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u/GusFawkes · 3 pointsr/XWingTMG

I have an almost 3 y/o. The amount of times she has touched my fleet is uncanny. I've had my fair share of "marker on laptop screen" situations too. Gotta love them but parenting is so challenging when they get ahold of things like that!

If it helps, I bought my daughter a few ships from the hotwheels sartship line that I tell her are "her spaceships", so when I play X-Wing she is allowed to "play with me". We also chase each other around the house with them which can be quite fun Best of luck to your fleet. You have my sympathies. #ParentOn

u/taschentroll · 1 pointr/nfsnolimits

Dear Firemonkeys,

first step of selling something is market research: Why are people buying? What are they buying? What's the competition?

I don't know why other players would like to buy blueprints. I only can speak for myself. My wish to buy blueprints simply results from that very old collectors instinct that all of us should feel - more or less. I want to have them all, but not at any price. These cars you offer are not very detailed, one cannot open doors, one cannot look inside, one cannot put them on a shelf for bragging. Still I actually see them competing with this cheap toys:

u/ThaddeusJP · 22 pointsr/HotWheels

Ok, wow, looks like a legit 1969 Beach Bomb. Congrats and go thank your Grandmother.

  1. I would recommend getting this (if you're gonna sell it or keep it, just to protect it): Its a plastic bubble protector for the card.

  2. Try to keep the peg punch out in there as it adds value ("unpunched")

  3. If you're going to sell it, Ebay is your best bet.

u/Making_stuff · 1 pointr/startrek

The 1701 refit:

  • At about $20, you've got the Hot Wheels version, which looks like it's got slightly less detailing than these toys and is at the same price point...might be larger than the ones in the monthly magazine.
  • For about $50, there's the Diamond Select toy, which, although more expensive, is a VERY pretty, nicely-detailed and well-put-together display model (also does secret double-duty as a toy)
  • At varying price points, there's the Furuta kit which is pretty small, but I've seen them sell for cheap on eBay.

    The NX-01:

  • For around $10-$15 on eBay, another small kit, the F-toys (I think this is the Furuta?) kit offers a pretty nicely detailed NX-01.

  • Between $15-$30 on eBay, the Hallmark ornament - you could probably snag one for cheap on there.

  • I won't link the Bandai or Art Asylum toys/kits because they've ballooned in price to what I would call "unreasonable" (i.e, $100+)

  • There's also this Johnny Lightning one, but it seems subpar...

    The 1701-D:

  • For around $50-$70, there's the Diamond Select toy, which is big and beautiful.

  • For around $15-$20, another small Furuta kit

  • For $40 - I've never seen this before, but it looks amazing. You won't find that Aztec detailing on most of the toy ships.

  • For $15-$30, you'll find lots of the Hot Wheels ones floating around on eBay

  • For around $20-$25, heck, you'll often find the original Playmates toy floating around on eBay. And don't pay a cent more for it...there are so many of them that sell for no more than $25 on eBay that paying more for that original toy is a sin to your wallet...
u/WindUpToys · 3 pointsr/DID .

a bunch of little squishy animals. .

I know that these are technically doggy toys but they're cute plush food and they make squeaky noises. .

Some poppy beans! .

A bunch of finger Puppets. .

A bunch of windup toys. .

Some more windup toys. .

A big pack of Hot wheels (I dunno about your little but I personally love rolling them back and fourth across a flat surface). .

I know the carrying carton is pretty big but the eggs themselves don't look too large and they squeak when you press them. .

Beanie baby dragon!!

Sorry if I included alot of noise making fidgets, I make alot of noise stimming myself

u/1app · 10 pointsr/whatcarshouldIbuy

>My absolute price match is $16,000 but would prefer $8,000-14,000.

Okay, sounds good.

>* Tesla anything

????? The only Tesla you can afford is this one or this one.

In all seriousness, it sounds like the best bang for buck in this situation is going to be the Prius or Camry.

u/upnflames · 6 pointsr/Ebay

Not sure what happened, but you're definitely gonna end up eating this one so I would just take the item back if you want it back as eBay will certainly side with the buyer. Delaying the inevitable is just more likely to get you a neg too. My parents used to sell collectible hot wheel cars in blister packs like this. Collectors are the nit pickiest buyers out there, one little ding and they'll return a $500 item. If you're gonna sell collectibles like this you should package them in something like this.

u/thetoyofficial · 1 pointr/toys

This is Part of the Mighty Machines line from Imperial toys. They started this line in 1992 and I dont think they make this product anymore.. now they make similar products under the "Buddy L" License.

