pjoshyb · 0 pointsr/hometheater

Pro cinema 800

It’s a 5.1 set but all the speakers are sold separately as well. They have a 600 and 1000 series as well. My setup started with a 600 set and then added pro monitor 1000s for the fronts, 800s for the surrounds and the 600s went up for Atmos. Also went with the ProCenter 2000 just recently. The sub is pretty good as well but I run 2 subs so I can’t speak too much as to how it performs alone.

They are all small but not as small as Bose however they perform much better than Bose.

If your room is not terribly large or opens up to other parts of the house they are fantastic. Though if it is and does,any smaller speaker is not going to do as well as more medium to large speakers.

u/The_Correctionist · 1 pointr/hometheater

Awesome. Thank you for your help. The more and more I look into it, i'm starting to like the Pioneer SP-PK52FS setup. The reviews seem to be great, and i like how everything is included. What are some of the drawbacks of going with a pre-packaged system like that instead of purchasing everything separately? Could i find a better system for the same, or even less money if i was to put it together piece by piece? Thanks again!

u/boostnma · 2 pointsr/hometheater

To be direct - the speakers are junk, but in all seriousness if you like them that is all that matters.

Most people have never heard good surround sound, so most things will sound better than an internal TV speaker.

A good setup will cost you about $750 - $1000. Which is less than a good TV. Audio is just as important as picture to most of us.

For a receiver I recommend a Denon x2200 - $500
Denon AVR-X2200W 7.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD A/V Receiver with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

If you want to stay with the same size speakers, I recommend the Monoprice 5.1 - $250
Monoprice 10565 Premium 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Subwoofer

If you want slightly bigger speaker I recommend the Pioneer Andrew Jones 5.1 - $450
Pioneer SP-PK52FS Andrew Jones 5.1 Home Theater Speaker Package

u/ahatzz11 · 1 pointr/Zeos

I have been putting together a 5.1 system, and was wondering if you would be able to take a look at it! Maybe something you would recommend other than what is here. This set up is a little more than I wanted to spend, but from what I have read about each piece, it seems to be worth it. Any advice is appreciated!

Denon S500BT

BIC America F12

Micca MB42X Center

Micca MB42X BookShelf

Fluance AVBP2 Surround

A few questions I have:

  • Are the Fluance dedicated rear speakers worth the extra 50 bucks over 4 of the Micca bookshelf speakers?

  • Is the Micca center speaker a recommended speaker? I didn't see it listed in the OP, but I found it while searching through amazon, and figured that matching the front two speakers was a good idea.

  • I was also looking into the Denon E300, but I don't see any advantages over the S500BT - any advice?

  • What other things will I need to complete this system? Some speaker cable for sure, do I need a sub cord or any banana plugs? It doesn't look the S500 uses plugs, but I figured I would ask.
u/QuintonFlynn · 2 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

I have these speakers hooked up to my 55" 4k TV. They're very good for the price. Very clear mids and highs, bluetooth connectivity so you can swap to bluetooth mode and play songs from your phone or Google Home when you want, and a subwoofer out so you can upgrade the system with a sub when you find a good deal on a good one. I bought a $250 12" sub to go with the system a few months after getting it and the combo of a good sub with a good sound system, as my father described it, "sounds like a theatre".

They're normally $250, I bought a set for $130 used on Kijiji, so $175 new is a rather good deal.

u/_fuma_ · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

we've been seeing a few of the DTS Play-Fi enabled network amps from different brands being discounted lately... I think DTS gave up trying to promote it, but its a great opportunity to grab some decent mini amps that still have great features.

u/sharkamino · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

Do you like the Klipsch sound? For Klipsch R-41PM at $250, there are also many other powered options.

I recommend an amp/dac and passive speakers: If going Klipsch, Klipsch R-15M $150 with Klipsch Powergate Amp $150.

Or consider getting the better Premiere line. Klipsch RP-150M $300 or Klipsch RP-160M $330.

Other amps or receivers: Or look for a used stereo or AV receiver.


u/DieselWang · 1 pointr/audio

I would go the passive route with a dedicated amp. It'll be easier to expand to 5.1 later. For your initial budget, try something like this.

u/explosivo563 · 1 pointr/hometheater

Here is what I would go for. I plan to upgrade to this sub and this 5.1 setup. I'll probably use my micca mb42x for rears though. They are currently my fronts. But the dipoles I listed look awesome. You can use most bookshelves for rears so you can easily adjust your budget accordingly. Some just mount on the wall easier than others.

Receiver $200-$250 new or refurb Denon

Fluance sx6 $130 (also in black)

Fluance center $80

Fluance bipole rears $120

Bic America Sub $180 or Dayton 1000 for $109

EDIT: So you can easily get this under $700 or even $600 depending on what kind of rears you want, or the sub. Even a cheaper receiver can be found depending on what you want. Also amazon has a great return policy so I almost always go with used in good condition. They give heavy discounts on refurbs just for an item that gets opened and returned.

u/Sharohachi · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Frys often has good sales on Jamo speakers, but I'm not sure what's available in Europe. I've seen the S809 HCS 5 speaker set go as low as $399, so maybe you could get a good black Friday deal. The 803 set with bookshelf speakers is $269 right now, might be a decent option.

The Pioneer AJ set got some good initial reviews as a solid budget set, but I have seen some people complaining about it online after getting the set. The center channel in particular seems to be pretty lackluster based on user feedback.

The Sony Core series speakers get good reviews as a budget option. I've seen the bookshelf SSCS5 speakers go as low as $73 a pair and with black Friday coming up there might be some good deals on them.

For a decent sub you'll probably need to up your budget a little bit or wait until you can save a little more. The Bic PL200ii is a good sub for the price and often goes on sale for $250.

