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u/silicon_reverie · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Verizon is the real kicker here, as they typically don't play well with others (refusing to whitelist devices they can't control) and thus manufacturers don't have a reason to make "universal" CDMA & GSM devices with all the requisite radios. Even the Nexus 5 that can cross over to Sprint won't go near Big Red. Your proposed Nexus 6 is the big exception to this rule (though you still have to trick Verizon into accepting the device), and its universality is part of the reason it received so much fanfare at launch. Great choice, and feel free to ask me any questions you have about Shamu, as I'm currently using it as my daily driver.

Because of Verizon's lack of compatible selection, my advice is to instead give your wife's Thunderbolt a shot in the arm and wait until the carrier switch to upgrade. You mentioned that the phone isn't doing so well right now; would you mind elaborating on the biggest concerns? $6 to $20 will get her a new (and larger) battery through Amazon, and Sony's microSD card range is all heavily discounted today, including this 32GB model for under $16. Replacing parts is mostly painless. If it's a software bug or the processor showing its age when tasked with running newer games, there are ROMs and resets you can try... but I'm guessing you're already on top of that given your use of CM.

When it comes to new devices, a lot depends on your price point and target carrier(s).

The /r/Nexus5 (no longer in stock on Play, but still available elsewhere) works with every carrier except Verizon, and is a good low-cost device that gives you the flexibility to jump ship for cheaper plans when/if they become available. If buying used, make sure to find one originally purchased from the Play Store so that all carriers will have its IMEI whitelisted. Also, check for a clean IMEI/ESN to make sure outstanding bills are paid, the device wasn't stolen, and thus you won't have trouble with blacklists. The battery isn't the best (and does have a finite lifespan), but replacement is still an option if you don't mind getting your hands (a little) dirty. For an easier fix, there's a new Kickstarter that packs an external battery and microSD card slot into a bumper case.

Then there's the /r/Nexus6, but you've already done your research on that one.

If you're looking forward to the carrier-hopping nature of the Google Nova service, I would stick with the two Google phones - they have all the necessary radios, easily modified firmware, and are likely launch candidates.

T-Mobile-only opens up your options a bit (as would AT&T). The OnePlus One can give you a clean Nexus-like experience at half the cost (if you're lucky enough to get an invite), and works on both GSM carriers. Every Motorola phone produced this year is top notch, with the Moto E and G being crowd favorites for the budget conscious. LG also has some great handsets at the lower end of the spectrum, but it would be helpful to know what you're looking for in terms of price, camera, battery, storage, etc., before narrowing down the field and really making a case for one device over another.

As you said, the HTC flip clock has many copycats on the Play Store, some of which are very convincing. Be sure to run the full permissions through the creep test before installing (scroll to the bottom and click "permission details" instead of reading the abbreviated list in the "install" popup), but this sounds like a great option.

Also for your consideration:

You mentioned both T-Mobile and Google Nova (Sprint + T-Mobile) in your post, so I'm obligated to at least point out /r/Ting: the original Sprint + T-Mobile MVNO.

Depending on your average use, the rates are incredibly competitive (I personally dropped to an average bill of $20 after switching from the grandfathered unlimited plan you're on now). No contracts, same coverage (Sprint | T-Mo) and device selection as on the parent carriers, and far superior customer service (about which I could ramble for days - they're the only company I actually enjoy calling for help, yet I never need to).

As a bonus, there are hundreds of $25 referral codes floating around the net (including mine: that practically pay for your first month's service, but you should definitely ask around to your friends and family first because both you and the referrer get the bonus.

The best-bang-for-your-buck Ting-able Sprint phones right now are the Nexus 5, LG Volt, Sharp AQUOS Crystal, and Motorola Moto G (Boost Mobile version | Sprint Prepaid version), but the main list is here with the majority of unofficially supported ones listed in this post from the subreddit.

But like I said, it would be helpful to know:

  • what you're looking for in a carrier
  • the importance you place on being able to take your phone from carrier to carrier with you
  • How passable the Thunderbolt is for the near-term
  • and what features you need in your new device

    I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the Nexus 6 and/or Ting as well. Good luck on your hunt for the perfect carrier and device!
u/Frigzy · 1 pointr/videography

First post here, I've basicly spent the last couple of days researching/buying gear around your price point. I already possessed a Zoom H1, but since you can use your phone for that purpose, I'd say we're about in the same boat.

I'd personally recommend you to check out four primary options. If the newest model is too pricey, it might be worthwhile to check out the older versions.

  1. Panasonic FZ300: Great Zoom, 4k video at the lowest possible price point afaik, great usability, decent stabilization, external mic input, flipable screen in all directions, decent built in mic, DSLR.
    Downside: Bulky.
    Honestly, I'm confident that this is probably the best camera out there for video right now, at least at its price point. However, if portability is a must, this one simply doesn't cut it.
  2. Panasonic G7: Similar deal to the FZ300. I didn't find too many differences overall though. 4K, external mic, decent stabilization etc. Less zoom capabilities though. Also, it is more compact than the FZ300. It's a mirrorless camera, but it's also a bit more pricey than the FZ300. If size is a factor, this is a better choice. Also stills will be better with this one.
  3. Sony RX100 ii: Great camera which does everything you wouldn't expect from this size. Very good image and video quality for its price point and unbeatable portability. However, no interchangeable lenses and due to its size, lacking duration on video due to overheating hazards. If you're looking to shoot for extended periods, the larger the better and panasonic is definitely your go-to. However if you prefer ease of use and a compact feel. This is the way to go.
  4. Sony A5100: My personal choice at the end of the day. It's a very similar story to the RX100ii, but as opposed to the RX, this one has all the latest from sony. Massive sensor which means great low light performance and overall very high quality footage. New XAVC S codec for higher quality video. Both of these at a reasonable price point while enabling the use of interchangable lenses. Also, I just think this baby is way more charming than the RX series. However, it's definitely known to overheat over longer duration video shooting, it has no external mic input, no in built stabilization, no EVF and no shoe to mount stuff on. I didn't find these to be capable of weighing up to its potential though, especially with a pancake lens. I've got great portability, one of the best low light and video cameras at the price point. I actually figured out that I can bypass all of the problems it faces by buying myself an external recording device. Sure, this costs as much as the camera itself, but the benefits the camera offers are unbeatable at the price point, and if I enjoy myself enough up to a point where I want to invest more, I can just remove all the negatives and stay at the top in terms of quality AND portability, since the external recorder is equally portable.

    I haven't gone over the full details for all of them, but if any of them interest you in particular, just find some reviews and you'll get a good idea of what they're all about. Also, some are a bit over your budget, but I don't know how tight your finances are so I figured I'd just give you my take.

    Lastly, definitely don't forget audio as mentioned in the thread already. A lav mic will get your far since you can use it with the panasonics or your phone.

    Hope this has been more than just a rant. Good luck!
u/FunnyBunny1313 · 2 pointsr/DSLR

Yeah, the amazon kits, for the most part, are just junk, and the stuff you do really want is bad quality. It's substantially better to get stuff as you get more experience.

For a camera, I definitely think that you are good with a t6i or t7i. I agree with the other poster to make sure that you get an "i" because they have the swivel screen that makes life so much easier. After a quick check, you could get this referbed t6i for about $500 which is not bad. Don't worry about it coming with a kit lens, sometimes those lenses can be useful, and for the most part, since it is an "amateur" camera, they are hard to find body only. So you should be good there.

I'm not entirely sure what the "tutorial" mode is, but really do read up on the exposure triangle. It's not super difficult (there are TONS of great graphics that help explain it), and it will make your photos/videos SO much better because you will be in control, and more aware of the capabilities and limitations of your camera than if you shoot in a mode that's not manual.

Also a few quick notes about filming with DSLRs that you aren't going to see if you just look at photography sources. One, try your darnest to always shoot ISO 100 when filming. Bumping the ISO in pictures is fine because the grain is either not recognizable or is easy to remove in photos, but it is SUPER noticeable and hard to remove in video. This is because the grain changes every frame, effectively animating it. The other thing is that if you shoot higher than 60 fps, you might end up wanting to add motion blur or something because the video might look a little odd. On the contrary, for photos you'll probably want to shoot more like 200 so that handshake doesn't introduce motion blur.

The other thing that is SUPER IMPORTANT for video and just like "nice to have" for photos is a good memory card that has a high write speed. This is the one that I personally use. If the memory card doesn't have a high write speed, then your camera will just stop recording because the write speed of the memory card can't keep up with the data coming from the camera.

Also, side note, there are tons of articles that will say that canons can't shoot more than 12 minutes of video at a time because it exceeds the 4gb file size (which it can't go past due to stupid copyright laws. I don't get it either). This isn't entirely true. All the canons that I have dealt with (everything from a t3i to 70D) record fine past the 12 minute mark, just when they get done recording it will split it into 4gb files. Only one canon have I ever seen ALWAYS shut done at the 12 minute mark no matter what, so I suspect it was just broken. However, even with my own trusted camera that I have never had problems recording more than 12 minutes has recently stopped at about 30mins (my guess had to do write speeds), so just always be aware.

As far as lighting kits go, this one is pretty good for a beginer. Most people do a basic 3 point lighting which is probably fine enough for what you want to do. So with that in mind, and since you want to do green screen, you might want to get 2 of those kits. The key to doing green screen is to have a really well- and evenly- lit screen. TBH you really don't need to get a green screen kit unless you just want to. All it really is, is just a large piece of fabric anchored in such a way so that there are no wrinkles. Of course, the kits are nicer, but you may want to see if you can DIY that part.

As for a tripod, this one is probably fine for what you want to do. Just keep in mind that if you continue to do more in video/photography you will probably need to get a better one later on. I personally have one like this that I use like as a back-up, so they aren't a complete waste of money.

Hopefully this helps! If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

u/stevetacos · 1 pointr/htcone

If you have specific use questions, like you use the camera a lot or care about sound I can address those too, but I think this should cover most things.


Regarding your build question


The design is still really sharp, the 10 has a bezeled back and then is slightly curved. Not the smooth curved shape on the m8. I still like but it's definitely different. I'm using this case now and it basically feels the same as the m8 did.


I was originally attracted to the m8 because of the build quality, back when the flagship Samsung phones were plastic. The s7/s7 edge are now metal, similar to HTC's flagship line and they were the other phones I explored when updating. Because of this change the only major issues I have with the S7/S7 Edge is Samsung's OS overlay on top of Android (oh also their misplaced 'back' button). I used to use Nexus phones and HTC is probably the closest you can get to barebones Android on Verizon without flashing a rom, which right now you cant do on your own on a Verizon HTC 10. (Note I don't use the stock launcher so blinkfeed is not present).


Anyway..on to what you came for.


Major Changes


  • These include the USB-C charger. I have a ton of micro-usb cables which are now obsolete so you may have to snag a couple extra wires. But more importantly the phone and wall charger it comes with use Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 which takes your battery from empty to full in about 1 hour which is awesome. Battery, as you'd imagine is one of my biggest concerns and this definitely helps with that, but I'll go more into the battery in a minute.


  • Other build based issues include the relocation of the headphone jack from the bottom of the m8 to the top on the 10. When I place my phone in my pocket (front right) it is oriented with the top of the phone facing toward the ground so that I can pull it out with it being right-side up, that's a bit annoying now, but not the end of the world for me.


  • They also moved the power button to the right, just below the volume buttons, this took a little getting used to but I now don't find it uncomfortable and it allows me to take a screen shot with one finger.


  • The fingerprint scanner is a fast easy way to unlock your phone and I've found the scanner/home button to be comfortable.


  • Oh! I amost forgot, one of the most important things for me was expandable storage. The 10 supports up to a 2 TB microSD card which I don't think even exist currently. You can set the SD card such that the phone treats the space as part of the internal drive so now "move to SD" issues are nonexistent. I snagged this 128gb card for about $70 you can find cheaper ones if you're okay with a slower card. I wanted to go with the UHS-1 3 card which has speed enough for 4K video and I figured if it's working as part of the internal system I didn't want it to be slowed down by my choice of SD Card (not sure this is a thing).



    I was nervous with my decision just after I made the purchase. My biggest concern being battery life. The S7 and S7 Edge have been shown to have at least slightly better battery life (the edge even more so) than the HTC 10. It was maybe an hour longer on the S7 and a couple on the Edge, I can find the real numbers if you want.


    But ast forward a little, after using the phone for a couple of weeks I have less concern. Even with playing way too much Pokemon Go it hasn't been a huge issue. I can get the exact numbers if you want but I think While playing Pokemon Go with medium to high brightness and the screen always on it's slightly under 1%/minute. The phone battery really shines with it's incredibly low battery drain while the phone is unused for extended periods of time. It uses only 3-4% total while I'm sleeping.


