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u/TheO-ne-ders · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is super cool! I don't sleep, so this will keep me entertained for a bit!

1.) Something that is grey.

Well, it's more silver-ish, but it'll do! (WL)

2.) Something reminiscent of rain.

Because the sound of the rain is so peaceful :)

3.) Something food related that is unusual.

I know, it is unusual! We will be using it for liquid sugar that we make, to make our homemade Starbucks green tea :) (WL)

4.) Something on your list that is for someone other than yourself. Tell me who it's for and why. (Yes, pets count!)

It's for my boyfriend, and for the aforementioned green teas we make :) I have one, and he's pretty jealous of it. Not to mention he spills so! (WL)

5.) A book I should read! I am an avid reader, so take your best shot and tell me why I need to read it!

It's called Jesus' Son. It is really...interesting to say the least, and I can guarantee not at all what you'd expect! (Unless you're expecting drugs, and the main character to be called Fuckhead!)

6.) An item that is less than a dollar, including shipping... that is not jewelry, nail polish, and or hair related!

Clever? Or wrong. Lol.

7.) Something related to cats. I love cats! (keep this SFW, you know who you are...)

Because who doesn't miss these guys?

8.) Something that is not useful, but so beautiful you must have it.

I mean...he's beautiful, so.... <3

9.) A movie everyone should watch at least once in their life. Why?

My username is a big hint to what this movie is! It's just so happy, and makes me laugh every time I watch it (and I've been watching it multiple times every year since it came out, and I was only 5!). It's just a genuinely happy, feel-good movie, with great music :)

10.) Something that would be useful when the zombies attack. Explain.

You know, for heat/fire when there's no electricity! (WL)

11.) Something that would have a profound impact on your life and help you to achieve your current goals.

It might not be the norm, but it's a gift card. Reason being instead of something specific, is with a gift card I can buy food through Amazon. Times have been a little tough around here, and we barely make it through the month money, and food wise. To know I had a little money to spend on groceries somewhere would be a major relief, and put both my boyfriend and I out of stress. I know it's not a "goal goal", but our happiness is a goal of mine, and it's been a little shakey as of late :/(WL)

12.) One of those pesky Add-On items.

Because ours is torn, oops! (WL)

13.) The most expensive thing on your list. Your dream item. Why?

A nice, damn vacuum. Our current one sucks (bad pun), and I am really picky about a clean carpet. It would just be really nice to have a nice one, and that'll last instead of having to buy a new one every so often. (WL)

14.) Something bigger than a bread box. EDIT A bread box is typically similar in size to a microwave.

Because it never occurred to me you could buy this on Amazon!

15.) Something smaller than a golf ball.

Individually, smaller than a golfball!

16.) Something that smells wonderful.

I love, love, loooooove this perfume. I've had samples, but never the whole bottle! (WL)

17.) A (SFW) toy.

Not a toy per say, but it's definitely fun, and entertaining for hours! (WL)

18.) Something that would be helpful for going back to school.

Pens! Believe it or not, these have always been my favorite, and despite the fact there's a bunch in a box, I always ended up with none! That's why people should have their own!

19.) Something related to your current obsession, whatever that may be.

Because I...I'm...I'm a woman possessed. Normally I'm obsessed with Sherlock but since it's not out yet, I'm catching up on Doctor Who, and I can't. Just can't stop. Been talking in a British accent on accident for days! I also freaking love hoodies so it's the best of both worlds. (WL)

20.) Something that is just so amazing and awe-inspiring that I simply must see it. Explain why it is so grand.

BECAUSE LOOK AT IT! Making tasty foods on it for the belly! (WL)

Hey, this was a lot of fun! Regardless of the outcome, thank you. Thoroughly enjoyed myself :)

EDIT: BONUS: Anything made in Oregon.

It's a whole gift set! It's like it knew! I actually added it to my WL. My favorite jam was taken off the shelves, so I'm always up for trying new ones :)

fear cuts deeper than swords

u/fire-and-blood · 1 pointr/loseit

>1) How can I get rid of my gut and make my lower half smaller. What exercise would you recommend ?

You can't target loss, and as someone else said, anyone who says otherwise is lying. Fat just burns where it burns. I've heard that it comes off in the reverse order it went on.

>2) Is the goal that I have set for myself a reasonable/doable one? (36 pounds)

The goal is doable, but it depends how strict you want to be. (I wouldn't recommend putting a strict deadline on it, but I'll talk more about that after.) The heavier you are, the more you lose in the beginning, but typically the highest recommended loss per week is 2lbs. At that rate, assuming you started tomorrow, you'd be 193lbs (-21lbs) by September 1st.

>3) Suggestions for foods: I currently eat baked pork chops,chicken,chili. I snack on roman noodles

Lots of lean meat (chicken, fish), to start. I recently started using a George Foreman to grill my chicken and I love it! You can get one for under $20 on Amazon. Lots of vegetables, too. My favorites are steamed broccoli and carrots and roasted asparagus. Really filling and very low in calories! Salads are also incredibly filling, just don't ruin it by adding a high-calorie/fat/sodium dressing! I really don't recommend ramen noodles because they're high in calories, saturated fat, sodium and carbs, but I live by the rule that pretty much anything in moderation is okay.

Next, WATER! I drink 2-3 liters/day!

I highly recommend counting calories religiously with a site like MyFitnessPal. They make it very simple. It really is important because healthy doesn't mean low calorie and vice versa.

