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11. Awesome Owls Set by Paul Brent 8"x8" Art Print Poster

Image Sizes 8" x 8"Paper Sizes 8" x 8"Made in the U.S.AEach of the prints are printed on high quality paperCan be easily framed
Awesome Owls Set by Paul Brent 8"x8" Art Print Poster
ColorBrown, Green, Blue, Purple
Height8 Inches
Length0.01 Inches
Number of items4
SizeFour 8 x 8 in Poster Prints
Weight0.2 Pounds
Width8 Inches
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13. NBCUniversal Store Parks and Recreation Swanson Pyramid of Greatness Poster

Made in: USAMade of: Heavyweight Paper, Satin FinishDimensions: 34" x 22"Color: Multi-colored
NBCUniversal Store Parks and Recreation Swanson Pyramid of Greatness Poster
Height0.00393700787 Inches
Length33.99999996532 Inches
Size(22x34) Unframed
Weight0.15 Pounds
Width21.99999997756 Inches
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17. Pyramid PAS0014 Almond Blossoms Decorative Poster

Suitable for framingGreat photographyPopular theme
Pyramid PAS0014 Almond Blossoms Decorative Poster
Height1 Inches
Length24 Inches
SizeUnframed - 36x24
Weight0.2 Pounds
Width1 Inches
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19. Studio B  Lord of The Rings Poster

Quality graphic imagean alternative to an expensive print or paintingSuitable for framing
Studio B  Lord of The Rings Poster
ColorWhite Brown Green
Height0.004 Inches
Length36 Inches
Number of items3
Size24 by 36 24 X 36
Weight0.2 Pounds
Width24 Inches
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Number of comments: 11
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Number of comments: 9
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Top Reddit comments about Wall Art:

u/nope-tastic · 3 pointsr/GetStudying

It looks like you're trying to jump into a bunch of things at once. That's not a bad thing - you're excited to make changes, and you're ready to take the steps you need to for them. That's great! That said, you're looking to make a lot more changes than most people can keep up with at once. So it might be a good idea to start with small steps that can make a difference.

You seem to grasp part of the solution: time management. The truth is, none of us can tell you how to manage your time. We don't know what your circumstances and priorities are. At best, we can offer suggestions about class-to-home-study ratios and how to plan your day. But anything more than that, we can only really give you some advice and tools that might help.

First, the advice: Time management is mostly about prioritization. Yes, you have to work within a schedule that might not be in your control. You have hours that are dedicated to existing responsibilities, like school, sports, clubs or church activities. But the things that you do outside these responsibilities are at least partially in your control, and that's where the prioritization starts. So here's what I think will help you:

Identify three things you'd like to prioritize in your life. This might include your grades, as you've stated above. You might want to focus on physical fitness, family togetherness, music, spending time with friends, writing, reading, learning skills like coding - that's something you need to figure out on your own. Write down these priorities in a way that speaks to you. For example, you might write "Getting good grades is a priority for me because I want to get into a good college and have scholarship opportunities." Do this for all three priorities.

Your next step is going to be to make small steps to help you show how committed you are to those priorities. You're not going to easily jump from studying 20 minutes after class ends to spending an hour every evening outlining your textbooks. But you might be able to fit in, say, another 15-30 minutes at home when you can look over your notes and check your textbooks for anything that was unclear, and then another 30 minutes to do some of your required reading. You can always add more time and activities later.

Here's where it gets tricky: motivation dries up pretty quick, and studies have shown that people have only a certain amount of willpower, and it's surprisingly consistent. You can only do things you don't want to do for so long before you get burnt out. This is where the prioritization statement I had you write above comes in. That's your willpower booster.

Every time you catch yourself slipping out of the habits you're forming to achieve your goals, you need to pull out the prioritization statements and read them, preferably aloud. Then you have to say to yourself - again, aloud is best - "I am choosing to play video games instead of study because I am not prioritizing getting good grades." This is called cognitive dissonance. The two statements are both true, but they directly contradict each other. Your brain is going to view this negatively, and you will find yourself trying to prove one of the statements false by withdrawing the statement or changing your behavior.

Having the written priority statement will help you to change the behavior instead. The written statement is tangible. You can pick it up and read it, and it won't change. The spoken statement only exists as a thought or as words in the air. Although it may not work all the time, the easiest path for your brain to take is going to be to change the statement that is not written down. You may need to consciously change it to something like "I am choosing to play video games after I review my notes from history class and biology because I am prioritizing getting good grades." This positive rephrasing is in line with your original priority statement, and you'll have an easier time following along, especially because it does not make you avoid the behavior - you're just delaying it.

Now that I've given you my advice (which you can take or leave - I'm an Internet stranger, not your parent or adviser), here are the tools I can give you:

Getting Things Done is a good book for anyone who wants help managing their workload, regardless of if it's school or work. Many libraries carry a copy because it is a popular resource.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People is another well-respected book that is good for self-improvement and habits worth cultivating. It looks like you might be younger than the target audience, so you might prefer 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, which I would have loved as a teenager.

This list of Apps/programs is useful for different tools and options that are available to help you manage your time and responsibilities. None of them is a substitute for dedication and discipline, but it's sure easier to stay motivated and disciplined when you know where to find all your stuff!

I hesitate to provide a Reddit link, as I know Reddit can be a major time suck if you get too into it, but consider checking out the top posts in /r/getdisciplined for some advice or anecdotes that may help you to stick with your plans, whatever they are.

There's more I could say here, but honestly, it's past midnight where I am now, and I need to get ready for bed. Feel free to PM me if anything in this giant essay I've written is unclear or if you want more information. I'll do my best to help you out.

Good luck! Work hard and stay dedicated.

u/LiesandBalderdash · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here goes! It looks like I got all but 1 item from my current wishlist. Yah!

1.) Something that is grey.

2.) Something reminiscent of rain. Why not a raincoat?

3.) Something food related that is unusual. These are from Japan and Matcha flavor is hard to find in the US!

4.) Something on your list that is for someone other than yourself. Tell me who it's for and why. (Yes, pets count!) For my son! He's a nugget.

5.) A book I should read! I am an avid reader, so take your best shot and tell me why I need to read it! Guy Gavriel Kay is an amazing writer and I think everyone should read his books. They evoke so many emotions!

6.) An item that is less than a dollar, including shipping... that is not jewelry, nail polish, and or hair related! How about free? Read the classics!

7.) Something related to cats. I love cats! (keep this SFW, you know who you are...) NO.

8.) Something that is not useful, but so beautiful you must have it. I think by definition art is not useful, but very beautiful!

9.) A movie everyone should watch at least once in their life. Why? Because Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion are amazing.

10.) Something that would be useful when the zombies attack. Explain. For stabbing. It's a silent weapon, which is best. You don't want to attract more of the undead.

11.) Something that would have a profound impact on your life and help you to achieve your current goals. My current goal is to be more active as I try to lose weight, but foot pain is a big barrier to walking/exercising more. I have heard awesome things about this foot wrap and it would be a huge help and keep me from being in pain as I exercise!

12.) One of those pesky Add-On items. It's hard to find in stores now, weirdly. And it's all I wear daily!

13.) The most expensive thing on your list. Your dream item. Why? PS4!

14.) Something bigger than a bread box. EDIT A bread box is typically similar in size to a microwave. Home. Made. Cappucino. It can go right next to the breadbox.

15.) Something smaller than a golf ball. This is pocket sized!

16.) Something that smells wonderful. Apples!!

17.) A (SFW) toy. She-Ra is pretty safe for work

18.) Something that would be helpful for going back to school. If you're in college, you're gonna need one of these.

19.) Something related to your current obsession, whatever that may be. Adventure Time! Come on, grab your friends!

20.) Something that is just so amazing and awe-inspiring that I simply must see it. Explain why it is so grand. What's mrore amazing than being INSANELY comfortable? Just look at it! Get inspired to sleep. It looks so comfy, I can't handle it.

fear cuts deeper than swords

u/acciocorinne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. A mug! How is this cake related? Because you can make microwavable cake in a mug!
  2. So, I didn't even know who Simon Pegg was. Apparently he starred in Shaun of the Dead, which I haven't seen, but it's apparently a romantic zombie movie!
  3. J.K. Rowling's new book. DYING TO READ IT
  4. You could totally use the sticks from these lollipops as chopsticks!
  5. Animal print animal costume!
  6. Purple!
  7. My favorite game!
  8. Nerdy fantasy books are my guilty pleasure
  9. Lots of tools!
  10. The Lion King!
  11. Cascading hangers! My closet would be so compact and organized!
  12. Dorky as it may be, coloring is my hobby!
  13. SO MANY OPTIONS. I'm an art history nerd, a Disney nerd, a cat lady, an X-Files nerd, and a history dork--there are so many options for nerdy hahaha.
  14. Organic extra virgin coconut oil!
  15. Water bottle!
  16. You wear a necklace!
  17. Murder by Death is hilarious!
  18. "Pearl" beads!
  19. Willow. Because what do you find in a garden? Plants! Trees are plants. And what is a willow? A tree! This is totally, 100% gardening related. Promise.
  20. This isn't the thing I want the most, but it's seriously one of the coolest, dorkiest, most amazing items on my wishlist. It's something I could never justify buying for myself, but I REALLY love it--one day it will be mine!

    You're going to buy yourself this super interesting book!

    Happy happy cake day :D

    If I win, anything I linked OR anything from my wishlist would be an amazingggg prize :) I love everything on my wishlists!
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Please excuse the length, I love making lists.

Video Production

Green Screen




Dining with Dr Who

Writing movies for fun and profit This is a great book. I have it, absolutely hysterical.


Ink quill

TARDIS Deluxe Journal


Street Signs


Eiffel Tower Chocolate Mold

Little Window Beach

17th century world map

Watercolor World Map

Universal world wide adapter plug

Hidden pocket wallet


Liquid Gold Plating Kit

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

This one also works for gardening:
Moons and Blooms lunar calender

Inflatable earth with glow in the dark cities

Galilea Moon Phase Calendar and Clock

Glow in the dark lunar calender!


Sunprint Kit

Scrapper tool set


LOTR inspired necklace

Another LOTR inspired necklace

Dragon necklace

Dragon JEwerly box

These/this are/is a book, but Mercedes Lackey is a FANTASTIC fantasy writer. I'd start with the Mage Winds trilogy or Mage Wars series.


Portal-able Speakers If you want to listen to relaxing music (or just music) while reading or chilling outside, this is the perfect speaker. It goes pretty loud, my bro has one, I steal if to make my showers musical.

Solar power LED Water proof color changing globes

Ball lanterns!


Math clock

Mental Math

Pi ice cube shape tray

Mini Abacus pendant keychain

And it was delicious

Math jokes

Math/science ice cube tray

Rubik's Cube office thingy

Abacus-they have these in all colors and shapes and what have you.


Wasn't quite sure what you're looking for, but these things are pretty relaxing and some of them are used in meditation or for relaxation/de-stress so I figured I could put 'em here.

[LED mini waterfall)(

Zen reflection bonzai tree with a little pond

Candle and water fountain

Five tier illuminated fountain

Other random fun things!

DR Who Projector clock

Sherlock season one Dunno but I feel you might like this show.

Giant Nail polish set

Nail art brushes

LED faucet water glow thing

Alright! I think I'll stop there before this becomes a novel xD

u/_Captain_ · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I may be freaking out...

My favorite character is Mal (and yes, my username is dedicated to him). His loyalty is astounding. His crew is his family and I think it's extremely admirable. He keeps his head in times of hardship and usually pulls through with even a laugh or two. I love that he surrounds himself with people he'd like to be more like; or at least people with qualities he feels he's lost. He admires Kaylee for her innocence, Book for his faith, Simon's love for his sister and dedication to learning, etc. He knows he's had to bury this qualities in himself, so he keeps them close in other people so he doesn't forget them.


u/pixelationnation · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I recommend this toaster from personal experience but unfortunately it's $60. :/ My mom has this toaster and swears by it, and it's only $40 though!

  2. As for stuff to hang... Ive got a lot of ideas because Ive been looking for me too!!! i love really interesting pieces like this and this. these are really cheap and popular around here (i think theyd be super adorable on the fridge!) I had chalkboard in my old office/kitchen and I loved it. This is kind of silly but Ive always wanted one, haha. You'll probably need a clock, too.

    ...sorry if i put too many. I love looking at this stuff. If thats cheating, feel free to only count the first haha

  3. Hard to pick an item without knowing price range! Haha
u/Cujo420 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh, you need the slow cooker. I've only used mine maybe twice, but wow, it was amazing. And so easy! I had enchiladas that a friend made for me out of my slow cooker a few months ago. They turned out perfect! You can't go wrong with a slow cooker.

If I'm chosen, I'm really thinking it would be awesome to finally get this Van Gogh that I've had in my saved for later since I first watched the Dr. Who Van Gogh episode. I Picked up the Almond Blossom for myself and the Sunflowers for my Ex-Wife for Christmas last year.

u/sardaug · 6 pointsr/getdisciplined

For starters, I want to congratulate you on sharing this with us :) Asking for help is a big step forward! I would challenge you to consider what being "independent" actually means to you. Does this mean "isolation"? "Going it on your own"? I would encourage you to read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I think you'll find some valuable, actionable insights :) Best of luck!

u/micha111 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

bahahahahah oh my goodness I just tried drawing with paint for the first time... I'm dying. It's like automatic time travel to derpy 4 year old drawings (though I think my drawings were better then.)

I love the colors on this! The rest of my wishlist is comprised of books... I feel almost blasphemous judging them by their cover but these colors are pretty ;)

Thank you for giving me a reason to laugh at myself today! I'm sorry that you're leaving, imagine all the self deprecating laughter that will happen when you come back!

u/Deradius · 2 pointsr/atheism

I infer that you are looking for a secular handle on a normative ethical theory.

Right Conduct: Theories and Application by Bayles and Henley provides a basic outline of essential philosophical thinking from an academic perspective.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, while authored by a Mormon, doesn't have any religious content that I recall and outlines some very useful heuristics for living a moral life. It's targeted at a general audience.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius does contain some religious content (though here he's not referring to YHWH), but still has a lot of useful ideas with secular application.

You may also be interested in The School of Life and The Greater Good Science Center.

Good luck.

u/margalicious · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
Okay, I'm taking a stab at it. Let's see how close I can get. :3

$1.33 + Free shipping: Owl Necklace

$1.50 + Prime eligible: Van Gogh Bookmarks!

$4.46 + Free shipping: 17th Century World Map!

$5.00 used + Prime eligible: Bossypants by Tina Fey!

$3.99 + Free shipping: Replacement stylus for my 3DS!

[$2.80 + Free shipping: Totoro sticker! :3]

$19.08! Can't get much closer than that. All items are on my Under $10 list, but I'm currently making a new one.

3 Thank you for this contest! Gifting is fun :D

EDIT Here's the list! Also my middle name is Corinne. So.. fun fact that I thought you should know. I love meeting people with the same name!
u/tipoulio · 2 pointsr/travel

[there :)] ( it's the same thing as the picture but the person shaped it like a globe. I have one and its very nice, worth de 25 bucks :)

please forgive my english

edit: sorry just found the globe version [here] (

u/paradoxikal · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I really love this painting and the price is awesome too.

I could also use a Sin City poster!

Thanks for the contest :)

u/SithLordRevan · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love laser tag! This is my choice. (My other one before edit had more than $5 shipping, sorry about that.) Me and my friends went to laser tag wearing clothing that would light up REALLY bright under the blacklight once. That was ultra fun!

u/daybreak15 · 1 pointr/battlestations

Sure! I got it off Amazon from a third party seller here, but when I bought it it was much cheaper. But you do save a good bit of money by not ordering it from the NBC store, they charge ~$30 on a good day, with this seller you pay a bit under $15. I think every man woman and child should have it so they too can become Swansons.

u/TheProdigyX · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

i dunno, but "the great wave" always makes me feel relaxed, like i'm actually at the sea...

u/Kblunted · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thanks for the contest! I too enjoy gifting others to cheer myself up. If I were in a position to do so, I totally would!

Feel better!

u/Giraffe-o-matic · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

When I was 8 years old I went to a 5-year-old's birthday party. At this particular party, a pinata was set up. All of the children were waiting their respective turns patiently as one child took a swing at the cardboard spongebob at a time. Well it just so happened that good ol' squarepants decided that his time had come, and thus his cardboard soul rose above us as his delicious, high fructose corn syrup entrails rained upon us. Before the boor birthday boy had a chance to remove his blindfold, I had thrown him to the floor in my haste to get my grubby little hands on whatever I could find. My ravenous appetite for sugar had overwhelmed me and I wallowed in my victory. My pockets were completely full, as was my mouth before I realized what was going on around me. Everything was dead silent, save for the screaming of a five year old boy, still blindfolded, with blood flowing steadily from his nose. I snatched one last handful of my sweet treasure and immediately ran home. I learned no lesson, and I still continue to be a greedy pig today. Oink Oink

Like I want anything from YOU

( [or if youre willing to go a wee bit over $7...]
( )

u/NikeRafa · 11 pointsr/arcticmonkeys

this sweatshirt would be nice, this poster is a classic, and this pendant seems like a good one too. Idk hope these help you figure it out!

u/SayuriSati · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love RAOA because it is a highly positive and safe sub!

This Zelda wallscroll is golden in color

Can I Haz Gold?

u/SwsMiss · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I LOVE this scratch off map Can't you feel the excitement of coming home to scratch off yet another place?? :)

u/Zultan_Zul · 1 pointr/plantclinic

Thanks for your advice, I'm going to start the operation this weekend!

Is there a particular type of sand/substrate you would recommend? I grabbed this from the Wiki, but would appreciate any advice you would have!

>Cacti require well-drained soil. This means a soil made of a mix of gravel, grit, sand, pearlite, or other chunky material that does not retain moisture.

> A good inexpensive and readily available base for your cacti soil is NAPA 8822 Oil Absorber. Crushed pumice, any 'high-fired' or 'calcined' diatomaceous earth or clay, or Turface is a perfect base. Any auto parts store should have a product similar to the afore mentioned NAPA 8822.

I was thinking about grabbing this from Amazon as the base there a rooting hormone or similar for cacti?

u/hiyouareawesome · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ask me about my milkshake.

three things about me: I am covered in tattoos, I love zombies more then the average person, I love my dog more than the average zombie.

I want to travel the world

Thanks for the contest

u/psycoanalyitic · 2 pointsr/druggardening

I am currently using this soil it says it is "free draining" but those seem to consist of mostly organic ... Should I get some perlite to make it even more free draining ?

I also have the same brand fertilizer which says 1.4 : 0.7 : 2.7 on the label will this work ?

Thanks for your help

u/VannaVictorian · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Justin Bieber is one of the cockiest douchebags to ever rise to fame.

you may be a girl, but so am i. not every girl is girly, so i am going to link you a few different items :)

also, i'm native american so this is how part of my bedroom is decorated. the picture was taken for a fellow redditor as he was putting together a photo album for his wife.

so here it goes.. one


i'm also a fan of skulls and day of the dead so here's a few things you might like .

i would get this for myself if i could.


here, have a melting clock.

who doesn't like pillows . weird people don't like pillows

ok i think i'm done


u/diaju · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

$5.30 on the nose

I love Silent Hill but games like that are too scary for me to play by I watch the bf play them. Thanks for the contest :D

u/oxfordcontra · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This awesome world poster for my dorm! :) Thanks for the contest!

u/redtoken · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

What makes me feel loved is when she sleeps out on the couch with me when I don't feel well just to be close.

Link to $10

Link to $15

and thank you for expressing more love.


u/TheHeianPrincess · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love this from /u/ArmlessRobot's wishlist! Because I love Japanese culture and Hokusai is a very good traditional sumi-e artist.

Something about Armless: He's in a high school band, he has really good taste in movies and he loves his laptop, but don't we all?

u/I_love_aminals · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Cute keychain!

They can't take my yarn from me!

I'm also in love with this shirt!

Edit: A patch!

Pretty poster!

Okay, I'll stop now. :P

u/Foolness · 1 pointr/productivity

Good post but it's missing references.

The poster book for Stoicism and productivity mixed together: The Obstacle is the Way

Not sure about the rest but for subjectivity, I'm guessing The Now Habit

Guess for negativity bias Predictably Irrational

Guess for think objectively Succeed

Guess for advice to friends The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

I guess this goes to explain my downvote. I'm not really expecting a fully referenced article but it goes to show that either productivity concepts are overrated and can be summed up in one short article or the concepts, as written in the article, is vastly under-represented if not mis-represented.

