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u/keyy0610 · 1 pointr/Gifts

Some of the random things I've found in my ventures have been this Hipster Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker - great for music lovers, hipster people with vintage things in their house or really anyone. Also Loaded Questions is by far one of the greatest games we added to our collection. This traveling silverware set complete with metal straw for your eco friendly pals who don't want to use plastic out in public. Really lovely and luxurious soap that you can customize yourself!! Taco holders because, why not? Solid oven mitts and pads for the cook/baker on your list.A wireless/bluetooth cellphone selfie thingamob that helps you take pictures on vacations without a giant selfie stick! This awesome starry night, Mario art that is begging to be gifted to the gamer on your list. This gardening/cocktail kit for the cocktail lovers that just need a small patio or porch to grow some small herbs.A cellphone holder that literally comes in handy all the time. This awesome variety of hot chocolate (kcup) for the sweet tooth lovers. This incredible stamped line that has a ton of super adorable kitchenware, my favorite is the coffee spoon rest- 'Instant Human Just add Coffee.' These beautifully hand painted wine glasses!


u/bigylittle · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch
  • Screen Protector. I suggest a tempered glass screen protector
  • SD Card. Dpending on how committed you are to digital vs. physical, a 64gb or 128gb should hold you over. Wait for them to go on sale, they go on sale pretty often.
  • Carrying case. I recommend the ButterFox carrying cases, they come in different sizes so pick one that suits you.
  • A stand. By stand I mean something that will hold your Switch and provide access to the USB port for charging. Some recommend the Hori play stand, for me that's a bit too bulky and went with one meant for cellphones, works wonders.
  • Portable battery pack, look for ones with at least 2.1A output to sustain gameplay when charging.
  • Pro controller, it's essential on most games, literally night and day from the joy cons. I suggest getting the Xenoblade version because it has an updated D-Pad that the original has.
  • Another dock, theres a lot of controversy here. There are 3rd party options out there they have been noted as dangerous to your Switch and may brick it and render it useless. From my experience, I've had great success with the Nyko dock and the Best Buy Insignia dock, use these at your own risk. You could play it safe and buy another official Nintendo dock. it's not as cheap however.

    Links for all the items I got for your reference:
    Screen Protector
    Memory Card
    Battery Pack
    Pro Controller
    Nyko Dock

u/Bruce-- · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

You're welcome.

Hope I didn't create too much inner conflict, heh. :D

If you were primarily buying it as a portable device, I think the lite has pros over the regular Switch, since the regular Switch does have that awkward tablet-like weight to it, unlike a DS, which you could hold in one hand. I think the normal Switch has terrible ergonomics as a handheld (too heavy; no grip on the joycons like you find on a dualshock or Switch Pro controller... I don't mean texture, just more plastic to grip onto). You can buy 3rd party joycons controllers like that, however.

I've not used the Lite, so I'm not sure what the weight difference is. A quick look turned up this:

>The Switch Lite measures 91.1mm x 208mm x 13.9mm and weighs 275g, compared to the 102mm x 239mm x 13.9mm dimensions and 297g weight of the original Switch. This means the device comes with a smaller LCD touch screen too, measuring just 5.5 inches but still providing 1280 x 720 pixels.

I mitigate weight by propping it up on a kickstand on a table or perhaps my lap (though I try to keep EMF emitters away from my lap).

Battery life is also a factor. I'm not sure if it has battery life than a normal Switch, though it may.

If you do buy a normal Switch and want to play portable, get the new update model that comes in a different box, since it has upgraded inner components that are more efficient, so you get better battery life.

If you want reviews, I tend to like Wulfden (YouTube), since his reviews are detailed and no-nonsense. TechFoundry also do great in-depth hardware breakdowns.

Stuff to think about.

Appreciated the chat. I've had a torrent of negativity on reddit lately, so it was refreshing and hope-restoring to talk shop with someone reasonable and normal, heh. Have a good business trip.

u/The_Freshmaker · 0 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I would say in order of importance for travelling:

case:15-20 bucks
anti glare screen: 10 bucks
power bank: 30-50 bucks
stand: 15 bucks
portable controller: 30-40

Hori makes a great case, anker is solid on the batteries, I've got the 20000mah but I've heard the 13k works well also, my stand from tech boss is pretty amazing for planes and vehicles for non-standard ways of hanging/propping a screen, , and the 8bitdo NES30 controller is pretty baller for when you just want a classic controller that fits well in the hand but also has two modern joysticks.

u/vanhope · 0 pointsr/AndroidGaming

I ordered one of these, and i love it. Although it's not a good option for every game, if it requires the phone to be held. It's great for anything you can use a controller with, if you have one. I have a moga controller that i found on amazon for $25, and would suggest it highly. It has all the controls you can find on a ps4 controller, except for the center pad, and has a large enough battery that it can even charge your phone for several hours while playing.

The stand i linked can clamp to just about anything (mines mounted to my nightstand next to me currently) and it has soft pads within the clamps, so i feel safe enough clamping it to my glass desk. For $11, i found it to be a pretty good deal.

Hope these help, and are an option in your country!

u/renehasp · 2 pointsr/GalaxyFold

Hi everyone, Ive been loving my ESR Kick stand phone case so so much on my Galaxy s10+. So When I got the Fold I really was missing the kick stand.. So at first I took the ESR Kick Stand out of the case and wanted to see if I can glue it to this case..

