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9. Nomad Stainless Steel Bearing Caps - Premium Quality Finger Caps – Perfect for 608, R188, … Bearings (Rainbow)

  • ✇ REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY - Increase Focus and Concentration. Perfect for those with Fidgety Hands, Anxiety, ADHD and Autism. Helps with Quitting Bad Habits, Staying Awake on long car drives and more. Perfect Anti Stress Spinner.
  • ✇ PREMIUM PRECISION DESIGN - Each unit is Meticulously Crafted to ensure the Highest Quality. Superb Hybrid Ceramic R188 bearings offer Smooth and Balanced spin times of over 4 minutes. This 3 sided fidget spinner is much more stable and quiet than a 2 sided fidget spinner. This is not a cheap fidget spinner but you will never regret spending a bit more for one of the Best Fidget Spinners available in 2018.
  • ✇ THE PERFECT GIFT - Suitable for Adults and Children over 8 years old. The Beautiful High-quality Included Gift Box makes our Nomad figets spinners the ideal Present for Family and Friends. This figit spinner prime makes the perfect gift for father’s day, mother’s day, Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, … Make your dad, mom, uncle, brother, sister or best friend happy with this great present!
  • ✇ EVERY DAY CARRY - Flick and spin for minutes with just one or both hands. The Nomad pro Q4 spinner is Lightweight, Pocket sized, Fun and Effective. This makes the Nomad pro Q4 spinner a Perfect Addition to your edc gear.
  • ✇ 100% SAFE AND RISK FREE: ASTM F963-16 and CE Certified Toy. You are Backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If for any reason you are not Completely Satisfied with your purchase, simply return it hassle-free for a complete refund.
Nomad Stainless Steel Bearing Caps - Premium Quality Finger Caps – Perfect for 608, R188, … Bearings (Rainbow)
Height0.47 Inches
Length2.05 Inches
Weight75 Grams
Width2.05 Inches
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16. The Official Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner with EBOOK Helps Focusing Fidget Toys [3D Figit] Premium Quality EDC Focus Toy for Kids Adults-Best Stress Reduce ADHD Anxiety Ceramic Cube Bearing (Gold)

  • TRY AWESOME, NEW TRICKS WITH OUR FREE EBOOK GUIDE – are you looking for an awesome pass time toy to enjoy addictive fun or just rewind when under pressure? Whether you’re waiting for someone to arrive at a restaurant meet, or just queuing in line at the dentist’s reception, this fidget spinner will keep your hands and mind busy and not on your cell phone! With our free eBook guide, you can try an unlimited number of fantastic fidget spinner tricks!
  • AMAZINGLY FAST FIDGET TOY WITH LONGER SPIN TIME – are you tired of your old fidget spinner that runs slow or noisily? Our new Gold fidget toy is designed to spin extremely smoothly and pretty quiet. Simply flick and spin this fidget toy for up to 4 minutes at a go. The ZekPro Gold 3D Figit spinner is an excellent way to relax on-the-go. What’s more? The fidget spinner has been proved to be a great conversation starter.
  • MUST-HAVE FIDGET SPINNER FOR ADD, ADHD, AND ALL OTHER FORMS OF ANXIETY – do you or your loved one suffer from Autism, ADD, ADHD, or any other form of anxiety? The fidget spinner is an excellent way to stay calm and relaxed. Fidget spinners work by occupying the distractible part of your brain so you can stay calm and focused. You have an easy way to put stress and anxiety at bay with the ZekPro gold fidget spinner!
  • EXTREMELY WELL-MADE SPINNER THAT’S GREAT FOR SCHOOL, HOME OR OFFICE – how about a durable, well-made spinner that looks awesome on your study table, living room, or office desk? Our gold figit toy features quality bearings and durable caps that won’t just fall off. The sleek frame contributes to the all-out aesthetic appeal of this accessory, so rock it and make your office or home a place that’s more fun to be.
  • GET A SMOOTH, ANXIETY-HELPING SPINNER, OR YOUR MONEY BACK – with the ZekPro gold 3d figit, you get a longer-spinning, smooth fidget spinner that gives you maximum value for money. If for some reason you’re not happy with this accessory, we’ll make it right and process a refund for you. At ZekPro, we believe that we’re a better brand when all our customers are happy. Order risk-free today with our money-back guarantee!
The Official Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner with EBOOK Helps Focusing Fidget Toys [3D Figit] Premium Quality EDC Focus Toy for Kids Adults-Best Stress Reduce ADHD Anxiety Ceramic Cube Bearing (Gold)
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18. Fidget Spinner [5 Pcs] MEGA Pack, Crystal Led Light Up Rainbow Toy, Clear Fidget Toy |The Mesmerizing Led Lights| Sensory Finger Fiddle Toy |For Boredom Adhd Anxiety Stress Relief |Adults, Boy N Girls

