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Reddit mentions of AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub Tower with 5V/4A Power Adapter

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We found 56 Reddit mentions of AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub Tower with 5V/4A Power Adapter. Here are the top ones.

AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub Tower with 5V/4A Power Adapter
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  • Package includes: 1 USB 2.0 7 Port Hub / 1 5V/4A Power Adapter / 1 USB 2.0 Cable (3 feet) / 1 Owner's Manual
  • Installs with Plug-and-Play ease
  • Complies with USB specification version 2.0; backward compatible with USB 1.1
  • Check your device loading current when used for charging (e.g. iPads/Tablets) or for high-power devices (e.g. hard drive); insufficient current may lead to slow charging or other failure
  • Data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps. Refer to the user manual below before use.
  • Max output per port is 500MA for 5 regular USB ports, 1.5A for 2 USB fast charging ports; max ouput is 20W(5V/4A) across all 7 ports
  • For maximum output, apply power adapter
Height3.55 Inches
Length3.53 Inches
Number of items1
Weight0.56875 Pounds
Width2.35 Inches

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Found 56 comments on AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub Tower with 5V/4A Power Adapter:

u/parametrek · 15 pointsr/preppers

Everything out there is a rip off. It is stupidly easy to DIY something that performs just as good for half the price. And DIY has the added benefit of flexible modularity.

For example that Anker panel is $140 for 15 watts. That is insane! Full sized solar panels are under $1 per watt and you should never pay more than $2 per watt for small panels.

Shop around for a cheap normal solar panel. Since this is apartment based you can save money and go for the bulkier panels. For example here is a 50 watt panel for $70. It measures about 2' on a side and weighs 9 pounds. Just small enough that if you need to bail by car you can bring it with you.

Next you need a DC-DC regulator. These take many forms and determine how flexible your system will be. The simplest option is to get a 5V regulator which will be able to provide juice for all of your USB based items. There are fancier regulators with voltage and current adjustment but it sounds like these aren't for you.

Then get a high powered USB hub or maybe 2. That hub can only do 20 watts max. The panel and regulator I linked can do 50W. This gives you headroom on overcast days but it is also a waste on bright sunny days.

> but I'm not sure how I'd use something like that to charge batteries such as 18650's or AA's as those chargers don't have USB connections

Those chargers do have USB if you buy the right chargers. For example the Lii-500 does NiMH and li-ion all from micro-usb.

Another option is to get a 12V regulator and also connect that to the panel. There are a lot of chargers that run from 12V DC.

edit: I forgot about the connectors! These are good for low-power DIY.

u/MainHaze · 4 pointsr/PlaystationClassic

I had bought one of these AmazonBasics 7 Port Powered Hubs a few years ago now. Tried it for the hell of it on my PSC. Works like a charm!

u/Doodenkoff · 3 pointsr/hoggit

I've been using THIS for just over a year with zero issues. Works like a charm. Amazing for being so low-cost.

u/scottjl · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

It was a bad idea on early model Pi's because of noise through the power circuitry. These days it's not a big deal. I have the same setup with all my Pi's, one less wall-plug to have to deal with. As long as you have a B+ or 2 you are fine. Just make sure it's a powered hub and has enough for all the devices you're plugging into it. Also, some hubs don't power on until the host powers on, and won't work. I personally have several of these Amazon Basics 7 port hub and they work great. Don't bother with buying a USB 3.0 hub.

u/GuiltyTangent · 3 pointsr/perktv

Nope, you need to find out how many amps the power supply is before you buy any hub. This hub runs solely on USB power. A single USB port can put out something like 500mAh. This will be enough power to feed 3-4 small phones. More than that and it will not charge them. You need something like this This hub is widely used here and has the power to feed all 7 ports. Unfortunately, there really is no way to "cheap" out when buying a hub. You simply must have a powered one to run a Perk farm off of it. Another cheaper option is to buy a few powerstrips and use the phones AC Adapters. Though this creates lots of cable clutter.

u/Mthrboard · 3 pointsr/perktv

If you just need to charge your phones, use this Anker USB charger. Otherwise, if you wanted to connect your phones to your computer and still charge them, I would use this Amazon Basics USB hub. I have three of the Amazon hubs, one on my computer for just regular USB devices, one for my farm and one for my brother's farm. I also recently used the Anker charger to set up a farm for my brother-in-law at his house. Look at the power requirements of your phones before you buy one or the other. Lower-end devices, like the Hydros, Galaxy Rush, or the LG Fuel, will work fine on the hub. If you got higher-end devices, like the Moto G, you would be better with the Anker charger.