No deal way to big.. Then I'm like ok Ill just cut the ESR by about one fourth and then it will work.. And it did fit! However then it interfeard with the wireless charging.. So Back to the drawing board...

I found on Amazon..

Spigen U100 Universal Kickstand Compatible with Any Cellphone - Black (US Patent Pending)

I bought two and pasted them on!!

They worked.. I put one on top and one on bottom and now I can use the fold while its proped up by itself..

This of course isnt perfect as it's not the same hinge system as my Favorite ESR! You only get one position with this one.. I'm going to keep looking out for the ESR hinge as that is my favorite but this will atleast hold me over for a while..

What do you guys think?? Also if you have any better ideas please share them...

Thank You

u/pete245 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Probably the best thing to buy is a tempered glass screen protector to make sure you get no scratches at all. I think that's the only must have thing.

Asides from that you can get a carrying case, stand like this or something like this and portable charger (if you're taking it on the go).

From reading a lot of experiences, even if you intend for it to be mainly docked some people found themselves gravitating towards handheld mode just because of how easy it is. So even if these aren't must buys for you it's something to keep in mind if you find yourself using handheld mode a lot.

Otherwise the only other thing you might get for couch co-op is a pro-controller. If you're going to be doing 2 player especially with mario kart, need a 2nd controller and you know a traditional controller never hurts when playing zelda!

Also definitely buy snipperclips, from personal experience that's just hours of fun to play especially with your SO.

u/Buns_A_Glazing · 1 pointr/Surface

It is the Ikea Mikael Glass Top Desk. I too was a little worried about the pressure, but the glass more than holds and the clamp is outfitted with cushion stickies on the clamp and on the base.

The phone stand is a AiBOCN phone stand. It works great and I just found out it also comes in black! very sturdy stand with good weight and adjustable angles.

The cases are Ikea Detolf cases. These are the only 2 I own and try to keep my nerd-dom confined to those.

The Master Chief is a Play Arts Kai Master Chief Halo 2 Anniv. Edition.. You can usually find it for cheaper elsewhere on ebay. The Avengers figures are also all Play Arts Kai. It's an import brand that I collected regularly, but CQ issues and higher prices have turned me off of them.

Hope this helped!

u/mike9184 · 1 pointr/battlestations

Yes! Those are the Insignia speakers, they are discontinued but if you can find them on eBay they are really nice, I have 2 on my room as a speaker group and the sound is great, considering I paid $55 for both.

u/smellslikekimchi · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

The Hori stand is okay, but I have this stand for my Switch and I like it much better. It is very adjustable, and it folds down into a very small size that fits in my Switch case with no issues. It is also built really nicely, is all metal, and has rubber to protect the device. It really is much better than the Hori.

u/dsprockeee1 · 3 pointsr/Axon7

Poetic user here. So far it's the best, and if not the ONLY full body drop protection case for the Axon 7. The raised edges work great as the Poetic case has a pretty big lip around the edges. I've had it for about 4+ months now and it has saved me from multiple drops even on my garage's concrete flooring. Phone stayed intact with little to no damage to the case either. Really surprised at that. I'm 6' 8" so the drops from my hoodie pockets can give you an estimated drop range. It's even dropped from my hands before due to clumsiness.

I ran the Poetic case with the screen protector for a few months until I got tired of all the dust and lint that collects underneath it due to the protector not being 100% flat against the screen. I removed the built in protector and bought some Spigen clear HD film screen protectors to use instead as it makes the screen more clear etc and I don't have to deal with that much debris flying under the screen protector. Because having to remove the front half of the case to clean the screen was a pain because it's sometimes difficult to remove it. Shouldn't complain because it just means it protects it more and won't fly off when dropped.

You can't go wrong with the Poetic case. It's the only full body drop protection case available that's made out of hardened TPU to withstand drops. I also bought one of these Universal Spigen Kickstand which I applied horizontally across the bottom of the case right above the raised edge where it says "Poetic" on the back. It's the best set up for me and don't plan on buying another case for the rest of this phones lifetime.

Here's some pics of what the kickstand looks like on the back (taken with grainy laptop webcam):

u/fetusxfajita · 2 pointsr/EDC

Not OP but I own a nexus 6p and a few cases from spigen. Spigen makes decent cases, but after buying tons of cases from different manufactures I settled for this case made by Supcase and attached one of these neat little kickstands made by spigen. I found that the supcase is far more protective thanks to little shock absorbers built into the corners of the case, there's also a nice grip on the sides that really helps make it easier to hold on to this enormous phone.

u/armandhammer19 · 1 pointr/battlestations

Not the OP, but for the phone stand, pretty sure it's this:

Not sure why it's labeled as iPhone stand - I'm using it with a Samsung S5 Neo and it works perfectly.
It's labeled as a generic smartphone stand on Amazon Canada.

u/SleepNowMyThrowaway · 1 pointr/AskWomen

iPhone 6S+

Case is clear to show off the rose gold phone.