  • 💠{5 PACK] Light-up Fidget Spinners 💠 The Most Popular Fidget gadget in the market! Equipped with 3 LEDs in each Spinner makes a splendor light show in the dark. Adults, kids’ teens, everyone will be sure to love them.
  • 💠 Premium Quality 💠 are each individually packed in their own box. It is powered by 3 button batteries With 3 Independent power switches. No Repair, Oil, Maintenance Needed. NOTE: The batteries are easily replaceable once worn out
  • 💠 Mesmerizing - Hypnotizing 💠 They are Super BRIGHT and FAST FLASHING that makes mesmerizing patterns when spun. The Flashing colors and the hypnotizing patterns will keep the kids, and even the Adults, entertained.
  • 💠 Unique and Long-lasting 💠 The Flashing colors make a 216 unique patterns. Keeps the fun lasting and the attention fixated.
  • 💠 Ideal for adding excitement to any event 💠 Great for themed parties, be it Birthdays, Christmas, Easters, Valentines, or any festivals. These safe and simple party favors will give your parties lit and engaged. Experience the different bright colors for a night of long-lasting multicolored fun.
  • 💠 NOW FIDGET AT Fastest Spin! 💠 The premium 608 steel bearings and hybrid ball in the center now make it possible for you to spin at the fastest speed for 60-90 seconds, providing you an ultimate pristine experience! 💎PERFECT POCKET TOYS: These fidget spinners are just the RIGHT SIZE! Absolutely lightweight, small, easy to use makes these fidget spinners the most friendly pocket toys to have on your get-go!
Fidget Spinner [5 Pcs] MEGA Pack, Crystal Led Light Up Rainbow Toy, Clear Fidget Toy |The Mesmerizing Led Lights| Sensory Finger Fiddle Toy |For Boredom Adhd Anxiety Stress Relief |Adults, Boy N Girls
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Top Reddit comments about Fidget Toys:

u/LOL_BUTTS_ · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

I've really just been lurking /r/fidgetspinners for the past couple of days.

I only have one spinner - a Cigreen C3. It's small, but heavy. It spins pretty well. I have huge hands, and I wish it was a little bigger, but it's fairly quiet and feels good in the hand. I can't put it down.

This Apsung spinner has a neat shape and is also reportedly excellent.

If you want a more colorful spinner, this Atesson Tri-Spinner is one of the highest rated on Amazon, and also happens to be even cheaper than some of the plastic ones.

WeFidget's "The Bar" is a highly recommended bar spinner. The bar shape is said to be harder to spin with one hand, but may be better for everyday carry and "fidgetability."

The difference between a 2-bar and a 3-bar spinner is mostly size and wobble. 2-bars are more discreet and look even less like fidget spinners, so if that's what you're after, start there. They also are said to have a more pronounced "wobble" when tilting it from vertical to horizontal and vice versa during a spin. I can't personally attest to this, of course, but I believe what the enthusiasts have to say on the matter.

Different spinners have different bearings. The bearing is the bit that makes a spinner spin. Here is a guide on the different types of materials used in spinner bearings. It seems to mostly be a matter of preference.

If you want more recommendations, or just want to see some cool spinners owned by friendly people, check out the subreddit. They're the ones who recommended me my C3, and I really enjoy the little thing. To me, it's pleasing just to look at, and small enough to carry and play with everywhere.

u/Vascodamus · 1 pointr/ADHD

My last job was at a retail store, but in an office setting. We were given two 15 minute breaks, and an hour lunch, for a 9 hour scheduled shift. So something like 2 hours on, 15 off, 1:45 on, hour off, 2 hours on, 15 off, 1:45 on, leave. This felt pretty good for me, but everyone is different, and I don't know what your company's culture is around that. Your coworkers have that work-break ratio locked down because their brain has a timer built in that helps them out, we have no such luxury!