But honestly Hot Wheels makes a much better quality ver.
This is just one example.

hope this helps

u/IceCage42 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have lots of not needed stuff, my favorite is the VW Doka Type 2

I would buy a house with lots of property, buy the local hockey rink and fix it up so its actually nice, and get myself some new hockey gear, and put a huge chunk into a trust for my daughters to be able to go to college anywhere and for anything they want and not have to pay a dime.

u/P0rtable_Panda · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My first item is this wine bottle holder. I mean look at that shit. It even says magic on it! It's amazing, and would be great for any parties we had, or any school gatherings. Also, I could use the bottles to store other stuff, like potions, or urine.

My second item is the Batmobile (hear me out). Broom rhymes with vroom, which is the sound a car makes. I can't imagine a better way to arrive to school than in the Batmobile. It's a much needed street cred accessory.

Item 3 is Lone Survivor. Marky Mark has a cool hat on. I don't know what else you could ask for. Also I feel like elite military folk would be pretty kickass if anyone tried to pick on me in the school halls.

Item 4 is a Book on Charles Bronson. If I'm going to be causing mischief, I'm going to take some advice from one of Britain's most notorious criminals.

Item 5 is these boxer shorts because I want to keep all my junk in my trunk...for the mostpart. It'd be highly inappropriate if I started flashing people during class.

Bonus item is Batman. For one, he wears a cape. Plus, if I'm riding the Batmobile to school, I'm gonna need someone who knows how to drive it, right? And how cool it would be to have Batman as your personal chauffeur. Everyone would be like "Holy shit, is that James in the Batmobile? and is that Batman driving? That's fucking awesome!". I'd be the most popular kid in school in no time.

Mischief Managed.

u/DDotJ · 8 pointsr/teslamotors

I have one on my desk, it's a 3D printed Tesla Supercharger Cell Phone Charger ($20). It says iPhone but you can stick any cable you want in there. I use it with my USB C Android Device and it fits just fine.

Here it is on my desk along with my Tesla Model S key fob and Model S Matchbox Model.

And of course, the Tesla Online Apparel Shop has some neat stuff as well.

u/Brandonmeens · 178 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

I could be wrong but isn’t there a GoPro hot wheels car? That can support a GoPro?

Hot Wheels 2018 50th Anniversary Experimotors Zoom In 242/365, Black

There is a white version as well, it kinda looks like the same front on it

u/icansellanything · 2 pointsr/funny

lol nice. I still play with my Delorean everyday!

u/Benny303 · 10 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

This is actually a special gopro hot wheels car that Hot wheels released its literally just a go pro mount on wheels. Its actually really cool.

u/FountainsOfFluids · 2 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

> Hero 5 Session

And the Hot Wheels platform for it:

u/underlein · 2 pointsr/RocketLeague

These are great, but I guess they're only available in the US?

Edit: found this on amazon.

u/StetsonG · 1 pointr/teslamotors

There's also a decent Matchbox version for something a bit more budget friendly.

u/[deleted] · 0 pointsr/pics

So cool, I want one! Then I just saw this on amazon.

u/topboydiecast · 1 pointr/HotWheels

Hot Wheels Aero Lift Vehicle

on backorder but make sure you buy from amazon and not a third party

u/SquaresAre2Triangles · 3 pointsr/RocketLeague

Technically there are 5 other rocket league cars that come in a pack and are much easier to find. It's just that they are the hot wheels DLC cars so it's like a hotwheels version of a rocket league version of a hotwheels car.

u/TeslaBargain · 1 pointr/teslamotors
u/altheist · 3 pointsr/elonmusk

We know where you live too ¬_¬

Since you want a Tesla so bad, you should buy this one; it's in your price range and you won't go to juvie for operating it.

u/blamdin · 1 pointr/nextfuckinglevel

This is the car you need to buy in order to shoot video like this video with a gopro session camera.

u/SirGalactical · 43 pointsr/PraiseTheCameraMan

It’s either this or this

u/BuyingDaily · 10 pointsr/Damnthatsinteresting

Hot Wheels 2018 50th Anniversary Experimotors Zoom In 242/365, Black

u/AnAngryAlien · 1 pointr/teslamotors

If you don't want the teenage angst Hotwheels Model S there is a Matchbox version of the pre-facelift version. (I have the blue and red one ehehehehehehe)