    My general biggest concern regarding battery life is how I expect it to look a year or two from now. So if it's cutting it close today then a year from now it could be in real trouble. I'm mildly concerned with this still but there are QuickCharge 3.0 battery packs and I'm never too far from an outlet. Unfortunately there isn't data on battery life at the 1 year/2 year mark. FWIW I opted to not trade it in for the $35 restocking fee to switch to the S7 Edge.


    Other issues:

  • The 10 lacks a native music player which was a little annoying. The reason apparently being that they're trying to minimize extra apps and want you to use Play Music and other Google things. I just downloaded a simple player from the play store which even lets me edit song data which I couldn't before so that's cool.


  • The phone also does not come with headphones in the US. Apparently they're decent earbuds. I have other sets I use and over-ear headphones so I wasn't forced to purchase any separately. When you first plug in headphones you have the option of setting up a sound profile for them which was actually pretty nifty setting up the phones output to work with my specific headphones it came out sounding really good.


    If you have any questions I can go into other things. I'm assuming this is way more than you wanted already.



    TL;DR - Go for it. I've been enjoying it so far.

u/JulieGrenn · 1 pointr/WeddingPhotography

So here is my wishlist for Camera things I sent my husband:

Think Tank Bag

I actually just got this for our anniversary on Halloween and it's freaking amazing. I love Think Tank everything because a) they're so incredibly thoughtful in their design and b) they're made incredibly well. This bag is replacing the current bag I carry JUST lenses and accessories in on the wedding day. On that note their rollerbag is what I use to carry everything and it's also amazing.

Helios Lens

This is basically a trash russian lens that provides really interesting bokeh and intense, awesome sun flare.


I have one of these already, there's a lot of reviews about camera straps, but as a woman it's been the most comfortable strap I've had. I have the American Bison one, it's very soft and incredibly well made. I get compliments on it at weddings all the time, it looks super professional!

Apple Watch

So nice for checking time, texting, and keeping track of timelines on the day of. I love it.


If she needs any computer upgrades that would be a great option too. I need a new mouse because mine is a piece of shit, but monitors, monitor calibration, wacom tablet, etc could be nice too.

All the Microfiber cloths, batteries and SD cards

I buy all these things like candy every season. You can really never have enough of any of them.

As far as her home studio, the first thing I would look at is her chair. Art is nice and everything, but loving her chair and workspace makes such a huge difference. It's hard sitting ALL DAY, my back and neck hurt after a full day. I re-did most of my office and bought a bunch of plants and a new desk and it's made my days much better. Next purchase is a chair.

Hope this helps! I'm sure she'll love whatever you get her :).

u/cptdungle · 3 pointsr/Filmmakers

Well, If filmmaking and video is your goal with these cameras I wouldn't recommend either.

If you're just starting and serious about video production here's a pretty effective starter kit that's just a tad over your $400 budget.

[Camera: Canon Vixia HF R400] (
This is a decent starter camera. It's got a decent range of focal lengths, optical stabilization, microphone input, progressive frame-rates and most of all designed with video in mind. You'll need a SD Card

I noticed the cameras you picked resembles DSLRs but keep in mind that these in particular are not and with fixed lenses which defeats the purpose of having DSLR for video. Trust me, learn how to be effective with a camcorder first! Then, when your skill requires more artistic control you can upgrade.

[Microphone:] (
Having clean audio is probably the most important part filmmaking! The key is to get the mic as close to your subject as possible and away from your camera. You'll need a cable. If you need to mount it to your camera use this [bracket.] ( This bracket will also help keep the camera stabilized when you go handheld.

Keep in mind this won't deliver perfect audio but it will be a MASSIVE improvement to the on board microphone and learning how to record with decent audio in mind is your first step into becoming a pro.

[Lighting:] (
Lighting is EXTREMELY important. A couple of these can lights will not only help with your image quality but put in you in the right direction for learning how to properly light your scene. You could start with daylight equivalent CFL bulbs.

[Tripod:] (
You NEED a tripod. This one is cheap and cheerful. Looping the ends of a couple rubber brands around the pan handle and the other end around your finger will help deliver some smoother pans!

Total: $425/£258

Some things to keep in mind:

  • These are far from pro tools but if all used in conjuncture you can deliver a much more effective production than just merely using a camera on a tripod.

  • Build a crew of friends. Although you can "one man band" it I don't recommend it because one of coolest things about film is that it's almost always a group effort towards an artistic goal!

  • Most importantly, the equipment are just tools. They don't tell the story; you do! Your film/video is only as powerful as the story you want to tell!

    Best of luck to you!

    edit: formatting
u/AShavedApe · 2 pointsr/bmpcc

Hmm, alrighty.

• First you'll need a nice micro four-thirds lens. Since the BMPCC has a crop factor of around 3x, you'll need a pretty wide lens to get a reasonable focal length. I'd recommend either:

  1. Panasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7

  2. Panasonic Lumix G 14mm f/2.5

    Either of these lenses would be nice portrait length lenses on the camera and will give you a nice shallow depth of field. The first will give you shallower depth and will be a bit more tightly zoomed. Both of these will fall into the 50mm range which is ideal for a first lens and are rather sharp.

    • I'm not sure what memory card you've already bought but it should be something like this. There's enough space for a decent shoot and it's fast enough to record RAW if you want to delve into the true hype of the camera. The image is incredible either way.

    • Because the camera is so light, you may need something sturdy to attach it to. Tripods that are worth anything at all are a bit pricey but they will last a long long time and if you bargain on one you might not get a steady shot at all. This is the best budget tripod I've found to be honest. It isn't dirt cheap but you'll be glad you have it. If you want to do handheld stuff, please at least use something to weigh it down or your footage will tear and look awful. Slide all the legs in and use this badboy as a monopod!

    That should about do it! The tripod and the SD card are both future-proof and you can use these into the foreseeable ether of time. The lenses are great too and will serve you well until you can get a nice set. I chose a prime over a zoom because, honestly, learning with a prime is infinitely better. Sometimes being a bit limited helps you understand what you're doing a bit more. Also, images are always sharper on primes.
u/NHarvey3DK · 3 pointsr/Panasonic_G80_G85

I've traveled to quite a few places with my kit lens. It's pretty damn good.

You still have time to fill out the rest of your stuff, if needed:


Singh-Ray Filters makes a "ColorCombo LB" filter. Works like wearing a pair of polarized GOOD quality sunglasses outdoors. I never took it off. Excellent quality and helped when the sky was overexposed and when I generally wanted to get a more intense color.


Your kit lens will be more than fine for anything during the day. But at night is different. The kit is meh at night. You definitely want something to capture night time. Maybe some star time lapses? Those are always cool.

Leica 15mm F1.7 My wallet hurt when I bought this, but to be honest, it's on my camera more than it's not. It makes the night look amazing. The quality is awesome too.

Panasonic 25mm f1.7 - compared to the "nifty fifty" on a full frame (25mm*2=50mm). This is our "go-to" as a second lens (for day and/or night), but to get an idea of how 'zoomed in' it is, take your kit lens and rotate it to "25mm". That's how this lens is. Too much for me, but it's still worth mentioning.

Panasonic 45-150mm f4.0-5.6 - I just bought this lens from Amazon Warehouse for $100. It's very well built and serves it's purpose (when I want to zoom in on something far away).


If you want a better microphone get the Videomic Pro+. The difference between this and the others are that the mic turns on/off automatically when the camera turns on/off and it has a USB rechargeable battery.


Speaking of extra batteries, you're going to want more. There are three types: cheap non-decoded, cheap decoded, and OEM (which are decoded).

Non-decoded means you won't know how much battery you have left in the camera. Obviously that's dumb. Spend a little more and get decoded. I really like these OAproda 2 pack + charger. No battery lasts as long as the OEM, but it's close enough. Plus, the OAproda charger is much thinner than the others and charges via USB.

SD Cards:

I love these SanDisk Extreme Pro. I purchased the 128gb because I NEVER want to be in a position that I can ever possibly run out of space.

You'll want a way to copy the files to your pc. This Transcend USB 3.0 works amazingly, and it's $9 for a two pack.

External Drive:

You WILL run out of space on your laptop. You can either purchase 3-4 SD cards, or you can get an external HDD. Each has it's pros and cons.

Battery Pack / cables:

Whether it's your phone / headphones / batteries / tablet / whatever, I suggest the Anker PowerCore. These things are beasts. One of these made sure I was able to fly from here to Australia without worrying about battery levels.

You'll also want to carry extra wires. Whether MicroUSB, USB-C, or Lightening, I would never use anything else but Anker PowerLine

International Charger:
I used the BESTEK Travel Adapter and loved it. Plenty of ports to charge stuff on. It has a small fan (to keep it cool) that some people say bothers them, but I'm the lightest sleeper and it didn't bother me. Barely heard it.

u/HybridCamRev · 2 pointsr/Filmmakers

u/sutrix123 - for short films with a $400 budget, your phone is probably your best bet.

You can significantly improve your phone's video image quality by downloading FiLMiC Pro from iTunes or Google Play.

This app will allow you to control aspect ratio, white balance, exposure, resolution and frame rates - turning your phone into a pretty good approximation of a camcorder.

FiLMiC Pro was used for this recent feature film shot entirely on iPhones:

u/possiblydaydreaming · 4 pointsr/dogs

It's not problem! I love photography & talking about it :) I'm just a hobbyist and have had the 6D for about 2 years... but took a year off from photography after my recently passed dog sick and I lost the desire. Puppy is helping bring it back :) I just did nature stuff before... so I'm learning how the heck to photograph moving puppies.

Oooh, I bought the 1.8 just a few days ago specifically for puppy pics (yeah, I'm obsessed!) because I read it had one of the fastest AF and I agree, it's the fastest I've used. I noticed a difference in my captured shots immediately! It focuses SUPER FAST. The 6D is known to be a bit funky with the AF system but I believe the 7D is great and often used for sports? So maybe picking up that lens would give you the bokeh you love with better AF. :) I really want to get into photographing shelter dogs someday. Puppy is good practice!

I also shoot in raw. I also picked up a new SD card that allows photos to write much faster to the disk and helps with burst shots. I was using a pretty generic one before and picked this one up and I have to agree it is writing faster to the disk now.

I do... well, Missy does have an insta! It's HelloMissMissy. Fair warning, it's just photos of her and I post way too much :P

u/kelsor815 · 3 pointsr/Filmmakers

Not an expert either, but I'll give suggestions anyhow.

Camera: I currently have a T2i, it does everything I'd ever want when it comes to that "line" of Canons. The T3i and T4i don't seem that worth it for an upgrade to me. The hardware is the same, and I don't NEED a swivel screen, or touch screen. You may be different, so keep that in mind. That all being said, the T3i body is a good deal.

Lens - I don't personally use this, but I've heard nothing but good from it. Not much more to say I guess. If you want a zoom lens for more versatility during these shows, but it's all relative. I get by at the moment with a nifty 50mm.

Memory Card- I have the 16 gig version of this, and it's been reliable so far.

Audio Recorder- This is where there may be controversy. Most, if not all, people on this subreddit, suggest the Zoom recorder. Its more expensive, so it's up to you. Based on reviews, they are basically the same.

Microphone- Not sure if you WANT this. It depends on what "live audio" you want to record. If its a loud concert, getting audio to sound good will be extremely difficult. The loud volumes, and usually boosted lows, don't make for the best sounding live recording. Recording off a mic isn't the best in any live situation in a venue anyway. If this is the only thing you'd use a mic for, then I may hold back if I were you, if you know you can get a direct line-in to your Tascam recorder. That is the best solution. If not, the mic is great and I recommend it.

Rig Setup- Might want to make a PVC stabilizer, but try and make it look as classy as possible, to look professional (Is that possible with PVC?) If you want to record your Mic audio to your recorder, you'll need this and this to let the DSLR hold both at the same time. You'll need a couple quarter inch converters too. Maybe an XLR as well, if you want to get direct audio feed from whatever the venue is playing.

I think I typed enough. And I probably forgot about something. Anyway, try and make sense of my wall of text, hope it helps.

Edit: Forgot to say, this'll add up to about $1450 if I did my math right. Not including shipping and stuff.

u/abluecolor · 2 pointsr/themountaingoats

Of course!!

It's a bit of an investment, but the equipment I used was the Zoom H4n Pro. Did some research and the Zoom H4n has been a standard for awhile- phenomenal device, and they recently put out an updated model (the Pro) which is identical save for some upgrades to the guts inside (the preamps and the onboard mics). I plan on using it for many years to come.

I took nigelewan's advice and set the h4n in my shirt pocket- it fits snug and perfectly. I kinda hated how it sticks out a bit- the mics are silver and shiny so I have to imagine JD notices it, but the fact that he's currently binging Grateful Dead tapes makes me feel a bit better. Still, I kinda want to paint them black or something. Not sure if that's possible though. The shininess is definitely gaudy, but oh well.

