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u/scotty-fitzgerald · 1 pointr/HaircareScience

I was reading through some of the replies and wanted to address some things to give you a little piece of mind because I know how much things affected my mental wellbeing when I would freak out about doing something that potentially made my problems worse or when I thought my problem was worse than it actually was.

I believe (you would have to confirm for yourself, shoot them an email. I have emailed them before and they got back to me very quickly and were super friendly) that verb uses water soluble silicones, which means that while it isn't technically silicone free, it is broken down when you wash it off and it doesn't stay in your hair, so it doesn't have the negative effects of silicone on your hair.

I saw some advice about using some pretty strong products for dandruff & hair loss. I would strongly recommend you stay clear of those unless instructed to use them by a dermatologist that has inspected your scalp. Those products have harsh ingredients that can really aggravate the problem if unneeded or used improperly. I remember trying some strong anti-dandruff stuff that made my hair sooo much worse because I did not need it but I felt like I did. Gentle is always better unless a licensed health care professional has told you otherwise.

Stress/depression/anxiety and all those things can really affect your hair health. I take Ashwagandha because I feel like it helped me and if you read online many others have stated it also helped them with managing their stress and therefore their hair loss problem. I have been taking it for probably 1.5 years now and I recommend it to friends when asked. Although it shouldn't interact with any psychiatric medications, ask your doctor if it's ok for you to take it if you are taking something for your clinical depression.

I have a regular brush as well but honestly that thing has probably been used twice ever, I don't brush my hair. My hair doesn't tangle very frequently unless I go on a particularly sweaty run and then put my hair in a messy bun during my cool down. That comb is enough to untangle it though and I only use it right before I am about to shower that way I don't have to run my fingers through my hair in the shower. I like the bamboo more than the plastic ones but if you a cheap plastic one you like I am sure it's fine, just make sure it is wide. Finger combing in the shower can be really damaging. More often than not, you are basically ripping hair off in the process and then you think you are losing all this hair in the shower when in reality you are pulling it off. I definitely recommend you stop doing that.

Golly, I have been taking Biotin for years. Honestly I can't even remember how long but maybe 5 years ago, a dermatologist told me about it and I have been taking it ever since. I have not noticed my hair growing faster in other places but I do notice that my nails grow very fast (which annoys me because I don't like long nails).

The smell of the dpHUE ACV rinse does not bother me. I don't know if it is particularly strong because I do not have a good sense of smell but I don't think it should be overpowering. My boyfriend uses it now as well and I never heard him say anything about it. It only lasts while you have it on, you won't really get out of the shower smelling like apple cider vinegar. This is also not straight up apple cider vinegar, it also has argan oil, lavender, and aloe vera off the top of my head. Before you get it though, know that it is not like traditional shampoo. It won't lather up and you only apply it on your scalp, it might be weird at first but you'll get used to it. (side note: it used to be a shampoo/conditioner substitute but they have since repackaged and it no longer says that. I emailed them and asked about it to ensure the ingredients and formulation remained the same and they said it did. I have not noticed a difference in the product since getting a new bottle. I personally think they changed the name because they just released a conditioner to go with it).

For any serum to work you have to use it consistently, as instructed, for at least a month or two to see results. When do you wash your hair? It is supposed to be used preferably at night on dry scalp. I would suggest putting it on before bed every night and washing your hair in the mornings -- this way you can apply it on a dry scalp at night and can rinse it off in the morning. Also, this would allow you to go to bed with dry hair which is better than going to sleep with wet/damp hair. I think you might not be using the serum properly, you are only supposed to use a few drops where needed and massage it in. Try putting a single drop, massaging it in, and then putting another drop elsewhere and massaging in it, and so on. This would avoid applying too much and it looking greasy. I don't think you are supposed to soak your scalp in it if that makes sense. I didn't want to mention this earlier because I have only been using it for a week so I can't really speak to it, but I actually bought the grow gorgeous serum for my boyfriend because his hair has been thinning. I know he won't use it unless I show him how to do it properly so he can do it for himself, so I have been using it since this past Sunday so I can get the hang of it and show him. In the instructions it says to not use more than 20 drops (which sounds like so little!) but that's what I have been doing and I don't always get my whole scalp but I get enough of it. The important thing is so massage it in. Scalp massages in themselves are supposed to be very stimulating for hair growth. Since I have been using it my scalp feels calmed and soothed in the mornings and I haven't noticed any greasiness when I wake up. I am not going to continue using this serum since I was just testing the application process (I want to get the one from The Ordinary because it is supposedly better for scalp problems) but I wanted to describe how I was using it and applying a hair serum.

I don't know how Canada does their water treatment, but I know a bit about the process in general because of my civil engineering degree. Water softness/hardness is unrelated to how clean it is but rather the concentration of dissolved minerals and sodium. It can also change if you move literally a few minutes away because it all depends on which water treatment plant supplies to where you live. So if you have moved from where you originally checked it might be different! I actually feel dumb for not considering how the dissolved minerals in water affected my hair -- hard water is perfectly safe to consume and use, it is actually preferred over soft water for consumption because it has minerals such as calcium and magnesium, but soft water is better for cleaning. Anyways, if you do have soft water that might be part of why your hair feels greasy! Just do a little more research and you can figure out what you can do to help if you have soft water.

I really hope you feel better soon. Try your best not to get overwhelmed, and if it all feels like too much, change things a little at a time. Also, whatever new things you decide to try, make sure to give it time to work. When it comes to hair stuff it often takes a little while (a few months) to really see a noticeable difference, but shavings make a pile.

u/rickearthc137 · 1 pointr/fasting

Congrats on starting your fast! I've only been sub'd a few weeks but there are accountability threads all over the palace. Feel free to start your own too. It's totally not frowned upon having an accountability partner.

One of the first things you'll likely want to do is figure out what your goal is and announce it. The flair on this sub is really good for that.

The main thing is make sure on your fast days that you drink enough water that your stomach's stretch receptors will signal you that your belly is full. You may not want to "eat normally" on your eating days--if you can do HFLC (High Fat Low Carb) your week will go a lot smoother--you can check out /r/keto for info on this. One recipe that comes to mind is the infamous "Fat Head Pizza". I haven't made it yet but it's supposed to be delicious and the dough is quite versatile so you can use it as a bread replacement for pretty much anything.

If you haven't already, check out the Jason Fung videos on YT. I've also (just this weekend) stumbled upon normal guy "Butter Bob" Biggs and have watched many of his YT videos on HFLC--I usually play his videos at 2x speed.

Since you're eating alternate days, you'll likely not need to worry about supplementing, but you may want to pick up some electrolyte pills or liquid electrolyte (Walmart) in case your muscles feel crampy. Other alternatives are Sea Salt or "Nu-Salt". You just eat a teaspoon of it.

If you're interested in the mental/spiritual side of things, you might like some of these:

Sagaara's Health Through Breathing - Pranayama. There's a free version with ads. This is a yogic breathing app, it's simple to use and highly addicting. It works by having you maintain interval breathing, e.g. Breathe in - Pause - Breathe Out - Pause to different counts. While doing it, keep your throat open (this is quite difficult). Following the sounds and clearing your mind you can do this while meditating or as meditation.

If you're worried about hitting your goal, I would recommend Mark Divine's The Way of the SEAL: Think Like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed. This guy runs a consulting service/program for folks who want to go through elite military programs SEALS, DELTA, etc. While those programs have tremendously high washout rates, his graduates complete them in the 75+% rate or some similarly ridiculously high number.

If you want to make big life changes, I've heard good things about "Self Authoring". I've bought their package (it's cheap $30) and intend on doing it as part of this fast. It's structured journaling that's supposed to help you resolve whatever is behind you and figure out what you actually want moving forward. I haven't yet started it, but it seemed worth $30. It's from Prof. Jordan Peterson--he's super smart and I enjoy his YT channel so I figured I'd (eventually) give it a shot.

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions or just want to rant. Hope this helps and good luck!

u/Debonaire_Death · 2 pointsr/bulimia

For starters, you need nutrients. I would recommend a greens powder on an empty stomach in the morning. Getting your nutrients will help you think more clearly about this, and you need to think clearly.

Second, you've got to be open with your parents about this. I know it's shameful, I've been there, but they love you. They can only help you if you're honest with them about this.

I would strongly recommend a Vipassana meditation retreat. They have them all over the place, and they are completely donation-based. They provide food and board, and you aren't allowed to have any food in your room, just during meal times in dining area.

I did it and it helped a lot. You just sit and pay attention to your feelings without judgment, and recognize that they're impermanent. It's a real trip but it also really helps you step back and look at yourself. You also get ultimate privacy because the whole retreat is done in "Noble silence", which means that not only do people not talk to you but they also avoid making eye contact. There are really inspirational recorded lectures played every evening by a pretty amazing guru, S. N. Goenka. He's great, a real-life laughing Buddha. Real recordings of his voice are also used for instructions. He's good and it's a wholesome program. I didn't meet a bad person there. It can also count as therapy.

Take it seriously, and it can be a rewarding reset of yourself. You're calmly and silently experiencing the present for days, with interludes to eat food... the thing is, if you do it right, meditation is profoundly calming. Just be humble. Don't have pretense of it being beneath you. It's an amazing thing to do, you just have to stop getting upset when you lose focus. The noble silence really helps, too, to quiet your mind.

They make you agree not to leave, but people always do. It is not a cult and they won't keep you there.

u/dragonbubbles · 3 pointsr/kratom

Hi... you can find empty capsules on Amazpn. Sizes differ. Size "00" is usually the standard. Size "0" will be smaller and size '"000" is the largest but they are way huge. I will try to list some information more targeted to your situation.

Finding what works will take some time, patience, and trial and error but I think that it is worth it. Many times people starting out think that it is not 'working' at first. Some of that is about managing expectations. Your best course of action is to try a handful of different strains and keep notes - dosages, effects, pros & cons, etc. As others have said, get a scale and read about figuring out dosages

Finding Some Kratom

u/[deleted] · 26 pointsr/vegan
  • B12: cannot stress that enough, don't believe sources telling you that you can get this vitamin from unwashed vegetables, tempeh, seaweed, etc. B12 is created by bacteria which lives in dirty enviroment and isn't associated with animal products either (you can get it from animals, but the bacteria living in their guts still do all the work). I recommend taking these Deva vitmains. It's highly recommended to take any B12 oral supplementation with food, because it bounds to certain proteins, allowing better digestion.

  • D: depends on where you live and what your skin complextion is; vitamin D2 (the non-animal version) is created when your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light (e.g. the sun). 20 minutes of daily exposure is enough for pale people (I think paleness reported in some vegans might actually be an adaptation technique), but if you're black and live in England, I would recommend an hour or so. This vitamin is needed for proper calcium digestion.

  • Iron: iron is not usually problem in males, women can have problem because of their period. There's a really easy trick to sky-rocket your iron intake - eat vitamin C with iron-rich food and avoid tea and cofee.

  • Calcium: dark green vegetables and soy products are rich on calcium. I drink fortified soy milk. Sneaky edit: spinach is actually not a great source of iron and calcium due to high oxalate content, as opposed to popular claims. Broccoli on the other hand... learn to love it!