Another recommendation I have, though this would depend on your job setting, would be to take a break in a different area from where you work. This will help your brain associate work zone = work time, break zone = break time, which might help with transitioning from one to another.

As for small activities, it again depends on your company. I hear a lot of companies encourage fiddling with stuff like legos, or play dough, or kinetic sand or whatever in your work area, but I've had bosses that would just assume I do that all day instead of work. For inconspicuous, maybe a fidget toy? I really like these, and I hear great things about these.

Good luck to you! I am not perfect at this (he says as he reddits while he works) but hopefully you get some use out of what I said :)

u/roland00 · 3 pointsr/ENFP

Oh you can hunt WABBITs...I mean IN_Js, but you need to learn to contain your energy when you first approach them. Think of IN_Js as deer. I now remember you from yesterday, you will probably startle an IN_J, the whole way of capturing them is to be very very quiet, until the hook is already in their mouth before you turn on the enthusiasm to the extreme.

IN_Js like enthusiasm, but we like ideas first, and passion after we can respect the person who understands boundaries, and wants to talk ideas, and so on. Passion happens after we have a decent conversation and we realize you smart, you recognize boundaries, oh you are passionate, and finally you are kind of cute and single.

My advice for you based off the yesterday post and this one.

Buy this

Or another similar item.

Put it on your finger, and when you are nervous or full of energy stick your hands in your pocket and use 1 finger to spin the outer ring on your other finger, such as your index to middle, or your thumb to ring finger and so on.

Keep your hands busy and just be yourself but if you are doing something you will find it easier to keep your mind in a focus manner. And now you can hunt with great determination and control and fluidity and success with your movements.

u/ssJeff · 4 pointsr/FidgetSpinners

There are some good and reasonably priced spinners on Amazon. I have and like this one It's big and light with good gyro. Does great with a button upgrade, like a 22m Kong.

I love this large, heavy beast:

This one is solid copper, and is decent.

I don't have this one, but have seen a lot of people raving about it.

This one sounds really fast and has a great bearing.

Wow! This one went down to $5. I have it in silver and it is one of my favorites. It's pretty light, being solid aluminum, but very smooth and beautiful.

u/mouseasw · 2 pointsr/ADHD

I have a few that I like, some of which others have mentioned.

  1. Bike Chain Fidget - Simple, tactile, initially cold to the touch. Can be fidgeted with one hand and discreetly. It's my current favorite.

  2. Spinners - they've become pretty ubiquitous. I'm sure you've heard of them and probably even seen them around.

  3. Fidget Cube - Get the legitimate, high-quality one from Antsy Labs, or get a cheap knock-off from Amazon or eBay. Someone also developed a 12-sided fidget dice thing that takes the fidget cube idea a step further. And a fidget pad which is a cross between a SNES controller and a fidget cube. (I'm still waiting for my cube from Antsy Labs.)

  4. Tangle, Tangle Jr. - Good desk toy. Keeps both hands busy, but leaves you free to look and listen. There are several variants, including textured pieces and silicone-covered pieces. My wife, my daughter, and I each have our own.

  5. Bead + String fidget - This one can be fun, but it's VERY distracting for everyone around you. The best thing about it is that you can make one from two beads and a string in a couple minutes. I've thought about making a string that is mostly beads each with a different surface texture, and instead of swinging it around you just fidget with it in your hand. I need to get around to making that...

  6. Wooden Fidget Puzzle - Just picked this one up a couple days ago. It's small, it's interesting, it has lots of possible configurations. It's good when you need to listen but don't need your hands or your eyes free.
u/MidnightRanger_ · 3 pointsr/Anxiety

Welcome to /r/Anxiety! It's a great place!

I used to do the same constantly, anything that caused minimal agitation, just enough to pull me back into reality or distract me. Bite my cuticles, tear my nails, scratch myself too hard, I even had a horrible (and really strange) habit of biting my taste buds off (not too proud, can't explain it).