I've added a metal disc that glues on the back to make using it in the car easy

Also added a Sprigan Kickstand to keep the phone upright easily for hands free reading / watching video.

u/lovetocode · 1 pointr/programming

Kinda looks like mine but just slightly different. If you are interested in something similar I have the one below. I love it. It is heavy enough to stay firmly planted on my desk and has grippers so the phone doesn't just slide around easily. I use it for mobile development so I don't have to keep picking up the phone.

u/GunplaAddict · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

haha, Thanks. The stand is called Ecandy It's pretty good with phones and mid size tablets =]

u/IPlayRaunchyMusic · 2 pointsr/timelapse

Oh man I didn't realize you were working without a tripod altogether. That must get pretty frustrating. You have some cheap options to help you out though! I use this attachment made by manfrotto and I threw it on a gorillapod for a pretty versatile phone tripod setup. Definitely worth the investment. They also sell a bundle of that clip with their own Pixi tripod which I also have. It's a well built little tripod, and very inexpensive at about 35 bucks for the bundle.

u/flip4life · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

I got the same (buy it on Amazon) and love it. Now for your kickstand needs, don't buy a case that has a kickstand.. get this instead, absolutely in love with mine and everyone I have recommended it to has fallen in love as well. Functions as more than just a kickstand:

Can never use a phone without one of these bad boys anymore.

u/Mr_Quackers · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Thank you! It is the Silverstone Tek cable extension line. And the phone stand was just gifted to me by family. It is called AiBOCN Universal stand. Inexpensive and metal, which is nice. But I thought the bumpers would be silicone. They're plastic, still works great and I would recommend.

u/TJSomething · 3 pointsr/anime

Though it's kind of "top kit," I'd recommend the Joby Gorillapod Hybrid combined with the Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount. They work pretty well. I went with those after reading this Wirecutter article on phone tripods, which has a few cheaper options. The Wirecutter is pretty good for tech stuff comparison reviews.

u/Nuciferous1 · 1 pointr/Beatmatch

I don't use this for DJ sets but I've been using this at my desk job since February and I quite like it. Not quite sure if it'll do exactly what you want it to and it doesn't have a clamp but maybe it'll get you heading in the right direction...

Another option might be to pick up a camera tripod. They make a lot now that are quite cheap and might be better for what you're looking for that a simple stand. I bought this one some time back but I would NOT recommend it. It worked ok for awhile but eventually it basically stopped holding my phone up. Just sharing the link to give you an idea of what I'm referring to...

u/blueivan7 · 2 pointsr/macsetups

Gotcha, I’ll look into something similar to that based off some holiday sales, thanks!

That stand is pretty darn useful for the switch in tabletop and or using your phone while charging here is the link: [Adjustable Cell Phone Stand, Lamicall Phone Stand] -

u/bubba9999 · 2 pointsr/Nexus6P

I've been using this one:

and running the cable to the bottom. Using the official cables with the larger plastic housing around the C connector can be a little tight on space if you run it from the back and bend up, but it works ok. I've been hoping that someone will make a nice 90 degree C connector cable.

u/kabbage123 · 1 pointr/videography

I mean for starters, this Gorillapod deserves all the praise for being a great tool. I mounted a Canon T3i once on a branch for an interview deep in the woods once even with that guy. I'd go with a universal cell phone adapter like this one.

u/xantous4201 · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

I highly suggest getting a nice large surface area(Table preferred) and invest in one of those phone mount things with the adjustable arm and setting up a scan area using the TCGPlayer App. the app works best when the card is on a white background and proper lighting. Once you get a rhythm down you can scan maybe 30 cards a minute or better i would guess. From there you can sort cards based on price ranges of your choice. I personally would do piles of:

>$1, >$5, >$10 Etc. etc.

here is a link to one of those arm mount things just to give you an idea:

u/snailiens · 2 pointsr/EmulationOnAndroid

Sure thing! This is one I just bought for myself but I haven't put it on yet so I cant really vouch for it, but it seemed to have pretty good reviews

u/Towerhead · 1 pointr/battlestations

It's actually a phone stand that I got for my desk, but I realized that the Steam Controller fits perfectly on it and I've used it like that ever since. -

u/Crypticion · 1 pointr/battlestations

I think I have the one your talking about with the hinges and the logo lol. So far this ones adjustable, obviously, and it’s super nice. The logo doesn’t really bother me. Maybe it’s not the one your talking about but the hinges seem pretty sturdy, I’ve only had it for a little over 2 months now but it seems to be holding up fine.

u/Selcouthit · 1 pointr/apple

I carried my 6 Plus, 6S Plus, and now 7 Plus without a case. I was concerned about the slip factor and just generally being able to have a good grip. I found these ring grips by Spigen that I have been very pleased with on each phone. It gives you something else to hold on to and it also doubles as a kick stand. I've been very pleased.

u/MrMakeveli · 3 pointsr/CampingandHiking

I like that these gifts are quality items and "general purpose", and by that I just mean that they are accessible to most people. Let's face it: those who want niche high end gear will be purchasing that themselves because they'll know exactly what they are looking for. This is the sort of stuff that almost anyone would be pleased with.