  • Protein: that's a really easy one - lentils. Eat quinoa (tastes like rice, but has twice the nutrients), beans and peas. Wheat pasta is an empty food, try not to overuse it. Lysine is the limiting amino acid in vegan diets, but lentils have plenty of it (that's why you should eat them). Your daily protein intake can be calculated by this equation: your_weight_in_kg [number from 1 to 1.3 depending on your physicial activity, higher number means higher activity] = grams_of_protein_you_should_eat. For example: 80kg 1.2 (high activity) = 96g of protein.

  • omega-3: you should stabilize ratio of your omega-6:omega-3 intake to 4:1 (the best scenario would be 1:1, but that's very hard). Try to avoid sunflower oil and use olive or canola one, eat walnuts and flax seeds. But not flax seed oil, it tastes like a poison from armpit!


  • Food preparation: I highly recommend steam cooking, the taste is amazing and vitamins/minerals don't dissolve in water.

  • Society: Just don't give a damn about others too much, you are doing the right thing and don't have to apologize for anything. People don't like confrontation and depending on your personality, you might be tempted to talk about your veganism a lot at first. Try to hold it back for few months to sober up a little :)

    Have I congratulated you? No? Here you go: congratulations! :)
u/Willawonka · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

Thanks hun. As far as rogaine goes, I'm not really sure if I noticed more shedding because I'm constantly shedding a large amount of hair everyday anyway (probably anywhere between 150-350 strands a day). I started rogaine and I figured that if I didn't it would just get worse anyways, so I might as well start now sort of thing.

I did notice however that using a sulfate free shampoo helps a LOT. I've used the Nioxin line, and I'm thinking of going back to it, but currently I use the Loreal EverSleek line and I've added some essential oils to the shampoo that I bought from NOW off amazon (Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tee Tree, Rosemary, Jojoba, and Castor Oil). I usually ad a couple drops of each. It does make a difference using these for me at least and I've been using them about a month and my shedding has gone down.

Every week I do a caster oil mask on my scalp for three hours then rinse it out, and I'm hoping to see results from this soon too. I've also stopped washing my hair every day and wearing it in tight hairstyles. When I have to wear it up I usually try to tie it loosely with the really thin hair ties because they're less tight and damaging. I don't use heat on my hair or scalp anymore at all either.

Biotin itself may not help at all honestly, but I've been taking the one a day hair skin and nails vitamins, a b complex and iron every day (I am anemic too sadly). Oh, which is also why anything minty pretty much on your hair will only do good. It gets the blood flowing up there to the roots. I don't know if you're anemic or not, but I has helped slightly for me. Exercising lightly a couple times a week is important too, as well as eating fruits and veggies (which I can't stand sometimes). I've been making a lot of smoothies lately and adding THIS stuff in and you seriously can't even taste it, it's awesome.

Hopefully this has been helpful. I hope you have good luck in all of this. Keep you're chin up, in the end I always think how amazing it is to be alive and be able to watch the sun set every day. We truly are lucky, even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes.

u/cell_culture · 3 pointsr/CompulsiveSkinPicking

10000000% feel you! It’s such a weird, personal thing to talk about and never realized how many people struggle with this. I know one of my irl friends is on this sub, (if ya see this, hey T!!) and we bond over THE STRUGGLE that comes w picking!

My new psychiatrist is amazing and I guess there’s a lot of research showing taking OTC N-acetyl cystine pills can help reduce the urge/desire to do our weirdness... however they’re ginormous and it takes 8-12 weeks for your brain to change? I’ve been taking them for almost a month now and my legs are still looking ROUGH lol, but you proved here in your post that consistency is key, so imma keep taking my vitamins and hope for the best. Just thought I’d share 🤗

Idk if I drank the koolaid or what, but you can get them cheap on amazon prime soooo I figured its worth a shot :)

Edit: had to throw in your, legs are lookin SO good girl, I’m jealous!! 🥰🥰

u/YahwehTheDevil · 11 pointsr/DebateAVegan

>it's like people are playing some kind of game, and they just want you to join their side

I completely understand this, and it makes it difficult to figure out what's true. I do think that vegans sometimes stretch the truth in order to try to win converts, but I look at that as a misguided act of compassion, because the new vegans are going to learn eventually and then they may very well give up.

Personally, I believe that we can absolutely be healthy on a plant-based diet as long as we supplement B12, D3, and omega-3 fatty acids.The first two are incredibly cheap: This supplement costs $20 for a three-month supply of B12, on top of giving a host of other useful nutrients in case you're missing anything, and for $12 you can buy eight months' worth of D3.

As for omega-3 fatty acids, they are unfortunately on the more expensive side. A lot of vegans say that we can get sufficient EPA and DHA by eating ALA, such as from flaxseed and chia, and converting it ourselves. While there was a promising study saying that vegans convert ALA to EPA and DHA more efficiently that omnis, flax and chia on their own are probably not sufficient.

At the recommended dosages, supplementing omega-3 FAs will cost you about $15 a month. I usually buy Ovega-3, although I recently tried Tesla and liked it as well. We probably need more than 500g a day, since we're meant to consume a somewhat even ratio of omega-3 and omega-6, which would push the cost up to $30 a month or higher. I take three grams a day for mental health, although I doubt that most people would need that much.

As far as needing eggs and dairy to be healthy, I suspect that that's the work of animal industries spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Dairies have taken a huge hit lately as people switch to plant-based milk (now with 100% less pus!), and I think they'd gladly lie to the public in order to tourniquet their losses. For instance, we were all told that we need milk in order to have strong bones, right? But that's absolutely not true. First-world countries have higher rates of osteoporosis. And while I'm not sure how credible this is, the great Yourofsky believed that it was because animal protein is acidic, and to counteract that acidity our bodies draw calcium from our bones.

I'm going to wrap this up before I ramble any more, but in short, take B12 D12 and omega-3s and you will be all set!

*While it wasn't dairy, /r/vegan recently had a laughably transparent article about someone who was arguing not only that it was okay to wear fur, but that it was actually a
moral imperative* to do so. It was such a moving piece that I immediately drove to a mink farm and snapped those little fuckers' necks myself, because god damn it, I'm a patriot

u/SparklingLimeade · 2 pointsr/soylent

I was hoping someone with better ideas and more relevant information would show up but that hasn't happened so here I go.

The product you linked is a powdered multivitamin supplement for athletes. It's probably pretty good but it's also not very cost effective. If you do any supplementation you'll want to use cheaper multivitamin pills.

Because protein powder isn't an option anything you do will look as much like a dietary plan as it will anything else. Is your goal convenience and health? How much time to you spend shopping and cooking already? With some research you could probably work out a simple meal plan that's reasonably healthy and easy to make. It all depends on what foods are available and how much nutritional data you can put together to make a balanced diet.

The easiest thing to do will probably be to take a good multivitamin and find a convenient food that can be eaten most of the time while using other food to fill in the nutritional gaps. Oatmeal or some other porridge. Beans and rice. I feel very unhelpful offering this advice but it's my best idea from what you've told me.

u/tsanity · 10 pointsr/todayilearned

Oh my god, this stuff is amazing. You can actually buy these in pill form (totally legal) online, if you don't want to cultivate them yourself/can't find them locally.

Me and my friends went flavour-tripping one day. We took one miracle berry fruit pill each, then ate and drank everything from lemon, white vinegar, oranges, limes, sour skittles, beer and any other bitter/sour food we could get our hands on. Doesn't last long, but it was great fun. The lemon, lime and orange were super sweet, the white vinegar tasted like apple juice and the beer was unreal.

Amazon has them on sale, if you're ever keen to try it.

u/Re_Re_Think · 2 pointsr/vegan

> Sometimes I’d be vegan, and it’s what I really want to do. But making the switch is kind of hard because of convince. I only bring vegan food into my apartment

That's great! Do what you can, and

> but when I’m out I usually will do dairy and/or eggs.

look for little ways to improve over time, where you can. There are sometimes ways to eat vegan food even if you don't make it yourself, like there are even a bunch of vegan fast food options now.

Another thing you can try if you're a regular at some restaurant is ask if they can add a vegan option. Restaurants usually want to retain their regulars as much as possible (because they're a steady source of income), and often can be more flexible than you'd think when it comes to making vegan food. For example, try asking for stir fries or fried rice without egg, that use tofu or fried tofu instead of meat at Chinese places, or try asking if they'll do a tomato pie without cheese at Italian places.


> I’m 19, pay rent, and work a lot. I got out of an abusive relationship in the past year so I’m dealing with healing from that and depression from it.

You sound like an incredible person who's accomplished so much already! Honestly, any one of these things can be hard to deal with. It may not seem like it right now, but you have an incredible character for battle all of them, and one day you might look back and gain a lot of self-assurance from realizing what you've survived.

> I don’t have a car so I can’t go buy ALOT of stuff at once, but I live close to stores

Is there any way you could walk, bike, or use public transportation? I know it can feel like a hassle to do these things, but one of them might be an option, especially in good weather.

> I know someone might say I should wait until life gets easier... I really don’t want to do that. I want to be fully vegan.

Something that can help simplify it is finding things that work, and getting into habits. If you find something that works (and you feel like you won't get sick of), just keep doing it until it forms a habit, eventually you reach the point where you do it automatically, and you don't have to think about it (and it won't feel like putting as much effort into doing it), because it happens "on autopilot".


Be sure to learn the basics of vegan nutrition if you do go completely vegan, it's very important for long term health.

u/spiritofjerry · 2 pointsr/AskDocs

I'm no doctor, but I've had ulcers. Here's how I healed my ulcers (also, this regimen is safe even if you don't have ulcers, it can only help, IMO).

  1. Kick the Prilosec -- OTC medicines ultimately did not work to heal my stomach. They just treated the symptoms. Instead of Prilosec, Take some Deglycerized licorice (DGL) 20 minutes prior to every meal. I like these.. These should sooth your stomach, and stop the burning.

  2. You need to follow a lower-fat, lower-protein diet, until your stomach heals (and possibly, indefinitely, depending on what your body is capable of handling). Lean meats, complex carbs, veggies, and select fruits (i.e. bananas and apples). This diet will allow your stomach to recover quickly. For the first week, you could try a really bland diet to speed healing, such as the BRAT diet. Bananas, white rice, applesauce, and toast. That will take a lot of the strain off of your stomach, pancreas, and liver. DO NOT eat this diet for longer than a week, it is not nourishing enough. Just until your stomach begins to feel better, then ease back in some root vegetables, and lean meats. Be sure to cook your veggies thoroughly, to make it easier to digest. Also, make sure to eat more frequently -- do not fast or take long breaks between meals. If this means eating smaller meals, then so be it.

  3. Zinc Carnosine has helped me and others heal from ulcers completely. It takes several weeks to begin working, but it helps the stomach repair. You can get some here. Read up about it, too -- it is used commonly in Japan for ulcers.

u/Mrs_Queequeg · 1 pointr/migraine

I have a similar issue, and I crush and re-pill my supplements. It's quite the project, but if you're determined and up for it, I definitely recommend it! You can buy empty capsules on Amazon, and they come in all kinds of sizes. I have some really tiny ones from when I did this for a sick cat who wouldn't swallow a bitter pill (It's how I got the idea to do it for myself! lol). The ones I linked are the standard capsule size, like a tylenol capsule or something similar.