It's really hard to break the habit, but it can be done. You just need to replace it with another tactile sensation. Many people like these, otherwise try and replace it with something that isn't destructive. Maybe get one of those grip strengtheners, crack your knuckles, do yoga or exercise when you're feeling antsy, drink calming tea. You gotta find that thing that clicks for you

Edit: just realized I bit my nail off while writing this. I've been pretty on edge today, seems like I need to follow some of my own advice. None of us are perfect lol

u/m1773n5 · 6 pointsr/ADHD

This, and more of this.
Exercise - intense cardio mostly, for more than 40 minutes - is a game changer.
So are meds, meditation, etc... but exercise has a more "whole" effect of on mental power, tranquility, and confidence in your abilities.

And in the moment :

  • this is the best. I've tried many fiddler toys and this one strikes the sweet spot between convenience (small, silent...) and focus/anxiety improvement.

  • othe tips : embrace your hyperactivity/craving for stimulation, and live it out. Stand up and move around, modulate your voice, increase rates of exchange. Make it a conversation that you like to have and pay attention to!
u/guitardreams · 9 pointsr/FidgetSpinners

So I have the cheap plastic spinner with the bearings in the arms; and while it's really satisfying in its own right, I figured it's time to upgrade to something metal.

I have $50 towards Amazon, and I would like something that can share a pocket with either my phone or wallet that has some weight to it and preferably a decent spin time. (And I prefer any color besides gold/brass, but that's less important to me.)

Here's the ones I've looked into so far:

Zendial bar

Zendial star




Yes a bunch of these suggestions came from scouring this subreddit, and honestly I don't know jack about these sellers or the "authenticity" of these spinners. So please let me know what you think, and I am open to suggestions that aren't what I have listed here. Thanks guys!

Edit: Sorry, I know no one has even looked at this comment yet, but I think I'm gonna go with the Zendial star. It's only $20 and I get prime shipping; and people on here seem to trust that company. Let me know if this was a bad idea.

u/panniculus · 37 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Here's what I've picked up for christmas gifts so far:

  • Husband: Nintendo Switch, Zelda and Mario; and a microwave popcorn popper with a variety of popcorn kernels
  • Mom: Kate Spade handbag from the surprise sale
  • Dad: Chipolo Classic 4-pack
  • Every parent and stepparent in my husband's family: 23 and me ancestry kits
  • Brother in law: Books (his request)
  • BFF: She requested bright, cute and practical kitchen accessories so I got her this sponge caddy, blue le creuset salt and pepper shakers (acquired locally), these tea bag holders, this cast iron trivet and this spoon rest.
  • Work friends: These are more like gag gifts that make more sense if you know the people-- but I got one guy a blind box from an aquarium-themed cat hat collection and another guy a fidget pen.
  • Dog themed secret santa: This was a pretty high budget exchange that I took part in this year. My recipient has a blind dog so I got her a snuffle mat, a giant bone and I found a company on aliexpress that literally has someone HAND-PAINT whatever image you want onto canvas and mail it to the US for like $20. So I ordered a painting of a modern pop art style greyhound. It hasn't arrived yet though.

    Still need to arrange a low budget work group secret santa, pick out some liquor for my boss, a nice candy set or something for some of our support staff downstairs and maybe something more personal for each of my in-laws-- I did find a beautiful painted glass Turkish bowl for my MIL but I'm at a loss for the others.
u/trance_addict · 1 pointr/ADHD

I used to use these:

They feel amazing but started to get expensive because they start to flake after a while and make your fingers greasy.

So, I got one of those 20 in 1 boxes and the marble fidget ended up being my favorite. First one fell apart on the end, you have to be careful not to touch the stitching too much. The stretchy string was also really nice. (just search stretchy string fidget or marble fidget) You can buy those 2 individual items in bulk pretty cheap, not sure on brands, though - I haven't bought a set yet.

edit: apparently they're also called Boinks.

I want to get one of the metal infinity cubes, but they're expensive and all of the colors look amazing and I can't choose which one to pick

u/malachus · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners




606 hybrid (Si3N4) 9 ball bearing with threaded retainer

Out of the box, the table spin time for me was around 5-6 minutes. I cleaned it and added a tiny bit of oil to reduce noise which slowed it down a bit, but I prioritize stealth over spin time. It does sing a little bit at high speeds.

The buttons are nicely concave. The edges of the body could be a little smoother, but they are not too annoying.

The bearing retainer is just slightly askew in the body and there is a little bit of play in the bearing and between the bearing and the button so there is a little bit of wobble, but it is not too bad.

This is my first "heavy" spinner and I have mixed feelings about it. For the price, it is not bad, but I find my preferences leaning towards smaller, lighter spinners for quiet fidgeting in an office environment.