Try to position yourself as close to a speaker as possible. Your recording will end up being what the room at large hears mixed with the crowd audio from around you and also feintly capture JD if he goes off mic which is awesome.

The h4n has a bunch of quality options- I did some research and opted for 24bit/48khz . Apparently that's a sweet spot of making the bass sound really nice and juicy and being high quality but still allowing for a lot of recording time (depending on how big a card you get. I used this 32g card. I used a fresh pair of batteries for each show since I didn't want to take any risks.

You have to set the mic level- I was pretty freaking close to some speakers and it seemed like between 20-35 was the good spot. 20 for most songs, and I'd try to turn it up a few notches when a quieter one came on (and then I'd often forget to turn it back down for the subsequent songs so they'd be louder haha).

Wish you the best of luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.

u/BillyTheRatKing · 3 pointsr/photography

SD Cards

According to Canon's website, the t3i can record about 22 minutes to an 8GB SD card. So a 32GB card should be about 88 minutes.

When shopping for an SD card I would always suggest a name brand for reliability. For your specific camera, any card labeled SD/SDHC/SDXC should be compatible. For shooting 1080P video you want at least Class 10 speeds (the little C with a 10 in it). Faster cards are still backwards compatible.

I would suggest something like this SanDisk 32GB Class 10. And I'd probably buy a couple, you never want to be without a spare card!


I'm no expert when it comes to video lighting, I only do photography, and even then I'm not an expert. But as a techie, before buying expensive lights, I would just try to use some LED light bulbs in those stands you already have as they're a standard lamp socket, to get more light and less heat.

Perhaps something like these 20W bulbs? You can try any bulb as long as it has an E26/E27 base is no more than 45 watts.

Something like these LED flood lights might work since they're directional, but they're probably too wide to fit with the umbrellas on.


Getting that bokeh may be difficult. There are five factors that affect background blur, one of which is sensor size, obviously you're not going to buy a new camera, so the sensor size is a fixed value.

To get more background blur you need one or more of the following, a lower fstop on your lens, a higher focal length, to get as close to your subject as possible, and to get the background as far away as possible. So your desire for a wider lens is conflicting with your desire for background blur, and it sounds like space is an issue.

Additionally, since you have a crop sensor camera, lenses are really more zoomed (by 1.6x) in than they would be on a full frame sensor. So your kit lens, I assume goes down to 18mm? So on your camera that is more like 29mm (about the same as a smartphone camera).

I don't necessarily know if I would recommend a wide lens for your application since it will lead to less background blur and will exaggerate facial features when up close, as shown in this example. Although background blur may be impossible if you're in a cramped space anyhow. So if you're going to attempt a wide angle lens, the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 looks like the best, most affordable option (I use Nikon gear myself, so I don't have personal experience), which is equivalent to a 16mm-29mm on your camera. However, that fstop number is higher than both your kit lens and 50mm, which means it lets in less light, which could be an issue.


Hopefully that information was useful and not too confusing. Feel free to ask for clarification if needed. Good luck!

u/bondjaybond · 1 pointr/Filmmakers

As a Youtuber who's invested in the wrong gear before the right gear, here's a quality list that I've found works for my needs and will likely be great for you.


Panasonic GH4: This is a great camera that shoots 4K. If you are shoot in 4K, downscale to 1080p, you have the option to reframe and zoom into a closer shot without losing quality. It has a flip out screen so you can see yourself, focus peaking to show you on screen if you're in focus, and can record longer clips (in select modes) than the Canon T3i to make syncing easier. This camera is also great for when you want to deliver in 4K one day.

AC Power adapter: No worrying about batteries for the indoor shooting. $20


Panasonic 12-35mm: Versatile lens that gives you great range. $1000

14-42 kit lens: Cheaper alternative. $120


Zoom H4N: Great recorder for your mics. Monitor each mic's level independently. $250

Rode NTG-2: Shotgun mic. $270

Sennheiser Wireless Lav: Expensive, but great quality. $640

Audio Technica ATR-3350s: Cheap corded lavs with long wires. $30

You'll need one long XLR cable, a light stand to use for the boom, and some kind of shotgun mic shock mount. $60 for all.


3-light softbox kit: Great kit, been using it for a year with no issues. I don't use the over head light, as I don't have the space. I can use the light stand to boom or for another light. $170

Neewer CN-160: Small LED light to help light certain situations or to use as a hair light. $30


Manfrotto Tripod w/Fluid Head: Great set up, worth the investment, but there are cheaper alternatives. $350

Memory Card

64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro: Great card which will allow for smooth 4K recording. $100


If you have any questions about any of this gear, let me know and good luck with everything!

u/Jespy · 2 pointsr/3DS

Hori Screen Protectors - easy to apply and gives you the assurance of not scratching your screen.

Better Stylus - the one that comes with the 3ds is fine but I find getting a better stylus works wonders when playing a stylus heavy games. Rocketfish sells stylus similar to the ones that came with the dsi xl in packs of 2 and I think can still be found at bestbuy.

Carrying case - if you like bringing your 3ds around for streetpass then putting it in a carrying case and tossing it into a bag will prevent wear and damaged to the system itself. I'm currently using a Hori carrying case and I find it pretty handy and it can hold 3 games.

Bigger SD card - if you plan on downloading from the e-shop then a nice 32gb sd card is great.

Assist grip - coolclown makes a nice assist grip that I find really comfortable if you plan on using your 3ds for long periods of time.

Crystal clear case - some people don't like the extra bulk but I like them for protecting the outside of the 3ds. If you purchased a limited edition 3ds then a hori tpu casing doesn't add too much bulk and protects your handheld.

u/zipzupdup · 1 pointr/videography

A question before I start; will you be using an editor to sync things up in post or would you rather take things together(audio and video) and have them all sorted out at one time?

Here's a list of things that I think would be beneficial, but not an encompassing list. If you're trying to go for a cheap list that could still get the job done, I find that these items have decent reviews on Amazon and websites and they do offer a good starting point for a budget.

  1. The Camera: Canon EOS M2 ($250)

    I feel like the Canon EOS M2 would be a strong contender. It is actually a mirrorless camera that has the same sensor as that of the more expensive T3i. Due to it's lack of popularity with photographers due to the slower autofocus, it has seen multiple price reductions. Although it contains autofocusing issues in the photography modes, it's video modes are what really helps this camera out. You have a good starting lens with an 18-55mm lens, which may be wide enough for that room at 18, but it could even be close enough for a closer image. You can even be more technical and add in other features. Also this camera has a direct mic-in line for use of an external mic, like the shotgun mic below.

  2. The Audio: Zoom H1 Portable Audio Recorder $99 OR TAKSTAR SGC-598 $29.99

    Audio is key here. You want to be able to hear the pastor as he gives sermons, so you have two general models. You can place the portable recorder closer to him, giving you crisp audio at a very minimal distance, or you can attach a shotgun microphone to the camera and pick it up from a distance further away. The only thing is, would you rather have the camera do it all for you or would you rather have to sync up the audio in editing? The Zoom mic is nice because you can purchase one of these ($21.38) and mic the pastor up before service to give a very crisp lapel audio.

  3. The SD Cards: Sandisk 64GB 80mb/s ($22.49)

    This should be a given.

  4. Power and Adapters: AC Adapter ($15.50) OR 2-Pack Spare Batteries($28.99)

    You can choose to have it either plugged in the whole time during recording, or you can have it run off of batteries. Your personal preference.

  5. Tripod: AmazonBasics 60" tripod ($23.49)

    You requested a tripod for the ease of use.

    Given that you live in the US, after taxes, you're essentially looking at a $500 setup for all of that equipment. That may not be the best equipment for people or even be suggested by anyone else here, but that is just my $0.02.

    Source: Use the EOS M1 and most of the gear listed.
u/RaptorMan333 · 2 pointsr/videography

Batteries - $22 - - Always used these and they've never let me down. G7 lasts a good 5-6 hrs of shooting, but another battery can get me through an entire day.

Luckily for audio stuff, audio isn't much of a concern, but if you need something, the VideoMicro is only around $50.

Bag choices are endless and i really cant recommend one simply because there are so many options. Look at B&H or amazon. I use the Lowepro Transit Sling (around $35) when i'm traveling. In general, lowepro makes a ton of good options that aren't crazy. I also love the Canon 100DG or 200DG bag for something a little bit bigger

For lighting there are a couple ways to go. On the ultra cheap side, you can essentially DIY a lighting setup using home depot clamp lights and/or work lights. But that's like emergency level broke. You're better off just saving up and picking up either a few budget LED panels or I also REALLY like the older Lowell Pro light kits that you can get used. They're tungsten hard light kits but are great as a solo shooter. I picked up a 4 light (200w/each) kit on ebay with stands, gels, diffusion, case, etc, for around $200. For LED panels, i recommend looking at the Yongnuo YN300iii. It's $60 but it's better than most LED options under $100. Keep in mind that you will need a stand ($20) and batteries ($20).

For memory, pretty much any UHS-1 speed card from a major manufacturer will work. You can get away with 32gb but you'll probably just want to pony up for a 64gb. It's up to you though. I use various sandisks. Here is a good one -

I'll keep adding stuff as i think of it

u/mjconns · 1 pointr/travel

I'm one of those people that carries a lot of DSLR gear with me. I take a Nikon D800 and 3-4 lenses. You can check out my most recent travel album here. Photography is my passion, so I can't bring myself to take less. I love it and want to take loads of pictures. So for me, it makes sense. However, to anyone not into photography like I am, it isn't what I advise.

I recommend that you don't get a DSLR. If you're not very comfortable/familiar with shooting a DSLR, you'll use it on auto a lot. If you're using it on auto, you're paying too much for the camera you're getting. Instead, get a smaller/compact micro 4/3 sensor. They can let you change lenses (like a DSLR), have good quality, are small, cheap, and still take excellent quality photos for Internet use (they won't print as big as some DLSRs can, but that's rarely done with travel photos and your average traveler). They won't be as good in low-lighting, but that will be a non-issue for many.

In your price range, I recommend the Olympus PEN E-PL6 Digital Camera with 14-42mm II Lens. It comes with a zoom lens range that will be good for travel; you'll be able to do landscapes or walk-about shots in cities. It won't zoom far out, but you could buy another lens for that. However, I find that zooming far out is rarely done in my travels so I don't plan my setups around that rare need. A recent post with good pics using this camera can be seen here.

I would then get TWO 32 GB memory cards. Back them up often to your PC (if you're taking one).

Get a very small travel tripod. It won't be perfect for all situations, but it's better than none and it's very easy to travel with. If you want a night shot, you'll need a tripod. Or if you want to do a selfie that doesn't look like a selfie, put the camera on a timer and go stand in front of it on the tripod. It's cheap and light and adds more options.

Lastly, get some kind of camera bag that can hold all of your camera equipement + a laptop/tablet. It's nice to keep everything together, they usually have lots of pockets to store caps, SD cards, misc items, etc that are easy to lose in general travel luggage.

All of this should be within your budget and you'll get great photos out of it.

u/jam6618 · 5 pointsr/videography

For starters, I'd be glad to help you find the right camcorder!

Here is an option:

  1. Camera: Panasonic HC-V770K Full HD Camcorder - A fantastic camcorder for the price, just about the cheapest still with good features. It is pushing the budget a bit but i think it would be worth it. 5-axis image stabilization, 1080p with slow-mo, wide aperture for low light, timelapse mode, and more.

  2. Shotgun Mic: Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone - A good small shotgun mic that does not require a battery (uses very little power from the camera).

  3. SD Card: SanDisk 32GB Ultra Memory Card - 2 32GB memory cards should get you plenty of record time and allow you to off-load the footage from one card while being able to use the 2nd card.

  4. Camera Bag: Ruggard Commando 25 Shoulder Bag - A great little camera bag that should fit everything you need in it. If you think it is too small, just step up to it's bigger brother the Commando 36.

  5. LED Light: Genaray LED-2100 36 LED Compact On-Camera Light - A great little on-camera LED light to add more light if you think that is going to be an issue. It can totally be removed if you need to cut down the budget and you dont think you will need it. (a smartphone light would work in a pinch if you rarely need extra light)

  6. Extra Battery: Panasonic Lithium-Ion Camcorder Battery Pack (3.6V, 1940mAh) - This is another battery of the same size as the included one. According to product specialists, it will get you ~1.5 hrs per battery. If you need to cut down on the budget, I would recommend cutting the extra battery and using the included AC adapter more often or using a USB battery pack to power the camera.

    For attaching the mic, slide the included detachable cold shoe mount into the slot at the rear of the camera until it clicks, slide the mic into the cold shoe and tighten the knob to secure it in place. For attaching the LED light, screw the bar into the bottom of the camera and attach the LED light to the bar similar to attaching the mic.