Here are a few random things off the top of my head I might add:
Mora Knife - $15.
Casio Pathfinder watch - $40
Light Tripod and phone mount $22 + $15 (added these because a lot of people use their phones as cameras out there
[Constellation Playing cards]( Night Sky Playing Cards - $6
Anker 10,000 mah battery pack - $26
Chill-Its Cooling Towel - $8
Nite Ize S-Biner - $4

u/oblivious_fanboi · 2 pointsr/baseballcards

I have a little phone stand, I have not done any case breaks so no help on those specifics

Cell Phone Stand,Ecandy Dock Cradle, Holder, Stand For Switch, Android Smartphone Charging,Desk Phone Stand - Silver

Works great for recording similar stuff, may have to wedge something in to get the perfect angle

u/CBattles6 · 1 pointr/nintendo

I recently purchased this stand, which is similar to the Omotion but has two distinct advantages. First, it folds almost completely flat for easy storage and transport. Second, it has a hinge which lets you adjust the angle. If you buy a rigid stand like the Omotion, you have just as limited a viewing angle as if you're using the kickstand.

u/pay019 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch is more flexible (in both ease of bending & usable locations). Do recommend something around pipe to pad the neck or just put it under legs. Also, make sure to buy the version that comes with the tablet and not just the phone holder.

u/reizzar · 0 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I would opt for the original, possibly, even if you don't intend to dock it. I often find myself with downtime at my desk, and instead of holding up the console itself, I love setting it on my Tecboss tablet holder and being able to lean back and have the controller detached for play.

This thingy:

u/millertyme007 · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Thank You! It's actually not a pen stand. It's a phone stand turned backwards. Works great for pics though.


u/themaincop · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

That blue wave light before bed and especially while you're sleeping is terrible for you. I like to fall asleep to TV too. I bought a cell phone stand like this that I put on my bedside table. When I'm ready to go to sleep I put on a show on Plex or Netflix. When it's done if I'm still awake I put on another, if not, screen turns off and I'm good. Just make sure you turn autoplay off so it doesn't keep going after you're asleep. Cell phone screen a couple feet from your face is just fine for watching a show you've seen before as you drift off to sleep.

u/loki666666 · 1 pointr/oneplus

I use the Tudia Merge seen here:

I too like a kickstand so I also got one of the Spigen ones. I was prepared to glue it to the case, but that 3M-like adhesive that it comes with does the trick just fine. Here's the one I got, though there are other form factors from Spigen as well. Its magnetic closure is slick. Protrudes from the case a bit, but for me that's a non-issue:

u/bmbhomie · 3 pointsr/battlestations

It's called the Lamicall Phone Dock. It is one of the best phone stands hands down, very well made.

u/icemountainisnextome · 5 pointsr/battlestations

It is! I use a Pixel 2XL and I just love the always on display, so having a prop for the phone was totally necessary! I got it from Amazon, here

u/mhsarwar · 1 pointr/oneplusphotos

I am using the Square Jellyfish mount (the metal one). Quite an awesome mount and fits my existing tripod well.

u/grimmpulse · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Ahh, I gotcha... I had pictured a clear tpu case...

I'm not much of a folio or flip case style user so I haven't tried any of that with a kickstand. If you can't find anything you could try a stick on stand like this-
Spigen U100 Universal Kickstand Compatible with Any Cellphone -

Its sturdier that the one they build into their cases for some reason. Just make sure your case doesn't have a satin finish or it won't stick.

u/Excal2 · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

I was looking into something like this for a good while, most everything I could find were fairly complex custom projects and most of them were way more bulky than anything I was looking to use.

Instead I picked up a small collapsible stand and then got a small lightweight flexible messenger bag to hold everything. This way I have my stuff, my bag can go solo or fit into another backpack or duffel bag, and I have a deployable workstation that I can set up and take down in about 15 seconds.

Random side note, I'm typing this on an Anne Pro right now and I wouldn't recommend trying to walk and carry this thing in one hand while typing on another. I assume that probably applies to all 60% boards aside from ultra lightweight or low profile ones. I just tried it for fun not even connected to a device and that shit is precarious.

I do like the Anne Pro very much but be aware that it may need a little attention to really shine. Slight stabilizer rattle is fairly common out of the box, for example. I took maybe two hours to put some foam inserts into the stabilizers and lube the stab bars and the board was immensely improved.

Also be aware that macro support does not work on the current firmware release for the Anne Pro. It is supposed to be fixed in the next update and there's also an open source firmware project running to address the issue if Obins never gets around to it.

u/bstockz · 2 pointsr/gaming

I bought this stand, and it’s fantastic for plane rides. There are grips on the bottom of the stand so it doesn’t move around on the tray table. It also raises the switch screen up so you’re not bending your neck so far down. Highly recommend.

Tecboss Stand

u/dotoent · 1 pointr/iphone

Something like this: Tryone Gooseneck Phone Holder - Flexible Arm Mount Stand for iPhone Series/ Samsung Cellphones/ Google Pixel and more, 27.5in Overall Length

When I use phone in bed I put it on here and don't have to hold it up. They're popular in the Nintendo switch subreddit for handsfree gaming

u/goorpy · 2 pointsr/Android

Couldn't find any right angle cables specific marked for fast charge, but as an alternative it sounds like this would be for a cable you leave as you desk(s). Perhaps get a simple stand like this one and use the cables you already have:

u/SwitchModsHaveNoPeen · 7 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Gooseneck holders or this one that I got:

You can legit wrap that around your neck and have it right in front of your face if you want. I personally use it for playing on the couch with a pro controller and I stick it between the armrest and cushion. It's great.

u/tagaiz · 1 pointr/macsetups

This one. It's honestly pretty flimsy and cheap feeling but it works ok. It's a bit too light to be completely sturdy for an iPad though.

u/xerostatus · 1 pointr/lgv20

I've combined a case like this and an adhesive kickstand like this.