I also recommend cooking food yourself if possible instead of having boxed food. You can just avoid so much of the unnecessary crap that gets added in! There are recipe blogs that specifically post healthy recipes, which has been a life saver for me! I love Skinnytaste the most because it even gives you an idea of the nutrition info (though to be safe I always enter it into MFP myself, because brands vary, etc), but I also like Kalyn's Kitchen and Chocolate-Covered Katie.

>4) I think Im what they call a stress eater.

I am was a stress eater too! It can be a tough thing to overcome, but it can be done. 'One of the things that helps me is that I do allow myself to have the not-so-great stuff that I love (not out of stress, just in general), but again, in moderation. I think I would go nuts if I couldn't have some Taco Bell once in a while and that in itself would probably send me there anyway, except I would be overeating on less healthy options!

>So what are some snacks to eat that aren't bland that fill you up.

Here are some snacks I enjoy!

  • Frozen bananas! They can be put in so many things, so that's a good staple. Peel and cut them into ~1 inch pieces, place them on a tray in the freezer for about 2 hours (so they don't stick together), then you can throw them all in a freezer bag or Tupperware container together.

  • Plain greek yogurt, unsweetened if possible. It's awesome because you can mix anything in it, really, and it will take on its flavor. You can add some of those frozen bananas and/or some berries, granola, etc! Sometimes for lunch or dessert I'll have a bit of yogurt with a serving of peanut butter, unsweetened preserves and banana. Mix it all up and it tastes just like a PB&J sandwich minus the bread! :)

  • Celery is bland, but dip it in some low-sodium salsa and it's pretty good! You can also add peanut butter to it.

  • Oatmeal is your friend. I usually have it for breakfast but I've had it for a snack before. I really don't like unsweetened oatmeal, but I take 1/2 cup of those frozen bananas, throw them in the microwave for ~30 seconds, stir them and then pour the mashed/melted mixture in, and voila! Naturally sweetened oatmeal! :)

    Okay, now, about that deadline. If it works for you, that's great and keep at it! But don't put too much stress on yourself to get there by that time because you could end up disappointed and throw in the towel. Try not to think of your weight loss so much as a short time where you'll eat a certain way and then you'll be done. It really is a lifestyle change and after you lose the weight you still have to maintain it. I would love to know exactly when I'll meet my goal but I simply don't. I prefer to give myself small goals (5 lbs down, 15 lbs down, 25 lbs down, etc) and celebrate all the little victories along the way. I have a general idea that I could be under 200 lbs by the time my next birthday rolls around and that's awesome! But if not, that's okay, because it's not a deadline, it's just an estimate. I hope that makes sense.

    I'll add more if I think of anything, and sorry for the wall of text, but I hope this helps!
u/kilamumster · 1 pointr/Cooking

You can do this! Not Thanksgiving dinner for 12, but for Seattle city living? Absolutely!

In my old city, I quit using my full-sized oven for about two years straight when electricity costs went into orbit.

I used my little convection oven for a lot of things, and it was great. Cut the cooking time down, and did a nice job browning. It got left with my mum when we relocated, so I'm thinking of getting another-- this one looks interesting. Our old one was a pricey Sanyo stainless steel one, and it had enough quirks (the loud beeping, for one) that I thought I'd try another brand.

I used a silicone bundt pan to bake fairly good cakes in the microwave in about ten minutes.

My stovetop was used mostly on one or occasionally two burners, so I could see adapting to one or two countertop units.

A slow cooker was great for stews and braised meats.

I just saw a commercial for this multi-functional griddler, and I kinda want one!

I'd get a kitchen cart or table, maybe a nice stainless steel-topped one like this, for all my appliances, and just make sure the electric and cords are sufficient.

I can't help much with countertop burners, except to say be very careful about gas vs. electric-- you won't have a flue or even a hood in your new home to carry away any dangerous fumes! Oh, and you'll want to minimise frying, again, with no rangetop hood to carry away the grease.

Good luck! It sounds like a nice experiment and adventure!

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

A lot of the answer depends on you. If you don't like it then you aren't gonna do it. So the answer is going to depend a lot on your personal preferences -- maybe you hate soup, only tolerate cheese, love sandwiches, think beans are awful, want to gain or lose weight, crave variety in meals, want to spend more time cooking, or whatever. The answer that works for you has to fit in with your preferences.

Have you thought about getting other appliances? For versatility and ease most people recommend a slow cooker and/or a rice cooker. Also, google "[appliance] [healthy and/or cheap] recipe" and you will find more recipes than you could ever use.

I have a rice cooker that's similar to this one. I've used the main bowl to make all sorts of things: couscous, quinoa, dried beans pulled pork, chicken thighs, whatever. And the steamer basket means that you can steam anything too: potatoes, carrots, asparagus, drumsticks, spinach, whatever. Depending on what you're cooking it can take awhile, but you basically just set it and leave it.

Slow cookers are really great too! You can throw all sorts of stuff in there in there and let it go all day. It magically transforms really cheap tough cuts of meat into delicious cuts. Then you can come home to it being ready and you can also freeze it for later.

If you are super into sandwiches then you might get a sandwich toaster. Or you could get a panini press.

You could pick up an indoor "fat-reducing" grill like this one. Heads up: that one is $130, I got one for $5 from Goodwill.

You could use a toaster oven.

You could consider cooking bulk meals and freezing them. It will obviously take awhile, but reheating them doesn't take long. Besides, you're going to be remarkably hard pressed to beat fast food as far as time goes.

For example, I really enjoy making a bunch of burritos and freezing them. You can fill them with all sorts of things: eggs, chicken, beef, tofu, TVP, potatoes, beans, etc, and you can add cheese or different spices or cilantro or whatever else. You can end up with a freezer full of a bunch of different varieties of burritos.