The case it comes in, with foam cutout, is nice, although it makes it bulky.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Honestly, my favorite so far has been the Neutron by Infinite Spin in the center of the bottom row. Only about 40g, but with an R188 bearing.

u/FrijolRefrito · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

PSA: The Apsung U13 and the v2 Antiquated Bronze version are on sale on Amazon for $9.99. The price keeps fluctuating dramatically (I bought the v2 a week ago for $17.99 and have seen it at $15.99, $12.99, and $9.99 in the last few days) but the spinners are nice, spin solidly (got the antiquated bronze to go for 6:15) and are incredibly inexpensive! Definitely a heavy spinner (which I like) and the ceramic bearings are nice and it looks good :)

u/superchiller · 2 pointsr/FidgetSpinners

Glad to hear that you like it! This particular spinner isn't common online, before it hit Amazon (sold by Spin War), I only saw it sporadically on Asia-based websites.

As for buttons, I strongly recommend a larger size like the 22mm Kongs. This is a heavy spinner, and the bigger buttons give a much better grip, and the deep dish on the Kongs really helps. If you can, I'd recommend that you buy a bunch of Kong 22mm SS from FidgetHQ while they still have them, since they sometimes go out of stock for long periods of time.

I haven't tried any other buttons yet because the Kongs seem to match the spinner perfectly. I do have some larger RevPunx, Spinetic, 2RDesigns, and other buttons that I may try on it, but I can't imagine that they'll be better than the Kongs.

BTW there is also a Starss "Shell" spinner sold by the same seller on Amazon:

I bought one and it isn't bad at all, although I prefer the "Lines" spinner.

u/shixuun · 1 pointr/ADHD

You can try a fidget cube. It is small and each side of it has a different feature on it, like buttons, a switch, and a wheel. However, if you're in a meeting, the buttons can be noisy so I would test it out first to see if it would distract others. A good old fashioned pen could help too, or other basic office items since they are pretty commonplace and wouldn't be distracting nor make others think it is out of place in a meeting.

Another thing that I often do in meetings to occupy my hands is take notes. You can do this with a notebook or a computer, depending on what is allowed. It could help you remember important points from the meeting too to have it written down. What I also do is write whatever I'm thinking down so I get wily thoughts that are distracting me out of my head so I can pay better attention. Just a little trick I picked up.

Here is a link to a pretty good and cheap fidget cube:

u/Kasiay · 3 pointsr/aves

light-up fidget spinners and light-up fidget spinner rings

tiny hands

pinwheel hair clips

flow toys are always cool, my fave is the levitation wand

also a light-up misting fan or any sort of fan will always win you new friends

u/cakedestroyer · 2 pointsr/fakehistoryporn

One of the first fidget things I found that I loved were sold on Amazon for like 5 bucks. They're two keyrings held together by what looked like a small bikechain link. It's small, so I think it might work with your hand size.

[Edit: here's a link. ](

u/Egotripped · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

Haha I did the same thing a few days ago since I never buy anything from Amazon. Ended up getting this zentri clone and I love it, honestly. First metal tri.

u/laptopAccount2 · 3 pointsr/ADHD

I don't think fidget spinners are good for ADHD. They're a trap, a distraction.

I recommend a chain fidget. You can make them yourself with key rings, a bike chain, and some o-rings. That is exactly what that linked one is made out of in fact. I know a teacher who makes them for her students and I made some with her. She buys new bike chains and key rings to make large quantities of them.

They feel great in the hand. They are discreet, make no sound, and are very stimulating.

The main point is that you can use them with one hand without having to think about or focus on it. Allowing you to focus on something else.

I still find them distracting however. YMMV.

u/dndplayer · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

Hello! I live in the US and looking to get a spinner with a spin time >5min if possible, budget up to $100USD or so. I've bought a few things off amazon while experimenting... my favorite so far is

I bought one of these but was pretty disappointed, not getting anywhere near the spin time that reviews claimed :/

I don't have any super strong preferences on materials or designs, except that I do seem to prefer spinners with 3 or more spokes (unlike the bars I sometimes see). Circular ones seem pretty cool too.

u/SkySongWMass · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh, fun.