With black Friday deals maybe you could get the Jamo 803 set with a PL200ii sub within your budget or 4 Sony core bookshelf speakers and the matching SSCS8 center channel instead of the Jamos.

u/TjallingOtter · 1 pointr/audiophile

Very much appreciated. A few follow-up questions, if you don't mind.

  • The speakers seem comparable in specs, but from my (layman's) perspective the Cambridge Audio ones seem slightly better. Did you put them both there because they are comparable and the choice just depends on aesthetics?
  • The recommended w/ch (at least the maximum) for both speaker sets is higher than what the Onkyo offers. Is this a problem, or will it just not push the speakers to their limits?
  • I was also looking at this Onkyo, as it's a bit more future proof if I ever want to use it in a surround setup (as well as having a slightly higher w/ch). Do you see any problems with this one?
  • Is it worth holding out for more expensive speakers in this category? The Audioengine A5+ look fantastic, but again, I have no clue if they're significantly better. I just know about them because I've seen people talk about them often here.

    Thanks again so much.
u/SmittyJonz · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

>JVC RX-515V

Googling It - I can't any's early 90's. You just bought a New 4K TV - I figure you will wanna move up to a Modern 5.1 - at the Least. old JVc has 3 '90's era Dolby settings, no HDMIs, probally no optical input?, sub out? none of the New Dolby processing or whatever.

Does the JVC have optical Input.? If you wanna run BluRay or 4K Blurays you're gonna need HDMI 4K passthru OR go straight to the TV via HDMI but then back to receiver via optical for Sound..........some of the Newest TVs have dropped optical and everything is via HDMI ARC............

If the speakers are in Decent Shape I'd get the New receiver First (be it Used, Refurbished or New) with more power (most likely) and see how they Sound and go from there. You'll probally upgrade Everything eventually- I'd start with the receiver..........


- Go ahead and Get New Speakers and see if the JVC Drives them, since Sony Speakers are Generally Sub Par - Gotta Start Somewhere........

I'd go Pioneer Sp-fs52 Floor Standing

matching center -

Surrounds -


Fluance Elite (Pioneer Andrew Jones and The Fluance Elite are The Best Sounding Budget Speaker packages out threre - gonna Spend More $ to beat them.....)


if you just want 2 channel stereo Music and feel the receiver is in Good Condition- just Find some Better Speakers it can Drive........

If you Want Badass home theater for your New Tv - you're gonna want a modern receiver and probally all New speakers eventually.........

u/BeardedAlbatross · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

The Polk PSW10 is trash. If you're keeping near the same price for a sub, the Dayton SUB-1000 should be $120 and is much better.

For $300 all that stuff is a good deal, but they aren't particularly great speakers at all. When you're able to spend $600, I would go for the Andrew Jones Pioneer line of speakers. Paired with the Dayton sub mentioned before you're at $620. Paired with a Dayton SUB-1500 or a BIC F12 you're at $700.

An alternative if you are able to place three vertical bookshelf speakers as your left, right, and center is the RBH R5Bi. They are $112.50 each so $338 for your front speakers and throw in a $200 sub like the BIC F12 or SUB1500 and you're at $540. For your rears you can throw in a $60-70 pair of speakers like the polks you mentioned or sound appeal 6.5". This will be by far the best sounding setup but will look a bit more unconventional. The R5Bi are beautiful and fantastic-sounding speakers when reinforced with a sub.

u/mcwerf · 3 pointsr/Zeos

Hey /u/ZeosPantera,

I first wanted to say you are the fucking man. This subreddit has been so incredibly helpful in figuring out my audio system. Additionally, I was wondering if you could provide your expertise for me.

My fraternity is currently getting our house back in a few weeks, and we have money to spend on home improvement (in this case, an audio system for the large common room). I'm looking for a system that can double as both a home theater sound system as well as speakers for a large, loud party. I assembled a list of components and was hoping you can recommend any changes. This is the list so far:

Receiver -

Center -

Front speakers (tower) -

Rear speakers -

Subwoofer -

These are the ones you listed as being loud enough to play music on as well. Will these products fit the bill for my needs (home theater, large frat party)? Also, these extras to set up the system:

Banana plugs -

RCA cable -

Copper wire -

Is there anything I'm missing in order to set up the system? Thank you so much!!

u/jfunnybuckets · 6 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Hey I'll try to help you out.
First things first that's a nice TV stand but it might be hard to add a receiver or center speaker into. Your space is tight so I'd rule out towers and focus on bookshelf speakers with stands. And also your budget will make it hard for a quality 3.1 setup. Id focus on 3.0 or 2.1. You might get recommendations on big bundles of cheap speakers but nah, start with quality speakers and go up from there.

With that being said, to match your beautiful white TV stand, I'll recommend some pretty white bookshelf speakers Q Acoustics 3020i $299

Matching center

Leaves you roughly $200 to find a refurbed Denon receiver from accessories4less or from Amazon renewed

Add some 16 gauge speaker wire and you are set to go. Save up for the subwoofer of your choice and you're off towards quality audio!

u/SmilingBob2 · 1 pointr/Soundbars

Just be aware that the Samsung TVs no longer process/pass DTS audio. I would have returned my Samsung TV if I had known this ahead of time but I found out (by chance) too late. If that doesn't bother you, cost is not a factor, you want the very best audio out of a bar and you have the space for a receiver: [GoldenEar Technology SuperCinema 3D Array XL]
( At over 62", that bar will fit that giant TV better than anything else on the market and the sound is like nothing else. Pick up a pair of Super Sub X to fill in the bottom (XXL is overkill IMO unless your room is huge). Depending on how many channels of surround sound you want, you can complement this with in-wall/ceiling speakers or external satellites.

If you want a powered soundbar system then the Nakamichi shockwafe 9.2.4 is my choice. Dual 10" subs and the latest surround tech at a reasonable cost.

u/JohnLegendary · 3 pointsr/xboxone

It can't be upgraded to 7.1 without purchasing a new receiver. If you think you'll want to do that it'll be best just to buy the speakers and receiver separately. This is what I use, along with this receiver. It's a great system.

