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10. ExceptionalSheets Pillowtop Mattress Topper with Fitted Skirt - Extra Plush Pad Found in Marriott Hotels - Made in The USA, Twin XL

  • SIZE & DESIGN - Twin XL Mattress Topper | 39" x 80", This mattress pad is perfect to revitalize your sleep and will fit mattresses up to 18" deep.
  • MATERIAL - Our durable, pillowed polyester cover has a soft, cooling touch, and is used in hotels and resorts across the world - Backing is made of 30% cotton/70% polyester. The pillow top mattress pad is like a cloud with unbeatable comfort and gentle support. This is a perfect choice if you're looking for high quality that is comfortable, soft, and breathable.
  • REVOLOFT FIBER FILL - Each pad is filled with Revoloft, a state-of-the-art fiberfill that has the feel of authentic goose & duck down without the feathers or poking. You can feel it under your skin, so smooth and cozy. Get relief after tired days. Silent protection that doesn't disrupt your valuable sleep, makes you sleep well all night. This is great for those with any type of mattress including innerspring, latex or memory foam.
  • VETERAN OWNED - We are proud to call ourselves a Veteran-Owned and Operated Business with over 90% of employees at our Southern Indiana headquarters. Support hardworking American men & women and completely change the way you sleep with this mattress pad!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We have sold over 1 million mattress pads and customer satisfaction is our top priority with each transaction, 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.
ExceptionalSheets Pillowtop Mattress Topper with Fitted Skirt - Extra Plush Pad Found in Marriott Hotels - Made in The USA, Twin XL
Height7 Inches
Length24 Inches
SizeTwin XL
Width21 Inches
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u/potato_leak_soup · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

What's your price range? Also are you in the US or another country? I can put together something more detailed if you give me that. Going to assume this is a college dorm if it isn't let me know. Side note: my partner says your room looks just fine for a college room but she thinks I'm a bit too into design stuff anyways.

Won't make your room look nicer but if your college will let you replace the mattress do that first, if not throw a mattress pad on top. Sleep is so undervalued in college, both you and any visitors will appreciate it. Here is a mattress pad for ~70 and here is one for under $20.

Along the same line get some nice pillows. Here is a decent set of 2 for ~$20.

Can't see your sheets but if you only have one set, please please get at least more than one set and wash them weekly! Amazon basics get the job done and are dirt cheap for sheets Here is a twin xl in spa blue for $13.99.

Before you buy anything else, you can also go a long way by just organizing all the stuff on the top of the dresser and the bookshelf. Try to have a home for everything and anything you don't use regularly should be out of sight.

Ok that out of the way, we can now go into fixing some of the design/color issues. The dark blue comforter and the black clash too much with the white walls (black wall hangings rarely work btw). Also, none of the wood finish matches and there is barely any color in the room.

Here's how to fix those in order of importance

Step 1: Ditch the giant yin-yang tapestry, unless it means something to you. Same with the meme poster. Also, you don't need three whiteboards...Replace all that with some wall art. Erstwhile is my personal favorite for wall art, really any of there pieces will do. They are a bit pricey ($200-$400) for a college student though. I'd look through Etsy under wall art to find something you like at a decent price point. Or try like the other poster said. As a note get framed pieces or something that doesn't need to be framed if you can.

Step 2: Get rid of the Black curtain and replace with a lighter color or even something with a pattern. Match it to whichever wall art you chose above.

Step 3: Get a plant, assuming your college allows it. Arichea Palms, Boston Ferns, and Ficus are all super easy to take care of and don't need a ton of light.

Step 4: Replace your comforter and throw pillows and match to the wall art/curtain.

Step 5: This is a personal pet peeve but match the wood finishes unless you know how to make them play off of each other. I'd watch craigslist and slowly replace the furniture as cool things pop up. The desk would be the first thing I'd try to replace, it is way too small to be a decent workspace. There are tons of sub $100 dollar computer desks on Amazon. Also, check out IKEA if you have one near you.

If you need advice on color matching or anything else please let me know.

u/genericdude999 · 2 pointsr/CampingGear

My take is car camping gear and backpacking gear should be separate. If you go cheap without regard to weight for backpacking, you're going to be miserable schlepping all that weight up steep hills. Also you're cramping yourself unnecessarily in mummy bags and dome tents for car camping. Not saying it's impossible, and a lot of people do exactly what you're doing. But there are better ways.

What I would do instead:

Dedicated car camping tent with stand up room. This is your house. Now you can bring chairs and a little table inside for dinner if it's cold or raining or if bugs are biting. You can stand up to dress or bathe.

Very cheap rectangular sleeping bags. Roomy and comfortable. Get two each. If one isn't warm enough, unzip the second and use it as a quilt on top. VERY warm.

I really like a tri-fold pad for car camping, but if you're trying to streamline your car camping gear, maybe get two each of these simple foam pads. I backpacked with a foam pad for years. Use just one for backpacking.

I really like freeze dried food even for car camping, because it saves on dish washing. All you need is one simple pot to boil water and add to the bag, then you can eat off paper plates and bowls once it's ready just like a picnic. Note this simple pot is good for backpacking too.

All you need for your "stove" for car camping is this and two old bricks set at a 90 degree angle to block the wind and support your pot. I get $359.37 and you're a lot more comfortable.

Now, when you get ready for backpacking:

Spend most of your money up front and early on a good down sleeping bag and a very light shelter.

Yes, you can use those bags for car camping if you must. A rectangular bag makes a better top quilt, but you could get cheap rect bags for car camping and use the down ones unzipped as top quilts. Then you would still have leg room. The tent would be unnecessarily cramped though.

Buy all your other gear first, before your pack. When you're ready to get your packs, measure your gear in a box so you know what volume to get. Now go to an REI store and get your torso measured and buy a pack around $100. They have good stuff. Don't worry.

Make or improvise the rest of your backpacking gear from this list. You don't have to be a millionaire to have a nice light gear set for backpacking. I get $698.96 for your "big three", but that's with double everything for the two of you.

If you don't want to spend that much on two separate gear sets, maybe buy all backpacking gear + a car camping tent. Upgrade to a backpacking tent later. The tent is the main thing that will cramp you for car camping.

u/txeskimo17 · 4 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

That is wonderful how much you want to help and support her; she will definitely appreciate it.

These are what I use:


Mattress Topper:

What is nice about that mattress topper is it has 2 zones so you can heat one side of bed without having to heat other side. The mattress topper is also great at soothing all-over body aches since you're laying on top of it; feels amazing to crawl into after a long day.

There's also a really good book about Fibro, written by a doctor who has the disease herself. It's laid out in easy to understand language and includes both conventional and alternative treatment methods. The book is a must-read for sufferers, their loved ones, and even their health care providers. My review of this book would be: Before reading the book, I was genuinely ready to kill myself because I felt it was hopeless to try and cope with this disease for another 50+ years. Reading her book I've been able to find ways to improve my circumstances and now feel motivated to fight the disease as several of her methods have already made a huge difference in my life.

u/N_Rage · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

I've slept for about a year on cheap air matresses from kmart and even though I've got some issues with my back it worked well and was comfortable.
However most matresses only lasted about 1-2 months until they developed a hole, even though the material seemed reasonably strong, so if you're planning on finding a long term solution, I'd get a real mattress.

You also mentionned in another post that you will be camping in cold weather. Air matresses do not insulate well, so I put blankets on top of mine, but it still wasn't as warm as a regular mattress.

The biggest advantage of air matresses is their ability to be able to be emptied and stored in a small space and the flexibility this offers. This is great for weekend trips, but when you're living in your car on a permanent basis, it's not necessary.
The only time I deflated mine was when I was doing a road trip with a few people and simply needed the space.

The mattress you linked also seems rather wide and would take up a lot of space, something you already don't have a lot of. Just lie down and measure how much space you actually need to sleep, for me it's about 60cm/23.5 inches, the mattress you linked is about twice as wide.
Another thing to keep in mind is vertical space in the back of your car. In the wagon I was sleeping in I had about 80cm/31.5in in the back from the trunk area to the roof. After putting in 1/2 inch plywood on 4-5inch stilts and then placing an air matress with a height of 6 inches on top, there was very little space left.
So little in fact, that my shoulder had to squeeze along the roof when turning around while sleeping. I'm not even going to go into the effort of getting into the spot in the first place.
Something to consider, in case you're claustrophobic.

After a few weeks a big storm hit the city I was sleeping in, causing heavy rains for about a week, so everything got really damp and the plywood construction started to get moldy, so I got rid of it for good.

I'd try to get a foldable foam mattress like this one instead, it can still be stored somewhat easily while being more durable and insulating better.

u/LunarStone · 2 pointsr/minimalism

I have a trifold foam one that I bought on Amazon, and it was much cheaper and far more comfortable than the "stuffed ones", like the one in the picture.

This is what I have, though you can get the queen sized one as well I'm pretty sure:

I'm not even exaggerating when I say it's the most comfortable bed I've had, and my previous bed was some $900. Just look at the reviews. Before buying this foam one, I had purchased one of the "stuffed" roll up ones, that was about $300.... I regretted it, wasn't comfortable. I purchased the foam one directly after.

The only thing I can think to complain about is that the material it is made of doesn't feel amazing on the skin, but obviously you're supposed to put a sheet over it, so that's not an issue.

For college, I think it depends on your living situation. Are you in a dorm, your own apartment, what? Speaking from experience, I've never lost out on a sexual opportunity from using a floor mattress, but then again I don't bring the girl to my room first thing. I usually don't even bring them to my room until they are displaying obvious interest, like us making out. If they comment on it as we go there, I just say tell them it's an fancy traditional Japanese bed, ha.

I've never had complaints about it beyond that, but obviously you just have to make sure that the area in the room is clean. It's one thing to have a floor mattress in a clean room, and another to have it in a room with mess on the floor. So think about that.

u/kay_rod · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Welcome to the frozen north and brace yourself - winter straight up sucks. Here are some things that will make it better!!:

These bad boys will keep you from falling on your butt when you're walking on icy roads and parking lots.
A heated mattress pad will keep your bed nice and toasty warm! Sanctuary!!!!
In a similar vein, a heated throw blanket will keep you warm while you're on the couch. The great thing about heated mattress pads/throw blankets/etc. is that it keeps you warm without you needing to turn the heat up, using less heating oil. And using less heating oil is a GOOD THING!
They aren't sexy, but long underwear are effective at keeping the cold at bay.
Chintzy cotton socks aren't gonna cut it anymore. Invest in some solid wool socks. Yes, they cost a lot, but they are worth their weight in gold!

Don't worry - you'll make it :)

u/LovelyThoughts · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I'm only 27 week + 5 days, but I've been having trouble side sleeping since Christmas. As a lifetime back/belly sleeper, sleeping on my side was really killing my shoulders and back.

Anyway, my husband recently bought me this mattress topper to see if it would help. I really love it! Sleeping on my side is a lot more comfortable now,as I sink into my bed and my belly gets perfect support without unwieldy pillows everywhere. I don't know if it would help with your puffiness, but it's definitely made a difference in my comfort.

u/whiskey_pants · 4 pointsr/sexover30

Also a tip...if by chance it interests you. Mine drove me a little nuts with moving and shifting. I ended up buying bent quilting safety pins (boomerang shaped) and pinning it to the mattress. It works great and no more needing to fix it every few days. We found otherwise it shifted. That said, we do have some pretty active sex very regularly and I think that was a huge part of it.

I will link what I have now because I love it. That said, I was very happy with the one before that too and can't recall the manufacturer, but I lost the power supply when I took it off for summer to store. The one before that IDK what happened. I don't recall it breaking. My only point there is that I have never had one that I thought was bad. They have all been just as good and I am sure they were different makers, etc. So I am linking what I have for ease of reference, but I bet most of them are pretty great and some features vary so look around if it's something you think you might want to try.

u/HelloMyNameIsAmanda · 1 pointr/TruckCampers

I’m guessing the secondary battery you have isn’t deep cycle, so you’re not really going to get any use out of it for heating purposes. Even with a deep cycle battery, heating all the air without propane isn’t really feasible. But if you did intend to do this often and wanted to spring for 100ah or so, a trucker’s bunk warmer can help you be more comfortable combined with the advice others have given you. This was the one I used when I was traveling in a teardrop for 3 months:

The best option if you really wanted to be comfortable would be a vented heater that works on combustibles, either tapping into your tank or from a propane tank. The key is to make sure you have one that is venting the products of the combustion outside so that you can run it overnight safely and you won’t get the Moisture propane releases when it burns.

These can be pricey, and aren’t worth the investment if this isn’t something you’re going to be doing often. But I think the espar brand is popular. Of course you’re going to want a sensor anyway just in case anything goes wrong.

u/purplerain444 · 1 pointr/Fibromyalgia

I have a heated mattress pad! It's like an electric blanket for your mattress. I knew I would love it because I'm always cold, but it turns out it helps relax my muscles and I sleep better when I use it. Heat therapy for the win! This is the one I have.

u/be_bo_i_am_robot · 24 pointsr/minimalism

Do it! My shikibuton is the best sleeping surface I've ever used, bar none! I beats out my old expensive king-sized memory foam bed and mattress, handily!

I bought my shikibuton and tri-fold mats on Amazon. I use normal sheets and blanket.

Also, the buckwheat pillows are great!

Anyway, every morning I fold and store them away. I put em out every evening.

I love the extra space. And I actually sleep great on it!

u/omg_pwnies · 3 pointsr/AskVet

For just a little bit more, you can heat your whole mattress, making a huge warm bed for you and your cats.

Our cats love it and we love it too. So toasty and comfy.

Best of luck to you and your cat-buddy. :D

u/DeepMusing · 2 pointsr/AskEngineers

They can be. It depends on what you consider expensive to be when compared to some potentially crazy expensive spring or foam mattresses. A basic bed is around $300. A "fine furniture" waterbed can be $1000 to $2000+, but so can a dresser or table.

You typically buy the waterbed frame as one purchasing decision, then select a waterbed mattress to go into it. A waterbed mattress must have a purpose made waterbed frame to hold it. You cannot put a waterbed mattress on a standard bed frame. You can also buy a cheaper waterbed kit that comes with everything.

A typical lower cost waterbed kit would look like this. I would highly recommend getting a full-motionless mattress, which has layers of foam inside of the mattress to dampen any waves and get rid of the sloshing feeling when you roll around or sit up.

You then need to decide if you want to sleep on the mattress directly, or get a pillow top cover for it. I like a "marshmallow" soft bed, so I use a thick pillow top cover over the mattress. If you don't have a thick comforter of some kind between you and the mattress, then the mattress will need to be heated. Sleeping on a cold waterbed mattress is really bad for you. A heater usually comes with a waterbed kit.

A waterbed is a hassle to setup. They are heavy and clunky and take time to get settled, but they are pretty much maintenance free after that. I absolutely love them. Do some research and watch some videos and reviews before buying.

u/forgivepapi · 2 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

unfortunately I had a great weighted blanket, seen here, but I couldn't use it for sleeping. it was fine if I was on my back but if I turned on either of my sides (which I do as soon as I fall asleep, without fail) it pressed me into the mattress so hard that it pushed the pressure points on the sides of my hips so hard into the mattress that it really hurt. I got it for christmas and used it for about two weeks before storing it. I actually sold it recently. so sad. it was the best until it was the worst!

I don't have a vibrating heating pad, but I do have a heated mattress pad, which is great. it's by sunbeam, and they have a great warranty. it didn't work one year and I shipped it back and they sent me a brand new one for $15, or maybe it was free? maybe that was just the cost to ship to them, I can't recall.

i'll have to check out this ultimate bed business, thanks!

u/Skullington · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Search first.

Electric mattress pads generally get more favorable reviews than blankets, but none of them are BIFL. One comment suggests a hot water bottle and down comforter. I think a down comforter is a much better and more durable way to go.

Also, you probably don't need this for life, you need it until you stop living in dorms. I'm guessing because I've never seen a Twin XL outside of an institutional setting.

Here's my recommendation. It will eventually break. I don't know what their warranty's like. BIFL and wires that bend and unbend every single day don't go together too well.

u/dry_cabin · 2 pointsr/4Runner

I've got this
Only spent one night on it so far but for the price it was great. It fit perfectly with the rear seat bottom removed.

u/GingerAle55555 · 2 pointsr/internetparents

This air mattress is $120 and is excellent. It has a built in pump so you can just turn the knob to add more air when needed. It's also pretty much the height of a regular bed so it doesn't feel like your sleeping on the floor. I highly recommend getting a mattress pad like this one and it will really make it feel like a real bed.... we have this set up (along with some IKEA sheets and comforter) and guests who use it always rave that they can barely tell it's not a normal bed. By the time you add it all up (mattress $119, pad $20, sheets, pillows, comforter) you'll be under your $250 but probably close unless you can just use stuff you already have!

If you absolutely have to go the futon route, check Craigslist and IKEA, but to be honest they're pretty pricey for the decent ones and the cheap ones aren't very comfortable.

u/clifgray · 1 pointr/vandwelling

I've got a Crosstrek as well, if you end up doing a build like this make sure you post it! I've slept in mine with this little tri-fold 75" futon and it has actually been surprisingly comfortable. But it eliminates most of my storage room and I would like to fit two people plus storage under the futon. I think it is doable though!

u/TheOldGuy54 · 3 pointsr/AskMen

Oh the great Midwest winters bwhaahahahaha


Here are a few items that might help.


Electric Blanket - We have the one that fits on the bottom mattress then you put the bottom sheet over it. Dial that F&*&& up before bed and you will be warm



Or you can go with the top blanket if you can't find one that will fit a dorm bed



Cloths - Duluth trading company - This shit is pricey for a college student, but ask for Christmas presents. The great shit about this stuff is that it is quality and will last you for years. Duluth MN is up north and its cold AF ... Look for wool socks, flannel shirts and jackets. Dont forget long underwear! They even have a Christmas list where you pick the stuff out you want and e-mail the list to family



Stay warm my skinny friend - Summer is only 7 months away

u/herencia · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I just graduated from college!

And let me tell you... the following items served me incredibly well!

  • Foldable clothes drying rack

  • Heated Mattress Pad (most dorm beds are Twin XL, so I've linked that size here) and Electric Blanket - you're living on campus now, but you probably won't beyond freshman year. Trust me, invest in this. Electricity is sooo much cheaper than gas. Not to mention powering an electric blanket is way cheaper than heating an entire house/apartment!

  • Shower Tote - easily carry all of your toiletries to the commons shower and toilet rooms!

  • Bath towel wrap - Men and Ladies

  • Basic First-Aid Kit

    Would you like a falafel with that?
u/BlargaBlargaBB · 1 pointr/Mattress


I feel as if I am a pretty light weight person that I don't even sink into my memory foam or even my 4" topper. It is definitely memory foam, both the mattress and the toper. the topper is like this and the cover is

and the mattress itself is this

the room definitely isn't cold so i dont think that is causing the issue. i just want to feel like I sink into the bed more, it all feels very firm to me.

u/cfc1016 · 1 pointr/vandwellers

also check THIS out. Definitely less compact than a camping-oriented sleeping pad, but will probably be considerably more comfortable, and take up far less space (when not being used) than a solid, one-piece mattress would. I've had this or some other similar version on my 'potentially useful equipment' list for future/possible builds.

u/slow_marathon · 1 pointr/vancouver

I was looking at this device as recommended by Tim Ferris.

>ChiliPad — A heating/cooling mattress pad. You simply place this under your bed sheets and it circulates water through the pad. What’s intriguing about this system is that it features duel-zone temperature setting. If your partner desires a warmer temperature while you desire a cooler temperature, this will help solve that. It’s not cheap but given the potential benefits this could have on your health, I’d say it can be truly priceless.

u/goboinouterspace · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I sleep on this futon I got from Amazon. I find it more enjoyable than sleeping on my pillow-top mattress. It is also easy to fold and store and very cheap for the excellent quality:

u/gridirongamer · 3 pointsr/insomnia

I bought one of these cooling mattress pads. It works best if the air temperature in the room is cooler so if your room is already at 63 degrees, it should work pretty well.

u/bartleby · 1 pointr/simpleliving

Cool. Is this what you got?

I am really liking the idea of a shikibuton because of how it folds so neatly. How do you care for the fabric (it's hard to see what they are made of)? I am imagining I would have some sort of blanket or other linen on top of the shikibuton when it sleep mode.

u/yami_fiesta · 1 pointr/vandwellers

Like this? Was that comfortable? Do you know how high your bed platform was? I am trying to do a similar thing in a 2005 Ford Escape but it looks like the CRV has much more internal height, even though the Escape is overall taller, my platform is putting me too close to the ceiling.

u/Socific · 3 pointsr/onebag

Hammock is awesome. A decent one will probably run you $30.

If you have $150 to spare, grab one of these. I had this for 8 months+ and still own it, it's comfy and supportive.

If you're cheap, get a second sleeping bag from a thrift shop and stuff it with eggcrate foam. I slept on one of those for a few months and it was not bad.

u/annaswims · 6 pointsr/Mommit

Heated mattress pad

Seriously the best thing I’ve gotten in years. The temperature is adjustable so it won’t get too warm on low. It’s also wonderful to preheat the bed before you get in

u/justsomemammal · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Our bed is pretty low to the ground. I pushed it up against the wall on one side, and have this floor mattress on the other side.

I usually lie down and nurse baby girl to sleep on the floor mattress, then bring her in bed during her first wakeup after we get in bed.

She actually hasn't ever rolled/crawled off the bed onto the floor mattress (yet), but it's there if she needs it.

The rest of the room is super babyproofed too. Which was a nightmare because it's a loft.

u/vmcreative · 0 pointsr/minimalism

Ive been sleeping on one of these trifold mattresses off and on for about three years. Theyre surprisingly comfortable with nothing else between them and the floor. The only issue is when I have someone over for the night (generally if I'm looking to hook up with someone I go over to their place so its not a huge issue... lol) I'm currently in the market to upgrade to a higher quality shikibuton, which can run pretty expensive for a nice onw but I think might be worth the investment.

u/MoonbeamThunderbutt · 29 pointsr/CPTSD

I bought a heated mattress pad a couple years ago and oh my god, it's SO nice to actually be warm.

I already know that I'm tough enough to suffer through anything, so I don't have to do that anymore. It's okay, I can just take care of myself. There's nothing left to prove.

u/bashfulfox · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

November 22,girl. congrats and thanks for the contest!
around 20$


u/RoarOmegaRoar · 154 pointsr/AskWomen

I'm going to cheat and put my top three all time faves:

  1. My quilted mattress topper. I trusted the reviews on this one and omg my bed is the comfiest thing ever now.

  2. Comfy tank dress with pockets! I got it in black and it's super versatile to layer with and dress up or down.

  3. Acrylic three drawer makeup organizer to keep my makeup from covering every surface in my room!
u/BlasphemousArchetype · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

That's crazy. Hopefully he's a bro about it if you can't get it taken care of. I only know what I know from being with this one woman who had kids. I'd still try the laundry detergent. Get a bucket of hot water with some detergent in it and a sponge. Scrub it and then hit it with the blow dryer. Also, for the future they make these mattress cover things that I'll link to, if you get to it quick enough you can take it off and it won't soak through to the actual mattress. Then you can just wash it like any other laundry.


u/adaml223 · 8 pointsr/minimalism

I sleep on a shikibuton. I bought it about 6 months ago after becoming interested in Japanese futons. Because I didn't want to break the bank to purchase an authentic one, I settled for this one.

I fold it up every morning, fold my blanket, and set it and my buckwheat pillow on top of it and set it away in my room.

Before this I was using an old mattress that was in the spare room of my grandma's where I live. Being that my grandma isn't too interested in the idea of minimalism, my room becomes a very calming place for me when I head up to bed at night.

Just thought of this after I posted. I wish I would've realized the idea of minimalism before I moved out of my apartment. I was already on the side of have fewer possessions than most people, but I hadn't gotten to the point were I realized it and was able to fine tune it. I was basically a minimalist that didn't know it and therefore didn't put much thought into it.

u/supermatthew · 2 pointsr/Frugal

You might also consider instead of an air mattress, a japanese futon. It is slightly more expensive but probably more comfortable.

u/OutOfMemory · 1 pointr/Vive

Get one of these things, man! I've been sleeping on one for months, surprisingly comfortable. Not even the firmest mattress I've ever been on. Then throw it in a closet when you're gaming.

u/aoethrowaway · 76 pointsr/financialindependence

sleeping with 5 blankets and jackets is brutal. I live in a cold climate and a couple years ago I bought an electric mattress pad. I put it on a wifi outlet and it comes on at 9pm and turns off at 5am. My home's heat drops down to 50 at night and comes back on in the AM.

This is amazing, it costs about $2-3 a month to power the heated mattress pad & you'll be nice and toasty all night. Makes no sense to heat the whole house while you're sleeping - but don't punish yourself either.

This is what I recommend:

u/morgf · 1 pointr/Mattress

That looks like a mattress pad, not a mattress protector. I'm not sure how tightly woven it is, so how effective it would be at blocking dust I don't know. But if you are looking for a good quality mattress pad, here is a nice one:

u/fifteencat · 0 pointsr/minimalism

This was recently recommended at r/simpleliving. Can't vouch for it but it looks promising to me.

u/kitschykitten · 2 pointsr/UMD

I live in commons and have this one and it's amazing at just under $70

u/climberslacker · 1 pointr/vandwellers

/u/Sierrasclimber has the same one I have!

I have used it quite a few times now, it's a twin-size but I have it "sideways" from my shoulders to roughly my knees. I will typically turn it on "high" about an hour before bed. From there I turn it on the lowest setting while getting ready for bed/reading/hanging out. Typically turn it off at night and back on in the morning if I have time.

I got it because the cheap foam mattress I bought freezes solid in cold conditions, and well, that sucks. The mattress heater helps that a ton.

u/[deleted] · -1 pointsr/funny

Not comfy?
Amazon has some nice deals, it might be hard to get a delivery down there but I'm sure you could arrange it.

u/dailydiapers · 1 pointr/ABDL

Mine did come from Amazon:

Nice soft quilted pad with a hidden waterproof layer.

u/Eccentrica_Gallumbit · 25 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Even better, heated mattress pad under the blanket.

u/dawobbles · 3 pointsr/minimalism

This. I bought one recently and it's nice to have something that folds up and can be stored away.

u/Older_But_Wiser · 1 pointr/sex

Are you talking about something for sleeping, lounging AND sex or just for having sex in a cold room?

If it's all three then why not just a warm nightgown (flannel maybe?) and some leg warmers.

If it is for sex in a cold room then why not either a space heater and/or a heated mattress pad and/or warm comforter.

We always (or almost always) get naked for sex but DW prefers to wear something for sleeping.

u/tea_drinkerthrowaway · 2 pointsr/OCPoetry

Looks like yes.

u/LandonJS · 1 pointr/minimalism

Would you mind posting photos of your sleeping situation? I have been considering doing this for a long time, and now that I have a new place in a new city, I may take the plunge. I'm on an air mattress right now.
I've been looking at this:
But I also considered getting a buckwheat hull mattress that is self-assembling pods filled with hulls. It's about as much as a normal bed costs. OR something like this, which is a combo of a roll out mat with buckwheat hulls inside:

u/bigjim_mccoy · 1 pointr/minimalism

It is very comfortable and if you're worried about the floor sucking away body heat you can put a camp pad or anything else as another layer of insulation. I've slept on a shikibuton for over a year and I don't ever want to buy a bed again.

u/PM_ME_CLOWN_TITS · 3 pointsr/CozyPlaces

Yep. I just lay the wide side of the rear seat down and slap one of these down there, grab a sleeping bag to put on top and a couple of pillows and I'm set. I stash a cooler either in the front passenger seat if I need a big one, or in the floorboard of the driver's side rear seat if i only need a small one for the weekend. My camp stove and a small suitcase go in the trunk on the side I'm not using for sleeping. There's actually plenty of room in there for the essentials.

The Prius acts as its own generator so if you're in a place that's particularly cold or hot you can leave the car running with the AC or heat on. It runs on the hybrid battery the majority of the time and the gas engine will kick in to recharge the battery every so often. Depending on the weather you can spend anywhere from $0 if it's cool/warm enough to just have the windows cracked for air flow to $1.50 if it's particularly hot or cold and the car needs to run more to make up for the AC/heat.

I was looking for ideas for saving cash on a road trip when I found this dude's blog and YouTube video about setting up his Prius to live in. I'm not living in my car so I haven't done most of what he did to set it up, but I took some ideas for going camping in it.

u/kendamagic · 1 pointr/japan

keep in mind that the whole futon set will cost more than $250. there are other foldable floor mattresses available and if the price is a major issue, then you might as well go ahead and make mcgyver your own set out pieces that are more readily available in america.

u/specialopts51 · 1 pointr/WeMo

No problem. The important part is that you have to get a heated mattress pad with a mechanical on/off switch. I got this one. Each side has a control mechanism so we actually got two WeMOs so we could each control our own side. I'm extremely happy with the purchase.

u/mrsaturnboing · 1 pointr/Frugal

I've been thinking about getting one of these trifold mattresses from Amazon:

Two would equal an American Full mattress and can fold up into a place to sit, I believe.

Pretty much any mattress I've ever slept on hurts my back, while the floor does not. I think 3 inches of padding would be just right for me, personally.

u/JWolff1513 · 2 pointsr/HelpMeFind

How about a heated mattress cover instead? That way you're sleeping on top of it and the cords should be harder to hit.
Not sure if this is available in Australia but here's a link.
Alternately, you can search for "heated mattress pad".

u/borgchupacabras · 2 pointsr/SeattleWA

What about a trifold mattress?

u/insyndication · 1 pointr/ChronicPain

Get an electric matress pad. It has helped me tremendously! There are much cheaper ones, i just grabbed a link for you

u/mouseroo · 2 pointsr/PetiteGoneWild

You know what makes a bed even more appealing on cold days? Heated comforters.

u/TeresaLyn · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Brace yourself! I just moved from California to Illinois so I know exactly how you feel!!

This will keep you warm

Edit : item

u/spenring · 1 pointr/CleaningTips

Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad (Queen) - Mattress Cover Stretches up to 16 Inches Deep - Mattress Topper

u/Michlerish · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

If that's the case, I would suggest any of these (in Asia it's commonplace to sleep on the floor, so I would look around for asian style beds):

Tri-fold foam bed from Amazon

Japanese style floor futon mattress from Amazon

Korean "yo" floor mattress from Gmarket

u/trashlikeyourmom · 1 pointr/BlackPeopleTwitter

Buy one of these, it will change your life.

Not recommended for memory-foam mattresses though

u/Theupixf · 2 pointsr/breakingmom

Damn... I thought they were supposed to have some sort of fire resistance like kids pajamas. Guess I was wrong. Maybe get one of those mattress pads? (Something like this: ) It would at least cover the area, shouldn't affect putting your sheets on, and might help the spot from getting bigger... maybe. At the very least, it'd cover the spot and you'd have one more layer between you and that.

u/ThePNWBackPacker · 3 pointsr/4Runner

I can’t find the exact one, but it’s similar to this:

American Furniture Alliance Hide A' Mat 3.5 x 30 x 75 inch Jr Twin TriFold Mattress, Navy

u/Sparky_1979 · 2 pointsr/DIY

I've made a few outdoor sofas and unfortunately the seating cushion is the most expensive part. I used fold out guest beds for the seating cushion and just cheap sofa cushions for the back rest. Here's a similar link to what i used:

u/RiotGrrrl585 · 1 pointr/vandwellers

I've got one of these coming in the mail. Can be folded as a kinda crappy chair, or all the way up.