Couple things--
Probably the only viable placement of the adhesive kickstand is below the camera and above the power button, like this.

This way, the added kickstand doesn't add any ADDITIONAL thickness to the case, since you can place it on the "recessed" part of the case design.

Due to our wide angle lens, you have to attach the kickstand sufficiently far below the camera area to make sure the wide angle lens doesn't pick it up on the edges of the photo. In turn, this forces you to place the kickstand basically hovering over the top portion of the power button hole, a little bit. It doesn't completely block the power button (you can still press it, but with your finger tip point, not the "pads" of your fingers) so if you use the fingerprint sensor, then this probably will not work for you.

Also, due to the design of the kickstand (and the placement) it only works horizontally, if that matters to you.

u/yaconsult · 1 pointr/MotoG

I tried some cases like that, and to be honest, they didn't work very well. The stand is very unstable when the stand is out and the case is too thick to accommodate the stand. Most of them are quite hard and don't feel good in the hand. I tried about three different brands.

What I decided to do instead is get this stand: I really like it and keep it in my wallet as it is the size of a credit card. That way, I always have it when I need it. It works for tablets too and can be used with the device vertical or horizontal. I notice that there are other ones on amazon that are cheaper, but not as small, like: but I have not tried them.

The other problem with most of the moto g cases is that they cover the power and volume buttons which gives them a terrible feel and makes the buttons harder to find and push. Finally, I found one that I like that has cutouts for the buttons and so doesn't have this problem. I am very happy with the Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case: This case has cutouts for all the buttons so the buttons feel the same as if you had no case on the phone.

Note that my phone is a first gen moto g lte - if you have the 2014 model I think you need this one: These items cost less than ten dollars each. Let us know if you find something you like.

u/voltij · 1 pointr/poker

I've been recording some hands with this. The base slides under the rail at every table I've ever played at and it has two hinges so you can get the angle perfect.

Buy more than one. When people see yours at the table they will ask where you got it. Offer to sell it to them for $15 or $20. They will buy.

u/cba85 · 1 pointr/digitalnomad

I bought a foldable iPad stand for my Asus mb16ac when I travel 😊

Here is the one I bought if someone wants to know:

u/m_luna · 3 pointsr/galaxynote4

I make gaming videos and I usually use my Note 4 as a facecam. The recording quality is amazing especially with smooth recording turned on in video mode (now FHD 60p on Lollipop). For tripod use I use an attachment to be able to mount my phone (square jellyfish)

But here's a video you can use for reference:

Here's a link for the Square Jellyfish tripod mount:

And finally a view of my setup:

*Note: the microphone (AT-2020) has not been used in any of my videos. So you can get a feel of the quality of the Note 4's microphone

u/sloanstewart · 3 pointsr/webdev

- Google Pixel 2
- This phone holder

- Logitech wireless keyboard with trackpad

I just use a USB-C Dongle to run power from a battery pack in my pocket as well as hook up the usb receiver for the keyboard/touchpad combo. Termux on Android to ssh into whatever I need and use VIM to write. It's small and I can work in the back of a Lyft on the bus, or under a bridge if signal is good.

u/AFD_0 · 2 pointsr/essential

And whether you decide on something that could be used horizontal or vertical (or both?), the charging cable (or port) should be at the back/bottom. Think it would look really goofy having a cable sticking up near the top.

And if it's easier, maybe design it to lay flat, but where people can glue it into a basic aftermarket stand in whichever orientation they prefer? Maybe something like one of these..

u/AlphaKnightHD · 1 pointr/SteamController

I bought a phone/tablet stand on amazon and the steam controller fits on it perfectly, for the majority of people that don't have 3d printers

u/tehzerd · 1 pointr/battlestations

The desk is just a 700 deep by 1.8m I brought new from Warehouse Stationary here in NZ. The xbox controller holder is a iPad holder that worked perfected .. I got it from amazon for a few dollars. My order history shows it was this one by memory:

u/supposedtobeworking · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Just got these two items for this exact purpose based on recommendations I found in other posts here.

JOBY Gorillapod


Worked great!

u/vaguelyeastward · 2 pointsr/phallo

If he's having RFF then video games will be out of the question for at least a couple of weeks depending on his surgeon and physical therapist.

Board/card games could be fun. I remember missing interaction with friends while I was down.

Something I found really useful was a phone stand. I got this one specifically but there are plenty on amazon.

u/sparksdls · 2 pointsr/ipad

I have one exactly like that and it works fine with my 10.5. I also have this one that I prefer -

I originally got it for my iPhone as a bedside stand that allows the charger to be plugged in but now I also use it for my iPad. It can be angled more readily as it doesn't have fixed stops like the other one, it can take the charge cord in portrait position, and for travel, it's lighter.

u/JuegaDas · 7 pointsr/battlestations
  1. ssd
  2. Hard drive
  3. Graphics card
  4. CPU
  5. Desk
  6. Monitor 1
  7. Monitor 2
  8. Desk mount
  9. Speakers, they sound fantastic!
  10. Speakers mounting brackets
  11. External audio card for headphones:
  12. Headphones, If you're into the bass this are the best.
  13. Headphone stand
  14. Phone stand
  15. Mic
  16. mic mount
  17. Shock mount
  18. pop filter
  19. Camera
  21. Keyboard
  22. Mouse pad
  23. Ps4 stand
  24. XOne stand
  25. Plant
  26. Chair
  27. battle station more angles
u/falgunjavia · 2 pointsr/GalaxyNote9

Or you can get whatever case you want and buy the addon, spigen kickstand which just sticks on with 3M sticker. That's what I did works great.

Edit for link:

u/Owliban · 2 pointsr/u_Mysecretaccount177

Heh, It's definitely a struggle. I got one of these things and it's amazingly handy, You can put the phone literally anywhere. Wrap it to a bed post, set it on a table, even hang it on the shower curtain rod lol

So if you are able to get one I highly recommend it.

u/kschang · 2 pointsr/MotoX

Don't bother. The only "good" one from Incipio (OffGRID) can't be found as of 6 months ago. All old stock have sold out, even on eBay. There's MugenPower one but it's WAY overpriced at like $90 and weak battery.

Just use a battery pack. I have an AmazonBasic one, the "card size" one that charges up the phone like a champ, almost 40% per hour. And it's only $10. Add a folding stand and you're still ahead.

There was one on Kickstarter and that guy gave up after six months of trying to make them work. I'm still waiting for my refund... if he ever gives them out.

u/soratoyuki · 2 pointsr/vita

I have this for my phone, and it's 6$ with code 6VGBXP2D (courteous of Lifehacker/Gawker). I tested and it fits pretty well.

u/Dread1187 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I enjoy the Nintendo dock for my portable needs. I keep it in my go bag. At home when I'm not using the TV I have one of them fixed cell phone brackets ( ) gives it a little height and is a bit more stable.

Also of note because of the Nintendo stands size. It's amazing for laying in bed. Switch rests on the chest and it isn't to much, but gives you the 90 on the charging cable and keeps it from poking you.

u/strongestboner · 1 pointr/iRacing

I use the DashPanel app, which runs as a server available on steam which you can then use as an overlay, or download a phone app to connect to the DashPanel running in steam and have the gauges on your phone. I use it with the phone and have one of these to keep it in place. Also like it because it lets you customize the panel like a real digital dash, but that might be a paid upgrade (worth it imo, it's like $5)

note: that specific arm isn't totally as stable as I thought it would be, as the weight of my phone kind of pulls it down, but that just ends up keeping it in place instead of wobbling around

u/LarryfromFinance · 3 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter

This is much better,I have one and love it

Spigen Style Ring Phone Grip

u/nooneisno1 · 1 pointr/Ceramics

This one is great.

What your ig? I am @ryanreichceramics

u/beyondthetech · 5 pointsr/Moto_Z

You can always just get the case you like and add a thin kickstand like this.

Spigen U100 Universal Metal Kickstand US PATENT PENDING Magnetic Technology Phone Holder iPhone X / 8 / 8 plus / 7 Plus / Galaxy S9 plus / S9 / Note 8 / S8 & More and Case w/ Flat Surface - Black

u/GodleyX · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Looking for something like this that would work with the switch. I'd like to clip it onto my headboard and adjust it around so I can play in bed. Anybody know of one? I don't even know what these things are called so it's hard to search..

u/creatureshock · 16 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I got this one and am happy with it.

u/fastlerner · 3 pointsr/GooglePixel

I just use one of these along with the included fast charger. Perfect for the nightstand or work desk and still leaves the fingerprint reader accessible. It's a bit more versatile than a "dock" and also sturdy enough to use with a larger tablet.

u/Timmbot · 2 pointsr/ipad

This is pretty much what you need based on what you described.

I have something similar, seems to work well with my 11" and it can collapse to fit in your bag.

u/mobyhead1 · 3 pointsr/apple

I bought this tripod mount by Square Jellyfish. I had a Glif once and ultimately did not use it because it required taking my iPhone 4 out of the case, and it looked as if a good jostle could cause the iPhone to fall right out.

The mount I linked to above won't let go, and can hold any smartphone in both portrait and landscape orientations. If you don't already have a tripod to attach it to, Square Jellyfish also makes a ball swivel and mini-tripod, and you can buy all three items together here.

u/DolfLungren · 0 pointsr/8bitdo

Not sure if you use an iPhone but are you looking for something like this Lamicall Cell Phone Stand, Phone Dock:

Also you could add a magnet to any phone and use this

u/unromen · 1 pointr/iphone

You mean like this?

You won't be able to use those cables with any wireless charger, and even if you could, it would only support up to 7.5w once 11.2 releases. I'm going to assume you don't want this though, but your title was confusing so I figure it's worth a mention.

u/shapular · 2 pointsr/yugioh

I have one of these. I don't use it to record or anything but I'm sure you can.

u/boxerswag · 1 pointr/Autocross

Get a standard camera suction mount with a 1/4" thread at the top. All camera gear can screw to this. Then you just need a 1/4" female threaded phone mount. Like this: Manfrotto Mount for Universal Cell Phone - Retail Packaging - Black

I use my iPhone to film autocross runs since it can do 1080/60fps and 4K/30fps

u/TripleSkip · 9 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

1 - Tempered glass screen protector

2 - A protective case

3 - This metal stand. Looks better than the Hori stand, it is as portable as the Hori stand and is metal instead of plastic. It can hang on a sun visor in the front seat of a car and can be used for any tablet or phone.

u/LidElastic · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I got a gooseneck type holder. This one to be exact:

You can shape it however you want and even wear it around your neck (if you're not worried about looking a little like a doofus). It's very sturdy from my experience.

u/danvalour · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

I looked at the wired docks being sold and wasn't impressed— they all use older/slower USB connections to power the USB-C connector. So I just went for a basic cradle:

It's not as convenient having the cord dangling, but if you tap on the screen it doesn't exert pressure on the USB port itself.

However the product I mentioned sits fairly low, so there's not enough clearance for the Google cable. It is fine for me because my desk has a raised mini platform, but just wanted to share to maybe give you ideas.

u/taboo007 · 1 pointr/GalaxyS8

Here ya go. Only thing I wish is that it was a bit taller. Even though I have an Anker cable and it's not going to break I can see stock wires breaking because of the bend it has to do at the bottom.

u/sav_usg · 1 pointr/battlestations

[Updated Solid Version] OMOTON Desktop Cell Phone Stand Tablet Stand, Advanced 4mm Thickness Aluminum Stand Holder for Mobile Phone and Tablet (Up to 10.1 inch), Silver

u/provideocreator · 1 pointr/videography

I would go with the DSLR stabilizer. That's a lot more flexible, especially if you choose to upgrade your camera in the future. A cheap Manfrotto adapter will work for you. It goes up to 3.2" wide, and the iPhone 8 plus is less than that. It will hold it, as long as you don't have a case on your phone.

u/CelebratoryGuacamole · 1 pointr/Bowling

What kind of clamp/tripod do you guys use to record yourself? my phone case's kickstand isn't good enough to work on its own.

Was looking at something like this,

u/TheGamingPlatypus18 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I have bought this cellphone stand twice because I found that I use it every day, multiple times a day, at both my office desk and night table.

It's proved immensely useful as I always know where my phone is while I'm working or when I wake up, and since I usually plug it in as I set it down, it'll always be fully charged.

u/csc033 · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Gotchu B-Land Cell Phone Holder, Tablet Holder iPad Stand Universal Phone Stand, Lazy Bracket, DIY Free Rotating Gooseneck Mounts with Multiple Function

u/BababooeyHSP · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I bought a cell phone stand that doesn't:

Works just fine

u/stevethesupersanchez · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I want to use this.

Will it work? And why did you end up not doing it and switching to tactical layout?

u/SGNitefox · 1 pointr/trucksim

Number Pad, ROTTAY Mechanical USB Wired Numeric Keypad with Blue LED Backlit 22-Key Numpad for Laptop Desktop Computer PC - Black (Blue switches)

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand, Phone Dock: Cradle, Holder, Stand Compatible with Switch, All Android Smartphone, Phone XS Max XR 6 6s 7 8 X Plus 5 5s 5c Charging, Accessories Desk - Black

u/zudnic · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

You will not find many docks for AW watches. I ended up getting an Apple Watch one that doesn't store the watch at an angle, and sticking my Huawei Watch charger on top with two sided tape.
Stand for Apple Watch,LANMU 2-in-1 Smart Watch Charging Dock Holder Station for Apple Watch,Charger Stand Holder for iPhone,iPad

I use that in conjunction with this for my pixel: Cell Phone Stand, Lamicall S1 Dock : Cradle, Holder, Stand For Switch, all Android Smartphone, iPhone 6 6s 7 Plus 5 5s 5c charging, Accessories Desk - Black

There are also ones where you can run your cord up through the bottom. I don't recommend them because to get the device to prop up, the cord has to be kept with close to zero slack making it very annoying to attach it:
Apple Watch Wood Stand,OVTEL 3 in 1 Desktop Charging Dock Station for Apple Watch and all iphone Compatible with Nightstand Mode

u/hzumbru1 · 1 pointr/gadgets

Lamicall Desktop Cell Phone Stand : Cradle, Dock For all Android Smartphone, iPhone 6 6s 7 Plus 5 5s 5c charging, Accessories Desk - Silver

u/Beshington · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

lamicall iPhone Stand. It's made for iPhones but it holds controllers snug

u/BriB66 · 3 pointsr/galaxynote10

Spigen U100 Universal Kickstand Compatible with Any Cellphone - Black (US Patent Pending)

u/msuroo · 2 pointsr/weightlifting

I keep a little tripod with a phone mount in my gym bag.

u/trucktechturner · 2 pointsr/macsetups

Here it is in silver

Lamicall S1 Cell Phone Stand for iPhone X 8 7 Plus 6s other Smartphones - Silver

u/Snow-Infernus · 3 pointsr/StardewValley

I use the nimbus controller and this wooden iPhone stand. It’s my mobile setup for now.

u/taylor-in-progress · 1 pointr/ehlersdanlos

This is the one I use. I've even moved it between devices when I got a new phone

Spigen Style Ring Phone Grip Car Mount/Stand/Holder/Kickstand for iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6S/6/6S Plus/6 Plus/Google Pixel XL/Galaxy S8 / S8 plus / S7 / S7 edge and Almost All Cases/Phones - Black

u/mysticpiggy · 1 pointr/macsetups

I have this iPhone stand connected with a lightning cable, but I would get this one if I were to get it again because its a little bit higher and the lightning cable doesn't have to bend as much.