u/bandit25 · 3 pointsr/vandwellers

Make sure your inverter has a larger power rating than the hair dryer. I know hair dryers are usually in the 1000w range. Keep in mind inverters are not 100% efficient. It depends on the model, but I would assume it's only 90% efficient, so a 1000w inverter can only put out 900w. (thinking about it, a 1000w inverter is probably called 1000w because that's what it puts out. It might consume 1100w, but that doesn't really matter to you)

You have a few options for connecting USB. If you are getting an inverter, your easiest option would be to plug it into your inverter with something like this:

If you want to connect it to 12v (which yes, you would connect in parallel with the inverter), you can get something like this:

Hope that helps!

Also, I would confirm that one 140w panel would be enough for your demands.
You can check out a solar map

(USA): http://www.wholesalesolar.com/solar-information/sun-hours-us-map

(Australia): http://www.geni.org/globalenergy/library/renewable-energy-resources/oceania/Solar/australia_files/solar-australia.gif

to see just how many total solar hours your region can get in a day. Best case scenario, you get 6 hours of full sunlight a day. With a 140w panel, that's 840w total in a day. Is that enough?

u/DiabloConQueso · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

That's not a powered hub, as it doesn't plug into the mains power supply (e.g., your wall power socket), so you'd be back to square one.

Just about any powered hub will work, including this one. The most important thing about selecting a hub for your Pi is that the hub is powered. If the hub doesn't plug into your power socket in your wall, then it's not powered and will not work with your Pi. You can tell the one I linked to is good-to-go by looking at the fifth picture on that Amazon page -- there's a power adapter that plugs into the hub and then into the wall to supply the USB ports with power. If you select a hub that doesn't plug into the wall, then the USB ports will need to get their power from the Pi, and they just can't do that because the Pi's USB ports don't put out enough power to power the USB peripherals connected to the hub (unlike a desktop or laptop computer, whose USB ports usually do put out enough power to power 2 or 3 USB devices).

Then, you'll want one of these adapters so you can actually plug it into your Pi Zero's micro USB port.

That's the exact setup I have going with my Pi Zeroes. Plug USB hub into the wall power socket, plug the hub's USB cable into the OTG adapter, then plug the OTG adapter into the Pi's USB port. Voila, 7 powered USB ports for your Pi.

Edit: I'm not Spanish, but I live close enough to Spanish-speakers that I may as well be. Let's just say I've dodged my fair share of chankla headshots.

Edit #2: Ok, so I did some research on the hub you linked to and it appears that it is, in fact, a powered hub, where the power plugs into the micro-USB slot next to the regular USB slots. So, in fact, that hub will probably work!

u/DrMaxwellEdison · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Not OP, and this is not the same one I have, but it's very similar and I've liked this brand for cables and other gadgets for a while now (no affiliation, no bamboozles):


Nine usb 3.0 ports, plus one charging-only port. Simple design, no wacky angles or weird shark fin bullshit, and all the ports are facing the same direction (unlike some hubs that have ports facing every direction like a Y-splitter for garden hoses). And, standalone power supply so you can charge up basically anything on a single hub without drawing from the PC.

u/speeddemon974 · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

Check the amp rating on the powered hub and makensure each port get enough power.

I used this one 4A powered hub from Amazon Basics,I used did another project with a pi, arduino, WiFi dongle and it works great.

u/kappachow · 2 pointsr/Arcade1Up

I just tried it and it worked - had an Xbox controller and keyboard plugged into the two higher voltage front ports of the hub and the USB B cable to the R3B+ and both the controller and keyboard worked fine.

Don't know if it matters, but here's the hub I have (comes with a USB B cable and AC adapter):


u/atetuna · 2 pointsr/technology

And scanners. Both my Fujitsu and Plustek scanners use them. So does my Amazon usb hub.

u/Str_ · 2 pointsr/techsupport

Most likely need a powered USB hub. Guessing it's a seagate external?

something like this

u/Davewesh · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub with 5V/4A Power Adapter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DQFGJR4/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_C-95wb6EMGSSZ

Not sure how many ports you wanted, and amazon has a fair amount of options under 40 for powered hubs. As for frying the pi I have a hard time believing that it would happen with out deliberately forcing excessive current through the port.

u/thesuperevilclown · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

> AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub with 5V/4A Power Adapter by AmazonBasics

here you go

doing links on mobile is annoying

u/freakingwilly · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I can give recommendations and personal experience. Unfortunately, the ones I have experience with are no longer for sale OR they cost an obscene amount of money.

