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u/RESOLlabs · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How fun! Let me see...

  • $0-5 - Flux Capacitor sticker. Because everyone loves Back to the Future as much as me, right?

  • $5- 10 - This neat-o melting clock.

  • $10- 20 - This right here is where it is at. I was just going to post this but then noticed we do all four categories. Anyway, this is an awesome, fun, easy and safe marbling kit
    to create some really awesome pieces of art. Great for homemade cards or just a fun project, and it is also great for (almost) all ages!

  • $20- 50 - The Molecular Gastronomy Kit. If you are either a decent cook, or just beginning, this is an awesome way to experiment with food, and make your friends think you are some sort of subsistence wizard.
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

SO. MANY. THINGS, haha. Half my wishlist is things for my house.

I'm just going to link a bunch of cool things real quick, just to give you an idea of whats out there and what you can get. And since you mentioned plungers...this ones first

Pirate skull plunger! It goes back and forth between being unavailable to available but it's a pretty nifty way to deck out an otherwise boring house item!

Melting Clock Is a hella sweet, very Alice in Wonderland-y!

An umbrella because everyone needs one of those, and this one just happens to have the bonus of looking like a samurai sword.

A scooby doo mystery machine salt and pepper shaker I actually own this one, it is so cool. Magnets connect the two parts together! (they actually have a bunch of different ones as well, not just scooby doo but Looney tunes, etc.)

Annnd speaking of loony tunes, they have baking pans shaped like characters that you can do all sorts of things with-bake, freeze, etc.

And as for me, the thing I'd like to stock my house with are these because who doesn't want gargoyle computer speakers? (particularly if you're like me, and are attempting to have a haunted mansion themed living room.)

u/gambola · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh, that sucks about your doctor. The NHS is fab but soooo variable :(

Ok so I couldn't find anywhere to get the exact one I had but this one looks very similar. Lumie were one of the first companies to make these commercially, and they're very good. You have to be careful as some of the SAD lamps use really bright 'normal' light bulbs but I believe there is a certain type of bulb which mimics daylight more accurately, and Lumie use those. The sunrise/sunset functions really helped me get into a better sleep cycle, which had a positive knock on effect. Hope that's helpful :)

u/ekalowl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is one of the coolest things!

Also... knock knock....

Also Justin Bieber is one of the cockiest douchebags to ever rise to fame.

Also I want to be you

Also have a great day, and thanks for the contest!!

u/VannaVictorian · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Justin Bieber is one of the cockiest douchebags to ever rise to fame.

you may be a girl, but so am i. not every girl is girly, so i am going to link you a few different items :)

also, i'm native american so this is how part of my bedroom is decorated. the picture was taken for a fellow redditor as he was putting together a photo album for his wife.

so here it goes.. one


i'm also a fan of skulls and day of the dead so here's a few things you might like .

i would get this for myself if i could.


here, have a melting clock.

who doesn't like pillows . weird people don't like pillows

ok i think i'm done


u/hiyosilver64 · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

A book is paper - you could get her a book by her favorite author (if you can get it autographed by the author...bonus!)

Tickets - for travel, theater, concert, etc., then have the "stub" framed :)

Also -- while paper is the traditional gift for a 1st anniversary, the modern is a clock!

Here's one from Amazon (just go to Amazon and search "anniversary clock" or simply "clock"):


u/JessieAnonymous · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here's a clock that I think is super cool. And this is something that I need to make a pop filter with [: Thanks for the contest, man. Don't worry be happy

u/greymutt · 5 pointsr/askgaybros

I used to have a sunrise alarm clock. It generates an artificial sunrise which kicks in gradually before you need to wake up. By the time I'd set it for I'd have woken up naturally thanks to all the light - but there's a backup buzzer alarm too. It's a far gentler way to start the day.

This sort of thing. I broke mine some years ago, but it did give me good service. It was more expensive than a regular alarm clock, but for me it was really worth it. I was very much a victim of the snooze button too but found that the gradual brightening of the room was a great solution for my lengthy wake-up process.

u/unstoppabru · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Dragon ear cuff! It feels so Game of Thrones-y


Solar Dancing Sunflower! Saw this in someone's car and almost flipped my shit!


Melting Clock! Surreal!

Any of these would be amazing. I couldn't just pick one cause they're all so cool. If you decide to gift me, any one of these would be nice to have.

u/TheCryptic · 9 pointsr/AskMen

I've got...

A couple pictures of me with my wife and kid (one current one 10 years old)

A small shallow flower pot with 3 rocks with googly eyes attached. It was a gift from my daughter from like first grade, the each rock represents one of us.

A water bottle branded by my agency (I'm an IT contractor)

And few desk gadgets/toys/knick-knacks...

u/zombimuncha · 1 pointr/Coffee

I'm kinda liking how this one has the seconds numbered
, but it's kinda classic / old-fashioned, I was hoping for something more funky/oversized.

these are kinda cool, but apparently smaller than it looks...

u/Haze24 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Thanks :)

Here is the clock. Its very bright even on low setting so not recommended for a bedroom.


u/Finn_Fatale · 1 pointr/london

I bought a Lumie 30.