You can also make "scrambled" eggs in the microwave. You crack however many into a bowl or a mug and nuke it. The only trick is to make sure to pull it out and stir it every 15-30 seconds or so (more frequently near to the end).

You would also be surprised at just how much you can make in a microwave. For example, you can cook fish in one and it comes out surprisingly well -- just be aware that the smell will linger for awhile. Google can show you millions of recipes.

You could buy a blender or a juicer. That wouldn't be a substitute (IMO) for all meals, but it could easily and helpfully supplement your meals. You could boil some eggs and then eat them throughout the week. You could make beans in a saucepan; it would take awhile but as long as you don't let them boil over then it's extremely straightforward and hands-off.

Finally, don't underestimate how good raw fruit or raw vegetables can be. It can take some getting used to but they are surprisingly good once you're used to them. Plus dipping them in stuff helps (but that can totally ruin the "healthy" aspect). I'm not suggesting that you go full raw vegan, but don't rule out those sorts of foods either.

u/kittehmew · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have always, always, always wanted to do a Queen Amidala costume. Like for real. I'm in love with her character (even if she got the short end of the stick on movies). I don't know why, but it would be so amazing, and I'd feel so awesome, but I don't feel like I'm enough of a stick to pull it off, but who cares? I'd feel damn good.

And I would turn my daughter into a little R2-D2, which would be awesome. XD

I know it seems like a lame item, but I need a little counter top grill (to make it easier on me), and it is on my stuff I need list. Or pretty much anything else on my need list, like the grill plus the backseat organizer, or even just one. It's up to you~ <3

Thanks for the contest~ And happy belated birthday.

u/WaylandC · 1 pointr/personalfinance

You could sit down with the family and say, hey, we earn plenty of money but we also spend a lot, in fact, we spend a lot on food. Let's think of some ideas together. And you can start by saying what you and mom will be doing.

Make sure the kids understand that spending less on food doesn't mean they have to eat less or ever be hungry, just that you are looking for ideas to help make better choices. The 3.5-year-old should have some pretty fun ideas.

I saw you mention rotisserie chickens in another comment. You could actually buy a rotisserie for cooking chickens at home. Other easy options are roaster ovens, crock pots and sous vide.

I'd also say this is an easy entry into cooking for the 9.5-year-old. Learning to cook at that age can be really important. It's empowering.
Depending on your work situation, you could also have all of your items for cooking at work, start the rotisserie there and take home freshly cooked rotisserie chicken. Just throwing some ideas out there. Best of luck.

u/supertweak54 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hi. First off I appreciate you doing a contest where you are actually trying to help people. Kudos to you friend. I myself am over 100lbs overweight. I am on multiple medications as well. I have tried literally everything...diets, pills, exercise but with my work schedule it is very hard to commit. I travel all over my state daily for work and when I get home it's hard to have the energy to cool dinner so that usually leads me to eating fast food or some microwave crap. That is why the item I'm linking is a George Foreman grill. It will be easier and more efficient to cool healthy food and help me not only lose weight but get healthy. I hope I win but if not. Thanks anyway


u/AsherMaximum · 19 pointsr/AskCulinary

If I had to make that small an area work, I would rely heavily on countertop appliances.

Forget a built in burner, takes up too much room.
Get a gas or induction hot plate for use in the summer, and use the black oven in the winter.

Make outlets readily available on the counter. Best place would be the underside of any cabinets, or just the wall.

You can do a lot with one of those combo griddles. Cuisinart makes a cheap one, but you can get nicer ones from others. Breville is one, but I am sure there are others.

Build your knife storage into the counter, a la Alton Brown. Saves space, and makes them always available.

Don't skip the dishwasher. It'll take up valuable storage space, but working in a small kitchen like that will be much more bearable if you don't have to wash dishes by hand.

Make sure you get plenty of prep bowls, and have storage space for them. Mise en place will be very important with a small space, and they will help a lot.

A Magic Bullet type blender is really handy for cooking for 2, and for a lot of tasks that would otherwise take up more counterspace (chopping onions, beating eggs, chopping herbs, etc).

Make the whole countertop out of end grain butcher block (or side grain if you don't want to/can't spring for end grain) so that you don't have to deal with cutting boards at all.

If you don't already, try cooking sous vide. Takes little space, and good for summer cooking as it won't let too much heat into the space.

Have a hood vent for your black stove, and in the summer, put your hot plate there. The vent needs to be the type that goes outside, not the filtering one.
You don't want a small space like that filling with smoke from cooking.
Actually, depending on how you build the kitchen, you might be able to just put the vent in the middle of the room. Have the ceiling slope towards the center a bit.

Don't skip the garbage disposal in the sink - you'll regret it. Also, stick with a single sink instead of the traditional double. You're better off with one normal sized sink than two half sized sinks.

Skip the microwave, and just get a large toaster oven instead, one of the deep ones that can fit a 12" pizza. You can do most everything you can do in a microwave in the toaster over, it just takes a bit longer.

Skip the coffee maker, and get a hot water ketttle with a gooseneck spout like this. Learn to do pourover, get an Aeropress, or a Chemex. Saves you counterspace, and you can use the electric kettle for other cooking things too.

u/dontforgetpants · 1 pointr/xxfitness

>I feel like I have to in order to be healthy and to slim down. Is this true?

Yes and no. Yes, cardiovascular health is important. Yes, you should be able to jog a mile or two. No, you do not need cardio to lose weight.