Basically, I crush them in a pill crusher, pour the powder into a tiny funnel that is fitted inside the capsule end, and close it up with the other end of the capsule. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. I try to keep groups of capsules together (one supplement pill's worth) because it's not exactly scientific, dumping the powder into the capsules without measuring. So that way I ensure I take the correct amount every time.

Edited to add: Don't crush and re-pill anything that is time-released. If you're not sure, ask a pharmacist. You don't want to accidentally give yourself a super high dose of something all at once because it was meant in its original form to dissolve slowly into your system. This is probably not the case for pretty much any supplement, but I thought I'd mention it in case you're thinking of applying this technique to any other medicine.

u/ProstaCure · 1 pointr/Prostatitis

I’ve since learned a lot about mastic gum. It has anti-microbial action against multiple bacteria, as well as yeast and viruses. All of these micro-organisms form biofilms which allows them to evade your body’s immune system as well as some anti-biotics and antiFungals. The great thing about it is that it seems to do this while having a neutral effect on beneficial commensal bacteria like bifidobacterium and lactobacillus. You may want to try the mastic gum even if your test came back negative for h pylori

If your problem is a true Candida overgrowth then you should look into Lauricidin , or Monolaurin. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which your body converts into monolaurin. It was discovered by scientists looking into the components of breast milk. From the ages of birth until 6 months you have very few commensal bacteria in your gut to function as an immune system. The lauric acid in breast milk has strong anti-microbial properties to prevent you from getting infections. This extract is extremely potent against Candida as well as certain bacteria and viruses. Like the mastic gum, it should have very little effect on you beneficial commensal bacteria. Amazon carries it. Oregano oil extract has similar qualities. I have since added both of these to my supplement stack and it has helped tremendously.
Just because I had h pylori doesn’t necessarily mean that it was causing my problems. Perhaps it was Candida or another bacteria that relies on biofilm for its defense. If I were you I would definitely experiment with those supplements a bit.
In terms of diet, the best diet you can follow to lower inflammation in the digestive tract as well as the rest of the body, is called the low FODMAP diet. It reduces certain carbs that can cause inflammatory problems.
If I were you I would encourage you bto experiment with those things.g

u/OldUncleEli · 2 pointsr/leagueoflegends

You could also look into some over the counter supplements like this one. I haven't tried it, but it has good reviews and there are dozens of similar products. Aside from medicine, I think the only way to get over anxiety is experience and a change in attitude(convince yourself you're just playing a normal game). The latter is easier said than done, and if you aren't getting less anxious as you play in more tournaments, I really think you should go talk to a doctor. You have nothing to lose by doing it, and it could potentially save your career (which is one that millions of people would love to have). I hope it works out for you!

u/thepirho · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

I think the memory improvement is from other stuff I am taking at night before I go to bed. The modafinil is strictly a caffeine replacement for me, which also helps me avoid sugar, in the energy drinks.


  • 100mg Modvigil Modafinil - modafinilcat - when I wake up, takes about 30 minutes for me to notice the effects
    These next two are for muscle health, taken in the morning with 32 ounces of water
  • 750mg Creatine Monohydrate by NOW Link: http://amzn.com/B0018OADEA

  • 750mg Beta-Alanine by NOW Link: http://amzn.com/B001AWSR34 ( I like the way this makes my skin tingle )


  • 2000mg Now Foods Glycine 1000mg, Capsules, 100-Count by Now Foods Link: http://amzn.com/B00UNH0TO2 - helps me sleep and is supposed to help your body process stored fat cells, in other words it should help burn fat

  • 200mg Now Foods L-Theanine Veg Capsules, 200 mg, 120 Count by Now Foods Link: http://amzn.com/B00GQV9YX6 - helps with sleep, and calm clear thoughts

  • 100mg Douglas Laboratories ® - Chelated Magnesium - 100 Tabs by Douglas Labs Link: http://amzn.com/B0013FVLIQ - apparently according to my dr, and chiro the modafinil can deplete magnesium from your system and cause sore muscle or bone aches, I take this to counter that and dont have that issue anymore with the modafinil

  • 1 Now Foods True Calm Amino Relaxer by NOW Link: http://amzn.com/B0006U6IMI

  • 1 500mg NOW Foods Choline and Inositol, 100 Capsules / 500mg by Now Foods Link: http://amzn.com/B001F0R65Q

  • 0.5 Rainbow Light Men's One Multivitamin by Rainbow Light Link: http://amzn.com/B0007YCC7S - I take a half at night otherwise I get an upset stomach and I feel like I am peeing it all out if I take the whole thing.

    If anyone could suggest changes or something I might add, I am welcome to suggestions. I mostly made this list for myself so I can see what I am taking each day.
u/Gigong · 1 pointr/NoFap

Besides the obvious of exercise, sleep and lot of leafy green veggies this is what I take.

Ashwagandha 450mg 2.5%
Most helpful. Amazing Ayurvedic (ancient India) herb. Works as 'adaptogen' to balence stress hormones.

But don't take my word for it. Here is an article from the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. (Yeah it helps against cancer too)

2 Shatavari. Another Ayurveda herb. This is the female version of Ashwagana but they work better together. If you google Shatavari and sex, or Shatavari and men you wille see articles. I was reluctant to buy this but have found they work better together. Shatavari is 'cooling' where Aswaganadha is 'heating' so it calms down an over active sex drive.


It is marketed as a PHS medication but but, I have found it does help Ashwagandha.

So these two will have a long term positive effect. Blue Lotus and Sceletium is more of a fun 'night-of' thing. Like having a couple drinks to take the edge of.

I highly recommend Ashwagandha. I really does lower street levels.
(More links and studies)


(A Ayurvedic Medicine explaination. Some of the wording may be strange. Its similar to chinese medicine. You might want to wiki Ayurvedic first just to get an idea what's going on)

More western medicine case studies.


u/erusko · 10 pointsr/vegetarianketo

lots of good info in that for those who say veggie keto isn't possible!

one thing i should mention though is that it looks like you don't use a food diary and this is something i recommend everybody to use for at least the first 2 weeks to get the hang of what to eat and how much of certain foods/macronutrients you can eat.

for example, it seems based on the example of your breakfast/lunch/dinner, you aren't getting enough protein and your fats may range on the high side. you can totally still lose weight like this, but you may be unknowingly sacrificing a lot of muscle along the way. i know the maxim of r/keto is high fats, moderate protein, low carb but the truth of the matter is the more fats you take in, the higher your calorie intake is and thus, slower weight loss. the best way too look at keto for me is to aim for 20 carbs or less, get your minimum protein amount to avoid muscle loss to (LBM in kg*1.5) which in my case is 120g protein and as low as fats as you can manage. for me, that would be 71g fat if i want 1200 calories a day. if i'm being particularly weak-willed that day, i'll up the fats to 104g fat and that's my absolute max because then i'll hit 1500 calories.

now you might look at this and say, wait a sec, don't you have high protein, moderate fat and low carb? that was my first thought when i was figuring out my diet but then i read a little closer and realized you need to base your diet on energy (read: calories) from these macronutrients. for example, each gram of fat is 9 calories. each gram of protein is 4 calories. using the above info, 120g protein is 480 calories and 71g fat is 639 calories (or 104g fat is 936 calories). based on calories, your fat content is much higher than your protein.

also, remember that r/keto can get away with constantly suggesting to raise the amount of fat in your diet because their main sources of protein are meats that are much lower in fats than your vegetarian counterparts. we don't have the luxury. the more protein we consume, we inadvertantly consume more fats. we vegetarians can't do this and need to watch our intake of avocados, sour cream, butter, etc...

sorry op, i got a little side-tracked in the middle of this comment and felt that the vegketo community might need some more clarification on certain things so i kept on writing. anyway, a lot of info in your guide is still pretty good! here's one more suggestion for people who don't know much about vitamins. even if you're not on keto, you should be taking a good multi (unless your diet is very balanced, and even then, i'd be skeptical!) these are by far the best ones i've ever had, and i've taken dozens of different brands. i've done some extreme manual labor in my day too and i definitely noticed the difference if i had one of these or not. regular multivitamins for meat eaters don't compare to this one for vegos.

u/veganatheist · 2 pointsr/IAmA

As another raw foodist, let me give you guys another take on this. On a typical day, I'll start will a huge-ass smoothie (Kale, bananas, OJ, blueberries, wheat germ, water, filling a full 64oz Vitamix pitcher) that I will split up between breakfast and lunch. If I'm extra hungry, I'll eat some fruit here and there as well.

By dinner time, I'll be wanting a big salad (Big = 1 lb kale + 1 lb spinach + a large tomato + 1/2 avocado + a dressing made from tahini, garlic and lemon).

This may not seem like much, but have a look at the nutritional breakdown on Wolfram Alpha.

In the example above, I am getting 84 grams of protein, with good coverage in all the essential amino acids, sufficient Omega-3 and Omega-6 (in favorable proportions), huge amounts of most of my vitamins and minerals. My shortcomings here are vitamins D and B-12. I take a daily vegan multivitamin, a vegan D3 supplement and a B-12 supplement, just to make sure I'm not missing out on anything.

For exercise, I ride my bike an hour each way to work and back M-F. Between the food and the cycling, I stay in pretty good shape.

u/stefanielaine · 1 pointr/fasting

Hi and welcome! For background I work a corporate health care job and I fast Monday-Friday every week.

The answer totally depends on whether you're already in ketosis.

If you're already in ketosis you're very unlikely to experience any decrease in your ability to do your job and in fact most people report feeling more clear and more sharp. I definitely do.

If you are not in ketosis, you will most likely experience a pretty unpleasant couple of days as you transition from burning sugar for energy to burning fat for energy.

There's really no way around this bumpy road into ketosis but it's easier when you're eating and when you supplement electrolytes, so if you're worried about this and plan on fasting semi-regularly, you may consider eating low carb for a week or two and taking something like these to make sure you're not missing electrolytes.


Good luck!

ETA: this great article: https://intensivedietarymanagement.com/fasting-myths-part-5/

u/innerbootes · 2 pointsr/CPTSD

Sure! Generally, the diagnosis is done through a breath test. Please understand the breath test is not available from every practitioner. I wound up getting a referral to a GI clinic where a physician’s assistant I saw was quite accustomed to prescribing SIBO breath tests. Another place to get it without issue is from a naturopath if you’re open to seeing one. They are quite accustomed to prescribing these tests.

The test is performed at home by eating a limited diet for a day, fasting overnight, and then drinking a lactulose solution after taking a baseline and before performing the remainder of the test. Samples are taking by breathing into a test tube or other collection device over the course of an hour or so, while you begin to digest the lactulose. It measures how your body responds to this sugary solution. A limit of the test is it will only pick up on overgrowth in the upper part of the small intestine, while some people have overgrowth in the lower regions.