Basic, but still not cheap. The alarm noise is dreadful. The buttons are a bit clunky and the selections aren't very intuitive. The clock runs a bit slow. But, it does the job. Good "first" wake-up light to see if these are your thing. You can get them cheaper on ebay, if you have the patience to bid. Spring time might be better to try to find a bargain there.

u/bjornkeizers · 2 pointsr/aviation

You can also get those at a ton of other sites, and cheaper. Amazon has them too, as do many, many aviation sites (just like those remove before flight keychains.)


This one's a bit more expensive but also looks neat:


They also make them in wall clock size for the ageing pilot :D


From what I've read over the years, they are your basic cheap alarm clock like you'd buy at most regular stores. They just add a fancier case and printing.

u/WakiWikiWonk · 2 pointsr/calculators

I used to have one. It's a clock and a calculator. The calculator is pretty ordinary, but the clock makes it really easy to see what the current time is in other cities. I used it when I had to call a bunch of branch offices in different cities. I don't remember what happened to it, but I use one of these now: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L9YZH0E/

u/Tejaveon · 4 pointsr/malelivingspace

Pretty sure it’s one of these

There is a lot of them that all look roughly the same if you search flip down clock on Amazon.

u/artvalay · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This will go perfectly on the shelf above your computer!

Decorate already!

u/katsycakes · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I love my lumie!!

ETA: I have this one

u/naturalalchemy · 1 pointr/AskReddit

If you don't mind spending a little money I'd recommend getting an alarm clock that wakes you up gradually like this one. It makes getting up a little less difficult.

My Dad swears by this though, but he loves his gadgets.

u/pr0pane_accessories · 1 pointr/AmateurRoomPorn

I love it too! this is the one i bought, the cheapest flip clock of that size i could find at the time: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XR8VTF9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

u/mozza90 · 10 pointsr/Fitness

This might help you: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lumie-Bodyclock-STARTER-Wake-Up-Features/dp/B002TEXEAI

Slowly lights up to wake you like the sun would. so your body comes out of deep sleep more naturally rather than suddenly.

Or you could try one of the alarms which is like a helicopter and fires off around the room?

For the workout, I drink NO Xplode on the way to the gym to get me mentally awake and focused for the workout

u/_bleedingheart_ · 15 pointsr/tumblr

Can’t find the exact one in the OP but I did find this. It’s over $100 tho so you’d prolly be better off getting a clock which is $80 cheaper

u/by_a_pyre_light · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous


I once volunteered at Goodwill and scored this for $1, in brand new condition. I still have it sitting next to my desk. At the time, it was like $40 on Think Geek.

u/UnsubstantiatedClaim · 2 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

Same clock as this?

I'm pretty sure it's intentional

Edit: It's a Tribeca alarm clock by Howard Miller. It seems to be intentional. Here is one for sale.

Edit: Amazon link, The Clock Depot, and finally, Howard Miller's product listing

Edit: Could also be the Regent given the glass curve

u/Hunji · 5 pointsr/pics

Got this clock as a Christmas gift (Amazon link).

u/gonnaflynow · 1 pointr/Art

Nice try. You didn't make this. It exists on Amazon and elsewhere if you need proof.

Everybody that upvoted this, for shame.

u/EkriirkE · 2 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

Yours is still freakin pretty!
You can get new, plastic, flips for cheap from china, I have these:

www.amazon.com/WoneNice-Retro-Flip-Down-Clock/dp/B00A757S76 looks pretty slick, but its noisy.

http://www.amazon.com/ZJchao-TM-Classic-Modern-Stylish/dp/B00EAMZUKE is very plastic cheap, but functional

u/ryuhadoken · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lumie-Bodyclock-Starter-Wake-Up-Features/dp/B002TEXEAI they expensive though but this tight arse found it worth it for waking up at 5am

u/patchmau5 · 3 pointsr/HelpMeFind

Like this?

Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise and Sunset Features


u/lordaddament · 6 pointsr/vinyl

Here's a link.

WoneNice Retro Flip Down Clock - Internal Gear Operated-Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A757S76/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_FVlbSJC6sHH5w

u/tqdomains · 2 pointsr/gamecollecting

That's a binary clock.

The time the 1st pic was taken was at 12:32:27.

The time the 2nd pic was taken was at 12:32:53.

u/katherinemma987 · 1 pointr/tifu

This: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lumie-Bodyclock-STARTER-Wake-Up-Features/dp/B002TEXEAI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1464127039&sr=8-3&keywords=sunrise+alarm+clock+light
You need that. Had a room with very little light in it a lot of the and that made waking up so much easier! Plus you can set it to automatically dim itself so as you're going to bed you're lulled to sleep.

u/deadbunny · 3 pointsr/Paleo

I work nights so have something similar to this, I use one of these, I used to have real trouble getting up in the 'morning', 5 alarms set which I would sleep through at least once a week, but with this by the time my alarm goes (if I don't wake up naturally) I'm much more awake and responsive, I've never been a morning person but this has helped immensely.

u/VariXx · 3 pointsr/AskBattlestations

When my computer was down in the living room I'd even get complements from filthy casuals non-tech people on this clock. Just make sure whatever you have it's something you like. You'll be the one staring at it most of the time.

Also if you don't have any sort of LED lighting on your desk I'd strongly recommend it. It's one of those things you think you wouldn't care about until you have it. I have these but they're nothing special, you can find them all over.

Edit: I just noticed the clock I linked to is no longer available and they've added an ugly logo on the top. Here's a link to a similar one in a different color.