As for the food, sushi can be pretty healthy, and a burger now and then won't hurt you. Are there really no healthier options? No grilled chicken or anything? One option is to get the salad and add goodies to it. For the dorm room, I highly suggest a small George Foreman grill. You can grill meats, sandwiches, veggies, etc. and there's no exposed heating element (like how in dorms you can't have toasters or burners), so it should be fine. They're also very easy to clean. So you could always grill some stuff to add to the dorm salads. Other options are to add things like chickpeas (garbanzo beans), which you can just buy canned and they go great in any salad, or mixed with rice or veggies.

Trying to go for the healthy option and sleeping more are probably both the most important thing you can do to feel like you have more energy. So, here's what you should buy:

  • garbanzo beans
  • Any other beans really. Mix beans, veggies you steam in your new steamer (see below), add little bit of cheese and eat, or add to salad
  • greek yogurt
  • one-two chicken breasts at a time (I'm assuming no freezer)
  • Canned chicken is an option, but it's heavily salted, so look for the low-sodium kind if possible
  • george foreman grill
  • instant microwaveable rice
  • or a small rice cooker/pasta cooker/water boiler
  • fruits
  • vegetables (you can steam them, add salt and pepper and light salad dressing)
  • hummus and baby carrots are a good snack
  • make hard boiled eggs in your water boiler
  • boil diced chicken in your water boiler, shred with fork, add pickle relish, light mayo, salt, and pepper, and optional walnuts and cranberries for chicken salad that you can put on salad or sandwich
  • Essential spices: salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper.
  • Snacks to keep handy so you don't binge on candy and soda: healthy granola bars (like kind bars), single-serve tuna packets (steal mayo packets from cafeteria if needed), apples, peanut butter
  • protein and milk - make protein shakes, they're filling and healthy

    Also, check out /r/EatCheapAndHealthy for some other ideas.

    As for non-boring workout programs. I do powerlifting and I love it. There are a handful of programs listed in the FAQ you could check out. Also, your university probably offers different activities and classes at the Rec center!
u/IDFKwhereGilliganIs · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Tyara, I'm not used to the username yet.
I love /u/kittehmew.
I love that she puts up with me always blowing her off for school, I've been doing it a lot since we met, but she is completely understanding.
She is so fantastically awesome, because she not only puts up with it, she is always encouraging me when I am upset, down, or anxious about school. Talk about awesome. I should pay her for her life motivation speeches.
I'd love for her to have this because she has to cook dinner every night, and I know she would use this often and it would sooo help her out. It's on her "Stuff I NEED" list.

Thanks for the contest.

u/ichliebespink · 1 pointr/HealthProject

http://www.amazon.com/George-Foreman-GR10B-Nonstick-Countertop/dp/B001NXC65K/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1312330085&sr=8-6 The cheap version is only $20 on amazon. It can probably only cook 2 breasts at a time. the "family size" version is only $10 more.

The one with removable plates is a little more ($43) http://www.amazon.com/George-Foreman-GRP4-Grilleration-Removable/dp/B000309TJ0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1312330085&sr=8-1 but in my opinion it's worth it for the extra cooking space and the ability to clean it easily. I have one with fixed plates and it takes longer to clean than to cook something.

good luck!

u/ChefM53 · 1 pointr/cookingforbeginners

I hear ya, just had to give up all dairy about 1 year ago and am still working on making my dishes taste better! I don't eat much meat anymore so am revamping my comfort foods into vegan/dairy free style foods.. so I'll Post a few here and if you would like more please pm me and I will share more links (I keep my recipes on copymethat. and they get a little touchy about too many links being posted here)

But that being said.

Do you own a grill? and indoor grill also is a good tool.

Here are a few options

[the Cuisinart griddler]


[the Hamilton Beach]

Personally I am going to get the Hamilton Beach.

[Cauliflower stuffing]

[Citrus and Herb Marinade for Vegetables]

[Creamy Spinach and Sweet Potato Noodles with Cashew sauce]

and last but not least my Favorite Tomato soup that is FREEZABLE!!

[Dreamy Vegan Tomato Soup]

In edit: I forgot to tell ya

I have dairy free meat free recipes for...

Sloppy Joe sauce

Spaghetti Sauce


Ranch Dressing (my friends hubby tasted it and said "I don't see a need to buy that crap from the store anymore, we can just make this"


Black Bean Soup

and a meatless meatloaf but it is not vegan it has eggs in it. FYI.

u/AlaskanBeard · 2 pointsr/Frugal


George Foreman Panini Grill (not my specific one, but that one looks better).

French Press. My girlfriend loves coffee and this is one of the only ways she'll drink it at home. Now instead of buying her coffee a couple times a week (at $4 a pop) I can just buy a $20 bag of beans that will last her a month (or more).

Shaved Ice Maker. Both my girlfriend and I love cold treats. The ice doesn't cost a thing and I make my own syrup (reduce strawberries, add a little bit of sugar, throw in the fridge). Saves a ton on dessert if you've got a sweet tooth like me.

Good quality tools. This might sound odd, but if I've already spent the money on the tools for the job I'm a lot more inclined to do it on my own and in a timely manner (as opposed to paying to have it done, really applies to my car). This doesn't save me a TON of money, but it's enough to cover the cost of the tools and make myself feel good.

Edit: Punctuation.

u/Rhiow · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I have one of these: http://www.amazon.com/T-fal-GC702D53-OptiGrill-Stainless-1800-watt/dp/B00H4O1L9Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409231830&sr=8-1&keywords=t-fal+optigrill

A bit pricey, but I love the damn thing. Only caveat is that it says it doesn't do great cooking things with bones. For something cheaper you could get a foreman grill or something like that. The only thing this stops me from making on the t-fal is chicken thighs (I do keto, so I want the thighs + the skin for more fat, so I just bake them in the oven). But for bonless chicken breasts you could do them on this too.