    If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask. I hope this helps!
u/AlexAinsworth · 1 pointr/videography

I currently own a 6D, I was one of the ones really excited for its release. AN AFFORDABLE FULL FRAME DSLR RIGHT?

So I bought it over the holiday and I am loving it. I've been using on and off for school projects for the past 5 months, and have 2 weddings over the next 2 weekends.

Keep in mind, because it takes SD cards instead of CF cards, the write speed will be a little slower. This was the biggest issue when I first purchased it, I thought I had fast enough SD cards but my footage told other wise. I purchased the fastest SD card that I could find, a SanDisk Extreme Pro and it makes a world of difference; especially at the All-I recording speed.

Your Rokinon lenses are going to change as well, if I'm not mistaken they're not made for an APS-C sensor, so the 35 will be wider on the full frame, and the 85 will be as well. Canon's APS-C sensors have a crop factor of 1.6x on lenses not made for APS-C; so you've essentially been working with 56mm and 136mm lenses.

BUT, just remember to buy really fast SD cards, and great glass. She'll treat you great just as she's treated me.

u/quantum-quetzal · 1 pointr/photography

Generally speaking, any SD card will work. However, if it's too slow, you might not be able to record video for very long, and writing images to the card might take longer.

That said, the T6 isn't a particularly demanding camera for SD cards. A card like this won't limit the camera in any way, and is quite affordable.

You might also want to pick up a few accessories. I personally would suggest getting a lens hood. They help prevent flare, and can even slightly protect your lens against impacts from the front. There's no reason to buy the official ones, though. Here's a third party one that will work on your lens, and is way cheaper than the Canon one.

You might also want a tripod, so you can play around with long exposures and low light shooting. It doesn't really make sense for you to buy anything super fancy at this point. I've heard good things about the Amazon Basics one, and it's less than $20.

Beyond that, you might want a camera bag. I don't really know much about what is out there right now, but there should be plenty of options. It might be a good idea to go to your local electronics store and try out a few, since you want to make sure that it's comfortable.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and good luck shooting!

u/santiagoelcampeon · 62 pointsr/gadgets

this guy has the right idea. but when replacing everything you should highly consider upgrading the components.

hopefully your ipod is a 5th or 5.5 generation ipod classic video.
this is the best ipod classic model to upgrade into a higher capacity ipod (128gb, 250gb, 500gb)

then buy these parts on amazon... or

the first item is a 128gb & 256gb mini SD card. this will give you the best/fastest performance possible for the size/price. booting from a flash card will be much noticeably faster than your ipod.

the next item is an SDXC to CF adapter, which will allow you to connect the 128gb SD card onto your 1.8 ZIF.

the third item is the CF to 1.8 ZIF adapter for iPod.

the last item are the tools needed to do everything.

connect it all together and you got yourself a super fuckin cool ipod.

check out amazon and ebay for new cases, faces, whatever. you can even get the aftermarket U2 ipod covers and install them.
ipod motherboard.


EDIT: last item is actually a higher capacity battery + tools.

u/r3hxn_ · 1 pointr/SonyAlpha

> RAVPower batteries, and the little charger unit. How do these compare to the o

  1. i've had good experience with those same RAVPower batteries, another user posted saying he got very poor battery life and suspected he got dud's. Definitely try them a few full charges before your trip .

    2)you need SDXC , at least 64GB and it should say UH3 on it. I bought a lexxar one off amazon but it rated no where near the speed it should of been so returned and got a sandisk extreme. Which works great.
    link here:

  2. That's a tricky question, as I personally like to keep the RAW files and would backup via a laptop, you don't have that luxury. Copying to the iPad via the direct wifi connection everynight is an option, im guessing it doesnt transfer raw. from there you could upload to somewhere like dropbox for extra security and peace of mind. 64GB is pretty huge for photos, if your not taking video you might be fine in terms of capacity, however still recommended to back up in case you loose the camera whilst your out.

    EDIT: It should be noted that memory card spec , is minimum for video recording in 4k XAVC, if your just doing photos then your fine getting something cheaper.
u/AdityaRav · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

The Dell XPS 13 is an insanely good choice for your requirements.

However, while the official reviews are good as they should be, keep in mind that most users on amazon have rated it below par(<4 stars) for driver issues.

So that leads my search to the latest model xps 13 9350 on amazon where users have not complained about driver issues or other such issues.


The above model has an >4.5 star average rating/reviews. It has the latest skylake i5-6500U processor and 8gb ram.
However, it has 128gb ssd only. You can expand using the 3 way(sd/sdhc/sdxc) card slot by buying a good 128gb UHS/U3 sdxc card like the one linked below:

SDXC card link:
For 65$(Excellent card) ->

Remember not to put your games/applications on the card as much as possible. However it can hold multimedia like songs/movies/files etc., and you'll get an incredible transfer rate(Approx 1/3 speed of an good SSD and twice the speed of HDD transfer)

If you want a reliable tried and tested choice, Asus laptops on amazon are good deals at their price points and perform well:

UX305UA with non-backlit keyboard :-

UX303UA with backlit keyboard :-

u/geekandwife · 1 pointr/photography
  1. Both can take great pictures, DSLR's are going to be cheaper for the same image quality, but be slightly bigger. As far as video, it depends on the DSLR and your video expectations. There are some DSLRs that can match the video af performance of mirrorless cameras.

  2. Find one that she likes the feel of. To me Sony grips feel weird, and I don't want to pay a price premium to go Fuji or olympus, and comparing the nikon to the Canon the nikon felt better to me and wins out in specs that mattered to me. But to your GF she may hate the way a nikon feels.

  3. There isn't one best spec. Just like there isn't one best camera. Everything is about compromise. Any modern camera can take great pictures, there are not "bad" cameras except for a few exceptions.

  4. Keh and buy used online and have it shipped to you. And don't buy a bundle with a bunch of crap accessories.

  5. Start with the Camera, a lens, a memory card and a strap. From there let her learn and see what she needs. A tripod that I would use might not be the tripod she needs for the style she develops, the same for everything. But as she needs

    But honestly within your budget, you will get a lot more camera for a DSLR than you will a mirrorless. - D3300 - $228 - 17-50 2.8 - $208 - Memory card - $15 - Sling strap - $40

    That gives her a great all purpose lens, that can be used low light and wide enough to do nature, but still has a zoom to give some range. A high quality memory card, an amazing strap, and a camera that has IQ to match any other crop sensor camera on the market.
u/PaperJesus · 3 pointsr/photography

So, when I got this camera, I was also in the same situation where I needed to get an SD card for it. The two most important things I considered were SD card size and write speed. Well, I guess price played into it too.

This is a pretty good resource for learning the difference between what's on each SD card. I also would recommend ordering it via Amazon if possible instead of getting it from Best Buy because you'll save a lot of money.

I ended up getting this for my camera. I've been happy with it except that I still find that there is some delay after I take a bunch of shots. The ones recommended by u/rideThe seem to be a lot faster than this card and not too much more expensive. If I were to choose again, I would probably go with one of those.

u/provideocreator · 2 pointsr/videography

iPhones shoot decent video, but the manual control you get over these cameras and their lenses allows for more creativity, and that's a major limitation for the phones.

The G7 is one of the best choices in this price range, but I would like to provide you with one alternative to consider. That would be the Panasonic GX85. With that kit I linked, you'll get the GX85 with the 12-32mm lens, and the 45-150mm lens. The price is $50 cheaper than the G7, but you get the additional lens, instead of the microphone and SD card. You can pick up a SanDisk Extreme Pro card for $23 and still be cheaper than that other kit.

Here's the differences you need to consider with this setup:

  • Compared to the G7, the GX85 has no microphone OR microphone input, so you can't add an external microphone without using a separate audio recorder and syncing it separately. It does have internal audio though.

  • The GX85 has in body image stabilization and the G7 does not. This will make any handheld shots quite a bit smoother. Similar to what you would get on the G85 or GH5. Without this, the G7 footage will be pretty shaky if you don't use another stabilization rig, so that's pretty limiting.

  • The GX85 screen also doesn't flip out in the same way as the G7

    In my opinion, both these cameras are a good value for the money and the two best available options for around $500. It just depends on your personal preference and how you'll be using it.

    ^This ^post ^contains ^affiliate ^links.
u/Phdeznuts · 1 pointr/SonyAlpha

I thought the same, but I have fallen in love my used 2.8 with a polarizer on it (also, highly recommend). Mess with that and see what else you need. For instance, I use that and the 55-210mm zoom; I think those 2 lenses allow me to do everything I want, with the 30mm being on my alpha 92% of the time. Maybe a 12mm for wide landscape are in my future? Nonetheless, 30mm is a great start, then take your time to discover what focal length you need for what occasions!
Get a strap that’ll be comfortable for you, I got this 2-in-1 strap for casual carrying and I switch to the wristlet for when I’m actively shooting. A nice card, maybe a hot shoe cover, and maybe a Gorillapod hybrid

u/hab136 · 1 pointr/mac

>Is there a cloud solution? Something that iTunes can "see" as if it were a drive on my physical machine?

Yes, but it will be expensive and slow. You want online storage that's accessible as "WebDAV", which means you can connect to it like an external drive.

Many storage providers only provide syncing, not WebDAV access. For example DropBox/Google Drive/OneDrive/etc can't be used this way.

Box supports WebDAV with their paid plans, but their personal plans seem to top off at 100 GB (for $10/month)

Here's a random list of other cloud providers that support WebDAV:

Speed, pricing, security, and terms of service vary. As a random example, OpenDrive gives you "unlimited" storage for $12.95/month.

Of course, accessing your iTunes library over the internet is going to be way slower than accessing it locally. Hard drives are 100 MByte/second, which is 800 Mbit/s. Your internet is probably under 50 Mbit/s; cable modems are usually 30 Mbit/s and DSL is usually 6 or 15 Mbit/s.

I really doubt using online storage for iTunes would be faster or more convenient than just plugging in an external drive.

By the way, an "external drive" can be an SD card that stays in your SD card slot. A 256 GB SD card is under $100. ($96.99 at the moment). That's probably your best option.

u/dnask8 · 1 pointr/LosAngeles

This is the cam, the reviews weren't great and I took a gamble but I am happy with it. Came with a mini usb cable, a car charger cable and the whole window mount. Totally worth the dough:

Here is the card. I got a class 10 so the write speed would for sure be capable of the 1080p.

I tried to run the cam at 720 but it looked fuzzy so I bumped it up to 1080p. I have it set to do 5 minute segments the whole time and each file is usually right around 1GB each. When plugged into a cig lighter that only has power when the car is on the cam starts itself and starts recording when it gets power and goes until you shut it off/loses power. I just set it and forget style on my window and pull the card when I see something interesting along the drive to save. It just overwrites the oldest files if you don't do anything with them.

u/rootchino · 2 pointsr/asmr

You're in luck V! There is an A/C Adapter available, Nikon did it kinda weird and didn't include a simple power port on the camera so you need two items. The first is an adapter that looks like your normal battery pack but has a cord off of it and the second is the actual power cord you plug into the wall. Connect those two together and you can record until the next ice age! I've double checked, both of these items are compatible with your model so you're good to go. $62 and free shipping sure beats buying a new camera! :)


Power Cord:

You also might want to throw in a larger SD card to give you more recording time, not sure what you have now but it has to be pretty small to only give you 20mins. This 16GB card should give you close to 4 hours and is only $13:

Pm me if you have any questions!

u/aceofpayne · 3 pointsr/lgv20

Ive got the other tough armor spigen case (as I did with my g3, and g5 that was recently lost) this case personally I like it more just because of the kickstand. Also if you haven't already gotten one for yourself or op needs a micro sd card this one is the best for the money since it has a higher read write speed then a ton of the other cards on the market and it helps save the pictures faster when taking them at such high definition. Also great when apps are stored on it since nougat brought back that beloved feature

u/CHMultimedia · 1 pointr/AskPhotography

I see here that the A6300 is still being sold here at 1350CAD (without tax) with 16-50mm OSS Lens (I have no idea what OSS means). Without the lens it's 1250CAD.

The Lumix DMC-G85 with 12-60mm Kit is 1100CAD, tax incl. (or only 1K at Amazon Canada). Which one is better? I can see both having good reviews, but the G85 seems to have more recent reviews.

I do still have one worry. I also want a good zoom. Is 60mm enough? Otherwise I also read about the Coolpix P900 with an 80x zoom

Also, I have found this SD Card here:

It has a ton of good reviews so I think it's legit. For the price of 70CAD brand new, I think it's worth it. Is this card fast enough for any of the aforementioned cameras? I really appreciate your help.

u/Stalfo14 · 2 pointsr/3DS

this is the one I bought, figured I'd literally never need to worry about it again lol. Yeah I really liked the Yoshi XL, I love that green. But would have spent about $30 more dollars after tax and didn't come with a game so M&L is a good second choice :)

u/eyeseaq · 1 pointr/SonyAlpha


My SO just bought the SonyAlpha A6000.
Is this SD memory card bad, adequate or overkill?