Amazon Basics makes a good hub (5V/4A).
Aukey makes a good one too (12V/3 or 4A).

Personal Experience:
I have the Sentey Version of this USB hub. Bought it years ago for much less than what is advertised now. 12V/4A. This stays at home because I absolutely love it.

I also have the Unitek 6 port USB 3.0 + 2 charging ports hub (12V/3A). This is strictly for work use because it was cheap ($15) and it's super reliable. No longer available.

u/Vertical807 · 2 pointsr/flightsim

Vertical807 - Flight Sim Addons/Specs/Sim Settings - November 28th, 2017


Mouse: Senlleo Gaming Mouse

Keyboard: Sonfan Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Controls: Logitech G940 Flight System

Head Tracking: Track IR5 with hat-clip

Headset: Sades SA902B 7.1 Channel Virtual USB Surround Stereo

USB Hub: AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub

Computer Specs

CPU: Intel I5-6500, default clock

GPU: Gigabyte GTX1060 G1 Gaming

Motherboard: ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 LGA 1151 Motherboards H110M-E

Case: Corsair Carbide Series 200R Compact ATX

Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Single DDR4 2400 MT/s

Kingston HyperX FURY Black 8GB 2133MHz DDR4














, TNCM full-extended
, Toronto






Global Base
, Vector
, OpenLC
, TreesHD

Turbulent Designs



[ActiveSky for P3d_V4 with Cloud Art](

Running Global Configuration!



PMDG 737 Base Package
, PMDG 737 Expansion
, PMDG 777 Base Package
, PMDG 777 Expansion



P3D Settings and Visual Modifications:



Settings and textures are in Thopat preset .rar file! Follow them as closely as possible!

-Thopat Preset

Game settings

[My P3D.cfg](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N0KbATTwi9WJndWUF-F1sR0pAvEK1lsz/view?usp=sharing)








I also do live-streaming on YouTube every once in awhile, check out my channel if you'd like!

Virtual Airlines:

Delta Virtual

United Virtual

Southwest Virtual

FedEx Virtual

u/SluttyEggs · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I'd recommend [this](amazonbasics 7 port usb 2.0 hub tower with 5v/4a power adapter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DQFGJR4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_zsFrDb0ABFCZS)
Our customers at work use them for multiple POS devices

u/aroihkin · 2 pointsr/perktv

Cracked screen doesn't impact perk, as long as it's just the glass and not the digitizer.

My household has seven Moto Gs with damaged glass and seven Fuels currently running. The performance is pretty close, though the quad core Motos do a little bit better. Just be aware that this extra power comes with a cost; the Motos are a little harder to wire up because they need more juice to run than a Fuel does. Mine will not, for example, run off that seven-port usb hub that's popular around here, while the Fuels will and do.

The Motos are also a little more annoying to reboot, though rooting will fix that. (My next project.)

u/Darragh_McG · 1 pointr/PlaystationClassic

Right. I was hoping someone could link me to a hub thats known to work. You also have to factor in the distance between ports as the controller plug is quite wide.

I was looking at this one -- https://amzn.to/2Wci7od -- but I do have the Amazon Basics 3.0 hub and it doesn't work.

u/dongi1984 · 1 pointr/hotas

This is the hub:

I tested it with a 2.5'' external usb powered drive and it works just fine.

I specifically got it because it is 2.0 - though i was tempted a many times by the 3.0/2.0 bundles. It is plugged into the front port of my computer case, which is a Sonata III 500 with usb 2.0 ports (a newer version has 3.0). The Hotas works fine plugged directly into the front USB port, but not through the hub.

u/LS6 · 1 pointr/perktv

some are, some aren't.

this one, for instance, you could easily swap the included cord for a longer one. No SD though - may be better off just hanging a cheap usb adapter off one of the ports.

u/helusay · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

This is the hub I am currently using.

u/Claymore17 · 1 pointr/AdvancedProduction

Other users might know issues with this hub that I haven't come across yet, but I received this two days ago as a replacement for the Sabrent one that you linked in your OP and it's been working great. I'll admit that the ports feel a little flimsy and cheaply made (which they definitely are) but so far it's been totally fine and has more ports than I will likely ever need. The Sabrent one worked fine, but there was a defect in the plug itself (little plastic burr) that prevented it from plugging in to the port all the way. I'm sure I just received a defective unit and you may have better luck, but it constantly slipped out because of this and when I tried to remove the burr, the device stopped working altogether.

u/InternetUser007 · 1 pointr/perktv

I'm thinking about getting a 7-port one from amazon for $18.99. I know it's a bit more expensive, but it can be used as a charger or a hub.


u/The_One_Above_All · 1 pointr/GalaxyNote3

I posted about this USB 2.0 hub in a little earlier; the 2 front ports not only charge my Note 3 as fast as the included charger, but I can transfer files at the same time.

u/DonPoppito666 · 1 pointr/techsupport

Something like this?

Thanks for the reply either way. Other than USB splitter i had no idea what to look for.

u/ben8jam · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

So this one has two 5V/4A powered ports and seven USB 2.0 ports. So that is enough to power two Pi's and overkill of usb ports. But does that mean the other seven aren't powered ie for a hard drive?

I'm confused on what constitutes "powered"?


This one is only four ports, but USB 3.0 and says they are all powered. So two for the PI's and one for ethernet and one for HD. But I read somewhere that USB 3.0 is problematic for the Pis?


You'd think this would be more straight-forward :/

u/IronAurum · 1 pointr/techsupport

Check your Power and Bandwith usage via: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc772242(v=ws.11).aspx

Try an active USB Hub (with an external power adapter), e.g.


Can you post some infos about your connected USB devices?




What Mainboard Rev. do you have?

What Bios Version do you have? (Check it with CPU-Z -> Mainboard)

Did you try to update your USB drivers?

u/Nixxuz · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

I may not be seeing this the right way, but I went about it like this;

Polaroid 7" tablet. This functions as your hub. Running VLC Direct lets you stream from anything on your WiFi network. By itself it's not all that great. Average internal DAC. low storage. Crap battery life. Bad display. But it's just a touchscreen that runs PowerAmp. $5. Supports virtually all audio formats. Well known and versatile. It's no JRiver, but it doesn't need to be.


We are up to $60 at this point with the paid version of PowerAmp.

Powered USB hub. We need connectivity. $19.


A decent DAC. Best I could find for the money;


Up to $145, for what I would consider a better way of playing digital files than the DigiOne. I added an 8TB portable HDD for another $150, and for under $300 I have a digital media player that provides excellent sound, ease of use, and is extremely upgradable as far as storage, which is shouldn't need any time soon. Every part of the chain can be upgraded as well. Bigger faster tablet? More storage? Better DAC? All can be swapped out with ease. And it can access all the music on my gaming rig as well. And it's a total touchscreen solution.

u/vestigial · 1 pointr/oculus

I got Amazon's hub.

I can't guarantee I don't have latency issues ... but I don't notice any. But now I'm wondering if I do have them...

I don't need an expansion card -- I've got six USB 3 ports (hooray!) ... but if I did need one, I'm not sure there's room in the case. Modern GPU's fit on one slot, but take up room enough for two.

u/Th3D3generate · 1 pointr/battlestations

Gotcha, dual monitors (or triple monitors) are always nice. I have a GTX 660 Ti and Im thinking of upgrading to a GTX 970 over the summer. I personally recommend using the same brand of GPU as you do for your Mobo. I have an MSI Mobo and Im going to make sure I get an MSI GTX 970. Not sure that it really matters but its just my preference. If you want to go with something black that works there is a 7 Port Amazon Basics USB Hub (http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Port-USB-power-adapter/dp/B00DQFGJR4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1419539487&sr=8-1&keywords=amazon+basics+7+port+usb+hub). Its big enough that it won't get pulled around while cords are plugged in but should still be small enough to hide behind the monitor or desktop. I'd recommend looking into a Dual Monitor Desk Mount once you have the two 27" monitors, they look really good and let you raise your monitors more to eye level which is better ergonomically. I use a Dual Monitor Desk Mount and this is what my set up looks like: http://i.imgur.com/zguLVDi.jpg The mount I bought is this one in case you want to look into it: http://www.amazon.com/Monitor-Mount-Stand-Adjustable-Screens/dp/B009S750LA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1419539777&sr=8-1&keywords=dual+monitor+mount

u/Uzonna · 1 pointr/laptops

This is for your USB dock and this is for your HDMI Splitter

u/yoaaaaa · 1 pointr/perktv

does this one supply sufficient power for 10 phones?

u/shadow3264 · 1 pointr/techsupport

This should be ok:


Edit: Why is it so difficult to find a 4 port powered USB-Hub on Amazon US? In Germany it is much easier to find something like that

u/Doc_E_Makura · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

> Could this be causing the issues?

Oh God yes, I didn't even realize you were using unpowered external drives. That is absolutely the problem. You need to find a USB that also has its own power supply if you want to connect two of those hard drives at the same time.