Steak, Burgers, Pork Chops, Fish I all make regularly on this thing and have never messed anything up.

Things you need:




Lawry's Seasoning Salt

Meat Thermometer

You can learn more about spices later. Put salt, pepper, and seasoning salt on both sides of everything you make. Use the meat thermometer to tell when things are done, I'm an awful judge of that so I only trust by temp.

A Foreman grill gives estimated cooking times, the T-Fal auto-measures the thickness of the meat (and you tell it what type it is) and beeps at you whien it hits rare/medium/well done and is usually pretty accurate if you keep it clean. Its pretty darn foolproof.

I'm really simple when it comes to my veggies so I can't help you much there. I microwave frozen broccoli or eat spinach salad 6 out of 7 days. No clue on the rice, that's a no-go for me personally.

You're going to be a bit limited without an oven. But if you have some sort of grilling device, a microwave, and a crock pot you're going to be able to work around those limitations really easly for a long time.

And I promise you, cooking basic stuff is easier than it seems at first. I consider myself an awful cook, I get physically anxious reading a recipe with like 15 ingredients, I very very rarely use any spices outside salt/pepper/seasoning salt, and I just keep mustard, salsa, sour cream, and worcestershire sauce on hand to top any of the basic stuff I make depending on what I want that day.

u/FormerFatBarbie · 2 pointsr/TeamPollen

Chicken paninis! - I didn't take a photo last night, so this an old photo from the last time I made them (with a less-interesting salad)

-6oz (raw weight!) boneless skinless chicken breast
-1.9oz French bread (I used homemade, but when I buy store-bought, I get pre-sliced - so much easier to portion and makes much better sandwiches)
-1oz shredded cheese (I did triple cheddar last night, but Colby Jack and mozzarella/Italian blends are also really good)

  • veggies: I do tomato and cucumber, but my family also loves lettuce, pickles, green peppers, jalapeños and shredded carrots)
  • sauce/condiments: I don't do any, but my husband likes horseradish, garlic or spicy mustard, and my son likes oil and vinegar

    And then mixed spring greens, cucumber, and sliced strawberries with raspberry vinaigrette on the side.

    Nutritional Info

    This is enough for two sandwiches, but cut in half for one and you also have an awesome lunch!

    PS - if you don't have a panini press, this one is awesome - our first one was a cheap Hamilton Beach model, and it a bitch to clean and the handle broke after six months. We upgraded to this one, which has removable plates for cleaning and the top lays flat for grilling, and now I use it for everything: sandwiches, grilled chicken/burgers, veggies and grilled cheese!
u/IA_Kcin · 1 pointr/todayilearned

My apologies, I meant to get back to you sooner.

The Tfal Optigrill is basically like a George Forman grill with a brain. You tell it what kind of meat you are cooking on it, and then close it. It has a sensor that detects how thick the meat is and cooks accordingly. There is a multi color display on the front that indicates level of doneness and it beeps at each major stop (rare, medium, well).

I love mine. I was all Mr. GungHo about my man card and cooking steak on the grill. I almost never use my outside grill anymore. This thing cooks my steak to the exact way I like it regardless of cut or thickness, Every. Single. Time.

It also cooks amazing chicken, tender and juicy, as well as pork chops, burgers and more. We even started making our meatloaf into patties and putting them on this bad boy.

I love mine and use it all the time. I highly recommend it.

Get your black magic here!

u/AuntChiladas · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hello! You mentioned that you had allergies, so I recommend this to keep a lovely little beta fish in because it's super cute. However, in reality -- living in New England, I'm sure you're adjusted to the fact that we actually have all four seasons. Sometimes, it's not practical to use your oven to cook so I really, really swear by my George Foreman.

Best of luck!!!!

u/vjacksonh · 1 pointr/grilling

I assume an electric grill should be OK to use in your kitchen, although it would be a little awkward /smokey. There is an electric version of the Weber Q, and then a bunch of smaller hibachi-style grills like this Zojirushi or even a George Foreman.

FYI if this is mainly about steak you can do a pretty good job in a cast iron skillet on the stove. (Although I definitely appreciate the allure of grilled meat.)

u/Carb_killa · 2 pointsr/keto

I've been using these for years and think they're fantastic, I'm on at least my third one not including the two I bought while living abroad. So quick and easy to use.

What I like most is that you can cook meat that's still frozen. For burgers (Costco 1/4 pound) I plug the grill in and immediately place the still frozen patties on the grill (I don't wait for it to warm up), they are done in exactly 11 minutes. Same for frozen chicken breasts, they take about 18 minutes total.

For raw or thawed meat I do let the grill get hot first (takes 7 minutes). A 1" thick steak is done perfectly medium rare in 6 minutes. With some practice it's very easy to master and you can always get a quick, hot keto friendly meal without much effort. Just adjust the time based on thickness, type of meat, and how done you want it.

If you're interested I currently use the George Foreman GRP4 with removable plates but I rarely remove the plates to clean them, I just use the paper towel method described in this thread by others. Washing the plates in the dishwasher is convenient but it wears out the non-stick surface faster.

u/aibaron · 1 pointr/MealPrepSunday

Fried Rice

Rice, soy sauce, peanut oil, eggs, chili powder, sriracha, and a bag of frozen veges. I think I'll make it in a wok or something larger next time.