Nose aerobics

Parking cards

Prank stickers

A mustache

Tsum-thing cute


Stress relief

I'm not good at weird, but these all made me giggle a bit. Admittedly the last one is more cool than weird though. :-)

u/Vernicious · 2 pointsr/FidgetSpinners

You're underestimating both the je ne sais qua feeling of quality, and how much nicer and more fun more mass feels. Most makers have done a nice job of smoothing out the edges, so the hot spots you're theorizing about don't show up on many spinners (but you're right, there ARE spinners with hot spots; do your homework). This was my first all-metal spinner, not to expensive, no hot spots ... in fact, despite having a few $100+ spinners, I still often come back to this one: I would state unequivocally that all you need to do is order that, and you'll understand everything you need to understand about metal spinners.

u/bokalypse · 4 pointsr/ADHD

I used to have a huge problem with picking and biting the skin around my nails and cuticles for years, the only thing I found really helped was carrying some kind of small fidget device to play with. Any time I found myself picking at my fingers I would immediately switch to playing with the toy and it really helped break the habit.

Here’s the toy I found I liked the best

Tom's Fidgets Flippy Chain Fidget Toy Perfect for ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism - Bike Chain Fidget Stress Reducer for Adults and Kids - Blue

u/Phamser · 2 pointsr/FidgetSpinners

For 18mm I bought few nomad.
Nomad Q5 Stainless Steel Bearing Caps & Hybrid Ceramic R188 Bearing - Premium Quality Finger Caps – Perfect for 608, R188, … Bearings

Metal Fidget Spinner R188 Adapter - Quiet Mini Figit Spinner - R188 Hybrid Ceramic Bearings – Cool Fidget Spinner Prime - Stress Relief ADHD Fidget Toys - Nomad Pro Hand Spinner (Silver)

u/Eroliene · 1 pointr/ADHD

Oof, take care of your ears. Also they helps for focus, too:
Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

Also also, having a tactile fidget helps to tune out distractions when you don't need your hands. These are nice, and very portable.

u/rainbow2point0 · 2 pointsr/ADHD

Check out some of the stuff on Stimtastic. A lot of it is really obvious, but there’s some good subtle stuff depending on your stim preferences.

Also a fan of these and these (note: Amazon links).

u/formicarium · 2 pointsr/ADHD

Well this sounds like torture.

It sounds nuts but could you potentially listen to music or podcasts really quietly on 1 earbud? I walk around the lab all day with 1 earbud in. It really helps to have some kind of stimulation, but I also need to be able to hear people talking to me.

Your teachers might draw the line at that, though.

This type of fidget is good for me and nearly silent: I’d be very surprised if you held that inside a pocket if anyone could hear it.

u/vedgehammer · 1 pointr/reactiongifs

I have this one and it's pretty amazing.

u/Highlander_316 · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

I have the spinner that looks like this. It spins for about 7 minutes. Not expensive and works great.

u/Meeeeesha9691 · 1 pointr/adhdwomen

I love these...

Flippy Chain

I got mine on Amazon - this brand in particular seems just the right size. Plus it’s quiet so you can use it during meetings!

I also doodle - a lot!

u/wilsonm0624 · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

I personally didn't buy them for focusing but for my compulsive nail ripping and leg movement. They have actually worked for that and I have nice nails for the first time in years. I also have a chain fidget toy that uses bike chains and a key chain that is much more subtle for studying than the spinners. I don't have trouble focusing but the spinners for me are definitely distracting when studying so that's when I pull the chain thingy. Overall the chain fidget toy is much better for fidgeting and focusing than the spinners, IMO.

FidgetWorks Bike Chain Fidget Toy for Autism, ADD, ADHD, Stress and Idle Hands, Black

u/Roughknite · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

Got a 35$ Amazon gift card from work. There are so many spinners on Amazon I don't know what to get. Suggestions? I was thinking of getting an inexpensive one then replace with a fully ceramic bearing. Thoughts? This is the combination I was thinking (comes to just under 35$)



u/HFAwesome · 3 pointsr/aspergers

My favourite is the flippy rings. They're very satisfying to play with.

u/Cakinss · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

I'm looking to get a 3 sided, silver spinner with a nice and quiet spin time. I'm specifically eyeing the zentri spinner off of fidgethq. Does anyone have this and can confirm the quality of it? I've heard great things, but I want to hear a couple more opinions before I whip out $40 for this.