Here is a powered version of the hub you have. In my experience this suggests that yours has the port for the power adapter to plug into, and if you somehow already have a compatible adapter you could just use that. The pictures don't show the exact power supply ratings though, and you should never guess if it's compatible. This hub is rated at 2.5 amps, so it should handle 2 small hard drives, but not 3.

This Amazon Basics hub has a slightly better power output, but only for the two ports on the front. The rear ports probably won't be suitable for a hard drive at all, but you could handle both drives as well as a keyboard and mouse with it. I tend to hear complaints about the quality of Amazon Basics items, though.

u/csinlasath · 1 pointr/Arcade1Up

I am using a powered USB 2.0 hub connected to the USB 2.0 port. You gain 4 powered 2.0 ports with this configuration, which does help out since the Odroid Doesn’t give too much power. Things I hook up here are like all my WiFi and Bluetooth dongles. I do use USB 3.0 extenders on the front of the cabinet to hook up other accessories without having to get in the cabinet.

AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub with 5V/4A Power Adapter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DQFGJR4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_8er5BbDT6HMG4

USB 3.0 Mount Cable –USB Extension Flush, Dash, Panel Mount Cable, for Car, Boat, Motorcycle and More (6.6FT/2M) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079LGRQQD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_gir5Bb74AS0F3

u/hexxus23 · 1 pointr/perktv

Just got this here. http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Port-USB-power-adapter/dp/B00DQFGJR4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1413374779&sr=8-2&keywords=usb+port+hub Its the amazon hub. I grabbed a refurbished/used one from their warehouse deals they have and I can saw it was worth the 18 bucks and works amazing. Also It looks like it wasn't even use that much or really at all to be honest.

u/dman81 · 1 pointr/Twitch

I had problems with my web cam for a while. Finally pluged it in to a powered usb hub. This one from amazon AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub with 5V/4A Power Adapter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DQFGJR4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Gr.DAbZ9R6ZRS
It has two usb ports on the back side that get extra power. Pluged my web cam in I havent had issues since. Hope this helps.

u/Theriley106 · 1 pointr/perktv

Yeah, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to buy 3 of these.

u/Bikemaniac · 1 pointr/perktv

For charging, it really doesn't matter what you use as long as each port can provide 5v 800mA. The USB hubs that only provide the standard 500mA for USB will work too, but your phones may exceed the operating specification of the hub if they don't start 100% charged.

My short list when getting a USB hub was:





Based on reviews and forum posts around the web, they all provide the necessary current for 5 devices being charged at once. They're all good enough to power a Raspberry Pi model B, so they're all good enough for some pretty demanding USB load with stable power.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

I bought this which serves as both my hub and power supply. Don't let the pictures fool you -- it's quite small. Very happy thus far. I plug my HDD and Pi into the two high-power ports on the front, and then my keyboard/mouse, wifi adapter, xbox reciever, thumb drives, and so on to the ports in the back. The wiring's a bit of a mess, i need to find some shorter (~1ft) cables for the runs from the pi to the hub, the power from the hub to the pi, and the hub to the HDD. But for now it functions fine, and I've got 1200ma available to the pi.

u/1823alex · 1 pointr/BitcoinMining

I don't know if you're talking about the u2's or the u1's but the amazon basics hub will power all 7 antminer u1's but I'm not sure about u2's. Link: http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Port-USB-power-adapter/dp/B00DQFGJR4/ref=pd_cp_pc_2

u/PhotoJim99 · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

There are tons of them, on eBay, Amazon, and everywhere. Just make sure you buy a USB 2.0 hub. (USB 1.1 ones, which are obsolete and thankfully uncommon, are very slow. USB 3.0 ones will work but you will be wasting money since the Pi can't use the extra speed.)

https://www.amazon.ca/AmazonBasics-Port-USB-power-adapter/dp/B00DQFGJR4 This is the one I use, although I don't seem able to find it on the US .com site at the moment.

EDIT: https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Port-USB-power-adapter/dp/B00DQFGJR4 US link

u/sumuji · 0 pointsr/perktv

Don't think the version matters for charging.

I used my AGC's for this


7 ports and a AC adapter you can plug in for extra juice for $19. No problem for 5 phones.

u/Cat5kable · -1 pointsr/pcmasterrace

The USB stuff you are using now doesn't benefit from USB 3.0 speeds, so any hub should be fine. I found this on Amazon.com, but any basic hub would be equivalent from your local BestBuy/Radioshack/etc