I use an indoor smokeless grill that I got at the Minnesota State Fair years ago. It always makes the best chicken, keeps juices, and is easy to clean. I don't use oils or butter for it, just some garlic powder, pepper, and chili pepper to taste.

I added chopped peanuts after I took the second picture. Happy with what I made, will use more veges next time.

u/iamlconquistador · 2 pointsr/sousvide

Here's a link to the grill on Amazon

I do not put it in the dishwasher. The plates are removable and I hand wash them. The surface non-stick material is easy to clean and seems to be holding up very well to usage. I've had it for almost 3 years. There is also a grease catcher drawer that needs scooped out and washed.

I have found their products to be very reliable and produce consistently good results. You can also buy additional plates to give you grill marks top and bottom or no grill marks at all. I can't remember whether there are waffle plates or not. You can also tilt the base or leave it flat depending on how you want grease to drain.

u/enska3 · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

Microwave steamer - one of the best things I've bought. I am a single person and there are not many options for single servings of food. I just stick vegetables and some already cooked frozen chicken in the microwave steamer and have a meal in 3 minutes. Mine is from Sistema who have a few sizes of the steamer and lots of other kitchen things, mostly containers.

Glad Press'n'seal is awesome for everything.

I also have a 3-in-1 electric pan thing that can act as a slow cooker, grill, and something else. Oh, apparently a steamer. I like it as a slow cooker but less so as a grill. It's nice that it has a temperature setting. It's not perfect but it's useful.

u/schoenhauser_allee · 2 pointsr/Cooking

For stove top options.. I've seen these things being sold at Asian supermarkets. The slats are aligned with a ring-shaped detachable drip-pan underneath, so the fat wouldn't be dripping onto the flame.
Alternatively, you can try something like a yakiami which I think the Japanese use for grilling fish on the stove. I don't know how well they would work for red meat since the cooking time would be a bit longer.. Probably better to just use a cast iron skillet or a oven-safe pan and do the old sear on stove & finish in oven method.

I personally prefer these for grilling stuff on the table. Great if you have company, and if you feel like making yakiniku or Korean barbecue.

u/andrewsmd87 · 3 pointsr/Cooking

Probably too late, but one of the most fun times I have eating with family/friends/whatever is cooking on a racklette grill. We have this one and it's worth every penny.

Any time we have someone new try it out, they love it. We usually get a little seafood, a steak, and maybe chicken cut up, along with veggies and an assortment of cheeses. Then we all sit around and cook and eat. It's a blast.

u/lavender_ · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

Burt's bees hand salve I got this for my boyfriend. He climbs so his hands get all roughed up and he's a bit "metro" himself, so likes to take care of his hands.

Really fucking nice utility gloves For working on shit.

Bear Grylls survival kit

George Forman grill/bachelor pad's best friend

u/dbatchison · 2 pointsr/GifRecipes

Raclette style grilled cheese. BTW, a Raclette Grill is a great purchase, I love mine for dinner parties

u/Flow_z · 4 pointsr/gainit

I bake it with olive oil. I used to use chicken broth instead but wanted the calories and the texture definitely improved. Perhaps I have a low bar but it always seems perfectly fine by Friday.

Also, I started cooking it more quickly at higher heat and have found this benefits texture and keeps it from drying out.

Also I've only been doing this for about six months so perhaps the appeal will grow tired, but it hasn't yet as long as I switch out other components and condiments.

I want to buy one of those indoor smokeless grills (like this) next.

u/LemmeTasteDatWine · 5 pointsr/BabyBumps

I'm going to rely heavily not on instant food, but instead kitchen appliances of convenience...

  1. George Foreman (Type) Grill... http://www.amazon.com/Serving-Classic-Plate-Electric-Grill/dp/B001NXC65K
    Quesadillas, veggie patties, paninis, and grilled veggies to add to herby pasta or rice are made hot and healthy without heating up the whole house!

  2. Crock Pot...
    Chop up some onion, veggies and/or beans, plug the thing in and have an amazing, slow cooked soup or chili by dinner time!
u/Nizzler · 1 pointr/AskCulinary

The only time I've been served raclette it was with a gizmo like this:


... which was a pretty darn cool presentation

I think I'm going to test the waters with the fondue bowl and graduate to this melter if my crowd seems impressed / intrigued.

u/OrangeJuliusPage · 2 pointsr/Fitness

You are still growing, so I don't see the point of losing weight, since what you are probably looking for is a more favorable body composition.

Also, Mommy's not cooking you the dishes that you'd like? Well, let me be the first of many people in this world to offer you a nice glass of "Harden the Fuck UP." It's what Bruce Lee, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, or any other Fittit role model would tell you.

Cop yourself a part-time job and use some of that discretionary income for a gym membership, multi-vitamins and possibly protein supplements, and some of your own food, especially in the realm of meats, cheeses, and fresh produce.

May I even suggest working in a restaurant? Most places give discounts to employees who eat there. Every place I have ever worked was 50% off if you ate at the store on a day you were scheduled to work, and some places even offer discounts if you come in on your day off. As a bonus you can take meals to go at the end of your shift.

Better yet, learn to cook. It's cheaper, healthier, and chicks dig it. Once again, restaurant work is great for this, so even if you are a busboy or dishwasher, show some initiative and ask to be cross-trained. Plus, any bozo can throw some meat in a pan with some extra virgin olive oil or make some egg-whites the same way. Too lazy to cook your own meat? Foreman grill for $16. That's like 2 hours of work.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I like to think we strive to set the bar higher at Fittit, and since you are almost a man, I am treating you like a Grown Ass Man.