If you test positive you will likely be prescribed Rifaxamin, which is an antibiotic that doesn’t get digested until it hits the small intestine, so it’s perfect for targeting SIBO. The only problem with it I found is it is very expensive ($1500 for a three-week course, with multiple courses almost always needed) so depending on your health care coverage, you may or may not be able to afford it. My insurance did not cover it, so I had to find another way to treat my SIBO.

One study found some herbal OTC preparations are just as effective as Rifaxamin and a lot less expensive. So I did both, in succession. They were:

  • Candibactin-AR together with Candibactin-BR
  • Biotics Research FC-Cidal together with Biotics Research Dysbiocide

    Then I had symptoms of fungal overgrowth, which is very common following SIBO treatment. I did several rounds of OTC treatments for that (monolaurin and undecylenic acid).

    This process took me about 7 months, although I did take some breaks. I now only take a probiotic and a supplement that helps me digest proteins since I have trouble with casein (milk protein) and gluten (wheat protein). I am not cured or anything, but I am 10X better than I was last January. I don’t have chronic pain in my gut and other IBS-like symptoms.

    Feel free to ask any questions, I’d be happy to help.
u/closedblueyes · 1 pointr/infertility

If you're interested in some supplements to try to help, I have my husband taking FertilAid for Men, MotilityBoost, fish oil, and L-Carnitine. He also smokes quite a bit - not heavily - but definitely enough for it to be a cause for concern from me at least. So I've been pushing him to take other measures to be as healthy as possible. Good luck. Hopefully your next test will give you better results!

u/FauxVitae · 1 pointr/MGTOW

Don't worry man, picture the Adonis body you will have, keep at it.
Diet AND Exercise

Muscle is metabolically active tissue - meaning it burns calories, so gaining muscle is great. More muscle = more testosterone = feeling great! It's a lifestyle.Eat clean, to give you an idea, some of my core foods are:

Carbohydrates (Complex): Basmati rice / brown rice, oats, canned mixed beans

Vegetables (Fiber): 500g of stir fry vegetables (frozen) or broccoli (frozen), bananas, blueberries (frozen)

Fats: extra virgin olive oil (monounsaturated fats), coconut oil (saturated fats) and fish oil tablets (omega 3 / polyunsaturated), 85% - 90% dark chocolate

Protein: red lentils, sardines, tofu, peanut butter, black beans, protein powder

Supplements: Fish oil, creatine monohydrate, beta alanine, a good multivitamin

I'm generous with the olive oil, you don't need a diet that is so strict, I aim for 3500 calories a day because I'm bulking, though I workout generally 6 days a week and only have an off-day if I feel my body needs it. Count your calories with a calorie counter and PLAN YOUR MEALS, I cook most of my meals the day before or in the morning. Cheat days on some/weekends are okay, you might want pizza or something, it's always nice.

u/phunktion · 2 pointsr/Fitness

There is an alternative medicine theory of GERD and acid reflux being caused by low stomach acid, not high. The thinking goes that the esophageal sphincter is control by stomach PH, and when eat and your stomach acid is too low your sphincter does not close tight enough, so combined with bloating and belching this allows acid to creep up into the esophagus . This can be caused by stomach bacteria or some other unknown mechanism. ( maybe this is why diet changes help )

This is why the counter intuitive folk remedy of apple cider vingear works. You increase your acidity of your esophageal sphincter closes nice and tight preventing further reflux. There is a supplement called Betaine HCL that is like acid in a capsule, so you can prevent the burn on the way down of drinking acid things like vinegar. The reviews are filled with some positive outcomes but I wish there was some study to see if this theory was actually true.

As a side note how does taking PPIs and reduction of stomach acid effect the ability to digest protein and therefore gains? I figured that it would always be a detriment but was surprised to hear so many people in this thread talk about taking them frequently

u/TriggerHippie0202 · 1 pointr/vegan

Hello and welcome!

I use www.cronometer.com to track my macronutrients. I supplement w/:

  • Deva Multivitamin

  • Vitamin D3 - I live in the north and am deficient

  • Deva B-12

    I treat replacements like Beyond meats, Gardein, etc. as treats, I feel so much better eating whole foods and have mostly adopted that diet recently. We use Fork over Knives recipes, Hot for Food (blog/youtube), Vegan Richa (blog/youtube).

    I really just love trying new foods myself and go into rabbit holes of like making Ethiopian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern style foods. Indian foods and Vegan Richa really helped me in my transition.

    Are there specific recipes or styles of food you love?
u/publicfrog · 1 pointr/Gastritis

Since you're trying to do everything, have you looked into supplements? I've started taking 3, two seem rather effective and I've yet to notice a difference with the third. My doctor told me to take protonix (prescription) twice a day before food so I could only have food twice, and thanks to the gastritis I couldn't have much, so I was I losing a lot of weight and suffering from symptoms of malnutrition ( it didn't help that rice and ensure aren't exactly super calorie dense). Thanks to the supplements I can have small meals without needing prescription meds, so I've started feeling much healthier. I got them all off amazon, so I'll just like to what I bought.

American Health Multi-Enzyme Plus, Super Papaya

Take this with food, it's digestive enzymes and other stuff. It decreases my after-food pain.

Enzymatic Therapy DGL Chewables

It's some sort of fancy licorice. This makes the biggest difference, it's that really lets me eat that third time. The downside is that it tastes like licorice, which I personally despise, but I've gotten used to it.

Zinc Carnosine Complex with PepZin GI

This one is supposed to help stomach lining. I don't know if it works, but I doubt it hurts.

Thanks to these I've started being able to eat more and feeling better.

When you're able to start introducing more foods, I suggest starting with starchy vegetables. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, corn, and butternut squash are some of the ones I'm able to handle most of the time. I can also do canned pears, I make my own apple sauce (it's super easy and tastes much much better), and plain chicken since I was worried about nutrient deficiencies.

Good luck! I'm entering month 5 now. I found out about a month ago that milk is a trigger for me. That was a hard blow, it was something I've turned to my whole life when I had an upset stomach or trouble eating, it's been by far the hardest thing to give up. No milk, butter or cheese, although I'm going to try A/B experiments to see if I can regain butter and aged cheeses which are lower in lactose.

u/pm079 · 1 pointr/vegetarian

So if you're trying to add mass/strength, your biggest concern with going vegetarian is probably going to be getting enough protein. I try to take in like ~200g/day. You can calculate what you need here.

I personally get most of my protein from protein shakes. I use pea protein exclusively, this brand. Unfortunately, it comes from China but I can't pass on the price point. I also add peanut flour, cocoa powder, bananas, flax seed meal (good source of omega-3's), psyllium husk fiber (helps to slow down digestion of protein), BCAA's, creatine, and beta-alanine all in almond milk. The reason for some of those supplements can be found here.

Thanks to the fiber and the flax seed, it gets super thick almost like pudding if you let it sit. Usually, I'll mix in cold brewed coffee to get the consistency I want. It's really good. I drink like ~48 ounces a day, every day. Still have yet to get tired of it.

As far as recipes go, I try to eat high protein meals usually with beans/legumes and quinoa. I use tofu or tempeh as meat substitutes quite a bit too. I eat a lot of chili and curries. My instant pot (pressure cooker) is always getting used.

I also supplement with this multivitamin.

In response to the anti-protein focus comment, I guess I would say that I eat at a calorie deficit so it's hard to hit my protein targets unless I supplement. However, you should still count your macros at least at first to make sure you're getting in the range of where you should be.

u/CrypticEntity · 3 pointsr/vegan

So for vitamins and supplements.



And then for eggs and brands it's pretty easy and skim through. Many brands say "contains eggs and milk" So, you can skim through and read what each has.

Some people take a shot of b12 but, many foods such as cereal and non dairy milks are fortified too!

You can easily find vegan cookies such as Oreos and others. It really depends on where you are located as well.

I would drink daily soy milk to keep up calcium but, you can eat greens which contain iron and calcium. Actually most multi Vitamins that are vegan contain iron. So, you won't need really a separate iron supplement.

Anything else just ask me! 😊

u/cohesiv3 · 1 pointr/Endo

You could have some vagus nerve dysfunction especially if you have a lot of stress. The vagus nerve is responsible for the Parasympathetic state (rest and digest). It controls the muscles of your digestive system. Anyways, there are supplements that you can use to boost and stimulate this nerve.

  • alpha GPC (a form of choline)
  • Acetyl - Carnitine
  • Huperzia A
  • Vitamin B1 Thiamin

    I've used this product called Parasym before and it works really well. Also a really cool calming effect too. It has the ingredients I listed above but you can buy em sperate and it would be cheaper.

    You could also try a nicotine patch on your stomach haha. Nicotine is very good a stimulating the vagus nerve because it acts on the acetylcholine pathway.
u/hogtastic · 3 pointsr/dysautonomia

I actually used this supplement that is specifically formulated for POTS by Dr. Driscoll, an optometrist whose life was sidelined by her illness.

I don't usually recommend it although it was VERY helpful because of some of the side effects I experienced at higher doses (throat swelling). At half of the recommended dose though, I felt incredible and it was really the first thing that brought me back to life. I didn't see any other users report that side effect, so it was probably just me.

But the supplement was honestly life changing. I'm glad you are spreading the word. I hope that more folks can know about this, as it is a super easy and relatively cheap treatment.

u/Lascielle · 3 pointsr/vegan

You might really like a tool like Cronometer. It breaks down the daily micronutrients pretty well. You can log multivitamins on there too. I take half of one of these every day and come pretty close to most of the recommended daily values https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B001GAOHVG

u/Syntactic_Acrobatics · 3 pointsr/DebateAVegan

How Not To Die has been an amazing resource for me in my last 1.5 years on the vegan diet. I trust Michael Gregor and 100% recommend an algae-based Omega 3 supplement for that good EPA and DHA.

Here are the 2.5 supplements that I have been taking to achieve my satisfactory blood test results:


Omega 3:

D3 - I only take this in the wintertime.

u/rabidredrabbit · 1 pointr/Aquascape

Try checking this out: Plant Deficiency Chart

Looks like some minor nutrient deficiency. Likely magnesium for old growth, but if it is still newer growth. Could be iron if considered new growth. You would have to research proper ferts for the tech level of your aquarium.

I would probably recommend root tables to keep the fertilization localized to the roots. Substrate fertilization helps keep nutrients out of the water column to minimize the risk of an algae outbreak in low-tech tanks. I use Osmocote packed in 00 gelatin capsules. Just use tweezers/forceps to plant roughly 1" below the substrate at the base of plant roots. I have a heavily planted tank with many root feeders, so I plant one every 4"-6" every 3-4 months, but you can put one straight under plants that need it too.

u/gregriegler · 2 pointsr/gout

Tart Cherry Extract pills worked better for me, easier to control. I like the tart cherry juice ok - especially mixed with things. But easy to over do, and a lot of sugar.

One thing that's helped me a lot are these pills:

But if I am out to get a cold drink at a convince store, I will always try to find something that has some kind of cherry juice (actual cherry juice) and without HFCS - sometimes I'm successful.. I also will tend to lean towards cherry desserts and other cherry flavored things when there are times to choose it. Whether it helps or not.

u/kos277 · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

I have decided to buy them seperately.

This is what i'm thinking of buying:

Bacopa 250 mg caps from mindnutrition

Rhodiola Rosea 500mg caps from mindnutrition

KSM-66 1000mg from Tranquility Labs

I'm not sure about the ashwagandha, I suspect it may be too strong..

Maybe this is better? There just isnt any information about the % of withanolides.

Mind nutrition is also selling ashawagandha, which honestly seems pretty good.

I just thought maybe i could save a bit of money on amazon instead.

Any thoughts?

u/Mcgizzle1883 · 2 pointsr/trees

2% is NOT high thc....it’s extremely low! I’d also recommend to use a heavy indica strain given what you’ve reported since you’re looking for more calming effects vs. high energy. Your specific condition could be the cause of how you’re not feeling any effects, so it’s probably best to significantly bump up your intake.

Buy distillate syringes ($65 at Surterra) and just make infused coconut oil. Distillate is up to 90% thc and will go a long way....Plus you can truly control your dosages by concentrating them as much as you’d like.

All you have to do is heat up unrefined coconut oil in a Pyrex container, put the distillate into the hot oil and start stirring for a few minutes. Once it emulsifies it’s ready to use. The distillate is very thick, so put the syringe into hot water for a minute So that it becomes less viscous and then remove the cap to dispense it.

Example - let’s say there’s 850mg of thc in one distillate syringe and you use 50ml of coconut oil.

850/50 = 17mg of thc per ml of oil. You aren’t just limited to using one distillate syringe - feel free to use more to make your infused oil more potent.

Buy a blunt tip luer lock syringe with ml measurements and then simply put it into your own empty capsules. You can buy the syringe and the capsules on amazon for very cheap. You can also use these blunt tip syringes to measure your coconut oil to ensure he dosages will be right. Links to the items you need below



You can also dispense the distillate straight into your own cartridges and vape it, but be sure to use only a ceramic cartridge. Do not include any coconut oil into your vape...just distillate

u/Sp00kyW0mb · 4 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Check out It Starts With the Egg! It has great recommendations as well as explains the science behind it all. Is your husband on a multivitamin? I’d start there. There are multivitamins for men that are formulated to benefit sperm such as FertilAid or ConceptionXR. CoQ10 is a good addition for both of you as well.

u/I_hate_cheesecake · 1 pointr/vegan

No problem! It can feel very overwhelming at first, but it gets easier once you have a few go-to recipes. As an addendum to the kickstarter (or the advice in this thread in general), make sure you are supplementing your diet with B12. The simplest way to do so is probably to just take a vegan multivitamin daily, or just a B12 supplement if you feel that your other nutritional needs are being met. Good luck!

u/hVnL · 2 pointsr/ibs

Okay, my "theory" on what COULD help you maybe (I am not a doctor btw, just a person who reads a lot!)

You have bloating, okay.

Bloating is the result of fermentation of food by bacteria. Air does not magically "appear" out of nowhere inside you, bacteria produce these gasses.

Since you have been diagnosed with SIBO this confirms that this is true here. Excess fermentation of foods inside you by bacteria.
Then we have the next question; why do I have so many bacteria inside my stomach/small intestines?!?!

A possible explanation, and in my opinion a very likely one; long-term ppi usage. We start with the basics; why do you have stomach acid? You have this to kill bacteria that you ingest and to help digest food! Most of your small intestines/stomach shouldn't contain barely any bacteria because the ph is very low there, they shouldn't be allowed there. When you chronically "remove" stomach acid, you can have a situation of an overgrowth because your stomach acid/bile acids are not longer keeping your stomach and small intestines sterile.
In addition to killing the bacteria by stomach acid, it also helps you digest food, if you digest this properly there is less "food" for the pathogens in your small intestines. But if you have a lot of undigested food there they will go crazy fermenting them there!

I think you should consider taking some betaine hcl to make your stomach more acidic. But, before you do, perhaps ask your doctor or read a lot about it online! You can read people's experiences with these problems in amazon reviews for example and by checking google "low stomach acid". Also always be very careful with betaine hcl and any other supplement, always start low dose to see how you respond, you also want to make sure you have no stomach ulcers!

A link to betaine hcl:

A link to a book about low stomach acid:

A link to a video about low stomach acid:

Look into the reviews on amazon, try to google as much information as possible, learn from it, and try to think what could help you! I think these things are definately worth looking into for you. I really hope it will help you, good luck!!

u/aduncan8434 · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

Here’s what I take.

Doctor's Best PepZin GI, Zinc-L-Carnosine Complex, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Digestive Support, 120 Veggie Caps https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0035BYOSA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_mFwMBb6JKGHJ6

u/juiceguy · 2 pointsr/Juicing

One great way to determine the nutrients you are getting from your juice is to use Wolfram Alpha. (Israel pointed this out a few weeks ago). Here is a typical example of my daily juice intake. You can see a very detailed breakdown of every macronutrient and micronutrient present in the raw ingredients you are preparing. Based on the type of juicer you are using, you also have to factor in a 60%-90% nutrient yield (how much of these nutrients are ending up in the juice vs. being left in the pulp).

In any case, you can see that juicing provides a more than adequate level of all necessary nutrients (yes, including the protein that most people ignorantly freak out about). You can also see if you're hitting a favorable Omega3-Omega6 ratio like I am here.

I wouldn't fret too much over recipes. Start with any recipes you find online, then continue with buying a bunch of fruits and vegetables and make what tastes good to you. Run them through Wolfram Alpha and see how they pan out on a nutritional level as well.

EDIT: I almost forgot... I also take a daily multivitamin as well as a daily sublingual B12 tablet to make sure all of my bases are covered.

u/Fexler · 9 pointsr/rawdenim

I'm house-sitting for my parents tonight so…
Party at my place

I have these, so bring some lemons and shit.

I mentioned it in the hat thread a while ago, but since I posted here about it originally I'll update:

That wool poncho my grandmother was making has been finished for a while, and it's great.
Like I told /u/JammySTB it'll change your life. I just wander around my house in boxers and my poncho now, I quite literally live in it. It's like having that blanket with arm holes you always wanted.
It's kinda like a respectable snuggie.

*not hating on snuggies, don't want to offend /r/rawdenim's snuggers

Also, I'm getting into old samurai cinema, what should I watch?

u/neoblog · 2 pointsr/Bellingham

/r/treedibles/ is a great resource, I started there, and have tested through trial and error. Here's a quick recipe for CBD caps.

  • Buy some Sour Tsunami (Usually the highest CBD we can get in Whatcom County - with the lowest THC%) I typically get .05% THC and 12-14% CBD
  • Break it up (the flower) into popcorn size chunks, put it into a pie plate / dish, cover with aluminum foil, preheat oven to 240, and bake for 40-45mins
  • Remove from oven and let rest for 15-20 mins - This is Decarboxilation
  • Grab your handy electric coffee grinder - and grind the crap out of your decarb'd flower
  • In your crockpot (for 1/2oz of flower use 1/2 a bottle of organic coconut oil and a full bottle for a full oz of flower... you can play around with the amounts and find what works best for you). Start warming coconut oil with 1 - 2 TBsp's of Lecithin... stir until occasionally until the Lecithin is almost completely dissolved.
  • Add ground flower from coffee grinder and set your crockpot to Low - for 3hrs, stir every 20-30mins.
  • Now your house should smell AMAZING ;) and you have a liquid that you can either strain through a tight mesh or cheesecloth, or just leave it - again your call, experiment, find what works best for you.
  • Head over to Amazon and pick up 1k empty 00 capsules and a Walgreens True Easy Oral Syringe
  • Use the syringe to fill the long side of an empty 00 cap, pop the lid on, wait to hear the 'click' - Then I put them into a ramekin and into the freezer so that the coconut oil will reconstitute.

    Also, if you don't mind higher THC in your CBD med's - check out the Girl Scout Cookies CBD as it's about 5% THC but a whopping 23% CBD!!! When I'm making my own personal batches I add some high % Keif and what not too. And last but not least, start with 1 cap, and wait at LEAST 2hrs before trying more... once you figure out what works for you and your pain levels... it's pretty freaking awesome! Oh, and I get about 150 caps per 1/2oz - compared to what they're selling in the stores 10 caps for $40 - it's much more bang for your buck if you DIY!

    (Tools needed: Crockpot, grinder, Lecithin, 00 caps, syringe, some good CBD flower, and a bit of patience)

    TL;DR - This is how I make my pain meds at home.
u/scots · -2 pointsr/gainit

Have your physician perform a Heidelberg test. - You may be suffering from little to no digestive stomach acids, preventing you from getting proper nutrients and calories from your food.

The test itself is simple and painless, performed in your doctors' office. You just swallow a plastic capsule the size of a large multivitamin, and a nurse lays an object about the size of a paperback book on your tummy. You sit there for about 20-30 minutes - and you're done!

The capsule measures stomach acidity, PH, and a number of other important things from your stomach, and wirelessly transmits that data to the receiver unit on your tummy, which transfers the data into an analysis program running on a laptop computer, typically sitting on a rolling cart next to your chair. The doctor will come in after the test is complete, analyze the results and give a diagnosis.


Relax. That means you have Hypochlorhydria - A fancy $200 medical word for "low stomach acid."


You will take one or two of these - HCL supplements - with your meals. They contain naturally occurring betahydroclhoride - which will give your tummy a "turbo boost" of additional, natural acids to help properly break down the nutrients in your food.

The supplements are inexpensive, can be purchased nearly anywhere, and combined with your workouts and calorie surplus will transform you into a GOD-DAMNED SEXUAL TYRANOSAURUS.

1, Tell your parents or guardian that you're concerned about your weight, get a doctors' appointment.

2, Ask your doctor - or the G.I. they refer you to - to do an endocrine panel on you, and consider the Heidelberg test. Because at your age, if you are eating a lot, and working out, you should be exploding in weight. If not, THERE IS A DIGESTIVE ISSUE WORKING AGAINST YOU.

Good luck.

u/ladyllana · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Putting party favors in these would be hilarious!

You could also do an "experiment" with these where they have to taste different foods to see the changes in flavor.

Gummy brains for goody bags.

A variety of safety glasses for all your scientists!

I like surprises! :D

u/floopaloop · 2 pointsr/WomensHealth

Your multi actually doesn't have enough B12. If you're vegan, you should be taking a supplement with 100 micrograms of B12 every single day. Yes, it will make your pee a bright color, that is normal and fine. There aren't any negative effects of getting too much B12, besides a small number of people getting acne from it.

If you're looking for a good vegan multivitamin, try Deva's.

For how long were you only taking a B12 vitamin once a month? If it was more than a year or so, you might have or be on your way to a deficiency.

u/notnonymous1 · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

> I'm not sure that SSRIs and Rhodiola are a good mix. There's at least one case of an adverse reaction.

I did read that it is a MAO inhibitor and can cause headaches or even serotonin syndrome if taken with SSRIs. However it seems to be speculative. I cannot find strong evidence that there is an interaction. Examine.com and drugs.com list no interactions between the two.

> Why DMAE? It doesn't seem to have very good evidence.

My mistake. I meant DHA fish oil.

> Why glutamine? are you vegan/vegetarian?

Not at all haha. I've read how important it is for workout recovery and want to make sure I get enough in, so I thought I'd supplement with it. I'm on the fence about this one since I do eat a lot of protein, whey, and casein.

> Ashwagandha 800mg x2
> 800mg of what? Whole plant? It seems too high to be the extract which is what's researched/shows benefit. The extract is highly recommended.

It's the extract from NOW Foods. Examine.com states "The optimal dose is 6,000mg a day usually divided into three doses (2,000mg)". The Chopra Center is more conservative: "The typical recommended dose is 600 to 1,000 mg. twice daily." I initially came up with my dosage from their recommendation - I want to be conservative since I'm taking Rhodiola as well. If I take 2 NOW pills twice a day, it will up it to 900mg x2. Where did you read that 800 x2 would be too much?

u/lnfinity · 4 pointsr/vegan

Here is a cheap vegan multivitamin on Amazon. This isn't a replacement for eating healthily, but it can be an added level of insurance against a potential micronutrient deficiency.

The book Vegan For Life is often recommended when it comes to informing yourself about eating a healthy vegan diet. You can probably get a copy from your school's library.

I'm going to side with your girlfriend in not supporting your shoplifting either. Foods like rice and beans are incredibly cheap if you are buying them dry and in large quantities. Those two foods can form a large portion of a healthy diet together.

I'm a fairly lean guy, and you are 5" taller than me and you weigh 10lbs less. I suspect that the weight loss is a significant factor in any health issues you are experiencing. Just make sure to be eating more high calorie foods. You were eating 4,000 calories a day, and even without exercise someone of your height is going to need about 3,000 calories per day. It is entirely feasible to reach those numbers on a vegan diet.

u/Pufflekun · 2 pointsr/trees

I take one 100 mg pill, twice a day. I recommend the brand that I linked you to (because it's easy to swallow and it doesn't contain anything except 5-HTP), and taking a daily multivitamin with 100% B6, like this one, so that your body can use the 5-HTP effectively.

Some 5-HTP pills have ridiculous amounts of B6 that can easily damage your liver and kidneys, and give you kidney stones. Stay far away from those.

5-HTP is mainly used to treat depression, so a positive "side effect" is that you'll be generally happier. Enjoy it!

u/vagrantsoul · 1 pointr/PlantedTank

the amazonia is great, some people mix it with flourite.

you save a lot of hassle pre-fertilizing the soil... you can always go with something like osmocote plus and throw it down before the soil http://www.lowes.com/pd/Osmocote-2-lb-Smart-Release-Plant-Food-Plus-Outdoor-and-Indoor-Food-15-9-12/50094184?cm_mmc=SCE_PLA-_-LawnGarden-_-PlantFood-_-50094184:Osmocote&CAWELAID=&kpid=50094184&CAGPSPN=pla&store_code=1535&k_clickID=4f854b0e-642d-4a0d-9c76-3eec6876fe7f

then you just put root tabs in with either gelcapped osmocote or the seachem root tabs (the api ones are garbage).

00 gelcaps here: https://www.amazon.com/Herb-Affair-Clear-Gelatin-Capsules/dp/B003TOWT80/ref=pd_lpo_121_tr_t_3?ie=UTF8&refRID=9T2Q1W1F082MSMEY5FHF&th=1

as for the plants, MC is far easier to grow, but need to be careful with pruning.. if you cut, you'll end up with browning leaves. I've actually grown to like the S repens more in that regard, but the MC looks very nice in person. I personally haven't tried the DBT in this tank, but I am not a huge fan of it in the first place.

u/Armageddon85 · 13 pointsr/Nootropics

Wish I would have known about this before I started taking Adderall! I've noticed the huge difference in on off days when I'm super lazy and not motivated beyond my old levels of motivation before I started taking Adderall.

Just got a bottle from Amazon. Here's a risk free, non-affiliate link to amazon for you lazies out there: https://www.amazon.com/NOW-N-Acetyl-Cysteine-1000-120-Tablets/dp/B00KT3H13C/ref=sr_1_4_a_f_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1500577223&sr=8-4&ppw=fresh&keywords=N-Acetyl+Cysteine

u/jaketibor · 2 pointsr/POTS

Currently I am treating my symptoms until my doctors and I can find the root cause. Everything is trial and error. All I can offer is advice on how to manage symptoms. If you want to know what they do go ahead and do your own research. This is what I take on a daily basis. Dosage is what works with me. It's going to be different for everyone else.

I copied and pasted a spreed sheet so the formattings off.

Compound: Daily Dose: Notes:

Huperzine A 1 x 100mcg x 2 1st dose in morning and 2nd before bed

Acetyl-L-Carnitine 2 x 500mg x 3 Don’t always take 3rd dose due to close to wanting to fall asleep

Alpha GPC 1 x 300mg x 3 Don’t always take 3rd dose due to close to wanting to fall asleep

Magnesium Threonate 1 x 500mg x 3 Last dose before bed

L-Theanine 1 x 200mg x 3 Only take mid day if I need to calm down or concentrate on a task. Last dose before bed.

Noopept 1 x 10mg x ? I am waiting to receive this in the mail :)

Vitamin D3 1 x 1000 IU x 4 2 x 1000 IU in the morning. Take with food.

Quercetine 1 x 200 mg x 3 Take with food

Grape Seed Extract 1 x ? x 3 Take with food.

Korean Red Ginseng ? I am waiting to receive this in the mail :)

I buy most from Absorb Health, www.absorbyourhealth.com, also custom fees into Canada are not bad. $400 Canadian would probably get you 4 - 5 months of supplements based on my dosages.

I also take medical cannabis daily. I used to take CBD and THC combined using a vaporizer but since I started nootropics I no longer feel the need to use CBD. I have switched to concentrates and have much more effective results. Rick Simon oil seems to be most effective however eating oil on empty stomach makes me symptomatic.

Here is the link to the paper for Nitric Oxide levels with POTs and HPOTS: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3621717/

Parasym Plus as mentioned in previous comment: https://www.amazon.com/Vagus-Nerve-Support-Parasym-Plus/dp/B016J8FJYS/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1495550020&sr=8-1&keywords=Parasym+Plus

u/sym3try · 1 pointr/Supplements

Here's what I am looking at:

  • Multivitamin (LEF 2-Per-Day Capsules)
  • Fish Oil (LEF)
  • Vitamins D + K (LEF)

    I will probably pick up some cheap 5-HTP and Rhodiola form NOW just to try out.

    I am wondering if I will be getting too much Vitamin D from this as the multi has 2,000UI and the D+K has 5,000UI... The multi doesn't have K and that D+K supplement looks pretty good, especially with the added Iodine... does this combo look like I might be overdoing it?
u/Treat-yo-self-2018 · 2 pointsr/keto

Yep I take this stuff. Uric acid support. Dr recommend it and it’s cheap. Does miracles for me.
Uric Acid Support - Supports Normal Kidney Function & Uric Acid Levels (W/ Tart Cherry, Celery Extract, Turmeric, Quercetin, and more) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T40H4RO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_24IcBb60X1KN4

u/rissalynns · 3 pointsr/vegan

I take the DEVA Vegan Multi and have found it to be extremely helpful in making sure all my nutritional needs can be met. Good luck!

Deva Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral One Daily 90 Tablets (Pack of 2) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001GAOHVG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_EK1PDb471DZ1K

u/funke75 · 1 pointr/todayilearned

I bought a bunch of pills made from this stuff off of amazon and it totally works. The trick is to make sure all your taste buds get covered.

I've done diner parties where we all take the pills and then try different sour foods. Its pretty amazing.

u/iamapug · 1 pointr/vegan

theveganrd.com has lots of great information on vegan nutrition. i used this page to help me figure out what supplements i should take.

personally, i take one of these daily and i also take a calcium supplement (everyone needs calcium, but it's extra important for women; greens are a great vegan source of calcium but you have to eat a lot and i don't particularly like them anyway).

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/vegan

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u/BlackWinging · 1 pointr/weightroom

This for a more minimalistic approach, has the things most people are lacking in their diet in good dosages and forms.

Source Naturals and Life Extension both have more comprehensive formulas, though I'd cut the dosage by half for both, makes it more cost effective and for a lot of the vitamins you really don't need that much and Multi's are really more of a safety net anyways.

u/Usuallyhelpful · 1 pointr/Supplements

I used to take True Calm, it seemed to help when I was overly stressed out. It is worth $10 to see if it helps.
True Calm Amazon

u/tghero · 1 pointr/hearthstone

Here's something a little different that may appeal to her "genius" side and definitely the food side. These berries change your taste buds and make things taste totally different for like 15 mins at a time. Could be a interesting party idea to grab a bunch of different foods and try them out!

u/phreakinprecious · 1 pointr/stilltrying

In a moment of desperate sadness, I ordered my husband some Fertilaid. He hasn't started taking it yet because I want to run it past our RE, but everything I've read about it online is pretty favorable and the mix is slightly different/more potent than the multivitamin he takes, so might as well try it.

u/sidthekid13 · 21 pointsr/Supplements

Wow the other answers here are annoying. Here's a RELEVANT answer since it's a SUPPLEMENT: Ashwagandha. https://www.amazon.com/ORGANIC-INDIA-Ashwagandha-Supplement-Capsules/dp/B003PGE98K



Been taking on a regular basis for 4 years to help severe chronic health issues which include(d) some of the worst possible anxiety. I also used to have thyroid imbalance and terrible adrenal fatigue which disappeared with this supplement. I used to take 4 caps a day for years, but now I take about 2 a day and not every day. Happy to answer more if needed. Lots of info online. Generally, things that take a little longer to "kick in" are going to have more steady effects, so that you will still have benefit when no longer on the supplement, or if only taking sporadically. Ashwagandha often has mild immediate effects, but it's over a period of a few to several weeks that effects become really obvious and positive. Check out the reviews and search for "anxiety." Best wishes.

u/noodleparty · 4 pointsr/Trichsters

There have been some small studies that suggest this might work for some. I saw an IMMEDIATE improvement by taking it once a day with food.

This is a great resource about drug interactions and other stuff for you to evaluate before purchase

NAC drug info

NAC amazon

My therapist also told me to give it a whirl cuz if it worked, cool! If not, at least we know. However, it is working so I’m into it

u/darx888 · 1 pointr/fasting

this supplement is really good. probably the best one out there for fasters that ive come across.. it has helped me out a lot on my longer fasts.


as far as a vitamin, a generic multivitamin works (like Centrum or one a day).

u/Didalectic · 1 pointr/dpdr

Dude, you got to get out of whatever cycle you are in right now. You don't want this to turn into a full-week alcohol addiction. If you still use so much alcohol despite the consequences, then it's clear you can't do it alone. Get help, professional or not.

If you haven't already tried it, then I suggest getting some Ashwagandha from NOW Foods (2.5% withanolides) or Jarrow Formulas (KSM-66). I've had success with the NOW foods one, but I've heard the Jarrow Formulas one is better.

u/nope_nic_tesla · 4 pointsr/vegetarian

I take this one. It focuses mainly on nutrients that people tend to get less of with plant foods rather than trying to pack in 100% daily value of every vitamin and mineral possible. Here is a breakdown of its nutrient content. Like others say you don't really need a really broad spectrum multivitamin (the ones with shit like 1500% vitamin A are nonsense), you should be able to get most other things easily from your diet!

u/Karissa36 · 1 pointr/stepparents

I agree with your post. This might be very helpful. Read the reviews and discuss it with the child's doctor. Also google it. NAC is being used more and more frequently over the last couple of years to help what have traditionally been very hard to alleviate disorders like Trichotilomania (hair pulling), OCD, bipolar, etc.


u/gimmeafuckinname · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

On the advice of a CA I got some Ashwaganda and 5-HTP and I have to be honest I think it helps.

If nothing else It gives you a sense of being proactive.

u/pepperconchobhar · 2 pointsr/carnivore

Supplements I use:

Potassium Citrate:


Vitamin D topical oil:

The CBD rub that really does work for localized pain:

The CBD drops (I use two bottles a month because I take it twice a day):

The CBD drops my mother uses (It's less potent than mine, but it is effective):

The bourbon glaze that I use for the salmon with crumbled bacon (this is the only brand that I don't react to and I use many of their products):

The betain HCL I use to help with digestion:

Here's the clay (but any brand will do):

Here's a video on how to make the clay. (I use a blender and add a TBSP rubbing alcohol as a preservative.)

I get the melatonin at Walmart and I do need 10mg. I've tried the lower doses and they don't work for me at all.


I must add that I use blue light blocking glasses in the evening on the recommendation of my doctor and it really does work remarkably well. I put them on around 7:30PM and I'm out by 9PM.

There are a ton of them out there. Just make sure they have orange lenses. These are the ones I use with my glasses.



A link to a post I made about skin care.


u/IcyElemental · 2 pointsr/soylent

It's not quite as simple as a multivitamin alone, but it's a good start. A good but cheap one would be these: https://www.amazon.com/Kirkland-Signature-Vitamins-Minerals-500-Count/dp/B002RL8FCU/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1468940301&sr=8-2&keywords=kirkland+signature+multivitamin

I'd say take 1/3 - 1/2 of a pill per day with your Joylent, and add a small pinch of salt to each meal. You may still be a little under on electrolytes, but instead of worrying about it initially, see if you experience signs of a deficiency (or ideally get bloodwork done before starting on the diet and a month or two afterwards).

u/Kozio_ · 2 pointsr/povertyfinance

My wife takes migraine stuff and didn't have issues. I haven't heard much of anyone else having bad reactions, but I'm sure asking your doctor or searching if someone had reactions with your specific meds

Here's a link to my preferred brand. The store I bought from had other choices, but this was the best for the money https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003PGE98K?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

u/learningfocus · 3 pointsr/vegetarian

that sounds like you are missing out on b12 vitamins, definitely make sure you are getting those! [These](Deva Vegan Multivitamin, Mineral Supplement, Tiny Tablets, 90 Count Bottle [These](Deva Vegan Multivitamin, Mineral Supplement, Tiny Tablets, 90 Count Bottle https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002F86LNK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i.I3xbH0J6D01) are good

u/runner382 · 1 pointr/gout

Thanks for the info. I am curious if anyone has tried the kidney supplements available in health food stores or online.

Stuff like this: https://www.amazon.com/Uric-Acid-Support-Supports-Quercetin/dp/B00T40H4RO/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1550166138&sr=8-3&keywords=kidney%2Bgout%2Bsupport&th=1


u/MerlotMike · 1 pointr/Nootropics

Now is a great brand, and pretty affordable. They have tight quality control, and 300-450 mg is a typical dose. Again, you probably won’t notice much of a difference for a bit. Less sensitivity to allergies, dodge a cold passing around, and may notice you handle stress a little more calmly.

As far as brands go, the main thing to do is check if they are 3rd party tested, because the FDA doesn’t regulate herbal products, the DHEA does, and they don’t hold manufacturers accountable for false products. So always check for 3rd party testing and certifications. The more the better. If the brand does any 3rd party testing they’ll make it known on their website or in the description section on Amazon. They pay a lot for those, and it’s all in hopes that consumers will choose their products over other products that are cheaper but riskier.

u/throwaway500k · 2 pointsr/vegan

Ok, sure - I've listed a pretty typical day below, including supplements.


u/monaali2 · 1 pointr/Candida

I eat one clove but have to chew it i tried taking it little bites throughout the day at first. Then got used to chewing it all at once . Also i have recently started Now supplements candida support ordered from amazon and monolaurin by laciridin look it up on amazon reviews and all. Lauricidin®- The Original... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004I8SMOQ?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

u/stevenxvision · 1 pointr/Nootropics

I was considering this:
Would it be too much to take Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola and Ashwaganda together or would a combination of two of them be better? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

u/AnAngryFredHampton · 3 pointsr/vegan

Deva seems to be the best bang for the buck, but I also don't live near a major grocery store so maybe you can do better.

u/wetshrinkage · 6 pointsr/vegetarian

I've had a good experience with Deva Vegan Vitamins.

They cost $18, but it's for 6 months worth of vitamins. You're paying $0.70 per week to keep your body health. I'd say it's a worthwhile investment.

u/anachronic · 5 pointsr/vegan

> B12, which is primarily an animal-produced vitamin

Actually, it's produced by bacteria, not animals.

DEVA makes an awesome vegan multi that's loaded with B12. That one pill is all you need unless a doctor has prescribed something extra.

u/OMGItsNotAPhaseMom · 1 pointr/vegan

There's two things that I was forced to eat constantly as a kid: lentils and lima beans. I'll still eat them, but only after I've consumed everything else in my kitchen and pantry. It's sad, because they really are delicious.

Just subscribed to these vitamins on Amazon. I'm hoping that'll be enough for now, until I can stock up on everything.

u/_smallsprout_ · 1 pointr/vegan

The one you linked is the "Tiny Tablet" version, which I've never tried. But I've been taking the full sized version for about two years now, and I really like them. I don't pay too much attention to what I eat, and I haven't gotten deficient in anything, that I'm aware of. :)

u/ADefiniteDescription · 2 pointsr/nfl

It's not that hard to go vegetarian or pescatarian in my experience. I more or less switched to a vegan/pescatarian mix over three years ago, and my cravings are basically only ever for cheese.

I recommend that you look into Asian and Indian cuisine, which is often naturally vegetarian or vegan anyways. If you want recommendations I'd be glad to suggest some of my staples.

You can also just take a daily vitamin for your other worry. I use these, which cost you $0.10 a day. It's just once a day which is easy. They smell awful though, and make your piss neon yellow for an hour or two, which is..interesting?

u/Ticket2ride21 · 6 pointsr/abv

Step 1 buy these Now Foods '00' Gel Capsules, 250 Count https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E40DJ82/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_Ib7nxb4MVX8GS

Step 2 grind your abv to powder. I don't care how. A magic bullet works great and take 10 seconds.

Step 3 scoop the abv into these capsules and pack it semi tight.

Tadaa! Capsules that DON'T make you gag.

u/Nomadic_Sushi · 3 pointsr/Supplements

I'm quite uptight so sedating effect might not be so bad for me haha. Ashwagandha is quite cheap aswell. Do you find it actually helps you lower stress levels?


This was the best value for money I could find. I'm in the UK. Might give it a shot.

u/tony3011 · 1 pointr/bicycling

Thanks for the detailed reply! I prefer tablets because I sometimes don't know how far I will go. I once went for a short ride to Skyline and ended up going to Santa Cruz and back (from the peninsula). That's why I bring extra everything.

Any thoughts on these ones? Looks like their nutrient levels are closer to Salt Stick and their price can go down to $10 depending on the season.

u/cjunky2 · 1 pointr/Fitness

I agree with optimum nutrition for whey, and check out this multivitamin


It has very good absorbancy and has a lot more stuff in it than others. Note when you're comparing it with others that a serving with these is 2 capsules.

u/snakevargas · 1 pointr/Microbiome

I've had a mild sore throat for years. I've noticed that it flares in the morning when I eat late. This suggests silent reflux as a cause. I've read that reflux can be caused by inadequate stomach acid (HCL). I also had very long digestion times (5-7 hours). I frequently noticed ammonia on my breath. I started with a hypothesis that I had H. pylori, which creates ammonia and suppresses stomach acid. I read that Zinc Carnosine can knock out H. pylori, so I gave it a shot.

After a month or two I noticed an occasionally upon waking, I had an extra burst of energy in the morning. Instead of feeling like I had a bungee cord connecting my sternum to my pelvis dragging me down, I felt a sense of internal energy after getting out of bed. It was only occasional, but it was very different, so I kept taking the zinc carnosine.

I watched a talk by Jerry Tennant where he says that you need an acid (such as apple cider vinegar[ACV]), iodine, selenium and thiamine to produce HCL. I was already taking ACV, and doing well with zinc, so I added that other supplements.

Another thing Tennant mentioned was taking boron 6 mg before bed to displace flouride. I tried that and notice an immediate reduction in pains that were making it difficult to sleep.

I read somewhere (maybe Ben Lynch) that you cannot convert glutamate to GABA if you are manganese deficient. I tried Mn 10 mg in the morning and really liked the results.

At this point I found Seeking Health Trace Minerals Complex which has everything I was already taking. They also have a version (II) that omits copper, if it is a problem for you.

I also tried ConenTrace tablets, but I didn't really like it.

I don't think I have h. pylori (the tests are always negative), but I'm pretty sure my stomach acid is low. I really like the results I've had taking minerals, which suggests 1) I'm not absorbing them, 2) I'm excreting them or 3) I have toxic metals interfering with my use of nutritional metals. Still figuring this one out.

If you decide to supplement minerals, take at the end of a meal if you're prone to stomach irritation. Consider pulsing every other day or week to see how you feel with and without.

Oh, and all of my standard bloodwork for minerals has been pretty "normal" (in range).

u/oreologicalepsis · 5 pointsr/veganfitness

I take Deva vegan multivitamins which have a ton of B12, 1667% of your daily value!

Your vitamins look fine as well.

u/willwar63 · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

I find the NAC sort of similar to the L-Theanine. It is a marked but subtle effect. It does seem to help me deal with stressful situations. The NAC also has some added health (not mental) benefits such as liver detox. They are both non essential amino acids so kind of in the same family? These are the brands I take.

NAC: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KT3H13C/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

L-Theanine: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01D1YQBOK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Reviews are somewhat helpful. Oh and one more thing, try them on an empty stomach to see how you feel.

u/notzak · 4 pointsr/vegan

Okay, here it is

HOWEVER, I would strongly urge you to consider tracking your nutrition with cronometer.com for a week honestly and seeing whether you actually have deficiencies before going straight to supplementation. Iron and calcium are abundant in a vegan diet (beans and nuts and seeds and leafy greens and tofu!), and too much iron is not a good thing if you supplement on top!