I'm sure my lone vote won't matter much in the river of upvotes and congrats for giving your site and articles that "Seth Godin" touch but you could do better.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/beadsprites

Here are some links for the product in the above comment for different countries:

Amazon Smile Link: Here you go

|Country|Link|Charity Links|

To help add charity links, please have a look at this thread.

This bot is currently in testing so let me know what you think by voting (or commenting). The thread for feature requests can be found here.

u/Fabled-Sparrow · 1 pointr/succulents

True yes! I just get these pots bc their cheap and easy to store. i use cactus soil i got off Amazon, i repotted this guy when i first got him because he was in a TINY pot and was super thirsty. I use this soil! Growth Technology Ltd MDCAF2 Cactus Focus Repotting Mix 2 Litre

Edit; i cant get what you linked me bc im in uk but ill keep an eye out for them! I use miracle grow indoor plant food tho

u/stonewalled87 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you should get this map of Middle Earth because bad ass
I would like this cookbook because I have been getting back into cooking & summer is coming so homemade Popsicle would be amazing.
I love Kevin

u/TheMoonIsFurious · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

I bought this because I thought it looked neat. I also have a few pieces I found at rummage sales. I think if you are now looking out for it you'll begin to find some new fun things to put up on the walls :)

u/Skelliwig · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

That LOTR movie poster just looks amazing! I love Kevin

u/CryptoCrafting · 10 pointsr/lotr

You can search "Lord of the Rings poster" on Amazon and find it as the second item. It's just over five dollars and free shipping:

I have it and it's awesome.

u/watsoned · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

YES. I NEED THIS. I WILL PUT IT ON A BUILD A BEAR AND MAKE A JAYNE BEAR. It will tide me over until I can get one for myself.

And you need this and this. Cause I have both and they are amazing. And "They can't take my yarn from me!"

u/MissingNebula · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You're list

my list

I love Kevin

Thanks for the contest.

u/greyjackal · 1 pointr/firefly

Love Pete's stuff :) I've got Gandalf too, Darth Vader and Terminator :

The big one is the 10th Anniversary poster.

Word of warning if in the UK - that's an Ikea Ribba frame and the only one I could find that was even close to the right size. I had to fold the bottom by a cm to make it fit.

u/clairey-potter · 3 pointsr/actuallesbians

A cool gift I got for my brother who likes to travel is a map that you can scratch out the places you've been!

u/MajorBen1997 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This would be awesome! Thanks for the contest <3

u/hello-everything · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would love to have this world map poster!


u/EataWienMeanJoeGreen · 0 pointsr/whatisthisthing

This is a scratch off map that is a great gift for travelers. It’s comes as one color, but you scratch off the countries that your visited to reveal a brighter color. Similar to this

u/Andromeda321 · 4 pointsr/travel

If you can get ahold of one, I'd highly recommend one of these:

I have one on my wall and it's awesome.

u/YodaBrains187 · 1 pointr/pics

i got it at some random store in a town next to mine. but amazon should have it.
here it is

u/GeorgeGee · 2 pointsr/cactus

Thank you for the information. Hopefully someone else can identify the species. Does [this] ( look suitable for the soil?

Oh also, the pot that it's in doesn't have holes at the bottom, is that a problem? I'd like to have this indoors on my desk, and as such don't want stuff draining out, unless there's a solution to that.

u/rockin_rollin96 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

/u/plungerwhisk Happy Birthday man!! Not entering the contest but just a suggestion, if you like parks and rec you should get this beautiful poster which I actually already own so no need for a second one

u/dilloninstruments · 2 pointsr/woodworking

Decent quality image of this poster is here. Just take it into a Kinkos or something, get it printed, and then frame it yourself. Might not print quite as nicely as the one Amazon sells but it would be a lot easier/cheaper.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I didn’t mean that everyone should print it themselves, but for those that can’t find it in their country it might help. Again, buying the real thing will be much better quality I’m sure. I’m in the USA and it appears it’s unavailable here as well.

/u/psydia gave the original website, which points to an Amazon page saying they don’t know when/if it will be available again. Personally, if it’s impossible to buy it I guess I don’t see the harm in printing it—but that’s just me. Could bring you some bad juju or something.

u/Qwil · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Probably this fucking wall map, like. Why do I want this? Badassery, I guess. or a toothbrush holder... I mean. Honestly.

Pretty California, here I come. But seriously, I wanna go there.

u/Vomath · 1 pointr/InteriorDesign

I've got these, framed, and hung up in my man cave. They look pretty cool.

u/te-fod · 8 pointsr/succulents

Thanks for your input, I’ll take them out and repot them, I’ll find some moss like you said to put inside, I hadn’t seen the idea with a cactus before and I guess this is why

What is the issue with the soil I’m using as it’s supposed to be for cacti and succulents this is the soil I’m using

u/SheWasMyShane · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This vintage world map would be awesome on any wall!

u/yankee-bor · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

$0.62 a awesome map poster!

u/DarkDeliverance · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It doesn't get any more awesome than Firefly
Up Up And Away

u/allergictoapples · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Justin Bieber is one of the cockiest douchebags to ever rise to fame.

I want to be you.

Here are some ideas for your new place! one of my favourite paintings!

u/gpia7r · 1 pointr/anime

This, without those rods in the picture. Ideally, I'd like to buy those rods.

u/FaeLLe · 1 pointr/succulents

The person who sold it to me said to not water them till February end or March. It will be repotted in some nice mix that has worked for my pony tail palm and dracaenas -

They just do not clump together even when watered so I think it is okay, I can even mix some perlite in if you recommend. The grit is very minuscule too (maybe 1-2 mm max).

How will I recognise signs of lack of sunlight? Since the species I have do not grow too tall how will they elongate?

u/eagonwuzhere · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

up up and away this is awesome because its the best framed poster you can have in any room to make it classy

u/Freezerburn · 1 pointr/tifu

I'd get The Great Wave of Kanagawa poster to remind them of this day.

u/Invader-Strange · 1 pointr/TheRedLion

TRL Edition?

I'm onto a moneymaker here. I'll share all profits with the tills.

u/RealHonestJohn · 2 pointsr/lotr

Bought one on Amazon last month for 5.11 w/ free shipping. It's 5.47 now, comes in different colors too.

u/pitouze · 1 pointr/woodworking

very nice, want to buy one now !
(but quite expensive ... 90€ on ... didn't find it elsewhere for Europe)

u/DazednEnthused · 2 pointsr/zelda

That one is from the 25th anniversary artwork. I got it on a large scroll for a friend to hang in their room. Search amazon for 25th anniversary zelda.
Edit: here it is

u/Cotton777 · 1 pointr/cactus

This is what I have been using.

Growth Technology Ltd MDCAF2 Cactus Focus Repotting Mix 2 Litre

Im in the U.K. so all are indoors and under a grow light when needed. I haven’t watered since the end of November as my flat is pretty cold. I just really don’t know what happened, haven’t had a loss in ages so really gutted!

u/klraptor · 2 pointsr/lotr

You didn't say an age...but check out movie posters on amazon. They're pretty cheap. [This] ( one is a personal favorite, but you can look for others!

u/veesab · 2 pointsr/cactus

Growth Technology Ltd MDCAF2 Cactus Focus Repotting Mix 2 Litre and then for coconut coir, perlite and worm castings just check on amazon or your local garden centres. May find it for cheaper!

u/vatreehugger · 2 pointsr/firefly

My favorite is this Mucha-style rendition of the ladies.

This and these are also shiny.

u/costellofolds · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have a whole WL for under $5 items, but two of the highlights (that I haven't seen in these sorts of contests so far) are this bird ring and these Wind in the Willows stickers. And if you're an X-Files fan, this poster is radly under $5 and on my default list.

u/MrHammers · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Always wanted to go stay in LA for a while :)



u/p_ter · 12 pointsr/androidapps

Available on Amazon, should it take your fancy! :)

u/Nysosis · 2 pointsr/succulents

My current go-to mix is 1:1 of this compost:, and perlite, which my other plants seem to enjoy. Gritty enough, or go grittier?

u/bearsman0 · 5 pointsr/arcticmonkeys

I got this one on amazon. Otherwise i would recommend checking out your local record stores for some.

u/Shadax · 1 pointr/beadsprites

Thank you. It was 97 cents on amazon.

Currently 67 cents.

u/Nick7423 · 1 pointr/battlestations

thanks! and here

u/DovakiinBF3FTW · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Thanks for the contest! :D

u/ouchpouch · 1 pointr/plants

Thoughts on this? Also, what do you recommend for ratio. 100% of the stuff, or mixed in with garden soil?

u/morganwongMOFFAT · 3 pointsr/IAmA

I got one from Amazon here

Usually goes on sale for less around the holidays, I think I got mine for a few dollars including shipping a few Christmases ago.

u/frankzzz · 3 pointsr/woodworking

I always liked this one.
They also have another poster of Worldwide Woods Ranked by Hardness. I don't see it on their site anymore, but it's till on Amazon:
which is where they sell the first one, too:

u/itissafedownstairs · 7 pointsr/ProductPorn

This one is cheaper and has much better reviews:

(German amazon)

Edit: i think this is OP's map:

u/throwafaye · 1 pointr/ShinyPorn

Word. Thanks.

u/slappetystick · 3 pointsr/arcticmonkeys

I ordered this one (AM in row boat) in 2011. I really like it.

u/ryno31 · 1 pointr/arcticmonkeys

This ones on my wall
I think it's FWN era, definitely pre Humbug

u/drunken_spaceman · 2 pointsr/AverageBattlestations

The mouse is just a cheap cobra E-3lue gaming mouse. The monitor I like because it gives me more space to work with, especially with documents. It's also nice for gaming. I actually used to have 2x21.5 inch monitors, but I found myself not using both of them, so I sold them and got a 27 inch.

The poster is Battlestar Galactica artwork with a quote from one of the main characters. You can find it here. They also have similar posters for firefly and Doctor Who.

u/Imadethosehitmanguns · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

Gotchu fam: Santin Art- Modern Abstract Painting the Cloud Tree High Q. Wall Decor Landscape Paintings on Canvas 12x16inch 3pcs Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang

u/wiirgroot · 1 pointr/pics

For those that haven't watched X files -

Took this picture from my office. I guess the window catch the reflection from the light and made it look like a UFO.

u/kukamunga · 2 pointsr/gaming

reminds me of my Serenity travel posters (Amazon link. Promise I'm not spamming.)

u/Etch_A_Sketcher · 3 pointsr/battlestations

Thanks! I got them from Amazon but they're cheaper from QMx right now.

u/MeishkaD · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My walls need more art these owls would be a great addition!

granger danger

u/tt818 · 1 pointr/TwoBestFriendsPlay

One of the other links leads to a Amazon link for a cloth scroll of this pic. He it is again:

u/WoodchuckRailroad · 2 pointsr/historyteachers

You can never go wrong with the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness, a staple in my social studies department

u/hmousley · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It's all about the karma! And the UFOs

u/CygnusTM · 1 pointr/battlestations



Star Trek

Or you can get them direct from Quantum Mechanix

u/YellowOnline · -1 pointsr/INEEEEDIT

For Europeans: this is on the German Amazon. €20. ^(Bought it for my girlfriend)

u/felisrufus · 1 pointr/PandR

Parks and Recreation Swanson Pyramid of Greatness Television Poster 34 x 22in

u/Jayjaylien · 1 pointr/peyote

I just used this after reading on zamnesia that cactus mix could be used. Evidently I should have put in the work and made something a bit more suitable. The rot was there when the cactus arrived however.

u/drainoltx · 2 pointsr/XFiles

This one, but I don't think it's the same one from the show. Close enough tho.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/zelda


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/FreakingAwesomeThing · 1 pointr/teenagers

This one, this one, and this one. :DDD I'm also getting a new speaker and 16GB SD card around that time and this next month. So hyped!!!

u/mal5305 · 2 pointsr/firefly

not sure, i got them from thinkgeek (but they apparently don't have them)

Amazon Link

u/The_Hindmost · 2 pointsr/succulents

Cactus and succulent repotting mix combined with perlite for the soil, pot has a single drainage hole ~1 cm in diameter with a layer of plastic mesh over it to prevent too much soil loss.

u/BroadConstruction · 1 pointr/cactus

Thanks for the reply. So not a hell of a lot going wrong.

Growth Technology Ltd MDCAF2 Cactus Focus Repotting Mix 2 Litre

That's the mix I used.

Also, is there anything I can do to keep it upright naturally? I anchored it using string, but that actually seemed to make it weaker.

u/LaLocaChristina · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

No those were the gifted ones for the people. I decided to get: this one, this one, and this one for myself