TL,DR-You need to eat better and lift some weights, fool. Acquire currency, muscles and chicks will follow.

u/DasKruth · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is a randomly amazing contest of random amazingness.

Morthy Demands:

Posh Old Englishman in Londontown [Found on "Little Bit of Everything!"]

Oh God! [Found on "Read or GTFO!"]

So phallic right now [Found on "Little Bit of Everything!"]

Akeleie Demands:

Geektastic! [Found on "Read or GTFO!"]

Reach for the Stars! [Found on "Little Bit of Everything!"]

Deserted Island! [Found on Little Bit of Everything!]

This was hilarious to me!

u/crazyerina · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


[This] (http://www.amazon.com/George-Foreman-GR10B-Nonstick-Countertop/dp/B001NXC65K/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=36V58PM2YWEKL&coliid=I22TER2OE687PX) is what I really want & I will tell you why.

My boyfriends parents were coming to visit last weekend. So, in preperations there was a mass cleaning of the appartment for their arrival. We do not have much counter space so my boyfriend put our crock pot & foreman grill in the oven (thinking at the time that it would save space & we would be going out to eat anyway). They leave Sunday. Tuesday night after work I had a headache so I was taking a nap. My boyfriend woke me up saying "Don't be mad..." and I saw black smoke billowing into the bedroom, like our place was on fire. He had forgotten about the items in the oven and began to pre-heat it for a pizza. When the timer never went off he paused the xbox game he was playing & checked why it was taking so long. He had melted our crock pot & george foreman grill! There was not an actual fire, but the smoke from the burnt plastic was overwhelming. I ran to the store and purchased 2 fans to help air it out. It has been three days (with both fans still going) and our apartment still smells like burnt plastic!

I miss my forman grill (RIP little guy!). I cooked everything on that thing!

u/Matthiasad · 3 pointsr/Cooking

I've had this one for a little over 6 months and it works great for me.

Pros: cooks evenly, super easy to use, super easy to take apart and put in the dishwasher, and heats up relatively quick.

Cons: often have to do extra cleaning for those gaps in the grate, cooking surface isn't that big but pictures are accurate (can cook 4 third pound burgers and a couple kabobs or Brats at the same time.)

u/Vanzai · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

pfft... I'm an alien from another planet doing a blog on how Humans live on Planet Earth.... IAMA haha :)

This is Integral for me to simulate Human Spirit and cook and eat like a Human

u/tomhouy · 1 pointr/Cooking

I've had my eye on this one, and have been thinking about getting it:


I like that it doesn't have a grill on the top, since the typical "George Foreman" type grill tends to smash food too much.

I currently have this Sanyo electric grill:


It's inexpensive, and relatively easy to clean. It was also voted the top indoor electric grill on a previous episode of America's Test Kitchen. My main gripe though is it's rather large, and it can be a bit tricky emptying out the drip tray without spilling it.

u/Dsnake1 · 2 pointsr/LibrarianKnights

I'm actually not a big fan of a George Foreman, but it makes sense that outdoor grills tend to cause problems for most people (and are quite expensive). I actually recommend a grill pan (or this one, with the difference being one is enamelled and therefore dishwasher safe), or if you want to get fancy, this guy isn't so bad.

I still recommend the grill pan, as it gives you a bit better control over your heat, but some people don't like them as much. They do miss out on the smokey taste you get from charcoal or wood, but you can get that back with a few drops of liquid smoke (I prefer this one, but there's many cheaper ones out there that still do the job).

Check this out for a bit more information on indoor grilling.

u/ImAtWorkOkay · 1 pointr/Cooking

Ohhh!!!! Me and my boyfriend moved into an apartment last year that doesn't allow grills, so we got an indoor one off amazon by Hamilton Beach paired with a bottle of liquid smoke. Holy hell it's amazing, it leaves nice grill marks, heats up fast, cleans up easy and my boyfriend is stoked he has a grill. They're around ~$65 and plug right into your kitchen outlet with little smoke!

This is the one we got: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KLVY3TW/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_cKAHwbMZJDCS8

u/hellothisisme825 · 1 pointr/Charlotte

ASRock AB350 PRO4 ATX Motherboard-- $80 NIB

Kitchen/Home package deal- $40 obo

Rival 1litre baby fryer- looks like this one kinda. It needs to be cleaned.. It has grease stains and has been loved for a lot of years but we have an air fryer now https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000660VD4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_uP6oDbV3DRZNP ,

George Foreman GR10ABWI Champ Grill. Extra parts missing. Just the grill itself. Clean, used once or twice. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00005851Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_wI6oDb3VRM871

Swiffer and Bissel SteamBoost Mop for Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit. Used about 4-5 times. I expected more for the price? I bought an actual steam Mop on Amazon Day; sadly, for the same price... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FALSCQI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_vS6oDbQT7SP2R

u/wesimplymustknow · 8 pointsr/leangains

For fellow college leangainers:

  • Get the lowest number of meals you can get.

  • Buy this.

  • Buy chicken breast, steaks, fish, etc, in bulk.

  • Buy a scale [electronic, preferably].

  • Measure. Grill. Get swole. Grilling takes 5-6 minutes [maybe 7-8 for thicker cuts]. Benefits? You know exactly what macros you're getting, and no need to worry about it tasting shitty (it'll only taste as bad/good as you make it). PM me if you want some nice, easy marination tips.

  • For carbs, and I've been doing this with great results, get low fat chocolate milk, pasta, potatoes, your favorite cereal, and enjoy.
  • Enjoy.
u/beatitnerd · 1 pointr/Charlotte

Intel G3258 - 30
It was overclocked to 4.4GHz using an Evo 212 Cooler. Comes with an unused stock cooler.