For high end, I like these, combined with something like this.

But /r/hometheater could probably help you out better than I can.

u/whiprush · 11 pointsr/hometheater

I'm a fan of a Yamaha with Pioneer Andrew Jones speakers, great value all around, this is what I recommend to people who are starting out:

u/kitttykatz · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

I have a similar model (R1280T) hooked up to my Samsung TV. I'd give the speakers 4-stars out of five.


The speakers produce excellent, clear, clean sound, they look great, and they're just the right size to fit into their home on my TV console. The optical out was exactly what I needed, you can hook up a subwoofer to the bookshelf speakers (I haven't done this), and the Bluetooth works flawlessly.


  1. When I set them up I could not, for the life of me, get them to work. I scoured the manual and found, in a side note in a tiny font, that you need to change an advanced sound setting on the TV in order to output to the speakers. Apparently not all TVs have this option, but mine did. (I'm afraid I don't remember the exact issue, but I'd wager that you can google it.)
  2. The remote is cheapo and, while it does its job, it still kinda sucks. You cannot just hold down volume up or volume down buttons on the remote. Instead, you need to hit the button repeatedly, which is mildly annoying. (Also, my remote has two volume up and two volume down buttons, but the duplicates do the same thing. Probably an artifact from using the same general remote for different products, but it feels like lazy design and looks weird.)
  3. In terms of indicators, there is only a single LED on the front of one speaker. It changes color based on the input, and it blinks once whenever you adjust the volume to show it received the command. What it does not have is a volume indicator, so I have no idea what the level will be when I turn on the TV, and I don't have a feel for a default volume setting. Especially fun with little kids who like to use the remote to blast bad guys.
  4. You control the TV volume output via the speaker remote instead of the TV remote, which means I'm using two remotes now. Like some sort of Neanderthal. An Amazon reviewer said they successfully programmed a Logitech universal remote to control the speakers, but another said that their universal remote wouldn't recognize the speakers. I haven't done any research to figure out if it's possible to train/sync/whatever my TV's remote to control the speaker volume, but I'm not getting my hopes up. If anyone has a solution, I'm all ears...
u/Widowmaker23 · 1 pointr/Zeos

Zeos! I LOVE this subreddit and have just bought a house with a new dedicated theater room! I am very excited and would really appreciate it if you could look over my build and give me any suggestions. The price is somewhat flexible so if there is something that you think would really help me then please don't hesitate to ask.

Epson 8350------------------------------------------------------------1100
SMSL SA50 Amp--------------------------------------------------------70
BIC America F12 Subwoofer-------------------------------------------184

Some of the prices may have changed but it should be fairly close... So how would you improve on this build?

Thanks so much!!

Edit: Formatting

u/deepak_a · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

Great suggestions here. I will add some of my naive thoughts. I think, in addition to getting inputs from folks here, you should try out the speakers you shortlist. For instance, I really enjoy the mids and highs of the KEFs while I find the Klipsch a bit too bright, but you may feel the opposite. That said, i think Fluance makes some really nice affordable speakers:

If you go down the passive route and looking to buy a budget amp, you can pick up the $500 Klipsch Powergate for $150:

It's a steal at that price. Take a look at the review here:

For passive speakers, maybe try to find a used pair of KEF Q100 on CL or the other suggestions already made here are equally good.

These $30 Dayton Audio speakers are good too:

u/Low-and-slow · 1 pointr/Zeos

After watching your reviews again for the speakers in question, I think I may have arrived at a conclusion. I'll probably go for the SX6s just due to the fact my room is larger. Reading through other threads, I see that you now recommend going with the this center rather than the set released after your video review. How big of difference will I see between these? Will the rears have a big enough presence if they are placed on the rear wall about 6 feet away or would I be better off going with these babies? I like the wood version of the SX line, it makes them stand out and are different than the normal black.

Can you recommend a wall mount that will handle the SX6s? Thinking of tip-over safety for toddlers and crawling kids.

Thanks for listening to me think out loud in these posts.

u/Teknofiliak · 1 pointr/hometheater

First off. Hurray for a fellow Steelers fan!

Second off, we need a budget for you. /r/Zeos is a great place to start and I am completely following his advise. I can try to help you out. I posted this in another thread, but I think it may be relevant for you.

This is my plan. (As a disclaimer, I am fairly new and a student of /r/Zeos.)

This Receiver

Front Speakers

Center Speaker

With a room that small, you could go with this subwoofer.

All that will be under $500.

If you're doing surround, I'd throw in a pair of these.

Don't forget some good quality speaker wire and banana plugs make life easier.

Also, I see you're looking used. I think that's a good idea. You can get older receivers for fairly cheap. Stick to the names listed in Zeos's post about 5.1 systems.

u/charlie_mike25 · 3 pointsr/ZReviews

I bought the Klipsch powergate amp and I'm extremely happy with it. Sub controls on the remote (best feature and lovely to have in an apartment setting), wifi, multiple inputs, power, and pretty to boot. Lovely little thing.

u/SeafoodDuder · 2 pointsr/projectors

I have one in my amazon wishlist that I'm still doing research on. Consists of:

Dayton Audio Subwoofer.

Fluance Surround Sound.

Fluance Bookshelf Speakers.

Denon Refurbished Reciever.

It's definitely a work in progress. Still doing research but I'm trying to keep the price down while still getting great bang for buck.

Check out some of the recommendations over in /r/Zeos and posting this question in the /r/Hometheater subreddit. :)

u/ZeosPantera · 1 pointr/Zeos

Swan and Hivi are great but hard to find. If you can get that M50w setup for $200 it is probably worth it.