After tracking with cronometer, I've found that the only thing I really need is B12 (which I get a daily deva sublingual) and a vegan D3 for the wintertime.

u/il-corridore · 2 pointsr/AskWomenOver30

Sure, just these. I've read that most daily multis are pretty much the same and I thought having a giant count of them meant I'd be less likely to run out soon

u/gladudontknowme · 2 pointsr/homeless


This is what i ended up buying him. I think these are as good as any other multivitamins and they are like 1/2 the price. .03 a day ain't much to keep essential nutrients in your system.

u/analogphototaker · 1 pointr/vegan

I have a question about vitamin supplements.

I am looking at buying this vitamin sup, DHA&EPA, and flax seed oil omega 3

Should I skip the flax seed and only take the vitamin and dha&epa pills?

u/BIGDATA_Construct · 2 pointsr/gout

Well at the least its not bad news regarding Whisky. Isnt Tart Cherry juice not from concentrate what you are supposed to drink? Also these seem to work fairly well. Uric Acid Support or there are similiar out there I bet beside the one I linked.

u/lttf · 3 pointsr/vegan

> We're travelling/working at the moment and eating really well isn't totally possible right now.

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, paleo, omnivoric, whatever, if you can't eat well take a multi-vitamin. I implore you, don't let your girlfriend or yourself take any chances with your health, especially when traveling.

I don't know what she has against pills, but I also don't like them. Tough noogies for me and her. Our health is the most important factor to our livelihood. I urge you to consider taking a multi-vitamin.

Edit: Deva multi-vitamin

u/melknin · 2 pointsr/vegan

I get the Deva multivitamin (which also has 10x daily B12) with Amazon's subscribe and save (it's a 6-month supply so I've set it up to send more every 6 months). Highly recommended.

u/Fuck_tha_Bunk · 2 pointsr/DrugNerds

Out of the two I've tried, I had the best results with these: NOW Ashwagandha Extract 450 mg,90 Veg Capsules https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0013OQIJY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_7Y1Mf9IMVPBEp

u/mmmberry · 1 pointr/vegan

Get a vegan multivitamin. Amazon's your best bet. I take Deva.

u/AngryFatToe · 2 pointsr/vaporents

I apologize for kind of hijacking Op's thread, it's still on topic though.
I have an Amazon prime account and want to know what size empty Gel caps to buy? I don't understand the sizing on the label, they have 0, 00, and size 000?

I'd like the biggest Gel Cap they offer, can one of you friEnts explain the sizing?

u/FUCKOSAURUS_SEX · 3 pointsr/todayilearned

Yes you do! You need to keep up with your B vitamin intake though. I personally take this multivitamin and I think it's great. Another thing to look for is Omega 3. It can be found in nuts and greens, but if you're really wanting some you can buy vegan softgels.

u/peaceouthaterz · 2 pointsr/stilltrying

We haven't tried that one yet, but I've heard of it. He's taking FertilAid for Men and MotilityBoost, plus additional zinc, selenium, and maca root supplements :)

u/DeplorableWolverine · 4 pointsr/Nootropics

Zinc orotate is very inexpensive and seems to be effective. https://www.amazon.com/Zinc-Orotate-9-5-200-Tabs/dp/B004UAPG46/

Zinc carnosine isn’t very expensive and can definitely be taken on an empty stomach. I take it with NAC. https://www.amazon.com/Doctors-Best-Zinc-L-Carnosine-Complex-Digestive/dp/B0035BYOSA/

If you eat a lot of red meat you don’t need to supplement zinc.

u/hellohealthyliving_ · 2 pointsr/keto

This is what I'm doing. I ordered these off Amazon. I also switched out the salt shakers in my house to Lite Salt (unbeknownst to my boyfriend) and I salt all of my meat generously.

u/Dango_LXIX · 4 pointsr/AskReddit

Step 1: Obtain miracle berry pills.
Step 2: Obtain girl on which to perform cunnilingus.
Step 3: FEAST

u/PantalonesPantalones · 1 pointr/nutrition

Low electrolyte levels will make you feel like crap but too much won't hurt you (unless it's a crazy amount).

It sounds expensive though, here are the ones that I use and might save you some money:



u/nice_t_shirt · 2 pointsr/vegan

Some are, but a lot (if not most) aren't vegan. A really common animal ingredient is the capsule itself - a gelatin capsule. Other things are amino acids (often derived from hair, feathers, etc), lactose (milk sugar), stuff like that.

You can find plenty of vegan vitamin D and multivitamins.

u/LavernicaDeLuca · 2 pointsr/FrugalPaleo

I don't use these but they look to be what you're wanting. I looked at reviews and didn't see any complaints about taste and there's not more than 100% of any vitamin so you shouldn't get the fluorescent pee.

u/forgetremembering · 1 pointr/Supplements

I'm a big fan of macrolife greens https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000F4H5UO/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_1QWRAbDHP3WW9

It's $1 a serving and fulfills the same check marks as green vibrance for the most part.

u/ThrowinStacks · 2 pointsr/veganfitness

You didn't mention which multivitamin you are taking but I would recommend this one. It's inexpensive, high quality, and vegan.

u/C4thyyyy · 1 pointr/vegan

Vega Multivitamin

Try this link. This is the one I use. (:

u/Staggvillainy · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

I'll look into a choline source before investing into a racetam. ALCAR is generally recommended as a source, right? Can I just eat eggs?

I have used KSM-66 in the past, but this is my current source, which may be less potent: [NOW Ashwagandha Extract 450 mg] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0013OQIJY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_UP6OzbZFJFV0B)

Any other noots that are recommended for concentration?

u/MeishkaD · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The oddest thing on my WL are probably these miracle fruit tablets. Under ten dollars would be these catnip bubbles.

Edit - for clarity

u/cygnuswomyn · 1 pointr/keto

I just started sprinkling salt on everything I ate and take these, which everyone says are too low dose to make a difference, but even if it is purely mental it seems to help. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000OP252C?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00

u/Sir_Tits_a_lot · 3 pointsr/vegan

If you're relying on nooch, just make sure it's fortified. Not all of them have B12. And it is because of fortification that they have these nutrients. Also just so you know, Deva tiny tablets are on sale on Amazon from $11.07 to $5.99. Stock up.

u/idontwanton · 2 pointsr/vegan

Yes, thyroid meds. I take synthroid/levothyroxine.

I actually just checked my multivitamin (DEVA vegan), and it does have iodine in it! I could have sworn it didn't. So I guess my earlier post wasn't entirely accurate.

u/adrenalive · 2 pointsr/vegan

This daily multiple is cheap as hell and has your iodine/selenium/iron covered. https://www.amazon.com/Deva-Vegan-Vitamins-Multivitamin-Supplement/dp/B001GAOHVG?th=1

K2, I use a supplement, they're also cheap. I'd like to ferment my own natto, but it just isn't feasible atm. Also natto is an acquired taste that I'm fighting a losing battle on.

Most fortified milks have 25% Vitamin A, so you're good for a good chunk of your requirement there. If you ever do any genetic testing like 23andMe, or AncestryDNA you can look at your specific SNP for the conversion of beta carotene -> Vit A. I'm of irish descent and my conversion is 25% lower than normal. Just means I eat two sticks of carrots or like half a sweet potato instead of a quarter. No one has a completely malfunctioning enzyme, it just performs less than optimally in some, so just double up your beta carotene containing veggies and take a multi with Vit A or beta carotene in it.

u/mr_bacon_pants · 2 pointsr/Supplements

True Calm works for me, but I've never taken a beta blocker. Just makes me calm and grounded. Holy basil force, too. Also L-theanine.

u/Fayjaimike · 2 pointsr/fasting

Wound up on Amazon, getting these

Nutribiotic Essential Electrolytes, 100 Caps, 100 Count

50 mg calcium, 25 mg magnesium, 3 mg zinc, 25 mcg chromium, 79 mg chloride, 53 mg sodium, 75 mg potassium, along with 100 mg vitamin C.

u/21TQKIFD48 · 1 pointr/mflb

This is what I bought at a local compounding pharmacy. As long as I chase it with a good meal, I haven't noticed any drawbacks to it, aside from the fact that the preparation is a little more work.

u/epilepc · 1 pointr/soylent

Hi, sorry about the late reply there.

Check out this recipe I made for someone. I've been experimenting with athletic Soylent hybrids (more protein, salt, potassium).

Full Day


Calories 2335

Fat 105 g

Carbs 205 g

Protein 178 g


5 bottles Soylent 2.0

200 ml water

84 g whey protein isolate

5 g potassium gluconate

3 g salt

20 g granulated sugar


Kirkland Daily Multivitamin

Kirkland Fish Oil (1200 mg Enteric Coated)

Kirkland Calcium + Vitamin D

Vitamin D 10,000 IU

Vitamin K2

Magnesium Glysinate/Lysinate Chelate (Take before bed)

u/butterfeddumptruck · 2 pointsr/keto

Oh I thought these were a great idea too, because I don't care for flavored water. But they were really expensive and I didn't feel like they had enough sodium, so I bought gel v-caps and made my own with Morton's Lite Salt. I don't have cramps in my legs at night anymore like I did when I was trying to drink flavored salt water. I've been meaning to take some pictures and make a post but I'm so lazy. These are the gel caps I use, https://www.amazon.com/Now-Foods-Gel-Capsules-Count/dp/B00E40DJ82/ref=sr_1_4_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1480875811&sr=8-4&keywords=gel+capsules+empty+00

u/Travelling_Man · 1 pointr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

I've eaten whole lemons with these and had them taste like candy. Not sure if there's a real nutritional advantage to being able to eat a lemon like an orange, but it's kind of cool.

u/Kicker774 · -2 pointsr/Columbus

Something like these?


Lots of Asian markets in the NW part of town you could check out.

u/realloveiskinky · 1 pointr/PercyJacksonRP

Just like give each of them 10 of these without the label of course

u/Boukish · 1 pointr/trees

Yes, while sprinkling it in your PBJ can still get you high, it does taste terrible.


Or cook with dirt simple cannabutter. While pot brownies and rice crispy treats don't always taste great, they're still more palatable than munching on ABV.

u/vaibhavk1 · 2 pointsr/Supplements

Try Ashwagandha from Organic India

Not sure about other brands, but this one worked for me.

Ever since I have started taking Ashwagandha (1 pill in morning and night), my sleep has improved a lot. I had a bad insomnia experience in the past. But now, no more grogginess in the morning, no anxiety, feels calm and relaxed.

You can also try adding one or two teaspoon turmeric powder to one cup warm milk and drink it before sleep. You can also add some sugar for taste.

u/Nicky4Pin · 1 pointr/Fitness

Not sure if it is the best but I just take the Kirland (Costco) brand. 3 cents per day and it is USP verified.

u/bulborb · 1 pointr/vegan

I use these, the only thing you'll have to make sure you're still getting plenty of is calcium.

u/TimelessNY · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

I do not identify as vegan, but can safely say you will be eating a lot of beans/lentils, fresh vegetables and rice if you are not lazy. Expensive, processed crap if you are lazy.

A word of advice is to carry spices/seasonings and take a multivitamin.

u/TurquoiseKnight · 1 pointr/kratom

I make my own. Just get a capsule filler, capsules, and of course, kratom.
Capsule filler - $20.79