GIGABYTE Radeon R9 270 - 60
It was never overclocked and always ran well.

Cuisinart GR-11 Griddler 3-in-1 Grill and Panini Press - 25
Works fine I just don't use it anymore. It has removable grates which is very nice. Includes an OXO panini press brush.

Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker - 10
Never used.

Fitness Gear 2x6 Folding Exercise Mat - 20
Never used still in the cardboard.

u/Saravi · 1 pointr/Fitness

There's this one.

And this one.

You can Google more or check out your local Target/Wal Mart/any place that sells small appliances.

I have this one. I absolutely love it. Meat, poultry, eggs, pancakes, waffles or French toast (mostly for my kids), toasted sandwiches, grilled veggies. Nothing sticks to it, so I never use any cooking oil.

u/bahnessa28 · 2 pointsr/100DaysofKeto

I know it's not the same a real grill, but I've been using this grill since I live in an apartment and can't use an outdoor grill. This is pretty damn good for an electric grill and a decent price.

u/athorax · 1 pointr/keto

I have an older one of these that works pretty well

u/cullen9 · 7 pointsr/Fitness

There are ways around not having access to a kitchen.

a small rice cooker
can be used for steaming as well as cooking rice.

a slow cooker

a small George Formangreat for sandwiches as well as grilling meat.

an electric skillet

for soups

These 5 would meet most of your cooking needs.

u/oyster_jam · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I got one of these from Walmart for like $50. I use the crap out of it and it's been great.

u/Black_Delphinium · 2 pointsr/JapaneseFood

Aroma Housewares ASP-137 3-in-1 3-Quart Super Pot with Grill Plate, White/Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00024JQ3Q/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_-6CJwbRTFW9DK is a cheapish option.

u/Appletard · 1 pointr/zerocarb

I have this it has a built in fan to keep smoke at bay. I use it a lot and I like it.

u/vinuash · 3 pointsr/RandomKindness


for my roommate and I to use for the upcoming semester, and for me to use until I go back to school to make delicious things.

u/OnceAteABurgerAMA · 2 pointsr/baseball

Seriously, you can get one for $18 on Amazon.

Those things got me through college. It's literally just like another kitchen utensil like the stovetop, microwave, or oven. It's just a mini grill. When I was a teenager and worked in a concession stand we made hot dogs on one of those and would cook 20 at a time.

u/imforserious · 1 pointr/LosAngeles

This works alright on the stove. Just make sure it fits flat on your grates.


u/Oranges13 · 3 pointsr/100DaysofKeto

It's PRIME DAY TODAY TOO! Here's some of the deals I have found for keto stuff, get them while they last

Spiralizer - https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00AW3B5MM

Scale - https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00M8FXDIQ

Indoor Electric Grill - https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00H4O1L9Y

Mandoline - https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00ZDVUWK4

Running Belt - https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00F01E3PC

Pressure Cooker - https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00FLYWNYQ

Crockpot - https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B004P2NG0K

Headlamp - For running at night (also great for working under the sink) https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B019G650A8/

u/CTH1990 · 6 pointsr/zerocarb

What about a small "george foreman"-style electric grill or griddle to cook meat in the hotel room? Salted meat in a mini-fridge overnight to tenderize, then throw on the grill. Something like this-


u/RV_Insanity · 2 pointsr/Mariners

There are much much cheaper options like this or this

u/sebert14 · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Take tupperware to the dining hall. Hit up the salad bar for avocado, hard boiled eggs, and nuts. Mine salad bar also regularly had grilled chicken slices. You should also see if they ever have fish such as salmon. If they're adding a sauce to it, ask for it without (if they haggle you, tell them you're allergic).

Heads up, if you have a no take out policy, put everything on a plate and fill the tupperware at your table.

You can also consider a surely illegal in the dorms George Foreman Grill for $20 and grill yourself some meats. Amazon fresh or grocery store delivery like Peapod may make your shopping easier.

u/bluemeep · 1 pointr/Cooking

I bought one of these electric numbers a few weeks back and have been pleasantly surprised with it. I haven't tried anything thicker than burgers yet, but the smoke has been virtually non-existent.

u/OhNo-RequiresEffort · 6 pointsr/grilling

Everybody else went straight to scam... but.....
I looked it up for reviews on amazon


Apparently it isnt horrible. And there are many versions out there that seem to work.

I don't know the quality of the brand you linked, but in general these types of grills seem to have decent reviews for what they are

other versions
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BZ412HT/ and


u/noc007 · 3 pointsr/sysadmin

Skip that foolishness and get a real one that runs off the mains: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LU2HXRK/

If power is a problem, get a portable butane stove and a pan to cook with: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000OC0AWW/ This uses a standard 8oz butane can.

For the sake of keeping the peace in your office, I recommend cooking that in the break room.

u/sean_incali · 2 pointsr/Cooking

Those are called Grill pan or Griddle pans. They're used to make grill marks on steaks and so on.

What he means is stovetop grills.

Namely this, or this.

u/AustrianReaper · 1 pointr/hookah


Something along the lines of this. But I have a really cheap one (like $15). The heat wires are exposed so it's perfect for lighting coal.

u/vvortex3 · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

I am also seeing that I could use a smokeless grill + camper shell to grill from a parking lot without anyone even knowing.

Power Smokeless Grill

Powering it from a vehicle would be a pain.

Could also try these gas powered Korean BBQs meant for indoor use and to reduce smoke: