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2. Fisherman's Friend Original Extra Strong Cough Suppressant Lozenges, 40-Count Bags (Pack of 12)

Beauty & Personal Care( Store Thailand Ship World wide )
Fisherman's Friend Original Extra Strong Cough Suppressant Lozenges, 40-Count Bags (Pack of 12)
Height6 Inches
Length6 Inches
Number of items12
Size40 Count (Pack of 12)
Weight0.15 Pounds
Width6 Inches
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3. Thayers Slippery Elm Lozenges, Maple 42 ea (Pack of 2)

Thayers Slippery Elm Lozenges, Maple 42 ea (Pack of 2)
Size42 Count (Pack of 2)
Weight0.17 Pounds
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5. Pei Pa Koa - 10 Fl. Oz. ( 3 Pack)

Pei Pa Koa - 10 Fl. Oz. ( 3 Pack)
Height6 Inches
Length3 Inches
Number of items3
Size10 Fl Oz (Pack of 3)
Weight4.71 Pounds
Width3 Inches
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16. Halls Cough Suppressant/Oral Anesthetic, Menthol, Sugar Free, Black Cherry, 25 ct.

Advanced Vapor ActionHalls
Halls Cough Suppressant/Oral Anesthetic, Menthol, Sugar Free, Black Cherry, 25 ct.
Height0.75 Inches
Length7.6 Inches
Number of items1
Size25 Count (Pack of 1)
Weight0.2 Pounds
Width4.7 Inches
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u/UlicBelouve · 7 pointsr/Defcon

I'm dispensing my advice from this being year seven, and from the angle of being a worker/support and manning a booth (go /r/dcdarknet) . Makes for a lot of walking and a lot of time staying put at a booth. (Note, I add and update this every year, and then save it because the question will always be asked again).

Fluids (if any tl:dr -- keep fluids up at all cost)

  • Water flask - Go and get a durable bottle that you'll use the whole weekend to refill. I have a couple of these water flasks You are going to want to drink the water down, and refill this when you can. I've found a lot of times there are water coolers, but the cups ran out. This flask tucks nicely into a bag or large pocket. Doesn't seem to leak or puncture.
  • Water additives - Go get something to add to your water for electolytes. Yes, you'll lose more than just water. Pack a small batch of something like these NUUN tablets and mix them into that water flask. Bonus, retain the little tube they came in to store lockpicks or whatever other little itmes you might accumulate.
  • Caffeine - you should do caffeine as the water additives. A lot of the "caffeine delivery systems" you will encounter will also dehydrate you. See the section on vitamins and drugs. There is also little refrigeration, so you'll just be drinking warm Mountain Dew. Get some caffeine with your meal if you need to.
  • Alcohol - you can use one of those water flasks to carry some booze. But one flask must be water at all times. I generally have two flasks on me, one of water, one of moonshine, etc. Minibottles are great too, you can get them at home and pack them into toiletries.

    Note: I've stopped drinking for the duration of the con, since it is easy to get into a bad spot, dehydrated, and I've got contests depending on my help (plus you get to see more cool things). Just my stance after six years, and probably why the goons don't drink on the job: not that they can't, just that they are responsible. If not responsible for anything, hell, you're in Sin City, do what you want.

    "The best things I put in my mouth all weekend of DEFCON":

    These natural throat losenges are great. I gave out all that I had to the good people working booths, and got the quoted reaction. It helps for just socializing an talking for hours and hours in the desert, and getting your voice back.


  • Protein - it's just natural energy. Get some protein bars, eat one each morning. Beef jerky works out well too. A lot of people crowd breakfast places, when you should be lining up for awesome things instead. You should also match this with water/electrolytes. It'll fuel you for the day.
  • Sugar - yeah, don't really load up on this. You'll just crash at the most inconvenient time. This ties into the sodas/caffeine thing.
  • Chips and General Snacks - sure, find these somewhere if you have to. Best place is offsite, head towards the Tuscany, and there's a 7Eleven over there. Or do a run with people to Wal-Mart or something. If you're doing that, get PB&J ingredients.


  • Multivitamins - Get some multivitamins, and start taking them now or in the month leading up to DEFCON. I generally get StressTabs Energy and take them to keep me on my game. Combats hangovers well.
  • Vitamin D - this also rocks, and most of us won't see the sun for a few days anyways.
  • Hangover additives - again, back to that water flask. Use some sort of tablets like these I like tablets, because then you'll drink water. Just packing tylenol/asprin will generally get you to take a swallow of water with the pill, when you really should get a full flask of fluids, or more.
  • Anti-diarrhea drugs. I know there is the fun of Shittercon, but you eat some bad party food or share a flask with someone that has some bug, you'll rather have the anti-diarrhea drugs than become a Shittercon VIP. Plus, diarrhea dehydrates you in the desert.


  • Ethernet cable - you'll at least want to try to be on wired vs wireless. Plus, you can connect into LAN Taps, etc., should anything like that arise among your buddies.
  • Laptop? - My thoughts, bring something. I've had years where I didn't use it. But having the ability to look something up, examine a forensics challenge, is useful.
  • Thumbdrives - useful for a LiveCD boot, and also useful if you need to take files that are being distributed. Copy off a new distro or a tool that is released. Again, be safe with taking files from strangers.
  • Battery charger - small and large works for me. These are also handy for providing a charge to any pis, badges, or random devices you might use.
  • Batteries - you'll have electronic badges, and the batteries provided might suck. Bring some good and fresh ones. The few spots that sell them charge an outrageous amount. I'm talking AAAs, AAs, CR2032s.
  • Solder gear - bring a soldering iron if you can. You're dealing with a lot of the cheapest irons being used by people with varying degrees of skill. The tips can get kinda janky too. Using a bad tip that is about the shape of a pencil ERASER is gonna be a frustrating time for you.
  • Solder gear pt 2 - If not bringing an iron, bring support items. Bring better solder. Bring better solder wick, solder sucker, desolder braid, flux. Also bring a flush cutter to cut the wires. That small list of stuff is invaluable and can fit in a ziplock bag. HHV generally provides cheap irons with bad tips and the lowest-grade solder. (No fault to them, they're setting it up free, and the tips simply get bad from heavy use).
  • I've never done a throwaway or burner phone. Lock down / harden your phone and back it up / take an image before you go, and restore from it after. If anyone wanted to target you bad, you're going to have a bad time regardless of what phone you have, but there are probably softer targets anyways. And make friends, don't give people a reason to come after you and your phone should be fine.


  • Footwear - bring two sets of con footwear. I have super-comfy things, but I use two, because sometimes your feet just need to be in something different.
  • Bags - don't be a damn turtle. I usually either carry what I need in my Utilikilt, or use a small slingbag such as the Bag of Holding and you can add to any bag a Grid-It system , as this 8x12 fits well. Helps keep smaller things organized, and I also use it to organize charging cables, with the battery at the bottom, and the device able to connect up top.
  • Bags (2017 Addition) - This BUBM organizer / bag is outstanding, and I keep this in my bag now instead of (or sometimes in addition to) the Grid-It.

    Prepare Thyself

  • Start drinking your water now or in the month leading up to DEFCON, just to get the habit up. I scripted a box that pops up at my work computer every hour to have me finish my water and refill.
  • Start doing drugs. I mean, the multivitamins referenced above, and vitamin D.
  • If you want to brush up on first aid, or even Wilderness First Aid (for when aid might be a bit distant, which kind of happens in the craziness of the con), and have the means to do so, please do. It'll help us and your fellow con goer.

    Some last notes:

  • This is not to scare you out of the horrors of the con. It is not that bad, just Be Prepared is all that.
  • If you're having a shit time and can find me (I will make myself identifiable as Belouve), I'll help you out. Goons are also good people too.
  • If Official Defcon peeps like /u/DTangent or /u/1o57 or the mods want to pin or use my tips somewhere, feel free to do so. I might copy this to my GitHub so I can reference, update, and copy/paste this easier.
u/LowKeyPocketMonster · 1 pointr/singing

I don't hear anything wrong. :-). Sounds normal for everyone our age and it ^sounds like you need to warm up your regular singing voice more so it wouldn't do that popping stuff in the second clip. You need to put some energy in it the same way you'd sing a song in the voice you want to sing to someone! It sounds too low volume! Maybe a little louder and open throat would help but a falsetto really needs to be controlled. Try do a character voice like mickey mouse to find it. Notice how mickey mouse sounds all energetic and happy? It shouldn't hurt either. A girlfriend wouldn't want to hear low energy singing because she wouldn't be persuaded you really mean what you're singing to her. I ^think you should upload a clip of you talking regularly or anything speech-like then everyone here can help you better! falsetto is typically difficult to control at first since guys typically don't like using that sound since it takes away their masculinity. So you have keep using it to get stronger. If we know how you sound regularly and it doesn't sounds like there's a problem, you're probably fine but it's always okay to check with a doctor just to be sure.
> Record yourself speaking softly like you're talking to a baby
> Record yourself speaking like you're totally confident in front of a classroom.
> Record yourself saying "HEY!" like your friend is across the street and you're trying to catch their attention.
^And I wouldn't classify as anything right now since baritones are more than capable of singing anything a tenor does. Although, it may take more work to train to be like a mighty tenor. It doesn't really matter what voice type you are unless you want to do a musical or take some operatic role. Take Tom Jones, John Legend, Elvis Presley for example. They're baritones but are more than capable (and maybe even better but that's debatable) of reaching the standard notes of tenor pop songs. I feel that range only classifies a vocal part mainly for choirs because they need to have more people fill in certain parts but there's a lack of it-- so if you can't sing that high note, they'll put you into bass section even though you're probably a tenor. for acid reflux/gerd you should take a lozenge like Thayers Slippery Elm, though drinking peppermint tea would most likely help. :-)

u/Rebequita85 · 1 pointr/Supplements

I’m an elementary teacher and every year I’d get sick with bronchitis and then had to take antibiotics which I hated. But last year I decided to try something more natural so I bought three things.

  • Air purifier for my classroom.

  • Pei Pa Koa- it’s a Chinese cough medicine with natural herbs and products. Any time I feel my throat hurts or that a cough is coming I take it, and the next day I feel better.

    Pei Pa Koa - 10 Fl. Oz. ( 3 Pack)

  • Respire Essential Oil - I put 4 drops of this in my humidifier when I go to bed, and the next day I can breath better, and it also helps with sore throat and coughing.

    1 Respiratory Essential Oil & Sinus Relief Blend - Supports Allergy Relief, Breathing, Congestion Relief, Respiratory Function - 100% Organic Therapeutic & Aromatherapy Grade - 15ml

    Hope you’re feeling better!

u/ThellraAK · 4 pointsr/TalesFromRetail

Their isn't a central registry for DXM purchases in TX, as far as I can tell, states even like CA that require an age to purchase (TX isn't actually one, it's just this guy's store policy) still don't have a central registry for one.

Anonymity helps this lady not one little bit, as it isn't illegal to purchase huge amounts of DXM.

Here's a helpful amazon link to buy it at $21 per 1.8g of DXM

u/obie_wankenobie · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These are the most amazing thing ever invented. They are cough drops that have pectin in them, so they soothe your throat, they taste AMAZING, and because it's pectin and not chloraseptic or anything else that's bad to have too much of, you can eat them as candy- AS MUCH AS YOU WANT FOREVER!!!!

u/House_of_Suns · 1 pointr/Advice

> super strong

does not go with

> Halls lozenges

If you are looking to mainline a cough suppressant in a tablet form. you go for these bad boys.

They are like sticking a tin of Vaporub up your nostrils.

And BTW, the solution to your issue is gum. Go chew some.

u/Paradoltec · 1 pointr/ShitAmericansSay

Ah yes, they NEED to have these prices.