Edit: Also found this Apsung and TYZEST. Both are rated highly, anyone have those and can vouch?

u/MetallicMan666 · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

I got mine last week but from a different seller on Amazon ( I'm loving it so far. A 2-handed spin on the table can get me a spin time of about 7:30 minutes right now. My only complaint is that the bearing doesn't have a cage to hold the bearings in place. This causes the spinner to produce a slightly louder spin when it is held vertically. I was wondering if this was the case for you.

u/guptill_78 · 3 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

Here's the one I ordered just last week! And yes, I thought it looked like the Tricorn when I selected it (from the 10k+ choices).

u/princesspapercut · 2 pointsr/AutisticAdults

I bought this and like it a lot. It's super quiet and keeps my hands busy.

Tom's Fidgets Flippy Chain Fidget Toy Perfect for ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism - Bike Chain Fidget Stress Reducer for Adults and Kids (Black 2PK)

u/WhenTheBeatKICK · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

I've seen this design go by different names. I don't want to spend $45 on a spinner though. Is there a $15 version out there on amazon? (preferably that rainbow color or just matte black) Does that design have a name I can use to search for that style specifically on other sites like fasttech/aliexpress? I want to get one shipped to me prime and then probably buy a few more on the cheap from china.

u/rainbowraptor · 3 pointsr/FidgetSpinners
  1. Heres an amazing one made of copper.

  2. Have you tried to polish it?

  3. You might need a new bearing.
u/Nightin6 · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

Amazon still have the Wefidget ufo:

There is also one tiny spinner I saw you might be interested in:

As the other suggestions, you might still want to get OneDrop bearing for making them more quiet.

u/Thatisandwas · 1 pointr/Throwers

I can't recommend this one enough. I ordered a couple to start and this one, for the money, is by FAR the best. Its well below the 100-200 range of the "fancy" ones but still gives you that all metal, 5 minute spin time that you want. Try it out! It said it wouldnt ship for 5 days but it shipped the next day.

u/zreon · 1 pointr/summonerschool

I got one of these a couple of weeks ago. Its very satisfying!

I've always used a pen, coin, nut/bolt, or anything that is close by.

u/MissPhox · 2 pointsr/OCD

I second the fidget toy idea. Keep them in multiple places that you will be; home, car, coat pocket, work, etc. The urge can happen anywhere!

Edit: This is my personal favorite.

u/logictoinsanity · 1 pointr/aspergers

This is my favorite

u/Budluv · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

I've got this one and really like it.

u/TeaYouInHell · 1 pointr/autism

Ahh... you have a cube I see!! Very nice. [This one]( "Helect H1037 Fidget Cube Toy Relieves Stress and Anxiety" ) helped me pass formal logic.

u/angryburrito2018 · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I got my husband a fidget cube which he uses during meetings to keep his hands busy. Maybe something like this could help?

u/XanXic · 1 pointr/aspergers

I keep a pile of these around.

There was no way I was going to pay 8-15 dollars so I bought a bike chain, bulk bag of key rings and used some rubber bands I had. Made 20+ for $9. They are excellent.

u/whatisthatproducts · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

Another redditor recommended this to me so I'll pay it forward (

u/sczombie · 2 pointsr/FidgetSpinners

I think the bottom left is this one.

u/bastion72 · 2 pointsr/MensRights

Have you tried a small fidget? Maybe a fidget cube, or a bike chain fidget. I'm not much of a fidgeter, but I made a few of the bike chain ones and have them strew about the house and in the car. /r/fidgettoys has lots.

u/lagoon9 · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

Timed it with him yesterday and it got 7:10 (the $24 prime one)

u/PricelessPersuader · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I know a few people who used spinner rings for this purpose.

BIFL quality I don't know, I've never owned one.

u/ostara12 · 5 pointsr/insanepeoplefacebook

They sell this stuff you can put on your nails that is bitter tasting. I also started getting acrylic nails put on and that helped. I used to bite them all the time. It’s been months since I’ve done it.

I bought these and they’ve helped a lot.

u/wolfsharktomahawk · 33 pointsr/FidgetSpinners

Looking for my first spinner and I have a little under $50 to spend. I have found a few decent looking ones:


But I have no clue on the quality of any of these. Does anyone know about any of these or have any suggestions of your own?