SanDisk 64GB Ultra SDXC UHS-I Memory Card SDSDUNC-064G-GN6IN

Edit:I chose this card bc it is class 10 and cheap, but now I think it may be better with a U3 card with 30 MB/s write spd? Please enlighten me!

Please let me know if any questions!

Thank you in advance!

u/jbigboote · 2 pointsr/3DS

turn off your 3DS. remove the SD card. Connect it to your computer. navigate to the card, and select everything. copy and paste (or click and drag) the contents to someplace on your computer. SAFELY eject and remove the card, and put it someplace safe. Connect your new card to your computer. select the contents of the old card, and copy/paste (or click and drag) the contents to your new card. once the copy is finished, again, safely eject and remove the new card from your computer. put it in your 3DS. power it on. verify everything is there. if it is, awesome, you are good to go. if it is not, turn off your 3DS, remove the new bigger card, and put the old smaller card back in, and verify it is still good. Hopefully it is, and you can commence additional troubleshooting.

as for which card to get, 32GB is probably the sweet spot for value right now. here is a name brand 32GB SD card sold by a reputable seller for under $21 delivered. There are definitely cheaper options out there, but unless you are prepared to test the heck out a new card before using it, it's easier to just spend a little extra for known quality.

u/laXfever34 · 2 pointsr/videography

I thought i'd share what I just came up with.

I am moving to Germany at the end of the month for about two years, and I will be doing a LOT of traveling during this time. To preserve memories and share my experiences I decided to upgrade and change around my camera bag. I sold my d3300 and lenses and wanted a setup for something portable and not cumbersome that I can take in any situation without being annoying.

My activities I want to capture:

u/Y6Y1Y9 · 2 pointsr/Android

This is the microSD i bought. The 128GB one is 60 something dollars.

From the Amazon page: Ideal for Android-based smartphones and tablets. Read speeds of up to 90MB/s; write speeds of up to 60MB/s. Recommended by GoPro for use with HERO, HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4, HERO5, and HERO+ LCD. UHS speed Class 3 (U3), video speed Class 30 (V30) and Class 10 for 4K UHD and full HD video.

There's some super new fancy ones that are 256GB or more that can get pretty pricy though, but in general, 128GB and below is pretty affordable. It's regular sized SD at high capacities are for like actual cameras and stuff and those can get very pricy.

u/CoppingFreeFeels · 28 pointsr/BMW

UPDATE: (no video until I've worked this out)

GO BUY A DASH CAM. THIS IS THE ONE I HAVE AND ITS $21. Just needs an SD card. And an optional better mount. Mine is mounted behind my rearview mirror so you don't notice it and its hardwired in the same spot as my V1 so it automatically turns on with the car and starts recording.

UPDATE (cont.):

I seriously had to take a few hours to cool off and enjoy my vacation. Unfortunately I got back to the hotel after the managers had left.

Just spoke with the front desk manager who runs the show at night while the actual hotel managers are on during the day. He was super professional about it. Albeit, he's completely powerless in the situation but he took control, called everyone and setup a meeting for tomorrow morning.


  • He was completely shocked by the video.
  • I had to tell the valet how to drive the SMG tranny is on tape.
  • When another gentlemen comes up to the car and asks if its his, he responds with a laugh and says "Nope, but its mine for now!"
  • He peels out of the hotel.
  • The car goes airborne twice. Once entering the garage. And again as he goes down a slope and launches off a ramp that meets a right turn entrance a parking level.
  • The wheels are burning at least 3-4 times.
  • The valet laughs at the end to cap it off.

    New things:

  • The valet turned out to be the supervisor.
  • The valet is outsourced by the hotel and carries its own insurance.
  • The other valets all knew about my car.
  • The ramp he flew off, leads to another garage that I was able to park in tonight with another valet. Meaning that, he intentionally launched it off there instead of slowing down.

    Possible Solutions Discussed:

  • Hotel
  • Valet
  • Food/Beverage
  • BMW Inspection
  • Repairs
  • Future Stays

    The conversation went really well but again he's not the person in charge. Anyone capable of doing anything knows about it and will have a night to figure out how to appropriately respond.

    Sorry guys, no video yet until I have an answer. Another update will come tomorrow morning.
u/-Deluded- · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

The elinux wiki's list of Verified Peripherals is pretty nice to look at. It has a nice list of things that have been tested to work, and what haven't.

The gist of it is you need a SD Card (Most should work fine) and a Power Supply (micro USB) that supplies 5V / 700mA should be fine for most needs.
More info on power here

If you're going to hook your raspi up to something that draws a fair bit of power you might want to get a Powered USB hub.

> but can anyone give me a comprehensive list of the products (including the prices and specs) that the board needs to function?

Generally comes down to the power supply being $2-$10 maybe (depends what you buy). You can find SD cards easily under $10s as well depending on capacity and speed.

For my setup I have this for a power supply and a 16GB SD card, you could certainly do with less capacity depending on what you're doing.

u/RynoKenny · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I learned from the 3DS that digital DLs can be unfortunate when you want to share games with a friend, and so I am just going with pre-order cartridges from Amazon (for the ability to share on top of the amazon pre-order discounts). I've also heard that because they are flash cartridges, that the switch won't need much HDD space since they can write directly to the cartridge itself like with the N64 and before.

Question: If I only purchase SNES/N64 games on the virtual console, is it likely that 32GB will be enough for my use? I'd prefer not having to purchase this ( if 32GB will likely be safe for my use. Thank you for your opinions.

u/hallflukai · 2 pointsr/canon

Nothing I can think of, it's always worked fine at 1080p 30fps, I even tried resetting my camera settings to make sure it wasn't some obscure settings I forgot about.

I benchmarked the two cards I have on my person right now, This Class 10 Sandisk and This Class 4 Sandisk.

I tested both with a program called USBDeview. The Class 10 card clocked in at 12.65 MB/Sec, and the Class 4 card at 15.51 MB/s. So it looks like you're right and my dumb ass was wrong. Interestingly though, there's obviously a discrepancy between megabits and megabytes but even so, if USBDeview was in megabits the Class 10 should be 80Mb/s and the class 4 should be 32 Mb/s. If it's supposed to be in megabytes the Class 10 should be 10 MB/s and the Class 4 at 4 MB/s. So it seems like both cards aren't in good shape.

I was shooting video yesterday and got a similar issue happening on a friend's SD card (same as my Sandisk class 10) as well though. Maybe something's up with the camera body that's messing up cards?

I didn't know Sandisk had a warranty! I'm going to file a warranty claim and hopefully get a new card out of the deal. If that card shows the same issue then there's something real funky going on.

I was thinking of giving you gold for putting up with me being a dickhead but I know some people would rather that money go to charity. Is there a charity you'd like me to contribute to in your (user)name?

u/iwrestledasharkonce · 4 pointsr/3DS

I just got this one in the mail.


  • reputable brand
  • Unscrupulous brands may sell very small cards and label them as very large cards; some brands also spontaneously dump their information and stop working. Read the reviews! Brands commonly sold in physical stores such as SanDisk and Kensington are usually trustworthy.
  • reputable seller
  • If you're buying on Amazon, make sure it ships from and is sold by, not SUPER AWESOME ELECTRONICS EXPRESS. If you're elsewhere on the web, make sure it's a very reputable online dealer (TigerDirect, newegg) or has a physical store counterpart (, I'd definitely recommend buying online from a web-only retailer; the prices are MUCH better online.
  • 32 GB or lower
  • It's possible to go higher than 32 GB, but you have to do some special formatting tricks and 32 GB is a ludicrous amount of space anyway. Consider that a very large game still only takes maybe 2 GB; you need 16 very large games to fill that puppy. 32 GB is totally fine and pretty cheap.

    Other notes:

    The "class" of the card refers to the read/write speed. Apparently it doesn't make any difference in gameplay and the system itself, but when you transfer files from your SD card to your computer (transferring to a different SD card or uploading a screenshot to Facebook for example) the higher the class, the less you have to wait. I'd recommend a class 4; it seems to be the most common class and works just fine for me.
u/HybridCameraRevoluti · 4 pointsr/Filmmakers

> my school has just got the Rokinon Cine Lenses kit And i wanted to Be 100% sure that i could use those lenses on the GH4?? if not what adapter do i need?

Rokinon makes cine lenses for Canon, Nikon, Sony and micro 4/3 mounts. We would have to know which mount is on the lenses before we recommend a specific adapter. Sorry.

That said, when you find out what adapter you need, you can get one for less than $20, e.g. [Referral Links]:

u/commiecomrade · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

The Pi doesn't use micro SDHC cards, just SD or SDHC cards (the larger kinds in DSLR's). So unless you have an adapter, I'd get something like this.

I have the exact same Edimax USB adapter, and I can say it installs and runs flawlessly.

My major weak point is electrician stuff but from what I see the battery looks good. 5v is exactly what you need. I haven't tested my model B 2.0 Pi but from what I've heard, it will probably draw about 700mA so you're looking at about 16 hours of life, accounting for realistic expectations.

EDIT: just read the reviews and it seems that it performs well with their Pi. Seems like a good choice!

u/kabbage123 · 2 pointsr/videography

For low-risk jobs in which I know I'll be handing off SD cards at the end of the night, I am pleasantly surprised with generic Microcenter cards. They work great with 4k video on the GH4, and I don't care as much if they don't find their way back to me.

For jobs that I care a little more about I use Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB every time. Sandisk is a very good company, I've had one Sandisk SSD go bad on me and their customer service was a pleasure to work with.

u/oBLACKIECHANoo · 0 pointsr/photography

Well I think 32gb can have around 2000 RAW files, so 16gb is 1000 and 8gb is 500, maybe take a few pictures in RAW and see what the file sizes are and calculate it, but even if it came out to like 300 photo's on an 8gb card it would still be worth it as I doubt you would shoot that many in a day. But you can get even 32gb sandisk/lexar cards really cheap now so I would upgrade to those if possible, and if you want to do video you would need a decent write speed to keep up with 1080p 60 fps. This card for example is a really fast card with a lot of space and it's pretty cheap.

And if you have he option to shoot JPEG but a button will keep the RAW of that last image, that would be a good option for now, but you may also get photo's which you think aren't so great at the time but turn out good and then you may not have the RAW for it, which is why even a 16gb card would be good as that would be more than enough space for 1-2 days of taking a lot of pictures.

u/PastramiSwissRye · 1 pointr/videography

Gotcha - nothing wrong with that! Ask a precise question, get a precise answer.

SD card:

Tripod legs:

Tripod head:


Lights: (not perfect but a great kit to learn with and expand on later)

A few other things to think about are making sure you have an edit-capable computer and software and backup hard drives for your footage.

u/cosmopaladin · 0 pointsr/WiiHacks

You can't use an SDHC card you need an old school SD card (they only make these up to 2G). I personally got one of these. Follow the stickied guide on this subreddit. You don't need any emulators for Wii or Gamecube games or games that where sold on the Virtual console by Nintendo. There are emulators available if you want games not in those three list, but almost everything worth playing came out on the Virtual console and controller support is really good for them (classic pro or gamecube controller is the way to go for these. They are already mapped and everything).

The overview of the whole process is

  • Using MiiMod or something to trigger a buffer overflow to install BootMii and the Homebrew channel (This is what you launch all your hacked apps from)
  • loading up some homebrew apps onto your SD card (USB Loader GX, Nintendont, YAWMM, d2x-cios)
  • Use d2x-cios to install the correct cios so you can play file images of Wii and gamecube games

    EDIT: You can use SDHC cards if you have system menu 4.0 or greater.
u/popeguy · 2 pointsr/photography

A good memory card always helps, e.g. this, that's big enough for approx. 1.1k shots at max quality on my d3300.

Also a remote shutter is useful if you have a tripod, or you just want to set the camera down and pose, the amazon basics model works great for me, here it is.

Those are two cheap essentials for me.

u/tangyteng · 2 pointsr/3DS

32gb class 10 works perfectly and is faster.
This is the best deal

most games are about 1gb,
Memory is so cheap nowadays that you can afford to get the best.

u/wuzup11 · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

Well then it depends on how much more you're willing to invest. If you've got a USB flash drive with 8 or more GB free and/or don't have a Brawl disk, then you can follow this guide to install Homebrew and USB Loader GX (which can also be used to load any other games you decide to put on the flash drive, though other games will require more space), but it'll be a little more effort, plus like a 0.5% chance to brick your Wii.

On the other hand, if you do have a Brawl disc, 2GB non-SDHC SD cards are really cheap on Amazon.

Take your pick, but also do your homework. If you don't have the necessary components, at least take a look at what it would take to procure them.

u/mandudebreh · 4 pointsr/dashcams

Yeah it can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of options and unfortunately, a lot of shit cams from China.