Your alternative at $200 is a set of these Teac's and an SA50. I have just gotten those speakers recently and haven't finished the review yet. They are an AMAZING set at that price. Better than the micca's.

Wiring isn't hard. Here is how it goes.

u/muhaski · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Well it really does depend on your budget. If you're going the 3.0 route I would go with the Andrew Jones Pioneers ($250 a pair) with the matching center ($95). If thats a little too expensive you can get the bookshelf version for $99 for the pair.

There's this also this Fluance 5.0 set for $250 and while I've heard good things especially for the price, I haven't actually heard the speakers themselves.

Polks are fine if you can get a real good price, but there are better options out there. Check out Craigslist.

If you can spend a little more then these are susposed to be the best for your money right now Chane A1rx-c, but you'll be paying around $500 for a 3.0 setup.

u/MasterBuilderBater · 1 pointr/gadgets

OK, I tried to do it for you on the cheap... I mean who doesn't already have wires running from their stereo to their TV? :-)

Well then here you go: but its going to run you north of $50. You will need one of these kits. The transmitter end will connect to your TV, and the receiving end to your stereo. If your stereo does not have a way to select different audio sources (then you should get a proper stereo... Kidding-kinda) then you will need the audio selector box I recommended in my comment above.

Honestly here's how it should be done:
[Cable box] ---hdmi---> [A/V receiver: HDMI input #1] ---hdmi---> [HD TV]

[PC] ---hdmi---> [A/V receiver: HDMI input #2]

[Chromecast] ---hdmi---> [A/V receiver: HDMI input #3]

Here is a nice 4 HDMI input A/V Receiver under $200.

Here is a solid HD TV under $500.

Don't have room for 5.1 channel speakers? Here's a very decent 2.1 channel sound bar. It's under $100.

It's time to step up your game.

u/deplorable-d00d · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

You may like them. They're not bad!

Having something at arms reach would be preferable to trying to use them as a wider speaker setup in a room, because of each monitor has individual power and gain controls.

Will it sound good for you, sure. Will it thump? No, not really. Is there an easy way to add a sub, sure, throwing money at it with a pro sub that has an active crossover inside it.

Best thing to do is audition them. Monitors won't sound 'bad' at all, but it just may not be what you'd expect.


I'd look into Edifiers (or Swan), for more ease of use and connectivity

u/acedelgado · 1 pointr/hometheater

Just got these surrounds and am very pleased with them so far. Really great option for the price if you can't shell out the extra cash for surrounds that match your fronts. Being able to wall mount with just drywall anchors is a nice bonus (I'm renting an apartment and just ended up using a couple of those 3m command hooks on each one)

Fluance AVBP2 Home Theater Bipolar Surround Sound Satellite Speakers

u/SirDongsALot · 1 pointr/cordcutters

You run one HDMI from your receiver output to the tv. Then you plug all your other tv, video games, whatever into the receiver HDMI inputs.

Yes it will play the sound on the speakers and the picture on the tv. You don't have to do anything special, its not really a feature thats just what they do.

If you want a great sounding set of speakers for a good price check these out.

u/lasttycoon · 1 pointr/hometheater

I personally would recommend some decent bookshelves over these Home Theater in a box (htib) deals. The idea is that you want wooden cabinets over plastic. Something like this will blow away that Harmon set, Pioneer SP-PK52FS Andrew Jones 5.0 Home Theater Speaker Package
Those harmons use 3 inch drivers vs the 5 inch drivers on standard bookshelves. That means the pioneers will produce a much fuller sound and fill the room much better. You can also look at Micca speakers as they are a great value as well while destroying any HTIB.
Good denon receivers can be had around 200.

u/schmidty850 · 1 pointr/hometheater

Would you recommend going with the 2.1 system with these:

Elac B6's and the BIC F12


WharfDale Diamond 10.1's and the BIC F12

or the 5.1 system with:

Fluance AV5HTB's and the BIC F12.


EDIT: Added the WharfDale's since they are of comparable price to the Elac B6's and I've heard they are supposed to be pretty great

u/A_Bag_Full_of_Poops · 4 pointsr/hometheater

Hello fellow Canadian!

To be honest, $600 won't get you a decent 5.1 system in Canada. In fact, it won't even get you a decent 2.1 system.

If your budget is locked at $600, Craigslist is the best option. There's lots of great deals and speakers are easy to evaluate.

You could also go for something super cheap like a Fluance AVHTB package, but I would recommend Craigslist over those.

If you let me know what area of Canada you live in, maybe I can scope out a deal for you on Craigslist.

u/timesnewboston · 0 pointsr/hometheater

For such a small space it seems your budget of $1500 for sound is way overkill, unless your planning to keep the gear when you move to a bigger place.

For a room that size, get a receiver like this

some bookshelve speakers like these

a subwoofer like this

rear bipole speakers like this

and finally some speaker wire and banana cables.

This set up is beautiful in my small apartment living room. All in all that comes out to ~$520 and you can use the rest of your money on a TV upgrade.

u/WillkuerlicherUnrat · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

You should choose whatever speaker stands are in in your budget wich are aesthetically pleasing to you and have the right size for your needs. I would spent between 30 - 100 bucks, unless you find some really beautiful ones. Ideally you would build them yourself.

Any copper cable in between 12 - 14 awg will do. Doesn't need to be full copper but it doesn't hurt. Do not overspend on cables! Something like the Micca Speaker wire (cable) will do.

Receivers; do you want stereo or 5.1 (or even more channels)? The typical brands are Denon, Onkyo, and Yamaha (for example Denon, Onkyo, Yahama). Choose one with all the options you want and inputs you need.

If you want a sub, the usual recommendations are the BIC America F12, BIC V1020 and the Dayton Audio Sub-1000.

u/pernicat · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Those two things are the exact receiver and sub that came with the HTiB I linked earlier. Plus for cheaper then the price of buying them separate you get a set of surround speakers. I admit the speakers are not going to be the best in the world, but they fit the OPs price range and should be good enough for what they will be used for.