u/Angeloras · 1 pointr/galaxynote10

Nulaxy Adjustable Phone Stand, Tablet Stand, Cell Phone Stand, Desktop Phone Holder Cradle Dock Compatible with iPhone Xs Xs Max Xr X 8 7 6 6s Plus, iPad, Nintendo Switch, Tablets (4-10''), All Phones

u/PotassiumPomegranate · 2 pointsr/Perfectfit
u/BatteryLevel · 1 pointr/oneplus

The kickstand you buy separate and attach to the case

Spigen Universal kickstand:

u/bewitchedbumblebee · 2 pointsr/EDC

If you ever wind up needing to replace the Joby Micro Stand, the Nite Ize QuikStand might be a suitable alternative.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/galaxynote4


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/CulturedAsianGuy · 3 pointsr/battlestations here bro. it's very convenient. you can loop a charging USB around it too.

u/JoshuaRWillis · 1 pointr/galaxys5

A combination of this, and this

u/Gottamakeanaccount · 1 pointr/battlestations

Just got them both in the same package this week, it is this and this

u/shdwphnx · 1 pointr/GalaxyNote8

I personally prefer to use a separate stand, as that allows me to adjust the angle and switch between portrait & landscape as needed. Here's what I am using...

u/jwh315 · 1 pointr/discgolf

I use this with my phone and a cheap tripod I got online.

u/frankGawd4Eva · 3 pointsr/galaxynote10

Could throw this on it.. Not sure how it would stick to the skin but ...

u/alexm2816 · 9 pointsr/personalfinance

Apple products are generally expensive and far less expensive windows options exist.

The issue you're facing is the demand that you utilize software only on an apple PC.

If I were you. I'd get one of these to hold my phone...

and then find a cheaper laptop option that you can use for the rest of your tasks. Buying a $1000 + laptop for a part time job seems silly.

u/nocturne213 · 1 pointr/ipad

I have one that looks just like that. It is from Rampow, I got it from Amazon, but it is currently unavailable and no longer has a page.

This one looks close. Lamicall Cell Phone Stand, Phone Dock: Cradle, Holder, Stand Compatible with Switch, All Android Smartphone, Phone XS Max XR 6 6s 7 8 X Plus 5 5s 5c Charging, Accessories Desk - Black

u/Ramocity · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Maybe about a year ago, it was on sale at Amazon for $1 with a promo code. I bought it just because why not? Works really well with the Switch. I sprayed it with the same paint I used for the Joy-Con.

u/TemptedTemplar · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch


$10, you could probably bend the metal arms if the switch doesn't fit.
something a little wider

u/gOforth31 · 2 pointsr/galaxynote10

Also, Spigen makes a stand alone kickstand that you can attach to almost any case

Spigen U100 Universal Kickstand...

u/rastacanfly · 2 pointsr/oneplus

I couldn't find one, so I bought a Tudia case, and bought a Spigen kickstand and stuck it to the back:

u/dcgigs · 1 pointr/battlestations

Here. Wasn't sure how I wasn't finding it at first. "Cell phone stands" on Amazon come up with a lot; I could have been accidentally searching in an incorrect department.

u/MrSquamous · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

Not an actual deal, though that's the only seller I've seen offering red. Here's the same thing in black for 14 bucks:

There are a bunch of these that are identical (oval back) or similar (teardrop back, slatted back), and they've almost all gone up in price the past couple weeks. Doboli was selling the same stand OP linked for $9.99 a month ago, Lobkin for $11.99.

-Here's the teardrop back for $12.59:
-Here's the slatted back for $15: (Note that this one sits about a centimeter lower than the others)
-Here's an open-base model for $13 (this is my favorite):

u/drunkenreplies · 2 pointsr/Nexus6P

I just use a no cable stand. I use a bit of tape to hold the USB plug flush.

u/mediumjuju · 9 pointsr/raspberry_pi


u/Ynomeikiba · 2 pointsr/Switch

B-Land Cell Phone Holder, Tablet Holder iPad Stand Universal Phone Stand, Lazy Bracket, DIY Free Rotating Gooseneck Mounts with Multiple Function

I have this, and it is a very secure way to play in bed. It fits with the joycons off, and I have never had it fall into my face. I even have had a battery and Bluetooth transmitter attached and it still held strong.

I have fallen asleep with my Switch on the mount and had no issues. Also, when we first had our baby I would have her on my lap and play using this, though now she is too big and squirmy.

The only issue I have had is that my neck can hurt after extended use due to the way I lay on my pillow. It does apply pressure to your neck and collar bone to hold it up, but not so much as to cause any injury.

u/Cthulia · 4 pointsr/wheredidthesodago

Check out this bad boy. Or maybe this tickles your fancy, it even has an LED lamp!

u/greengorilla60 · 14 pointsr/battlestations

Since everyone has been asking here's a list of everything.

u/PhantomRTW · 2 pointsr/GalaxyS8

NFC will work (samsung/android pay) But wireless charging will not.

The wireless charger needs more or less direct contact with the phone (even cases that are slightly too thick will mess with wireless charging)

If you're looking to use it as only a stand, One of these should work, if placed at the very bottom of the phone.