The selection you have picked out is good. I think you did a good job picking out the features of each cam, so go with what’s most important to you.

Dual cams are certainly nice. Some things like GPS logger are more gimmicks than actual useful features. Also regarding app use, it’s generally slow file transfer for all apps.

I’d go with the Rexing V1P Pro or check out the A129 Duo.

Also, if your camera doesn’t come with an AD card, make sure to get a high endurance model like this SanDisk. Dashcams place a lot of read write cycles on the cards so regular ones fail often.

u/Bkxjku · 1 pointr/3DS

Aside from the screen protector they are all really optional

You can go with any screen protector, I got like the Hori ones

32GB SD card R4i Gold(the firmware may not be updated when shipped so you may need a pre v4.5 3DS or DS Lite to update it) and Micro SD to hold the DS roms/saves/r4 firmware. 8gb is plenty

For Cases

Full 3DS Case or This Travel Case

A circle pad pro XL if you buy a game that supports it is nice, other things like a 3DS usb charger cable + external battery pack if you need the juice for trips are handy.

But aside from the screen protector which I highly recommend the rest are optional.

u/taxxus · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

I understand, and your printer isn't really that old, so I'd be surprised if it didn't take SDHC cards. Do keep in mind that how you format the card may matter.

Here is a 2GB Card - pretty basic (non-SDHC), which should have zero compatibility issues:

Here is a 4 GB card, which should work due to the fact that the printer originally came with one.

From what I've read, greater than 32GB will not work, but up to that may be possible. That simple 2GB is nearly 100% guarantee, and honestly 2GB should be more than adequate.

u/B_artsy · 1 pointr/PanasonicG7

2 x 64GB SD cards - (more than just 2 cards if you want to record 4k, and if you want to buy an external recorder then just buy an SSD)

2 or 3 x Wasabi off-brand batteries -

Some kind of lens adapter so I can use the Canon and Pentax lenses listed above - TBH I don't know much about it.

Some kind of cage - (You can buy a cage made for G7 only but this one is more versatile, later on you can upgrade to GH series and your G7 only cage won't fit)

Some kind of cheap rail system - Included above

Some kind of cheap mattebox - Not necessary

Some ND filters for the mattebox - Just buy a decent variable nd filter, it'll save you some time on set and later on you can buy a proper mattebox and IRND filters which are pricey.

Some kind of follow focus -

DIY-ing or buying a steadicam / glidecam setup - Depends on the weight of full setup.

DIY-ing or buying a tracking dolly setup - DIY

Buying a decent tripod that won't break the bank - Check Benro tripods, I can't suggest anything without knowig your whole setup weight.

Some kind of lights, ideally with barndoors and some gels -

Some kind of light stands -

Some kind of external recorder so I can have better 1080p recording. - Just buy more cards and record in 4k then downscale it in post and you have better 1080p. Yet if you're in need of external monitor...

Some kind of lens & sensor cleaning stuff? - If you'll buy a lens adapter then there is no need to buy a sensor cleaning stuff, and for the lenses a microfiber cloth will be enough.

Some kind of bag or pelican case to keep all this stuff in - first buy all the other things because right now we don't know how big it has to be.

u/tristard · 1 pointr/dreamcast

It works! Although GDMENU gets confused when you have more than 64 folders on the SD card (goes out of sync) but with 64 games it works great (i just renamed the other folders for the time being). It is possible to play all the games but then you will have to push the button on the GDEMU manually to select a game, but pressing that button 200 times to select a game is not really convenient. More folders will probably be supported in the next version of GDMENU.

Btw, this is the card i used:

u/bimbohere · 1 pointr/pentax

> Very good price. Two memory cards is more than enough to begin with. Always wait as long as possible to buy memory - prices will always go down over the long term. There was a time when a 64GB card cost over $500. In three years you will be able to get 256GB card for $25 so until you NEED a bigger card, wait.
> Lexar is a good brand. Amazon house brand cards are good too. I have pqi and Sony ones too. Look for UHI cards, class 10.

I bought the Samsung Pro 64gb at $30 :DDD

You guys should check it out!!!!

u/iLikeTelevision · 10 pointsr/Filmmakers

Damn, no mics or lights at all??? Ok let me see if I can do this sub 5 since someone who's not me will probably criticize this harshly by saying something like "are you sure you're ready to even buy a camera" or "you need to spend as much on all your equipment as you spend on your camera".

Here goes:

Used Gh4 ~$800-850

Mir 37mm f2.8: ~50

Helios 44-2 58mm f2: ~35

OR Pentax 50mm F1.4: ~55

Used Lumix G 45-200m F4-F5.6 ~200

This tripod - ~$100

Lighting: (Beware this lighting setup is mainly good for controlled, smaller environments. I would get it to practice/learn how to light when you can afford a better kit)

This post about lighting was low budget enough - $150

Black and White Sheets/table cloths: ~35

Work Lights from Home Depot or Walmart (Halogen or LED not clamp): <$30


Zoom H4n: ~$205

Look up how to make a diy boom pole: ~$35

MKE 600 - ~340

Some XLR cables $30

Headphones to check if you're peaking ~150


Oh fuck, idk nothin bout computers, Maybe go to /r/buildapc or go simple:

iMac: ~1700


2 64gb SD Cards ~75

500 gb or 1tb Harddrive: 35/65

Batteries (you could probably get a battery grip, but id get two off brand batteries + a charger for now) ~ 35

ND Filter -


All this is about $4200 and with that extra grand you can buy a b camera like a gh2 or a gh3 or even a g7 all with lenses to boot!

If you have a tripod, you can downscale 4k to 1080 and smooth out all your shots, so no need for a ronin

E1: Also this post should've been in the Moronic Monday thread


u/osux · 1 pointr/photography

I use this:


and it works perfectly. I shoot video/weddings with it and havent come across a buffer issue. The only issue I did come across was using a mucro sd/sd adapter/sd to cf adapter and the buffer was unbearable.

I originally bought this set up hopefully to work around the bent pins in my 5dmarkII. this set up didn't make it worse or better, since you still need to take it out of the CF slot completely.

Why is this my main set up now?

32GB cards are about 20 bucks compared to the high price of a 16GB CF card. 16 GB I can maybe shoot 500 photos on RAW, when in 32 I can easily double that. I don't need to depend on a card reader as well.

u/wanakoworks · 2 pointsr/AskPhotography

X-T100 is a great camera. Overall image quality is as good as Fuji's latest, high-end cameras. It's not quite as good in low-light, or AF performance as the more expensive Fujis, but still significantly better than most consumer-level DSLRs. IMO, it's more than enough camera for most beginners and will carry you until you're mode advanced or your needs change.

As far as memory cards, cheap SanDisk Extreme Pro will be more than enough for this camera. You can get the 32GB or 64GB variants, depending on what you want. I have a 32GB version on my wife's X-T100 without any issues.

u/Quaitgore · 1 pointr/3dshacks

do yourself a favor and replace the card, a faster and bigger card is not expensive at all. I ran into the same problems on my friends o3DS. and after you installed MH4U it will be full. you wont be able to put any other programs or games on it.

I used this 32gb card, and less than a $/GB is pretty cheap even for a higher speed card. unlike a few years ago.

and as far as I can tell the higher speed is a nice boon as well for the old 3DS

u/BitcoinAllBot · 1 pointr/BitcoinAll

Author: spirtdica


>Let me start this thread by saying my interest was aroused by this video:

>I'm new to BTC cold storage, so correct me if I'm wrong
1.) Armory runs on 2 computers. The offline part of Armory isn't very memory intensive, but the online portion is because it is tasked with downloading the ENTIRE blockchain.
2.) Offline Armory lends itself well to TAILS because the file isn't very big. Online Armory doesn't easily fit on a thumb drive.
3.) But then I found these 512 GB SD memory cards.
As I understand, TAILS OS can be downloaded onto an SD right?

>Is there any reason that I can't download Online Armory onto a TAILS OS persistent volume, provided there is enough memory? Of course, I would have to constantly update the persistent volume, but thats better than having to download the entire blockchain every time I wanted to use Armory.

>I guess my question is, if I'm going to have two computers for Armory, is there some way I could run TAILS on both of them? If I could do that, I would finally feel secure enough to really embrace bitcoin. I might be paranoid but I wouldn't even trust anything other than a squeaky-clean OS with my public keys. Sure its not a direct security risk but privacy risk is an indirect security risk...

u/PleaseExplainThanks · 1 pointr/AskPhotography

For the cleaning kit, all she really needs is a rocket blower and some lens pens.

You can also get some disposable wipes.

These Sandisk SD cards should be plenty fast. They're not the absolute fastest that Sandisk makes anymore, which is why they're so cheap. (95mb/s vs 80mb/s. Not that big of a deal.)

Understanding Exposure has got to be the number 1 recommended book for the basics. It's an excellent book, but if she's already getting gigs, maybe she doesn't need it?

For posing, Picture Perfect Posing is the book to get.

This is all the cheap stuff. Lenses, bags, straps, lighting, and the other gear starts to get expensive. What kind of budget are you looking at? I know you said budget isn't an issue... but what does that mean? $500 for everything? $1000? $10,000?

u/MarcoGB · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

San disk:



I heard of a Kingston one for 512 GB as well but haven't found it for sale anywhere.

256Gb ones should be pretty easy to find. If performance matters to you Samsung and Sandisk are the most reliable in read/write speeds actually hitting the threshold.

u/yinzr9 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Just checked out your link. Has a lot of good reviews, hopefully they're legit reviews. Price seems fair with the amount of memory you get. But I've always known Sandisk to be a good brand. I've hadn't had any personal experience with Samsung.

Is there a major notice difference between 80-90 read speeds?

I was looking at this one.. SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter (SDSQXVF-064G-GN6MA) [Newest Version]

u/writemywayout91 · 1 pointr/videography

Nice my DR-70D is great for this too as it mounts just below a camera.

Which speedbooster did you pick up by the way? Wanting to price it out with the lens.

Oh btw, do you use anything besides a normal SD card like this... SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC...

u/usegao · 5 pointsr/Gamecube

If you don't have a modded wii, the easiest way requires this, this, and one of these.

You download GBI, format the SD card as FAT if it isn't already, copy the GBI files to the root of the SD card, rename gbi.dol to autoexec.dol, plug the SD into the memory card adapter, stick that into the second memory card slot, pop the Action Replay disk in, and turn on the Gamecube.

Easy is relative but I think its not too bad for most.

If you do have a modded wii you need a regular Gamecube memory card, and SD card (regular SD, not SDHC or SDXC. the one linked above will work), and an exploitable game (I use Windwaker). Extrems wrote some good instructions on that method.

u/ZacharyRD · 1 pointr/photography

All class 10 SD cards are sufficient for RAW pictures, and if you don't need to shoot in sustained burst mode and don't shoot video, you could get away with class 4/5 as well. is kind of the standard basic memory I recommend everyone get.

And if you can get through 16gb in a day, frankly I recommend shooting less / more carefully, if you're traveling / not on assignment. That's roughly 800 20 MB photos per day; even taking two shots of everything remotely worth taking a picture of, how or why do you do that? Can you walk us through what you're shooting?

u/DesignNomad · 1 pointr/gopro

I realize I am a impossibly small sample size, but I haven't had any speed issues with the adapter. I've used them to use my MicroSD cards in my older GoPro cameras, as well as shooting full HD video with my Sony NEX-5R without problems.

I've also been using this card and this card (both class 10) in my Hero2 for years without a single issue.

You could always buy it on amazon, test it out on some sport jumps, and then decide if you can rely on it. If not, send it back to amazon... they have a nice enough return policy that it won't cost you anything.

u/ItsADanThing · 3 pointsr/photography

Those are the "burst speeds" not continuous write speeds. UHS-1 write speed is usually around 40-50 MB/s. But they are pretty cheap, the PNY cards are pretty highly rated and a 64 GB card is about $24 on amazon. UHS-3 cards are quite a bit more expensive but do offer 90+ MB/s write speeds. Sandisk sells a 64 GB card for about $80. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure the camera is limited to 40 MB/s write so these probably wouldn't improve it any.

This chart shows max resolution cameras can record raw at. Only camera capable of 1080p at 24fps continuously is the 5DIII.

u/Striking_Quote · 4 pointsr/synthesizers

This is everything you want and more :)

Include one of these babies

Pop a SD card into your computer. Download free program SP-404SX WAVE CONVERTER. Load samples into program. Pop SD card into sampler. You're ready to rock and roll

u/legos45 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop


I agree with the Acer Aspire 1. It almost has your minimums. It has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. You can buy a small SD card for more storage, like this 32 GB SD Card from SanDisk. It will be excellent of general use as you listed.

u/livinonnosleep · 2 pointsr/theNvidiaShield

The Samsung PRO series are the fastest around. Amazon Link. I can't find the post on XDA now but there was a member that was showing tests that this was actually faster than the internal memory. Played all games, including K1 optimized HL2 with no noticeable slow downs. So it's definitely doable.

u/TNoD · 1 pointr/photography

Thanks for the input!