A nice little 5555% markup of a consumer available non-bulk purchase for the convenience of slapping them in a separate package. Truly an efficient system that worries about paying the employees and not at all inflating Pharma company vaults.

u/Thus_Spoke_I · 3 pointsr/dxm

I believe the Robafen Cough Gels are the best bang for your buck on Amazon. Also, I've heard Dollar Tree's website sells cough gels for $1 per bottle, but I'm not gonna link it. It should be easy enough to find on Google.

u/subtraho · 1 pointr/EDC

> Fisherman's Friend

Hooray for the internet!

u/Zarathustra124 · 2 pointsr/funny

Robitussin is the common brand name, but they also make varieties mixed with with other drugs now, you need to look at the ingredients and make sure what you're getting is nothing but Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide (DXM hBr). DXM Polistirex is also valid, though worse for the inexperienced; it's an extended-release variety that causes a weaker high for 3x as long (commonly sold as Delsym).

Robafen is a generic brand commonly available online. It's DXM hBr in gel capsules, which are way easier to swallow by the bottle than cough syrup. Buying it is legal in most places, including America.

As with any drug, do some research first. DXM has a reputation as a legal alternative to "real" drugs, but it's a serious high, not to be taken lightly. Erowid is the best place to start.

u/bakedincream · 2 pointsr/cfs

I always go for these when I get a cold, have always thought they're better than other throat lozenges. Regular honey doesn't seem to cut it for me either. This company also makes a propolis throat spray and a syrup, i think they're all good for colds at least. They don't taste medicinal either

u/G0ATLY · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

"It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop." - Confucius

Link, thank you kindly!

u/holyteach · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

I usually use Fisherman's Friend throat lozenges. You should be able to pick them up in the pharmacy section of most larger grocery stores.

They really help clear up congestion in the nose and throat area.

u/Psyqlone · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

...Fisherman's Friend

They taste terrible but they're reliable and effective.

u/pepperoni1337 · 1 pointr/dxm

I usually buy Dxm pills on amazon, They are much easier to swallow.

u/Eskaminagaga · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

No, in this case, looking up the product on Amazon, the original bag contains 30 cough drops, so this is 30% more than than that bag. The "30 drops + 10 Free" is the indication of that.

u/drewsiferr · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

These are pretty close...

u/ahauben · 1 pointr/Supplements

nature's way umcka cold care product has pelargonium in it. isn't natures way legitimate?
the pelargonium may not be standardized for pelargonium sidoides though

u/catriangle · 1 pointr/japan

Thai Jintan is the official distributing agent of Morishita Jintan, so it seems to be original.

There is a same product on, and it will be cheaper than

u/murglurglurky · 2 pointsr/dxm

You can buy Robafen liquidgels on Amazon. They are the same as the Robitussin ones, but a little cheaper. They sell them in bulk too.

It’ll only show on your bank statement as an Amazon purchase.

u/BlackCoffeeFox · 1 pointr/pregnant

If she has a bad or metallic taste in her mouth all the time or food tastes seem to linger, here have a couple tricks that helped me:

Ricola Revitalizing Herb Drops with B Vitamins, Lemon Zest, 18 drops each

Colgate Toothpaste Whitening with Peroxide and Baking Soda Oxygen Bubbles Brisk Mint - 2.8 oz, 4 Pack

Some healthy foods that worked well for me (on and off): peanut butter and toast, cereal, baked potato, grilled cheese, and fruits like strawberries, apples, grapes cut into small pieces so I could nibble on them slowly.

Edit: added more food suggestions

u/reddit_lurker242 · 1 pointr/dxm
u/Thatgirl16 · 5 pointsr/acting

Also here's my help your voice advice:

steamy shower,
grethers pastilles--- (they aren't cheap but help, if you're in LA they also sell them at monsieur marcel at the grove)
And singers throat spray-- (usually at Whole Foods and sprouts)

Also a link to other info:

Of course also email your agent and ask their advice so they aren't left in the dark.

u/neuromonkey · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Here. I've seen them at Walmart, Walgreen's, and CVS.

u/fanoftheshow · 2 pointsr/mflb

For on the go try these. soooo cooold

u/-search · -2 pointsr/1500isplenty

Eh... that's on you for using whatever cough drops that you did.

5 cal per cough drop.

u/IIIRUCKUSllI · 1 pointr/dxm

No need to extract, here's a link to pure dxm for cheap
Robafen Cough Liquidgels Dextromethorphan HBr, USP 15mg, 20 Liquidgels (6 Packs)