I 100% agree that the speaker cable that comes with that system is crap, but that is one of the cheapest components to replace.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I was always under the impression that as long as a speaker sounded good above the crossover frequency they are fine if used with a sub; Since we don't hear low frequencies directionally.

u/Judge_Of_Things · 1 pointr/blackfriday

Have this TCL for a couple years now, absolutely no regrets. Sure it's not the same as a super upscale TV, but honestly I have never regretted my purchase at all. Pair it with a decent soundbar (this is what I have currently) and it's a great experience!

u/sk9592 · 1 pointr/hometheater

To be honest, it's going to be tough to get a decent project, screen, and speakers for that price.

If it was my money, I would feel like it's better spent on a TV and speakers instead.

Vizio P-series:

55-inch is $800, 65-inch is $1200

The Pioneer Andrew Jones 5.1 speaker bundle is an excellent audio experience for $600.

If you pair pair those speakers with that TV and an AV receiver you will be very well setup for a home movie experience in the $1500 range.

u/thecustodian · 1 pointr/hometheater

All great input /u/Armsc.

I was honestly going to go overboard with space if I went for the towers. After taking a second to look back I readjusted and I will go forward with a set of bookshelves. I've chosen the Fluance SX6 as they appear to be very good at that price range. Now this runs into the problem you mentioned of not having a matching center unless you go with an additional speaker to use as center (which might be too big??) or purchasing the Rear and Center speakers as a kit which are not sold separately (Fluance Surround/Center).

What is your opinion on purchasing an additional front speaker to use as center?

Even though this is my first setup and I've never followed the Home Theater world, I just want to get the best bang for my budget

u/Darfer · 1 pointr/audiophile

Out board DACs tend to have higher quality digital to audio circuits, or, at least, so says the audiophile. Also, a computer case tends to be an electrically noisy place and the converting circuits tend to a better job when standing alone. (Again this is audiophile theory.)

If you are looking for the best surround sound, skip the sound card all together and just run the HDMI out from your videocard into a good surround sound reciever.

Example: .

One thing for sure, even the best internal sound cards will have terrible amps. Having your amping and DACing done by a real receiver will sound far, far better than any soundcard.

You can get a decent receiver for not much more than a high end sound card. However, you will needs to shell out some cash to get some decent speakers.

u/agentmadeye · 1 pointr/rva

My husband is decluttering and selling some things. If you don't have facebook you can PM me and I can give you his cell number to text if interested!

Complete 7.1 Surround Sound System for $325 OBO.

Description: For sale is a complete 7.1 surround sound system that we don’t have space for anymore. Everything works fine and served us well in our previous home. The items that are included are listed below with links to the Amazon products page for each.

Sony STR-DH740 7.2 Channel 4K AV Receiver (Currently $299 on Amazon)

Onkyo SKS-HT870 Home Theater Speaker System (Currently $270 on Amazon)

Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand (Currently $39.99 on Amazon)


iPad Mini 4 64gb Cellular for $300 OBO

For sale is an iPad Mini 4 with 64gb storage and cellular capability. It is in excellent condition. Selling because I don’t use it anymore.

Also have a sleeve for it, a tempered glass screen protector still in the box, a rugged case, and a Dbrand skin I never installed that you can have with it if you want.


iPhone 6s Plus 128gb Verizon Silver for $275 OBO

Selling my iPhone 6s Plus 128gb for Verizon. I believe Verizon phones are unlocked by default, but I’m no expert on such things. It is in good condition. There are a few super tiny scratches you can only see if you are really looking for them.

u/MMfuryroad · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Nope. A waste of your $600. Get something like this instead if you want a 5.0 surround setup Fluance AVHTB 5.0 speaker setup $249.99 and add a Dayton 1200 subwoofer for $128 shipped and add a factory refurbished 2015/2016 Denon or Yamaha AV receiver above the Denon S510 and above the Yamaha RX-V 379/381 and you're done except for some speaker wire and banana plugs:

Here's a basic home theater accessories list and a how to video for connecting speaker wire to screw type banana plugs. You'll need 2 pairs of banana plugs per front soundstage speaker hookup (1 pair for each end.) Alternatively, you can just remove a small amount of shielding from the speaker wire and twist the copper strands then insert them into their corresponding(+-) binding post or spring clip.

Subwoofer cable

[ Monoprice 16 AWG copper speaker wire 50 ft.]

Monoprice screw type banana plugs

connecting banana plugs video

More in depth speaker wire stripping and installing video

Subwoofer crawl technique

You could also reduce the number of speakers you buy initially and start with a nicer 2.1 or 3.1 setup then build out from there. Better speakers like Emp-tek , Chane or Ascend Acoustics in bookshelves or a bit larger LCR's. Better to spend most of your money on your front speaker's as that's where your main soundstage is and where you're facing all the time.

u/jcconnox · 2 pointsr/hometheater

If you're going to use it primarily for music, why not just go for a stereo system? If you do it right, you'll likely get much better quality for the same price.

Also, what are your requirements for media playback? Do you need to get a BD or DVD player for the room, or do you have a method of media playback?

If you don't need a playback device but still want surround, this with this will put you in roughly the same budget, but will be orders of magnitude better in terms of sound quality, even without a subwoofer. Yes they're large (I'm kinda assuming that you have space for floorstanding speakers), but you need to be able to move a lot of air to be loud, and at this budget you need big speakers to do that.

If you don't have a playback device or don't have much space to work with, tehsalt's suggestion is probably your best bet.

edit: phrasing.

u/Lburna420 · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Im not OP but I am super intrigued by this combo setup(particularly the speakers). I am currently using Yamaha 5.1 Satellite speakers in 5.1 setup. The ones below are the ones I have. I am using them on speaker stands and while they sound great im looking to upgrade soon. I have a 700Watt Denon S530 5.1 receiver . Are the fluances Hi-Fi or no? Would they go well with my receiver? Would mostly be used for gaming on an Xbox One X and PS4 Pro and watching movies/4k blue rays.

Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System

u/DrDarkProphet · 3 pointsr/hometheater

I would go with this speaker set:

and then add any receiver you want that is under your budget. I like this one:

Although the monoprice system is highly rated (I love monoprice BTW) I don't think there is any way they can be as good as the pioneers. The pioneer system is one of the most highly rated systems any where near its price point, taking on full size systems that cost much more. Infact, I have a full Klipsch setup that was over $2000 and it sounds just about as good.

u/Shike · 1 pointr/audiophile

In that case the options are pretty limited. The best bet will almost certainly be the Pioneer system by Andrew Jones as found here. It's likely the cheapest mostly competent 5.1 system you can get. There's cheaper like Fluance but IMO this is the best compromise in your budget.

u/frozensponge · 2 pointsr/PS4

How big is your place? I have used [this] ( receiver for the last two years and Bose 5.1 speakers. Depending on your price range, you can mix and match speakers or get any set, IMO if your place is small enough the receiver is the most important part.

Make sure all of your appliances use hdmi for the easiest setup, btw. The PS4 clearly uses hdmi, and most modern cable boxes do as well. Plug everything into the receiver and then the Onkyo into the TV. In my experience, there is almost so lag in play through using this device.

u/CreepyMasta · 1 pointr/hometheater

For $ cannot pull off 2.1 with a receiver. You would be compromising too much on the quality of all of the components to get everything. So with your budget, the choice is easy: 2.0.

Now, if you are creating a "desktop" system where you can easily turn a knob for volume (no remote control), you might have more flexibility for a 2.1. You can buy a Lepai T amp (Lepai Amp: for $20 and a Digital to Analog Converter for $10. You would buy this instead of a receiver. That would leave you with $170 left. You can get a Dayton Subwoofer for $110 and Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-BS22 when on sale for $65 and stay close to your budget (they are not on sale right now). Alternatively, you could pick up the Teac LS-H265 for ~$90. I prefer the look and sound of the Teacs.

Another important consideration. If you have neighbors near you in your apartment, I would recommend not getting a sub because it will bother your neighbors.

For $200, you can get a 2.0 system with enough bass imho.


Teac Speakers:

If you were to upgrade to a set of speakers with a 6.5'' woofer, you would get more bass. The trade off is that the speakers would be larger and more expensive (to get the same level of quality).

Note that with the Lepai Amp...that is stereo only. You will have to ditch it and upgrade to a 5.1 receiver if you want to expand your system in the future.

u/raistlin65 · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

JBL LSR350P are $140 CDN each:

Here is a nice set of Edifiers for $249 CDN There are also less expensive Edifiers that are good values for the price (check what's on Amazon and look at the reviews)

Micca PB42X are excellent for the money if you'd rather not spend as much

u/iamneothe1 · 1 pointr/hometheater

Ok, now I'm leaning back towards the Dayton Pro, but possibly upgraded to the 10" sub... which would still save me something like $40 over the Polk since it doesn't come with wire and Newegg charges tax... haha...

How do I tell what's proper gauge? I didn't see anything under the descriptions of the set...

Also, I swear this is my last inquiry on a set... is this set as inferior to the other two I'm considering as the price would suggest?

Oh, and I just realized... both the Dayton Pro and Polk have 5 year warranties on their speakers... but the Dayton has only a 1 year warranty on the sub, while Polk's is 3 years... how significant do you think that is?

You're a boss... thanks for the help again.

u/AstroFlyer686k · 1 pointr/hometheater

I have had the Fluance AV5HTB 5.0 System that includes the center, rear, and books:

Also have the bipolar surrounds:

As far as the Fluance speakers, they sound great for what they are meant to do. I especially like the bipolar surrounds, they cover a much wider area than normal surrounds. The rears are a bit larger than others but still light enough to be wall mounted.

One thing to keep in mind is the break in time. It takes about 10 hours to fully break in the Fluance speakers. They don't suck before then, but after about 10 hours they really start to shine.

I run these Fluance speakers on a Yamaha RX-V659 with a pair of Pioneer HPM 100's I inherited a very long time ago and a pair of Klipsch KSF 8.5's I bought a long time ago with a Klipsch KSW 12 inch sub. I have had many compliments on my sound system and I really like my current setup. Give the Fluance a try, if you don't like them, return them and get the Pioneer set.


u/lsiberian · 2 pointsr/hometheater

I'm pretty sure Bose speakers use the same type of wire normal speakers use.

Just cut the end offs and then strip the wire to get a bare wire. You can then add a banana plugs for ease or simply use bare wire.

For all wiring I use or home depot.

Why not grab some Andrew Jones Pioneers instead of the PSB? That would save them a lot of money and sound plenty good for them I bet.

Only 400 for the entire set.

Of course I'm not saying your mom shouldn't get an amazing reference setup if she wants one, but for about 500 bucks you could probably make her very happy.

u/TruDom · 1 pointr/hometheater

i wonder if im better off getting active bookshelf speakers and a sub for what im looking for.

like these

with a decent sub.

im looking more for music purposes than tv viewer purpose. i dont want surround sound. so after reading some since my L/R speakers will only be about 7 feet apart and center is mostly for viewing experiences, i think a 2.1 system will do just fine. i dont plan on having multiple input sources so i just need audio running from tv to speakers.

any one here have experience with these?


u/sharb2485 · 2 pointsr/Soundbars

I see the Yamaha YAS-207BL on Amazon for $144... should I pull the trigger now?

Edit: Glad I've waited... it seems to be steadily dropping and at $141 now. Going to check until it bounces up and then buy I think.

Edit 2: Now $139. Here's hoping it gets to $130 or even $120!

Edit 3: Bought at $138.80 earlier today and now is shown back at $299 with 12 remaining. I'm blessed

u/Tuberomix · 1 pointr/hometheater

I'd recommend you get the get the Pioneer Andrew Jones speakers for that price. You can get 2 pairs of bookshelves+1 center for just $333 or if you want front floorstanders than that set currently costs $460.

These come highly recommended. Many people liked them and said they're the best at their price. Wirecutter did a fairly extensive comparison and concluded these are the best budget surround-sound speaker system.

u/RadicalSnowdude · 1 pointr/hometheater

I would actually suggest this; Fluance’s 5.0 bundle

The subwoofers on both the bundles you listed aren’t good, especially the Polk sub. So run a 5.0 setup and save up more for a good subwoofer like an SVS PB1000.

u/Clever_Online_Name · 3 pointsr/hometheater

This is my first attempt at building a home theater. I built the acoustic panels and the DVD door myself. Everything else was done by best buy. I have everything running to a small room behind the couch which I control via a harmony hub and an echo dot.

All lights are "smart" and can be individually controlled by the echo dot.

My setup:

Projector:Epson home Cinema 2150

Screen: Silver Ticket 16:9 120" Grey Screen

FL and FR:Micca MB42x

Center:Micca MB42X-C

Rears: Fluance AVBP2

AVR: Denon S510BT

Sub: 10" Dayton Audio Sub-1000 (x2)


Please let me know if you have any suggestions!



u/-Moonpuppy- · 1 pointr/Soundbars

What I don't understand about the hype for the Nakamichi soundbar is that every model is essentially the same bar with more subwoofer or surround speakers. This model is the same as this model. It's the same product. The latter has an extra subwoofer and more surrounds (for over twice as much), but the main product - the soundbar is the very same. The system seem to be repackaged in different ways; now it has Atmos. Is it the magic bar that can just do anything?

It seems to me the most important part of any soundsystem would be the left, center, and right main speakers. That's where I really what I want to hear. That is where the main sound is coming from. Sure thumping bass is good, but it's not where the details are.

u/Soundar_ · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

I own r1850db great for small room, you will need subwoofer if in medium or large room, great sound and that comes under 200usd
Edifier r1850db has a sub out incase you need more bass, these won't disappoint you!!!

u/samuelAD · 2 pointsr/audiophile

have a look at some fluance systems.
That's a very good value u get, for a fair price. If you really want a sub get something like this:
and then just get any receiver you want. eg. this one

u/htshadow · 1 pointr/Zeos

Hey Zeos. Thanks for making this awesome subreddit. If I hadn't stumbled on to here I might have gone with a HTiB.
So now that you've inspired me to get surround sound how does this set up look to you.

The room is aprox. 18ft long and 15ft wide. I also use a projector.

Receiver: Denon AVR E300

Subwoofer: Bic America F12

Bookshelfs: Fluance SX6-BK

Center & rear: Fluance SX Series Center Channel & Surround Sound Speakers -

Will this setup work in a room of my size?

Is there anything I should switch out? (my budget is: the cheaper the better)

Is there a set up guide you could refer me to?

Are the center and rears I linked to sufficient?

It may be worth noting that I've only used the tv speakers/projector speaker. Never legit audio equipment.
Also I have no music needs, this is only for tv/movies & video games.
Thanks for your help man, I would be lost without these guides!

u/deafdaredevil · 1 pointr/audiophile

Hi! 5.1.2 setup - 13x13 room. $2k budget. Emphasis on clarity. Bitching boom is allowed during certain hours at my building.

Fluance SXHTB-BK - Speech quality is priority (my username checks out), is the SXHTB center speaker good enough?

Polk Audio PSW505 - Research suggests this is more than enough for 13x13. Can the room handle a second woofer?

What are the quality atmos speakers? I heard about placing atmos speakers on top of floor standing speakers in order to bounce sound off the ceiling. Yay or nay?

What receiver has the least pain in the ass interface?

u/Namdnas78 · 1 pointr/Soundbars

Came here to say the Samsung Q90R as well. I have that system and it’s amazing. The next best is the Nakamitchi 9.2.4 System:

u/sircod · 2 pointsr/googlehome

Edifier makes some good powered speakers. You would probably be just fine with a 2.0 setup, but if you think you might want to add a sub later you could look for something with a line out/sub out, something like the Edifier R1850DB. Those also have an optical input which you could use with the Chromecast Audio to bypass the DAC in the Chromecast for the one in the speakers instead, which is probably better (although you probably won't notice the difference). You could also skip the Chromecast Audio and connect the Home directly to the speaker via bluetooth.

u/LouGossetJr · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

i would look into some powered monitors by Edifier. i have the cheapo r1280t and they impress the heck out of me. i listen to mostly 90's hip hop and a lot of other stuff and they sound great in a small/medium room. no subwoofer needed IMO. i imagine the R1800DB or R2000DB are even more impressive.

u/JJReklaw · 1 pointr/audiophile

Hello everyone! I'm trying to move forward on buying a surround sound system for my living room. have done a little research but I'm still unsure of what to buy. I have roughly 1000$ limit and I'm looking for a setup for my 4k 55'' tv which is about 10feet from the couch.

I was looking at these speakers:

and this receiver:

My only concern is that my roomlayout will be a little rough to wire everything(I live in a stone house and can't run cables in outer facing walls). So I was thinking I should go bluetooth, but was recommended not to. Is this setup good? Should I look into bluetooth? Or I could go an alternate route and go with a soundbar and subwoofer. Any help would be much appreciated!

Room layout

u/wdouglass · 2 pointsr/hometheater

I have a yamaha RX-v781, and I love it. The RX-V381 should be similar, with a few missing features (and less channels)

If you're on a budget, but you want 5.1 right away, here's what I suggest you do. Get a receiver (I would go with the yamaha, the denon ones are good too), and get a cheap 5.1 package like this one:

or this one (which is nicer):

That way, you can replace speakers as you go and still have a complete system. And a year or two down the line, when you've completely swapped out the monoprice system, you'll only be out $150 instead of having to scrap a HTIB that could be $1000.

u/arrowpinework · 1 pointr/Zeos

Awesome!! Thanks man.

In your video review of the SX6's you mention that they don't have a matching center, but in your write up you link these.

Just wanted to double check that the center and surround would match with the bookshelves. Thanks again Zeos!!

u/madscientistEE · 1 pointr/audiophile


If you're on a budget and you just want a solid, easy to drive set of speakers, give Pioneer's Andrew Jones designed stuff a look. They're amazing for what you pay.

You can buy what you need or you can get the whole 5.1 setup in a package deal.

u/reddit-ulous · 1 pointr/hometheater

This is very helpful.

Question, do any retailers sell the control unit of the HTIB without the other speakers? I really wanna avoid into getting new systems and subwoofers and amps and whatnot as I won't be looking for much upgrades. I'm nowhere near a hardcore audiophile most on this sub but I do wanna be able to use my HT system with a good display panel and a couple more HDMI ports.

I was looking at this one for example which has everything I need (including double jack spring sockets).

The only confusing thing is the subwoofer pre-out. I know this might sound like blasphemy here but is it worth exploring getting that and using it without the subwoofer for now?

u/fritobugger · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

You want something with an optical input so that you can send a digital signal from the optical output on your tv to the receiver or powered speakers.

Edifier has some pretty nice powered speakers:

Those have optical and coax inputs plus a subwoofer output if you wanted to add a subwoofer later. Plus it also has a remote.

You could also do separates like a SMSL AD18 and Micca MB42x speakers and then add a subwoofer later.

u/lacrosse1991 · 2 pointsr/hometheater

It's just ever so slightly over your limit, but I've been very happy with my definitive pro cinema 800 speaker set. I have it paired with a pioneer elite sc-05 in my apartment.

It's 795 USD on amazon but you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere

u/Loflan · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Ah ok, thanks for the suggestion! i assume i should look at getting this one or would you say that the floor standing speakers make it worth the extra $150, i would prefer not to spend it but if it makes enough of a noticeable difference it wouldn't be the biggest deal. Also do you happen to have the measurements for that center speaker so i could get an idea of how large it is. Thanks!

u/_Dozier_ · 1 pointr/hometheater

Nothing wrong with the receiver you picked, but you typically get more bang for your buck with a refurb and Denon has a higher quality room correction.

Denon X1500 - $300

That is a very large you need at least 1 large possibly or 2nd.

HSU VTF2 - $540 Recommended for up to 5,000 cu ft.

HSU VTF3 - $800 Recommended up to 8,000 cu ft.

In Ceiling Atmos Speakers (shouldn't cost a fortune)

Micca M-8C - $80

Micca R-8C - $120


Fluance SXBP2 - $120

Polk OWM3 - $150

Leaving your front 3 and probably the most important speakers. Lots of different ways to go here, but I'll list a few different options.

Ascend CBM-170 LR + CMT-340 Center - $600

HSU Hybrid 2 3.1 - $1019 This includes the subwoofer

Elac Debut 6.2 - $280 Elac 6.2 Center - $280

u/jboulter11 · 1 pointr/audiophile

You'll need a receiver and I'd recommend sticking with a standard 5.1 setup and ditching the ceiling idea with your price range. I don't know anything about in-wall/in-ceiling speaker mounting, but it sounds expensive compared to putting some bookshelves on stands. You might look into something like this:

A receiver for this might look like this:

Though I've not heard that particular model, I have a similar Yamaha that powers my andrew jones pioneer setup.

u/JustGump77 · 3 pointsr/hometheater

If you're sticking with 5.1 and are limited in where you're placing your surrounds, I'd say go for bipoles. Or, at the very least, give them a try. I've had my eye on the Fluance SXBP2's, in the event I want to replace the older Mission 77DS's. I'm happy with the Missions at this time, so not in a huge hurry to upgrade :)

Just make sure if you're placing them on a shelf that they are pulled out to the edge of the shelf so you don't have any weird reflections there.

u/Garglebuns · 1 pointr/PS4

Thanks! Here's my sound system:

Micca center speaker

Micca bookshelf speakers

Fluance speakers in the rear

Monoprice subwoofer

Denon receiver

Disclaimer: I have the technological wherewithal of a crustacian, so I have no clue if this is optimal or not, but it works good for me.

u/pappyj · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Sure. I purchased,

Denon AVR-E300 There is a newer model out now I believe.

Micca MB42X bookshelf speakers

Micca MB42X-C Center speaker

BIC America F12 Subwoofer

Fluance AVBP2 Sattalite speakers

I live in a smallish apartment and the 12 inch subwoofer is close to overkill for me. It will put out some heavy punch when turned up. I am happy with the speakers that I have.

u/agray20938 · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Buy this speaker package, and this receiver. Keep the sub, but make sure that's the first thing you replace. I'd try and sell the speakers and center speaker, since you definitely want your center channel to match with your front two speakers. This is slightly over budget ($79), but its probably the cheapest you can get away with without sacrificing major quality.

u/DangerouslyDevilish · 1 pointr/hometheater

Thanks for the info. I want to keep the speaker budget below $4k but $2k would be ideal. Speaker placement would attempt to match the official Dolby recommendations for 7.1.4 located on pg.26 of this doc although I may upgrade to 9.1.4 eventually.

Here are the speakers I was originally considering. It would been some combination of these but not all.

SVS Prime Elevations

Pioneer Elites Andrew Jones or this non-Atmos/Elite Pioneer Andrew Jones bundle

This Sub