For someone who likes to hike/bike, wouldn't a neck strap be better?

Any input on these choices?

u/finaleclipse · 2 pointsr/photography

Yes, you'll want to pick up a few decent memory cards. I'd run into issues with some of my old cards which I had no idea were too slow and my video was randomly shutting off without me knowing. I personally recommend SanDisk Extreme Pro cards which are about as fast as you can go for SD cards that your camera supports. Ever since switching, I no longer had any video issues.

As far as batteries are concerned, unless you're doing a ton of video you'd be surprised how long a single battery will last. My 60D was able to shoot a day-long even with over 1000 shots and it still had a good amount of juice in it. If you want extras, you effectively have two options: official Canon batteries which are expensive, or cheaper 3rd party batteries which aren't nearly as pricey. Personally I buy 3rd party Wasabi Power batteries and of the 7 I've purchased, only one has ever failed me and I suspect bringing the camera into some extreme cold this past winter might have had an impact on that. Even so, for the price of one Canon battery I can get four Wasabi Power, so I generally just go that route.

u/emaw_yo · 1 pointr/dji

I've been using a 128 GB one and it's been great. No issues at all and it always has space. I need to remember to dump content often though. If all of you footage is on one card and something happens to it, you're out of luck. Hope that helps!

u/ejackso1 · 2 pointsr/3DS

It's been said already, but the lack of great games, and the proprietary memory card are the two main downfalls of the Vita. I actually think they could get away with the high pricetag of the console if not for those two issues.

The memory card issue baffles me, because the Playstation 3 was so great about not being proprietary in any way. It had a standard HDMI output right at launch. It used a standard USB cable for connecting and charging controllers. It used standard bluetooth headsets for voice communication. Even their DSLR cameras give you the option of using a Sony memory card, OR a standard SDHC card.Then on the Vita they decide to go and restrict it to only their overpriced proprietary memory cards.

and the memory card is an even bigger issue when you consider the lack of great Vita exclusive games. Aside from Persona 4 Golden, I wouldn't be interested in playing much on the Vita besides Playstation Network games such as PS1 classics. The memory cards being so overpriced is a barrier keeping people from buying a Vita and loading a memory card up with an entire collection of their favorite Playstation Network games.

It's so ironic, because I always see people here on /r/3DS recommending the Sony 32GB Class 10 SDHC memory card (a mere ~$20) for use in the 3DS to buy and download a ton of eShop games. Sony is directly limiting the amount of PSN games they sell to Vita owners by price gouging the memory cards for their own console...and at the very same time producing a product that allows their main competitor to sell more digitally distributed software for a competing product.

u/jackokoTV · 2 pointsr/3DS

SD cards are pretty darn cheap these days.
You can get a 32GB SD card for like $7, and a 64GB for about $11.

Honestly, it's worth it so you don't have to keep worrying about it.
Unless you're planning on stocking up on a bunch of eShop games, a 32GB SD card should do you just fine.

u/bitesizethumb · 2 pointsr/SonyAlpha

Video falls under the V category of card ratings. In this case, the A7riii will only shoot 4K at 30fps therefore UHS-1 rating will do fine. I recommend the Sandisk Extreme Pro. It offers a v30 rating and 95MB/s write speed which really helps with the new buffer speeds of the mark3's for photography. I've always used this and fine that it's the best bang for buck.

u/codyave · 11 pointsr/Bitcoin

do you mind if i link your amazon referrals from youtube?

Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 2.0 (512MB) $42.88

WiFi Dongle $9.99

16 GB SD Card $12.98

also, would it be all right to link to your bitcointalk thread?

good luck with your project!

u/Buffalogriller · 4 pointsr/photography

The D750 has a better Autofocus module, tilting screen, better video, better battery life, and a bunch of minor advantages. Image quality is indistinguishable.

The 24-70 is a top-of-the-line zoom lens. It will work the same on both bodies (as will all other lenses to my knowledge).

Batteries are included, but you need to get an SD Card. I'd recommend the Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s.

u/whaddadoo · 2 pointsr/3DS

That seems pretty expensive for a class 1 32 gb card, I just picked up a class 4 32 gb from Amazon for ~$19 (this one, to be exact: It's worked perfectly for me. Class 4 is really all you need if you're just using it for gaming, classes really only matter if you're using it for something like photography and want to take super fast high action shots, then you might want a class 10, but class 4 is all you need for a 3ds.

u/gatorsss1981 · 1 pointr/photography

I am interested in getting into photography and recently ordered my first camera. I bought a Canon T5i w/ EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens and a EF 75-300mm F/4-5.6 III Autofocus Telephoto Zoom Lens.

I am mainly interested in taking portraits, landscape and event photos. The events I work at are in everything from hotel ballrooms, private homes to convention spaces, almost always indoors with fairly dim lighting.

I've been trying to do some research on different equipment and gear that I would need, and came up with the following list. Is there anything that I don't need or a better alternative than I have listed? Is there anything I'm missing?


"Nifty Fifty" Lens -

Bag -

Memory Card -

Battery Grip -

Speedlite 430 -

Lightsphere -

Book 1 -

Book 2 -

GorillaPod -

Battery Charger -

Extra Batteries -

u/mikkelchap · 2 pointsr/Dashcam

That is a good video btw.

I ended up going with the Samsung Pro hopefully it'll work out. Thanks

u/Fiishman · 1 pointr/Nikon

These are pretty much the best out there. They can give you a larger buffer capacity than normal if you do it right.

u/jason254 · 2 pointsr/JusticePorn

I got this:

The F500L works well enough and is a highly popular choice. I only spent around $110 with shipping. Which I think is highly worthwhile investment. The only caveat is the power cable that came with it caused me a lot of radio interference. I got another power cable and it works much better now. It is a DC plug to mini usb so it was not hard to find a different replacement. (I am using one from a garmin gps, but I'm sure you could get one at bestbuy).

u/purselane · 1 pointr/Cameras
  • 64Gb SDXC card is required for XAVCS @ full bitrate

  • The RX100's buffer is not too terrible for a compact with a ~10 shot capacity, but beyond that you're basically going to get 1 shot a second until the buffer clears. There's also a limit to how fast the camera writes to the card, and anything faster than a UHS-1 card may also slow down writing speed. So you want fast, but not too fast.

  • "Up to" = standard industry talk for "never gets this fast IRL lol"

    The Sandisk Extreme Pro satisfies all of these requirements. The Extreme Plus is actually more performance right-sized, but it costs barely less than the Pro so there's no point.

    There's no performance demerit in going for the Micro SD version with an adapter by the way if you intend to swap images physically between tablets or phones with these slots.
u/GenericUsername256 · 2 pointsr/PanasonicG7

UHS-I U3 is the recommended SD card spec. I'm not seeing U3 anywhere on there, so you might want to go with something else to be safe.

This one is a good alternative:

u/clickity_click_click · 1 pointr/photography

You should get a class 10 card to make sure you have enough bandwidth to record video or use burst mode but otherwise it doesn't really make a difference. Something like this would probably be perfect for you. I don't really trust no name brand SD cards, and why take the risk when sandisk ones are so cheap?

u/[deleted] · 11 pointsr/gadgets

I would take the SD route, flash is faster, better battery life. The devices that have HD and are more then 160gb look more like video players/tablets.

  1. Find a device that works with or supports SDXC flash

  2. Get this badboy
u/B0NEMERANG · 2 pointsr/3DS

I just got this one last week. Worked like a charm! Just make sure you read Nintendo's guides for transferring and formatting the card.

Also my 3DS did give me a "no SD card inserted" error the first two times I turned it on, but now it's been pErFeCt ever since.

u/Sylnic · 3 pointsr/smashbros

These work perfectly fine and are fairly cheap. If you have Prime, you'll get it fast as well.

u/richdell · 1 pointr/GalliumOS

There's the link for the one I bought in Aug. 2017. It seems to be working well, no complaints. I'm very happy with the laptop. Good luck.

u/rainguy · 2 pointsr/videography

Many people like to use Sandisk Extreme Pro cards as they're generally both fast and reliable. One of these should work well if you're only after a 32GB one. It'll cope just fine with 4K and higher bit rates, so not need to worry about it keeping up when you do switch to recording in 4K.

I use these cards myself and they've served me well so far.

u/dochardware · 2 pointsr/3DS

this one works perfectly. Some are probably gonna come and say get a Class 10, but it honestly makes no difference. the games don't load any faster so you can save yourself $2-3 dollars. Class 4 is what the system came with anyway

u/Kitten_Boogers · 1 pointr/smashbros

That's the one I bought off amazon a while back and it's been working fine and is a great price. If you're using a 2gig stick it ain't going to cut it for smash.

u/Gauss1777 · 4 pointsr/investing

I have a pretty good one, learned a lot from a website known as Here are the details:

  1. Ordered the DVR-007 dashcam from the following ebay listing: This seller is recommended by dashcamtalk and I didn't have any issues with them.

  2. It requires an SD card. From my research, I found out that the reliability of the dashcam depends on the quality & type of SD Card. Thus, this is the SD card I purchased:
u/Takumivk · 5 pointsr/photography

I recommend amazon also. I bought a 16GB Sandisk for £15 last night. However if that is still out of your budget. I do also recommend the Transcend 16GB Class 10. I used one of these for about 3 years until I lost it without any failures and with good read/write speeds.

u/Zeretha · 1 pointr/3DS

This is the one I was talking about. If you don't have Prime all you have to do is sign up for the trial for like a dollar. Still cheaper than Best Buy and 2 day shipping vs standard.

u/ICC-u · 1 pointr/photography

These are good, reasonably fast, come with a lifetime warranty and are the most popular SD card on Amazon. The 16gb version is under $10

u/FrancisHC · 2 pointsr/SonyAlpha

> Awesome thanks for your feedback. Where in South America did you go? I'm probably just going to take one lens.

We went to Peru and Colombia. The two places I wish we had more time was Medellin, and Cusco :)

> Glad to hear no issues with lack of weather sealing. I'm slightly concerned about going to sandy places though.

We were in all sorts of sandy places - deserts, dunes and beaches. Just to warn you - all my gear survived, but some sand definitely got into things. On my A7rII, a couple of the buttons got a little mushy (still worked but the tactile feedback wasn't the same).

> Ideally, I plan on culling through photos/video at the end of the day (or couple of days), edit, and backup onto an external HD. If the HD fails, i'm screwed.

Why not just use a few extra SD cards? $80 for 256GB, that's what I used.

u/destroyman1337 · 1 pointr/3DS

Do not delete Animal Crossing. Unfortunetly to prevent people from cheating, the game does not support the save backup tool.

Honestly your best bet is to just buy a bigger SD card. I have the 64 GB version of this card and it works great.
This one is a 32 GB for $15.99.

u/archover · 1 pointr/thinkpad


I know SD's are pretty unreliable, but I wonder how one of these would run Linux?

The only reason I even own this is it supports fast 4K video writes on my digicam. But really, I have Linux running fantastically on USB 3 flash drives anyway...

u/FuriousFalcon · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Here's the one I picked up (SanDisk Extreme 128 GB -- -- $60). Honestly, it's hard to know how it compares to the the suggested cards in the original post... My impression is that it should be fine though.

u/Reeces_Pieces · 4 pointsr/cemu

Moving the saves over is pretty easy. You'll need to softmod your WiiU. It's only temporary and very easy to do. You just need an SD Card 32GB or less and a USB to SD Card adapter.

If you have games that you want play online, I'd also recommend dumping: your files needed for online, mii heads, and friends list app while you're at it.

Here's a video guide for that.

Now after having watched that video you should know what I'm talking about going forward:

You just need to open the homebrew launcher with the browser exploit and then launch 'Mocha CFW'. Then you'll be back at the homebrew menu. Now, launch 'SaveMii Mod' and then you can use that to dump all your savedata to the SD Card. Then you can plug the SD Card into your PC with a USB to SD Card Adapter and move the files into Cemu.

Here's a video showing how to use SaveMii Mod (start from 2:03).

Just remember to launch 'Mocha CFW' before launching 'SaveMii Mod'.

Then (obviously) you need to dump your game(s) from your WiiU to get them on your PC.

You can dump them with FTPiiu everywhere.

The 00050000 folder stores installed games.
The 0005000E folder stores installed updates.
The 0005000C folder stores installed DLC.

If it's a disc game, then you'll need to use DDD. Here's a video guide showing how to use it. Select the disc option.

But you'll still need to dump the DLC and updates with FTPiiu everywhere.

u/Ghorbash · 1 pointr/3DS

Ah I see. Well it should come with a 2GB SDHC card, so you'll have plenty of space to begin with. However if like me you like downloading loads of demos, buying loads of downloadable games, adding loads of music and taking loads of photos/videos, then you will probably want to upgrade. You can get a 32GB one for $18 which is probably all you will ever need.

u/eeyore134 · 2 pointsr/3DS

The card that comes in your 3DS is a speed class 10 (the higher the number, the faster the data transfer). I got this one from Amazon in the mail just yesterday and it is working just fine. Seems to have gone up a tad in price since I got it, but it's also only $25 for a Class 10 32GB card. You can find cheaper but I know Transcend works so I went for that one.

All I did to get it to work was pop my old one into my computer with one of these and copy the files into a folder. I put the new card into my computer, copied the files from the folder to the new card, put it in my 3DS and it worked just like it did before with all my downloads intact.

If you want 64GB look through the ones they offer that are Class 10 and go for the cheaper options. It's silly to pay a ton of money for a memory card if you don't have to.

u/I_am_Nic · 1 pointr/sonyactioncam

If you are on a tight budget getting a Yi or Yi 4k is not a bad decision at all.

Most people simply replace/overlay the original audio with music later.

If you though want to do a Vlog-style travel video a X3000 will not only give you better audio but also a high quality and stabilized video.

One advantage, which bith the Yi-cameras don't have is, that the Sony is splashproof and dustproof, which means you can use it without the case during rain/ at the beach without the risk of damaging your camera and still get good audio. With the Yi you nearly always have to use the case when you are outdoor, so it would render the already bad audio useless anyways.

It is your money, your choice. I hope I could help you with the decision with this reply.

If you have further questions, just reply to this comment.

  • Nic

    P.S.: Don't forget, that you have to get a SD card (I recommend this for the X3000) for either camera.

    Also you might want to get additional batteries or a powerbank to exchange an empty one and charge on the go.
u/RockefellerSteel · 2 pointsr/Dell

From the manual.

Type One 3-in-1 slot

Cards supported • SD card

• SD High-Capacity (SDHC) card
• SD Input Output (SDIO) card
• SD Extended Capacity (SDXC) card with
Ultra High Speed (UHS)

Something like these, class 10 SD cards :

Just choose your storage as you like from 16gb - 256gb.

u/Vladz0r · 1 pointr/SSBPM

You'll be waiting like a month, though. I'd honestly cancel that order and order it from Amazon for the extra $1.

I love DealExtreme, but I usually buy like 5-10 things at a time late at night when I'm tired, and then get the surprise package of goodies a month later.

u/SwitchHacks · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

I would personally get for a SD card, it's the one I have in both my 2DS and Wii U, it's 64GB and it's only like $7 more from what you mentioned.

HDDs can be expensive, and with a 64GB card you can use an RedNAND to store your games on your SD card, but that limits you to 32gb or 8gb depending on your Wii U storage size.

I have this HDD: for my Wii U, it's $60 and you could probably get it cheaper. There's a 1TB version which is $51.50 there, too. On the Wii U, you won't be storing up to a TB, but some games are like 20GB while others are only 5GB. I wasn't able to find any small capacity HDDs on Amazon.

u/Tiritibambix · 1 pointr/MagicLantern

thanks for your answer.

I just ordered this one :

they say it can go up to 90mb/s writing speed. even if it goes "only" to 70 or 80, it'll be enough for me :)

u/Minuend · 1 pointr/WTF

I live in the USA, and I have one. I bought mine off of Amazon. I paid $21 for the dashcam and $13 for the SD card.

If you're interested I can upload some video onto youtube for you to check out how it works. It's alright for $34.

u/lilium90 · 2 pointsr/SonyAlpha

Agreed, the Extreme Pro UHS-I/U3 cards are a good match for this and many other cameras. Stellar reliability and performance on them, price isn't too bad either.

u/RileyCoyote · 2 pointsr/photography

Hey everyone!

So I finally bought myself a camera, an A6000. I didn't buy an SD card so I'm just looking for one now. I won't be filming much, mostly just photography. I was thinking of this Sandisk card. Any thoughts?

Also what's the consensus on those beginner's bundles? I found one by Sony that has a couple extra batteries, tripod, case, etc. for a decent price but I dunno if it'd be better to just buy the items separately.

u/EonzHiglo · 3 pointsr/gh4

Just keep in mind everything in that kit is going to be cheap. The sd card, lens and the camera are probably the only thing worth it. Everything else you can buy later for cheaper.

GH4 Grey Market

Transcend 64gb

Personally, I'd save some money and just wait on most of that other stuff.

u/GrisTooki · 3 pointsr/JapanTravel

>That's not a usual price for this card in JP.

It isn't.

>possibly it's no longer produced

Yes, this is the case. 販売を終了しました(生産完了)

u/KhaosKat · 3 pointsr/buildapc

>Do you know if it is fast enough?

I don't, and I think there are better options.

One of the problems with going onto Reddit before I have my morning coffee is that my brain is only have half awake. The music, phone, video part registered in my brain, but the 4k part didn't (probably because my old phone can't even come close to that). Either of these two Samsung's would be better. The cheaper one has faster advertised write speeds.

u/Sqeagy · 1 pointr/3DS

I see. I'm assuming mine is original 3Ds since I got whenever that Kingdom Hearts game was released.

I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff. Would this be a usable SD card for my 3DS?

u/McGrupp · 1 pointr/Nikon

The San disk extreme pro is very highly recommended by a lot of folks on here. I have two 64gb and have never had a problem and they write at the max speed my d750 is capable of.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB SDXC UHS-I Card (SDSDXXG-064G-GN4IN) [Newest Version]

u/Ozymayne · 2 pointsr/photography

Recently purchased a Fuji X-T20 and now I'm wondering if the SanDisk Extreme Pro is good enough for the camera. I'm also looking into other accessories like a screen protector and carrying case, but I'm not sure if there's a specific brand that most people look out for when it comes to these.

Thank you guys, looking forward to learning more about photography in the coming months

u/Craggzoid · 2 pointsr/photography

Why though? How big your card? I can take over 1000 RAW photos on a 64GB card, so I can leave it in the camera if the images aren't super important.

Just buy another card it will cost you $20/£20 and you have solved the problem. The whole point of removable storage is that you can be flexible, so don't limit yourself.

$12 64GB Sandisk Ultra (slowest card but fine for photos)

$17 64GB Sandisk extreme (Faster card)

$10 Lexmark 64GB (seem just as fast as the extreme above)

Buy two of those Lexmark cards, or even 3 32GB ones (not sure how many photos you take at once), and you're sorted.

u/tempmike · 1 pointr/3DS

Micro for the New3 DS

Standard for 3DS

Honestly, these are just the first two I found at a good sale price at 32GB.

If you're willing to spend up to $20 for the SD card you can get similar 64GB models from the good brands:

(in no particular order) Samsung, SanDisk, Kingston, PNY, ADATA... theres other good brands, but I'd look at those first

u/Dain42 · 2 pointsr/Games

With the SD cards and the internal storage, it's possible that they're going to be doing some caching of assets that are likely to be needed soon to the onboard storage when playing games. That would be a possible way to get around people who buy the cheapest, slowest SD cards. They could also warn when a cheap, slow SD card is inserted and that it may slow things down.

But you're quite correct that newer SD cards have vastly improved read-write speeds. U3 cards are still a bit pricier than others, but not really too much more than a C10/U1 card. And if you look at the read speeds, you're getting 80-90 MB/s, which isn't that far off from a mid-range hard drive like a WD Blue.


u/ccb621 · 1 pointr/photography

After doing some more research I learned that the T2i's 1080p bitrate is 5.5 MBytes/s. I used Transcend Class 6 SDHC for my T1i and now use Transcend CF for my 7D. Here are some Amazon links to make life easier so that you can get to shooting:

  • Class 6
  • Class 10

    Note: Currently Amazon is selling Class 10 cards for about $1.00 more than Class 6. Go with Class 10.
u/12122012 · 1 pointr/bmpcc

B&H currently has the 64GB SanDisk Pro 95MB/s for $77.95 with free expedited shipping, for RAW.

They also have the 64GB SanDisk Pro 45MB/s for $39.95 with free shipping, for ProRes.

Amazon also has the same deal, but in Frustration Free Packaging.

u/Void19 · 3 pointsr/3DS

I saw someone do a breakdown of a bunch of cards and out of those I ended up getting this one and it's been awesome. Super fast. No complaints.

u/berger77 · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Don't buy from ebay. I bought this one and it works great.

u/Seld416 · 2 pointsr/3DS

While it's not the best, I bought this one for my 3ds xl:

It works perfectly fine for me and I've currently got 6 digital games on it. But it's only a class 4 so it's a tiny bit slower than a class 10 (which I believe would impact loading + saving for 3ds games). However, since there's a sale on Sony class 10 cards, you might consider that if someone can guaratee that it would work for 3ds - though it probably would.

u/codemasterv · 1 pointr/nintendo

They might. Nintendo has been releasing a lot more multi release titles.

SuMo for example.

and at one point during the presentation Nintendo said they did away with region locking so logical thing to do would be 1 game packed with 8 different languages like SuMo

Would also like to point out, Just because its a card doesnt mean there isnt space. If there is room on this then there is room on the game.

Aaaand would like to point out Vita games like Digimon World Order. It was a Asia release but the English subs were on the game card but just locked out.

u/Sw87 · 7 pointsr/3DS

The size shouldn't have as much an impact in loading times as the read/write speed. Class 10 being the highest in most cases, in which even these have various speeds. Faster is usually more expensive but not so much that you should worry.

This one seems to be a nice for the price.

Speed Demo This is not the card suggested above, just showing class difference

Hope this helps! :]

u/blueman541 · 2 pointsr/fujifilm

These are good too. Write speed the the most important metric in these cards.

u/samfringo · 1 pointr/bmpcc

Nope, nothing like that. Keep in mind this is the original and not the 4k. This is exactly what the sd card looks like:

u/ASFx · 4 pointsr/3DS

Got the 32GB Sandisk here and it's been amazing.

I compared it with the speed of a class 10 sandisk extreme card I had, and there was absolutely no difference in loading/save time. I think the read/write on the 3DS is capped at a certain speed and anything higher than that doesn't matter. From the research i've done, it's more about the brand you get than anything else. People have tried lesser known brands and they ended up getting read/write errors, or sometimes it didn't show up at all. Sandisk and sony cards are good choices though.

u/no_names_left_here · 3 pointsr/photography

You are over paying for the SD card. sd card is just as good as the sandisk SD card and at half the price. I use both in my 60D and there's no discernible difference at all. Save the cash and put it towards the lens.

u/reaper123 · 1 pointr/gopro

The Samsung PRO is a much better card and worth the extra money.

u/nycophoto · 1 pointr/Filmmakers

Would you recommend a specific SD card?

I'm used to SanDisk so I may go with that (an Extreme Pro probably) but I don't know which capacity would be sufficient for a 2 hours show and I'm having a hard time finding data about that.

Would the 64GB be sufficient or do we need 128? In any case I'd probably go for 2 similar cards to have a backup on site ready to go.

u/deb_on_air · 1 pointr/gopro

> Extreme PLUS 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Class U-1

Thank you for the reply. Could yoiu point me towards the list of recommended cards by gopro ?

Would you also happen to know if this is a suitable card ?

u/Intrepid00 · 1 pointr/SonyAlpha

Okay, so what you are saying it isn't worth paying for the minimal but something like this is.

SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB UHS-I/U3 SDXC Flash Memory Card with up to 95MB/s- SDSDXPA-128G-G46

u/fotolyfe · 1 pointr/videography

I shared cards with a colleague of mine and ran into this problem with his Sandisk cards. Never had issues with my cheap transcend cards from amazon though.

SD Version

CF Version

Edit: Added the cards I use.

u/schwissig · 3 pointsr/theNvidiaShield

I would recommend getting a faster SD card, like this one:

It's a UHS Class 3, which is much better than the one you linked. I had just received this in the mail yesterday, installed it as internal storage, but haven't actually properly tested it out to confirm if there are any load-lagging issues. If there are, I'll report back tonight.

u/firemarshalbill · 3 pointsr/photography

Go with the standard Class 10 (cheaper). Nex 5ns don't take advantage of UHS-1, but are backwards compatible and will treat it as a class 10 anyway.

Also returned to say what gthing did, go with a cheaper brand. I'm using this in my nex 5-n. Transcend 32GB

u/Voodoo_Moon · 4 pointsr/smashbros

They can be found on Amazon very easily.

From what I know, you can't use anything other than a 2GB SD card, unless you use Letterbomb (Mentioned by Moleman)

u/Spenk009 · 1 pointr/Zune

Means the hdd has crashed...

This plus this, for science :)